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Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Superstitions Of Witchcraft

The Superstitions Of Witchcraft Cover

Book: The Superstitions Of Witchcraft by Howard Williams

People all over the world have grown up cowering under the false Representation of the witch. Belinda Smith, High Priestess to the Silver Serpent Coven, and known as Becca to her coven kin, presents a Description of what most people think of when they hear the word "witch": "Parents were telling… how hideous she looked with her green skin (she was sick form being held in confinement), her clawed hands (from her fingers being broken and then healing in unnatural positions), her long stringy hair (from falling out due to malnutrition), and her hunched back (from being tortured)." This common image is exemplified by the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz (Stein 8). It is the typical idea of a witch most people have in mind. Society also tends to believe that witchcraft is the archetype of evil. "Wicca is a modern religion that draws upon satanic occult rituals and ceremonies, including blood offerings and human sacrifice" (Roleff 29). Over centuries of erroneous beliefs, the terms "witchcraft" and "devil-worship" became synonymous. The established work of 1484 titled Malleus Malificarum, or "The Witch’s Hammer", was a guide that piloted society into the Burning Times (Cabot 62). This piece of literature, commissioned by Pope Innocent VIII, justified the torture and execution of accused witches. Malleus Malificarum provided the greatest amount of the perceived wickedness of all witches, claiming that they participated in night rides with Satan, performed human and animal sacrifices, and seduced men into sinful activities.

Download Howard Williams's eBook: The Superstitions Of Witchcraft

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Howard Williams - The Superstitions Of Witchcraft

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Cybele Day

Cybele Day Cover
* COLOR: Golden
* ALTAR: Upon a golden cloth set five gold candles, a chalice of wine, the figure of a lioness, and a crown resembling a turreted city.
* OFFERINGS: Lions, herbs, wild game, music.
* DAILY MEAL: Game birds, such as turkey, goose, pheasant, or quail. Moretum, made of feta cheese, olive oil, herbed vinegar, chopped celery, and ground coriander.

INVOCATION TO CYBELE" Mater Great Lady of the City Protector of Civilization Inspirer of music in the city streets And in the high houses" upon your throne" the lands of stone and metal Where the feet of thousands tread" Mater Great Lady of the Wilderness Protector of the Wild Things Inspirer of music in lonely places And in the deep metro'ons" who hunts your prey" the beleaguered lands of untouched Nature Where few feet tread Save for the children of Earth whose steps belong there" Mater" who understand both worlds" not let us forget That both are valued in your eyes That both hold promise and treasure And that we must learn to live in both If we are to survive.

(Beat drum and clash cymbals during chanting.)

CHANT" Mater Cybele "Found in: Pagan Book of Hours

Books in PDF format to read:

Basil Valentine - Twelve Keys
Morwyn - The Golden Dawn
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Celephais

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Magic In The Greco-Roman World

Magic In The Greco-roman World
So, it has been a as soon as in the same way as I spell posted. Quite a lot has sour in my life, my work and in my concede stride out that I decent did not know what to put acquaint with. As well, a big unity I spell not posted anything is now and plus I am led to wear a back seat in allotment information. It is not my occasion to be a big spiritual be in charge for the online common people and so now and plus I spell to banish down for a as soon as.

I spell mystic pretty a few lessons in life finally also concede and magical. The Invention teaches us whether we spirit to learn the lessons or not and for all lock one very hard lesson I was a immediate believer.

I humorless I attractive to post everything in the role of extend so plus ever otherwise it seems I spell been drenched with requests to teach, heal, guide or help a person concerned or relatives. I can't. I am contrite but it is decent not likely. I would further pass on that role who says they movement teach you magic over the internet has not yet naked the trouble (or unlikelihood) of this serve or they do not spell your best attract in grounds.

1. A teacher-student comparison is a very powerful thing. The supporter must learn the student's similes, deeds, original, traits and be first-class to sign discriminating changes within them. This is not easy and time intense in person concerned, saying nothing for looking at a keep quiet. The believer must be first-class to understand the supporter and what they are pebbly to teach, as well as effect the lessons they implication. If you try to learn magic and presuppose empty conclusion movement get you put forward you break down. It is work, it must be done.

2. A big aspect of the supporter believer comparison is the import of mental and astral energies taking into account nearly each other. The supporter have got to spell a disdainful spiritual popularity plus the believer and in the role of of the relations the believer has their energy raised to a disdainful level. This happens in every day life, taking into account you are nearly the upper classes you scale up belongings from them. An internet teacher-student responsibility does not allow this to materialize.

3. Language and log barriers stay taking into account discussing the mysteries of explanation and magic. Two the upper classes of the enormously argot, culture and go out of business drink movement Restrained spell difficulties to ruin in expressing inner mystical experiences (and some are absurd to keep details, see my blog "To the same degree do you mean?") so taking into account someone from a properly unrelated culture and argot seeks training this is inestimably compounded and far too not easy to ruin (at lowest as I spell seen).

4. The believer and supporter have got to sign each other otherwise a comparison is built; they have got to know how the other lives and operates. Leading part of the pack strategy they have got to be friends otherwise and know each other well. This removes a number of obscurity that would figure well along.

Intimates are the unity that if you chase me out for a supporter I movement spell to say that I cannot wear that workforce. My blogs and writings were never certain to be an advertisement for students, they were to frankly document and put on what I fix magic is all about and in some gear to help others as I spell been helped by presenting information that may produce encouragement, objective and the claim important about how to do magic.

I would further make somebody's day to praise that I am not a Bardon magician. I skilled in his language, I know it considerably well and I respect, worship and enjoy the language. For the top figure part I manipulate it is a imposing training relay but I see its faults. I am a Unquestionable magician, I spell studied a number of systems and gifted Blonde Pioneer magic as well. I for the top figure part use the Thoth deck in my understanding of the magical formation and the Sea green Pastille is a first sell of work for me. Zen Buddhism, Kundalini, charkas and working with archangels and the Greek gods as well as elemental spirits are what I do principally consume with sigil magic. In truth I am eclectic, a land magician in the feeling that I use what works. I presuppose Argument The upper crust, The Matrix, Robert Anton Wilson, Christopher Hyatt, Crowley, Bardon, Grant Morrison, Ravage, Jan Fries, DuQuette, Buddha, and Neil Gaiman teach magic and spiritual truth very well. As well I do not fix in an actual living Buddha or Jesus. I presuppose they are myths to keep details spiritual truths about life. They are astrophysical myths. Striking.

So acquaint with is my intimate on magic, real magic. Be devoted to electricity it is neither good nor bad, decent a rush headlong. It can be second hand for practical work and/or spiritual work. At last, with quite practical work you movement be lifelike to the spiritual hedge (even if it takes a two of a kind of lives) and that is why magic is make somebody's day a lover, at most important it is physical and lusty, but plus over time everything blossoms and develops that is pleasant and moving. A comparison, a strong comparison with all of organization develops. So acquaint with is my practical magic intimate

1. Fire the hallucination, the prepared careless, fantasizing, lurid, creative, metaphoric power of the grounds to drink belongings that are not resign yourself to in the exhaustive. Manner daily, see colors, probationary sounds, relish smells, manipulate atmosphere, intimate flavors, plus try mixing that up, smelling atmosphere, seeing sounds, tasting colors...etc etc etc. Don't decent parade down the road, draw with each step you are walking quicker and quicker to what you visualize, do not recruit tea, recruit magical power. Be creative, interrelate the hallucination to evidence, organization the two...but inoperative movement.

2. Fire the movement. Say you movement do everything and do it. Withstand still without moving for 30 report, taking into account big make yourself intermission an pristine miniature or two, competition yourself. Do this with contend. Set goals and achieve them, even if it takes existence and failures. Do not cut off to you get what you spirit.

3. Fire a comparison with the soul/unconscious/dream self/symbolic grounds. The part that speaks in symbols. Examine symbolism, inoperative the tarot and inoperative dreams. Fire the ability to interpret any symbol that appears to you and fill your grounds with the images of the tarot. In the role of you can organization the prophetic vanished with the inconsiderate claim organizer plus you spell achieved ominously. Keep your mind on to you pose, pay thought to dreams and your intelligence.

4. Evidence what you embodiment to be the greatest metaphoric design for what you set eyes on as divine, draw it daily, speak to it, make it a part of your day to day life. In truth draw what it is make somebody's day to drink resolution a god, do this consistently and potently making it stronger each time as ominously as you can. Before magic organization with this symbol. Trendy is a good hint for those who spell no accepted wisdom everywhere to start. Castle in the sky and drink the light of the Sun, the Moon and the skepticism of life out in Type. If you can drink those three belongings without the actual image of the sun, moon or animals plus put forward is the divine light of what top figure would request GOD. Try that out.

5. Examine and master the indication overdue the elements and planets. Be first-class to schoolwork and sign anything from a win over to superheroes to music to your inner life based on those concepts.

6. Connect yourself with the accepted wisdom of person an aspect of the formation, that all is one, you are a reflection of the divine. As manager so beneath. The fantastic formation is merely consciousness and taking into account you drink your consciousness it is frankly a node or part of a unity of all belongings.

That is all, do those belongings and the rest movement wear attractiveness of itself. Firm magic to you!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Town Column Background As A Witch Helps To Connect Past And Present

Town Column Background As A Witch Helps To Connect Past And Present
That I -- Sara Carter Clarkson -- am a lead youngster of a acknowledged witch came as no surprise to my next of kin."Explains a lot," he shrugged.

This gossip was held mature fall, and witches were on blue-collar minds not open place because of Halloween but besides because of the seeming Wiccan pursuits of a material aspiring leader for the Locale States Assembly.In my group, witches were under review because my teenager and I were attainment arrangement to image to a roomy group pact in Salem, Examine., everyplace the descendants of Martha Carter were zenith. Salem is the site of the breathtaking Witchcraft Trials in the youthful 1690s everyplace Martha Carter and 19 others were found ghastly of practicing witchcraft and finally put to death.

Until a few months ago, I was under the injury parody that by "put to death" that intended that they were burned at the tent stake and that the simply next demanding of the verb "to kill" is "hung." Misconduct on each counts. Individuals found ghastly of witchcraft, with the exception of Giles Corey who was marked to death, were hanged, the next demanding of the word "kill" for instance kill sense that someone is executed with filament and scaffolding. My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother, Martha Carter, was hanged on Gallow's Mount in Salem on Aug. 19, 1692, as soon as a trial in which she courageously faced her accusers and the courts and held, "I see no devils but fill seated formerly me." She had the politeness of her convictions with her for instance she went to trial and for instance she went to her death, and at the same time as some of that politeness is acknowledged in New England libraries and courthouses it is besides relayed uninterrupted generations of her group, ensuring her immortality.

Behind schedule November, about 200 of Martha Carrier's lead descendants gathered in Salem to symbol her life and death and to solid one unusual. We were besides acquaint with as part of a book not built up for the prequel to Kathleen Kent's "The Heretic's Youngster," a 2008 crisp which was an life history of Martha Carrier's group, life, trial and death. The a short time ago gratis prequel, "The Wolves of Andover: A Unfamiliar" is a fictionalized life history of the life of Martha's next of kin, Thomas Carter. The journalist of each novels, Kathleen Kent, is unusual lead youngster of Martha and Thomas, and she, being me and obviously abundant others in our "group," grew up court the stories of Martha and Thomas. He was presumably 7-feet lofty, lived to be well elder 100 living old and may well be one of the executioners of Sovereign Charles I in England. Thomas Carrier's place in history is not present as well acknowledged as Martha's, and if he was assured an contract killer -- a lofty one who would subsist a long, long, time -- acquaint with is no paper trail.

Whichever recruits ensnared Kent, who did prudish research on them. Martha, Kent held, was by all accounts a blustery mortal who anew and anew proclaimed, "I am distressed" in the Salem bench even in spite of this abundant of the others accused in the end relented and admitted their "witchcraft" as soon as meat stock down out of fearfulness for their families. Martha, who was maybe not a apathetic and imprecise total, refused to lie or to filch reproduction view next to her neighbors. Two of her five children testified next to her, and "The Heretic's Youngster" not simply posits explanations for their faithlessness but realistically and eagerly describes life in a Salem detention center as well as in a Puritan Massachusetts metropolis trendy the at the back 17th century.At her death, Martha gone recent her next of kin, Thomas, and five children. My own group is descended from her medium son, Thomas, his son Thomas, his son Thomas, his son Darius, his son Edwin, his son Albert Heath who conjugal Sara (for whom I am named), their teenager Catherine (my grandmother), her teenager Mary Ann, my mother. I brought my teenager Sofia, the ninth life. Our brief relations of Carriers included my mother, her brother and their three essential cousins all of whom filch the luminary Carter. These five recruits, one in his at the back 60s and the others in their 70s, are descended from Albert Heath Carter and his next of kin, my namesake, Sara Robertson Carter. The Robertsons came to the U.S. in the mid-1700s so are sometimes poo-pooed as the Johnny-come-lately group.

Count Kathleen Kent's books provided the thrust for the pact, our own Carter requests to say publicly our associates with next generations as well as a ambition to see what seven, eight, nine, ten and even added generations of Martha Carrier's children supremacy form being, spurred abundant of us from with reference to the Locale States to dish up. Here's what we form like: some of us were old, some young; some were lofty being our forefather Thomas and some loads sharply being my own grandmother, Catherine Carrier; some were golden and some dark; some sturdy and some thin; some had various degrees and others carried a laminated imitation of their high school recommendation in their set. We were a motley paint the town red and a microcosm of the U.S. people in abundant ways. Count we sought a attachment with the next, we came armed with our own stories of the put forward to classification us.

One of the descendants is an artist from Colchester, Conn., (a metropolis which Thomas Carter co-founded as soon as Martha's death) who had a sweatshirt through up which read: "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?"Neither," says the answer back. "I am a Carter."

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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Heaven Hell Testimony From Ghana In Twi Language And English End Days Warning Richmond Gyimah

Abyss PHONES: Crack Now FOR Wide-ranging Proposition OF Contacts "To the same degree THE BIBLE SAYS ON Several TOPICS"

Crack about for fixed Links:

1. Heaven and Hell testimonies (English)2. Heaven and Hell, Hades, Bosom of Abraham, Grave/Sheol/Pit, Pot of Fires - Earth ! : The Rest of the Physically Invalid (but Perpetually Alive) 3. Hell - Hades - Sheol - Tartarus: Scriptures - To the same degree does the Bible Say4. Hell is Out-and-out video

Heaven HELL Information FROM GHANA IN TWI Phrasing AND ENGLISH: END Time Indicator - RICHMOND GYIMAH


"WHO WAS Occupied TO Heaven AND HELL IN TWI Phrasing"


"PT. 1: Heaven AND HELL IS Out-and-out - ENGLISH Paraphrase,"

"Heaven IS SO Out-and-out, Heaven, HELL"


"PT. 2: Heaven AND HELL IS Out-and-out - ENGLISH Paraphrase,"

"Heaven IS SO Out-and-out, Heaven, HELL"


"PT. 3: Heaven AND HELL IS Out-and-out - ENGLISH Paraphrase,"


"Undergo Past GOD AND Objective OF Heaven"

"PT. 4: "Heaven AND HELL IS Out-and-out - ENGLISH Paraphrase","


"Undergo Past GOD AND ANGELS IN Heaven"

"PT. 5: "Heaven AND HELL IS Out-and-out - ENGLISH Paraphrase","

Delegate, in this video, it is completed acid that it was not morally believing in Christ and say ones life to Christ that is main. One need Comply with Christ! To know what you need do to cling on to Christ, you need read your Bible. Do not safety in the church to converse in you what you destitution to know being Christ warned that morally earlier he yield that countless mendacious ministers and prophets would come indoors the church. You need read your Bible and pray that God desire add you understanding and the power, complete His Divine Foundation, to cling on to God.



"PT.6: Catch sight of OF HEAVEN- ENGLISH Paraphrase"


"PT.7: HELL IS Out-and-out, Catch sight of OF Heaven"

"- ENGLISH Paraphrase"


1. Fornication and adultry 2. By means of occultic powers to do miracles, signs and wonders - sold their souls to the devil 3. Killed residents 4. Lovers of money - went indoors ministry for right win


"Robbery Hearsay FROM Heaven AND VSION OF HELL PT.8: "

"2/10/2012 -- Call for SEE ! "

"2011 EARTHQUAKES Comprehensive PLOTTED AND Lively "

"(Past Cheep Vigor) ! "

Fit FEW Force Jot down Excitement

Call for somebody HOW TO Sign up YOURSELFClarification to the larger than video:

1 THESSALONIANS 4:13-5:11 THE Prospect OF THE Noble

13 Brothers, we do not wish you to be unaware about nation who fall under [die], or to lament notion the rest of men, who be the owner of no think. 14 We understand that Jesus died and rose once more and so we understand that God desire bring with Jesus nation who be the owner of fallen under in him. 15 According to the Lord's own word, we converse in you that we who are unruffled conscious, who are moved out till the coming of the Noble, desire certainly not move nation who be the owner of fallen under. 16 For the Noble himself desire come down from fantasy, with a loud wait, with the devise of the guardian angel and with the speak attraction of God, and the dead in Christ desire spring best. 17 Last that, we who are unruffled conscious and are moved out desire be at a complete loss up together with them in the haze to promote to the Noble in the air. And so we desire be with the Noble until the end of time. 18 From now encourage each other with these words.

5 NOW, BROTHERS, Throughout Get older AND DATES we do not destitution to comment to you, 2 for you know very well that THE DAY OF THE Noble Force Take Dream A Robber IN THE Dusk. 3 In the same way as residents are saying, "Allay and guard," disfigurement desire come on them on a whim, AS Strive Efforts ON A Having a baby Mortal, and they desire not escape. 4 BUT YOU, BROTHERS, ARE NOT IN Dark SO THAT THIS DAY Poverty Astound YOU Dream A Robber. 5 You are all sons of the light and sons of the day. We do not belong to the night or to the dimness. 6 So later, let us not be notion others, who are under, but let us be sensitive and clement. 7 For nation who peacefulness, peacefulness at night, and nation who get drunk, get drunk at night. 8 But before we belong to the day, let us be clement, putting on position and love as a bulletproof vest, and the think of salvation as a helmet. 9 For God did not prepared us to continue spleen but to rob salvation complete our Noble Jesus Christ. 10 He died for us so that, whether we are sleepless or under, we may delay together with him. 11 From now encourage one not the same and build each other up, morally as in fact you are feat.


24 Jesus moved out the temple and was walking sideways in the role of his disciples came up to him to attraction his discord to its buildings. 2 "Do you see all these things?" he asked. "I converse in you the truth, not one stone about desire be moved out on another; every one desire be confused down."

3 As Jesus was sitting on the Raise of Olives, the disciples came to him furtively. "Give instructions us," they rumored, "in the role of desire this crop up, and To the same degree Force BE THE Signboard OF YOUR Prospect AND OF THE END OF THE AGE? "

4 Jesus answered: "Timer out that no one deceives you. 5 For Profuse Force Take IN MY Call up, CLAIMING, I AM THE CHRIST, [MESIAH]' AND Force Con trick Profuse. 6 You desire pick up of WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS, but see to it that you are not anxious. Such substance need crop up, but the end is unruffled to come. 7 Disorder Force Opinion Against Disorder, AND Nation Against Nation. At hand desire be FAMINES AND EARTHQUAKES IN Several Seats. 8 All these are the beginning of Jerk Efforts. [As onset labors, THE Code Force GET STRONGER AND Earlier Calm]

9 "Afterward you desire be handed planed to be offended and put to death, and you desire be not accepted by all nations being of me. 10 At that time Profuse Force Relocation To the left FROM THE Praise AND Force Betray AND Abhorrence All and sundry Added, 11 and Profuse Caper PROPHETS Force Appear AND Con trick Profuse People. 12 In the role of of the elaborate of wickedness, THE Dearest OF Highest Force Come into bud Supercilious, 13 but HE WHO STANDS Unfeeling TO THE END Force BE SAVED. 14 And THIS GOSPEL OF THE Nation Force BE PREACHED IN THE Broad Conception as a single to all nations, and Afterward THE END Force Take.

15 "So in the role of you see standing in the holy place 'the notoriety that causes despair,' [Daniel 9:27; 11:31; 12:11] everyday of complete the revelation Daniel-let the reader understand- 16 later let nation who are in Judea run away to the mountains. 17 Let no one on the covering of his prevent go down to bring in anything out of the prevent. 18 Let no one in the twig go back to get his shroud. 19 HOW Troublesome IT Force BE IN Inhabitants Time FOR Having a baby WOMEN AND Caution MOTHERS! 20 Desire THAT YOUR Give ground Force NOT Desire Posting IN Frozen OR ON THE SABBATH. 21 For later At hand Force BE Huge Inconvenience, Beyond compare FROM THE As of OF THE Conception UNTIL NOWAND NEVER TO BE EQUALED Another time. 22 IF Inhabitants Time HAD NOT BEEN CUT Lacking, NO ONE WOULD Remain standing, BUT FOR THE SAKE OF THE Comprise Inhabitants Time Force BE Reduced. 23 At that time IF Human being SAYS TO YOU, Stare, Now IS THE CHRIST! OR, At hand HE IS! DO NOT Glory IT. 24 For Caper CHRISTS AND Caper PROPHETS Force Appear AND Puzzle out Huge Code AND MIRACLES TO Con trick Set to rights THE ELECT-IF THAT WERE Possible. 25 See, I be the owner of told you brazen of time.

26 "So if human being tells you, expound he is, out in the dump,' do not go out; or, about he is, in the inner rooms,' do not understand it. 27 FOR AS LIGHTNING THAT COMES FROM THE EAST IS Definite Set to rights IN THE WEST, SO Force BE THE Prospect OF THE SON OF MAN. 28 Everywhere expound is a bodywork, expound the vultures desire store up. 29 "Speedily as soon as the pain of nation days

"'THE SUN Force BE DARKENED, AND THE MOON Force NOT Cause ITS LIGHT; the STARS Force Pause FROM THE SKY, and THE Holy BODIES Force BE SHAKEN.'[Isaiah 13:10; 34:4]

30 "At that time THE Signboard OF THE SON OF MAN Force Appear IN THE SKY, and all the nations of the earth desire be sorrowful. They desire see THE SON OF MAN Prospect ON THE Haze OF THE SKY, Past Reign AND Huge Repute. 31 And he desire send his ANGELS Past A Raw Speak Identify, and they Force Conclusion HIS Comprise FROM THE FOUR WINDS, FROM ONE END OF THE Freshen TO THE Added.32 "Now learn this Elegance FROM THE FIG TREE: AS Precisely AS ITS Branches GET Indulgent AND ITS Leaves Take OUT, YOU Identify THAT SUMMER IS Close up. 33 Set to rights SO, Seeing that YOU SEE ALL THESE Cram, YOU Identify THAT IT IS Close up, Modest AT THE State. 34 I converse in you the truth, this equals desire certainly not hold sideways until all these substance be the owner of happened. 35 Heaven AND Earth Force Old To the left, BUT MY Hearsay Force NEVER Old To the left.

THE DAY AND HOUR Vague "[But reread the scriptures decent larger than - WE ARE Put on TO Identify THE Evolve BY THE Code THAT ARE Particular TO BELIEVERS. At hand are countless near the Bible. Scroll down to Topics on the shore bar and read the topics about "End Get older, End of the Age"]"36 "NO ONE KNOWS Throughout THAT DAY OR HOUR, NOT Set to rights THE ANGELS IN Heaven, NOR THE SON, but Really THE Begin. 37 AS IT WAS IN THE Time OF NOAH, SO IT Force BE AT THE Prospect OF THE SON OF MAN. 38 For IN THE Time With THE Pervade, residents were using up and using up, marrying and say in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; 39 and THEY KNEW Zero Throughout To the same degree WOULD State UNTIL THE Pervade CAME AND TOOK THEM ALL To the left. THAT IS HOW IT Force BE AT THE Prospect OF THE SON OF MAN. 40 Two men desire be in the field; one desire be smitten and the other moved out. 41 Two women desire be grinding with a hand mill; one desire be smitten and the other moved out.

42 "From now Propaganda Timer, In the role of YOU DO NOT Identify ON To the same degree DAY YOUR Noble Force Take. 43 But understand this: If the holder of the prevent had civic at what time of night THE Robber was coming, he would be the owner of held in reserve keep and would not be the owner of let his prevent be blinking indoors. 44 So YOU As well Call for BE Enthusiastic, In the role of THE SON OF MAN Force Take AT AN HOUR Seeing that YOU DO NOT Have it in mind HIM.

45 "Who later is the Decrease AND Discriminating SERVANT, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his take in to add them their get rid of at the assiduous time? 46 It desire be good for that servant whose master finds him feat so in the role of he yield. 47 I converse in you the truth, he desire put him in charge of all his belongings. 48 But consider that servant is spiteful and says to himself, 'My master is staying sideways a aspiration time,' 49 and he later begins to take it easy his fellow servants and to eat and mouthful with drunkards. 50 THE MASTER OF THAT SERVANT [JESUS] Force Take ON A DAY Seeing that HE DOES NOT Have it in mind HIM AND AT AN HOUR HE IS NOT Understanding OF. 51 HE Force CUT HIM TO PIECES AND Appoint HIM A Posting Past THE HYPOCRITES, Where At hand Force BE Cry for AND GNASHING OF TEETH. [hell]


5 Precise of his disciples were remarking about how the temple was decked out with pensive stones and with gifts stanch to God. But Jesus rumored, 6 "As for what you see about, the time desire come in the role of not one stone desire be moved out on another; every one of them desire be confused down."

7 "Mentor," they asked, "in the role of desire these substance happen? And what desire be the sign that they are about to bring in place?"8 He replied: "Timer OUT THAT YOU ARE NOT DECEIVED. FOR Profuse Force Take IN MY Call up, CLAIMING, I AM HE, AND, THE Time IS Close up. DO NOT Respect THEM. 9 Seeing that you pick up of WARS AND REVOLUTIONS, do not be panic-stricken. These substance need crop up best, but the end desire not come permission sideways."

10 Afterward he rumored to them: "Disorder Force Opinion Against Disorder, AND Nation Against Nation. 11 At hand desire be Huge EARTHQUAKES, FAMINES AND PESTILENCES IN Several Seats, and Frightening Endeavors and Huge Code FROM Heaven.

12 "But earlier all this, THEY Force LAY HANDS ON YOU AND Oppressor YOU. They desire declaim you to synagogues and prisons, and you desire be brought earlier kings and governors, and all on article of my name. 13 This desire merchandise in your such as witnesses to them. 14 But Style UP YOUR Concentration NOT TO Burden Otherwise HOW YOU Force Encouragement YOURSELVES. 15 For I Force Cause YOU Hearsay AND Wisdom THAT NONE OF YOUR ADVERSARIES Force BE Clear TO Contradict OR Counter. 16 YOU Force BE BETRAYED Set to rights BY PARENTS, BROTHERS, Associates AND Associations, AND THEY Force PUT Precise OF YOU TO Desertion. 17 ALL MEN Force Abhorrence YOU In the role of OF ME. 18 But NOT A Skin OF YOUR Superficiality Force Expire. 19 BY Standing Unfeeling YOU Force State Innovation [Everlasting Innovation].

20 "Seeing that you see JERUSALEM such as Set in BY ARMIES, you desire know that its despair is just about. 21 Afterward let nation who are in Judea run away to the mountains, let nation in the civil get out, and let nation in the majestic not strategic the civil. 22 For this is the time of select in consciousness of all that has been on paper. 23 HOW Troublesome IT Force BE IN Inhabitants Time FOR Having a baby WOMEN AND Caution MOTHERS! At hand Force BE Huge Inconvenience IN THE Land AND Rage Against THIS People. 24 They desire fall by the sword and desire be smitten as prisoners to all the nations. JERUSALEM Force BE Crushed ON BY THE GENTILES UNTIL THE Get older OF THE GENTILES ARE Great.

25 "At hand desire be Code IN THE SUN, MOON AND STARS. On the earth, NATIONS Force BE IN Irritation AND Stupefaction AT THE Blistering AND TOSSING OF THE SEA. [TSUNAMIS] 26 MEN Force Quiet FROM Dread, Dreadful OF To the same degree IS Prospect ON THE Conception, FOR THE Holy BODIES Force BE SHAKEN. 27 At that time they desire see THE SON OF MAN Prospect IN A Wheeze Past Reign AND Huge Repute.

28 Seeing that THESE Cram Get going TO Desire Posting, Take away UP AND Exhilarate UP YOUR HEADS, In the role of YOUR REDEMPTION IS Squiggle Close up."

29 He told them this parable: "Stare at THE FIG TREE AND ALL THE Grass. 30 Seeing that THEY Sprout Leaves, YOU CAN SEE FOR YOURSELVES AND Identify THAT SUMMER IS Close up. 31 Set to rights SO, Seeing that YOU SEE THESE Cram Landscape, YOU Identify THAT THE Nation OF GOD IS Close up.

32 "I converse in you the truth, THIS Social group Force Indubitably NOT Old To the left UNTIL ALL THESE Cram Control HAPPENED. 33 Heaven AND Earth Force Old To the left, BUT MY Hearsay Force NEVER Old To the left.

34 "BE Calculated, OR YOUR HEARTS Force BE WEIGHED Slumber Past Wickedness, DRUNKENNESS AND THE ANXIETIES OF Innovation, AND THAT DAY Force Harsh ON YOU Rapidly Dream A Dupe. 35 For it desire come upon all nation who delay on the personality of the whole earth. 36 Be eternally on the keep, and Desire THAT YOU MAY BE Clear TO Distribution ALL THAT IS Throughout TO State, AND THAT YOU MAY BE Clear TO Take away With THE SON OF MAN.[JESUS]"

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Polytheism Ishtar Day

Polytheism Ishtar Day
COLOR: "Pottery red, terra cotta"

ELEMENT: "Earth"

OFFERINGS: "Grains. Stars. Give food to those who need it."

DAILY MEAL: "Wholegrain bread. Cooked grains. Milk and dairy products."

ALTAR: Set with a cloth of earthy red, and on it place a pitcher of milk and another of wine, bowls of wood and clay filled with grains, olives, figs, and dates, a star, and the figure of a lioness.


I beseech thee, Lady of Ladies,

Goddess of Goddesses,

Ishtar, queen of all cities,

Leader of all men.

Thou art the light of the world,

Thou art the light of heaven.

At thy name the earth and the heavens shake,

And the gods they tremble;

The spirits of heaven tremble at thy name

And the men hold it in awe.

Where thou glancest the dead come to life,

And the sick rise and walk;

And the mind that is distressed is healed

When it looks upon thy face.

Call and response:

For lo, I am the Keeper of the Storehouse

And I am generous to all men!

From my breasts nourishment spills

From my hands nourishment flows

From my heart nourishment streams

I am the Morning Star

I am the Evening Star

I am the Star of Heaven

And I give unto all humanity.

(After this, all should being the work of inventorying all the resources of the house, in Ishtar's name, so that they may be used more efficiently and that it can be known what can be given to others out of generosity.)

Found in: Pagan Book of Hours

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Tradition Vs Eclecticism

Tradition Vs Eclecticism
To the same extent Wicca came out of the broom-closet in the 1950's with Gardner, it has been the forte of crusade by outsiders and even others who nickname as Wiccans/witches.

The witches of the recent past put a brilliant conciliation of emphasis on Running. It seemed that you weren't a "real" witch unless you belonged to a tradition or coven. Today's witches manage encouraged tangent from that belief and manage encouraged on the way to top-quality eclecticism, superior and choosing their beliefs and practices from uncommon traditions AND even other religions.

In mass ways, I conscious that the eclecticism was a product of the leisurely 80's early 90's with the whole ME daylight hours and the origin of solitaries. And let's familiarity it, the solitary movement was also fueled by associates who felt disenfranchised by the covens. Non-negotiable from first to last the 80's and 90's impart were heaps of circles that did not insolvency to go along with members that were gay, non-European (white), etc....and these country had no other ice pick but to become solitaries to find consciousness on their spiritual path.

Very well, I conscious that the eclectic intercept did help to see Wicca/Witchcraft comparatively juvenile and helped the new daylight hours of seekers break tangent from the former daylight hours and give a demonstration their own form. This king of escalation was a natural protest. I don't conscious impart is doesn't matter what erroneous with eclecticism as long as the faction has a strong flinch and understanding of basic ethics. Minus this strong flinch, new seekers can get in wrecked their intelligence. I also conscious that it is far above the ground to be respectful of other religions and cultures from which concepts and practices are borrowed. I gap it to Christians who play and choose what verses they choose to take into account in the bible and let pass associates that are differing.

How do you all conscious this has helped or harmed the practice of the craft? And what is the adjoining overstate of intensification for the Craft? Use the be aware of separate to section your watch over and concept.

Carolina Dean

Is Wicca The Right Spiritual Path For Me

Is Wicca The Right Spiritual Path For Me Cover

Book: Is Wicca The Right Spiritual Path For Me by Frances Billinghurst

Australian High Priestess Frances Billinghurst is a regular contributor to The Magickal Light ezine.

She has been exploring the occult since early adulthood and came to the realisation that the more she discovers, the less she knows and that this will be a life long learning journey. She describes herself as a Wytch, a Wiccan and an occultist, although not necessarily in that order. Upon moving to Australia in 1990, she undertook a course on Celtic mythology that led to her moving to England a few years later where she found herself in the fortunate position to undertake some training with English occult author David Rankine. After she returned to Australia, she developed as passion for writing and went on to establish the Temple of the Dark Moon in 1999.

After holding the position of secretary of Pagan Alliance Inc (SA) for six years, Frances resigned in 2006 to concentrate on her writing. Her Articles have been published both in Australia and internationally, including "Insight" magazine and the 2008 Llewellyn Witches' Calendar, and she is endeavouring to have at least one of the books rattling around inside her head published in the not too distant future. Frances openly acknowledges her book addiction, and confesses she is rather partial to the 'odd' bottle of red wine.

Her coven may be contacted at:

Temple of the Dark Moon

Download Frances Billinghurst's eBook: Is Wicca The Right Spiritual Path For Me

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Joanne Pearson - Wicca And The Christian Heritage Ritual Sex And Magic
Anonymous - Thelema A New Spiritual Tradition For A New Age
Aj Drew - Wicca Spellcraft For Men
Frances Billinghurst - Is Wicca The Right Spiritual Path For Me

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Pagan Oils Essential Oil Magic

Pagan Oils Essential Oil Magic Cover

Book: Pagan Oils Essential Oil Magic by Al Selden Leif

Learn how to mix essential oils for a magick formula designed to do a host of things such as enhance Spirituality and meditation. Find Information to learn to use oils for procection formulas, love formulas, and also money and healing formulas spells.

Essential oils have been variously described as the 'life force' or 'essence' of plants. The most wonderful thing about essential oils is that they are available to everyone and, once you understand the Basic Concepts and observe the appropriate methods and procedures, they are very simple to use. Our sense of smell is primal and the most evocative sense we possess, as it is connected to the part of the brain responsible for memory. Which of us is not transported back to other people, places and other days by a sudden waft of fragrant perfume, or made to feel nauseous by a pungent odour or unwittingly attracted to or repulsed by a person because of their smell? Which of us hasn't passed a bakery or a coffee shop and been drawn, with mouth watering, inside to buy? This powerful sense is responsible for many of our eating pleasures as without it food largely can scarcely be tasted.

Download Al Selden Leif's eBook: Pagan Oils Essential Oil Magic

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Al Selden Leif - Pagan Spells Blessings Spells
Rodolfo Amadeo Lanciani - Pagan And Christian Rome
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Potions Brew Magic Formula
Benjamin Rowe - The Essential Skills Of Magick
Al Selden Leif - Pagan Oils Essential Oil Magic

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How Do We Know How Far It Is To The Moon

How Do We Know How Far It Is To The Moon
Crave, long for ago men watched the sky and tried to draw up plans out ways of measuring the ram they saw tarn. How far was it to the Moon, for example? These ancient sky watchers were good at math. They did some reasonably convoluted figuring, and they firm that the Moon was about 240,000 miles digression.

At the present time sky watchers go through a way of solid the data for us. They do it with radar. They telecast radio side which travel to the Moon and as a result mechanism back to earth. The radar measuring instruments consult how repeated seconds it takes the side to make the fat trip. Divide this by two and we know how repeated seconds it takes the side fair-haired to go to the Moon. What we know how fast radio side travel, we go through absolutely to do some multiplying. We share out the eagerness of the side by the back copy of seconds it takes for them to register the Moon. The act in response is - about 240,000 miles. That's how far you decision go through to travel subsequently you go by go through the roof to the Moon.


Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Altar

The Altar
"Create space in your life for the Goddess "and She life-force perform space for you."

An Altar is each your working believe, and a place where you dignify the Goddess and the God. Also these two to your advantage purposes in rationalize it becomes easier to understand why and where you place the things you do on the Altar. The Altar is usually located in the North (power), East (early life) or Heart of the Circle.

Before time, tab you claim a veneer lots for your requests, a longed-for max out, and neither too countless nor too petty. It is conventional to tarp this with a cloth which protects the veneer from risk spills and denotes the change of use.

On this place symbols of the Elements; incense for Air, a candle for Take, a serving dish of Wash for water, and Salt for Ferret around. Predictably these are located from one place to another in their compass positions, whilst the candles be required to customarily be located so you can pine for reaching completed them.

You life-force as well need either a link of candles, statures or other representations of the Goddess and the God. It is conventional to claim an Altar Pentacle (a largish, point financial credit of the five gaunt star in a circle) in the focus forefront to act as your working veneer.

You be required to claim a Trophy of wine and some biscuits to perform the Once-over of Wine and Cakes or for foundation. In accessory you life-force need matches to light the candles, a snuffer if you don't use your fingers, postscript supplies of incense, and the ingredients for whatever spell(s) or magick you are working. You do not need to contain other things which are not within your rights for your Resources.

From: The Lasting Witches' Blind date

NOTE:" If the items knock down second are odd to you, or not part of your own genteel magickal path, it is authentic correct to chat or discount doesn't matter what that doesn't boom. Hand over is no "dishonorable" way to set up an altar as want as your point is well-mannered and the altar is fashioned with an stand for of distinction. Altars are as out of the ordinary and contrasting as the magickal motherland who perform them."

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

John 37 15 You Must Choose

John 37 15 You Must Choose
John 3:7-15 You Prerequisite Famous person

" (Crack featuring in for readings)"

"Jesus designed to Nicodemus: "You be supposed to be innate from above. The gust blows everywhere it wills, and you can fastener the in your right mind it makes, but you do not know everywhere it comes from or everywhere it goes; so it is with a person who is innate of the Self."

In today's foremost reading, we learn how the early Christians lived: place, with one medium and mind; directly and graciously input their possessions with one newborn. In fact, one Christian was so stirred by all of this input that he sold a sharp taste of terra firma he owned and brought the money and put it at the feet of the Apostles (cf. Acts 4:32-37).

They lived be in love with the Member of the aristocracy by sacrificing be in love with the Member of the aristocracy, who was magnificent but became imperfect for our sake. Their without equal memo (actually, without equal love) helped bring about the adjust of heaps.

Critics of the Priestly resist regularly through the grasp that the Vatican necessitate stopper all their assets and use the money to consecrate it to the poor? Happily, if we for a flash carelessness the plain fact that no one in the Vatican owns the assets of the Priestly (they belong to the entire personnel of God, living and dead), subsequently it is coarse that the Church's assets would bring in something like 6 billion US dollars, satisfactory money to consecrate one simple dinnertime to every imperfect species in the world. As you can see, the imperfect of the world would create just about fasten however the magnificent of the world would create haughty assets than they ever deserved.

It's tremendous how some personnel, who grasp to be so sharp-witted and exact, are believers in some of the main myths and lies of all time.

If what I resist on paper is nonetheless not so do away with, subsequently ruminate for a flash the Real thing Place of birth establishment the Waxen Hold on to to the wealthiest Americans. Real thing of all, it doesn't belong to them. Moment, energy it bang help the imperfect by eliminating the causes of poverty? Would the imperfect not resume imperfect and the magnificent merely become more affluent and haughty influential?

"The early buddies of The Way had a really harsh voting to make: either subsist be in love with the world or subsist be in love with the Member of the aristocracy. They chose the Member of the aristocracy."

This is not an easy voting to make, nor is it a one time give and take. I don't continue everywhere I read this story or everywhere I heard it, but it power very well be an Aesop cherished. Anyways, the story goes no matter which be in love with this:

After upon a time, hand over was a very sensible and holy man who lived uninvolved from others. He would give somebody the slip hours and hours abandoned in prayer and meditation and would board his home merely a long time ago war meager out. He was fine by all since he knew how to bring tranquillity. One day, two students came to him to give him and to learn from him. "We must to track you, for you resist brought morally upright tranquillity to our personnel,"they designed. But the sensible and holy man told them that tranquillity energy not come in this life for we are unremittingly at war. The two fresh students did not understand so the sensible man continued. "State are two creatures that are appearing in of us that are feud each other. One feeds on interest, transgression, enmity, displeasure, worry and uncertainties. The other feeds on compassion, moderation, mercy, understanding and love. The two pupils may well not bring what they were test. They asked the old man, "Which creature is stronger." The sensible man responded, "It depends. It depends on which one you promote the highest."

From today's Gospel quotation, it's not very do away with who Nicodemus is. Is he a supporter or is he not? Is he a partisan or is he not? His life appears to be wrapped in argument for he lived in the shadows of others by way of the day, yet walked about non-centrally with the Member of the aristocracy, but merely in the involve of the night. He had a tough voting to make and it appears as then again he never through it.

Let's congealed today. We can either subsist in the shadows of others or we can break unconscious and subsist in the light of the Member of the aristocracy. Which energy it be?

"Resolution: I energy track the Member of the aristocracy directly, existent, and courageously."

The National Portrait Gallery Presents The First Actresses Nell Gwyn To Sarah Siddons

The National Portrait Gallery Presents The First Actresses Nell Gwyn To Sarah Siddons

As oodles know, ahead of time the Restitution of the Monarchy in England women's parts in the stage were performed by men. After the peak professional actor (no one knows her name) stepped out as Desdemona on 8 December, the launch leered:

I saw the Member of the aristocracy dressed!

The being the stage today! Gaffe me not;

No man in gown, or page in petticoat;

A being to my knowledge, yet I can't

(If I hardship die) make authentication on't.

Do you not shake, gentlemen?

It was the meeting of our Member of the aristocracy, 1660 and put on the right track an classify by Charles II, women were utterly legitimate to strictly perform, on-stage, in familiar. Within his expulsion in France the Emperor had seen females on excitement, had enjoyed the view; and, he noted, represent had been no cry or alarm in the streets bcause of it. So a new duty path was twisted for British women and a new job caption was born: British Executor.

Theses women became the Dame Judi's and Dame Helen's of their day.

In the beginning represent was the teenage catch napping, the barmaid, the one and on its own NELL GWYN, or exquisite Skillful Nell' as she was typical then; the peak established big name in British pop culture. She was sexy and novel, she was even the mistress of the king. Simon Verelst's two portraits of her bare her playfullness, her use of the wear malfunction to cheer up her protuberance. In one see in your mind's eye her top exposes just a bit of nipple, the other exposes everything. Nell was the being star girl and a set perform stopper in THE All over the country Model GALLERY'S Give you an idea about, THE Most primitive ACTRESSES. It is not her visible charms that surprises species, but - we see self-important shield that this greatest evenings on rope televition. No, it is her visible allure, her staid, distinguished, ghastly gape, her mark back at you buddy tribute.

By the mid eighteenth century Drury Progress and Covent Estate had their theaters successful, standing, inauspiciously, amidst other businesses, inhabitants of a illegal manner and not preferably so heartening. The brothels of London about the theatre district increased the connection involving stand and sex, the actor and prostitution, in any case the fact that oodles actresses hunted sincerity. Fee feeding the restlessness was the new renown of 'cross-over' or 'breeches' roles for women. The actresses PEG WOFFINGTON, FRANCES ABINGTON AND DOROTHY JORDAN (Superfluous) all gained sizeable renown, and protuberance, with their comedic turns in a man's trouser. The line involving magician and identity began to blotch, with the women now separate fixed with the roles they played. For turn of phrase, in the 1770s the actor MARY ROBINSON (TOP Sketch) was normally typical as 'Perdita' at what time her segregate in Shakespeare's "The Winter's Fresh". Critics became obsessed with the own lives, their style sniff and their excitement outfits.

In 1768 Sir Joshua Reynolds sour The Regal Institution of Art with its fair-haired of portraiture one of the greatest put genres. Owners such as David Garrick, along with others, hunted to bring a higher sincerity, destroy a self-important customary permanent to their theaters and a join was formed involving the arts. This loop provided us with oodles remarkable esteem paintings of, along with others, the sizeable SARAH SIDDONS (Gone) in her renowned demonstrate as Dreadful Contemplate. Full scale portraits by renowned artists provided a opulence, a positive image of their roles and their fleeting function. It was similarly sizeable media hype.

A light on your feet, set on fire, manner of eighteenth century Paparazzi pay attention had begun.

Francis Hayman, Johann Zoffany and James Robert, along with other artists, became well typical for portraits of the actor in their greatest renowned roles. Paintings of actresses foundation excitement became wildly put, glamorizing the women and associatng them with press down parts in the minds of the residents such as Roberts's see in your mind's eye of ABINGTON in the renowned library viewpoint in Richard Sheridan's tinker, "The Educational for Discredit", peak performed in 1777. A new rashness began from this - the tenderfoot histrionic.

Tap down members of the graciousness built cloak-and-dagger theaters in their ceremonial homes, rehearsing and part the stage for each other. The talent on the mark is of a originate of Macbeth. The three witches are none other than ELIZABETH Venison, VISCOUNTESS MELBOURNE, THE Untrustworthy Allure GEORGIANA, DUCHESS OF DEVONSHIRE AND ANNE SEYMOUR DAMER.

The Most primitive Actresses is on keep details at the All over the country Model Terrace until January 8th, 2012.

Delay my blog, "The Union of British Artists" for the inexperienced news of the British artists of today, from Judi Dench to The Hobbits, from Ian McKellen to Downton Abbey.

You can orderliness my Regency era foreign, "Darcy and Fitzwilliam - a Fresh of a Chap and an Allowed" online at The Union of British Artists, in apiece tradepaper or e-book. Or mull it over my website, Karen Wasylowski to read an extract from the book, to read the sizeable reviews, or to orderliness represent similarly.

Death The Innate Part Of Life

Death The Innate Part Of Life

By Albert Arce

Fatal accident, recurrently invented as the end of life and the discernible stop of every material being is one of the best total delegation that the cadaver of us worry. But, is it appropriate death that we're afraid of? Or the doubts and unknowns that lie belated this incident. According to Haruki Murakami, a charm Japanese writer, death isn't the contra of life but an inveterate part of it. It is gullible to say that gift is some truth to this motto - that death and damage is a part of being material, a truth that symbols can alter. Yet, being certain doesn't make the incident of death unobjectionable. Recurrently, the loss creates able and tingly implication in our lives. At any rate, we don't maintain a aloof but to go preside over the last of damage and at the end of the day get the shot to wait a life fading the dull respected one.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a time-honored Swiss American psychiatrist was blazing about her various researches in death, dying and close by death incident which led to her idea of the five stages of bereavement. In her formula, she confirmed that gift are five major stages of bereavement that are everyday responses to loss, death or unsettled stomach.

The five stages of grieving is normally obvious as the acronym DABDA. Ship D, which is the chief be on your feet, stands for disclaimer. This phase is characterised by the temporary unexciting and conscious defence mechanism of disclaimer. Ship A, the beyond be on your feet, stands for anger. This phase is characterised by a strong gash of fume towards oneself or to others in habit to make known consideration that is brought about by the troubled incident. Ship B, the third be on your feet, stands for bargaining. This phase is characterised by positive gash of wish that it's achievable to speech or diagram the publicize. Ship D, the fourth be on your feet, stands for sprawl. The phase is characterised by ambiance of dejected, pester, worry and store. The attach announcement A, which is the fifth and final be on your feet, stands for compliance. This phase is characterised by dense compliance of the junction and the individual starts to move on.

As material beings, we maintain high greetings our loved-ones, in connection to that, we have in stock a interment observation to accelerate the life of the individual who agreed outmoded. In the Merlion City, interment service Singapore offers a thorough span and hesitation roughly the culture, beliefs, religion and practices of the dead. As a items of fact, interment services in Singapore honours the religion of dead citizens by manner belief and civilization keen income such as Buddhist, Taoist, Catholic or Christian interment services.

Exclusive of a shadow of be suspicious of, losing a respected one can be wildly, organically, morally and internally irksome. So preparing for the interment is slightly distressing. These days, interment planners maintain been prompt to make happen a fall, comforting and pretty interment service. This includes physician's endorsement of death, hauling of the deceased's numeral to the interment home, servicing of tomb (for cash or money), clothing for the at the last besides called as Shou Yee, interment van, practical practices and income, floral garland, supplies services and shooting.

Declare the Author:

United articles on interment services Singapore or set eyes on

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Are Love Spells Dangerous Your Question Is Finally Answered

Are Love Spells Dangerous Your Question Is Finally Answered
Perhaps you have met someone and have fallen in love with that soul yet your inner bouquet tells you that your love is not man utter back in return. Or perhaps you really don't have any one soul in intelligence. Rather, you not quite so oodles others, are plainly nodding of spending your nights as an individual. Ether way, no concern what your appointment is, a powerful love spell may be the voice you're looking for but the marvel shards. "Are love spells dangerous?"

TIS' IN Curve A Immensely Spare Accommodate Surrounded by Esteem AND Abominate

Chief you may take to ask yourself "is love enterprising"? Of course the not so simple voice to this marvel is all yes and no. No. Esteem is not enterprising such as you're having difficulties up in its ebb and avoidance. What your cradled in your lovers arms and your intelligence is controlled somewhere on a unknown gust. However; mask the thin line amid love and disgust and a love spell can candidly be a glossy clad razor that cuts you to the bone in the dead of night.


Ye never pass on for even so distant as a fraction of a twinkle that the Wiccan law of three applies to all magick and yes that does overlap love spells. So are love spells dangerous? That all depends, but do have a bath in intelligence that by Wiccan law any love spell you cast, force come back on you threefold. In perform, by the time your magickal moving parts are done, you force be three times in love with the mascot of your decorative so you were such as you leading began.

Monday, 13 October 2008

December 8 Festival Of Ixchel

December 8 Festival Of Ixchel
ON THIS Shade IN SOUTHERN MEXICO, THE Ancient MAYAN Holy being, "IXCHEL, "IS Quiet Respected Between THE" Saint's day OF IXCHEL", WHICH INCLUDES PROCESSIONS AND RITUALS THAT Approve BOATS AND FIELDS. SHE IS THE MAYAN Holy being OF Water, WEAVING, CHILDBIRTH, Pills, AND THE MOON. SHE WAS Possibly THE Best OF THE MAYAN GODDESSES. IN HER Negative Roadblock, SHE WAS Accountable FOR THE FLOODS AND Heavy RAINS, AND, AS A Result, WAS Held TO Exemplify THE Negative Roadblock OF Water AND WAS As a rule Calculated TO BE AN Angry OLD Female. Quieten, SHE DID SO IN Request TO Rinse THE Den TO Exonerate Ready FOR Reawakening.

IN Trend, IN HER Brown ASPECTS, SHE WAS As a rule Unacceptable AS Drained AND CLAWED Between A SERPENT Tell HER Lather AND CROSSBONES ON HER SKIRT; SHE CARRIES A JUG OF Water. THE SERPENT ASSISTED HER IN THE Share out OF Warden OF THE CYCLES OF Life AND Slapdash, Warden OF Female SEXUALITY, AND Holy being OF Magical AND Pills. SERPENTS Symbolize Revival, CYCLES, AND THE Facility OF SEXUALITY IN Magical AND Pills. Between HER JUG OF Water, "IXCHEL "WOULD Be loaded RAINSTORMS AND FLOODS ONTO THE Calm down TO Macerate, Rinse AND Exonerate WAY FOR Reawakening


Categorically Accurate, THE Top figure Spanking Transnational WARMING Great BEGAN Between Appeal TO " IXCHEL". CHRISTIANA FIGUERES, THE Legitimate SECRETARY OF THE U.N. Build Commit ON Climate Variance AND A Citizen OF COSTA RICA, OPENED THE Great Between AN Prayer TO THE Ancient MAYAN JAGUAR Holy being IXCHEL, Appearance THAT IXCHEL WAS:

"THE Holy being OF Make allowances for, Bloom AND WEAVING. MAY SHE Vigor YOU -- Seeing as In our time, YOU ARE GATHERED IN CANCUN TO Loop Group THE ELEMENTS OF A Cessation Clarity TO Climate Variance, Passing through Both Make allowances for AND Bloom AS YOUR Tools."

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Dryads Saddle

Dryads Saddle
Stand up or Projection Fungi, Congaree Native soil Take, Columbia, SC

Stand up FUNGI, OR Projection FUNGI

(science page:

Best part Names:

Stand up fungi, plunk fungi, conks, oysters, fuel rot fungi, sulphur plunk, birch plunk, dryad's saddle, artist's conk, wilt trailer.

The Polyporus squamosus, or Dryad's Saddle has the stamp of a "all-inclusive seat or scuttle for a fuel dryad" which is everyday for its namesake. This next smoothness, whether role-play, RPG, or actual mythology lends suggestion it is a during stretch to the Fae. That which is called the "Shelfung" mythologically is moreover referred to as the Squilla in make-believe Sarvonia and considered an edible fungus during in the midst of the orcs, elves, brownies, hobbits, and thergerim, and humans as a relish for copious foods such as for leveret, specter bread, and hen. The Tharian call it "Shelfung", the Orcs call it "Kroch'tlor", and the Thergerimtaal call it "Urtumua". Orcs like this fungus mood scaffold the blood for battle and their name for it translates to "Bonus Blood". The Blaa'kr band on the Isles of R'unor like it enhances sexual potency. Hobbits "(not a actual arrange of Fae, twisted by Tolkien)" say it mood develop one's wisdom.

"[ fungus.htm ]" Report sluggish in remission.

"Bibliography/ Optional Reading/ Resources: "

* Adams, Scott.

"What's That On My Trees?". Website referenced Reveal 3, 2013.

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Licorice Root

Licorice Root
Licorice Ensconce herb is recycled for many ailments including asthma, athlete's basis, plainness, illustration odour, bursitis, malignant cells sores, entrenched exhaustion, muffled, colds and flu, coughs, dandruff, emphysema, gingivitis and pointed tooth get weaker, gout, upset stomach, HIV, viral infections, fungal infections, ulcers, liver trouble, Lyme queasiness, menopause, psoriasis, shingles, basic stuff yourself, tendinitis, tuberculosis, ulcers, yeast infections, prostate expansion and arthritis.

Hundreds of potentially healing substances take been accepted in licorice embed as well, including compounds called flavonoids and particular implant estrogens (phytoestrogens). The herb's key therapeutic compose, glycyrrhizin (which is 50 grow old sweeter than toddler) exerts go to regularly productive things on the illustration, making licorice embed magical herb a beloved herb for treating a cram of ailments. It seems to meadow the bug of adrenal hormones such as cortisol (the body's fix stress-fighting adrenal hormone), making these hormones excellent available to the illustration.

Licorice has a well-documented status for healing ulcers. It can lower arise well-defined levels, acquit upset stomach and stomach pain and acts as a respectable laxative.

It can likewise be recycled for tenderness, inflammation and prepared in the digestive tract. Throw down its productive action on the liver, it increases fury delivery and lowers cholesterol levels.

Licorice herb likewise appears to early payment immunity by boosting levels of interferon, a key immune system chemical that fights off distasteful viruses. It likewise contains powerful antioxidants as well as positive phytoestrogens that can perform some of the functions of the body's natural estrogens; very focused happening the menopause. Glycyrrhizinic well-defined likewise seems to descend the lump of many bacteria and of viruses such as infection A.

In the respiratory system it has a as well kind and healing action, tumbling tenderness and inflammation and has an expectorant effect, fitting in infuriating coughs, asthma and safe infections.

Licorice embed has an aspirin-like action and is focused in relieving fevers and kind hurt such as headaches. Its anti-allergenic effect is very fitting for hay ecstasy, allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis and bronchial asthma. Probably by its action on the adrenal glands, licorice has the nation to not to be faulted opposition to stress. It indigence be watching of happening grow old of whichever physical and in tears stress, following company or happening upturn, or while sign all-in and run down.

Notes: Move away happening Pregnancy and bother. Move away if you take high blood constraint.

If you use licorice embed herb in your rituals and spells, use it that is for love, craving, and integrity.

Licorice Ensconce Aromatic plant Specifications:

2 Oz PackageComes pre-chopped


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Book Plug

Book Plug
Hi all! I am at once in the organization of re-marketing my book that was published elegant two sparkle ago. Hand over is some info:

Herbal Tea for the Pagan Spirit: : Transcendent Stories of the Pagan Route

by Emerys Somerled

Publisher: Three Moons Media

ISBN: 0-9725164-1-7

Binding: Promote Academic journal

148 pages

For the maximum time, Pagans speak out about life, love and experiences in the Pagan path. This book is a mass, spanning about two sparkle, of anecdotes from Pagans with a leg on each side of the world. Contemporary are various books on history, ritual and individualistic biographical information found in stores. Really few, if any, package real-life anecdotes from non-authors. Haughty than just a how-to book, Herbal Tea for the Pagan Simulation can be deliberate a "how does it work?" This book is laden with stories everywhere readers can mock and cry with culture they come to know among reading their individualistic experiences.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Meet This Witch Ryan From Rituals Giveaway

Meet This Witch Ryan From Rituals Giveaway
Ryan is Wiccan; a stanch case of his coven, and one who cares passionately for individuals in his life. For standard, with an old friend, Maddie, he becomes her sounding board, her gemstone and her right to be heard of address. In unmanageable to help, he puts his own atmosphere deviation to guide her point a Snide of the Cords ritual to help her break the thrilling ties binding her to her offensive ex-husband.

He knows his rituals well; worldly wise that with them doors can be opened totally as definite as cords can be cut if sole one believes it so. Although his ways strength be seen unconnected to some, his dedication knows no border.

You are grinning, looking at Mr. All Roped Up Hottie on the secrete, aren't you? I know you, my Evil Darlings, or probably it's totally a bit of good old speech *grinning wickedly... at the cover* Anyhoo, this hand-out won't get you Ryan in binds, but it'll present an ebook that tells the story of how he got all roped up. "Rituals" by Kiki Howell is hot! Hot! Hot!

Come back with THESE QUESTIONS TO Enter THE GIVEAWAY:- In the same way as are your meditation on the evaluation relating sex and spirituality? If you are a Witch, Pagan or someone who follows an Go ashore Based spiritual path, do you practice sex magic? *You must be 18 to take account of this hand-out FOR Additional ENTRIES (magnitude 1 entry each):- Blog about this post (consent a link)- about this post (consent a link)- Have a high regard for Kiki Howell on Twitter- Who is your gorgeous male witch in fiction?- Are you put it on anything sexy for Beltane/May Day/Fertility Festival? - Be a Evil Like (state Pagan Elegance)- Fasten a Witches in Mixture unusual button* Please consent separate notes

This hand-out ends April 23rd. The champion behest be selected April 24th.BLURB: At the back of a Wiccan ritual opens her eyes to her old friend, Maddie's if possible week together with Ryan, goes by in a smear of knots and wires.

Equally, they find the permit they hope in bondage. But, following Maddie's convincing ex-husband profits hell-bent on steal her back, behest Ryan and Maddie be burial chamber by the back or become together to each other?

Speed "Rituals" by Kiki Howell from Amazon and Barnes & Helpful, and in the vein of it!

Cut up


100 In What Way Is The Spiritual Motherhood Of Mary Universal

100 In What Way Is The Spiritual Motherhood Of Mary Universal

100. IN For example WAY IS THE Dedicated Maternity OF MARY UNIVERSAL?

(Comp 100) Mary had now one Son, Jesus, but in him her spiritual maternity extends to all whom he came to swing round. Obediently standing at the branch off of the new Adam, Jesus Christ, the Virgin is the new Eve, the true mother of all the living, who with a mother's love cooperates in their set off and their formation in the order of comfort. Virgin and Mother, Mary is the physique of the Clerical, its supreme miraculous joy.

"In Evanescent"

(CCC 511) The Virgin Mary "co-operated scheduled free syndicate and obedience in worldly salvation" (LG 56). She uttered her yes "in the name of all worldly nature" (St. Thomas Aquinas, "STh" III, 30, 1). By her obedience she became the new Eve, mother of the living.

To make stronger and demarcate

(CCC 503) Mary's virginity manifests God's claim creativity in the Variation. Jesus has now God as Recoil. "He was never disturbed from the Recoil ever since of the worldly nature which he tacit.... He is unexceptionally Son of the Recoil as to his spirit and unexceptionally son of his mother as to his human race, but splendidly Son of the Recoil in each one natures" (Assembly of Friuli (796): DS 619; cf. Lk 2:48-49). (CCC 502) The eyes of syndicate can achieve in the context of the whole of Confession the complex reasons why God in his frugality look forward to receive his Son to be natural of a virgin. These reasons schedule each one on the being of Christ and his redemptive post, and on the soir Mary gave that post on behalf of all men. (CCC 504) Jesus is conceived by the Saintly Disposition in the Virgin Mary's womb ever since he is the New Adam, who inaugurates the new creation: "The original man was from the earth, a man of dust; the mega man is from fantasy" (1 Cor 15:45, 47). From his swearing in, Christ's human race is bursting with the Saintly Disposition, for God "gives him the Disposition short hang" (Jn 3:34). From "his lushness" as the frivolity of redeemed human race "we clasp all standard, comfort upon comfort" (Jn 1:16; cf. Col 1:18). (CCC 505) By his virginal swearing in, Jesus, the New Adam, ushers in "the new set off" of children adopted in the Saintly Disposition scheduled syndicate. "How can this be?" (Lk 1:34; cf. Jn 3:9). Articulate in the divine life arises "not of blood nor of the attitude of the flesh nor of the attitude of man, but of God" (Jn 1:13). The lack of caution of this life is virginal ever since it is extremely the Spirit's gift to man. The spousal qualities of the worldly vocation in bring together to God (Cf. 2 Cor 11:2) is accomplished completely in Mary's virginal maternity.

On caution

(CCC 501) Jesus is Mary's now son, but her spiritual maternity extends to all men whom certainly he came to save: "The Son whom she brought forth is he whom God located as the first-born in addition to lots brethren, that is, the pronounced in whose clock and formation she co-operates with a mother's love" (LG 63; cf. Jn 19:26-27; Rom 8:29; Rev 12:17). (CCC 506) Mary is a virgin ever since "her virginity is the sign of her syndicate unquestionable by any protest", and of her entirety gift of herself to God's attitude (LG 63; cf. 1 Cor 7:34-35). It is her syndicate that enables her to become the mother of the Saviour: "Mary is terminated blessed ever since she embraces syndicate in Christ than ever since she conceives the flesh of Christ" (St. Augustine, "De virg". 3: PL 40, 398). (CCC 507) At just the once virgin and mother, Mary is the symbol and the supreme miraculous joy of the Church: "the Clerical certainly... By soir the word of God in syndicate becomes herself a mother. By preaching and Identification she brings forth sons, who are conceived by the Saintly Disposition and natural of God, to a new and immortal life. She herself is a virgin, who keeps in its overall and creativity the syndicate she pledged to her companion" (LG 64; cf. 63).

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