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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Religious Mutt

The Religious Mutt Cover There have been Christians, wiccans and Witches expressing their concern that any attempts to blend these paths could result in an eclectic mish-mash, or a watered down version of the original that would leave followers wandering with no clear direction or destination. If you are happy with the path you are on, and comfortable with the direction you are going, then following in the footsteps of others and holding tight to the old traditions may work best for you. But if your current path does not feel right to you and your heart is telling you there is more to discover, you should consider exploring other Divine teachings without fear that this is wrong.

Honestly, I agree with the statement that a Christian witch is neither a real Christian (as defined by today's church) or a true Witch (as defined by the old traditions). Perhaps a more accurate label for those on this path would be a Religious Mutt, as this title better reflects the practice of blending and the idea that one is not a purebred.

In the animal world a good breeder works hard to develop the unique qualities of a breed and keep the line pure. For them it can be frustrating when others crossbreed and introduce traits that change the look and personality of something they've worked hard to preserve. So I do understand the concern, but at the same time I see a real need in our world for this new breed of religion.

Our inbox is full of e-mail from individuals who are frustrated by the total separation of these paths. Below are a few examples from today's mail:

*** problem is convincing my husband there is more than one way to believe. He is a christian and to him nothing else exists. He does not have an open mind at all. To get him to understand is a losing battle for me.

***I come from a Christian background and the few (Pagans) I have been able to talk to have had a very judgmental view on Christianity which upsets me. I'd like to learn more about the Old Ways without cruel commentary on Christianity, as I still hold many Christian beliefs dearly to my heart.

***I am catholic and I am not ready to leave the church and I am trying to figure out how to balance both.

***It is words of wisdom like yours which will truly lead our world to peace; for lack of tolerance for other religions has been the biggest factor for violence throughout time.

I have no desire to pollute the current religions or traditions for those who are happy walking those paths. But there is a definite need to blaze a new trail that will allow those coming from the Christian path to let go of their fear and feel free to explore the beautiful traditions of wicca or Witchcraft. I also believe that educating Christians about the original teachings of their religion will help them relax and be more tolerant or accepting of those who choose to walk another path. THIS is my true goal. Peace and health be with you all.

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