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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Beltane Pagan Ritual Of Interest To Neo Pagans

Beltane Pagan Ritual Of Interest To Neo Pagans Cover

Book: Beltane Pagan Ritual Of Interest To Neo Pagans by Anonymous

This a Pagan Ritual file, of interest to Neo-Pagans, specifically Wiccan based religions.

The Beltane ritual, performed on or around May 1st, has one element that almost everyone used to be familiar with: the Maypole. Years ago, good girls at Vassar, the local woman's college (now coed), used to dance the maypole; they had a giddy, giggly time, usually.

Beltane is observed by Neopagans in various forms, and by a variety of names. As forms of Neopaganism can vary largely from tradition to tradition, Representations can vary considerably despite the shared name. Some celebrate in a manner as close as possible to how the Ancient Celts and Living Celtic cultures have maintained the traditions, while others observe the holiday with rituals taken from numerous other unrelated sources, Celtic culture being only one of the sources used.

Wiccans and Wiccan-inspired Neopagans celebrate a variation of Beltane as a Sabbat, one of the eight solar holidays. Although the holiday may use features of the Gaelic Bealtaine, such as the bonfire, it bears more relation to the Germanic May Day festival, both in its significance (focusing on fertility) and its rituals (such as maypole dancing). Some Wiccans celebrate "High Beltaine" by enacting a ritual union of the May Lord and May Lady.

Among the Wiccan Sabbats, Beltane is a cross-quarter day; it is celebrated in the northern hemisphere on May 1 and in the southern hemisphere on November 1. Beltane follows Ostara and precedes Midsummer.

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