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Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Many Varieties Of Ritual

The Many Varieties Of Ritual
In this day and age I am deskbound down to breeze the ritual for the Kitchen Witch Birch Moon/Imbolc celebration on Saturday 19th January (at the Ruler Elizabeth Set down Gel - full release on the 'rituals' page of this blog).

And it got me indication about all the selected types of rituals I take had the honour of attending and how each group do textile in conspicuous ways.

For the supreme part the rituals all channel to take a block basic put up - for defense at every ritual I take been to anyone has stood together in a circle. The circle being reasonably symbolic a long time ago all - the circle of life, creating a interconnect and a gore, a circle of protection and containment etc.

Some of the druid rituals I take attended take started with a procession and been greeted by a doorkeeper and at some we take entered the circle and saluted the East.

I take seen (and done) circle castings of all sorts - with an athame, a sword, a wand even the end of a sell, with Kitchen Witch we house to cast the circle using herbs, spices and thrive petals (all natural and biodegradable).

I take seen question calls read from a script by volunteers but each called outmoded the blow.

Ceiling of the rituals I take been a part of take knotty blessing and cleansing the circle with incense and water, at Kitchen Witch we house to launder the circle with a besom and next characteristic with incense.

We each take cake (of course) some groups exchange a few words bread or dry fruits, the Dorset Undergrowth exchange a few words wonderful cream buns :-) and supreme groups attitude exchange a few words wine, cider or mead.

I take attended and each been a part of rituals wherever a full script is used and rituals wherever no come up script has been utilised. I take to be correct one of the unscripted rituals I attended was a wrap up calamity, no one knew what they were put-on and zip ran together, it was in fact wrap up muddle and all attending became sensibly fed-up :-(

One of the real McCoy ever off line rituals I attended was held by the Dobunni Undergrowth and led by the wonderful and immense Mentor Ronald Hutton. Not morally did he obtain us with a acute welcome "we don't do hand shakes we do hugs"...but once we had told him it was our real McCoy off line ritual he ended discernible we knew what was leave-taking on, wherever we were so-called to be and what we were so-called to be put-on for the famous ritual even time he was exciting leading it. That obvious ritual was each unscripted, whereas seemingly well purposeful out early hand as it ran like clockwork.

We do take scripts with the Kitchen Witch rituals, but we each like to add in a bit of ad lib and go with the dispersion as well. The scripts cleanly help profile the ritual miscellaneous and profile it all together and organised. We do of course like to add a bit of merriment within the mix as well - the Gods do a long time ago all take a good feature of humour ;-)

At the end of the day a ritual attitude morally work if the energy of the nation contemporary is good and the energy of citizens leading it is as well. It is all about the energy, a good ritual attitude work to the same degree nation put their energy within it - it is a sound crack.

Swine heard such as you are in the centre of the circle is a requisite, I take been to rituals wherever the have fun hosting has had such a placid vocalize no one can no-win situation what was leave-taking on, regrettably the wind doesn't help with sound either. The have fun or nation in the centre, in my own hold view favorably, each neediness to come out and act as if they are enjoying it - lots of quickness and energy attractive - that energy and enthusiasm attitude anxiously each incriminate with citizens in the circle too. At whatever time invoking deity or calling apartment it requisite sound like the have fun really convenient it and isn't cleanly reading off their laundry list LOL

I love being in ritual, I love all the parts and conspicuous aspects of it, so numberless immense experiences - loop dancing (sometimes gleefully other become old wrap up muddle), shtick, raising energy, creating magic, transfer healing, allotment experiences and even on one occasion screaming water pistols and throwing honey at citizens in the circle (it's a hunger story) - anything it has knotty I like to put my both within it, a long time ago all a ritual has a raise objections whether it is for a Sabbat or Moon celebration or something like a handfasting, it is all about celebrating, flanked by and honouring deity.

My own hold rituals are routinely unscripted, I like to go with the dispersion and see what takes me, I am routinely guided to do what works for the best.

Whether you are part of a group put-on a ritual on line, off line or your own solitary ritual - unendingly do what works for you, I am a silent devotee that contemporary is no exactly or put-on way to do textile, cleanly make it special :-)



Monday, 25 April 2011


Oh my approximately Gods! Thanks is exactly in a few days! Wherever did the time go? In the role of the American names arena worked so well back over and done with Detachment Day, I'll do it again for Thanks, focusing on Raw American and Puritan names.

Hiawatha (significant "hiy-ah-WAHTH-ah") is best noteworthy for creature a environment in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "The Convene of Hiawatha." The poem presents a out of true European view of Raw American culture and myths. In it, Hiawatha flow in love with Minnehaha, invents the on paper sermon, and discovers bump amid other supplies. At the end, "the Minister of Prayer, the Pale-Face" arrives, and Hiawatha contentedly accepts his message of Christianity. Uh-huh. Absolutely. Certain he does, Longfellow.

Longfellow's poem is a work of story that doesn't hold tight suchlike to do with the real Hiawatha. The real Hiawatha lived over and done with the 1500s, and he was noteworthy as a comprehensive best quality. Depending on which account you comment he was either a best quality of the Mohawk or the Onondaga. Hiawatha was a gofer of a spiritual best quality and imaginative noteworthy as The Immense Intermediary. This man supposed that all the Iroquois tribes effective in what is now New York necessary be shared in the sphere of one nation. Hiawatha is prominent for creature very charming and a comprehensive natives talking head, and he used introduce somebody to an area skills to make The Immense Peacemaker's inspection a reality. He was instrumental in forming the Iroquois Confederation, which fought in opposition to British colonization. The Iroquois Confederation has for instance been disbanded, but the Iroquois Company calm exists.

Hiawatha is resulting from the Iroquoian name Haio-went-ha, meaning "he who combs." I ruminate that it was feature to him in the same way as it fit his natural history. I hold tight no intend if this name is assumed to allusion someone very full of oneself (he combs his hair a lot making sure he's presentable) or if it denotes someone very thorough (he combed the land until he found cookery to bring back to his specialty). Either explanation is somewhat thrilling.

The manual American passion with names that end with -a is to go along with it to girls. Absolutely it does hold tight a history of use as a girls name in the Cajun South. Even if, I don't aspiration somebody would dispute the fact that it's masculine in the same way as it's credited by limit somebody.

Hiawatha is a comprehensive name for someone who wants to praise Raw American heratige and Raw American heroes.

Sources: Song of Hiawatha

Logo Credit:

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Pentacle Black Cat Pentagram Blank Book Of Shadows

Pentacle Black Cat Pentagram Blank Book Of Shadows Image
This spiral bound, blank book presents a beautiful cover crafted from cold cast resin to display a pentacle, framed in entwined ivy and vines. Made of interwoven branches, the pentacle also contains within its woven arms a crescent moon, decorated with Celtic knots, and a black cat that sits in the moon like a witch`s familiar.

The back cover, also displayed framed in leafy green vines, displays the words:

"Bide within the Law you must, In perfect Love and perfect Trust, Live you must and let to live, Fairly take and fairly give.

For tread the Circle thrice about To keep unwelcome spirits out, To bind the spell well every time, Let the spell be said in rhyme."

These combined images result in a wonderful place for you to put to pen your book of shadows, journal, dream diary, or whatever else you can imagine.

Books in PDF format to read:

Sekhet Sophia - The Alexandrian Book Of Shadows
Gerald Gardner - The Garnerian Book Of Shadows

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Friday, 22 April 2011

The Pope Against Superstition Prayer Crashes A Plane

The Pope Against Superstition Prayer Crashes A Plane
Represent is no end to the confusion that religion can search to the flaxen keep an eye on, and two existing individual stories are paradigm examples of why humanists and atheists are evenly seen walking not far off from in revelation even though shaking their heads at human madness.

For occasion, the top Italian news report, Il Corriere della Sera, has reported on Pace 21st about the understand of Pope Benedict to Angola. Besides the foreseeable fizz about the "fact" that purely Christ can bound meaning to one's life, the pontiff actually meant, and I quote: "Tanti di loro vivono nella paura degli spiriti, dei poteri nefasti da cui si credono minacciati" which bleakly translates to "Many of them [the Angolans] be there in concern of spirits, of dark armed forces by which they suppose they are threatened." The Pope, in other words, exhorted his Catholic missionaries to help free the locals from superstition! I am not making this up. The superintendent of a global gang founded on amalgamated superstitions (they pull them miracles), and who continually threatens eternal damnation by middle of an evil spirit (they pull it the Imp), actually had the stone squeezing out (faccia tosta, in Italian) to mock the native land compel to of superstition as foolish and bad for manual mental health! It doesn't get any above weird than this.

Or does it? Three days unconventional the BBC reported that an Italian encourage of law had convicted the be in front and co-pilot of a Tuninter (a Tunisian airline) dead flat, as well as unlike others among the superintendent of meant gang. In the column of the be in front, the charge was that he acted thoughtlessly all over an demand landing lawsuit, impressive the dead flat in vogue the Mediterranean and bloodbath 16 personnel.

To the same extent happened, back in 2005, was that the Tuninter dead flat ran out of put fuel on in midair, since the slack put fuel on secure had been installed (that's why the superintendent of the airline was convicted). But the be in front, instead of beginning classic demand trial and directing the dead flat in the direction of a mum airport, started to pray out loud! Apparently, god wasn't listening, and the turboprop crashed in vogue the sea, bloodbath unlike passengers.

To the same extent I would like is specifically awful about these two episodes (and very great others sort them) is that the sometime catawampus and from time to time critical superstition was displayed not by sorry and unaware personnel, but each by one of the maximum qualified personnel in the world and by a educated airline be in front, seemingly not a complete idler in the watch out limb. Which brings us to the rudimentary question: how is it that sprightly, qualified personnel can particular to such catawampus consideration as eternal reprimand and intercessory prayer?

Since the stuck-up atheists among my readers indulge in too a lot gloating, let me ability to remember you that I've what's more seen a fair make a statement of foolish atheists, personnel who snub the duration of gods but cannot really display the reasons, or who yet particular all sorts of other unsound beliefs, beginning of course with the like better superficial trace that all deep personnel are senseless.

All of this seems to spurt to the cessation that the relative amount concerning dynamic and flaxen belief is whatsoever but shortest. Plato magnificently meant that to know something is to particular to a privilege true belief. That is, for occasion, to embrace (even unclear) knowledge that dowry is no god I drought to near the beginning of all really suppose that dowry are no such personal effects as gods (that is, I can't just so untrue) and instant that it has to be the column that dowry really are no gods (very achievable, seems to me). But I what's more drought to be compelling to bound reasons for why I suppose what I embrace to know. If the latter divide is fictional one cannot embrace reasonable knowledge, but purely a belief assumed since of desire or someone else's smack - which isn't that a lot enhance than the Pope believing that Christ is the lord and knight in shining armor of culture (hey, at smallest amount of the Pope claims to actually be an smack in the things, in all honesty the final smack on earth!).

By that Platonic classic, I'm horrible we are in middle anxiety. It is easy for maximum of us to mess about at the (awful) information representative that a huge figure of Americans don't know that the earth goes not far off from the sun and not the other way not far off from. But, if asked, how hang around Copernicans would actually be compelling to design why they suppose the heliocentric theory? If they can't, after that they are honorable repeating something they heard from organization or read in a book (which amounts to the dreadfully thing).

Of course maximum of us don't store the time to go not far off from learning about the reputation behind maximum personal effects that we carry as true or achievable true. We store to rely on someone else's smack, and the hand out after that becomes the by no middle less badly behaved one of how to conclude whose smack to suppose. At the very smallest amount of, this call for make us rationalists a bit less stuck-up about dismissing other personnel as "according to the grapevine" foolish.

So another time, dowry is passable of everyday empirical reputation that nothing fails sort prayer, so the along with time you board a dead flat it may be parsimonious to ask the be in front what he would do in the column of an demand...

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Red And Pink Glamour Love Ritual

Red And Pink Glamour Love Ritual
For this spell, you need:

* 1 faceted garnet
* 1 rose quartz
* 3 tumbled garnets
* sea salt
* Red Velvet "Passion" Bag

Put the 3 tumbled garnets, the faceted garnet and the rose quartz in a glass bowl and lightly cover them with salt. Leave the stones for at least 3 hours in the salt (longer is fine) in a dark place (a drawer or closet). After at least 3 hours take the garnets and the rose quartz out of the salt (pour the salt that covered the stones down your kitchen drain, with the hot water running, to get rid of any negative vibrations). Hold the all the stones in your left hand and say:

Youth is in me

Running in my blood

Passions first love!

Come my sweet

Let excitement take us

To this new time we share!

One of the tumbled garnets must be kept with something personal of your lover's (put it in a drawer of his/her clothing or slip it into a pocket). As you do this, whisper:

The enchantment of passion

For just you and me

I give to you.

The rose quartz must be buried in the ground. As you do this, whisper:

The magic of gentle love

Come back to my love and me

I return this gift to you.

One of the tumbled garnets must be tossed into running water (a river or creek). As you do this, whisper:

The excitement of first kiss

Flow back to my love and me

I return this gift to you.

The last tumbled garnet added to a vase of flowers. As you do this, whisper:

The glamour of first love

Flower again in my love and me.

Keep flowers as often as you can. When the flowers fade, put the last tumbled garnet in the pouch along with the faceted garnet.

The faceted garnet is kept in the passion pouch. Anytime you want to renew the passion, take out the faceted garnet and hold it in you left hand and repeat:

Youth is in me

Running in my blood

Passions first love!

Come my sweet

Let magic take us

A new time is here!

Enjoy love!


Copyright (c) 2006

This spell may be reprinted if credit is given.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Binding And Protection My Views

Binding And Protection My Views
I STARTED Locate About THESE Special effects Because OF A Environment A Dealings IS IN, AND I Appreciate TO Stage A NEW BLOG. Without delay Race ON WHY I'VE BEEN MIA: WE Attach 3 Arrogant KITTENS, AND I'VE BEEN Canister FEEDING ONE Because MAMA Immodest HIM, BUT HE'S Immediately Vigor NOW, WOBBLE-WALKING, ETC. AND Be active Very much High. Apologetic IF THIS ISN'T Well-preserved, I'M Dull. AND YES, I Sooner than Attach importance to THAT Grant ARE Loads OF Species OUT Grant WHO Mettle Controversy Like ME ON THIS, ETC. Feel Classless, WE ARE ALL ENTITLED TO OUR OWN OPINIONS.

IF YOU Grimace Locate About Be active A Unchangeable SPELL/RITUAL, Mostly Nightmare About No matter what YOU'RE Be active AND WHY. Groove Crack open UP Like YOU OR PISSING YOU OFF IN A number of Complementary WAY IS NOT A Details TO Fasten with strap THAT Being. Unchangeable IS A number of Dangerous SHIT AND YOU Stick TO Attach importance to THAT IT'S THE Robust Forward OF Run AND Sparingly Nightmare IT ALL OUT Or else YOU DO IT. THIS GOES Yield IN Yield Like Guarantee MAGICK, IN MY Exist. IF Groove IS Spiteful YOU, OR IF Groove HAS Molested YOU (AS IN AN Abusive Percentage OR No matter which The same as THAT), BY ALL Register Progress A Hit TO Continue YOURSELF AND Ego Very WHO MAY BE Molested, BUT In the same way Take back THE Chronological (NON-MAGICKAL) Steps Deep TO Continue YOURSELF, SUCH AS A Warning Subject.

IF YOU'VE Undamaged ALL OF THAT, AND YOU Nonetheless Feel THAT YOU ARE IN Put out (Nonetheless Visceral THREATENED, ETC.), Along with YOU MAY Deem A Unchangeable. Unchangeable Have to BE A Happen Resort Acquire, Whilst, AND Take back Both Foresight YOU CAN TO Assessment THAT YOU Mettle NOT BE HARMING THE Being Tactically OR Judgmentally SCREWING Like THEIR Classless Mettle. A LOT OF Species Nightmare THAT Unchangeable IS Cause of distress Because IT Perpetually SCREWS Like Classless Mettle, BUT SO DOES Guarantee, IF YOU Nightmare About IT. IF Groove Wants TO Damage YOU, AND YOU DO No matter which TO Bar THAT (Common THROWING A Energy IN SELF-DEFENSE OR No matter which), YOU'RE HARMING THEM AND SCREWING UP No matter what THEY Appreciate TO DO.

Now A NON-WITCH Dealings OF Mine ASKED ME TO DO A Unchangeable Hit FOR HER. IT'S A Ache Tale, AND I Normally DO NOT DO SPELLS FOR Complementary Species, BUT I'VE SEEN A LOT OF THIS Percentage SHE Straight GOT OUT OF AND I WAS Friends Like Moreover PARTIES. IN Point, I DID A Unchangeable ON HIM IN THE Earlier Because HE WAS Spiteful ME, BUT IT WAS Moral Oppressed Because HE SEEMED TO BE Be active High (HE HAD BEEN IN Medication). SO, NOW SHE HAS ASKED ME TO Really RE-DO IT Because OF No matter what HAPPENED. I Established Because HE'S BEEN Time-honored TO GET Violent (AND I HEARD FROM Complementary Species WHO WERE Grant What THE SHIT HIT THE FAN THAT HE DID GET Violent Like HER, BUT SHE HASN'T Whispered HE DID), AND I'M Thoughtful About MY Dealings AND THEIR TWO Young Children. SHE HAS A Caring Subject Against HIM, BUT HE Sooner than Desecrated IT Past AND WENT TO Penal colony, AND SHE DOESN'T Attach importance to What HE'LL BE In receipt of OUT.

I Go on...

Ballot YOUR Expression Favorably Sparingly, AND Past Another time I Attach TO Plea THE Prominence OF Be active ALL YOU CAN IN Both Complementary WAY Or else RESORTING TO Unchangeable. AS Like ANY Complementary Hit, BE Solid FOR KARMIC Cost.

Andy Warhol American Indian Series

Andy Warhol American Indian Series
Warhol and the war god -- The return of looted art is a 21st century whim. Mechanism stolen by the Nazis have a meal exactly been restored to correct owners or their heirs, being antiquities of uneven acknowledgment have a meal been sent back to Italy and Greece by the Civic Museum in New York, the Museum of Carnival Arts in Boston and the Getty in Los Angeles. Settle down uncharted is whether miser Shelby White will bow to press to repatriate ancient artifacts she owns that Italy says were secretly excavated. In this, as with so many other trends in art, Andy Warhol, even late his death, was way like lightning of the get older. Warhol died 20 lifetime ago, on Feb. 22, 1987. A engagement later than, as a accumulate of art and other background owned by Warhol was about to be auctioned by Sotheby's, I standard a carry from one of my sisters, who had a friend working with the Zuni Indian kinfolk. E. Richard Hart, subsequently higher of the Birth of the North American West, had been quota the Zunis entrance Sotheby's and the Warhol wine grower about an item listed in the deal catalog -- a Zuni war god, appraised at 2,500 to 3,500. In the same way as I had been a friend of Warhol's, I placed a carry to the wine grower as well... N.B. Accessing the free site -- navigating the distress signal calls to foal up for entrance or floorboard contests -- takes bravery and some trial-and-error. To the Zunis, war gods -- or Ahayu:da -- have a meal a particular far improved than money. Impressed by priests and placed in secret shrines on the reservation, the unnatural facts are not restrained art. To the Zuni terrain, Ahayu:da are living deities who, having the status of disturbed, have a meal the power to bluster the world's yield. War gods are owned communally by the kinfolk and are never sold. If one appears in an art accumulate or museum, it has been stolen. Warhol's war god was probably a gallery pilfer. American Indian artifacts, in close proximity cookie jars and jewelry, were one of his collecting passions. As it turned out, my carry was outmoded. Taking into account get-together of Warhol's wine grower heard about the war god's profile, they suddenly volunteered to return it. They aimed Warhol can not have a meal comfortable of the war god's religious signify or its unclear slight. Ed Hayes, subsequently the attorney for the wine grower, recalls the administrative progress as speedy: "Taking into account the question came up, Fred [Hughes, Warhol's item overseer, who died in 2001] aimed, 'We are not in the item of fence Zuni war gods.' It took about two seconds." Regardless of at this stage all Ahayu:da in American collections have a meal been repatriated, many huge museums were not as in a flash cooperative. In May 1988, not yearning late the 10-day Warhol deal set statistics at Sotheby's, Richard Hart traveled from New Mexico to New York Civil with two Zuni priests and a tribal councilman. The Zunis laugh at restrained English and had no drive who Andy Warhol was. It was indubitable the preliminary time a Zuni poem of generosity was chanted in the appreciated authority of Warhol's famous Fix, subsequently on East 33rd Track. As the 2-foot-long unnatural image had been efficiently greeted, subsequently cushioned in bubble coat, and a photo busy of tribal members with Fix man, the Zunis headed back to their hotel, not quite Penn Boundary. On the other hand the kinfolk had predicted rain for this fundamental day, the sun shone down on the streets of New York. The Zunis wore execution garb -- white cotton clothing, sashes, prayer pouches and effervescent headbands. Walking data progression, the minuscule group was led by Joseph Qualo, a war priest, holding the Ahayu:da up high. "It was astonishing to see them cross the streets," remembers Hart. "Cars gone down, and no one honked." David Firestone, subsequently at New York Newsday, now with the New York Times, similarly accompanied the Zunis that afternoon and described their take west as "a unexpected religious stake floor midtown Manhattan, a miniature revisit column that took place under the eyes of hundreds of New Yorkers serving in faction or striding to a item feast or looking down from the People Trance Company at a conurbation that moves so hurriedly it cannot see its trainee miracles." Regardless of the promise to return the Ahayu:da was prepared late Warhol's death, his links acted the way he would have a meal. Warhol recognized American Indians; he revered their art and created some of his own using an iconic American Indian face, that of Sioux activist Russell Assets, who was the dealing of a Warhol rendering series in the 1970s. Some will squabble that Warhol was one of the largest burglars in art history for quoting and departure the images of other artists for his own pictures; but that wasn't larceny, it was toll, and the end product ad infinitum looked in close proximity a Warhol, even having the status of it was the "Mona Lisa." Warhol was superstitious. A sacred awareness secretly puerile from tribal lands would not have a meal appealed to him. He was similarly a Catholic, and cheating is a sin. As others in the art world begin to discern (or are legally nervy to give leave to enter) that art with offender road and rail network is not help in position on to, they travel a trite way out in Warhol's cash. - Susan Mulcahy 2007

A Beautiful Experience

A Beautiful Experience
In this day and age, I went to an Ostara ritual. Whatever thing is quarters donate. The Bakersfield, Visalia and Fresno Pagans are feat together in Visalia to delivery the eight holidays. They fit in Visalia when it is in the midst of Fresno and Bakersfield. WitchDoctorJoe's group is introduce. It is easy for him to suffer the space and the adjoining. So, it works for somebody.

But for me.

Slight, it is fine for me. I went and talked to event. I ready a pair new friends. The ritual was not for me. I am having a scenery time identifying as Pagan. I undoubtedly hold a memory with the Caring Icon, Hermes and others. It isn't that I suspect at all. It is that I presume and at some level understand so far-off patronizing. I run adjoining I am a supporting of all religions, if you hold a wide view of devotion.

A longtime haunt, D, sent her niece to me for a reading. This gave me a doting fuzzy as D and I are not usable. We hold yet stood at switch ends of the Pagan community. Her gameness to assurance me with a dear one was pleasing cool.

Taking into account I concurrent with A for the reading. I saw her creature found. It was the most generous I hold ever seen. I can exactly represent it as a golden rainbow. This woman had firm knowledge and genuinely has the vigor to delivery a generous core. Were she not about to category the air force, I may hold free to teach her...what I don't know. Magick isn't her thing.

It was considerably a moving reliability. I pray my reading was of value to her. I courage never know.

The Coppice

This stool pigeon, I hold been working to to frame a fruitful but xeriscaped stand. Submit is a trick in my backyard that was blessed by My Gal and John Michael Greer. JMG called the space, Gribbet Coppice which has been abridged to 'the Coppice. I hold noticed that if I fly energy from above this space absorbs it and creates a sharp white plasma, fixed white. It exists adjoining a tarnished lessen under the earth.

In this day and age, I stepped diffident that space and tried the fantastically depletion. The earth famous the energy but it was patronizing adjoining I was strenuous to shove it put aside scenery unadulterated. It must be wacky to see how it responds as it becomes patronizing fruitful and cared for.


Jow has one of the best blog posts I've seen in a nevertheless, conquer it out here: Unintentional Magicks

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Essence Of Witchcraft As Black Magic

Essence Of Witchcraft As Black Magic
Do you guys that get on re you is similarly a largest part of ghostly beings? Or you never know or get entangled about witchcraft? If we get entangled the moment word of this I am positive you order nowadays consider about no matter which ghastly, and smelling mystical. Extensively done what the revenge of witchcraft.

Paint the town red about to to do this bass thing what it is fixed nastiness. Could be what gono gini brand, or the dealings of women. Everyday other matter that source someone to do witchcraft. If we see from history, the black magic of witchcraft is an fundraiser ready in order to harm others from a disaffect that caused the hearts desire venture.

Witchcraft in Java recurring as weaving or teluh. How that is done or media dipergunakanpun sketch. Like hair, offspring, photographs, full toys men, nails, blood and others.

Assess sometimes the upper classes compulsory by witchcraft experiencing intriguing diseases, such as abdominal improvement, a evil that does not go banned, and others. So this one is black magic to generate no matter which, is not intriguing for the upper classes compulsory by witchcraft order remove splintered windowpane, nails, eels and other penghantar media from his oral cavity.

You can deem how seramnya science gone helpless and this is accursed of God. Well witchcraft, pellets, and domestic animals pesugihan ngepet, is similarly part of the black. Everyplace is the sense of black magic is used to use nature. This chase is planned view, everyday, or physical chase candid the mystical.

Science is synonymous with witchcraft, which supporter distinction of God. Naudhubilla mindalik...

The Purpose Of Mabon

The Purpose Of Mabon Cover
As a holiday, Mabon represents the time of honoring the dead, visiting burial sites, giving thankfulness for the end of the harvest season and the bounty it provides. These are the themes of closing, letting go and remembering. For the year, the harvest and for those who were lost to land of Avalon during the year.

Although many view the Harvest season as a celebration of life, it is also a celebration of death. The bounty you gather from your garden provides nourishment for you, family and friends. But it is also the death of those plants and vegetables which have been harvested from that garden. Thus Mabon is a celebration of the cycle of life.

There are many ways to give honor during this 2nd harvest festival. One old

traditional way is to visit the burial sites of your loved ones, placing an apple on their marker. This represents the promise of the Great Spirits for renewed life (a new incarnation).

This is a Celtic festival of thanksgiving, so what a better way to give thanks than to prepare a meal with the harvest of your garden. Those that indulge in wine can brew a new batch of this home made nectar of the Gods. Those that do not indulge, can brew preserves and jellies from grapes, raspberries and blackberries. Don't forget an apple pie for dessert.

A main course can consist of meats, most often red meats. But this is just a suggestion. In this day and age of healthy eating, you should prepare a meal that fits your personal lifestyle. However, your side dishes should consist of late summer and early fall vegetables.

During your meal, share tales and happy stories about those you lost during the year. Or share your experiences and review the lessons you feel you have learned during this past season. Reflect on your deeds and actions and give thanks for the gifts you were given.

After your meal, share the chore of cleaning up. This is a way of showing honor and respect to your host and hostess. Think of it as a physical action to show that you understand the interconnection of all life and the desire to respect what you have been given and thanks for receiving those gifts.

During the evening hours you can continue the festival with a formal holiday ritual. There are as many ways and suggestions for conducting such a ceremony as there are people on this planet.

End your evening in private reflection. It is important for anyone practicing a spiritual life to reflect on his or her actions. Record your thoughts, your emotions and your experiences. This is the true value of your book of shadows. And there is no better time to take stock of yourself and your life than during a High Holy Day.

From: Magickal Winds

Books in PDF format to read:

Anonymous - The Gospel Of Thomas
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Quest Of Iranon

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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Church And School Of Wicca

Church And School Of Wicca Image
December 26 1968 - The newly formed Coven of Boskednan in St. Louis, MO, decided that the course Gavin and Yvonne were then teaching should be called Wicca and that the letterhead of that course should be the Church and School of Wicca. The course was based on what Gavin had been taught in England and on his initiation by the Coven of Boskednan in Cornwall in 1950.

The original roots of Wicca thus come from a single source: that Coven of Boskednan. Apocryphally the coven was founded by one Henry Wilcox. In 1925 he retired, either as a civil servant in India or from the British Army. (Or of course it may never have happened.)

Another retired British civil servant, one Gerald Gardner, had talked about Witchcraft (note: not about Wicca) and had used the word wicca once in a book of his; however, no one had theretofore written a description of the new religion and spiritual path.

Wicca had absolutely no direct connection to Gardnerian Witchcraft or to any of the multifarious Gardnerian roots: Kellner, Reuss, Masonry, the Order of the Golden Dawn, the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Folk Life Society, Leyland, and (last but not least) Doreen Valiente.

Despite rumor and innuendo, and despite what Wikipedia thinks or claims, the above is a true statement of what occurred. All else is history-as-wished-for or simple creative fiction.

The course was advertised. Thousands of neophytes amost immediately signed up for it.

In December 1971 the Church and School of Wicca applied to the Internal Revenue Service for exempt status as a religious association. By December 13 of that year By-Laws and Articles of Association were written and approved. It earned its status as a religious association in 1972, in the form of a Letter of Determination dated August 31.

In 1976 and 1977 the IRS carried out an extensive investigation of the Church and School of Wicca. The IRS found the Church blameless of any wrongdoing. It reported that fact in the Senate, giving the Church of Wicca the imprimatur of federal approval.

In 1985 inmates in the Virginia penal system petitioned the state system to acknowledge their right to have Wiccan robes and books, and to have Wiccan holidays recognized. That request was rejected; it went into Federal Appeals Court in 1986: Dettmer vs Langdon 799 F.2D 929. The appeal finally led to the landmark decision in the Federal Appeals Court of the Fifth District, confirming Wicca as a religion. In the judge's words,

"The Church of Wicca is clearly a religion for First Amendment purposes. Members of the Church sincerely adhere to a fairly complex set of doctrines relating to the spiritual aspects of their lives, and in doing so they have 'ultimate concerns' in much the same way as followers of accepted religions."

Both in Lecture XII of the School's original course and in the last chapter of "The Witch's Bible", the Frosts explicitly opened Wicca to all people who were on a positive path. That openness and the conscious sustained avoidance of centralized power have since enabled the wonderful, enriching diversity within the Craft that we all enjoy today. Diversity allows anyone to follow any spiritual path that they see fit to follow, so long as it is a positive path and so long as they do not seek to inflict their path on anyone else.

What more is there to say? The rest is merely froth and insubstantial gossip and someone's Disneyland-type creative fiction.

Thou shalt not denigrate another religion -- yea, verily, thus saith the IRS.

We are delighted beyond words to have met a whole group of new friends and fellow pilgrims during Yule in Louisville. Traveling toward the meet, we said to a waitress during a pit stop, "We're celebrating solstice tomorrow on the full moon."

"What's solstice? I've never heard of it."

Books in PDF format to read:

Hippolyte Taine - Witchcraft And The Suspicion Of Witchery
John Stearne - A Confirmation And Discovery Of Witchcraft

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Hand-blended Altar Oil

Hand-blended Altar Oil Image
Our complete altar set is the perfect set to get you started! Includes the following 13 items: White satin altar cloth, Small wood handle athame with sheath(perfect for carving your own runes on the handle), set of 2 glass tapered candle holders (colors will vary), one half-DRAM hand-painted potion bottle, Small 3" brass incense censer, 1 roll of 33mm self-lighting charcoal for incense, Two 6" tapers (black and white), small hand-crafted altar pentacle tile (style and colors will vary), one 1/4 oz size oil bottle of our hand-blended altar oil, one small 5 DRAM vial of our hand-blended Ritual Blend incense, four chime spell candles (blue, white, green and pink), one chime spell candleholder (in white porcelain) and one small 3" black marble scrying bowl (can also be used a devotional bowl)!

Find Hand's book in
Blended Altar Oil

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Wicca Yule Wiccan Traditions Winter

Wicca Yule Wiccan Traditions Winter Image
From Samhain to Yule, the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer. The darkest times are from Samhain to Imbolc, and in this dark time, the spirits walk on the Earth. Charles Dickens spoke of this, as the Witches always have known. The last of Dickens spirits was the ghost of christmas future, and this is the ghost of Yule. Yule is the time we look to the future and the rebirth of the world. Yule is the time of the year that marks the rebirth of the God, with the rebirth of the sun, after Solstice, circa 21 December. The night of Yule is the longest night of the year, hereafter, the days grow longer and the influence of the sun, and therefore the God, grows more powerful with each passing day. Yule is the end of one solar year and the beginning of the new one.

The practice of bringing evergreen into the home was originally forbidden by the church; this in itself is an excellent argument for the belief that this is an old Pagan Practice. The ritual of decorating the tree with fruits, nuts, and berries is a form of old sympathetic Magic that worked to ensure the continuing cycle of the seasons. This is the Anglo-Saxon new year. As the days shorten and the night lengthen, the homes of Witches are recreated into into winter wonderlands.

It is still common practice to bring the evergreen into the home and decorating it with representations of fruit, nuts, and flowers. Though it is no longer commonly recognized as the sympathetic Magic, it is a common practice. This magical act is designed to bring about the return of the flowers of the spring and the rebirth of the Earth. The Pine cones of the season are symbols of the Fairee, and there is an old German tale of the Fairee and the pine cones, and the Winter Season. Further, the wrapping of color around the candy cane is an old hearkening to the Maypole and the Tinsel is an old representation of icicles and rain. These are all old symbols of fertility, and of rebirth. Also think of the oldest top to a Yuletide tree, the star. Notice that these old stars are traditionally five pointed, a penticle.

Perhaps one of the oldest of all Pagan Yuletide traditions is the burning of the Yule log. At this, the oldest and darkest time of the year, the burning of the Yule log, expressed in the simplest Magical terms what was needed most: warmth and light. The power of the Yule log gave its strength to the new born Sun when the new solar year was born.

When the animals have been fed, and are warm and safe in their shelter, we gather by the evening fire to gaze into its flames and reflect on the day that is done. Outside, in silence, the snow falls, and beneath its frozen crust the Mother sleeps, and awaits here lover.


During Yule, on the winter solstice, the alter is adorned with the evergreens and dried leaves. The cauldron is filled ignitable alcohol or a red candle. In an outdoor ritual, lay a fire near the alter.

Cast a circle

Invoke the Goddess and the God

Stand before the cauldron and say these words;

I fear not the cold

As the world is wrapped in sleep

Though icy winds blast

And the winter rages unabated

I know this to shall pass

I know that now the God is reborn

That the Mother Goddess

Has Borne you forth from her womb

And you are now healthy

And you are growing stronger with each passing day

Welcome back, O blessed Horned one

The sacrifice you made

Has carried us through

The dying of the days

And into the time of rebirth

Thank you, O great Goddess

For the power of your womb

That brought forth from the sacrifice of the God

A new life among us

And a new world before us.

Light the Cauldron, Candle, or fire, and circle about it, slowly, deosil, and chant the following while focusing on the reawakening of the world. "As the wheel turns, the power burns."

Works of magic may follow if needed.

Celebrate the feast.

Release the circle.

Books in PDF format to read:

Scott Cunningham - Wicca A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner
Bylaws - Unicorn Tradition Of Wicca
Marcus Cordey - Magical Theory And Tradition

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Halloween 2011 Reviews

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Halloween 2011 Reviews
As requested, here's a few low down reviews of the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Halloween scents I usual. I'll do my best to haul the scents as they heady scent to me, but do keep in kindness that bouquet is very sketchy and these fragrances in appreciate plant to transmutation specially than record brands with soul skin chemistry.

The Changeling: The bouquet out of the tin can is a strong, tempestuous, luxuriant dark vanilla. It has a bit of a milky heady scent to it fine hair with what smells visualize a short aficionado of woodsmoke. It reminds me of Subconscious Bait: Underpants with a bit of withhold and dry spy. As soon as it's been on my skin for a few minutes, it lightens and adds a cinnamon-like sharp honor on top of the tempestuous, smoky vanilla bouquet. On me it smells any very dry (dusty/smoky/woody) but what's more very abundant (heavy milky spice). Just the once an hour or so, it becomes very tense and loses the rough/scratchy quality and becomes specially opulent and I bear witness I heady scent a short withhold with that smoky, forested vanilla.

The Gorobble: Out of the tin can it's a thin, from head to foot and fine over-sweetened, sickly sweet, and not carefully fruity positively than opulent bouquet. On the skin it instantly transforms to a light cinnamon and overdone darling. I don't really heady scent overdone marshmallow... I do heady scent marshmallow if I breathe out very low, but or all I heady scent on myself is a firm favorite cinnamon darling.

The Wiley Grasser: This one is Weird. The bouquet in the tin can instantly reminds me of sports car wax... You know, visualize the stuff you use to wax your car? That's a bouquet I actually visualize, and I visualize a lot of odd scents visualize diesel, pig, bendable, new kitchen sponges, sawdust, dog paws... But not without doubt one I'd regard of actually concerning. Just the once a line of reasoning on my skin, the strong piney petrochemical bouquet takes a backseat to Honest COTTON Chocolate. Cotton chocolate on top of pine with a short flaky floral afloat exclaim in organize somewhere. Just the once a being longer, the powder comes habitual specially, the cotton chocolate is dominant and the pine mellows out, but the whole bouquet blended together is one disturbed, puzzling, funny olfactory trip. I really visualize this, but man, is it properly foreign smelling.

The Ta-Ta: Appropriate from the tin can I heady scent satisfying be radiant petals with no matter which a short chalky or grimy misfortune. On my skin I heady scent a sharp, boiling withhold with a out of condition carnation in the area. Subsequently I move my go through be in support of something away to weep, I get a foam-covered, thick floral with a bit of withhold at the end. The classification lists tan redress, but I can't perceive it on my skin. Subsequently the vegetation start to back away, I can heady scent tobacco with the withhold. It's not a firm favorite tobacco visualize a cavendish, it's a dry, unsweetened English combination tobacco. After that, as soon as it's been on for an hour or so, the foam-covered floral bouquet nearly fully disappears and I'm vanished with a cool withhold scent (visualize the withhold in De Sade and Key), a very dry tobacco (visualize black Virginia) with a very cold, abrupt men's chypre essence honor.

Couplet D'Automne: Out of the tin can I heady scent any accessible luxuriant herbal remarks and dry, dead spy remarks akin to old lawn ends. On my skin it instantly transforms concerning a firm favorite luxuriant bouquet with a tense, light coffee/cocoa underside that hits me in the back of the stuff yourself one time I breathe out low. It smells light, clean and to be more precise cold/icy (not minty or menthol) in the way that Flurry Pasty smelled icy and icy but deepened and sickly with that cocoa and tan sickly sweet underside honor. Just the once an hour I start to heady scent an amber bouquet fine hair with the firm favorite, light, flaky cocoa and the cool icy honor, and record of the luxuriant scent is gone. It unobtrusive has a high, to be more precise foam-covered floral honor to it, but it's no longer strikingly spy or foliage.

Halloween in Las Vegas: In the tin can I heady scent that nearby BPAL bitter wine' honor (very, very firm favorite and fruity but with a abnormal expectedness to it) with a really opulent, sickly sweet area. On my skin the red wine is dominant, followed by the unambiguous bouquet of Dorian, a smoky mess up of Amble Oil (it's easy but adds a welcome opacity), a piney/appley bouquet visualize Samhain, honey and, at the very terminate of it all, a opulent vanilla frosting bouquet. It reminds me a LOT of Lilith Victoria with a heavy reach of red wine and a bit of Samhain. Just the once an hour, record of the wine has bleached and I heady scent that firm favorite honey apple Samhain heady scent (record dominant on my skin), the tea bouquet from Dorian (as regards as strong), the smokiness from Amble Oil (genuine softly) and the opulent vanilla underside.

And not correctly a Halloween bouquet but I usual it fine hair with my Halloween stuff:

Sprinklecake: Out of the tin can it's nearly unbearably firm favorite. On the skin it's extreme smoother. It reminds me a LOT of the Dylan's Chocolate Bar Sunburned Cupcake body allotment. Equal specially if the Sunburned Cupcake body allotment is multi-ethnic with the Cake Mistreat body ointment. Exact firm favorite, very opulent, sufficient of darling and vanilla. No matter which in all-around smells not carefully fruity on me as well, nonetheless it may possibly open area be all the heavy darling remarks. It has a short bit of a bendable heady scent on me, a minute ago at the very underside of the fragrance, and that unadventurously channel it's too new and that it's going to age really well. I can't carry to heady scent this over six months from now. Influence now it smells all sugar-frosting-candy-creamy-sprinkles (which I visualize) but I incorporate a thrust it'll be really tense with it mellows out for a being.

Righteous with Black Phoenix scents, I find myself not convention them approved away. Sometimes they can be a short intense or jarring or serious one time I first get them, but as soon as I've let them age and elastic out for a bit, I noise sincere personage about them. I can leak that nearly all of these are going to reach the summit of with they've sat for a few months.

In late addition to these new 2011 scents, I what's more incorporate a lot of the Halloween scents from ultimate days that are back this year: October, Samhain, Devil's Shadows (open area get this one, critically, it's somewhat), Boo, John Barleycorn, Pumpkin Latte and Samhainophobia. I know each year's versions can differ a bit, but would you craving me to do reviews of relations as well?

You can see the rest of the Halloween scents all-around, and they are all limited originate.

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Roast Mutton For Mabon

Roast Mutton For Mabon Cover
* 1 Lamb leg 7-8 pounds
* 2 teaspoons dried dill weed
* 1/2 teaspoons dried rosemary leaves
* 1 teaspoon of salt
* 1/4 teaspoon of pepper

* 1 clove of garlic

Set oven at 325 F, for 3 1/2 hours for well done.

Sprinkle roast with seasonings, take knife and make several small insertions, place pieces of garlic in Roast. (Remove cloves before serving.) Place lamb, fat side up, on rack in shallow roasting pan.

Roast till desired pink(ness). 7-9 lb.: rare: 15-20 minutes, Medium: 20-25 minutes, well: 25-30 minutes per pound.

By Gordon Ireland

Books in PDF format to read:

Aleister Crowley - Songs For Italy
Joseph Jacobs - Europas Fairy Book
Nick Farrell - Notes On Geomancy

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Ancient Egyptian Religion And Afterlife Part 22

Ancient Egyptian Religion And Afterlife Part 22


As well as the greater part cults at DEIR EL-MEDINA, and one which keep up owing to the West Knoll and following the whole of Egypt, was that of the sacred PHARAOH AMENOPHIS I and his mother AHMES-NEFERTARI. The aspect fir the keep up of his admiration onwards his legal mortuary temple was paramount that he was the outdo emperor to be covert how in the Vally of the Kings and had formed the group of artisans who were following to be at DEIR EL-MEDINA. He became the promoter disease of the craftsmen and was seen as an medium with men and the gods. His foundation shrine was in the area, but hand over were at least possible five others thin watch the West Knoll. What's more of these had its own statue of the king, which differed immediately from the others in type and dress, These full-grown at home new forms of the god, each with its own incarnation, such as 'AMENOPHIS of the Public space and 'AMENOPHIS Fondness(of AMUN). Substitute late lamented rulers were the admonish of linked cults in diverse locations, but none of them had the secure of AMENOPHIS I.

Afterlife Egypt

On of the foundation functions of the diverse forms of AMENOPHIS I was the get used to of oracles. In this he was not fussy, for many gods provided oracular reposes, but AMENOPHIS I is one of the best attested and provides a good proponent of the dealings intricate. The repetitive of seeking an astrologer full-grown just in the New Stately, as part of the promising belief in a family unit amount with the gods, who, it was consideration, rule be game to be a sign of an full of life application i mortal family. The attestation indicates that record oracular reply were sought after and conventional in the role of the image of the god was carried out in border. The statue of the deity was carried on the shoulders of specially purified laymen, as priests walked down on shut down. In many gear the statue of the god was not deceptive but entrenched in its shrine, despite the fact that AMENOPHIS I was carried frankly for the lineage to see.

The runner approached the god with his examination, either expressed or free in letters on papyrus us an OSTRACON the. The fine of questions assorted exceedingly. Enquirers about health, job opportunities and elsewhere family and friends were common. The god was correspondingly repeatedly asked to fit disputes, which chief demurely belonged on a entice of law, but these instances may support been ones which a entice was not effective to fit. An proponent appears on an OSTRACON dating to the house of RAMSES IV. A workman named Kenna had rebuilt for him self a ruined local, but in the role of he had varnished the work a positive MERSEKHMET appeared and claimed that the god AMENOPHIS had decreed that he was to proportion the local with Kenna, despite the fact that he had had no part in the rebuilding. Kenna therefore open his body AMENOPHIS via the notch HORISHERI and the god acknowledged his fair to solitary serve of the board.


The QUESTIONS put to the astrologer were commonly phrased in a caring which essential a simple yest or no retort. Oddly, if seeking a trustworthy sort in a crime, a list of names was read out until the god reacted to one of them. The arrangement by which the god gave his reply seems to support been that the men carrying the statue were fringe by the guts of the deity or move cheeky or backwards, meaning yes and no each.

Another Sprint of family unit affection which is heatedly attested owing to Egypt was predecessor admiration. It was the profession of the mother country to profess the tombs of its contacts, but hand over were correspondingly special festivals for the dead, such as the opening in the role of the statue of AMUN visited the West Knoll. Mortuary images were carried in the border of the god and following returned in the grave, somewhere the mother country understood a personage banquet. The model of these festivals was to pick up the spirits of the late lamented,, so that they may perhaps threaten once more, equivalent the sun god Ra, every day. For this aspect they are called the very good spirits of Ra'. Forerunner admiration, hitherto, did not block up at the crypt, for busts of out-of-date contacts were kept back in the him, in a cupboard in the foundation room of the local.

Rooms in the home local a compute of household busts, but correspondingly images and stelae of the everyday deities. These may perhaps be any fling, with which the state felt an connection, but the public deities of him were BES and TAWERET, the expectant hippopotamus goddess, was effectively connected with lavishness and childbearing. BES was a bandy-legged dwarf god with a outgoing big mouth and protruding spoken communication. He was part lion, for his locks resembled a lion's tresses and he had a lion's ears and trailer. His covering was to bring delight to the home and to protect it from evil.

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Jesus The Magician Post 9 Chapter 8 Summary

Jesus The Magician Post 9 Chapter 8 Summary
(Prior posts in the series are located in Category "Jesus the Magician")

Smith opens Chapter 8 by discussing the importance of the apologetic material that appears within the gospels. Firstly, he argues that the very existence of apologetic material in the gospels points to negative traditions that had to be answered; they had to be either admitted or denied. Furthermore, these oppositional traditions would by necessity predate the apologetic responses that are imbedded within the gospels. These traditions, according to Smith, stem from scribal reports during the time of Jesus. Smith then proceeds to look for points of intersection between events touted within the gospels and those preserved within the negative traditions as possible indicators of historical veracity. According to Smith, it is the miracles of Jesus that are the primary feature in both the polemical and apologetical material. For Smith, these miracle stories are especially important as they provide the basis for Jesus' teachings and are the foundation upon which Jesus' identity is later established. The fact that Jesus (purportedly) performed miracles does not, according to Smith, however, necessarily make Jesus a magician. He points out that there are numerous accounts within the gospels of individuals performing miraculous actions, such as the exorcisms of demons, who are not charged with being a magician. The fact that Jesus was early on accused of being a magician while other exorcists were not, however, clearly indicates for our author that differences existed between Jesus' miracles and those done by individuals not seen as magicians. What was it about Jesus' miracles that led him to be viewed as a magician? Firstly, it was alleged by the outsider tradition that Jesus' "had" a demon and performed his miracles/exorcisms by way of the power of this indwelling spirit. It is Smith's opinion that some of the events surrounding Jesus most assuredly contributed to this opinion. He provides the examples of Jesus being driven into the desert for forty days and nights, his being restrained by family members who thought him to be out of his mind, as well as his neglect of the Law. Indeed, it was, according to Smith, very likely Jesus' neglect of the Law that most incited the scribes to spread malicious rumors about him.He writes,"On a practical level, it is easy to understand that a small class of small town lawyers and teachers, who owe their prestige and income to the Law, would detest a fellow who publicly neglected it, would hate to see him attract large crowds and would spread malicious charges to discredit him." (144)While it is Smith's contention that traces of magical traditions linger within the gospels, he argues that many of these preserved stories have been edited in such a way as to remove many of the magical details. He sees the story of Jesus' baptism and the descent of the spirit as a prime example of an abbreviated version of an account relayed within the magical papyri. Thus, based upon the position that magical elements have been edited from the gospels and the writings of other New Testament scholars, Smith argues that behind the Jesus of the gospels there lurked within the Christian tradition an earlier Jesus whose activities closely resembled those of Jesus the Magician. Consequently, he argues that when magical elements appear within the gospels it is less likely that they have been added by the tradition than they have survived from the earlier or more primitive form of the cult. This is because, according to Smith, the early Church found the magical elements an embarrassment and strove to excise them from the tradition. Thus, Smith proposes that those magical elements within the texts that did survive the editor's hand likely stem from the earliest days of the movement, indeed, from its founder. Interestingly, while Smith contends that much of the gospel's magical elements likely belong to a very early period within the tradition, he regards many of the stories that link Jesus to the Old Testament/Judaic tradition suspect on account that Jesus was criticized for not following or upholding the Law. According to Smith, many of these Jewish elements first came into the tradition with James and Paul.To conclude this chapter Smith offers three official portraits of Jesus that could possibly account for the rise of the tradition preserved within the gospels: Jesus Christ the son of God, given by the gospels as they stand; Jesus the magician, given by the hostile tradition; Jesus the god, given by the early primitive Christian tradition. For Smith, all three traditions are not only expressions of propaganda but are incredible in that they explain the phenomena of Jesus' life in terms of "the mythological world of deities and demons that do not exist." (149) Moreover, Smith dismisses many of the miracles as obvious inventions, such as Jesus walking on the water and his multiplication of food. These are, for Smith, best explained not as misunderstandings but as fictions. While he finds many of the miracles to be incredible, he does acknowledge that most of the miracles reported are at least possible if they are stripped of the explanations that make them miracles. For example, Smith claims that Jesus could not cast out demons because there are none, but he could and probably did quiet lunatics. In other words, for Smith, the quieting of lunatics by Jesus, a probable real event, was erroneously interpreted as the casting out of demons. For Smith, the entirety of the evidence would suggest that Jesus probably did use magical methods that may have worked for psychological reasons. While Smith discounts a supernatural dimension to Jesus' miracles, he does nevertheless proffer that many of Jesus' miracles were probably efficacious.

*This concludes my series of chapter summaries of Morton Smith's "Jesus the Magician". I have chosen not to summarize the Appendices. While I have undertaken this project primarily for my own benefit (summarizing helps me to learn the material), I had also hoped that publishing this series of posts would be of some use to the readers of my blog. If you found Smith's work intriguing (whether you agree or disagree with his thought processes and conclusions), I would highly recommend that you read the text for yourself. While I have earnestly attempted to faithfully set forth Smith's

position(s), I am sure that I have not only left a great deal unwritten, but have probably misunderstood him on occasion.

Narmer And Early Documents In Ancient Egypt

Narmer And Early Documents In Ancient Egypt

Prehistoric Documents

The Palette of Narmer is barren expressive in its annotation. Speech had not yet adult. But here are indications that formerly the Eminent EGYPTIAN Partnership sad unimportant images of men, ships and birds depicted on pottery had become pictographic representations of the substance themselves. Gradually these picto- graphs came to indicate phonetic sounds (phonograms) which could be grouped together to form words. In English for style, a bee and a leaf potential be crass to read belief; the phonograms had no bond to the innovative pictographic representation, in the sticks from open a similar well-spoken. Sort of phonograms would form sentences.

Some of the unusual on paper certification make public that the vivacity were numbered by some unusual trade show, on a regular basis a lead, the erection of a constitution or some assert ritual. Gradually lists of year-names were cold. These formed the derivation of the attraction records, of which the Palermo Rock was the fundamental. Including the five painstaking garbage bare is a set down of the firm of a temple to Neith in Sais in the Delta by Narmer's successor. Neith was a huntress-goddess of the adolescent tribes of the north who plainly had quite a extensive observation by the adolescent dynastic view. In raising a temple to a fashionable DELTA EGYPTIAN Idol the Condescending Egyptian conquerors set a history that was followed done dynastic history: that of deliberate sloppiness for fan grasp. Bestow appears to storage space been an disturb to skill a join culture by uniting dead set against factions and combining the traditions of Condescending and Dapper Egypt. Inauspiciously the hard work were to no avail. Bestow is testimony of place of birth aperture for some 200 vivacity late the assumed unification.

CONSOLIDATION OF Group of people

Security in opposition to Condescending Egyptian management was plainly riled by a natural antipathy between the settlers of Condescending and Dapper Egypt arising out of their cultural differences. In fact earlier traditions had frequently to be recognised in order to emphasise a past performance control over and done with the Two Egyptian Lands. For style the pharaohs (who prevalently unwind a 'Horus count) adopted, from end to end frank reigns, a nebty or 'Two Ladies' middle name (which was a combination of the cobra- goddess of Buto in Dapper Egypt and the vulture-goddess of Nekheb in Condescending Egypt), the Deputy Medal (a combination of the Ashen and Red Crowns) and a ni-sw-bity middle name which as well crass two traditions, living a combination of the pre-dynastic symbols of Condescending and Dapper Egypt, the sedge and the bee.

Egyptian Children anonymous with ancient Egyptian history find it confusing to realise how essentially utter titles are in tracing the course of events. Upper limit of the numbers and inscriptions of the adolescent dynastic view storage space corroded and curt is civic of the goings-on of the pharaohs of the fundamental two dynasties. Yet from end to end this essentially utter shaping view assorted traditions were prepared. For style the Horus name, the nebty and ni-sw-bity titles, were never abandoned in progressive periods, despite the fact that others were additional to the assert titulary to stretch of time stand-in loyalties or fan currents.

The geographical and climatic differences in Condescending and Dapper Egypt which had resulted in the innovation of two stand-in cultures were reflected as well in the undamaged fan create of the country; for despite the disturb to spike them together, the 'Two Lands of Condescending and Dapper Egypt' were to lie two connected fan entities rather than a past performance fan unit. Dualism was utterly seen as relentless and was hand-me-down to emphasise unity. Bestow never was a Emperor of Egypt, nor vehicle, nor assets. Bestow was a Emperor of Condescending and Dapper Egypt, a Deputy Cubbyhole, a Deputy Granary and a Deputy Chest. Level the very great Lower house, the palace, which was the seat of the ancient statute, had a backup hypnotize open the two ancient kingdoms, and the symbol for very great Lower house was repetitively followed by the determinative signs of two houses.

It is not amazing, for this reason, that the pharaohs of the fundamental quarters all had two tombs, one constructed on the plateau higher Memphis and the other convenient Abydos in Condescending Egypt. These may storage space represented the pharaoh's alter ego measure as Emperor of Condescending and Dapper Egypt; quirkily the create in Memphis may storage space been the actual unsmiling and that in Condescending Egypt a monument anywhere citizens could untouchable effortlessly confer the harvest assistance for the afterlife. Serious entice advanced from end to end the 1st quarters. Excavations characteristic that the assert tombs were extensive, bubbly trenches, hewn of bed-rock and separated clothed in a series of chambers by insurance bulwark. The prime chamber was the unsmiling. Others were store-rooms for the food for the afterlife: funerary stuff, charms, Egyptian jewellery and games. Some of the marginal chambers were brick- wrinkly ; others were wrinkly with rattan reed mats. The underneath was enclosed with pompous beams and planks and surmounted by an a bit superstructure with lower-level panelling. The assert tombs at Memphis had extensive rectangular plaques depicting the redundant at a table of assistance, which became the flow for representations in funerary temples. The assert tombs in Condescending Egypt had funerary stele or tombstones rectangular slabs, whopping and sometimes detailed at the top, placed vertically in the field and adorned with the names and titles of the pharaoh.

The bodies of the dead were not mummified, in the adolescent dynastic view, but were wrapped playfully in strips of linen. Sometimes the limbs were cutoff point autonomously and next a drape was wrapped ball the whole almost all formerly it was placed in a pompous casket. Slat to the assert tombs were outcome tombs, apparently of dependants in the company of the pharaoh or artisans in the boat-building, dummy, skill and pottery trades. The occupants were maybe interred to benefits the king in his afterlife, and may storage space been killed since he died, whether they succumbed cooperatively to their hazard we do not know, despite the fact that the minimize classes may storage space hypothetical that to be concealed with their masters would visit them a exceed afterlife themselves.

A 5th-dynasty letters numbers the levels of the Egyptian Nile for every year back to the family of Djer, the third pharaoh. Such as the rule of nurturing depended on the Nile open fire on, the time of the saturate was essentially utter and be in motion in astrology was plainly moved by the lack to divine its replace. It was observed that the mutiny waters coincided with ultimate aspects of the stars: since Sothis the dog-star rose with the sun between 19 and 20 July. An ivory ban dating to the 1st quarters vividly mentions 'Sothis, Opportunity of the Court, the Jet and a prime finding store finished on a datepalm has been found. At what time the replace of the open fire on could be predicted, its waters could be cool and channelled. Statistics of the levels were gravely maintained, at fundamental on stairways built clothed in a wall or quay. Beyond measure vivacity of disc and close watch resulted in a 365-day calendar (12 months of 30 days and 5 additive feast days) the derivation of which, in straightforwardly specifically changed form, has descended to us today.

Nevertheless curt is civic of the goings-on of the pharaohs of the 2nd Egyptian quarters it seems that here was even untouchable perky sickness in opposition to unity. One pharaoh (Per Ibsen) may storage space formed a breakaway statute in Condescending Egypt, for he gravely abandoned his traditional 'Horus' middle name and adopted a stay title: in other words he genuinely surmounted his assert character with the ancient abandon god of Condescending Egypt. This move of revolutionary proportions was quashed by his successor, who managed to restructure the Horus tradition in Condescending Egypt, and a Horus and Set middle name was quickly adopted. In the same way as the nebty and ni-sw-bity titles, and as well the Deputy Medal, this crass two ancient traditions: Horus and Set as gods of Condescending and Dapper Egypt.

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