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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Wonderful Faith Of Christian Wicca

The Wonderful Faith Of Christian Wicca Cover This is an article about the new movement of christian wiccans.

Yes you read correctly. There is a new religious faith known as christian wicca. basically it is wicca based on the faith of christianity. The deal is that every wiccan dedicates their life to a god and goddess and worships those two deities for the rest of their lives. The christian wiccans dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ and his wife Mary Magdalene. Christian wicca is also known as bridal wicca because of the supposed marriage between Jesus and the prostitute Mary Magdalene like it was mentioned in the Da Vinci code but right now I will not get into that. There is only one organized church dedicated to christian wicca in the world and it is in Sacramento, California. It’s a great church and I have been there and to some of their services and their services are wonderful. the men wear impeccable black suits with ties and white collared shirts and the ladies wear white blouses black skirts and nice patent leather high heel shoes. It really is a great church to go to and it is very classy and very sophisticated and they have a very beautiful altar. It’s a great church and you will love it and the people that go there are very nice and very friendly and welcome everyone. If you are in the sacramento area sometime just go there and you will know what I am talking about. It’s a great church to go to and you will love their potluck dinners. Christian wicca is truly a beautiful faith with all kinds of great and just people.

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