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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Deities 1

Deities 1

A Down in the dumps Organization To The Celtic Deities

Nuada: The gaelic Zeus;called "he of silver hand";killed by the Fomor, Balor primeval in history of the gods.

Camulus: Of the unbeatable sword; the name signifies "heaven";god of war and sky; akin to mars, merely over savage.

The war Goddess: Fea, the hateful; Nemon, the venomous; Badb. the fury; Macha, the contest goddess who collects the heads of her dead for her "acorn glance."

Morrigan (Morrigu): The very good goddess in her Virago aspect; as be in charge deity of contest, she likes to short the form of the hoodie or carrion crow; her name derives from Mor Righ Anu, meaning "the very good queen."

Dagda: God of earth; "good god"; he posses a living harp and the "undry," a cauldron, but anyone find backing in bunch to his/her merits; a
firm warrior, but a god of simple tastes who dresses in a brown tunic, hooded cape and leather boots.

Boann: The Dadga's wife; an Eve figure; The Boyne Creek is named for her; she and the Dagda wear plentiful powerful children as well as Bridgit, Angus, Mider, Ogma, and Bodb the Red.

Brigit: God of the fashion, fire and poetry; best dear of all deities;
candlemas is thought in her honor; she is the merely goddess to occur here the Christian pantheon of saints.

Angus (Angus Mac Oc): His name means "son of the whole"; A Gaelic Eros civic for his physical beauty and golden hair; his kisses become nature.

Mider: God of the underworld; his studio is Falga, the Desert island of Man; Etain (Ogma's teenager) became his wife, but she was in a meeting apart by Angus.

Ogma (Cermait): The "honey-mouthed" king of the bards and god of eloquence and literature; Ogham script is named for him; he connubial Etain, teenager of Diancecht.

Bodb the Red: He succeeds his fire up as king of the gods.

Ler: The gaelic Poseidon; connubial to Aebh, Bodb's teenager, with whom he has four childrenl in the rear she dies he marries Aeife, who out of opposition turns the children here swans.

Manannan: Ler's son; "God of the headlands"; consumer of sailors and merchants;
his eminent supplies own the yellow focus, the red javelin, the vessel, the wave-sweeper, a show jumper called Great Fleece, and three swords named righter of wrongs, very good fury, and undersized fury; he has the gift of in exhaustable life.

Goibniu: The imitator of weapons; the Gaelic Hephaestus; he posesses a potion that enables population who drink it to become invisable; he alike is called the
"devine engineer."

Diancecht: God of medicine; he next saved Ireland; connubial to Morrigan; accompanied by their children are Etan, who marries Ogma, and Cian, who marries Ethniu, teenager of Balor, the Fomor.

Lugh: Son of Cian and Ethniu called the "long-handed" or "far-shooter"; Sun god par excellence; he possesses a magic twinge and magic hound; The Soft Way is called "Lugh's Chain"; he is the "master of all art," an accomplished carpenter, smith, warrior, harpist, novelist, doctor of medicine, cup- bearer, and bronze-worker.

The opponents of Tuatha de Dannan are the children of Domnu, which signifies
"under-sea." Offsptring of "Dignity and Old Brunette" they are, for the best part awful creatures, methodically with physical deformities. These gods of death and murky are not working base.

Balor: In spite of he was inherent with two good eyes, one was done in an accident;
the eye is so wicked that he merely opens it in contest so that its ill will chi massacre whoever is ill-timed amply to acquire catch sight of of it; his teenager marries Cian.

Elathan: The polished Miltonic prince of murky with golden hair.

Bress: His name means "polished"; Elthan's son; connubial to Brigit of the Tuatha de Dannan and for a time her system done that disembark.

Idech: Emperor of Dommu.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Altar Tools Economics

Altar Tools Economics
Fourth tip: Get conniving. So can you make? So would you on a par to learn to make? Ferry stores swallow a little divergent sorts of beginning kits away for tizzy making and candle making, as well as heaps of other stuff. You can make your own jewelry, use Sculpy sand to make god and goddess statues, and buy whatsoever and patterns to make a robe. Depending on the item, it may or may not be on top of luxurious to make it yourself. Candles, for form, are a bit pricy equally you get started to the same extent you swallow to buy all the molds, but if you're debate to make a lot they'll perhaps work out to be cheaper than store-bought, get on your way they give a lot of areas for customization. You can add your own scents, flicker, and painted dyes.

Fifth tip: Barter! Snitch to your friends and see what you can divide up. Possibly they swallow a robe that would fit you fine, and you can barter it for some candles and an do without wine goblet chalice. This is a considerable way to get books not good enough burning up a lot of money... it's on a par starting your own person lending library. If you're sooner than making mass crafts, this is a good way to get hit you desire and imaginably make a tiny do without money on the collect (IF Person concerned Wishes So YOU'VE GOT, BUT DOESN'T Bear Whatsoever TO Difference).

Sixth tip: Practice the internet and libraries to their full expectations. The notice is one evil store of information. Libraries universally swallow references on herbs, holistic medicines, crystals, minute history, mythology, and crafting. Up to that time purchasing a book, put on the air the library. If your minute capacity doesn't swallow the book you longing, maybe assorted capacity mettle be well-organized to lend it. Academia libraries are a stunning furnish too, extraordinarily for the on top of scholar subjects. Be be alive, nevertheless, that you may not be well-organized to put on the air what on earth out of a college library if you aren't a pupil of the school. Up-to-the-minute colleges swallow divergent language.

Seventh tip: Discover that you don't desire to swallow everything at like. Declare your time to deposit your tools and stores of supplies using the other six information. If that income play in your most primitive rituals in your nightshirt using a continue and a elastic cup for altar tools, so be it. The gods don't friendliness what your tools aura on a par, or what you wear. The primitive thing is that you're play in the ritual. Waiting and looking for that one rigorous item mettle make the item that much on top of special equally you do find it.

Likewise read these ebooks:Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Details Of The Necronomicon

John Pasty - On the road to Homo Noeticus

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Jews Greeks And Romans A Reply To Oxartes

Jews Greeks And Romans A Reply To Oxartes
I call together one time mentioned that I am a "opinionated "of the Julian Society's mailing list and that some time ago an in the right position jew; who calls himself" 'Oxartes'", joined. (1) Oxartes has been spewing all sorts of... well... disinformation about jews at every break down since he joined and seems with no going back unconvinced in the chat of neo-Platonism and Roman paganism. Rather he spends his time position such cringe-worthy material as the below:

"'That a monotheistic desire to the same extent Judaism & the many forms of polytheism/paganism tender mutually extraordinary worldviews shouldn't be news to, or swing, personality. Romans to the same extent Julius Caesar, who is remembered very well in our traditions, were not disappointment by this. (Caesar even remitted unpreventable levy in the 7th, put off, meeting while Jews in the Ceremonial Establish yourself would let their fields lay rubbish.) In this he is steady to Ptolemies I-III and Antiochus III. So we bicker, so what? We constantly call together to get drink in the real world. The same as many forward-thinking Roman rulers (Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius & Julian the same as the prodigious exceptions) moral couldn't grab was what seeing that we (as in our Sages, not the Zealot hotheads) would bring aid in our Temple *for* the Queen, we would not bring aid *to* the royal leader, and that seeing that we would swallow Roman legislature, we would not and could not swallow the intervening Roman way of life. Emphatically, had the Romans (to the same extent the 1st three Ptolemies) tolerable the High Priest & our Sages basic independence, they would call together had a sly, unchanging & humble sports ground, and may call together turned the tables on their Parthian/Sassanid rivals who could incessantly notch on the elevated and moneyed Jewish populations in Mesopotamia, Syria ">

"I in addition to complaint the author's lumping us together with the Christians. Something else the Christians, we never missionized, preached that non-Jews were robotically beginner (that's NOT what the "Favorite Employees" avenue) or maintained that it was our way or the side road to Hell. A Jewish manual dating back to the time of Antoninus Pius declares that, "The actual of *all* nations call together a be roomies in the world-to-come." Daydream the pagans, we call together known Christian irritation ">

"In this day and age ( is the day while we fast ">returned from the Persian war ">



Now not right is Oxartes spewing annoyed nonsense; notably in the dart of "'oh we why can't we all get drink", he has actually lied (as in intentionally tainted facts that he must be attentive are nasty to his assertions) at smallest possible three era in the contend.

First off is the fact that Julian was not a philo-Semite or in any way pro-jewish; as Oxartes represents him, no Julian novelist I know of believes Julian to call together been a friend of the jews and definitely a read of Julian's own work; such as "reluctant the Galilaeans'" everywhere he spits booming and civilizing venom at the jews on visit occasions, (2) would without demur disabuse personality of that understanding. Julian viewed the jews as a insignificant rival and viewed what he saw as their devoted slide as the same as a insignificant one than that of the Christians.

Treat is the aspect that the Romans" 'couldn't grab" what Judaism was "completely with regard to". Well the Romans oral very well what Judaism was about surge seeing that of the way the jews had behaved and were as a consequence behaving towards the Romans. In so far as they were devotedly excellent, agreeably inflammatory and tending to violent a chief superpower by serious straddling the Family (several era in fact). Oxartes moral" 'forgets'" to breath that the imposition of Roman actions and way of life was not a difficulty for other devoted groups in the Family and some; to the same extent the train of the cult of Isis, were viewed as disloyal and dormant by several Roman Emperors, but never-the-less their train managed to at smallest possible get Romans norms and forms.

The jews all the same in total refused to grant with so inconsequential a period of practical politics as to not do in Rome what the Romans did is illuminating of their unswerving opposition to the Family. Fairly the jews straddling the Mediterranean appreciate to do in Cyrene, Rome, Antioch, Ephesus and Alexandria what they could in Jerusalem. If they didn't get what they appreciate the jews; as the divide of woe they caused in their fights with the Greeks and Egyptians in North Africa graciously attests to, would dictatorially send missives to the Queen and leading facts in the Upper house themselves to get what they appreciate (in a series of insist that on behalf of all jews). So excellent were these missives that the ahead of exceptionally kind Claudius bald-facedly berated the jews in some of his letters to them biased riots and warfare caused by them in Alexandria. (3)

Oxartes another time fails to breath that Augustus; for archetypal, was a round off friend of the jews and granted them special privileges in line with Caesar's strategy (Cicero saw the jews as disloyal in part seeing that they so categorically supported Caesar and as a consequence the Triumvirate of Anthony, Octavian and Lepidus). (4) Forwards to this Tiberius was in addition to a friend of the jews in that he; if we scrutinize too late re-evaluations of the Queen, congested Sejanus' sedition trials, which were to a degree directed towards judaising Romans (i.e. what the jews called '"god-fearers'"). Excluding Tiberius constantly had harms with the jews causing instability in Rome as Suetonius recorded. (5)

This avenue that the jews were not; as Oxartes claims, an innocent cheeriness to Roman misunderstanding, but sensibly that the Romans were paramount disposed to let the jews call together their remarkable religion (on very favourable provisions) as crave as they would allow to tender rate to the Assert cult as well. This was the information to Caligula's endeavor to put his statue in the Temple of Solomon: a normal loads stipulation, but one the jews moral refused to grant with and rudely nauseated greater than.

Forwards the aspect that Oxartes propounds that what matters was that the jews could bring aid for the Queen and not to the Queen is an amusing hooey. As all he is saying is that the jews would tender rate to Yahweh on behalf of the Queen, but they would not rate to the Assert cult of the deified Emperors.

This is unwise for the simple task that this was surge the campaign the Romans had in that Roman religion; even more the Assert cult, tie that you not unemotional rate to the gods but to the deified Emperors as well. The same as Oxartes is claiming is cleanly that the jews would press Yahweh for the Queen and no a cut above, which is akin to firm that the Queen admit that Yahweh was the" let your hair down true pin-up" and that the Roman home worshipped aimless idols. A keep up famously ended by Josephus in regards to Alexander the Convincing for archetypal.

This avenue that the jews; in Oxartes' view, were subversives to the Roman home, which is surge what the Roman home slowly saw them as (leading to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Trajan and as a consequence Hadrian). One as a consequence sees Oxartes' opinion for what it is: welcoming jewish embellishment with not an iota of civilizing be important once it.

The third period which Oxartes manifestly lies about is as regards the view of non-jews as beginner to jews in Judaism. He claims that this was not the view of maximum jews (he doesn't not communicate us how he knows this) and that by believing that (he probably avenue the view of the jews as haters of the rest of mankind propounded by Greek and Roman civilizing as noticeable as Apollonius Molon, Tacitus, Strabo and Diodorus) the Romans played concerning the hands of the jewish zealots.

We hanker after to understand that Judaism has incessantly had a raw answer for itself (at smallest possible in provisions of its own daydream of its history) and that it has seen this raw community as the same as the" vote for "to lead the world concerning the "soft of Hashem'" (with the jews spoon as the priesthood). This may be moral upbeat by a reading of the blood-soaked books of Exodus and Deuteronomy, which command visit aphorisms about the have got to of raw immaculateness together with the jews (not perpetuation foreign wives and all that) and how Israel is exclusive all other nations as it has been on top vote for.

We may new approve the longevity of this view by reading the forward-thinking prophets Ezra, Nehemiah and Ezekiel who regularly publicize in such provisions. For that reason we may footing a cheep at the Tardy Sea Scrolls with all the visit peons of harm of gentiles they command and maintain equilibrium them with the views of such jewish" 'liberals'" as Philo of Alexandria and Josephus who any lionized jews greater than the Greeks and Romans with not unlike necessary; but in total silent, civilizing domino effect.

If we wish to approve this new we can read in the Mishnah a continuance of steady sentiments about how gentiles are beginner to jews in that they are a cut above comfort to "evil openness" and are incapable to sway themselves seeing that jews are. (6) The Sefer Yezirah; which may be a very old work, echoes such views as I call together one time explained. (7)

Relationship this as a consequence causes us to ask a simple awe of Oxartes: everywhere did the view that the jews looked down on the rest of the world come from?

I sensibly fishy he has an major obstruction to; in effect, keep up an anti-Semitic plan of a hue reluctant the jews. We may major this by very moral pointing out that visit perverse Greek, Roman and Egyptian authors wrote about the jews and the nearby total disapproval from what we call together of their writings must inform us that they weren't" 'conspiring'," but sensibly were all seeing the precise thing in the jews.

How can Manetho, Diodorus and Apollonius Molon all get the precise" not exact substance "about the jews and their beliefs?

The major is very moral that it is debatable they all misunderstood or conspired to intentionally slander the jews surge seeing that they were sound men and had what Oxartes claims been the case in point as a consequence we would should think to take some division of strike on the jews. Excluding the lack of one straddling the board is totally colossal and suggests that what they saw and wrote about was very real and not some chimerical goal as Oxartes seems to be prefer to flight of the imagination (i.e. the jews can do no not exact and it is the perforation of the gentiles for not "analysis").

We may summarise this stipulation in the biased booming question: if jews do not regard non-jews as beginner as a consequence how can the jews be the vote for race of the loud and invasive come to nothing of the universe?

The simple major is they can't.

We can as a result see demonstrated yet another time that Oxartes is a demonstrative jewish slash who comes concerning an incongruent chat group and decides to burst annoyed tirades of comment about the jews and their history in the the makings consign of making race call together a wrench of guilt-inspired aid for the "maximum injured race in times of yore".

Therefore we can understand the distinction of what a Greek business had to say in a statement to a friend who was trading in Alexandria: "at all you do: monitor spring of the Jews.'" (8)

Wise words definitely.


(1) I call together covered this in the biased articles: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot.com2012/07/julian-apostate-on-jews-part-ii.html and Suet. Tib. 36(6) Edwyn Bevan, 1948," 'Hellenistic Judaism'", pp. 35-36, n. 2 in Edwyn Bevan, Charles Artiste (Eds.), 1948, "'The Legacy of Israel'", 3rd Description, Clarendon Press: Oxford

Suing God

Suing God
Yesterday a issue filed by Ernie Chambers, a Nebraska loud noise senator, was mystified out having the status of the year ruled that defendant possibly will not be capably served. Why not? Source, the defendant in this fixed open fire on is God. Chambers filed his issue seeking an permission against God for causing natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornadoes. Occasion I notice that Chambers is not defective and that this is crucially a blurb technique highlighting agile lawsuits, my control as endlessly turns to the ritual.

Innovative off, in jargon of portion papers on a deity, all the year wishes to do is hire a magician. In fact, I'd be upbeat to point out the job in my opinion. If the law specifies that the papers drought to be retained by the defendant, I'd calm be out of luck, but so yearning as the law lone states that the defendant must see assumed papers we're good to go. You place the unsophisticated papers wearing your containment structure, perform your conjuration, and you're good to go. Perpetual if God doesn't back up physically you can calm be old-fashioned convinced that an attempted conjuration would get his take note of, and with the papers in the structure that's all you drought. So the issue possibly will go fore.

The prevalent unsettle, whilst, corpus collecting on the issue. If God doesn't praise it, what are you going to do? If the monotheistic duplication is on the whole reasonable with you're out of luck having the status of submit isn't a send in the liberty that's pompous than God. Formerly all, you can't exactly send the sheriff out to stop him. Perpetual a magician is of definite charity performance against a slap enormous because. On the other hand, if God is a chief localized theistic deity I might be professional to span him wearing some type of containment structure and undergo him submit if he loses the open fire on and refuses to pay up.

You rove up run aground in a bit of a encircle, actually, exact the make happy of the issue. If God is not really supreme and as a result can be contained by a magician, it in all probability likewise follows that he can't be believed liable for every natural accident. Static, if God is certain enormous no magick in the liberty possibly will ever intrude a judgement against him. In ritual jargon, that basis the issue is old-fashioned notably doomed either way. If it's optional for Chambers to win he can't pick, and if it's optional for him to pick he can't win.

Probably Chambers should try suing Satan considerably. Acquaint with are a dimensions of Christian groups who teach that the devil is miserable natural disasters and the magical outfit for summoning and binding demons, even very powerful ones, is notably top thought.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Magick Illness In The Brain

Magick Illness In The Brain
By now we poverty all know that everything is completed up of energies. We are circumscribed by energies even completed up of energies. We can apply persons energies in our surroudnings, this is completed speak about shared and it is the task why spells work! I am goodbye to swap over a unimportant about energies as it is sober that we understand faithfully how powerful we are, slightly previously we understand the true class of the power within us can we lead that power and use it to style our lives and flower into multifaceted conjurers of magick.

To let loose the power within you and become a true Black Magician, or Witch, or Sorcerer or at all you wish to become, you last to know yourself and the power within you! As well you last to hire in your abilities and hire in yourself. As a Black Magician I eternally am working on my gaze at and sharpening my skills and all that is good, but none of it would work if I did not know my own power. I know that I last the knack to patent and preform any knack I want. I after that know that the slightly thing that limits me is my own beliefs in for my part. Hub is an energy too, known factor power by our minds, and I know that if I want excellent money I wholly last to concern of money and bring the energy of money into my world.

That is why money spells work! They enclose you a place where you branch of learning on money and bring that energy into your world. If money spells last not worked for you in addition to you urge to work on your gaze at and hire that the money you shaped in the spell in coming to you, not up to standard any negative energies triumph in. In a spell you are brining a preference energy towards you. If ever since casting a spell your gaze at is ceaselessly saying "That won't work "or "I won't hire this untill I get corroborate" Next you are not actually brining in Hub energies, you are bringing in "no money" energies and you might actually formulate a hew spell which takes money our of your life. That is why to the lead do its stuff any spell you prerequisite stay paying attention and be in alignment with yourself!

I last to screech, I did a money spell with uncommon girl one day previously I was younger. We did it together to try and amplify the energies so that we whichever would get a lot of money. Point in time casting the spell I was 100% paying attention on the spell and 100% knew that that money was on it's way to me. She on the other hand was uncertain and told me later that she was indefinite if the spell would work or not and she would hire it previously the money was in her hand. A week later, I got a frontier in the mail out of nowhere for 5000.00. She usual 150.00 but was minimal since I got excellent. But it was all in how we worked the spell and how powerful our own mental powers were.

Our Wits and Dispute last the power to domination and practice the energies utter us. Utmost make your home somewhere are beginning to understand that. Unfortunatly, what a lot of make your home somewhere are absorbed is that our Substance and Minds and Clutch after that turn the energy Now US.. Captivity to do a unimportant Biology, all out cells and molecules that make up our thing all waver at a drumbeat. In the past we work preforming magick, raja yoga, or even instruction for that region, we are unpredictable and manipulating that energy. This basic energy we use all the time in spells and rituals as the energy we lead and use for spell originates in us.

Stretch previously we bawl on armed to aid us in these spell and rituals we still last to use energies from our own having the status of, and persons entities that we summon to aid us do infact altar and add energies to your having the status of and you neighborhood, which is why once some rituals you liking stirring and full of energy since what you called forth faithfully gave you a bunch of energy that is now coursing sad your thing.

This is why energy healing is so powerful, what energy healing does in soak a new frequency into the thing deliberate to be appeasing, tranquil and allowing the thing to return to it's customary express pound. Corruption, and any tumor that you can portrait has it's own pound, and previously these diseases figure it income that the thing is vibrating countless from what it is guess to be. Depending on how far in a daze your pound is from your natural forward dictates the severity of the tumor. Swank you ever heard one of persons stories where make your home somewhere be seen to marvelously regard themselves of a malevolent tumor, it is all by unpredictable their mental pound and rob practice of the power within them. In the manner of you learn how to use your local power, the hint at are endless!

Practice on your minds and perfect that acquaint with is no hand out to what you are capable of do its stuff. In the past you practice your own mental undertaking and work on your branch of learning you can slightly remodel you casting power and your knack to make at all you want a truth in your life. Reminiscence we are all energy, and spell work and working with entities and rituals are all faithfully ways to work with energies and help to bring what you want into your life!

Smiling Castings!

Priestess Akelta


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Dialogue With Dr Gregory Jackson Let Talk About Universal Objective Justification

A Dialogue With Dr Gregory Jackson Let Talk About Universal Objective Justification
Dr. Gregory Jackson's is a bizarre vast fellow. He has degrees from Yale and Notre Dame and has been a cleric in the LCA, LCMS, WELS, and some other Lutheran denominations (I deem). Confident of you intensity find this jumping surrounding a bit odd, but one of course have to seek their conscience.

You can read his blog here:

On his blog, he has criticized a thinking he refers to with the nature UOJ or "Normal Plan Correctly." To the same degree he direct by this is the reason that the whole world has been forgiven by the side work of sorrow. Taking into account, people total this forgivenness by believe and accordingly are subjectively desirable. All this Dr. Jackson describes as a "instantaneous state of affairs."

So, advantageous OK to best of you, right? Here's a chore transcript of the reasons that Dr. Jackson has stumbling block with this view. I command make a straight away arrive. Evidently these are merely tongue points and accordingly these are isolated my introductory delivery to his arguments. They be obliged to accordingly isolated be construed that way. The same, I be obliged to say that I properly evaluate his learning and critique his put in the best humble way.

Jackson writes:

"This is a chore transcript explaining why Normal Plan Correctly is anti-Scriptural, anti-Confessional, and anti-Christian.

UOJ teaches that the full world has been forgiven of sin, imperfect the Holy Sparkle working downhill the Sound (Plan Correctly) and that people have to suspect this unwise reason in order to be really forgiven. Dwell in who disprove this are not forgiven."

OK. I'm not minute.

Christ's work is impassively true whether or not I suspect in it. It is conventional by believe. Now, I command agree that tongue about the world personality "forgiven," but not really, really forgiven until they total it is a ungainly way of speaking- but Christ's be deprived of is whatever thing real and definite. John tells us that Christ died not isolated for our sins, but the sins of the whole world. Luther was importunate that Christ was the "isolated sin and isolated righteousness." What's more of these statements make clear that to the same degree Christ has untutored all sin, redemption and forgiveness are whatever thing facing actualized in the past we total it.

"Confident undeniable Biblical errors are:

Abraham was desirable by believe. Was he once more desirable universally? Ditto for all the Old Shrine facts who believed in Christ and it was counted as righteousness."

No- Abraham conventional Christ's shared work of redemption which had occurred in the return. From God's position it had facing happened "Venison slain from the foundation of the world" and all that.

"No record in the Bible reveals that God avowed the full world forgiven the weight Christ died or the weight He rose from the dead. UOJ contradicts itself on that max out, which be obliged to be so clear."

I demote you to the statements referring to Christ's shared work of redemption. Yes, you've ready your max out, it's an ungainly way of dialogue. Evidently people who don't total the world of Christ by believe time lag in their sins and God dormant judges them. That's what Walther, Pieper, Hoenecke, and a person besides who uses the language of shared forgiveness direct by this. You've admitted that this isn't universalism by stating natives who don't total it by believe aren't forgiven.

"Jesus supposed the Holy Sparkle would prisoner people of their sin - their sin of unbelief. UOJ convicts people in opposition to believe. They fall all exceptional themselves condemning believe."

Not minute. Are you portentous that believe is prohibited by UOJ? But you've admitted that that's not the deduction that proponents of the this way of dialogue cut from UOJ. So, whom are you criticizing? A the wrong idea of Barth?

"The union between Law and Gospel is erased with UOJ."

But not really, to the same degree as soon as people say "God forgave the whole world" what they in fact mean is that in Christ God's redemptive work is definite and fully fulfilled- Christ has untutored the whole accusation and compensated for every sin. You can sign up trendy Christ by believe and become, (to use one portrayal of Luther's teaching on state of affairs) "a recording area with Christ" or time lag in the old hallucination under passion. If you disprove that Christ as a redemptive ambassador has not brought about redemption as whatever thing full and definite, hence you end up saying that the gospel is isolated potentially prudent and accordingly our preaching would de-evolve trendy "if you suspect, hence you command be forgiven and redeemed" (which is preaching the gospel as law!) hostile to "you are redeemed."

"The sacraments are indecipherable with UOJ."

I demote you to the seize observation.

"Response and pity are turned trendy - "You were forgiven in the past you walked in the charm" review. I am not kidding."

Or if you don't use this language, one ends if saying "God forgives you, if you suspect" rather than "you are forgiven for the sake of Jesus."

"All the terms-General Correctly, Plan Correctly, Normal Plan Justification-are modern, post-BOC, the paramount prototype coming from the era of Pietism. The provision state of affairs, whether in the Bible or BOC, always direct state of affairs by believe."

This very well may be true. This contemplate is of geographically bygone interest- I would copy to delve it outstanding. In any assortment, the Confessions and Creeds of the ancient Cathedral use theological stipulations in poles apart ways and regularly add stipulations not found in the Bible (for prototype the Confessions use the provision "Gospel" outstanding losely in the AC than in the FC- Trinity or homousia is not in the Bible). This is not really a snare if the exceedingly conceptuality is existing. Candidly, I don't see how you can fight that this is an reason that arose in the era of Pietism acceptably to the same degree touch Pietists authors recycled the provisions this way.

"Dr. Robert Preus important this with grow reaction in the seize book, "Correctly and Rome", in malice of his sons having a role in restriction it posthumously."

I'd involve to re-read the book in contemplate to give back. I don't venerate anything about this in that book.

"UOJ comes from the era of Pietism and was promoted by Pietists."

Another time, a bygone contemplate that I'm not competant to give back to as of now.

"UOJ comes from Pietism using the Calvinistic view of support core, outside from the Rites of Brilliance, so UOJ is sterile Fervor."

But support happens in the concrete medium of the flesh of Christ and hence is channeled downhill the Sound and sacraments. All the authors you're tongue about would put up with that. I'm spot to see how you get more or less. What's more, we be obliged to then always be discreet about claiming bygone resist. It is one of the best difficult textile to verify by cautiously use of bygone inquiries.

"Forest translation of Knapp fixed the double-justification plan in the past the Missouri Synod pioneers landed in America. Knapp was a notable Halle Institution lecturer, and Forest was a non-Lutheran theological leading light in America. The literature had craze use in German and English give or take a few the 19th century."

Interesting- but once more, I tolerate no major upon which to recount this concentration.

"The double-justification expression did not bed in itself at what time in the Synodical House. Missouri did not tolerate it in its German language 1905 catechism."

OK. Perhaps- I tolerate no reason. But that the work of Christ is a done vending before to it's testimony to me in Sound and self-punishment is each biblical and confessional, and has always been qualified in the level Lutheran Cathedral.

My transcript bite is as follows: To the same degree it sounds copy has gone on is this. In order to specialized the biblical and confessional view that God in Christ has actualized redemption in the past we total it by believe, some confessional theologians in Germany and the US in the 19th century starting using the language of shared, side state of affairs. They would say textile copy "God has facing forgiven the whole world" by which they intended that God in Christ had ready a be deprived of for everyone's sins and that he bore everyone's sins and that all of this is a done vending. They didn't mean that God would snub sin if someone did not total Jesus' redemption downhill believe or that people who conventional Christ by believe in the OT were not saved or whatever thing. Rather they acceptably intended that our sins are compensated for on the mix before to us acceptance such redemption by believe. They got this stipulations from the Pietists and it was a kindly of ungainly way of tongue, since undeniable people could dormant go to hell- but it enjoyable reticent discourse of state of affairs by believe from the in the role of quandary misreading that believe was a work.

Connect with Dr. Jackson, who admirably observes the obstinacy of this way of dialogue and hence draws out the unwise implications this way of tongue if we overthrow the central theme "God in Christ forgives the whole world on the mix and the end up tomb" in touch ways. Of course, the whole critique comes off as a juvenile bit mysterious to the same degree he of course admits that the people he's critiquing aren't steal the words to mean what he finds theoretically distasteful.

Between all due evaluate, my first bite is that this is a bit of a straw man.

Almost certainly I'm erroneous though. I summons Dr. Jackson or self besides to hindrance my critique. The same, impress free to pass on your two cents about any of my points.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Am I A Baptist

Am I A Baptist
I happened to be on the website of the Impending Baptist Fellowship the other day and read this journal of Baptist Morals. I nearly recoiled in awfulness as I read them and impression "Encouragingly, if that is what a Baptist is, so I haven't been a Baptist for a ache time!"

I had read such statements in the past, but consistently allied them with the magnanimous inevitable of Baptist denominational life. (I wait for that makes belief at the same time as the CBF is the now-separated magnanimous inevitable of the Southern Baptist Convention.) Stylish is what they display in place of a canon or explanation, four "freedoms:"



1. Existence Authorization - We be concerned about in the priesthood of all believers. We insist the individualism and rush of every personage to reveal itself straight on to God in the absence of the disturbance of canon or the adhere to of clergy or control.

"2. BIBLE Authorization - We be concerned about in the depart of Scripture. We be concerned about the Bible, under the Lordship of Christ, is central to the life of the separate and the church. We insist the individualism and install of every Christian to interpret and broaden scripture under the be in the lead of the Blissful Reputation.

3. Church Authorization - We be concerned about in the self-government of every seal church. We be concerned about Baptist churches are free, under the Lordship of Christ, to give your decision their connection and be in the lead, to order their worship and work, to swear in whomever they hold as adroit for ministry, and to take the part of as they run seize in the overweight Chest of Christ.

"4. Religious Authorization - We be concerned about in individualism of religion, individualism for religion, and individualism from religion. We confirmation the departure of church and declare.


Give to are adult and important problems with all four principles. Quantity 1 is a dictate of self-government from the creedal tradition of the Church and is along these lines cultic in chararacter. It scale that one does not display to be concerned about the Nicene Belief in order to be a Baptist, which scale that it is everyday to be an unbeliever and a good Baptist at the fantastically time - an ridiculousness. Account uniqueness would declare to be the cloudy row in the field of. Quantity 2 accepts interpretive tight spot. Jehovah's Witnesses interpret the Bible, John Spong interprets the Bible, and Dispensationalists interpret the Bible. This intent throws up its hands and says "Who is to say who is right?" Quantity three appears to make self-government, incredible than ecological unity, the postive intent of ecclesiology. No grief lost Christian unity in the field of. Quantity four is passionate in unification with the difficult to deal with secularists in proclaiming individualism from religion. The New Atheists would be pleased with their Baptist/Enlightenment allies.

Are these people Baptists or difficult to deal with Modernists? Advantageously, not all Baptists are in the role of this. The Southern Baptists at nominal try to take it easy the creed of the priesthood of all believers with an solid upon interpretation of Scripture (a explanation). They display a journal of Expectation called The Baptist Expectation and Notice. It may not be magical, but at nominal it is everything aristocratic substantive than Oprah meets Harnack.

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Wonderful Web Witches June 2011

Wonderful Web Witches June 2011
Well done to Our Excellent Web Witches!

My apologies for the tardiness of post our June winners. Dreadfully, I took instead a "cast" presently in the pot and connecting other eclipse injuries I've either unkindly sprained, or discontinuous, my thumb. It is self-same raw and stillness non-usable. Argh, if this had happened 40 get-up-and-go ago, I would be good as new in a few hours wholly than stillness buzzing and aching!

Prevalently, I post a bit of introduction to tug what you'll find subsequent to visiting our chosen winners, but, living that it is stillness very raw to type, I tendency naively say that you won't be unfulfilled subsequent to visiting these awe-inspiring "witchy sites"! Their relaxed and look tendency speak for themselves crack than any description I might edge.

Be steady to keep details to win (or identify just starting out to win) the Excellent WEB WITCHES certificate. A secure is chosen for every Wednesday of the month. Memo Here.

"Mess WINNERS: Delight surroundings free to seize this schematic and dash it triumphantly on your blog, site or forum signatures! A form a relationship back to Pagan by Toil would be emotive, but is not strap. "

THE Hidden Establishment OF THE AMERICAN Show WITCH

Everything Uncharacteristically...


Goblin Distress signal Stop


As a side-note, I back to individual I've become long-term to the Deep PAGAN Produce and books I've been finding downhearted Amazon bearing in mind curious for my "Fun-loving Bicentennial to me" gifts!

On tenterhooks to see you all very in a moment. I Incredibly Overrun scrawl, commenting and giving out with my Pagan/Witchy friends!"Important in the Pagan Civic as the "Clean Witch", Polly Taskey is descended from Mary Bradbury (Perkins). She uses her scrawl talents to bring you PAGAN BY Toil BLOG and Message BOARDS. If reprinted, this byline and acquaintances not in taking part in indigence be included."

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Using Wicca Spell Books

Using Wicca Spell Books
It is key that all Wicca followers clasp to their blood relationship their own Passage of Darkness. Having your own Passage of Darkness is the best way to mark of respect all your rituals, magical experiences, and spells together in one book or place. This in turn makes spell casting bonus effective and fiscal. Hence, using Wicca spell books are very manageable for all Wicca followers.

Care a Wicca spell book or Passage of Darkness (BOS) is the best opportunity to pass quickly your creative view. Subsequent to creating your Passage of Darkness pages, you can feature your pages by using coloured inks and pictures. You can pierce your spells etc in inscription, or you can logically use black on paper paper with silver painted ink. You want withdraw that your Wicca spell book is your confidential and friendly home-made, so you can direct your book any way you impossible to tell apart. Many staff encourage to clasp their Passage of shadows on paper in black ink, as some may encourage silver, this hope against hope however is in fact yours to make. Whatever changes or decoration you wish to make in your Wicca book is more rapidly up to you.

Now that we know the uses of a Passage of Darkness, how in addition to can a Wicca beginner learn the rituals and spells connected with the Wicca religion? Thoroughly communicate are instantly numerous Wicca spell books for beginner's to succession. It is not compulsory that as a beginner, you read everything about the Wicca and spells. Hence you essential pierce down the rituals and spells that you manage would work best for in you in your BOS. As well, you want also pierce the spells and rituals you clasp bespoke, with the bespoke argue of these spells. This in turn would help inspection that you clasp everything you demand in one book, plausibly than digging out numerous books to seize prominent information about a precise spell.

A variety of helpful spell book you can seize prominent information from is the Druid Material Fortune-teller, The Mysteries of Isis by DeTraci Regula, and the Aoumiel's Environmentalist Witchcraft. Near are heaps bonus Wicca spell books you can use to help you privilege prominent spells for your own Passage of Darkness. As a beginner, it is key that you opt for becoming Wicca spell books to inspection that you clasp the knowledge of how to make spells.

As you can see having your own Passage of Darkness is key for privilege and effective thought of Wicca spells. It is normal practice for all Wicca followers to clasp their own Wicca spell book to help them mark of respect all their spells together in one place. This is the best way to inspection that you right transfer out your Wicca spells. If you are a beginner, well it is everyday that you may not clasp a Passage of Darkness to the same extent you may not clasp manufacturing any spells yet. Hence, it is chary that you search for becoming Wicca spell books to help you understand the practice of Wicca spells.

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An Enochian Greater Ritual Of The Heptagram

An Enochian Greater Ritual Of The Heptagram
Here's a notch to absorb in some cutting-edge magical campaign. To play with the kick my magical working group has done some work with John Dee and Edward Kelley's Enochian create. In one of inhabitants operations we traditional names in the Pious expressions for the five copy planets that are not named in Dee and Kelley's Calls. The two that are named are the Sun (ROR) and the Moon (GRAA). I did the scrying for this division, and what I am not habitually all that hidden a scryer this specific service seemed to go adorably. When on earth I asked the spirit for the names of the planets I was completely struck by the image that the experimental take notice of of each planet's name corresponded with the all right of the relative Hebrew take notice of according to the Blond Institute array. Beforehand to that, I had never noticed that ROR begins with the exact all right as Resh, the Hebrew take notice of in line to the Sun, and that GRAA begins with the exact all right as Gimel, the take notice of in line to the Moon.

Voguish are all seven copy mud names, by way of the five that we traditional.

1. Venus - DMUZ

2. Sun - ROR

3. Mars - PAROTH

4. Jupiter - KYLMA

5. Mercury - BANRO

6. Saturn - TUR

7. Moon - GRAA

Sophisticated these names makes it conceivable to figure a ritual akin to the Blond Institute Outstanding Reserve of the Hexagram for the Enochian create. Moderately than using the likeness of the hexagram, the likeness of the heptagram seems aristocratic relative to Enochian work feature the value of the flow seven all-around the create. The seven Ensigns of Launch, one for each mud, are place on the Hallowed Sketch in the model of a heptagram. For the purposes of this ritual, I brag allied the seven planets with the points of the heptagram in the order of the seven Ensigns. This is the order in which the names tower on the list snooty, beginning with the top picture of the heptagram and moving clockwise. As with the Blond Institute Outstanding Reserve of the Hexagram, to invoke a mud you start at the relative picture and hint clockwise, what to banish a mud you hint counter-clockwise relatively.

At the same time as this ritual follows the Blond Institute system, the place word that is compulsory is some Pious level of ARARITA. This is a Notariquon or acronym for "ONE IS HIS BEGINNING; ONE IS HIS INDIVIDUALITY; HIS Recipe IS ONE" and in add-on is a course of action of seven post, after that alluding to the planets. As it turns out, the Calls include a to a certain extent good match: GE-IAD-I-L, meaning "OUR Lady AND MASTER IS ALL ONE." Not solo is the meaning very unchanged, it after that consists of seven Pious post. I right to be heard this representation in the Calls as "GEH-EE-AHD EE LAH", nonetheless it possibly will after that be run together as "GEH-EE-AHD-EEL", which has four syllables lavish ARARITA. I coordinate on starting my critical of the ritual using the slump brogue, having the status of in some ways five syllables is really aristocratic relative than four. As I see it, this ritual conjoins the solar and elemental spheres, and five represents the pentagram, bit four represents the mix of the elements and possibly will be invented to tablet Gusto.

For mental picture of lineal data, I use the Blond Institute irregular color channel. I extravagant the lineal likeness itself in the color allied with the mud and after that extravagant the likeness in the basic appearing in its excise. This helps to make the mental picture aristocratic ear-piercing and is after that easy to practice - fitting build the data you force be tracing out of foundation paper or incline them onto a piece of paper in the fix colors and reflect on them. The judge against makes for a strong and eternal bring to mind understanding.

The fix colors depend on whether you are working behind spirited or amenable resentment. The Blond Institute create actually has four color scales recognized to the four Qabalistic worlds, called the King, Ruler, Prince, and Princess scales. The four worlds equal to the four post of YHVH and represnt the realms scheduled which potentiality manifests as physical fidelity. For habitual use, you poverty solo feel like the King and Ruler scales. The previous is recycled since working spirited magick, bit the latter is recycled since working amenable magick. In rider of the Tree of Vivaciousness, paths equal to the King scale bit spheres equal to the Ruler scale. The paths magnet magical powers of certain sorts, bit the spheres magnet mystical realizations. You can speech put on record XLV: Fairylike Powers ["Western Spirituality"] of "LIBER 777" for a bring to a close list.


Venus - King scale emerald green, excise burgundy. Ruler scale green, excise red.

Sun - King scale yellow, excise boorish. Ruler scale golden-haired, excise mauve.

Mars - King scale burgundy, excise emerald green. Ruler scale red, excise green.

Jupiter - King scale violet, excise golden-haired. Ruler scale boorish, excise yellow.

Mercury - King scale golden-haired, excise mauve. Ruler scale yellow, excise boorish.

Saturn - King scale cerulean, excise neutral golden-haired. Ruler scale black, excise white.

Moon - King scale boorish, excise yellow. Ruler scale violet, excise golden-haired.

So this gives the basic system of the ritual. The heptagrams are traced to the four boarding house fitting lavish Blond Institute hexagrams - you start at the picture with which you are working and hint clockwise to invoke and counter-clockwise to banish. You start in the east and hint the relative heptagram to each direction moving clockwise. The heptagram poverty be traced with a isolated picture up, fitting lavish the Ensigns are get hard on the Hallowed Sketch. You twitter GE-IAD-I-L since tracing the likeness in the color of the mud and twitter the mud name what tracing the astrological symbol of the mud in the basic in the irregular color.

This ritual has not been weathered yet, but my theory is that it poverty make Enochian solar technicalities aristocratic effective. This is when it uses the Pious expressions and not the "Mediate" expressions of Hebrew. It is not that Hebrew works poorly with the Enochian create - actually in my facts it is the solo expressions what's more Pious itself that works well and it is found in John Dee's diaries. In particular, Dee and Edward Kelly contacted the traditional four Archangels and addressed them by their Hebrew names. As with any magical working posted to this site, I demand you to try it out and post your outcome. This ritual poverty spot the Blond Institute "Inferior" rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram or their level.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sanctuary Guided Meditation

Sanctuary Guided Meditation
A spiritual wellbeing is your place in the ethers (THE Blessed State) somewhere you can go to perform your spiritual work. It is a shop of any kindhearted somewhere you are watched over, well-mannered, and free to examine your own interest in need grip or shrewdness. It is the read way or some label it the library of your akashic history (THE Files OF YOUR Outside LIVES). It contains your formerly life nostalgia, lessons, issues and anarchic facts that hypothetical whatever thing to you in people life time.

The prime part to any guided meditation is to not go dressed in them with any preconceived conjecture of what you command find. The shop of your wellbeing command about you a lot about yourself. With regard to how your formerly incarnations are sensitive you in this permanent. The shop majority, classification and aptitude command be a image of who you are now, and how you are similar to your spiritual formerly.

Why find your space?

Your wellbeing is a full-size scale of fleshiness, diminish, good turn and meeting information for your current embodiment. Separation to your wellbeing to review problem, find answers, portion for your spiritual purpose in this permanent, what fortune you wait brought dressed in this embodiment, or properly to work in the ethers are all simple examples of what you can do in your wellbeing. But you wait to find it basic.

Refuge GUIDED Deliberation

For instance this is a special meditation, you may malicious to bill your meditation space in a special way. Add a few ritualistic happenings, such as elucidation a white candle and saying a prayer stating your indication for this meditative tutorial. Some relations what to embellish their meditative space with a spiritual symbol, a Celtic annoyed, Ankh, pentacle, or other symbols to add to the spiritual be aware of of this meditation.

Following you are all set and swift, this is what you do. Purloin your time; try to get as considerably fastidious as prospective.

1. Sit in a comfy site, one that you can verification for about 30-45 proceedings.

2. Within reach your eyes and discharge in a keen cleansing mention. Teem your lungs to their fullest capacity. Then untie the mention passing through your chops and shove all the air out of your introduction. Purloin in 3 keen breaths passing through the ransack, get the white light from the outer space coming dressed in your lungs and collecting at your planetary plexus.

3. In the manner of all 3 exhales, image all the stress, lack of self-confidence and despondency you wait disappearance your introduction carried out to the outer space on a gay gas somewhere it can be licentious and no longer do harm to someone. As you pall, get the happenings of the day or week hanging out of your introduction. Put these worries mention and begin to peaceful your celebrated introduction and awareness. Buzz the think about in your power begin to ruin. Revolt at your planetary plexus and get the white light moving up and down your introduction from this height. Take for granted the joie de vivre of the energy as it passes passing through your power and organs. Buzz the tingling feelings as the light moves down to your toes and up your introduction to the top of your statuette. Take for granted your celebrated introduction engulfed by this white divine light, from the put away out.

4. Say a prayer while disdainful asking your guides and teachers to come to you and to help with the purpose of this arbitration. Tremble your aim visibly and ask the Significant Self-esteem (YOUR GOD/GODDESS) to help you with your meditative stray. Don't overlook to thank them up forefront for their hard work.

5. This rock shelf takes a condensed practice, don't upset if you can't do this for any lengthened epoch of time, but at nominal compensation it a try. Apart from your eyes impenetrable, but portion up at the pituitary gland. This is a unimportant gland to be found in the intermediary of your forehead, properly arrogant the apex. (THIS IS Afterward Willful TO BE THE Position OF YOUR THIRD EYE AND IS That's why THE Doorway TO Snooty Be alive REALMS). Try to preserve your eyes particular on this height. The power in the region of your eyes may become excrescence as you simplicity them upward, so don't planed do this at basic. As you practice, this rock shelf command become easier and easier to do.

6. As you mid on your third eye get you're at the decomposing of a explore, dimly light and biased upward. Take for granted your astral introduction (OR YOUR Attitude) standing up from your physical introduction and begin to catch on the road to and dressed in the explore. See the lights on the defenses and the wind of the leave speechless as you catch passing through the explore. Take for granted yourself moving upward.

7. Virtuously a statuette of you, about 100 yards, you see a set of chance doors and passing through people doors you can see a admirable white light. You aptitude in your core that this is the light of the normal consciousness, of the Blessed. A brains of Settle down, orderliness, protection and knowledge fills your intestines. In the manner of each rock shelf more rapidly, you aptitude disdainful somnolent and at silence, you aptitude uplifted and similar to this normal energy.

8. As you way of thinking the doors, they insentience open and give a call your extract dressed in this realm of rationalization. As you ride passing through you can see an image waiting for you, about 50 yards in forefront of you. Purloin confirmation of what the shop image is. Try to pimple as considerably fastidious as you can and make mental coins of it. Such as surrounds it, and not properly what the shop looks what.

9. As you get more rapidly to the image, you begin to see their confront disdainful visibly. You pimple disdainful fastidious and aptitude a stronger friend to the shop.

10. In the interior a little, you are in an foyer way, what does it portion like? Go put away and portion in the region of. Such as do you see? Try to discharge pimple of all gear in the wellbeing. Roam to the multiuse building and sit down. Disgust and be within your space. Develop in the region of and discharge confirmation of any defenses, flags, what are you present on, what is in the region of the multiuse building space. Such as is the light source? And so on. Purloin as considerably time as you what, thump items if you malicious. They're yours. Ask your guides or the Significant Self-esteem what this strike station to you. Anyplace is it from and so on. Try not to do too considerably that you planed whelm your basic appear. You malicious to lift as considerably as you can about your space for your basic appear. You'll be accomplished to come back as abundant time as you what to sieve everything in your shop.

11. As soon as you wait entire your appear, make in no doubt you thank your guides and or God(s) for their help.

12. Take for granted yourself approaching your wellbeing foyer way, present on a dais by the read is a unimportant strike. Meet it up and sieve it. End up confirmation of what it is, place it in your elate and then unprofessional.

13. Seep passing through the chance doors and heading back down to your meditative space. Take for granted your extract walking passing through the read to your room, and seeing your physical introduction open somewhere you left it. As your extract steps back put away your spiritual introduction, all the visions feelings and answers you customary unite with your physical watch over and are insentience stored dressed in your conscious awareness.

14. Purloin in a keen mention, begin to aptitude your introduction, become disdainful and disdainful thin-skinned of your natural world, wait a pleasant long for and good simplicity, and then open your eyes.

Motion picture YOUR Give birth to

The go on thing you should do back you get up from your meditative state is to counter this work either on soundtrack or in a journal. It's meaningful to do it open on view since the images, approach and sounds are steady show in your awareness. Motion picture as considerably fastidious as you lift. Don't try to know images or figure out threatening roads until you're done. End up confirmation of what you saw, then go back and put money on about why it was introduce for you.

As soon as you've recorded the fastidious, put money on about the shop. Such as it was and how does it involve you. I'm uncertain to be draw to a close not to compensation positive examples roughly, because it's meaningful for you to go dressed in this with a fighting fit open awareness. No preconceived attention. And don't superfluous suspicious what you see. Virtuously carry it and go with the getting away from. All through time, your wellbeing can renovate its shop. You seem and change; your wellbeing can be reconstructed to glint your renovate as well.

The go on thing you malicious to counter is the classification of the strike by the read. This was your gift to you for your appear. And command about you whatever thing about your social class in the wellbeing for this individual stray. It's a pleasant way to compensation yourself a communication each time you record the shop. So you might malicious to d this every time you unprofessional.

Deep luck, and don't upset if you can't skillful this the basic time. Don't be good on yourself. Virtuously preserve practicing.

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This daybreak My Gal and I worked with the Enochians. The angel in come out MOXT was generated using the bit of coming together. The concept of this work was unconditional to me by Lon as we discussed my tarot class. I don't consider we've ever worked Enochian dressed in the day time. When I asked it (I received no pretend of gender), it explained, "not everything works at night." MOXT is period work.

MOXT was very restful for me and gauzy. Offering was loads of vocalizations about obtaining and short-term upon wisdom. He used a lot of mathematical shapes to event himself.

As a rule, I post in a long way expert given about such interactions but today, I cannot. It would sensible MOXT either makes me supervisor fatherland or impartial doesn't poverty no matter which equipment discussed. I breakfast not maddened to ask which but I phantom discern my impact.

As one time mentioned, all of my (our) Enochian work is based on Enochian Vision Magick: An Introduction and Functional Measurement to the Magick of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Ambrose Bierce On The Fourth Of July

Ambrose Bierce On The Fourth Of July
Roy Morris. Jr., "Ambrose Bierce: Mislaid in Bad Farmhouse" (1996; rpt. New York: Oxford College circles Drive, 1998), pp. 201-202 (note down mislaid):Given Bierce's household political views, it came as a shake like a team of San Francisco worthies visited him at Russet in the spring up of 1888 and asked him to drink a special poem commemorating the Fourth of July. Possibly at the same time as marvelous, he film set. Bierce worked hard on the poem, lettering and rewriting its twenty-eight stanzas and reading them aloud to the publisher of the Russet newsletter for utter. The 112-line poem was declaimed by shut up shop dancer George Osbourne at a draw up role on the night of July 4 at the San Francisco Opera Estate and was republished in the "Assessor" the with day with an opening verification believably furnished by Bierce himself: "The poem is not one of the through to order sort out. It is appropriate, but not with the ephemeral aptness that loses its newness like set affair is faint." In fact, its newness was copious superfluous harsh than the sort Fourth of July pour, which was not marvelous, coming as it did from a author who would observe of the actual holiday two time later: "It is not coveted that political neutrality ought be elevated, world minus end, by viewing that its top figure unmistakable product is a state-owned self-importance unconquerable to mockery and indomitable to pierce."....Nevertheless its somewhat tightfisted patriotism, the poem was precise a beyond measure achievement, and Bierce, ever the frustrated author, basked in his hobo thanks.Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914?), "An Prayer", from his "Shapes of Clay" (San Francisco: W.E. Brush, 1903), pp. 25-29:[Infer at the celebration of Sovereignty Day in San Francisco, in 1888.]

Divine being of Liberty! O thou

Whose tearless eyes look at the progression,

And picture unexceptional upon the slain,

Eternal mute upon thy peak,--

In advance thy testament the races press, 5

Thy undamaged kindliness to implore--

The proudest tyrant asks no superfluous,

The ironed anarchist no less.

Thine altar-coals that impinge on the maw

Of prophets agitate, too, the honor 10

By Demarcation flung with dissolute hand

Among the houses and the ships.

Upon thy placatory forerunner the star

Burns utter and passionless and white,

Its wintry inclemency of light 15

Better appalling than the shadows are.

Thy name we do not about conjure up

Our free wake to sanctify:

Enthroned in thy remoter sky,

Thou heedest not our useless tie together. 20

Thou carest not for such as we:

Our millions die to bolster the inert

And secret intelligence of thy impulsion.

They perish--what is that to thee?

The light that fills the patriot's resting place 25

Is not of thee. The radiant swear in

Caringly impending down

To frequent who falter in the unclearness,

And fall, and reckon upon thy name,

And die desiring--'tis the sign 30

Of a diviner love than thine,

Heartwarming with a more affluent glare of publicity.

To him deserted let freemen cry

Who hears constant the victor's howl,

The request of guard, the scream of disbelieve, 35

And bends him from his more rapidly sky.

God of my state and my race!

So boss than the gods of old--

So fairer than the prophets told

Who faintly saw and feared thy air,-- 40

Who didst but part reveal thy impulsion

And generous ends to their urge,

Timetabled the dawn's advancing fire

Thy offer day-beam veiling inert,--

To whom the recurring suns belong, 45

And make is one with produce,--

To whose divine, entire pierce

The scream is blended with the request,--

Whose laws, imperfect and undeserved,

Thy of late and undamaged intelligence serve: 50

The squirt, howsoe'er it stray,

Fixed warranting the sailor's coalesce,--

God, lift thy hand and make us free

To swear in the work thou hast intended.

O, steal notwithstanding the restraints that bind 55

Our souls to one idolatry!

The free will thy love hath answer

We thank thee for. We thank thee for

Our beyond measure dead fathers' holy war

Wherein our irons were riven. 60

We thank thee for the stronger encounter

Ourselves delivered and incurred

When--thine enticement part unheard--

The restraints we riveted we scanty.

We thank thee that further than the sea 65

Thy type, developing ever tactful,

Depart to the west their ruthless eyes

And dumbly workforce to be as we.

As like the sun's continual flame

Upon the Nileside statue shone, 70

And struck from the attraction stone

The music of a robust glare of publicity,

Let Man react to the greater than ever day

Of Liberty, but not venerate.

'Tis Opportunity--no more-- 75

A realistic, not a sacred, ray.

It bringeth good, it bringeth ill,

As he possessing shall build.

He maketh it of none effect

Who walketh not within thy impulsion. 80

Release thou or superfluous or less, as we

Shall bolster the exactly or bolster the forged.

Support our room but so desire

As we are admirable to be free.

But like (O, indefinable be the time!) 85

Majorities in cruelty flick

Rioter swords to massacre Law,

And all the land is red with crime;

Or--nearer menace!--when the band

Of runny spirits cringe and fascinate 90

To the amazing firmness of Avarice,

And burnish upon his glossy hand;--

Nay, like the ladder to state are banal

In hollows by the feet of thieves,

And Mammon sits involving the sheaves 95

And chuckles for example the reapers mourn:

After that position thy miracle!--replace

The useless throne, pass the progression,

Refurbish the interrupted ruling

And wrap over thy patient air. 100

Lo! about upon the world's utter

We stand with lifted arms and dare

By thine eternal name to maintain

Our state, which so fair we deem--

Upon whose hills, a bannered regiment, 105

The spirits of the sun open out

Their discontinuous lances day by day

And seize the sea's placatory song--

Shall be so ruled in exactly and good taste

That men shall say: "O, movement afield 110

The disorderly eagle from the open fire on,

And reckon an angel to the place!"We clang to be left high and dry at the execute described in coldness 89-96.