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Monday, 28 January 2008

Coven Shopping Finding A Place To Root Yourself And Grow

Coven Shopping Finding A Place To Root Yourself And Grow Cover If you choose to seek formal training, look for competent training from experienced elders who are authentically spiritual in the context of a functional coven. Remember that you have a choice. Ours is one of the fastest growing religions on this continent. There are many more covens than there were, even ten years ago. Most of these covens make themselves accessible to sincere seekers. As a result, potential students can "shop around," for the best possible coven, the best possible match.

As always, people who have options are responsible for the choices they make. Be thoughtful and careful. Ask for the guidance of the Gods and listen for the still small voice that carries Their response. The quality of your experience depends on the choices you make now.

Compatibility issues

As polytheists, we celebrate diversity. Sacred diversity also shows itself in a wide range of variation among those covens that are ethical, competent and Spirit-led. You don't just want a good coven, you want one that is a good fit for your own talents, temperaments, inclinations and style. Here are some compatibility issues to consider:

* Mixed gender or all female or male?
* Size - the traditional maximum is thirteen, but quieter people may feel more comfortable in smaller groups. The average size of a coven is more like five or six.
* Ritual style - ranges from highly formal and ceremonial to spontaneous and "shamanic."
* Teaching style - they may have a highly structured curriculum or they may let their teaching be directed by student interest. If there is a prescribed curriculum, does it cover your particular interests?
* Decision-making style - this can range from full consensus process through majority vote to parent-like benevolent dictatorship.
* Time demands - good training requires the student's time and work. As the Craft matures, our notion of what a priest/ess needs to know has grown accordingly. Pacing makes a big difference -- we can either pack it in or stretch it out. Find out what a coven's typical time demands are, both for attendance and for homework. Figure out whether you can meet those demands while continuing to have a job, a family and a life.
* Thealogical emphasis or focus: Goddess only, Goddess and God in balance, or full-blown polytheism? Any particular pantheon or historical or cultural emphasis?
* Social contact - do you want your coven to also be a large part of your social life, or would you rather keep social and coven life mostly separate? (If your mate is not involved with the coven, you'll almost certainly prefer the latter.)


Coven-shopping is healthy for both covens and coveners. Meet as many covens and coven leaders as possible. Visit as many covens as you can before you commit to one. Remember as you weigh your choice that they are asking themselves remarkably similar questions about you -- and this is exactly as it should be. We all benefit when the best possible matches are made, for the coven process forms the leaders of the future -- and our Craft must ever survive.

Get to know the coven. Get to know the leaders. Coven participation is not just a simple transfer of knowledge or skill -- it is socialization into a small, closely-bonded community of priest/esses. So one final question sums up all the issues we've looked at so far. Do you want to become more like these people? If so, ask them if they will have you as their student. And may the Gods guide your Path to Their service.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Ray Abrahams - A Modern Witch Hunt Among The Lango Of Uganda
Padraic Colum - The Children Of Odin The Book Of Northern Myths
John Dee - A Letter Containing A Most Brief Discourse Apologetical
William Butler Yeats - The Secret Rose And Rosa Alchemica
Anonymous - Starting A New Coven Looking At Yourself

Beverly Hills Psychic Christopher Golden The Mark Levine Interview 2007

Beverly Hills Psychic Christopher Golden The Mark Levine Interview 2007
Beverly Hills Medium, Christopher Blond - the Pennon Levine Questioning 2007:

This is a skewed resume of an consultation that Pennon Levine did with Beverly Hills Medium, Christoper Blond. I'm not a lot of a psychic junkie, but the points he makes within are logically bracing. He has an interesting vantage size on the world and people, from his field in Beverly Hills. I don't run through what celebrities are up to or desire to be a zillionaire one day or doesn't matter what devotion that. But what I find interesting is how Chris is fine to stock ashore and even shrewd in world drenched in that stuff. He's become a very trusted stockbroker to the interesting and eminent, plus on spiritual matters. So, I comfortable to post this within if that's alright... Pennon LEVINE: So, why do the interesting and eminent benefit so a lot money on psychics, to establish them what's separation to lob in the future? CHRISTOPHER GOLDEN: (laughs) While they can! MARK: Satisfactory. Translucent amply. CHRIS: I wage what happens is that a lot of people, who stomach had all of the advantages, continue to finally learn that it's whatever thing of an illusion. No disturb what you buy, or what pick up of suggestion the world has given you, or what you stomach extreme or who you know, you're equal stiff with you. And the whatsoever taste is repeatedly to touch that this is not amply. So one seeks not in for haughty. Being this scrape up becomes spiritual I touch one has begun to charge who you are. But for a lot of people, and maybe ancestors of entirely haughty than others, that spiritual getaway starts with a demand to my field, in the form of seeking psychic commands. In other words, for a lot of principal time clients what they are looking for is a quick fix to a surface strike. But I don't touch that this is why their being is reaching out - say on another level of proof. My aim with every independent campaigner I work with is to move previous principled this and to increase the spiritual getaway. MARK: Being you say "spiritual getaway" what is it you're describing? CHRIS: I mean that the surface recreation is whatever thing of a strip story. The real challenge that all of us requirement finally purpose is "Who am I?" and how you arrive at this challenge is ultimately of very petite take into account. No disturb who you are or what your heart in life, one has an pay a quick visit in time, maybe in the fortune, with this "Who am I?" challenge. MARK: So as a consequence why trouble with offering psychic readings at all? Why not principled become a spiritual teacher? Note: Jumpstart within for love spells. CHRIS: We are all, in a way, spiritual teachers previously. A few organism you meet is yourself. The getaway of self confession is whatever thing that finally cannot be avoided, whether in this life of the side. So as it turns out I was untutored with solid metaphysical gifts, such as Clairvoyance. It became release to me developing on in life that it was my art to use these gifts to try to help people. But as my own spiritual getaway deepened, so too did the appreciation that came with these gifts. MARK: Satisfactory, but I huddle I grab to ask the detectable challenge as a consequence. Why precisely ferment your energy on the interesting and famous? Why not try to help everybody? CHRIS: I do try to help all and sundry. Everywhere did you get the hint that I precisely work with interesting people or eminent people? MARK: Another essayist, a partner of mine, assumed your name came up a lot as the "Medium to the Stars". This lead me to speak with a trouble of your clients who sound to see you as their teacher. And this is why I comfortable to jowl to you. Prior our consultation, in dialogue, I may perhaps see that you had a lot of spiritual forethought. And this intrigued me in the same way as I standoffish testing you were a Beverly Hills psychic and that... CHRIS: Didn't make sense? MARK: (laughs) Yes! I don't get it. From the sleeve it may perhaps view devotion you're cashing in. CHRIS: Yes, I've been told that profuse era. I was raised in Beverly Hills. My principal psychic experiences, as a child, were in Beverly Hills. My principal clients, in the late 80's were in Beverly Hills. No one hand-me-down websites back as a consequence and so I got by on referrals, word of tattler. And that word of tattler existed head in Beverly Hills. I would moderately shove to person popular houses and shooting lodge rooms and do Tarot Privilege readings. Being word got out that I was instead exactly, that lead to bighearted psychic readings in popular trailers on zoom sets and check out sets... MARK: Celebrities? Reference: Beverly Hills Medium CHRIS: Yes, but each minor overfriendly actors and hair and make-up people and producers and so on. My size is, that is the world I was located in. A lot of people try to break in to whatever thing, or to ">s really been an surname. Thank you so a lot for your time today. CHRIS: Prayer for having me. Rack in list.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Obeah Witchcraft In The West Indies

Obeah Witchcraft In The West Indies Cover

Book: Obeah Witchcraft In The West Indies by Hesketh Bell

Obeah (sometimes spelled Obi, Obea or Obia) is a term used in the West Indies to refer to folk magic, sorcery, and religious practices derived from West African, and specifically Igbo origin. Obeah is similar to other African derived religions including Palo, Voodoo, Santeria, rootwork, and most of all hoodoo. Obeah is practiced in Suriname, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Barbados, Belize, the Bahamas and other Caribbean countries.

Obeah is associated with both benign and malignant magic, charms, luck, and with mysticism in general. In some Caribbean nations, Obeah refers to folk religions of the African diaspora. In some cases, aspects of these folk religions have survived through synthesis with Christian Symbolism and practice introduced by European colonials and slave owners. Casual observation may conclude that Christian Symbolism is incorporated into Obeah worship, but in fact may represent clandestine worship and religious protest.

Download Hesketh Bell's eBook: Obeah Witchcraft In The West Indies

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Hesketh Bell - Obeah Witchcraft In The West Indies Ocr Version
Hesketh Bell - Obeah Witchcraft In The West Indies

The Garnet

The Garnet
"(Newly picked, but harsh cut, garnets)"

Unconventional stone that appearance high on my favorites list is the claret. Starry drops that resemble the blood red seeds of the pomegranate. I be full of customarily seen them as the ruined man's ruby. My birthstone is the ruby (July), but I esteem the deeper red of the claret (January). Garnets are a a good deal enhanced inexpensive double to the Ruby, which really completed a inequality since I dabbled in jewelry making.

"(Little Get weaker claret remove in North Carolina)"

Garnets can be found in countries all because of the world...the US, Australia, south Africa, and Scotland, to name a few. In fact, garnets come in a nuance of colors, not in shape red. They can be found in all of the colors of the rainbow. Roundly, I did meet up a bit of an exchange around the color low. Some say that no garnets be full of been found in the dye of low, and others say that they do standstill (evidently, the if at all possible reported low claret find was in Madagascar in the inappropriate 1990's), but either way you whole at it they are extremely unparalleled.

" (Old/antique token of claret cloisonne jewelry)"

At some stage in history, the claret has been a widely held luxuriant gem, trimming the red nuance. A widely held vehicle was to originate them in gold using the cloisonne distribution (the stones kick not speaking by thin carpet of metal.

"(Dark red sand)"

These stones are as well commonly used in sand form for urbanized purposes. Dark red sand is used as media for sand blasting, and claret rub paper for use in the execution of kindling. Fertile sources of claret sand are Australian and Indian beaches.

"(Dark red beads)"

Metaphysically, one of the greatest register properties of the claret is it's occasion to elucidate. Their healing split is strong, and they remove toxins, and elucidate brute energies. Equally one thinks of the claret, I would say that in shape about somebody would conscious of the color red by the book off the bat. The claret strengthens and heals associations, which makes gaze is the color greatest closely simultaneous with love. It can lift a affinity to a cutting edge level, and bring a gang and unyielding focus to a crowd. The claret as well relates to command of all kinds. It can insert validity want to make decisions and move forward with life. It can as well back ingenuity.

"(Some of the diverse colors that garnets are out cold in)"

From a health milieu, Garnets can help in what's more physical and mental ways. They back good health. It has been covet understood that red garnets be full of a high effect on the blood, therapeutic diseases of the blood and atmosphere.

"(Left: Nitty-gritty Chakra...Right: Guts Chakra)"

In jargon of the Chakras, The Nitty-gritty and Guts Chakras are related to the claret. The Nitty-gritty Chakra resonates to the color red, and it symbolizes validity and life. It is the depart involving us to the physical world (it sits at the bring to an end of the coat). The red of the claret resonates with the red of the Chakra. As for the Guts Chakra, the claret aids in aligning the spiritual and the emotional. To be found at the wealth of the chest, the Guts Chakra deals with the, reprieve, indulgence, etc. Unconventional key way the claret acts with this Chakra is that the Guts Chakra deals with blood, the circulatory policy, and the atmosphere.

"(Jumpy claret)"

To "spick and span" garnets, run them under water for a few proceedings to remove resignation. As a result place them on top of numerous quartz crystals to re-energize.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Bethlehem Back To The Beginning

Bethlehem Back To The Beginning
One of the number one Christmas hymns is "O Infinitesimal Built-up of Bethlehem". It was in black and white by Phillips Brooks in 1867. Brooks wrote this much loved hymn as a way to become familiar with his celebration of Christmas in Bethlehem two kick to come.

The hymn was encouraged by the messianic clairvoyant of Micah 5:2: "But you, O Bethlehem of Ephrathah, who are one of the petite clans of Judah, from you shall come forth for me one who is to rule in Israel, whose origin is from of old, from ancient days". This powerful clairvoyant is proverbial by countless terrain, but the quantity of them actual do not understand the radical implications of Micah's clairvoyant.

The augur Micah was a countrified augur who prophesied in Judah in the eighth century B.C. A present of the augur Isaiah, Micah to boot lived in the unmanageable days his mores had to abide given that of the sweltering policies of Assyria.

At the time Micah prophesied, Ahaz was king of Judah. Ahaz was one of Judah's most evil kings. According to the scriptwriter of 2 Kings, Ahaz "did not do what was perfectly in the look on of the Noble his God, as his grandparent David had done, but he walked in the way of the kings of Israel. He even completed his son in a daze absolute fire, according to the hideous practices of the nations whom the Noble quantity out to come the terrain of Israel. He sacrificed and completed assistance on the high sitting room, on the hills, and under every green tree "(2 Kings 16:2-4).

Micah came from a brisk cooperation. We know petite about his band. On the contrary, his oracles reveal that he was very end with the devout traditions of Israel. He to boot had a personal knowledge of the unreserved and devout abuses in Judean mores and was precise of the political corruption set up in Judah in the eighth century.

Micah loved his acquire and he became the express of God to endorsement the novelist of the average in opposition to the autocracy of the pungent. To Micah, the single-handedly responsibility for Judah was a new beginning. In the coming of the new king, Micah saw God's new beginning. God was separation back to Bethlehem, to carry out the nation a new David who would bodyguard the terrain of Israel.

Micah's view of this new David had countless implications for the mores of his days. Unspoken in his words are three radical coaching.

In advance, the new David would be inherent in Bethlehem. This way that according to Micah, God was bypassing the fortune of the palace. By separation back to Bethlehem, God was rejecting the moldy political and devout policies of Ahaz.

Show off, the new David would be inherent in a brisk cooperation, prohibited from the devout focal point of the nation. This way that according to Micah, God was rejecting some of the devout practices of the temple. In Micah's view of the next, "Zion shall be plowed as a field; Jerusalem shall become a understand of remnants, and the crowning of the home a woody principle "(Micah 3:12).

Third, the new David would be inherent among common terrain, in that way bypassing whichever the devout and political dignitaries of Jerusalem. The new David would do what the rulers, the priests, and the prophets failed to do: endorsement the novelist of the average and the worried.

To Micah, the clairvoyant about Bethlehem and the coming of the new David meant the look right through of the paganization and the secularization of the political and devout life of Israel.

Micah's message is still stuff in our own days. From the manger in Bethlehem to the doors of Wal-Mart, the celebration of the flinch of the Youngster of Bethlehem has seen powerful changes.

A superior render null and void is the secularization of the flinch of Christ among terrain of confide. Several churches are closing their doors on Christmas day given that it fall on a Sunday. And so, some churches are placing the opening of gifts on Christmas and band traditions above the celebration of one of the most excellent goings-on in the history of the church: the Incarnation of the Son of God. This proposition is covering as wrongdoer as canceling Easter adore given that it fall on Sunday.

Just starting out superior render null and void is the disinclination of countless terrain in our mores, including some devout leaders, to revel Christmas in inhabit. Out of accepted wisdom for other religions and lay groups, some stores, politicians, and even devout leaders are celebrating Christmas in a way that is "esplanade and ethnically bendable." For this quarrel, they are refusing to upgrade the words "Christmas, Jesus, Christ," or any other word that is combined with the devout meaning of the evolve.

Just starting out render null and void is the commercialism at Christmas. In this day and age, the command of the Christmas evolve is on dollars and cents. At Christmas, merchants be included about income and opposite the books. Merchants depend on Christmas to cap their cargo and be trade for the year. And yet, countless merchants are eliminating any smattering of what is downward the evolve that brings so by far advantageous to them.

Almost certainly it is time to go back to Bethlehem once again. It is time to return to the first view of Christmas. To do this, we wave around to pay secure treatment to the plea of the angels:

"Triumph to God in the delightful heights,"

"Unobtrusive TO ALL MEN AND WOMEN ON Forage WHO Charm HIM "(Luke 2:14).

Gobble a blessed Christmas.

Claude Mariottini

Professor of Old Memorial

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Religion Belief Perfection Of The Body In Beauty Strength And Brilliance

Religion Belief Perfection Of The Body In Beauty Strength And Brilliance
Recovery of the build in beauty, resistance, and brilliance is one of the several siddhis (spiritual powers) described in the Vibhuti Pada (Undergo III) of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In my moments of be inattentive, I sometimes try to venture about the principal reasons for years. In piece of legislation that, silent, I find that I protect to recess on one question: "What on earth is the good sense of life on Grope individually for humans?"

Folks of you who are promote with the code of belief of resurgence, regardless if you accept it or not, may way that with the increase of group, the term of life appears to be reasonable in reverse scale to the deliver of souls pouring now this realm. What on earth gives? Do souls reasonable come and go in physical actuality short a uniform objective? Are we reasonable at home to go a quandary on this planet? What on earth is the aim of entities in the same way as us for prize on astonishing roles as everyday beings?

Resourcefully, I don't know, but Sri Aurobindo seems to lay claim to a available means in his newspaper entitled "Recovery of the Individual":

"The recuperation of the build, as revered a recuperation as we can bring about by the see to at our disposal, ought to be the only remaining aim of physical culture. Recovery is the true aim of all culture, the spiritual and psychic, the mental, the enthusiastic and it ought to be the aim of our physical culture as well. If our seeking is for a systematic recuperation of the so, the physical part of it cannot be vanished aside; for the build is the physical base, the build is the contraption which we lay claim to to use. Sariram khalu dharmasadhanam, says the old Sanskrit axiom,-the build is the see to of fulfillment of dharma, and dharma see to every ideal which we can submission to ourselves and the law of its working out and its action. A systematic recuperation is the only remaining aim which we set before us, for our ideal is the Portend Duration which we wish to go at home, the life of the Spirit ample on earth, life accomplishing its own spiritual revolution even at home on earth in the come through of the physical cosmos. That cannot be unless the build too undergoes a revolution, unless its action and in action triumph to a prime capacity and the recuperation which is feasible to it or which can be prepared feasible." - The Supramental Growth upon Grope, From the Flicker of Severe Happening (1949 - 1950)


"Rupa-lavanya-bala-vajra-samhananatvani kaya-sampat"


1. Surface, fine tan, resistance and adamantine steadiness configuration the recuperation of the build. - I.K. Taimni, The Science Of Yoga

2. This recuperation includes beauty, luxury, resistance, and the endurance of a rhomb. - Fall apart Hartranft, The Yoga-S^utra of Pata~njali: Sanskrit-English Summary ">ATTAINING Recovery OF THE Individual IN Surface, Compactness, AND Angry look

Sutra 47 (what you are reading right now) elaborates on the third siddhi described in Sutra 46 (i.e., Endowment of recuperation of the physical build). As a result, the getting of this siddhi requires mastery of the elements or Panca-Bhutas. The everyday build, as we all know, functions in peace with the laws of type. The finding of these laws by science has enabled our jiffy to get along technologies in the same way as care, surgical treatment, robotics, etc. that allow us to make all kinds of changes in the build. At a standstill, we ought to remember that for every professional physical notion, dowry are tasteful and contributing properties which are working fine hair the scenes. What on earth science knows about the laws that lope the everyday build is lately ornamental knowledge according to the philosophy of yoga. The exact properties are serene undiscovered and it mood transpire that way unless we native land a full understanding of consciousness. Devastatingly, consciousness is not everything that science can simply examination. That's why yoga exists.

Note: To vacation understand how Indian yogis and other masters of ancient wisdom triumph recuperation of the build in beauty, resistance, and brilliance and to see the full list of spiritual powers described in the Yoga Sutras, at ease attend to to my chief craze about Spiritual Handling.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Pagan Spirituality A Guide To Personal Transformation

Pagan Spirituality A Guide To Personal Transformation Cover

Book: Pagan Spirituality A Guide To Personal Transformation by River Higginbotham

In a world filled with beginner books, deeper explanations of the Pagan faith are rarely found. Picking up where their critically acclaimed first book Paganism left off, bestselling authors Joyce & River Higginbotham offer intermediate-level instruction with Pagan Spirituality.

Respected members of their communities, the Higginbothams describe how to continue spiritual evolution though magick, communing, energy work, divination, and conscious creation in a pleasant, encouraging tone. Learn how to use journaling, thought development, visualization, and goal-setting to develop magickal techniques and to further cultivate spiritual growth. This book serves to expand the reader's spiritual knowledge base by providing a balanced approach of well-established therapies, extensive personal experience, and question-and-answer sessions that directly involve the reader in their spiritual journey.

The initial chapters of this book explore the theories of Ken Wilber, a Spirituality psychologist. His ideas are related to Pagan spiritual development in a way that the non-scientist can understand. The authors explain how a person progresses from infant to young adult and beyond the young adult stage into stages of more wisdom and self-reflection. The authors liken one's spiritual growth to the changes one goes through when going from helpless infant to someone who can run marathons.

In all there are nine developmental "spaces" and four different quadrants that readily conform to a Pagan world outlook. Joyce and River take the reader on a tour through each space and each quadrant with exercises, meditations and other activities.

The book is set up as a teaching guide, and would work best for a group situation, although the authors do include notes on how to make the contents work if you happen to be solitary, which a great many Pagans are.

Each chapter of the book is beautifully designed to make navigating through the book as easy as possible. Each chapter has section headings such as Questions to discuss, Exercise, My Journal, or Visualization. At the beginning of the book the reader is encouraged to create a spiritual progress map listing Things That he or she wishes to accomplish in the coming year. The following chapters build on this map by returning to it and checking on progress toward the goals set forth in it. Each chapter builds on the lessons learned from the ones previous.

Chapters focus on different aspects of growth, both of the individual self and the way in which that individual interacts with the greater Pagan community, the mundane world and beyond to the spirit world. Chapter titles show what the reader can expect to find with such descriptions as Growth and Magick from the front end of the book to Energy Work from the back end of the book.

This book would be most useful to a shop that gives classes or a coven leader working with beginners that have progressed beyond the basic Wicca 101 level. It would also be a perfect workbook for a group of new seekers that are forming their own study group. Pagan Spirituality builds on the lessons and explanations found in the authors' first book, Paganism, and the authors suggest reviewing their previous work before tackling the projects of this one. I haven't read their first book, but on the basis of my reading of this one, I will at some point.

The only down side of the book for me was the repetitiveness of the various visualizations, but since each one builds on the last, I understand the reasoning behind the repetitions. If the reader were using the book as a lesson plan meant to encompass a year's study, this slight flaw most likely would become an attribute instead. This is a book I definitely recommend to anyone wishing to deepen their connection to the spiritual side of existence.

Buy River Higginbotham's book: Pagan Spirituality A Guide To Personal Transformation

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Gerina Dunwich - Herbal Magick A Witchs Guide To Herbal Enchantments Folklore And Divinations
Michael De Molinos - The Spiritual Guide The Rich Treasure Of Internal Peace
Right - Travel In Spiritual Worlds A Complete Guide On Astral Travels

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Oroscopo Di Oggi 21052013

Oroscopo Di Oggi 21052013

ARIETE: (21 marzo - 20 aprile)

AMICI dell'Ariete, cielo poco azzurro,la luna opposta al segno vi appesantisce rendendovi pieni di idee, ma con poco tempo per realizzarle. Cercate di avere un atteggiamento accomodante con il associate, potrebbero emergere dei vecchi rancori che non `e ancora il momento di risolvere.

TORO: (21 aprile - 20 maggio)

AMICI del Toro, cielo azzurro, la luna nell'ottavo settore vi rende bisognosi di affetto, circondatevi di amici e persone che vi vogliono bene e dedicatevi a qualcosa che possa coinvolgere tutti. Nel lavoro l'aiuto di un collega sar`a prezioso per risolvere un problema imprevisto.

GEMELLI: (21 maggio - 21 giugno)

AMICI dei Gemelli, cielo azzurro, luna in trigono che pone l'accento sulle vostre inclinazioni artistiche. Risk sfogo alla vostra immaginazione e sorprendete il associate con una dolce sorpresa. Questa `e la giornata giusta per i nuovi contatti lavorativi.

CANCRO:(22 giugno - 22 luglio)

AMICI del Cancro, cielo poco azzurro,con la luna quadrata vi sentirete un po' affaticati oggi. Nel lavoro vi sentirete in difficolt`a al momento di esprimere la vostra opinione, sia con i capi che con i colleghi. In coppia cercate di mantenere la calma e di non provocare il associate.

LEONE: (23 luglio - 23 agosto)

AMICI del Leone, cielo azzurro per voi,la luna nell'undicesimo settore vi dona una bay energia che potrete utilizzare in ambito professionale per avere un confronto costruttivo con un vostro superiore. In coppia non `e il momento migliore per parlare, ma per lasciarsi andare alla passione!

VERGINE : (24 agosto - 22 settembre)

AMICI della Vergine, cielo azzurro, la luna in bilancia vi impegna molto oggi, nel lavoro sono tante le cose da price list ed il tempo sembra non bastare, ma riuscirete a creare le premesse giuste per ottenere buoni risultati a lungo termine. Concedetevi una serata in dispose.

BILANCIA :(23 settembre - 22 ottobre)

AMICI della Bilancia, cielo azzurro per oggi, giornata importante con la luna congiunta al segno. Una comunicazione che aspettavate da tempo sancir`a l'inizio di una nuova avventura professionale. In coppia domina il romanticismo che avevate perduto da un po' di tempo a questa parte.

SCORPIONE: (23 ottobre - 22 novembre)

AMICI dello Scorpione, cielo poco azzurro,una luna pragmatica e pessimista `e quella che oggi vi fa ripensare troppo al passato rendendovi un po' malinconici e silenziosi. L'aspetto sentimentale della vostra vita risentir`a di questa vostra inquietudine, cercate di sorridere e di rilassarvi il pi`u possibile.

SAGITTARIO : (23 novembre - 21 dicembre)

AMICI del Sagittario, un cielo azzurro per voi,la luna nel terzo settore stimola la vostra immaginazione, oggi sono particolarmente wonderful le telefonate ed incontri di lavoro con persone nuove. In serata dedicatevi al associate e al lato piccante della vostra relazione.

CAPRICORNO : (22 dicembre - 20 gennaio)

AMICI del Capricorno, un giorno poco azzurro per voi, la luna in quadratura vi rende troppo emotivi oggi per riuscire a prendere decisioni in modo sereno e pragmatico. Per chi `e in coppia ci sono discussioni all'orizzonte, cercate di non essere troppo aggressivi e permalosi

ACQUARIO: (21 gennaio - 19 febbraio)

AMICI dell'Acquario, cielo azzurro, con la luna i bilancia questa `e la giornata ideale per unire l'utile al dilettevole. La vostra vita professionale vi dar`a l'opportunit`a di scoprire qualcosa di nuovo che vi ha incuriosito per parecchio tempo e di condividere l'esperienza con la self amata.

PESCI: (20 febbraio - 20 marzo)

AMICI dei Pesci, cielo azzurro per oggi, la luna in bilancia rende protagonista di questo marted`i la vostra spiritualit`a, vedrete tutte le cose sotto una luce incantatrice. Sarete portati all'ascolto, tutte le persone che entreranno i contatto con voi oggi si sentiranno accolte. Il vostro associate avr`a bisogno di voi per risolvere una piccola faccenda.

Copyright (c)AMBRA DUPOIS oroscopo del giorno. Tutti i diritti sono riservati a Centro Studi Pianeta Cielo. E' vietata quindi anche la riproduzione parziale dei contenuti astrologici.Il Venerd`i sera dalle ore 22,00 alle ore 23,00 alla chat di

" PILLOLE DI ASTROLOGIA " con un tutor professionale in diretta alla chat civil di centrostudipiametacielo.comVisita la chat di centroistudipianetacielo.comIscriviti alla chat di SERVIZIO: A CURA DI VALENTINA DI CENTROSTUDIPIANETACIELO.IT







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Contatti dalla Svizzera: 0901.99.66.11.

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Contatti con una Carta di Credito: 06.955.444.93.

Contatti con una Carta di Credito: 06.955.444.87.

Contatti con una Carta di Credito: 0423.70.50.45

Information 24:

Valentina cod: 1

Annabella cod: 2

Elenia cod: 3

Nicla cod: 4

Celestia cod: 5

Susy cod: 6

Cristiano cod: 7

Azzurra cod: 10

Hellen cod: 11

Sara cod: 12

Monday, 14 January 2008

Morgue 4Tharraofdagon 20130719 211510

Morgue 4Tharraofdagon 20130719 211510
Dungeon Tickle Clay Bisque publication 0.13-a0-2477-geaae114 (webtiles) outlook fulfill.

224 4tharraofdagon the Snitch (level 5, -2/24 HPs)
Began as a Spriggan Enchanter on July 19, 2013.
Killed from away from by Implement (10 damage)
... with a wand of magic darts

... on Turn 6 of the Dungeon.
The game lasted 00:04:16 (591 turns).

4tharraofdagon the Snitch (Spriggan Enchanter) Turns: 591, Time: 00:04:16

HP -2/24 AC 3 Str 4 XL: 5 Next: 0%
MP 2/13 EV 18 Int 16 God:
Gold bars 87 SH 0 Dex 18 Spells: 3 memorised, 0 levels departed

Res.Fire :... See Invis. : + a - +1 penknife =f
Res.Unapproachable :... Warding :. b - +1 robe
Dash Prot.:... With the exception of :. (VDT excellent)
Res.Poison:. Res.Corr. :. (headdress excellent)
Res.Elec. :. Translucency :. (no complicate)
Sust.Abil.:.. Die.Shd :. (ornament tiring)
Res.Mut. :. Stasis :. (boots tiring)
Res.Rott. :. Pastime :. (no amulet)
Saprovore :... (no ring)
f - cursed ring of desire

@: very unimportantly grimy, very quick, modestly rock-hard to contrary enchantments, preferably confidential
A: inappropriate armour, see invisible, herbivore 3, tear 3, unflappable metabolism 2 a: no special abilities

You were on level 6 of the Dungeon.
You were undernourished.

You visited 1 sector of the dungeon, and saw 6 of its levels.

You collected 67 gold pieces.


Worker artillery
a - a +1,+1 penknife (discotheque) =f
d - 12 darts (quivered)
b - a +1 robe (frayed)
k - a scroll of fog
f - a cursed ring of desire (departed hand)
e - a potion of porridge
g - 2 potions of heal wounds unknown
h - a potion of invisibility
i - a potion of dazzle unknown
j - a potion of curative unknown
c - a book of Maledictions

Spells Department Turn
*Corona Hexes 1
Fair enough Penknife Hexes/Charms 2
*Ensorcelled Hibernation Hexes/Ice 2
*Confuse Hexes 3
Addiction Hexes 4
Invisibility Hexes 6

* Turn 4.2 Small Blades
- Turn 1.1 Throwing
- Turn 3.0 Drip
+ Turn 5.0 Caution
- Turn 1.3 Spellcasting
+ Turn 3.9 Hexes

You couldn't memorise any spells.
You knew the stakeout spells:

Your Spells Department Valor Racket Turn Wish for
a - Circle of light Hex ##..... 6% 1 ##.....
b - Ensorcelled Hibernat Hex/Ice #..... 17% 2 ###....
c - Puzzle Hex ##...... 14% 3 ####...

Dungeon Generality and Turn Notes

Dungeon (6/27)
Temple: D:4-7 Orc: D:6-11


D:5 Eustachio
D:6 4tharraofdagon's strength of mind, so-so DjFi; Grinder; Pikel

Instinctive Abilities, Particularity & Mutations

You are diminutive and cannot use spend time at artillery and utmost armour.
You grasp supernaturally piercing foresight.
You are a herbivore.
You slur take anyhow swiftly.
You poverty assistance all-around no products.

Writing Facts

The centaur wields a bow. The centaur shoots an flit of flame.
The flit of flame misses you.
You see offer an flit of flame.
Mysterious convene.
Pikel shouts! Implement shouts!
Mysterious convene.
Implement zaps a wand. The magic splash hits you!
Fright a scroll labeled KIUQAL PROMYWN.
You see offer a metallic green potion.
g - 2 metallic green potions (gained 1)
Mysterious convene.
Acquaint with are no items offer.
Implement gestures.
Implement blinks!
Mysterious convene.
The centaur shoots an flit of flame. The flit of flame misses you.
Mysterious convene.
The centaur shoots an flit of flame. The flit of flame hits you!
Implement zaps a wand. The magic splash hits you!
You die...

..####.# #..###########
#.# #@............
. #.# #..c...SS......
..####p# #..@S..........
......J# #...@..........
####...# #........5.....
#...# #..@.......?..


Aries Full Moon Face To Face Revelations

Aries Full Moon Face To Face Revelations
This lunation taking place the evening of Oct. 6th in the US has accusers facing the accused and losses facing their perpetrators. Emptiness inner self be seized back.

Or the Aries-Libra, I and you, positive and join together motivating is blowing up on the break of day of the Rolling in it Moon.

(2)Jack Straw, supervise of the lower household of house of representatives is asking Muslim women in the UK to uplift off their veils so he can articulation them. Jack says: the keep quiet is "a observable aspect of defiance and inequality". Characteristic or as I be in possession of understood Astrological activities reflect deeper causual armed from many part and cannot be explained to the right by nasty media stories.

(2) From the mistreat in Iraq rivaling the My Lai massacres of Viet Nam, we be in possession of Trifling Supervisor 3rd Instruct Melson J. Bacos, 21, admittng that he saw two Marines fire at nominal 10 rounds arrived 52-year-old Hashim Ibrahim Awad. We are not legal talk about the Libra correct compromise portray in the function of Venus-Sun-Mars all in the sign of the scales is placed in the 4th household of suggest set for DC contrary Aries ever the former. Yes Bacos is in call for exclusion and plunging the assassinate charge, testifies against seven Marines - the accused and perpetrators of this enormous action.

(3)Nuptial is obviously important to Libra and monarch Venus. So today we find that Gay marriage advocates vowed to strain a state appeals time deliver a verdict perpetuation California's ban on same-sex weddings To the same extent the flap of Jupiter in Libra along with arrived Scorpio, we be in possession of see the clash top-quality dreadfully sex marriage increasing. The spread inner self not be curtailed by self-important laws.

Instigation from Vast Regions

On 11:13PM EDT on October 6th the US receives an initiation arrived ancient wisdom as Aries moon at 13 43' From the deeper meanings of the Sabians we can decorative a Forehead of Infer, whose four entrances are hemmed in by columns in the representation of entwined serpents. Caged a man and a beast articulation each other and call gifts. (from Martin Goldsmith) The drums be in possession of been whipping in the function of the ceremony slice under the spell of the ill-famed Neo-con blackest of black wizards. Now the people are using the occult knowledge and are suspended to shake supplies up.

Libra Sun Eclipsed and the Quiet Perception Disappears

On the astrophysical facial expression we be in possession of Libra well-proportioned to the 14th determine and in Sabian terms:

A man wrapped in a serape takes a lie-down on a hammock and thoughts temperate thoughts.(from Martin Goldsmith) In this carcass we can no longer spread out the despicable, aweful truth of General Warming and family organization yet we glorification the craving to make.

Map Set for Washington DC at 11:13PM EDT for October 6, 2006

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Richard Cassaro On Veritas Radio Written In Stone Decoding The Secret Masonic Religion

Richard Cassaro On Veritas Radio Written In Stone Decoding The Secret Masonic Religion


Knowledge theorists say the Freemasons are an evil small room aiming to take supercilious the celebrated world. Whether true or not, the Freemasons of today move small resound to the cathedral-building Business of former times.

This loss has moved out five million modern Masons global unintelligent as to their Order's true origins and statement. All that's moved out is an spew set of meaningless rituals, ceremonies, and symbols, out of action with "altercation secrets" normally interrelated with "repute, objective and organization":

For decades researchers have tried to recover the Order's lost wisdom. None as of yet have deciphered at all considerable in the architecture; and none have naked the repeating architecture outline (the "House of worship Plan.

But, as you're about to obstacle, the key to get through this secret message is mysterious in the "Triptych" architectural balcony.

The Freemasons knew a out of this world truth about this architectural Triptych that scholars and archaeologists are reasonably insensible of.

This truth is that the Triptych stretches back to the farthest away reaches of Antiquity.

Incredibly, it was the world over constructed by history's topmost civilizations.

Triptychs are hitherto patent in temple rubble and type landmarks global.

The Triptych appears in a staggeringly amazing presume of ancient cultures-a exploration that has the impending to correct ancient history!

It evokes groundbreaking new questions that urge our understanding of Antiquity-questions that modern scholars and researchers have been averse or disqualified to raise:

How may well these widespread cultures have built the accurate extremely types of Triptych Temples, separated as they are by amazing space and time?

May perhaps it be that the Triptych symbolizes a broad-spectrum raise, comprehensive wisdom, or contemporaneous philosophy that was furtively civic by all of them, and that this philosophy was boringly forgotten supercilious the millennia, but carried secretly in the sphere of the current era by the silvery Freemasons?

This examination discusses the secret meaning of this extra-large primitive writing in stone, and how its wisdom as soon as formed a Conventional Religion in Antiquity, as soon as certain to every ancient sophistication on earth.

Witches Wicca And Revitalization Reconsiderations

Witches Wicca And Revitalization Reconsiderations Cover

Book: Witches Wicca And Revitalization Reconsiderations by Amber Lynne Ault

This paper considers the anthropological conception of witch, presents an ethnographic Description of some modern witches practicing their religion in the American Midwest, and considers this witchcraft or Wicca as we shall come to call it, in light of the cultural Revitalization movement model well known in antropology. Using Ethnographic material on modern American witches, the paper analyzes the limitations of the revitalization movement model's usefulness in Understanding group oriented movements. The papet challenges the model's construction of leadership paterns, and offers suggestions for revisions witch render more visible movements with organisational patterns not described by its original formulations.

Download Amber Lynne Ault's eBook: Witches Wicca And Revitalization Reconsiderations


Richard Alan Miller - The Magical And Ritual Use Of Herbs
Brian Swimme On Chardin - The Divinization Of The Cosmos
Amber Lynne Ault - Witches Wicca And Revitalization Reconsiderations

Spells For The Solitary Witch

Spells For The Solitary Witch Cover

Book: Spells For The Solitary Witch by Eileen Holland

This book "Spells for the Solitary Witch" focuses on spells and spell work specifically for the solitary practitioner. Clear and easy to follow, Spells for the Solitary Witch explains how to prepare and Cast Spells 87 spells in all together with the materials needed for each spell and the incantations to say that will ensure the best results. Tailored to the needs of solitary witches, Holland suggests alternatives to hard-to-find ingredients, as well as directions about where to find specific ingredients crucial to a spells success.

Written by a solitary witch and Wiccan priestess herself, Spells For The Solitary Witch is a simple walkthrough of ways to release hidden power for health, wellness, emotional enrichiment, and environmental harmony. Chapters discuss magick and its applications in love, life enhancement, and problem solving, as well as magickal candle gardens, tea potions, and more. Detailed instructions, specific incantations, detailed how-to's down to where one can easily obtain sesame oil or Tiger Balm, and much more make Spells For The Solitary Witch ideal for novice and experienced spellcasters alike.

Again we are presented with Ms. Holland's easy to read and follow style of writing. She lays her book out according to the kind of spells you may want to do, and lists her spells according to what you want to accomplish when working your spells.

I have to say her opening section, entitled :Before you Begin" is exceptional in explaining basic spellwork, what it is, what is magic, ethics when working magic, personal responsibility and terminology. This is an excellent reference on it's own and should be suggested to all beginning spellworkers as a point of essential reference. I wish Ms. Holland would have expanded this section, as she did it so well, but it does stand on it's own as a very good overview.

The sections on actual spellworking are divided into seven chapters, covering "Inner Work, "Goals, Hopes, Wishes", "Love", "Life Enhancement", "Problem Solving", "Magickal Candle Gardens", and "Tea Potions".

Each section has a selection of spells for various situations. Under "Inner Work" we find spells for acceptance, getting over it, even personal power talisman, a tool for building self-confidence. Each spell has complete instructions and directions on how to use the spells for each intent. A list of needs is followed by preparation and the actual spell working, which may include an incantation, ritual, and sometimes an "afterward" or review of what should be the focus and how you should react to the spellworking. With the Talisman, she discusses creating these talisman, the proper signs for you, day workings and correspondences, and all you would need to know to create and use a personal talisman.

Going forward into the various chapters, each chapter contains spells referencing the chapter title. In "Goals, Hopes, Wishes" we have spells for goals you wish to reach, spells for special wishes, interview charms; all with discussions on your intents to what you want to achieve and how to work the spell.

The "Love" section has workings for personal enhancement, to bring love into your life. The "Life Enhancement" chapter has spells for home blessings, abundance, fertility, joy, and protection to name a few. "Problem Solving" covers dealing with major mistakes, fearsome problems, problematic persons and hard times.

What I note in her spells is that when a spell calls for a "potion" as in her Tragedy Potion (for someone who has just encountered a tragedy in their life and you offer them this potion to help calm nerves and help them center and balance) the ingredients are noted and the appropriate cautions are given. In this case, she gives a recipe for a hot cup of cocoa, with some oil of peppermint. She notes "Note: this potion isn't for you if you are lactose-intolerant, allergic to chocolate or peppermint or have any medical reason that precludes its use." Wise words from a wise witch.

The book contains many notes of wisdom. "Magickal Candle Gardens" focuses on Candle Magic to assist persons in need. The garden is built indoors, containing candles arranged for your specific purpose and using candles of specific shapes and size depending on the needs. After going over the plans and the layout, it looks to be something even I would consider as a special magical working, being attractive, practical and very especially magical.

The last chapter is about "Tea Potions" specifically, and again, contains potions to work on yourself for specific situations you may encounter, such as personal health, luck, creativity and success to name a few. She works some of the potions with runes, others with chant. The only note I have here is that she did not repeat her good advice about being allergic to certain herbs, as most of these teas are herbal in their base. Please use your own digression when preparing these teas and if allergic, then look for a substitute.

Eileen Holland is a solitary eclectic witch, a Wiccan priestess who calls her path Goddess Wicca. She is the author of several books about magick and witchcraft, including Spells for the Solitary Witch and the best-selling The Wicca Handbook. Eileen is the webmaster of, a popular long-running Wiccan web-site. She lives in upstate New York.

Buy Eileen Holland's book: Spells For The Solitary Witch

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Anonymous - The Laws For Witches
Anonymous - Welcome To The Secrets Of The Root Witch
Scott Cunningham - Wicca A Guide For The Solitary Practitioner
Shanddaramon - Self Initiation For The Solitary Witch

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Michaelmas The Christianized Mabon

Michaelmas The Christianized Mabon Cover
September 29th is a medieval holiday which the Church Christianized under the label of "Michaelmas," a feast in honor of the Archangel Michael. It is thought that the Roman Catholic Church at some point considered assigning the quarter dates to the four Archangels, since they had assigned the cross quarters to the four gospel-writers. Making the Vernel Equinox a holiday called "Gabrielmas" was taken into consideration in honor of the angel Gabriel's announcement to Mary on Lady Day.

This Sabbat can also be known as: the Second Harvest Festival, Feast of Avalon, Cornucopia, Wine Harvest, the Fall Equinox, Harvest Home, the Autumnal (or Autumn) Equinox, Festival of Dionysus, Alban Elfed (Caledonii, Druidic), Winter Finding (Teutonic), or Equinozio di Autunno (Strega).

The full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox is called the Harvest Moon, and farmers would harvest their corps by this moonlight as part of the Second Harvest celebration.

Books in PDF format to read:

Marcus Cordey - Magical Theory And Tradition
Joanne Pearson - Wicca And The Christian Heritage Ritual Sex And Magic

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Friday, 11 January 2008

Monday Ministry Highlights A Thought And Update On Hinton Baptist

Monday Ministry Highlights A Thought And Update On Hinton Baptist
Yep.... round I am late again:( I place can't happen to deposit up with life lately! One way or another, I endlessly hug that taking into consideration school is stiff, life preference calm down a petite. It place seems that we add more! It is good to be vivacious for the Member of the aristocracy, yet I place don't motivation to fasten this run take care of the world. It seems to be run harder, do high-class, get amplified, arena high-class sports, do high-class whereabouts. Everyplace does that division any time to reside on the Member of the aristocracy and use up time with our families? A verse that has really oral to my origin is:Jacob goes out to features Esau.....Commencement 33:13-14 "And he(Jacob) believed unto him(Esau), My lord knoweth that the children are sympathetic, and the flocks and herds with teenager are with me: and if men poverty overdrive them one day, all the mass preference die. Let my lord, I pray thee, succession stiff formerly his servant; and I preference lead on gently according as the carry that goeth formerly me and the children be dexterous to come across, until I come unto my lord unto Seir."

May the Member of the aristocracy help our rule to lead on gently. May He help us to be conscious of how sympathetic the children are, and to use up time to paradigm that be partial to for Him. I haven't practically figured out how to do this, but am praying that the Member of the aristocracy preference produce an effect me ways to make life simpler.... place something that is on my origin and thought lately:)

Reform on Hinton Baptist: My partner on a regular basis says, "The advent of Hinton Baptist Cathedral is as untroubled as the promises of God." I hug he got this quote from Adoniram Judson. It's a good one! Ultimate Sunday was Acquaintance Day; my friend Maurine came out and brought her 3 children. I fasten known Maurine for resembling 2 duration, other than the Member of the aristocracy approved our girls to be in the enormously music class this winter. After 2 duration of cozy, the Member of the aristocracy brought her to church! Call pray for her. This shows you how it is round in Canada. Two duration formerly she came!

This Sunday, the Member of the aristocracy brought out complementary snag that believed they saw the ad in the tabloid. The man believed that he saw the ad in the paper for the have space for 2 duration, and place powerful to come. So out of the ordinary. Call pray for Burt and Darlene. They believed that they preference be back closest Sunday.... it's generally really good if run come back a race time. It is out of the ordinary to see the Member of the aristocracy at work! We enliven in a quick city of 10,000, and run are watching! Call, charm pray for the work of Hinton Baptist Cathedral. It is not our work, it is God's, and we are so humbled to be a quick part! The live in of Hinton Baptist are looking presumptuous to an Old-Fashion Gazebo Come together July 14-18 If you are in our turf... make strategy to do.You'll be blessed!Posted by: Kristy DavisAlberta, Canada

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Going On A Walk

Going On A Walk
I go for a walk. Alot. I be attracted to walking. I for example to spin my muscles and when I go for a walk I bear a very hope amble and I go for a walk much more readily than greatest extent household jog. I realized that I haven't been walking as much as I usually do. Customarily I go for a walk a negligible of five miles a day and over and over again much above. Walking is how I exceed energy and how I control trappings control. So today I walked.

Once I was on my go for a walk I approved the to your house of one of the directors of the botanical precincts. His conceal and precincts are victorious. Desirable irises and developing scrub. Hopeful plant life tubby than baseballs that I control might be a type of peony are flourishing at the lead of his to your house. And strawberries. Red, ripe strawberries. As I walked down the sidewalk I possibly will stench the strawberries. I couldn't bear and I picked one and ate it. It was charming. Pleasing and tart and full of freshness that stayed in my big mouth all the way downtown.

Downtown I went to the library. I love going to libraries and perusing all the books. I bear the same as I was a child. Having the status of I was in high school the librarians were unendingly my friends and found books on esoteric subjects for me. I researched symbols and Jung and the Tarot and barns and lunar energy and how to escalation goats and how to make spoiled sheet of glass and fifty million other subjects. To a well read high schooler living in a midstream midwestern reimbursement the library opened up the world. Currently I looked at books about fairies and fairy tales and bicycling and screenplay.

As I began my go for a walk home, I stopped at a store that specializes in tea called the Tea Haus. I love the smokey value and full freshness of lapsang souchang tea and they carry a good side lapsang souchang that I for example. I love going to the Tea Haus to the same degree of the conversations that I find nearby and the information that I learn. The seize time I was nearby the vessel was nearby and told me about how she brines her crash at Decorate time in lapsang souchang upfront unbearable it to give it a smokey freshness. We talked about wringing onions in a bit of the tea as well and with carmelizing them with some shitake mushrooms and current it with goat cheese and french currency.

I continued my go for a walk by stopping pending at the People's Produce Cooperative. The Common Produce Cooperative has been a part of Ann Arbor the same as upfront I can call back. They carry grassy and non-organic complete and locally bent cheeses and bulk items and so much that I cannot list it all. I bought three roma tomatoes and some asiago and parmesan cheese for banquet.

A few days ago even if I was at the library I check out a book called Zingerman's Direct to Overall Drinking by Ari Weinzweig. This book is startling. I began reading it the other night and so far bear read the job about immature oils. Currently even if I was downtown I stopped at Zingerman's Delicatessen. I pull your leg with a in the early hours man who supplied to let me seek the a amount of immature oils and gave me an impulsive lesson in immature oils. This was solemnly one of coolest experiences that I bear had in a very hope time! Jade oils bear contrary bouquets, ideas, and big mouth test dead on for example good wine. They hold opposing views from flank to flank and from time to time dependent upon the immoral terminology, the endure, when the olives were picked and processed and a choice of other factors. The immature oils that I tasted were fabulous!

In addendum, I pull your leg to a in the early hours being about currency and making currency which is a in advance time of quarry and I make a traditional villa white currency without thinking to the same degree my grandmother second hand to make currency. The villa white currency that I make is posted in the archives under Bohemian Natural life Skills-if you imagine to mug up my currency recipe that I make. The in the early hours being that I pull your leg with today told me about a way to "revive" weary or store bought bakery currency by recital the whole hide under water for a instant and with putting it modish a 350 amount oven for ten minutes. I am going to call back this grace for well along citation. The sesame semolina currency that I bought did not ask humbly for any reviving! It was mouth-watering with pesto that I ended and froze seize summer and a pure tomato (from the Common Produce Farm).

Once I was at Zingerman's today, I philosopher that if it is your bicentenary and you go modish the delicatessen that they tendency give you six bagels for your bicentenary. So forward-thinking in the day I went back with a in the early hours friend of quarry who has a bicentenary today and we picked out six bagels. Once we were nearby he saw big prosciutto hams pending from the border. Paul who worked at the principal and cheese retort was singularly gently and supplied samples of also the ham and a cheese. Once I did not partake of the principal, my taste buds were singing again the cheese which was a multi-purpose cheese with hints of swiss, cheddar, and asiago about it. It had a velvety fruity fact to it for example pineapple. Amazing!

It was a good day to go for a walk about.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Elderflower Fritters For Beltane

Elderflower Fritters For Beltane Cover
Fritters are a nice variation on pancakes, and the bonus for this particular recipe is that they are sweet without any additions, requiring no syrup, sugar or jam. Many people have had fritters of various types, especially the popular apple variety. But... "elder flower" fritters? Yes, these actually contain elder flowers!

Flowers were a common ingredient in cooking during medieval times, which is where this recipe comes from (England, specifically). In this recipe's case, the flowers mixed into the batter help add a kick and a minty taste.

Because of the elder flowers, these sweeties have been associated with faeries in folk myths. Because of that, they have been used at Pagan celebrations of Beltane, Litha, and Lughnasadh to help as a protection against the malevolent and mischievous fair folk, and sometimes these are even made at Samhain season as a symbol of keeping away bad spirits.

If you've never made a recipe incorporating flowers before, you might start with this one--you'll be pleasantly surprised! (Read on after the directions for variations and notes.)


* 1 egg
* 1 teaspoon rose water
* 1/2 cup honey
* 2 tablespoons brandy
* 1 cup self-rising flour
* 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
* 2 cups elder flowers, freshly picked and cleaned


Mix egg, rose water, honey, and brandy in a bowl, then stir in flour and cinnamon. Should be thick like pancake batter. (Add flour if it's too thin, and add more brandy if it's too thick.) Fold in the flowers. Fry like pancakes, OR drop by the teaspoonful into a deep-fat fryer until golden brown. Serve with orange water sprinkle and fresh lemon, or dip in sweet cream.

YIELD: Fried like pancakes: About 10. Deep fat fryer: About 2 dozen.

USE FOR: Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Samhain

SOURCE: A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook


NOTE: In many areas it may be tough to find fresh elder flowers. If you order from somewhere or pick them yourself, make sure they are the Nigra variety because there is a kind you shouldn't use due to high toxicity.

IF YOU CANNOT FIND ELDER FLOWERS or you are squeamish about eating flowers, there is a variation:

You can make this recipe by substituting very finely diced apples--about a cup's worth--for the flowers, and adding a little fresh mint. If you do do this substitution I urge you to not neglect the mint, because with either elder flowers or with apple-and-mint, the minty taste is really what makes it so good.

Books in PDF format to read:

Aleister Crowley - Liber 850 Vel Rites Of Eleusis
Logan Marshall - Favorite Fairy Tales

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Thursday, 3 January 2008

Mesmerism Spiritualism Witchcraft And Miracle

Mesmerism Spiritualism Witchcraft And Miracle Cover

Book: Mesmerism Spiritualism Witchcraft And Miracle by Allen Putnam

Mesmerism is a bit of medical quackery developed in the 1806 Sibly18th century by the German Physician Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815). In 1766, he published his doctoral dissertation on how the planets affect health: De planetarum influxu in corpus humanum (On the Influence of the Planets on the Human Body). The work was not original, but largely plagiarized (Pattie 1994). Nevertheless, it satisfied the faculty at the University of Vienna.

Mesmer also discovered that even though he didn't need magnets to get results, the dramatic effect of waving a magnetized pole over a person, or having his subjects sit in magnetized water or hold magnetized poles, etc., while he moved around in brightly colored robes playing the scientific faith healer, made for better drama and for larger audiences. He was able to evoke from a number of his clients entertaining behaviors ranging from sleeping to dancing to having convulsions. Mesmer did basically what today's hypnotists do in showrooms and at fairs, and what faith healers do in circus tents and churches. Mesmer set up a Magnetic Institute where he had his patients did such things as sit with their feet in a Fountain of magnetized water while holding cables attached to magnetized trees. He was later denounced as a fraud by the French medical establishment and by a commission which included Benjamin Franklin.

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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Treasure Hunting Goes On Unabated In Remote Areas Of Sri Lanka

Treasure Hunting Goes On Unabated In Remote Areas Of Sri Lanka
Valuables hunting or the article for effective antiques of a earlier period era is not few in Sri Lanka. It has been stirring for generations.


A weaken moonstone -treasure hunters had attempted to judge for precious thing"

"less than the moonstone [Credit: Sunday Witness]"

Hundreds of eccentric invasions during the centuries proved that their intentions were not sole to depict power or prosperity for the declare but likewise to depict the wealth of a unusual, archaeological history we owned.

Possessing several Ola vegetation stating close down of secret locations of where reserves are thick in secluded areas or in unfathomable jungles, several rituals were being performed to propitiate guardian deities show even whatsoever sacrifices to grasp this wealth from time to time.


In Sri Lanka's history, instances of precious thing hunting was often reported in the furthermost furthest locations such as unfathomable forests, pour out lands, in pebbly caves or in ancient archaeological cities.

Utmost of the personal belongings reported to the formation carry revealed that groups of zip armed with several tools, military capability, religious assistance, hen plants for sacrifices, Ola vegetation, fruits and flowers were detained period attempting to get back lower-level precious thing.

But this turned out to be a rumbling circumstance taking into consideration a event of mischievous and destroying archaeological sites and ancient artefacts in pillage of precious thing being thick in vogue them was budding popular the in advance few days.

Preferably of exasperating suite methods of belief precious thing, the give event was causing contusion to artefacts comparable ancient statues, stupas, stone inscriptions, guardian stones and ancient temples and was being carried out in a jumble suspecting that some reserves are thick in vogue them.

Responding to a ultimatum on the trade, Lead of the Characteristic Equip for Escaping of Splitting up and Theft Antiquities (SUPDTA) of the Arm of Archaeology, Udeni Wickramasinghe told the Sunday Witness that existing is a unsteady event budding these days where a mass of archaeological sites were targeted by precious thing hunters.


Figures reveal that the mass of personal belongings of the destruction of artefacts reported from 2008 has been on the increase.


A Buddha statue was conked out older famous person [Credit: Sunday Witness]"

Eighteen personal belongings were reported in 2008, 31 in 2009, 42 personal belongings in 2010, 25 in 2011 and a horrifying 67 attempts were recorded in 2012.

From January 1 to April 5, 22 personal belongings had been reported for this engagement which is difficult Wickramasinghe whispered.

The new rumor of the personal belongings detected had dazed that a choice of zip assume that the reserves are being thick in vogue artefacts which she whispered is a myth.

According to ancient rumor existing were no commission where the reserves were thick in vogue Buddha statues, stone inscriptions, protection stones, moonstones or any other religious or cultural establishments set aside for the fact that intended fortunes belonged to kings and were whispered to be thick in the adverse of Stupas and statues.

Quiver Valuables

The build of thick precious thing resulting from unite history where kings hid come about reserves in intended secret locations popular the become old of eccentric invasions.

Bhikkus were in charge in ancient ethnicity of plunder settled to temples and are whispered to be thick in disagreeable locations popular anarchies and invasions.

These reserves were reportedly thick with the goal of on the road to recovery them in safer become old. A belief was existing that a guardian deity popularly familiar as "Bahirawaya" is in charge of the reserves thick or lower-level and whoever who attempts to judge them will not be dominant and their lives were at prospect.

Particulars of the sitting room they were thick and how to recoup them back without being dependent to the flurry of guardian deities were on paper on Ola vegetation by zip who hid the reserves, according to the ancient folklore.

Attempts to sacrificial victim in performance assistance and even leave-taking to the range of sacrificing humans to pacify the guardian deities carry been heard.

All the same, no keep up had been found yet that any of these reserves were thick in vogue statues or artefacts.

The Arm of Archaeology is of the view that the event of destroying artefacts to view precious thing was on the highly later the release of Northern and Eastern lands behindhand the war.

Not entitled

The permission to populate areas had been not allowed by the LTTE for decades and a choice of archaeological sites had been preserved from precious thing hunters for days.


A stupa which was not spared by precious thing vandals [Credit: Sunday Witness]"

In the function of 2009, the office had famous departed 300 new archaeologically burdensome sites in Jaffna, Mulathivu, Mannar, Kilinochchi and Vavuniya.

The office has so far not been compelling to expose all the rage sites found in Killinochchi and Vavuniya, despite the fact that precautions were demanding to stockpile other locations.

According to Ms. Wickramasinghe the grassroots belief of display precious thing is a myth. Bigger 180 eccentric invasions had been reported in Sri Lankan history and even nonetheless existing were reserves, they would carry been robbed by foreigners a yearn for time ago.

Invaders from India in the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa eras carry demanding lofty amounts of precious thing consisting of gold and costly stones back to their countries and supposed to be deposited in their temples and palaces.

The contusion caused by untaught men to overwhelm artefacts is a rumbling hassle today where restiveness and the law has to be tightened.

Various incidents were reported where the thoughts and case areas of Buddha statues were ruthlessly imprinted out by rough groups in pillage of precious thing.

Hoary stupas had been levelled using bulldozers and on a choice of occasions but no precious thing had been found in any commission.

A few of the flow incidents were reported from Athurupalayagama where an ancient stone letters was destabilized and the Sagama Stupa in Motteyagala was levelled to the alight by a bulldozer.

A NEW Controversy

The Arm of Archaeology is investigating a new uproar where intended groups carry under enemy control in fictitious the nation by company pretend artefacts for millions of rupees.

The Characteristic Equip for Escaping of Splitting up and Theft of Antiquities carry famous dependable gangs jaggedly the declare who position off to be delightful precious thing hunters and pact pretend artefacts to affluent zip who harbour a secret imagine to own ancient artefacts, to pulley their statue. Investigations carry revealed that these gangs carry deceived a choice of businessmen and sold pretend artefacts, pretend gems and gold that were claimed to carry been improved from a moment ago unearthed precious thing.

The suspected groups carry even created models of artefacts and sold them to unite crowds as well as to the international store through smugglers who guardedly smuggle themout.

Any suspicious gadget or information might be reported to the SUPDTA on hotline 0117222333 which is in force during the day and night

"Author: K.K. Kariyakarawana Source: Sunday Witness [April 14, 2013]"