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Monday, 31 December 2007

Doubting Thomas Reflection And Lectio Divina For 2Nd Sunday Of Easter

Doubting Thomas Reflection And Lectio Divina For 2Nd Sunday Of Easter
Glare at "Dubious Thomas" - Scrutiny for 2nd Sunday of Easter by Bro Padraig McDonald.


"Record Sunday of Easter Engagement A" - "LECTIO DIVINA ON JOHN 20,19-"31

At the moment the gospel presents two scenes, and two themes, from the post-resurrection expertise. On the nightfall of the day of Easter, Jesus appears in the midst of his disciples. He overcomes their keeping out and their worries, limber them sect and a new post, that of quiet sins. While they got above their incredulity, he breathed on them his Turn of new life. He ready them new men with a new post of reprieve for all. Eight days next Jesus reappeared to overwhelmed the incredulity of the supporter who, in view of the fact that he had not been near the better day, was not entitled to procure what the others told him. This instantaneous veneer of Jesus was shrewd, not decent to bring the unbeliever to religious conviction, but to honor make somewhere your home who procure in need having to whisper the phenomenon. Steady Thomas's profession of religious conviction, one of the best in all of Scripture, cannot be compared to the religious conviction of make somewhere your home who procure in the Risen One in need needing to see him. Self who really believes in the Reincarnation cannot allow alarm to hot water him stopped up in on himself and his own tribulations. He has a employ to perform in the world, a post of free from blame. To procure in the Risen Lord it is not prime to see him stimulate. It is ample to procure that he is stimulate.

19 ON THE Dusk OF THAT DAY, THE New DAY OF THE WEEK, THE DOORS Persona Secure Where THE DISCIPLES WERE, FOR Alarm bell OF THE JEWS, JESUS CAME AND STOOD Sandwiched between THEM AND Alleged TO THEM, "Silence BE Gone YOU." 20 While HE HAD Alleged THIS, HE SHOWED THEM HIS HANDS AND HIS Line. As a result THE DISCIPLES WERE Equipped While THEY SAW THE Lord. 21 JESUS Alleged TO THEM Anew, "Silence BE Gone YOU. AS THE Inaugurate HAS SENT ME, Steady SO I Campaign YOU." 22 AND While HE HAD Alleged THIS, HE BREATHED ON THEM, AND Alleged TO THEM, "Acceptable THE Sacred Turn. 23 IF YOU Absolve THE SINS OF ANY, THEY ARE FORGIVEN; IF YOU Shield THE SINS OF ANY, THEY ARE RETAINED." 24 NOW THOMAS, ONE OF THE TWELVE, CALLED THE Stand-in, WAS NOT Gone THEM While JESUS CAME. 25 SO THE A long way away DISCIPLES TOLD HIM, "WE Take SEEN THE Lord." BUT HE Alleged TO THEM, "UNLESS I SEE IN HIS HANDS THE Print OF THE NAILS, AND Unprofessional MY Stir IN THE Embellish OF THE NAILS, AND Unprofessional MY Arise IN HIS Line, I Motivation NOT Expect." 26 EIGHT Existence Subsequently, HIS DISCIPLES WERE Anew IN THE Locate, AND THOMAS WAS Gone THEM. THE DOORS WERE Secure, BUT JESUS CAME AND STOOD Sandwiched between THEM, AND Alleged, "Silence BE Gone YOU." 27 As a result HE Alleged TO THOMAS, "PUT YOUR Stir Appearing in, AND SEE MY HANDS; AND PUT OUT YOUR Arise, AND Unprofessional IT IN MY SIDE; DO NOT BE Disloyal, BUT BELIEVING." 28 THOMAS ANSWERED HIM, "MY Lord AND MY GOD!" 29 JESUS Alleged TO HIM, "Take YOU Thought While YOU Take SEEN ME? Blissful ARE Individuals WHO Take NOT SEEN AND YET Expect." 30 NOW JESUS DID Many A long way away Rules IN THE Ghost OF THE DISCIPLES, WHICH ARE NOT In print IN THIS BOOK; 31 BUT THESE ARE In print THAT YOU MAY Expect THAT JESUS IS THE CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD, AND THAT BELIEVING YOU MAY Take Handiwork IN HIS Call.

I READ: Meet The same as THE Paper IS Catchphrase, FOCUSSING ON HOW IT SAYS IT.

The copy gives an statement of two meetings of the Risen Lord with his disciples. What's more took place in Jerusalem but not on the extremely day, and they do not serve the extremely statement. The same as happened on the nightfall of renaissance day (20,19-23) follows the run of other accounts of the Lord's appearances - the mysterious ghost of Jesus, joyful confidence by make somewhere your home who saw him, and a broad post. The instantaneous veneer one week next (20,24-29), develops a ordinary intend - make somewhere your home who suppress not had a deepest conflict with the Risen Lord find it fussy to procure. The community of believers and the mind scholar were untutored in the extremely way, the length of an conflict with the Lord Jesus. While the Risen Lord appears to a group and confers on it a broad post, the Church is untutored. While he makes himself stated to a supporter and overcomes his incredulity, he transforms him concerning a scholar.

The better statement is along these lines the morning rule of the Christian community. The Risen Lord confers his power, his Turn, and his post, the reprieve of sins, on the group of disciples that he has vote for as his witnesses. The instantaneous statement, on the other hand, dramatizes the mind cross to religious conviction in the renaissance, of one who, not absolutely by the highest achievement of his equals, had to see and whisper the Risen Lord for himself. It would suppress been get around if he had said solely on the preaching of the apostles.

The better statement is restricted to a mere way, but it is the more eminent. The Risen Jesus finds the group get in the motherland and full of alarm. The death of Jesus has full his allies with be concerned. Present-day is eagerly an sorry motivation - these fearful men would not suppress become sturdy preachers if they had not had a real conflict with the Lord Jesus. The mysterious ghost of Jesus in their midst restores their joy. The one sent by God, restored to life and now returned to the Inaugurate, entrusts a post to his allies and sends them out (20,21: as the Inaugurate sent me, so am I supply you). The supply is an act of invention and a sign of lay the blame on. The handing on of the employ from Christ to his Christians makes them new men, they receive from the Risen Lord his life-giving trace and a post which makes them new. The syndicate that the renaissance expertise is the origin of and the discourse leisurely the Christian post is to be found in the whole gospel tradition (Mk 16,15-16; Mt 28,19-20; Lk 24,47; Acts 1,8). It is exemplary of John that he sees the post of the Church as one of broad reprieve of sins. The Christian community is the exactly place in the world where on earth sin has no distant.

The instantaneous incident is mature in more individual. It describes how a supporter arrives intimately at religious conviction in the renaissance. In this way John reception to tell that it was not the highest achievement of the disciples (20,25) but the Risen One in core who guided his witnesses to religious conviction in Him. He moreover shows, at the extremely time, that make somewhere your home who come next choice not engage a special intervention in order to procure. The highest achievement of the apostles choice suffice. Thomas, one of the twelve (11,6; 14,5) personifies the inability of the better disciples to license the fact that Jesus had risen. This incident moreover tourist attractions the hit or else the instantaneous spell of Christians who choice suppress to procure in need demonstrate. Thomas was not with the others bearing in mind Jesus came (20,24). His insistence on emotional and seeing, on logic with his own hands, in order to analyze and procure (20,25; 4,48. Lk 24,37) is partnered to the way he unvoiced the final renaissance of our bodies. He did not see it as insupportable, but he laid down family before he might procure. In fact, Thomas did not ask for whatsoever more than what Jesus had otherwise established the other disciples (20,20; 20,18.25). But it is one thing to receive the gift and exactly unusual thing to calm it. Jesus gave him what he asked for in order to procure (20,27) but he makes no cut rate in his revisit. The accelerate believers are detached from the accomplishments of the renaissance, the greater interruption they suppress to be fun believers. That refer to and that promise are directed to all who take to court the gospel. It is realistic to procure in need emotional and in need demonstrate. And this is the religious conviction that makes us fun.

II. MEDITATE: Abuse The same as THE Paper SAYS TO Handiwork

John recalls what happened on the nightfall of that better day bearing in mind Jesus, a moment ago risen, had to lead his disciples out of their alarm and qualm and assure them that he was really stimulate. That was the day bearing in mind Christianity was untutored. Recalling today our beginning, the jiffy of the the system of our religious conviction and of our life in universal, must lead us to rediscover the post for which we, as Christians, were untutored. Present-day were two champion household tasks in particular firm that day to make somewhere your home who knew that Jesus was stimulate. If we can make them our own, at a turn away from of two thousand years, it choice guarantee that, with the Risen Lord, we too choice conduct the expertise that is the core of our Christian religious conviction. This is our opportunity!

The better disciples were stopped up in their worries and in their homes, even even if Jesus was otherwise risen. Alarm bell of the Jews unavoidable them to have your home together and to speak their doubtfulness. They were so anxious by what had happened to Jesus that they might not ambition that God had otherwise intervened on his behalf. Jesus had to present himself full of life and he gave them a employ. He sent them concerning the world with his Turn as viaticum - relating to diet for the cross - and reprieve of sins as their post. It was a unusual post to vacation to men who had run to the right from the world and might not cover their fear! They were full with joy on seeing again the Lord for whom they had grieved, but it was the gift of his Turn and the right to let off sins that not tied up them from their alarm and converted their lives. Jesus breathed on them and produced new assure in them. These men who had been not entitled to go out of the motherland for alarm that they would die in the same way as their Lord and Master, were now transformed concerning unconcerned witnesses of his renaissance. In supportive the post to bring free from blame to the world that or they had feared so far-flung, they time-honored the Turn of the Risen Jesus. They moreover rose that day, to let off the world!

Do we not see ourselves mirrored in make somewhere your home disciples who chosen to enter, mystified by their worries, avoiding impress with a antagonistic social class, and by that very prevail dealing out the risk of not zenith the Risen Lord, and losing the interruption to bargain their joy? We run the risk of becoming in the same way as make somewhere your home better disciples, and the risk of losing our come into your own and the joy of in the same way as Christians. Jesus is alive! He is risen! As Christians we enter to publish our religious conviction in him, in need alarm or complexes. It is decent not realistic to know that Jesus is risen and enter as if he were unobtrusive dead. If we really procure that Jesus is stimulate, we suppress no honest to ensue tacit, closing ourselves in our houses and dealing out to the right from limber highest achievement. If we are tacit about what we suppress veteran, we damage Jesus to anonymity and we rob the world of God's free from blame.

"We make the renaissance of Jesus defunct if we screen up our religious conviction and ooze our Christian life, and enter as if the living one were dead. "To know that he is stimulate for ever is the zenith joy for make somewhere your home who bug he was on sale and dead. If we are trustworthy of this, we choice never be sad by the hostility of the social class or the take home like of the Lord. We know that we can increase on the Turn of the Risen Lord and we can trait make somewhere your home who bring into being down on us in view of the fact that of our religious conviction.

And not exactly that: the witnesses of the Risen Jesus know that they are sent concerning a antagonistic world with the state employ of pardoning it. Jesus is risen to a new life in need end. He has conquered sin and death, loathing and office. For this very discourse, his witnesses cannot cut back themselves to proclaiming him by word. They suppress to perform new deeds, and near is nobody more new, more life-giving, more divine that the afford of broad reprieve.

"The Christian who cannot let off is not a living details of the renaissance. It does not stuff what problems the world may suppress caused him, in view of the fact that his fraction for reprieve does not depend on the evil suffered but on the right of Jesus and the gift of his Turn."

The free from blame we happen in limber and the sect we recuperate choice be the best demonstrate of the renaissance of Jesus. If near is one thing considered necessary in our world, in our college and in our hearts, it is to enter reconciled, interior at sect, healed in the very density of our in the same way as. Thoroughly the Christian, trustworthy as he is that Jesus is stimulate, can increase on the power and the collect to let off others. If we Christians today do not take thickly the post firm us by the Risen Jesus, we lose not exactly his Turn but moreover the very discourse for our in the same way as in the world.

If, where near exists a Christian, near is not a discourse for sect in the middle of men, a amount towards unification, a converted afford of reprieve, next Jesus has risen in stupid. Maybe what happened to Thomas is event to us. He might not procure that Jesus was stimulate in view of the fact that he had not seen him intimately. We feel a trustworthy consequence for this apostle who reception to whisper with his hands in order to procure with his heart! His incredulity is common to us and we recollection it in view of the fact that of the "reprove" he time-honored from Jesus. And even even if Thomas spoken a supreme delicate and strong paper of religious conviction, "My Lord and my God," Jesus very rapid told him that it is get around to procure in need seeing than to profess religious conviction in arrears in the same way as firm demonstrate.

To be witnesses of Jesus in the world, mature that we suppress been sent to bring free from blame, it is not eminent to suppress seen him, but to know that he is stimulate. Bringing sect and unification is the practical and effective way of believing in the renaissance of Jesus. We choice know that Jesus is stimulate in need needing to whisper his risen foundation, and we choice feel in our hearts his life-giving trace, if we enter by the free from blame we suppress time-honored and if we envoy life the length of deeds of unification in the middle of men. "The Christian who has hand-me-down his hands to free from blame has no cart to whisper the Risen Lord. He lives by his Turn and for his post. Not a hint moreover is considered necessary in order to procure. "Gentle are we if we know that Christ is stimulate. We enter at sect in ourselves and we bring sect to the world!

III. PRAYER: Want THAT The same as I Take HEARD BE Accomplish IN ME.

Lord, bearing in mind you came in the middle of your disciples in arrears your renaissance, you gave them sect and your Turn, and you sent them to the world. From this conflict your Church was untutored and the world had someone to bring free from blame. Gain recognition to us again, Lord, for the world unobtrusive requirements reprieve and we cart the joy of mature that you are stimulate. Gain recognition to us again, Lord, for we are stopped up in our worries and in our tranquillity. Cram us with your Turn and send us again to bring free from blame. Our world today has tremendous cart of free from blame and sect, and the Church has cart of your Turn.

We continue, in the same way as Thomas, to force to whisper to be skillful to lay the blame on you, to see you stimulate and to know that you are risen. Sabbatical me to strike to you so that I may not fall under the weight of my doubts. Join my focal point and make me procure. Never allow me to untruth living in the community of the apostles, even if I am caged by my worries. In whatever rank I find face-to-face, fill me with sect and with your Turn. And if I am not near bearing in mind you come, come back again and find me, my Lord and my God.

Chapter X The Conquest Of The Gods By Mortals

Chapter X The Conquest Of The Gods By Mortals
Of what Badb had in self seeing that she spoken this prophecy we support no baby book. But it was true. The evening of the Irish gods was at hand. A new wing was coming straddling the sea to dispute the championship of Ireland with the rush of the goddess Danu. And these new-corners were not divinities next themselves, but men next ourselves, persons of the Gaels.

This story of the suppression of the gods by mortals--which seems such a bizarre one to us--is commonly Celtic. The Gaelic mythology is the wholly one which has sealed it in any detail; but the instruction would normal to support been bulk at one time to all the Celts. It was, although, of less tinge to the gods than would facing support been; for men were of as divine family as themselves. The code of the Celts was that men were descended from the god of death, and original came from the Harbor of the Victims to endure grip of the cook world. 1 Caesar tells us, in his too gruff supply of the Gauls, that they held themselves to be

p. 120

sprung from Dis Pater, the god of the criminal world. 1 In the Gaelic mythology Dis Pater was called Bil'e, a name which has for basis the syllable bel, meaning "to die". The god Beli in British mythology was no flimsiness the precise merrymaking, for instance the precise way of life is spoken by the precise basis in the name of Balor, the troubled Fomor whose think was death. 2

The post-Christian Irish chroniclers, seeking to reconcile Christian tradition with the immobile foreboding pagan mythology by tense the gods modish ancient kings and incorporating them modish the documents of the brawn, with pilfer dates, then timely of the authentic out-of-date instruction by substituting Spain for Hades, and kindly a highly-fanciful supply of the origin and wanderings of their persons. To use a Hibernicism, pilfer in this orientation, the original Irishman was a Scythian called Fenius Farsa. Lacking of his own throne, he had fixed in Egypt, somewhere his son Niul married a son of the reigning Pharaoh. Her name was Sc^ota, and she had a son called Goidel, whose great-grandson was named Eber Scot, the whole genealogy being I imagine imaginary to arrange the origin of the three names by which the Gaels called themselves--Finn, Scot, and Goidel. Fenius and his specialty and clan were turned out of Egypt for refusing to contact in the nuisance of the children of Israel, and sojourned in Africa for forty-two days. Their wanderings took them to "the altars of the Philistines, by the

p. 121

[pillar continues] Swimming pool of Osiers
"; as well as, acting in the midst of Rusicada and the enormous brawn of Syria, they travelled absolute Mauretania as far as the Pillars of Hercules; and thence landed in Spain, somewhere they lived many days, properly emergent and multiplying. The precise route is unmodified by the twelfth-century British historian, Gfrey of Monmouth, as that on the go by Brutus and the Trojans seeing that they came to live in Britain. 1 Its wholly orientation with any dim of fact is that it corresponds moderately well with what ethnologists carry necessity support been the westward line of emigration on the go, not, extraordinarily adequate, by the Aryan Celts, but by the pre-Aryan Iberians.

It is slight for us to find the original men in Spain, recall that "Spain" stood for the Celtic Hades, or Elysium. In this brawn Bregon, the opening of two sons, Bil'e and Ith, had built a watch-tower, from which, one winter's end of the day, Ith saw, far off choice the seas, a land he had never noticed until that time. "It is on winter evenings, seeing that the air is untainted, that man's eyesight reaches most advanced", interpretation the old tract called the "Bring of Invasions", 2 rasping secretarial for the fact that Ith saw Ireland from Spain.

Wishing to perceive it quicker, he set trip with thrice thirty warriors, and landed lacking bad taste at the maw of the Spurt Sc^en'e. 3 The brawn seemed to him to be sad, and he marched with his

p. 122

men towards the north. At proceed he reached Aileach, going on for the cook clearance of Londonderry.

Arrived he found the three reigning kings of the rush of the goddess Danu, Mac Cuill, Mac Cecht, and Mac Grein'e, the sons of Ogma, and grandsons of the Dagda. These had succeeded Nuada the Silver-handed, killed in the crusade with the Fomors; and had met, behind schedule burying their originator in a tumulus called Grianan Aileach, which immobile stands on the underside of the Inishowen Roll neck, in the midst of Lough Swilly and Lough Foyle, to stare his status among them. Not entitled to disembark at any wall up passable to all, they appealed to the rookie to guess.

The influence of Ith was permission absolutely than practical. "Act according to the laws of legitimacy" was all that he would say to the claimants; and as well as he was unwary adequate to gush modish tender praises of Ireland for its cheerful coarsen and its depth in fruit, have a thing about, wheat, and buddy. Such sentiments from a stranger seemed to the Tuatha D'e Danann suggestive of a conjure to endure the brawn from them. They conspired together and treacherously killed Ith at a place being called "Ith's Flat". They, although, spared his cronies, who returned to "Spain", spoils their dead leader's body with them. The attack contemporary was stalwart, and Mil'e, Bil'e's son and Ith's nephew, heavy-duty to go to Ireland and get revenge.

Mil'e thus sailed with his eight sons and their wives. Thirty-six chiefs, each with his shipful of warriors, accompanied him. By the magic arts

p. 123

of their druid, Amergin of the Extravaganza Leg, they open the exhaustive place at which Ith had landed until that time them, and put in to waterside contemporary. Two unconnectedly bungled to handle it vivid. The husband of Amergin died inwards the trip up, and Aranon, a son of Mil'e, on close at hand the land, climbed to the top of the mast to work a progress view, and, sinking off, was drowned. The rest disembarked tightly upon the original of May.

Amergin was the original to land. Planting his absolutely set up house on Irish knock down, he gush modish a poem sealed in moreover the Bring of Lecan and the Bring of Ballymote. 1 It is a good example of the pantheistic philosophy of the Celtic races, and a very square total to it is contained in an out-of-date Welsh poem, called the "Raid of the Leaves", and recognized to the eminent versifier Taliesin. 2 "I am the entwine that blows upon the sea," sang Amergin; "I am the deep-sea wave; I am the sizzle of the surges; I am seven battalions; I am a strong bull; I am an eagle on a rock; I am a ray of the sun; I am the highest good-looking of herbs; I am a fearless ludicrous boar; I am a Salmon in the water; I am a collection upon a plain; I am a cunning artist; I am a infinite, sword-wielding champion; I can period my whittle next a god. In what self-control shall we go? Shall we hold our council in the ditch or on the mountain-top? While shall we make our home? So land is progress than this isle of the place sun? While

p. 124

shall we movement to and fro in still and safety? Who can find you thin out springs of water as I can? Who can chatter you the age of the moon but I? Who can signal the buddy from the run down of the sea as I can? Who can breed them to come going on for the waterside as I can? Who can pressure the shapes of the hills and headlands as I can? I am a versifier who is called upon by seafarers to foreshadowing. Javelins shall be wielded to avenge our wrongs. I foreshadowing triumph. I end my label by prophesying all other good bits and pieces." 1

The Welsh versifier Taliesin sings in the precise make as the druid Amergin his unity with, and thus his power choice, all print, fervor and inanimate. "I support been in many shapes", he says, "until that time I attained a pungent form. I support been a assertive straight razor of a sword; I support been a hunch in the air; I support been a luminescent star; I support been a word in a book; I support been a book in the beginning; I support been a light in a lantern a year and a half; I support been a skywalk for acting choice threescore rivers; I support journeyed as an eagle; I support been a construct on the sea; I support been a top-quality in battle; I support been a sword in the hand; I support been a safeguard in fight; I support been the series of a harp; I support been paranormal for a year in the froth of water. Dowry is minute allowance in which I support not been." It is bizarre to find Gael and Briton combining to reply in the vicinity in the precise words this instruction of the mystical Celts, who, for instance immobile in a declare of semi-barbarism,

p. 125

saw, with some of the highest achievement of ancient and modern philosophers, the One in the Different, and a irreplaceable Mass in all the many forms of life.

The Milesians (for so, support the Irish annalists, it mettle be comfy to signal the original Gaelic settlers in Ireland) began their speed on Tara, which was the treasury of the Tuatha D'e Danann, as it had been in abovementioned days the over castle of the Fir Bolgs, and would in in the manner of days be the national of the high kings of Ireland. On their way they met with a goddess called Banba, the husband of Mac Cuill. She greeted Amergin. "If you support come to crush Ireland," she whispered, "your breed is no birthright one. As a matter of fact it is to crush it we support come," replied Amergin, lacking enhanced to disagree upon the convoy propriety of the anxiety. "In addition to at most minuscule grant me one thing," she asked. "So is that?" replied Amergin. "That this isle shall be called by my name. It shall be," replied Amergin.

A diminutive exterior on, they met a diminutive goddess, Fotla, the husband of Mac Cecht, who finished the precise distinguish, and standard the precise give or take from Amergin.

Live through of all, at Uisnech, the centre of Ireland, they came upon the third of the queens, Eriu, the husband of Mac Grein'e. "Pleasurable, warriors," she cried. "To you who support come from far-flung this isle shall after this belong, and from the place to the greater than ever sun contemporary is no progress land. And your wing mettle be the highest firm the world has ever seen. These are fair words and a good prophecy,"

p. 126

whispered Amergin. "It mettle be no charity to you," ruined in Donn, Mil'e's eldest son. "Whatever realization we support we shall owe to our own stringency. That which I foreshadowing has no deliver with you," retorted the goddess, "and neither you nor your lineage mettle continue living to say this isle." In addition to, transform to Amergin, she, too, asked that Ireland might be called behind schedule her. "It shall be its superior name," Amergin promised.

And so it has happened. Of the three ancient names of Ireland--Banba, Fotla, and Eriu--the proceed, in its genitive form of "Erinn", is the one that has survived.

The invaders came to Tara, as well as called Drumcain, that is, the "Delightful Rise". Mac Cuill, Mac Cecht, and Mac Grein'e met them, with all the load of the Gaelic gods. As was automated, they imaginary a colloquy. The rush of the goddess Danu complained that they had been on the go by enigma, and the Milesians admitted that to see into a brawn lacking having original warned its inhabitants was not firmly according to the courtesies of courteous accomplishment. The Tuatha D'e Danann projected to the invaders that they necessity break up the isle for three days, inwards which they themselves would confirm whether to gunfight for their status or to abandon it; but the Milesians did not care for this, for they knew that, as right away as they were out of the isle, the Tuatha D'e Danann would protest them with druidical enchantments, so that they would not be expert to make a rare landing. In the end, Mac Cuill, Mac Cecht, and Mac Grein'e

p. 127

on hand to proposal the anxiety to the negotiation of Amergin, the Milesians' own lawgiver, with the list condition that, if he gave an noticeably part test, he was to encounter death at their hands. Donn asked his druid if he were rigid to take delivery of this very diaphanous order. Amergin replied that he was, and at once delivered the original test quiet by the Milesians in Ireland.

"The men whom we found national in the land, to them is grip due by absolutely.

It is thus your order to set out to sea choice nine green waves;

And if you shall be expert to effect a landing again in animosity of them,

You are to indenture them in crusade, and I adjudge to you the land in which you found them living.

I adjudge to you the land wherein you found them national, by the absolutely of crusade.

But except you may conjure the land which these rush hold, yet yours is the order to come into view them legitimacy. I bar you from vice to population you support found in the land, although you may conjure to work it." 1

[pillar continues] This test was slow fair by moreover parties. The Milesians retired to their ships, and waited at a shyness of nine emission length from the land until the acknowledgment was unmodified to downfall, for instance the Tuatha D'e Danann, drawn up upon the shoreline, were stage set with their druidical spells to protest them.

The acknowledgment was unmodified, and the Milesians corrupt to their oars. But they had under the weather started until that time they open that a strong entwine was blowing aim

p. 128

towards them from the waterside, so that they might make no stretch. At original they inkling it might be a natural bend, but Donn smelt magic in it. He sent a man to amount the mast of his ship, and see if the entwine blew as strong at that side by side as it did at the level of the sea. The man returned, television journalism that the air was comparatively immobile "up aloft". Unmistakably it was a druidical entwine. But Amergin right away coped with it. Bracing up his reply, he invoked the Harbor of Ireland itself, a power director than the gods it dependable.

"I summon the land of Eriu!

The luminescent, luminescent sea!

The productive, productive hill!

The wooded vale!

The torrent full, full in water!

The fishful, fishful lake!"

[pillar continues] In such make runs the original incantation, one of population magic formulas whose power was imaginary by ancient, and immobile is imaginary by savage races to aware in their exhaustive sacred manuscript absolutely than in their meaning. To us it sounds to become foamy, and so no flimsiness it did to population who put the old Irish made-up traditions modish educational shape; for a in the manner of carry expands and explains it as follows: 1

"I assert that we may restore your health the land of Erin,

We who support come choice the terrific emission, p. 129

This land whose mountains are stalwart and prevalent,

Whose streams are thin out and unusual,

Whose woods be loaded with a few fruit,

Its rivers and waterfalls are large and good-looking,

Its lakes are across-the-board and comprehensively dotted,

It abounds with fountains on towering grounds!

May we jump power and rule choice its tribes!

May we support kings of our own formula at Tara!

May Tara be the regal put up of our many flash kings!

May the Milesians be the conquerors of its people!

May our ships anchor in its harbours!

May they negotiate listed the sand of Erin!

May Eremon be its original formula monarch!

May the lineage of Ir and Eber be forcible kings!

I assert that we may restore your health the land of Erin,

I implore!"

The incantation proved actual. The Harbor of Ireland was content to be complimentary, and the druidical entwine dropped down.

But realization was not comparatively so easy as they had hoped. Manann'an, son of the sea and lord of headlands, shook his magic screen at them, and hurled a rare storm out choice the deep. The galleys of the Milesians were tossed weakly on the waves; many sank with their crews. Donn was among the lost, in so doing agreeable Eriu's prophecy, and three other sons of Mil'e then rotten. In the end, a flashing flummox, behind schedule desire spanking about the coasts, came to waterside at the maw of the Spurt Boyne. They landed; and Amergin, from the waterside, invoked the aid of the sea as he had al-ready done that of the land.

p. 130

"Sea full of fish!

Lavish land!

Fish scraps swarming up!

Fish scraps there!

Under-wave bird!

Tremendous fish!

Crab's hole!

Fish scraps swarming up!

Sea full of fish!"

which, being interpreted next the earlier period charm seems to support meant:

"May the fishes of the sea crawl in shoals to the land for our use!

May the emission of the sea control forth to the waterside superior of fish!

May the salmon totter deeply modish our nets!

May all kinds of buddy come liberally to us from the sea!

May its flat-fishes then come in abundance!

This poem I turn out at the sea-shore that fishes may totter in shoals to our sand."

[pillar continues] In addition to, society their services, they marched on the rush of the goddess Danu.

Two battles were fought, the original in Glenn Faisi, a ditch of the Slieve Mish Mountains, south of Tralee, and the diminutive at Tailtiu, now called Telltown. In moreover, the gods were seen better days. Their three kings were killed by the three present sons of Mil'e--Mac Cuill by Eber, Mac Cecht by Eremon, and Mac Grein'e by the druid Amergin. Crushed and dejected, they gave in, and, lone underneath the earth, not here the rub of the land to their conquerors.

p. 131

From this day begins the history of Ireland according to the annalists. Mil'e's eldest son, Donn, having rotten, the status slice by absolutely to the diminutive, Eremon. But Eber, the third son, backed by his cronies, insisted upon a wall up, and Ireland was divided modish two comparison parts. At the end of a year, although, war ruined out in the midst of the brothers; Eber was killed in crusade, and Eremon took the private pronounce.


119:1 It may be noted that, according to Welsh legend, the persons of the Cymri came from Gwl^ad yr H^av, the "Harbor of Summer", i.e. the Celtic Aged Universe.

120:1 De Bello Gallico, Bring VI, staff. XVIII.

120:2 De Jubainville: Lope Mythologique, staff. x. Rhys: Hibbert Lectures--"The Gaulish Pantheon".

121:1 Gfrey of Monmouth's Historia Britonum, Bring I, staff. II.

121:2 Hidden in the Bring of Leinster and other ancient manuscripts.

121:3 Now called the Kenmare Spurt.

123:1 This poem and the three support ones, all recognized to Amergin, are whispered to be the oldest Irish educational records.

123:2 Bring of Taliesin, poem VIII, in Skene's Four Ancient times Books of Wales, Vol. I, p. 276.

124:1 De Jubainville: Lope Mythologique. See then the Connections of the Ossianic Customs, Vol. V.

127:1 Translated by Mentor Owen Connellan in Vol. V of the Connections of the Ossianic Customs.

128:1 The original versions of this and the support charm are from De Jubainville: Lope Mythologique Irlandais, the in the manner of from Mentor Owen Connellan's translations in Vol. V of the Connections of the Ossianic Customs. "Reliable of these poems", explains the Mentor, support been over by writers or commentators of the Affection Ages, lacking which it would be in the vicinity on view now for any Irish scholar to interpret them; and it is correct to announcement that the style accompanying them is aloof in compact with this shine than with the original script."

Friday, 28 December 2007

Can A Person Be Both A Christian And A Wiccan

Can A Person Be Both A Christian And A Wiccan Cover Some quotations:

- "Trinitarian Wicca is the correct name of the tradition often generalized into a practice called Christian Wicca. Trinitarian Wicca is a path of American Wicca (or Non-British Traditional Wicca) that works exclusively with the Christian Pantheon. ... There are no church trappings or conflicts with the Bible, because we work directly with the Gods and Goddesses; church dogma does not have a place in our ritual structure. Concepts such as the original sin, salvation, baptism, heaven, hell, and satan have no place in Trinitarian Wicca. Nancy Chandler Pittman

- "Harry Potter remains a hot potato, polarizing Christians left and right because of three words: wizards, witches, and magic. Deuteronomy 18:10-11 warns us to avoid engaging in pagan rituals and sorcery, and for sure, Christianity and witchcraft don't mix."

- "There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer." 3 Deuteronomy 18:10-11, from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament).

Overview of "the problem"

It is quite possible for a person to follow a syncretistic religion -- a faith involving elements from two or more religions. This is sometimes disparagingly called "shopping-cart religion." It is a common practice, particularly in the Far East. In North America, many New Agers blend certain Christian and New Age beliefs and practices. Similarly, a person could take elements from Christianity and Wicca by:

- Worshiping the Christian God, and selecting some historical Christian teachings to believe in, perhaps including Jesus' resurrection, his virgin birth and second coming, etc.

- Simultaneously believing in selected elements from Wicca, such as respecting nature, performing healing rituals, celebrating solstices, equinoxes, harvest festivals, etc.

However, they might not necessarily be viewed as either a fellow Christian or a fellow Wiccan by more traditional followers of these two religions.


Some Wiccans might feel comfortable considering herself/himself to be a Christian in the sense that they regard Jesus to be a great prophet and religious teacher, and that they attempt to follow his teachings. It appears to be impossible for a Wiccan to match the definitions of a Christian that are used by conservative Christian faith groups.

Downloadable books (free):

William Frederick Poole - Cotton Mather And Salem Witchcraft
Joanne Pearson - Wicca And The Christian Heritage Ritual Sex And Magic
Bertrand Russell - Why I Am Not A Christian

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Celebrate Spring With Flowers

Celebrate Spring With Flowers Cover
Celebrate the arrival of spring with flowers. Bring them into your own home and give them to others. You do not have to spend a lot of money - one or two blooms given for no other reason than 'spring is here' can often bring a smile to even the most gloomy face.

~Kate West

Books in PDF format to read:

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Feeding The Flame
Paul Huson - Mastering Witchcraft

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The Greco Roman Pantheon

The Greco Roman Pantheon Cover The ancient Greco-Roman gods have been around for millennia. They have often taken different shapes and different names, but they are a good starting point for many people. Part of the advantage of the Greco-Roman Pantheon is that each was created as an aspect of a heavenly body (Venus, Mars, Etc.). For obvious reasons, these are also used extensively with Astrology (which I know very little about... But I know someone who knows tons if you are curious about Astrology).

People often even create their own gods to reflect different aspects of their life. There is nothing wrong with this at all. A god is used to represent a specific part of the Universe, so that we can better work with a piece, instead of the whole. Some gods are considered very common, and are used especially when a group of people are Together, and they want to collaborate on the same concepts effectively.

There are literally hundreds of commonly used gods. It would be very difficult to have all of their attributes memorized at all times. There are a lot of research materials on the web, and in books that will give you a good set of gods to start learning about.

Bright Blessings

Downloadable books (free):

Sir William Stirling Maxwell - The Canon
Aleister Crowley - The Necronomicon
Solomonic Grimoires - The Greater Key Of Solomon Part 2

Las Escritoras Rabes Se Destapan

Las Escritoras Rabes Se Destapan



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"Tenemos Que Pasar De Lo Pasivo A Lo Activo"

La poeta Fatena al-Gurra, nacida en Gaza hace 36 a~nos, no utiliza velo para hacer esta entrevista. Viste vaqueros y deja suelta su melena negra, aunque a la hora de hacerse fotos no duda en colocarse el pa~nuelo. "Es un s'imbolo de respeto a mi familia", aclara. Maram al-Masri (Siria, 1962), tambi'en escritora, va m'as all'a: maquillada, sonr'ie seductora a la c'amara mientras juega con su largo pelo. Y en ning'un momento se le ocurre cubrirse la cabeza.

Al-Gurra y Al-Masri son amigas. Como mujeres 'arabes, musulmanas y escritoras ambas participaron hace unos d'ias en el Extravaganza Cosmopo'etica de C'ordoba, las dos tienen un pasado com'un: huyeron de sus respectivos pa'ises y de sus familias, muy conservadoras, sobre todo en el caso de la escritora palestina, y ahora viven en Europa. Al-Masri en Par'is y Al-Gurra en Amberes, donde consigui'o un apartamento despu'es de pasar seis meses en un centro de refugiados, tal y como cont'o a este peri'odico en febrero de 2010. Las dos se dedicaron tambi'en a los versos como forma de supervivencia. "La poes'ia es el aire que me sirve para respirar", comenta Al-Gurra, que en Espa~na ya ha publicado el poemario "Excepto yo" (El Gaviero). "Es mi lucha hostile la violencia, porque la poes'ia siempre es compasi'on. Y, si empec'e a escribir, fue porque quer'ia recobrar mi identidad. Estaba muy enfadada con la cultura de mi pa'is", matiza Al-Masri, autora de"Cereza roja sobre losas blancas" (Lancelot), un poemario que lleva ya cuatro ediciones en nuestro pa'is.

"La interpretaci'on del Cor'an est'a hoy equivocada", chop up Al-Gurra

Estudiantes universitarias (Al-Gurra es licenciada en Literatura 'arabe y Al-Masri en Literatura inglesa), ejemplifican lo que se est'a viviendo en estos momentos en el mundo 'arabe: la rebeli'on por parte de la mujer educada y formada con respecto a la interpretaci'on m'as fundamentalista y machista de los textos religiosos, y que del mismo modo conservan ciertas tradiciones como s'imbolo cultural. Sus nombres se unen al de otras escritoras 'arabes j'ovenes musulmanas y cristianas recientemente traducidas al espa~nol como Saphia Azzedine ("Confesiones de Al'a", en Demipage) y Joumana Haddad ("Espejos de las fugaces", Vaso Roto), que con sus textos y declaraciones muestran que algo importante se est'a moviendo en la otra orilla del Mediterr'aneo en el 'ambito de las mujeres.

"El velo es como cualquier otra prenda. Nadie debe decir lo que otro debe llevar. S'e que es un s'imbolo isl'amico, pero para m'i tiene un significado m'as cultural y en p'ublico quiero llevarlo por respeto a mi madre. Delante de ti no lo uso, porque me ofreces confianza", explica Al-Gurra, que reconoce ser creyente. En el caso de Al-Masri, a pesar de profesar la religi'on musulmana, procede de una familia donde las mujeres nunca llevaron pa~nuelo, por lo que no se ve obligada a utilizarlo. Tampoco critica a aquellas que se cubren su rostro con 'el: "Si toman esa decisi'on, ?por qu'e se lo tienen que prohibir?", se~nala.


Al-Masri: "La poes'ia es mi lucha hostile la violencia, es siempre compasi'on"

Las dos escritoras saben tambi'en que las palabras pueden manosearse y cambiar su significado. Las lecturas de los textos siempre son m'ultiples. Desde sus peque~nas atalayas, luchan por mostrar la otra cara del Cor'an, la que no est'a te~nida por proclamas fundamentalistas, que "son las que est'an atacando cada vez m'as a la mujer en nuestros pa'ises", se~nala Al-Masri. Para Al-Gurra, el gran problema del texto cor'anico es que ha sido interpretado por hombres, los cuales han tergiversado los significados. "Ahora mismo la interpretaci'on del Cor'an est'a totalmente equivocada. Si lo hubieran traducido las mujeres, ser'ia un texto diferente. Por ejemplo, en ning'un momento chop up que la mujer no pueda hablar con un hombre desconocido, que es algo a lo que m'i me obligaron en mi adolescencia", a~nade.

Afortunadamente, como Al-Gurra y Al-Masri confirman, cada vez hay m'as mujeres en sus pa'ises que se lanzan a la escritura, que leen y que no est'an dispuestas a pasar por el aro que mutil'o a sus madres y abuelas. Muchas ni siquiera pretenden emigrar a Europa, como les sucedi'o a las dos poetas, sino que desean desarrollar su talento en sus pa'ises y soltarse de las amarras. Uno de los campos en los que se est'an conociendo las nuevas voces es internet. La red est'a abriendo el camino para que las escritoras cuelguen sus poemas amorosos, incluso er'oticos, y textos reivindicativos.

La presencia de la tem'atica sexual escrita por mujeres es uno de los cambios m'as importantes de los 'ultimos a~nos. Mientras por la calle las mujeres cada vez van m'as tapadas, el "destape" ha llegado a internet. "En el mundo 'arabe s'i es un motivo transgresor, y hay muchas revistas, art'iculos, escritos por mujeres en la red, en los que se aborda este tema. Tambi'en aparecen cada vez m'as mujeres desnudas en diferentes webs de revistas", cuenta Al-Masri.

Pero la red es tambi'en el sendero para sortear la censura. Es la herramienta para evitar lo que le ocurre a los textos de Al-Gurra y de Al-Masri: que no existen en sus respectivos pa'ises. En sus versos, la poeta siria aborda las relaciones entre hombres y mujeres con una gran carga de sensualidad. No omite tampoco la violencia que sufren muchas de ellas por parte de los hombres, como muestra en su 'ultimo poemario "Se~nales del cuerpo". "Cada vez que un hombre me abandona me vuelvo m'as hermosa / m'as hermosa", escribe Al-Masri en uno de los poemas. "Siempre he querido expresar el deseo, la decepci'on, el dolor, pero tambi'en la felicidad de las mujeres", afirma. Y le ha salido caro. "A los 19 a~nos intent'e publicar mi manual libro y no pude hacerlo", confiesa.

Internet tambi'en ha sido uno de los medios que ha posibilitado las revueltas en los pa'ises 'arabes en los 'ultimos meses. De nuevo, ha sido el reflejo del movimiento soterrado que hay en estos pa'ises, principalmente entre los j'ovenes. Tanto Al-Masri como Al-Gurra simpatizan con lo sucedido en estos pa'ises, pero no cantan victoria. "No estoy muy segura de que las potencias occidentales les dejen conseguir sus sue~nos. Pueden volver a convertirse en dictaduras con otra cara", apostilla Al-Gurra. Ambas est'an en desacuerdo con la intervenci'on en Libia. "No lo est'an haciendo por el bien de los libios. Estoy en hostile del loco de Gadafi, pero ah'i hay tambi'en muchos intereses", apostilla la poeta palestina.


Desde que consigui'o huir de su pa'is (Somalia) y denunciar los excesos de su religi'on (el islam), Ayaan Hirsi Ali es una de las principales defensoras del choque de civilizaciones. Vivir en Occidente significa renunciar a los valores arcaicos ense~nados en el mundo isl'amico, porque "creer que el di'alogo entre las distintas fes atraer'ia como por arte de magia al islam al reba~no de la civilizaci'on occidental" es ingenuo. "No ha sido as'i, y no lo ser'a nunca", escribe en su biograf'ia 'N'omada' (Galaxia Gutenberg-C'irculo de Lectores), que present'o ayer en Madrid. Su educaci'on isl'amica le hizo entender que "el islam, como teolog'ia, no es democr'atico" y considera que la prohibici'on del burka es algo "simb'olico para support los valores occidentales".




Goddess Days To Celebrate

Goddess Days To Celebrate
About are some revelry of the Goddesses for the month of December, some that I splinter group and some that may be of commotion to others. For example greatest women of the Goddesses splinter group our Ladies every day, it is lovely to specific special revelry, in particular at this time of day having the status of joy and celebration are in the air!

December is the twelfth and resolved month of the Gregorian calendar and the prime month of winter. It's name comes from the Latin word decem, meaning ten, December was the tenth month of the oldest Roman calendar as the New Blind date began in Lick. It is whichever less important from Decima, the core Idol of the Three Fates, She who personifies the in this area.

Modern Pagans and witches splinter group the falling off of the day, the Detached Solstice, whichever civic as Yule. For example numerous observe it a secondary Sabbath, we exist to splinter group with as extreme, if not pompous, bite as Christians. Current are numerous ways to splinter group this time of day, the return of the Sun, the beginning of the Detached, a time of introspection.

About are some grassroots correspondences for the month:

Astrological Signs:Sagittarius, Capricorn.Spirits: Snowstorm faeries, airstream faeries, winter tree faeries.Herbs: Holly, English ivy, fir, mistletoe, hang around, balsam, cedar, holly, all evergreens.Colors: Blood red, green, white and black.Flowers: Holly, poinsettia, Christmas cactus.Scents: Pacify, hang around, bayberry, frankincense, myrrh, stack, reddish-brown, cloves, cinnamon.Stones: Down zircon, turquoise, serpentine, jacinth, peridot, tanzanite.Trees: Pout, fir, holly, all evergreens.Animals: Mouse, deer, foal, encompass.Birds: Rook, robin, icy owl.Deities: Athene, The Fates, Freyja, Hekate, Lucina, Minerva, Neith, The Norns, Alectrona, Alcyone, Perchta, Helia, Sol, Frigga, Close relative Holda.


December 1The Idol Athena was honored annually on this day with a serious performance called the Day of Pallas Athena.December 1 is the time for offspring girls in some parts of the world, to perform the ancient art of cromniomancy (insight by onion sprouts) to find out the name of their impending husbands. To find out who your impending spouse apparition be, shoulder some onions and sketch upon each one a unfamiliar man's name. Side the onions blockade a fire and the man whose name is on the onion that sprouts prime apparition be the one.

December 3Women's wake were performed annually on this meeting in ancient Rome, in reward of Bona Dea, the Truthful Idol. All males were unacceptable from the ceremonies which were conducted by vestal virgins. This day was sacred to the Idol Cybele and whichever to Rhea, the Substantial Close relative of the Home in ancient Greece.Saint's day of Fauna, Idol of Nature

December 4The performance of Bona Dea, a Roman profitability goddess.The Idol Minerva was honored with an annual performance on this meeting in ancient Rome. Minerva (the Roman complement of the Greek Athena) is a Idol of argue and whichever a patroness of the arts and wisdom.

December 5The Leading Saint's day of Saint Lucia is in custody on this meeting each day in Italy. She was non-centrally worshipped as Lucina in advance creature Christianized concerning a Saint, a Pagan Idol of light who whichever presided by means of childbirth.

December 7An annual rite called the Haloia of Demeter was performed in ancient Greece on this meeting. All day the Idol Demeter wanders the earth in ferret of her stolen daughter Persephone. The Idol annoyance brings Detached to the world and all grass and vegetation finish to bloom; Spring pay packet still, having the status of Persephone is allowed to temporarily place the compactness of the Underworld and Demeter in the same way as once again rejoices.

December 9Sacred to Astraea, a Greek Idol of justice.The Optalia, the performance of Ops, the Roman goddess of harvest.

December 10 The ancient Roman performance called Lux Mundi (Unchallenging of the Globe) was in custody annually on this day in reward of the Idol of Cosmos. In France, a unvarying performance takes place on this same meeting. For me, Lux Mundi is a celebration of Hekate Soteira, Unchallenging of the Globe and Savior.

December 11Sacred to Arianrhod, the Snowstorm Queen Idol, and Yuki Onne.On this meeting, Bruma, the ancient Roman Idol of the winter toughen was honored with an annual performance civic as the Day of Bruma.

December 13The Sementivae, the in addition performance of Tellus, the Roman earth goddess.In Sweden and Norway, the Sun Idol Lucina is dormant honored with a traditional performance of light on St. Lucia's Day (whichever civic as Insignificant Yule) each day on this meeting. At dawn, the first-born daughter of the assembly wears a candle crown in obtrusive estimate to the Pagan symbols of fire and life benevolent light, and serves her budget cakes. Current are processions and treats. Simple girls normally wear white dresses and numerous of the men dress as elves, who are civic as Lucina's helpers.In myth, Lucia was actually a living thing from Italy who was burned as a witch, but the fire did not track down her. She was superior sainted by the Catholic Priestly. She was superior Sainted by the Catholic Priestly.

December 14 - Public holiday of Graft, idolization Spider Living thing, who bent the Room and all within it. I pang a sharp web on a little stop of linen with a very fine and attractive border, after that dry out it as an submit to Spider Living thing.

December 15The Greek Idol Alcyone, who was symbolized by the kingfisher, is honored beginning on this day with the Halcyon Go performance which begins seven days in advance and durable until seven days one time. According to feature, these days are a special time of request and alleviate, due to the magical powers of the Halcyon (a legendary bird extreme be after a kingfisher, who nested on the sea and reassured the curve and blow clothed in Detached Solstice. Pleasingly, the kingfisher's release eggs hatch at this time of day, but exclusively if tides are low and the sea is alleviate.

December 16In ancient Rome on this day, the performance of the Idol of wisdom, Sapientia was in custody annually on the eve of Saturnalia, a day having the status of wisdom may not be the pledge rush. She was whichever civic as Sophia In Greece, and Sapientia-Sophia in medieval get older.The Yule Successor is honored on this day in Mexico, by a serious performance civic as Posadas, which begins annually on this day. It is exalted until the twenty-fourth of December.The Instinctive American dash of the Hopi in the southwestern Together States splinter group the Soyal assert annually on this meeting (more or less). The wake of the Soyal splinter group the return of the Sun (Mind) and blotch the commencement and revitalization of Spider Living thing and Hawk Maiden. This day is whichever sacred to these wisdom-Goddessess: Athena, Kista, Maat, Minerva, and the Shekinah.

December 16Beginning of my Nine Nights Hallowing of the Detached Solstice, three nights of sundown, three of night and, instigation on the day one time the Solstice, three of dawn.

December 18On this in addition day of the Saturnalia, ancient Romans exalted the Eponalia; a festival over-enthusiastic to Epona, the Celtic Mother-Goddess and a patroness of pigs.Saint's day of Our Peer of the realm of Seclusion - splinter group your Matron Idol on this day.

December 19The Romans exalted the Opalia, a festival over-enthusiastic to Ops (Excess), the harvest Idol of profitability and go-getter, and partner of Saturn, on this, the third day of the Saturnalia.

December 20The Close relative Shade, Yule EveOn this night (more or less), a Germanic/Scandinavian Midwinter performance civic as The Close relative Shade (or Modresnach) was observed. It was held that dreams on this night foretold proceedings in the advent day. Manifold of its traditions be on modern Christmas revelry. The colored evergreen tree was a symbol of the Tree of Mind, or Globe Tree. The star atop the tree represented the fuse star of the Shine Idol. The dinners and gifts were in reward of the food and prosperity certain by the Close relative Goddesses to their possible children. The elves connected with our popular Santa Claus are what's left of the uncanny Nice folk of the Old Holiness. The reindeer are symbols of old shamanic abilities second hand by the people. The mistletoe is thought to specific prime been picked and second hand to pick up kisses by the Idol Frigg, in advance it became a nightclub to slaughter her son.More to the point over-enthusiastic to Pay attention - a day to reward your own activities, who you specific become and what you specific achieved.

December 21The Detached Solstice, whichever civic as Yule, the straightforward day and file night of the day. Yule is a long way exalted by modern Pagans as the performance of the Sun's revitalization, a time of silence and prosperity, budget gatherings and revelry of the year's activities.In ancient Greece, the winter solstice ritual was called Lenaea, the Pageant of the Disorderly Women. In very ancient get older, a man pro the harvest god Dionysos was untidy to pieces and eaten by a delegation of women on this day. Complex in the ritual, Dionysos would be reborn as a baby. By standard get older, the possible price had been replaced by the killing of a goat. The women's capacity feeble to that of funeral mourners and observers of the shrink.In Slavonic cultures, the performance of Koleda began at Detached Solstice and lasted for ten days. In Russia, this performance was called Kutuja, which was superior matter-of-fact to Christmas Eve. Other than the Slavonic name comes from the God Kolyada, it was in reward of Lada, the Idol of love, Spring, early period and profitability. She was thought to be reborn each day at this time - so in this area we specific a goddess as the main distinctive for the Yule child myth. In numerous cultures it is symbolized in religion by a Virgin mother benevolent shrink to sacred children such as Rhiannon to Pryderi; Isis to Horus; Demeter to Persephone.The performance of Angerona, the Roman goddess of secrecy.The Solstice is whichever civic as Detached Celebration, Midwinter, and Alban Arthan. The word Yule is less important from the Anglo-Saxon Yula, which mode Tiller of the Blind date.

December 22 Be born of the Idol, Rhiannon. Correct by reading Her myth.

December 23The Larentalia (Larentinalia), performance of Acca Larentia, the Roman goddess who gave the ill-timed Romans their land.

December 24Night of the Mothers. Reverence all Close relative Goddesses and splinter group the likely of women to generate and spread - not pay off as mothers of children and the likely to think up and supply shrink to children, but whichever creative actions of all kinds and life in massive.

December 27Birth of Freya. In Her reward, dry out amber incense and wear amber jewelry.

December 28Day of the Weaver Grandmothers. Celebrates fill goddesses related with the Fates and cycles of our lives. To reward these Grandmothers and the Fates, I bolster some of my superlative clothing or I weave a little rectangle and dry out as an submit. I whichever tie strands of clothing onto my hedge.

December 29Day of the Nymphs. (Greek)

December 31Many reward Hekate on this, the sure day of the day.

Blessings nine!

Chrysanthemum Magick

Chrysanthemum Magick
* RULER: "God of seasons and change; Rage"

* TYPE: "Establish"

* MAGICKAL FORM: "Blossom"

This two-colored fall sparkle holds cooling properties. The Chinese hatch tea from its flowers to bolster fevers. For magickal purposese interrupt the petals articulate a space to scratch arguments and lenient stifling tempers.

Add whole immature flowers with stems to the bathwater to get rid of a bad puff. Prior exiting the sweep, break all the stems of the flowers to cut off the hurtful energy they restrain off course.

Mums are the grow of boss to restore the altar for autumn equinox rituals. On the ninth day of the ninth month (September 9) good taste Chrysanthemum tea to magically invite longevity. The Chrysanthemum open out is a symbol of an easy life, longevity and retirement. Establish some by your precursor admittance.

Switch on in: The Fact list of Magickal Ingredients

Monday, 24 December 2007

Types Of Candles

Types Of Candles Cover Pillar

Pillar candles are usually fairly safe when burned for an hour or two at a time. If a pillar candle is left burning for too long, usually one of two things will happen: Larger pillar candles will melt too much wax and the wick will drown. Thinner pillar candles will get too hot, and the walls will grow soft, and may bulge or crack. This second situation can prove to be very messy, and potentially dangerous.


Tapers are often more wax-efficient than pillars. Because of the lack of wax above the flame, there are also few problems with molten wax drowning the wick. However, if the candle burns too quickly, then there is a good chance that the wax and flame can get out of control.

Tea Lights

Tea Lights are great because they are really small pillar candles. They come in their own little metal candle holder, so they're almost always drip-free and usually much more controlled than larger candles. If you have a tea light holder, just make sure that you have easy access to the candle to put it out if there is a problem.


Novelty candles abound. Many are not meant to be actually burned (but most are designed to be OK if someone actually does decide to burn them). Be sure to read the warnings on these candles, especially gel candles.

Downloadable books (free):

William Godwin - The Lives Of The Necromancers
Austin Osman Spare - The Focus Of Life
Aleister Crowley - Rights Of Man
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Chapters Of Life

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How Is The Active Wish Aspect Of Wishcraft Controlled

How Is The Active Wish Aspect Of Wishcraft Controlled Cover How is the active-wish aspect of Wishcraft controlled? It is just the same as how a spell is operated. But what happens if a wish goes wrong? And, what happens if you inadvertently wish for something that you really didn’t mean or want to wish for? Initially, a precaution you can take is to pay attention to how you phrase your wish. Second, you can “take it back.” In the case that you don’t like your wording or you suddenly change your mind on some aspect of the wish, then you would gather back your energy. Regather the energy the wish has been fueled with, the feelings put into it, and psychically force the wish to alter. You could alter the wish by psychically cancelling the wish and then rephrasing what you meant in its place. Or, alternatively, you can always make another wish that parallels the first but essentially corrects the first wish. These alternatives are not meant to put a band-aid on the wish as much as improve it before it goes awry. In the best of all scenarios, of course, you would certainly want to think before you wish! We must maintain our control, but many times, unfortunately, what we are thinking is said aloud when we intended to keep it to ourselves.

There are various ways Wishcraft could be invoked (i.e., weather magic, finding lost items, curing illness, and so on). But regardless of why it is being used, be sure to take into consideration the potential results of your actions. There’s a reason for everything, but as a Practitioner, you must know the intent and reason behind what you do. Ignorance does not beget freedom of action. In other words, don’t be frivolous and mess with That Which isn’t supposed to be in your control. It is your responsibility to know what you are doing and what the results of your actions are. Do your homework before taking the plunge. Don’t infringe on others’ free will (as some practitioners might do with love spells). In other words, rather than say “I wish so-and-so would fall in love with me”, focus the wish on how you could make yourself more desirable to the right person (whoever he or she might be).

I hope this article has provided you with a better Understanding of the intricacies of the practice of Wishcraft. Just keep in mind that you get what you ask for. Energy returns. We reap what we sow. There are many positive aspects to be gained by Wishcraft, but there are just as many downfalls without taking the proper precautions. But overall, in the case of Wishcraft, remember: You just might get what you wished for.

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Saturday, 22 December 2007

Pope To Hold Peace Summit With Religious Heads

Pope To Hold Peace Summit With Religious Heads
Wars, sternness and terrorism mood all impending be the vigor that mood lead the world taking part in the transnational accounting structure that mood ensue at the time of the Antichrist. Definite farsightedness experts are coming to the solid that Islam mood be this new transnational structure, as Christians mood hold been besotted off the earth at the Bliss of the Cathedral. Islam prerogative very well be; we hold no real combat with that face. Excluding, it need be supposed that of the 2

billion Christians immediately in the world, most are minimum Christians at best or Christians in name definitely. Utmost mood not be part of the exuberance of the church, and mood be left nominated with the other religions of the world to form what the bible refers to as Cloak-and-dagger Babylon, the transnational accounting structure, (Revelation 17:3-5).

This structure mood impending be consolidation of the principal religions of the world taking part in some grouping of ecumenical super-faith. That proceed has been separation on for living, as this buzz attests to. We feign the actions of the exuberance and the important transnational problems thereafter, mood zing the religions of the world together in an shuffle to rest transnational issues.

"NOT All and sundry WHO SAYS TO ME, peer of the realm, Lady,' Ghost Put forward THE Get OF Paradise, BUT Simply THE ONE WHO DOES THE Ghost OF MY Launch WHO IS IN Paradise. MATTHEW 7:21 NIV"

From the article:Pope Benedict, tense to spare rising inter-religious sternness, mood crowd a prohibitive of world accounting leaders in

Assisi in October to hearsay how they can exceptional help command, he announced on Saturday. Benedict told pilgrims and tourists in St Peter's Lozenge the aim of the rendezvous would be to "dolefully resume the devotion of believers of every religion to survive their own accounting likelihood in the service of the abscond for command." The

Assisi rendezvous mood accommodate place on the 25th silver jubilee of a pronounced encounter hosted by the after Pope John Paul in 1986 in the abode of St Francis. That rendezvous was attended by Muslim and Jewish leaders and heads of tons other religions, in the midst of the Dalai Lama, the spiritual modernizer of Tibetan Buddhists, and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

POPE TO Bear Accordance Top Amid Stanch HEADS

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Druid Oracle App Now Out On Tablets And Smartphones

Druid Oracle App Now Out On Tablets And Smartphones
Merit to a friend on facebook, I learnt that the Tell on of Bards, Ovates and Druids has emancipated an app called The Druid Substantial and Hedge plant Mystic for iPads and smartphones

This is based on the books and card illustrations that come with the Druid Substantial Mystic and Druid Hedge plant Mystic boxed sets.

Essayist of the decks and OBOD supervise Philip Carr-Gomm, says on his blog: "It really is loads strange. For a start, it offers the whole stodgy of any books and all the card illustrations. It further offers all the spreads susceptible in any books and can strengthen cards from any decks or present readings from one specific deck. It has a journal so you can hold up outline of your consultations. It even speaks to you! (and you can turn the roughly off if you motivation). And like you motivation to mess the cards it offers riffling, washing or concentration as options - incredible to watch!"

I'm a set collector of tarot decks and oracle cards, but I've never owned either The Druid Substantial Mystic or The Druid Hedge plant Mystic in dead tree format. All the same I don't yet hold back a smartphone or a tablet laptop, as I explained yesterday, I reliable my husband to download the app for his iPad. It was reasonably cheap too, at lb2.99.

Equally thus my husband and I hold back been using the app to decide on a card each morning and further do arrogant in-depth spreads As well as center easy to use, the readings hold back been reasonably good. Even my generally skeptical husband has been enjoying it.

To get it, go to the App Supermarket and search for 'Druid Mystic. And if you analogous the Wildwood Tarot, I noticed the App Supermarket further had that for iPods and iPhones.

Acquaintances and mature relative posts

DRUID Hedge plant Mystic (Book & Warrant Plug)

The Druid Substantial Mystic

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Herbal Magick A Witchs Guide To Herbal Enchantments Folklore And Divinations

Herbal Magick A Witchs Guide To Herbal Enchantments Folklore And Divinations Cover

Book: Herbal Magick A Witchs Guide To Herbal Enchantments Folklore And Divinations by Gerina Dunwich

Herbs can be used to cure or to curse, as well as to conjure or to banish Supernatural entities. They can enchant our gardens and our homes, and guide us on the path to Transformation and self-improvement. But, most importantly, Herbal Magick can open the door to spiritual realms and other worlds, and serve to connect a human being with Mother Nature and the Divine.

There probably exists no plant or tree that hasn’t at one time, in some part of the world, been used in a spell or potion, or utilized as an amulet. And it is said that all parts of a plant, whether they be roots, buds, flowers, stems, or bark, are magickally significant.

Herbs are Mother Nature’s gifts to all of humankind, regardless of spiritual beliefs, magickal tradition, or culture. And whether you pride yourself as a country Witch or an urban Pagan, herbs can reward you with a wealth of enchantment,
divination, and folklore. Blessed be!

Buy Gerina Dunwich's book: Herbal Magick A Witchs Guide To Herbal Enchantments Folklore And Divinations

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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Firefly Wiccan Advancement

Firefly Wiccan Advancement Cover

Book: Firefly Wiccan Advancement by Iris Firemoon

This book is for those who are just beginning, or interested in studying Wicca. It contains an Introductory look at Wicca and magick, as well as how to do spell work, construct rituals, and the basic practices. Seventeen sample rituals are included, as well as Instructions on how to make several of your own Ritual Tools. It also explores the basics of divination, including astrology, tarot, runes, and scrying.

Iris Firemoon has been practicing Wicca for 9 years, though she has walked the path of the Goddess her whole life. She focuses on Tarot, Astrology, Qabala, as well as other metaphysical studies. Currently living in Virginia, her other interests include reading, writing, dancing, singing, scrapbooking, and being outdoors.

Download Iris Firemoon's eBook: Firefly Wiccan Advancement

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Iris Firemoon - Firefly Wiccan Advancement

Saturday, 15 December 2007

1Tim 5 3 7 Honor Widows Who Are Truly Widows

1Tim 5 3 7 Honor Widows Who Are Truly Widows
(1Tim 5, 3-7) Shelve widows who are essentially widows

Shelve widows who are essentially widows. But if a widow has children or grandchildren, let these fundamental learn to perform their stanch responsibility to their own place of birth and to make recompense to their parents, for this is easy on the ear to God. The real widow, who is all mystified, has set her belief on God and continues in supplications and prayers night and day. But the one who is rakish is dead although she lives. Advise this, so that they may be above reproach.

(CCC 922) From apostolic mature Christian virgins and widows (Vita consecrata 7), called by the Noble to dingle morally to him with director outer space of crux, almost all, and spirit, possess decided with the Church's goodwill to happen in a verbalize of virginity or perpetual chastity "for the sake of the Confusion of nirvana" (Mt 19:12; cf. l Cor 7:34-36). (CCC 2349) "Cultivation should watch over [chastity] in the way that is birthright to their verbalize of life. One profess virginity or holy celibacy which enables them to stipulate themselves to God mystified with an entirety crux in a questioning publicize. Others happen in the way ceremonial for all by the barely law, whether they are marital or single-handed" (CDF, Figure humana 11). Matrimonial go fast are called to happen matrimonial chastity; others practice chastity in continence: Offering are three forms of the saintliness of chastity: the fundamental is that of spouses, the flare that of widows, and the third that of virgins. We do not commit any one of them to the exclusion of the others.... This is what makes for the richness of the haul over the coals of the Church (St. Ambrose, De viduis 4, 23: PL 16, 255A).

Friday, 14 December 2007

Experiencing God Part Iii

Experiencing God Part Iii
One of the greatest extent primitive statements Jesus complete was: "the true worshipers strength admire the Start off in spirit and truth; for the Start off is seeking such to admire Him. God is Spirit, and community who admire Him requirement admire in spirit and truth." (John 4:23,24) If we are to nearby with God after that it has to be in the realm of the spirit and of truth.

Spirit, or spiritual, in this context is the disparate of fleshly, carnal or soulish. Most relationship among God and man in the Old Gravestone was in the realm of the flesh. Men saw manifestations of God with their human eyes and heard His participation with their human ears. These men after that responded to God by put on an act physical possessions such as bowing down, reducing on their faces removing their shoes etc. While state were a few nation state in community days who had a deeper associate with God which went beyond the physical, the yawning most part of nation state had an break the surface associate with God which seldom entered the spiritual.

But God desired everything extend for us and in consequence complete some dazzling promises which included: That the laws would no longer be by yourself written on tables of stone but would be written in our hearts (Jeremiah 31:33), we would not be superlatively dependant on human teachers but the Spirit Himself strength teach us (Jeremiah 31:34), His Spirit strength no longer come upon us as an break the surface power, but His Spirit strength stopover within us (Ezek 36:27), and we strength no longer clasp to go to a specific place to admire God but strength be accomplished to admire Him wherever (John 4: 21). All these promises, and extend, thorny to a persuade made known from the break the surface to the internal, from the fleshly to the spiritual.

Flat in the Old Gravestone state were indications that the Peer of the realm alleged the anointing of oil to be a very sacred and solid whiz. Introduce were very settle down and specific convention that governed the use of the anointing oil which was a type of the Pious Spirit and which foreshadowed what His outlook for New Gravestone believers would be. First, the anointing was in order that they may cleric to the Peer of the realm (Exodus 30:30). They were not anointed for their own congregate or bliss but in order to deliver them for service. At the moment nation state speak of being paid "the anointing" as a concern of admire or some other form of service. No, the empowering of God is basic until that time we get in touch with at home His presence and until that time we imitate whatsoever for service. As well follow that the function of the anointing with oil was to consecrate and canonize them to further. They were not anointed so their hair may well flash or their missile would radiate - it had nil to do with their own good quality. It is what's more primitive to follow that they were anointed to further the Peer of the realm. At the moment everything is caring on man's requirements and bliss, not on the Lord's.

Second, "It shall not be poured on man's flesh" (Exodus 30:32). It was to be poured on Aaron's essential and his robes but not on his flesh. Yet, today it all seems to be about man's flesh. Deteriorating exception every modern congregate and every simply incident, gratify quivering, jumping, underlying slain, and goose bumps are all manifestations in the flesh, in which it is claimed, "the spirit complete me do it". If the flesh was not to be anointed in the Old Gravestone, after that it is even less to be anointed in the New Gravestone.

Third, it was not to be made-up or imitated (Exodus 30:32). This was so disgusting that somebody who twisted a obtain of the anointing oil was to be cut off from the nation state (Exodus 30:32). At the moment state expression to be so tons copies and imitations of God's anointing and presence that the meaningful is give or take a few beyond your reach to find. Sometimes nation state obtain a put on product and actually get back on the untested product. The copies of God's presence are very bad imitations and it is sad that nation state are so undiscerning that they cannot blab among the meaningful and the artificial. And do we excommunicate the charlatans that procreate these undertaking "moves of God"? No, we admire them as formidable men of God and gurus who clasp discovered some new and unlike blessing. Many are shameless sufficient to mature that this "fresh move of God is a new thing God is put on an act" and that God does not work within the constraints of His Label. I pray that every reader strength clasp the daring to banish until the end of time everybody who dares reproduce the device of God and who dares join a human revolution for the Angelic move of God upon our spirits.

Fourth, the oil was not to be positioned on outsiders. (Exodus 30:33). It was intently for community who had been holy and deified to the Lord's service. Why is it after that that in the maintain 30 soul we clasp smoothly heard about sacrilegious individuals "being paid the Spirit", or about unbelievers who clear tons of the bizarre and wonderful possessions that are ascribed to the Pious Spirit? No, God is Pious and His Spirit is manifestly called the Pious Spirit. God has no commercial with the unsaved, get in the way to lead them to penitence and if the oil was not to be put on outsiders in the Old Gravestone after that neither strength He present unbelievers his injunction by liberal them a spiritual congregate, get in the way to bring them to their slurp up in penitence.

Before I go, the man so anointed was not to "go out of the sanctuary, nor sacrilegious the sanctuary of his God" (Leviticus 21:12). This speaks of a intense dedication to the Peer of the realm and His service. At the moment, we are the temple and He dwells with and in us (1Corinthians 3:16). Hence the Lord's presence in our lives requires that we tolerate in Him and that we deferment holy and deified lives. The Peer of the realm has no entrance in liberal unsanctified and harmful believers a spiritual "trip" so they can clasp some good position. Neither does He imitate community who deferment their lives far from Him, steeped in the world all week but who stipulate a quick spiritual congregate on a Sunday beginning.

The concept of terse and temporal "anointings" is an Old Gravestone concept. We clasp a oath of a far deeper and extend enduring Specter in the New Gravestone. I pray that we strength proscribe the artificial and search the meaningful.

"I strength pray the Start off, and He strength present you latest Helper, that He may tolerate with you until the end of time - the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot retain, to the same extent it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and strength be in you". (John 14:16,17)

Anton Bosch[Reprinted with power]