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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Dryads Saddle

Dryads Saddle
Stand up or Projection Fungi, Congaree Native soil Take, Columbia, SC

Stand up FUNGI, OR Projection FUNGI

(science page:

Best part Names:

Stand up fungi, plunk fungi, conks, oysters, fuel rot fungi, sulphur plunk, birch plunk, dryad's saddle, artist's conk, wilt trailer.

The Polyporus squamosus, or Dryad's Saddle has the stamp of a "all-inclusive seat or scuttle for a fuel dryad" which is everyday for its namesake. This next smoothness, whether role-play, RPG, or actual mythology lends suggestion it is a during stretch to the Fae. That which is called the "Shelfung" mythologically is moreover referred to as the Squilla in make-believe Sarvonia and considered an edible fungus during in the midst of the orcs, elves, brownies, hobbits, and thergerim, and humans as a relish for copious foods such as for leveret, specter bread, and hen. The Tharian call it "Shelfung", the Orcs call it "Kroch'tlor", and the Thergerimtaal call it "Urtumua". Orcs like this fungus mood scaffold the blood for battle and their name for it translates to "Bonus Blood". The Blaa'kr band on the Isles of R'unor like it enhances sexual potency. Hobbits "(not a actual arrange of Fae, twisted by Tolkien)" say it mood develop one's wisdom.

"[ fungus.htm ]" Report sluggish in remission.

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