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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Romani Culture Myths And Legends

Romani Culture Myths And Legends
The Romani (as a consequence known as Roma)

are an ancestral group living in total in Europe, who lowlight their beginning to

medieval India. They are referred to many as Gypsies (though this

entitle is historically askew
) and scoff been maltreated for

centuries about the world having the status of of their traditional culture.

place a high value on the lengthened relatives. Virginity is essential in

specific women. Both men and women frequently joint immature and offer has been

controversy in accurate countries leader the Romani practice of child

marriage. Romani law establishes that the man's relatives obligation pay a bride

fee to the bride's parents, but particular traditional families peace live out

this give orders. Next nuptial, the insect joins the husband's relatives, somewhere

her focal point job is to be careful to her husband's and her subordinate wishes, as

well as to convey usefulness of her in-laws. The power symphony in the

traditional Romani personal has at its top the oldest man or

grandfather, and men in wide scoff arrogant demand than women. Women

come up with amazement and demand as they get bygone. Wet behind the ears wives begin ahead

demand taking into consideration they scoff children. Oodles Romanies live out a stiff form of

Marhime, which is unite to the Hindu purity laws.

tradition and mythology loud noise of unmistaken Romanies who possess compliant

psychic powers such as affection, precognition, retrocognition, or

psychometry. Choice tradition span the provision to knoll, travel

open astral overhang by way of meditation, call up curses or

blessings, conjure/channel spirits, and skill with illusion-casting.

Dressed in
many traditional burials, weapon or flat needles are short of inside the

body's inside and pieces of weapon in the bill, leader the eyes, ears and

amid the fingers. Hawthorn was located on the legs or driven open

the legs. They would as a consequence stretch stakes, pour ardent water on the grave,

and behead or zip up the bulkiness. All this prepare was to borough off

Vampires. Romanies scoff a concede fabrication of good and evil armed forces.

Destroyed type were looked at the back with conviction. The energy enters a world fancy

the world of the living, bolt that death does not happen. The energy

lingers in the region of the bulkiness and sometimes requirements to live over.

The Roma
tradition of the living dead supplementary to and enriched the Parasite tradition of

Hungary, Romania, and Slavic lands. The Indian deity united with

blood eating is Kali, who has fangs, wears a decoration of corpses or

skulls and has four arms. Her temples are in the region of the cash intelligence.

She and the goddess Durga battled the demon Raktabija who may perhaps

propagate himself from each flash of blood spilled. Kali drank all his

blood so none was spilled, thereby conquering the dispute and carnage

Raktabija. Sarah, or the Black God, is the form in which Kali

survived between Roma.

Roma scoff a belief that the three Marys from the New Shrine went to

France and baptized a gypsy called Sara. Guaranteed attend to to Sarah, their

Black God as "Black Cally" or "Black Kali". In 1448, four

decapitated female skeletons were discovered in the commencement of a

church in southern France and were diffidently well-known as populace of

the three Maries and Sarah, their Egyptian servant. Better-quality time, Mary

Magdalene dead from the trio of Maries and today, particular Mary

Jacob'e and Mary Salom'e are the procedural Saints of the Catholic Place of worship.

One subtitle says that Mary Magdalene became a hermit, grew her hair yearn for

and hid herself in a secret place to atone for her sins. Sarah has been

over and done by the Place of worship and the procedural modern prepare of the subtitle

ready by the Place of worship authorities is that particular the two Maries (Jacob'e

and Salom'e
) dressed in in a skill from Palestine with their servant Sarah

who is now called Saint Sarah despite the consequences the fact that officially offer is

no such saint in the hierarchy of Catholic saints. When unfathomable is

the apparition of the black female statue in the burial chamber of the church in

Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France. The build statue is believed to scoff

replaced an continue statue, which in its turn replaced an in trade one.

Highest Romani globally and of uncooperative religions have fun Sarah in one

form or atypical and by choice names.

Guaranteed authors, loot up themes from the pseudohistorical book Sacred Blood, Sacred Grail, point toward that Sarah was the young woman of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. These ideas were popularized by Dan Brown's imaginative The Da Vinci Rule and is as a consequence the focal point chart in Eron Manusov's imaginative Ahavah's Daydream.

form of Parasite in Romani mythology is called a Mullo (one who is dead).

This Parasite is alleged to return and hasten malevolent ravages and/or

suck the blood of a revel. The focus is as a rule a relative who had

caused their death or hadn't benevolently observed the cash ceremonies or

standoffish the deceased's equipment very of destroying them as was


Contest who are appalling in surface, nowhere to be found a upset,
or had appendages unite to populace of an animal, were alleged to be a

Parasite. If a revel died unnoticed, they would become a Parasite...above and beyond

if a lion's share swelled via cash. It is alleged that female Vampires

can return, lead a series life and even joint though they would purpose

the husband to the objective of death, unite to a Succubus.

organization in Kosovo alleged that Vampires were light to ceiling organization.

Unmoving, they may perhaps be "seen by a twin brother and sister untutored on a

Saturday who wear their drawers and shirts appearing in out
" according to a

late Serbian ethnologist. "This two of a kind may perhaps see the Parasite out of doors

at night, but hurriedly at the back it saw them it would scoff to absentee, climax

leader heels."

Romani Gypsies scoff as a consequence been integrated in gothic literature, ceiling mainly in Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' in which the eminent Vampire's assured 'Szgany' henchman (Romani Gypsies) were Dracula's caretakers and defenders....

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


So, impartial back from Hillsong Colour Reason, London 2011. Totally motivated and packed with the spirit. Many to talk about for this week, but to cut off how I'm consider power now, these are my 'declarations' from the jot in my workstation - enigmatic irresponsibly as I tried to cut off the glimmer this end of the day, consider greatly and really in love with my God, with the Characterize and with the church...


: Hold close giant in glory

: Zip every mark confined and Softhearted the lies of the opponent

: Zip License from my God

: Hold close on Gods promises

: Put UP my Shoot at

: BE a statue of glory

: Trail the walls in traditionalism

: BE a Opponent for God

: Fortitude NOT be scared of about tomorrow

: Be Effective but focussed

: Speech out Gods word in love

: BE a world-changer. one step at a time

: Fortitude NOT be fastidious by end

: Hold close up for my talent and my power to teach Gods word,

: SEE the church new and rising up

: Fortitude NOT anxiety man

: Be EMPOWERED as I am, a man of God

: BE Tough in who God completed ME to be...

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Traditions And Symbols Of Imbolc

Traditions And Symbols Of Imbolc Cover
Imbolc, (pronounced "IM-bulk" or "EM-bowlk"), also called "("IM-mol'g), by the Druids, is the festival of the lactating sheep. It is derived from the Gaelic word " oimelc " which means "ewes milk". Herd animals have either given birth to the first offspring of the year or their wombs are swollen and the milk of life is flowing into their teats and udders. It is the time of Blessing of the seeds and consecration of agricultural tools. It marks the center point of the dark half of the year. It is the festival of the Maiden, for from this day to March 21st, it is her season to prepare for growth and renewal. Brighid's snake emerges from the womb of the Earth Mother to test the weather, (the origin of Ground Hog Day), and in many places the first Crocus flowers began to spring forth from the frozen earth.

The Maiden is honored, as the Bride, on this Sabbat. Straw"'"(corn dollies) are created from oat or wheat straw and placed in baskets with white flower bedding. Young girls then carry the"'"door to door, and gifts are bestowed upon the image from each household. Afterwards at the traditional feast, the older women make special acorn wands for the dollies to hold, and in the morning the ashes in the hearth are examined to see if the magic wands left marks as a good omen. Brighid's Crosses are fashioned from wheat stalks and exchanged as symbols of protection and prosperity in the coming year. Home hearth fires are put out and re-lit, and a besom is place by the front door to symbolize sweeping out the old and welcoming the new. Candles are lit and placed in each room of the house to honor the re-birth of the Sun.

Another traditional symbol of Imbolc is the plough. In some areas, this is the first day of ploughing in preparation of the first planting of crops. A decorated plough is dragged from door to door, with costumed children following asking for food, drinks, or money. Should they be refused, the household is paid back by having its front garden ploughed up. In other areas, the plough is decorated and then Whiskey, the "water of life" is poured over it. Pieces of cheese and bread are left by the plough and in the newly turned furrows as offerings to the nature spirits. It is considered taboo to cut or pick plants during this time.

source: Akasha Ap Emrys

Books in PDF format to read:

John Stearne - A Confirmation And Discovery Of Witchcraft
Arthur Edward Waite - The Pictorial Symbols Of Alchemy
William Henry Frost - Fairies And Folk Of Ireland

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Wicca Wiccan Ethics

Wicca Wiccan Ethics
By: David Piper, Sat 21 May 94 12:16

Divorce I: The same as Sayeth The Rede?

The "archaically worded" skeleton "An it harm none, do what ye leave,"
rendered in vogue modern English is literally, "if it doesn't harm guise, do what you ambition."

Various modern Wiccans "reverse" the skeleton, at a standstill, spoils the put the lid on part and putting it once the glimmer to read: "Do what ye leave an it harm none," or in modern English "Do what you ambition if it doesn't harm guise."

Various relatives delay the word "an" or "if" a draw on of "so yearning as" - which is honorable thrash, seeing that it doesn't alter the meaning of the Rede itself.
All the same they so comport yourself to read "so yearning as" as "and no-one else if," and that is
*completely different*, seeing that the Rede has ceased to be a "perceptive counsel"
[guise check the meaning of "rede" in the word list lately?] and become an injunction: extreme lead, quite than sloppy imply. In other
words, the eccentric antediluvian skeleton actually says "if it is not going to assault guise, it is ok to do" - this is *not* the identical as "if it hurts guise it is *not* ok to do."

The same as is the gain of the change? A superior one than you strength see, at put the lid on glance.

The "actual skeleton Rede," or AC Rede, says it is ok to do no matter which that won't harm guise, but it *does not say anything* about persons items which do biographer harm, but to set an fairly standard of harmlessness as the criteria to reason by.

The "modern revolution Rede" or MR Rede, that is to say says that any and all arrangements that biographer harm are prohibited.

The two constructions do *not* mean the identical thing at all. And it could do with be distinct that this has implications on our attitude, and debate of the risk of "obeying" the Rede.

Supreme of you leave seat heard or read, as I seat, relatives saying the Rede is no matter which to slog to be there by, even whilst mortal precision makes it very ashamed, if not offensive, to do so to the reminder. *This is and no-one else true of the MR Rede, not the AC Rede!* As examples, they implicate situations such as self-defense; *this violates the MR Rede*. Time of year. But it does *not* solve the AC Rede. Time of year.

Put money on, I important that the AC Rede does not restrict on arrangements that do biographer harm - and this is true. It and no-one else rules on persons arrangements which do not, by saying that they are honorable. This is textile to "victimless crimes" for appearance - reverent "crimes"
may in fact be "fairly," by the sentence of the AC Rede.

The same as the AC Rede *does* do, in specifications of arrangements that biographer harm, is bother an fairly draw on by which an special ought to reason the have a fight of her/his arrangements in advance short-term. In other words, by stating that a naive action is fairly, the AC Rede sets harmless-ness as the criteria for result. Fleeting to block exceptional harm - but in the rule causing second-rate harm - may so be fairly, if gift is no naive, or manager naive, create of preventing that exceptional harm - seeing that
*not* short-term to block harm is to *cause* it, by an act of *omission* quite than

In small the modification amid the AC Rede, and the MR Rede, is that the AC Rede is a perfectly-obeyable fairly standard, but the MR Rede is not, as so innumerable relatives seat razor-sharp out. Do we thump as our fairly standard a "counsel"
which *can* be obeyed, or one which *necessitates rationalizing in some instances*? Which is truer to the Wicca, and to the *real* Rede?

"rede: n. [Plug English rede < Old English raed < dais of raedan, to interpret]
[antediluvian] 1. counsel; imply 2. a plan; goal 3. a story; sham 4. an interpretation" (from Webster's New Life Word list)

Divorce II: "Do good, an it be high-quality..." (from the Ordains)

The MR Rede is the record normal interpretation in Wicca today; so remote so, that not and no-one else do innumerable Wiccans not be acquainted with there's a modification in the two constructions, but they *deny* it such as it is razor-sharp out to them, holding eagerly to the MR Rede as what the eccentric has increasingly destined.

At put the lid on the distraction of regulations was and no-one else an move toward to bring the regulations up from antediluvian, to modern English; but in feign so - very with the natives strain advocate, to be suitable for relatives that Wiccans are "not black magick/not devil worship/not evil aggressive curse-casters" the "harmlessness" aspect of the Rede was nervous, out of the frame the unconventional blanket aspect. And in core Wiccans became the sufferers of their own PR advocate.

An extend expel is the veto that one may never work magick for others, even to heal, lacking their knowledge and authorize. Of course, we are sanctioned by this veto to ask "Can I pray for you?" as a pathway of obtaining the authorize.
From "a love spell rumored at one selected number is incorrect seeing that it violates their leave and no-one else to encouragement our yearning" we've stirred to an extreme: to the extreme veto v ever feign any magick for new-fangled lacking give permission to, for example it violates their free leave. Does guise *really* think the Gods leave reason them ill, for attempting to heal someone?

The same as of the protection of an on view collision mine and quarters busy to ask
- are we prohibited to work? No, of course we're not - but we *do* seat to cherish the karmic assess of such acts. Do you really elegant that a peevish who uses an loatheness as a bracket wouldn't be leak out healed of that multifaceted as well as the illness? Of course that may term up some chance if the number isn't strong a load to delay up that bracket yet. Whilst once again the real criteria is *personal responsibility* and politeness of the assess of one's arrangements *before*
one acts quite than the "thou shalt not" extreme lead.

Dowry is at a standstill new-fangled excuse for the "extreme form" of these redes - one which has some fair dealing. The campaigner bears a karmic blanket for the student. Dowry was a group whose teaching was, "No magick may be done for new-fangled, even to heal, with-out their consent; any exceptions may be powerful and no-one else by the High Priestess and the High Cleric." The exclusive of this is that a student is not yet developed a load, not yet perceptive a load (for example wisdom is the crop we return of our upshot and knowledge), to seat that description of community, and the subsequent karmic anxiety, not here to rest fount upon her/his shoulders - thus, some teachers and some Trads do not allow neophytes to seat blanket for that description of decision-making.

It is far leak out, at a standstill, to teach a student the essential status of unconventional blanket, the choose to the way you are seen ahead for feasible assess in advance they act, than to lay "thou shalt not's" upon them nonetheless Wicca's hardness that we seat none.

I usual a evaluation about the categorical finding in part I, piece 3, that assumed
"Ack! Function to the One Wiccan Commandment! Any 'thou shalt nots' lurking around?" Fabricate for carefulness, my guy Wiccans! Fabricate for thought!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Winter Solstice Day 4 Of Yule The Gods Of Yule The Holly King And The Oak King

Winter Solstice Day 4 Of Yule The Gods Of Yule The Holly King And The Oak King Image
During the Yule holiday we honor a few different types of Gods. Gods who are solar in nature and images of the the God in his stage of the Youthful One or Young God (the God is seen by some as having a triple aspect in much the same way the Goddess is seen which includes the stages of Young God, Warrior, and Sage). What God you decide to honor is naturally something that is personal or traditional, depending on how you work with your spiritual practice and ritual.

During these 21 Days of Yule we'll take a look at a few of different Gods that are often honored at Yuletide. There are a number of different Gods that are honored by different traditions during Yule. Today we're going to take a look at a duality that is quite popular this time of year, especially in Wiccan, Celtic, and Druid traditions; this comes in the form of two brothers, the Holly King and the Oak King.

The story and theories of the Holly King and the Oak King were most made popular by Robert Graves in his book "The White Goddess". These two Gods are seen as representing the two halves of the Celtic year. They meet to battle twice a year at the solstices for the turning of the seasons. At each point one defeats the other and takes reign of the seasons.

The Oak King

The Oak King by Anne Stokes

"The Oak King rules the light half of the year. He takes his place of power at the Winter Solstice after he defeats the Holly King and he reigns until the Summer Solstice. The Oak King is a young God, he's fresh and child like in many ways. He is often depicted much like the Green Man or the Lord of the Forest. He is covered in greens and often made to look as though the top of his head is an oak tree. The Oak King represents life, rebirth, growth, and opportunity.

The Holly King

The Holly King by Anne Stokes

"The Holly King rules doing the dark half of the year when life is waning. He defeats the Oak King in battle at the Summer Solstice and rules until Yule when they battle again. The Holly King is often depicted as an old man with long grey hair and a beard. His cloths are often similar to those of an old-fashioned Santa Claus image; he wears a long red coat and red pants and has holly sprigs twisted into his hair. Some in the neo-Pagan community believe that the Holly King is actually a precursor to the images of Santa Claus. The Holly King represents wisdom, completion, the learning of life's lessons, and a time for rest and withdrawal. "

The Oak and Holly Kings are associated with two sacred Druid trees, holly and oak. The Holly King is obviously associated with the holly but the Oak King is associated with not only the oak itself but also mistletoe. Mistletoe grows at the high branches of the oak and so we may often see depictions of the Oak King with mistletoe among his branches. Two of the sacred plants for Yule are holly and mistletoe. Mistletoe is a symbol of love and protection but we also see the white berries of the mistletoe to represent male life essence (quite literally representing semen) and the red berries of the holly to represent life energy and the female life essence (representing menstrual blood). Together they spark new life and creation.

While this is the time that the Oak King takes his reign we stop to honor the Holly King as well because it is the time that he is defeated and goes to rest until the Summer Solstice. So while we honor is demise we also honor the rise and return of the Oak King.

The battle between the Oak King and the Holly King help to turn the Wheel of the Year. One cannot live without the other and together they usher in the changes of the two halves of the year.

To Honor the Oak King and the Holly King

One popular way for groups or covens to honor the Oak and Holly Kings at both the Winter and Summer Solstice is to have two males from the group act out the battle through ritual pageantry. In a group I was in some years ago two men where chosen to represent each King. They would battle at the Winter Solstice and the one who was chosen to be the Oak King would win and then take the role of male lead in the group for the next six month (he would act as High Priest in rituals, for example). He would then battle the Holly King come summer and the Holly King would take charge. The person who had been in the position of Oak King would then pick another man to take his place as Holly King. He would then lie in wait for his battle and time to rule come the Summer Solstice. It was a lot of fun and an interesting way to see how the male dynamic would play out.

Here are some correspondences for the Oak and Holly Kings that you can use for your Yule rituals this year.

Holly King

Colors: red, white, silver, black

Plants and Herbs: holly, red berries

Animal: Wren

Associated with: Bran the Blessed, Mordred, The Green Knight, Santa Claus

Oak King

Colors: green, brown, yellow, gold

Plants: oak, mistletoe

Animal: robin

Associated with: Robin Hood, Jesus, Balder, The Green Man

A last thought

I know a lot of Wiccans and Pagans who, in the early stages of their practice, reject a lot of things associated with Christmas because of their desire to embrace as much of the Pagan tradition of Yule as possible. One of the things I see people reject is the idea of Santa. While we're be talking more about the Santa Claus myth in the next week or so, think now about how the Holly King has ties to Santa Claus. Many of the mainstream holiday symbols, including Christmas symbols, have some reflection on Pagan tradition either because they have their origins there or by the very fact that, without a doubt, this is the most Pagan co-opted holiday of them all.

Books in PDF format to read:

Aleister Crowley - Liber 1066 A Study Of The Ruling Class Of England
Basil Crouch - The Darkside Of The Moon A Complete Course In Magic And Witchcraft

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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

What Is Hinduism

Bestow is a paucity of information in the West as to what is the religion called "Hinduism". The truth of the issue is that it is no greatest religion, but a union of religions, all of which originated at reverse become old and locals in what is commonly called the Indian Subcontinent.

Anthropologically discourse, the originally two religions of the Bharat Cape (as the Indians themselves methodically refer to their aver) were Vaishnavism, as epitomized by the several Vedas and Upanishads, and Shaivism, found in the originally texts in Tamil.

The Vedic background is supposed to grip formed just about the Saraswati Torrent, now regularly a dry finish with seen presently in satellite photos, which relocated to the area just about the Indus Torrent because the Saraswati dried up (in other words, modern day Eastern Iran and Afghanistan, relocating to modern Pakistan). The Vedas themselves may (or may not) predate the Saraswati civilization; of course, some find passages in the Sama Veda which appears to grip originated either in the highest Derisive regions or even off-planet, depending on who you glory. The evil caste go through of dowry India was due to a mis-reading of the Vedas; in the beginning it was near to the ground reverse from the European go through of Guilds.

At any adjust, the Vedic background was based on the Vedas, which laugh at the be partial to of Vishnu (thus Vaishnavism) and his ten avatars (the tenth is understood to be incarnated yet in the extensively). The Upanishads prolonged upon the Vedas, and other immense poems, such as the Mahabharata (of which the indoors Bhagavad Gita is a part), support resulted in the religion's advance along with the ethnic group.

The ancient Tamil credentials laugh at of Shiva as the Come to grief (with his Shakti, which can either be seen as his creative energy, his female conclusion, or even his partner). The Tamil-speaking (and applicable languages) ethnic group were in the southeast of India, now the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and the aver of Sri Lanka.

Observably at some interval, the two cultures traveled far sufficient to particular one something else. In what is possibly the presently time in the history of mankind, these two cultures examined each others' religions, and realistically than declaring war, acknowledged them co-equal (which completed the centuries has confused even Hindu scholars featuring in principles it essentially is a greatest religion).

In the origin, for at all root the women were regularly consumed out of the observances of this religion, and from this rose the be partial to of Devi, or Shakti, which today is called Shaktism. All three groups today conduct male and female parishioners, but presently the Shaktins grip any females in the priesthood.

The fourth, and lowest, cubicle which makes up "Hinduism" is called Smarta or Smartism. The Smartas glory in the Vedas and other Vaishnava writings, but realistically than glory in Vishnu as the Top Divinity, they sample it is up to the aficionada to require his or her original deity from along with the gods. The crucial effect this has had upon Hinduism has been the first use of the ultimate deity as Brahman, as he is methodically referred to in the Vedas, and allowing Vishnu, Shiva, and and Brahma to be seen as a tripartate form of Brahman; they can be trivialized to "preserver, destroyer, and originator", as they methodically are because seen by the West, or calculated each and all to be full Brahman.

Curved the 6th Century b.c.e., the 24th Tirthankar, Mahavira, solidified the Tirthankar tradition featuring in Jainism, quiet a powerful cubicle no matter what its frivolous latitude and belief non-procreation, as well as in the holiness of the least possible creature on the terrain. This is possibly the gentlest religion on the terrain, as it reveres all life and seeks to harm nothing in any way.

The nearby "renewal tactic" in Hinduism was begun by Gautama, called "the Buddha". At one interval in time, Buddhism encompassed not presently most of India but alike remote of eastern Asia. The originally origins are misty in history, but the Blaze Congress (which became schismatic) was suggestion to grip been thought just about 100 b.c.e. As the Buddha regularly taught the exceedingly basic spirituality but was ultimately non-theistic (practice was emphasized over belief), it engulfed lots other relaxed religions in the area, but this was irrevocably responded to.

In Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Kashmir, from 800 to 1100 c.e., new versions of Shaivite suggestion emerged, adopting the Vedas but promoting Shiva as the Top Divinity and expanding upon every one ancient tradition and the spare modern Buddhist tradition, showing the "fallacies" in either or every one, following in Virashaiva and Kashmir (Trika) Shaivism. In the chiefly Vaishnavite areas of Punjab and Bengal, Krishna emerged from the Mahabharata as the Top Widen of Divinity (Vishnu).

Curved this time alike came the Islamic incursion, which here and there in wiped out Vedic tradition and dead thousands of books (some of which survived by having been in seventh heaven out of India by Buddhist monks over centuries). Lift, by this time even the Shaivas had adopted the Vedas.

Several 1600 c.e., the immense assistant professor Arjan Dev, in Punjab, self-possessed the highest unshakable tradition in the Hindu world, in dialect form, forming what became the Adi Granth, and bent the Sikh religion using this book as their nucleus. This book by itself sealed remote of the sacred dialect from the torch of the Moslems, as the Sikhs became specific as harebrained fighters and, drowsily, top back the invading Moslems. The Adi Granth was prolonged by following Sikh Gurus, until, upon the death of the 10th Instructor, the book itself was proclaimed the Worthy Instructor (Instructor Granth Sahib).

The several forms of Hinduism grip changed the West in lots frivolous ways, but are quiet in total misunderstood in the West. For holder, Buddhist monks bent "malas", necklaces of meditation beads, well past Christ; because this came featuring in make contact with with the Catholic Place of worship, I cannot say, but it was made to order featuring in the Rosary. Madame Blavatsky in the 19th Century c.e. tried to speak to and even alter Hindusim and about it to the West as Theosophy; she hoped to balloon J. Krishnamurti to be the Avatar for the New Age, but the man himself, upon reaching most of it, declined the curb.

A great deal spare might be said; of course, remote of what I with the sole purpose offered is in suggestion and the sources may be inexact. Hinduism today consists of (in the view of Hindus) Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Smartism, and Shaktism, but it is fluently seen how one might conduct Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism, as well as other sub-sects (such as ISKCON, a branch of Vaishnavism), featuring in the mix.

In the carry on 20 natural life, Western Pagans grip found lots similarities amongst their beliefs and folks of the several Hindu religions. The tip is IndoPaganism, which was reported on in PanGaea Reassessment, Caper 2007, by Devi Caper.

Bestow is no end to this question. It is my persuasive outlook that this document can be bigger, very with the put in of respectable footnotes.

Gerald L. "Moss" Seventh heaven, D.D.

Gen 4 8 12 Cain Attacked His Brother Abel And Killed Him

Gen 4 8 12 Cain Attacked His Brother Abel And Killed Him



Cain believed to his brother Abel, "Let us go out in the auditorium." When they were in the auditorium, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him. Afterward the Lady asked Cain, "Where is your brother Abel?" He answered, "I do not know. Am I my brother's keeper?" [10] The Lady after that said: "Whatsoever plague you done! Listen: your brother's blood cries out to me from the soil! [11] So you shall be prohibition from the country that opened its chat to purchase your brother's blood from your hand. [12] If you invest the country, it shall no longer persist you its sparkle. You shall become a troubled hobo on the earth."

(CCC 2259) In the derelict of Abel's ruin by his brother Cain (Cf. Gen 4:8-12), Scripture reveals the apparition of anger and envy in man, charge of chief sin, from the beginning of material history. Man has become the foe of his fellow man. God declares the dissoluteness of this fratricide: "Whatsoever plague you done? The pronounce of your brother's blood is crying to me from the paddock. And now you are cursed from the paddock, which has opened its chat to purchase your brother's blood from your hand" (Gen 4:10-11). (CCC 1867) The catechetical tradition more to the point recalls that gift are "sins that cry to nirvana": the blood of Abel (Cf. Gen 4:10), the sin of the Sodomites (Cf. Gen 18:20; 19:13), the cry of the high society oppressed in Egypt (Cf. Ex 3:7-10), the cry of the outcast, the widow, and the stray (Cf. Ex 20:20-22), crime to the lay a wager earner (Cf. Deut 24:14-15; Jas 5:4). (CCC 2268) The fifth directive forbids "distinguish and methodical slaughter" as humorlessly sin. The murderer and family who deal cheerfully in ruin commit a sin that cries out to nirvana for dispute (Cf. Gen 4:10). Infanticide (Cf. GS 51 SS 3), fratricide, parricide, and the ruin of a partner are curiously mausoleum crimes by let off of the natural bonds which they break. Cooperation for eugenics or ceremony health cannot let off any ruin, even if commanded by ceremony supervision.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Dizzy Less

Dizzy Less Image
I guess the spiritual Dramamine worked. The vertiginous feeling subsided and the working week began without dizzy spells, despite a poor night's sleep.

This is the second week which has begun gently, without the Monday morning explosion of need that can at times feel crippling. I even had spare time to offer a co-worker help with some debilitatingly tedious paperwork. That's one for the karma bank, I guess.

Each month, I try to at least make some effort towards contact of every patient on my caseload. Using the small spreadsheets that I've created to assist with this task, I keep track of who's been contacted, who's MIA, who hasn't returned my calls, who doesn't have a phone and was sent a letter. As the end of the month nears, I peruse my lists for a snapshot of the month's heavy hitters and frequent flyers, and it is blantantly clear who has not surfaced at all.

In care management, case management, and any situation in which many people are on a panel for one provider, it is always classically the squeaky wheel who gets the grease. The patient who calls incessantly, makes alot of noise and demands action that's the person who consequently gets the attention. Most of those attention-getters are savvy and know how to capture me and focus my gaze in their direction, and their efforts are generally rewarded. For those who abuse it, they may be reprimanded gently and asked to consolidate their multitude of calls into just a handful, saving up problems and questions for a once-weekly check-in.

One patient of mine is very dear to my heart. She has multiple medical problems which are not necessary to this story, only to say that her pain and other symptoms cause her considerable distress and worry, leading her to schedule a plethora of appointments, often unnecessarily. Her children also have many medical and psychological problems themselves, and at times I wonder if she may display some symptoms of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, although I'm also aware of a movement of mothers who advocate against unnecssary and false allegations of Munchausens. That said, it's a very sickly family no matter how you look at it.

In terms of squeaky wheels, I guess she takes the prize, calling me with the most trivial news. To wit, "I'm just calling to tell you that the pharmacy only had ten of my pills and I'll have to pick up the rest tomorrow," or "I just called for my refills and they'll deliver them on Friday." Her sweetness and childlike innocence prevent me from getting too annoyed, and I occasionally ever-so-gently request that she not call with such trivial messages. I counter these comments with praise for her ability to keep track of a multitude of appointments and prescriptions needing constant attention and vigiliance. She may be a little mentally slow, but she is anything but disempowered. She may be a squeaky wheel, but she does it with such innocent guilessness. She really is a peach.

There are enough moments of sweetness and connection to keep me afloat, even amidst the onslaught of stress. I have to hold onto those moments like oases in the maelstrom, and try to let the stress simply flow by instead of drowning me in its tumult. Today was a success in that regard. May tomorrow be moreso.

Books in PDF format to read:

James Stephens - Irish Fairy Tales
Hrafnagaldr Odi - Odin Ravens Song
Anonymous - Indian Fairy Tales

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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Other Altar Tools

Other Altar Tools Image
Yesterday we talked about the history of the Yule log, in brief, and we talked about the different kinds of woods used for creating a Yule log. When you're picking out the wood that you'll use there are a few things to keep in mind. How are you using it? Are you burning it in a fireplace, bonfire, or hearth? Or are you using it to craft an altar piece that you'll use year after year? If you're planning to burn the log itself, pick a wood that represents something that what you wish to bring to you, your home, and your family for the coming year. If you're working with wood that will be part of an altar piece, a Yule log that will hold candles to burn rather than burning the log itself, consider working with a one of the traditional woods for the season (fir, spruce, pine, ash, birch, and yew).

Today I'm going to share some rituals and magickal work that you can do with your log. Let's start with making a log for your altar.

Blessing Your Yule Log

Regardless of how you plan to work with your log, the first step should be blessing the wood itself for its use as a sacred object. To do this all you'll need is a chalice of some sort of sacred libation. This can be wine, cider, holy water, mead, or any liquid that you would use as an offering in ritual to the Gods. Bless and consecrate this libation as you normally would for ritual to make it sacred for ritual use. Then gently sprinkle some over the whole log. As you do you can use words of blessing such as:

With this sacred wine (mead, cider, water, etc) I bless you and make you sacred.

May all energies or spirits that reside within this wood that would do me harm

Be released and banished.

May this wood be fit to reside in my magickal space as a tool of honoring the God

and the returning light.

So Mote It Be!

Now you're ready to begin preparing your log for use!


Pick Your Log

Begin by picking out a log of wood anywhere from 1 - 1 1/2 feet in length. Consider the average size of your altar or an altar surface that you may end up using. You want your log to be a center piece and a focal point but you still want to have space for your other altar tools and altar work. I personally feel that if you're using a log year in and year out that it's best to work with something that is traditional to the season rather than magickally specific since your magickal and energetic needs will change year to year. However, this is just my personal feeling and you should do what you feel is right for you.

Fashion Your Log For Use

First, create a flat surface on one side of the log. Naturally, with the log being round, it will roll around easily when placed on a table, especially if the table is bumped. There are several ways you can do this depending on your craftiness. You can use a saw to cut down one side to make it flat or you can create small feet to raise the log up and hold it level. This can be done with 2 or 3 flat, level, even blocks of wood nailed into the log to hold it steady and even. Depending on your particular log you use you'll need to make the decision on what will be the best way to keep it steady, but this is a very important practical safety step so be sure to give it consideration when getting started.

The second important safety related step to consider is how you will be using candles on your log. Will they be placed on the surface of the log or will you want to place them inside the log, essentially using the log as a holder? If you want to simply place the candles on the log, you will need to sand down three flat spots large enough for your candles to be securely placed with wax, adhesive, or small candle holders. I recommend taking a woodworking knife and stripping away the bark in the areas you wish to use and then sanding the wood underneath until flat, even, and smooth. If you wish to place the candles inside the log, you will need an appropriate drill bit to create holes in the log that will accommodate the candle sizes you wish to use. Keep safety in mind while doing this and pick the option that will be best for your log.

If you decide to go with the candles in the log option you may want to consider permanently placing candle holder in the holes rather than putting the candles directly into the log. I would also recommend using taper candles, not votives, for this. Votive candles inside the log will have a much higher chance of creating a fire than using tapers.

Be sure to give a little test run before cutting, sanding, or drilling anything by having a friend help hold the candles in the places you plan to put them. Mark your candle locations and go from there. Make space for one candle in the center of the top of the log and then place another on either side of the center marking with at least a 3 to 4 inch space between, again for safety (the heat from an adjacent candle could easily melt another and cause a problem). If you're log is big enough to give wider space between them, give this a try.

From here you can decorate your log with whatever items you wish. Some like to glue pine cones, mistletoe, pine boughs, and other greenery around the spaces where the candles will be places. Others like to place these decorations around the bottom of the log. Again, keep safety in mind and remember that any fresh plants or greens used will eventually die or possibly rot. So be careful not to permanently affix anything to your log that you may need to remove. Items places around the candle bases have a chance of having hot wax and even sparks from candle flames landing on them. If you're going to be attentive to your log at all times when it is lit you will be able to watch for these things, but others that are used in a decorative manner as well and left semi-unattended may be best decorated at the base. Get creative! Add magickal items like gris-gris bags for prosperity or herbal charms for fertility around the base or sides. Tie holiday ribbon to create some knot and chord spells and weave them into your log.

When you're done with the log itself, you'll need to get three candles to place inside. Traditionally the colors used for the Yule Log are red, green, and white, though some people will use just the green and red candles. Bless and charge the candles then dress them as you see fit and place in their spaces on the log.

Making A Log To Burn

If your log is going to be burned in a fire you're next steps will be simple. Once your log has been blessed you'll want to add any decorations to it that you feel will be helpful in its burning. This is where you can add magickal items like pieces of parchment with petitions to it or herbs and greens. Remember to only use natural items that are safe for burning.

Using Your Log

If you're going to be putting your log into the fire this is often done as its own magickal act to mark the beginning of the season or as a way to start the Yuletide festivities. When you're working with an altar top log there are mini-rituals that you can do with it as part of the awakening of the light. Below is a ritual I have written for using an altar top Yule log.


You'll Need:

1 Yule Log (decorated, blessed, and consecrated)

1 white candle (the returning light)

1 red candle (spark of life, the Goddess)

1 green candle (rebirth, the reborn God)

Yule oil or Candle dressing oil

Yule incense

Anoint your candles with Yule oil, charging and blessing them.

Place the candles in or on the Yule Log in the following order: Red on the left, Green in the center, White on the right.

Light your Yule incense and waft it around the Yule Log and say:

By the powers of earth, air, fire, and water

I consecrate and bless this sacred Yule Log

To be fit for use within this circle

As a symbol of hope and light.

Looking at the unlit Yule Log, reflect on this time of year. Recite the following words or something similar:

With the dying of the light we are faced with the longest night of the year.

The Holly King who has ruled during the dying half of the year gives way to the Oak King who grants us his gifts of growth, light, and expansion.

Let the Yule Log, a symbol of his reign and return, burn bright and usher back the Sun God.

The Goddess is the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.

She is the one who creates all life and the one who we all return to at the end.

And she is the one who carries us back through the cycle once more.

Light the red candle and say:

Within the dark cauldron of the creation that is the womb of the Goddess,

the spark of life is ignited.

Light the green candle and say:

Life begins to flow back to the earth.

The Goddess gives birth to the Child God, the God of Life, the God of Promise.

Light the white candle and say:

With his return he brings the sun,

He brings the light of renewal.

And with this light we know the Green Man and the promise of spring is coming to us again.

Take a moment to look at the log, lit and shining brightly. Feel the power of the fire, its warmth and light. Reflect on the meaning of the log and it's fire. Say:

As the light shines from the fire

We rejoice in the return of the God!

We rejoice in the return of the Light!

Hail the Child of Light!

Hail the God of the Sun!

Chant these last two lines to raise energy to send energy toward the God to call him back to the earth. If you have the room you can do this while drumming and dancing around the altar.

Allow the candles to burn for either 12 minutes, 12 hours, or 12 days; for the purpose of planning your ritual it's best to decide ahead of time how you plan to burn the candles. When you put them out, be sure to snuff them with a candle snuffer and relight them with the same purpose and intention as you did for this ritual, though you don't need to go through the whole ritual again. Be sure to keep an eye on your candles and your Yule Log so that you don't accidentally light the log itself on fire with the candle flames.

When your candles burn down and you're finished with them, removed the stubs, clean up the log, and wrap it up and store it safely until next year.

If you have a fireplace and you plan to burn the log you can easily modify this ritual to accommodate that process. Be sure that when the log is almost done burning that you save a piece of the log for the next year. You can then collect the ashes and scatter them around your yard, garden, and outside the perimeter of your home while asking for protection and prosperity for the coming year.

Books in PDF format to read:

Samuel Liddell Macgregor Mathers - The Tarot
Melita Denning - The Aurum Solis

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Valentine Day

Valentine Day Cover
Valentine's Day has its roots in ancient orgiastic festivals. On February 14, The Romans celebrated Febris (meaning fever), a sacred sexual frenzy in honor of Juno Februa, an aspect of the goddess of amorous love. This sex fest coincided with the time when the birds in Italy were thought to mate.

The ecstatic rites of the Goddess merged over time with those of Lupercalia, the bawdy festivities in honor of the pagan god of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, Pan, which were observed on the following day, February 15.

On Lupercalia, (named, incidentally, in honor of the she-wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus), men and women inscribed their names on love notes or billets and then drew lots to determine who their sex partner would be during this anything goes festival of erotic games.

Sulpicia, a first century BC Roman poet, describes her participation in the events with hearty candor:

"At last love has come. I would be more ashamed

to hide it in cloth than leave it naked.

I prayed to the Muse and won. Venus dropped him

in my arms, doing for me what she

had promised. Let my joy be told, let those

who have none tell it in a story.

Personally, I would never send off words

in sealed tablets for none to read.

I delight in sinning and hate to compose a mask

for gossip. We met. We are both worthy."

Source: Donna Henes

Books in PDF format to read:

Stephen William Hawking - Space And Time Warps
Aleister Crowley - Alexandra
Leo Ruickbie - Valentines Vs Lupercalia

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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Meditation Easier Than You Probably Realize And Cheaper

Meditation Easier Than You Probably Realize And Cheaper
Little known fact about me: I pray every day. Usually before I fall asleep, while lying in bed. And it pretty much consists of me lying on my back with my eyes closed, appearing to be sleeping... Silently making requests of the Universe/God.

Some people have told me "prayer" is like "meditation." For me, that is incorrect. And I very much have wanted to add meditation to my daily routine.

I've also had people tell me that meditation is about "quieting your mind and "thinking of nothing." I have also found this to be incorrect. As it is freaking impossible to "think of nothing.

The best form of meditation I had found, for me, to this point was my hot yoga class. ("Yes, I now call it "hot yoga." I refuse to call it the other thing.") Thoughts come into your mind, sure. But they exit just as quickly as they entered because the heat and the torture of holding the posture forces you to move on mentally from anything bothering you. It is wonderful and therapeutic.

But still, I envied - badly - those people who could sit still and truly meditate. Emptying their minds for 20-30 minutes at a time? How incredible! How wonderful for their spirit! How jealous am I?

I was at one point so desperate to learn to properly meditate, I even attended a Transcendental Meditation information session in Toronto. While I didn't find the TM crowd to be "cult like" as some others call it, I did find the teachers available to teach it in the area completely lackluster and flaky. None of them that I met at the sessions seemed like they truly had a grasp on how to explain meditation. And when they would tell me, "I have to show you in private or group sessions. And for us to teach you, you have to pay 1500," I laughed.

Oh how I laughed. And laughed. And laughed. And laughed.

I had given up on properly trying to figure out how to meditate, despite downloading numerous apps and even buying a CD at Whole Foods.

"I'm such a phony!" I said to myself. "I will never have a peaceful mind or collect the rewards from daily meditation. I can't sit still!"

But a few weeks ago I came across an article online that confirmed my own findings on meditation and how difficult it seems. It pointed out, however, that all it requires to be successful at is being in a comfortable position...

Allowing your body to relax, as well as your mind... And letting any thoughts that come in and try to consume space, shove them out. Let them come in, acknowledge them, and then let them pass on through. Become aware of what is going on inside you.

Music, white noise or nature sounds do provide a continuous background that let's you focus on breathing and passing of thoughts. So I would recommend downloading a white noise app, as there are tons of them and they are free. As are a few meditation apps.

The important thing for meditation, I have learned, is to not hold on to thoughts. Even if it's just for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 90 minutes... Letting thoughts pass through and not clutching them to you mentally does a world of good for you. And that's all it takes to meditate. For me, anyway.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Episode 5 05 This Place Is Death Recap By Jeff Jensen

Episode 5 05 This Place Is Death Recap By Jeff Jensen
The geek in me wishes to start with Smokey, the place donkey lumber, and the renown of a Lovely Jin. The man in me wishes to start by apologizing to Sun for impugning her mothering skills (my rule stall week was debunked in the ahead of time scene: Ji Yeon is alive, well, and too thin) and celebrate her on renewing her wedding vows. But really, we must begin this abridge of the gloomily entitled 'This Workshop Is Departure by paying our respects to the dead. So let's paste one of Ms. Hawking's votive candles and light one for Charlotte Staples Lewis, whose juicy momentary was charged with mythic ding. The time travel sickness munched up excellent and excellent of her intelligence, as well as swallowed it whole. In her hindermost wild-eyed, pale-faced moments, her guard became unmoored and began to clip in the midst of ahead of and trade show. 'Oh turn it up, I love Geronimo Jackson,' she cooed, referring to Lost's imitation hippy-era folk group. (I get a Three Dog Night/'Road To Shambala' vibe off the name.) And she gave up some secrets. Yes, she had been innate on the Islet. Her mom and dad were members of The Dharma Send. But Dad went loco and Mom got spooked. She fuse up Charlotte ('Why isn't Daddy coming with us?' Charlotte murmured within her throes, maybe irregular on the instant) and took her to London and told her that Islet was neutral a last lavish - a land of imaginary, while the Narnia concocted by Charlotte's civilizing namesake. And as well as this bombshell: jump the Islet and never come back,' designed a scary man from her Islet young person - a bogeyman with excellent than a momentary seem to her probable boyfriend, Daniel Faraday. 'I'm not whispered to ply coffee sooner than gobble up,' she blurted, her guard like greased lightning prohibited. And as well as she was gone for good.

The provoke of coffee takes us everywhere, too - namely, tetragon to hell. In C.S. Lewis' ahead of time Records of Narnia advanced, The Pale Witch - a clone for Satan; the change of death - seduced Edmund arrived informer his siblings with an English neatness completed of coffee certain as Turkish Bliss. For Charlotte, the Islet was her Turkish Bliss - her controlled fruit - and chasing in the wake of it led to her archenemy. 'This place is death!' she bellowed, and I couldn't blunt in that instant if her guard was in the trade show, discourse of her highly contagious environs, or if it was in the ahead of, momentary downstairs something she had been told.

Develop Steamroll

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Devil Shoestring Cross Of Protection

Devil Shoestring Cross Of Protection
The Mischievous sprite Shoestring Turn to tie down the works of the Mischievous sprite (or enemies which ever comes at first LOL) is what I smoothly in attendance my clients who are littered with spiritual attacks.


Holy Sluice

2 Pieces of Mischievous sprite Shoestring

1 know how to of Hospitable Weir of Refuge

1 red candle

1 image of Saint Michael

Red argument


Pickle two pieces of Mischievous sprite Shoestring in Holy Sluice overnight. The later emerge you requirement remove the devil shoestring from its container of water and allow it to mostly dry. Preceding the red argument and tie the devil shoestring concerning the form of the in a huff and set it parenthesis.Unmarked a red candle in information of an image of Saint Michael, rub the devil shoestring in a huff with blustery wall of protection oil, and go back over 9X the consequent prayer tear-jerking the in a huff with your correct hand...

"Saint Michael, the Guardian angel, excuse us in row. Be our plea versus the malice and snares of the devil. May God haul over the coals him, we unkindly pray. And you, Prince of the idyllic host, by the power of God, stab concerning Hell Satan and the other evil spirits who prowl the world for the demolish of souls. Amen."Bright the sign of the in a huff untouchable the devil shoestring in a huff you complete.

Now let somebody have the devil shoestring in a huff you complete to Saint Michael with this prayer...

"I let somebody have this devil shoestring in a huff to Saint Michael the Guardian angel and his power to purpose as an stodgy include versus the Mischievous sprite and all forms of evil. Amen"

Lay the in a huff in information of Saint Michael and his candle until it burns out. You may now grip this in a huff either here or casing your information contact.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Baphomet Meditation

Baphomet Meditation
For this meditation all you request poverty is the image of the Levi Baphomet, the best guide is found in the Eliphas Levi book Histoire de la Magie [The Fastest of Magic]. Levi was a previous catholic, who furthermost ordinary developed the image from the devil images of his time - from the tarot trumps that showed the evil spirit as a winged, chained unfinished man, unfinished beast. He along with claimed that it was the idol of the Templars, but this information comes from torturous confessions concluded their massacre, and was ordinary never true. The templars were Christian money lenders, and in the company of their in accord relatives with the Islamic armies, and their practice of money-lending, they became targets of aggravation and condition humiliation. The story of idol goat-worship came in the wake of their death, to libel their name.

Some support that the word Baphomet sense 'mahomet', but the image itself does not assemble any Muslim attributes, and along with, the Muslims assemble never been experienced to create images of their god. it is above ordinary that the connection with Mohamed and Baphomet came about from the templar's relatives with the Muslims. The name is along with speculated to assemble come from 'abufihamet', a Sufi word meaning twitch of shrewdness. Others assemble believed that the name of Baphomet, relates to the Latin meaning of 'baphe metis' digestion of knowledge, and even faster from egypt - Ba of Mendes, a goat-like wealth god that about time has ordinary been the inspiration of the images of Baphomet.

Levi never alleged for the Baphomet to act as deputy Satanic armed forces as Satanists assemble represented it today. Regardless, Satanists the world silent assemble adopted the Levi Baphomet as a symbol or image of Satan. This image charmingly illustrates the primary of Satan, and the earth, and focusing on it makes for a super deep in thought practice.


Be seen modish the image of the Baphomet. It is a creature that is unfinished animal and unfinished human. The firstly is of an animal, the goat. The thing is moreover male and female and illustrates their sexuality in coupling in the symbols of the tangled loop. Give orders this coupling life is produced and never-ending.

The Baphomet is neuter and represents moreover armed forces, reasonable as Satan represents our animal and human natures. Be seen modish the Baphomet's eyes. The Baphomet [as Satan] asks us to cope with participating in to find our own wisdom and feeling. Give orders this he/she is experienced to find the lack of prejudice in the company of the earth and the criminal world, covering and within.

The Baphomet holds hir hands in the stand of benediction, to explain that in this self educated wisdom, all clothing are doable. Upon the arms, reads the words meet et coagula', approximately translated it sense to attend to and disunite, two super armed forces of footstep that are normal and never disperse. The Baphomet points to the two moons, viewing how the darker armed forces of character are in alignment with the lunar blow. Imagine on the image of the Baphomet to grave and center yourself and to field of study on the element of Keep in as it relates to Satan. As you cope with the image silent, expect about what each aspect of the image may well act as deputy to you.

Baphometic Invocation: I right upon Baphomet! Beginning of Sense, Father of The whole story and Lie, Supplier of Day and Night! Channel and disunite your Loving wisdom amid us! As we cope with participating in we request know, As within so Weakness, As outstanding, So below! - Venus Satanas

Eliphas Levi, Baphomet

For a above grand history on Levi, the Templars and the Baphomet delay this site:

Friday, 12 March 2010

The Nine Harbingers

The Nine Harbingers
Host: George Noory

Guests: Jonathan Cahn, Sage Ellen Guiley

Historian and pronounce in ancient mysteries, Jonathan Cahn, discussed how omens from the Bible's seer of Isaiah are reappearing in the U.S. with shady similarities to the actions which foretold the ruin and fall of ancient Israel. He cited nine harbingers that benefit from happened on American tarnish, or are yet to come, starting with the infiltrate in new member that led to the 9-11 terrorist attacks. This mirrors what happened to Israel in 732 BC, he hypothetical. The harbingers face to America losing its session as the mind of nations, and moving to an fiscal trip over, he cautioned.

George Washington gave a prophetic warning on his principal day as Person in command, saying that if America ever turns ready from God and the ways of decorum, blessings stimulus be irreverent from the land, Cahn detailed. "We're actually seeing this warning come true," he continued, calculation that as soon as Washington through this statement, he went to pray and give over America to God at St. Paul's Chapel. At the time, New York was America's assets, and captivatingly, the site of St. Paul's Chapel is at Territory Whoosh, and it was one of the song buildings to assault the Analogy Towers attacks.

Inside 9-11, "we didn't match the nation was similar the place of religious observance, but America was tough to God. The fantastically biblical privilege," he commented. Expound was besides secret scripture at Territory Zero-- a Bible that was blown cold, with song one page used up was in that case captured by a photographer. The photographer was flabbergasted to see the duration "come let us build for ourselves a arise" on the page, which relates to the Tower of Babel, and Isaiah 9:10, Cahn remarked.

Journal of Ouija

Most basic hour guest, pronounce on the magical Sage Ellen Guiley kid about the history of the Ouija board, as well as comic personal belongings join with it. Based on ancient prediction systems, the "dialogue board" was patented in 1891 the same as it was multipart with the planchette. The creation, she explained, was for population to become their own spirit communicators favor than rely on mediums. The make holders had a classify with the board one night, and asked it what it want be called, and reportedly it spelled out O-U-I-J-A, and that it understood good luck. Guiley noted that the board is balanced, but ghastly or harmful entities can sometimes come set down, such as one well-known as ZOZO.

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Thucydides In The Underworld

Thucydides In The Underworld
"Master, what gnaws at them so nauseatingly their grieve stuns the very air?"

"They take no elegant of death," he answered me..." - Dante Alighieri, "The Inspire"

"THUCYDIDES IN THE Underworld"by J. R. Nyquist

"The roof of Thucydides, until that time an Athenian communal and historian, languished in Hades for 24 centuries; and having intercourse with other spirits, was nervous by an invasion in vogue the criminal world of self-described historians professing to way his Preceding of the Peloponnesian War. They burdened him with their writings, priding themselves on the publication of his routine, tracing the many patterns of secular affect in politics and war. He was, they alleged, the details historian; and his concurrence of their works supposed the property that their purgatory was no preface to nothingness.

As the centuries rolled on, the undulation of historians in vogue Hades became a issue. The complex historians were no longer imitators, but utmost were admirers. It seemed to Thucydides that these were a piteous host, disqualified to recount between the eloquent and the insignificant, the same as fearful with utterly doctrines. Forward by their inward poverty, they official an back meaning to things: planning themselves chief "evolved" than the spirits of antiquity. Some even imagined that the place was creating God. They supposed that the "utmost evolved" together with men would amount God's office; and onslaught, that they themselves were together with the "utmost evolved."

Thucydides longed for the calm of his critical, which posthumous renown had lowly him. As with manifold souls at rest, he took no onslaught lineage in history. He had passed tabled position and was done. He had seen everything. Equally was spring to get a hold, he knew, would be chief of the same; but just the once chief than 23 centuries of up-and-coming enthusiasm for his work, nearby occurred a strong falling off. Of the just now done with, fewer insolvent in upon him. Plethora admiringly, something had happened. He began to foresee that the features of man had altered while of the rottenness of modern philosophy. Amid the basic of these, for Thucydides, was that barbarians and straight peoples were slow equal; that art may perhaps shield sacrilege; that paper may perhaps be money; that sexual and cultural differences were of no account; that raggedness was rated well-behaved, and respect mean.

Awakened from the snooze of death, Thucydides remembered what he had written about his own time. The watchwords as a result, as now, were "direct" and "state." Stage had been riot on all sides. "As the build up of these revolutions," he had written, "nearby was a communal flagging of features about the Greek world. The simple way of looking at baggage, which is so future the parody of a well-behaved affect, was regarded as a preposterous mood and before long ceased to set. Society had become pronged in vogue two ideologically argumentative camps, and each bough viewed the other with appreciation."

Thucydides saw that state, later than once again, imagined itself proud. Once once again traditions were questioned as men became enamored of their own prowess. It was no weigh up they were deluded. They landed men on the moon. They had harnessed the power of the whit. It was no weigh up that the conceit of man had apt so terrible, that upcoming of the luck were so unworkable. Deluded by novel successes, they may perhaps not see that dangers were multiplying in conspicuous view. Men built new engines of war, sound of wiping out entire cities, but few took this mess thoughtfully. Why were men so critical to build such weapons? The leading property, of course, was prime to put its missiles aside. Other countries pretended to put their missiles aside. Until now others alleged they weren't home missiles at all, even at the same time as they were.

Would the new engines of spoil be used? Would cities and nations be wiped off the suffer of the earth? Thucydides knew the answer. In his own day, concerning an put off of unreliable calm, the Athenians had exterminated the male inhabitants of the desert island of Melos. Otherwise act out this the Athenian commanders had came to Melos and alleged, "...we on our bough command use no fine phrases saying, for perfect, that we take a completely to our nation while we conked out the Persians, or that we take come opposed to you now while of the injuries you take done us - a loud put in safekeeping of words that not any would upmarket." The Athenians demanded the tender of Melos, short regard to completely or lopsided. As the Athenian exemplary explained, "the strong do what they take the power to do and the forgiving show consideration for what they take to show consideration for." The Melians were incredulous by this vulgar answer. They may perhaps not upmarket that individuality would venture to wear down them short open place concoct. In the if at all possible place, the Melians threatened no one. In the optional extra place, they imagined that the world would be incredulous and would avenge any brutality practicing opposed to them. And so the Melians told the Athenians: "in our view it is... fine that you ought not wear down a opinion that is to the communal good of all men -- namely, that in the remains of all who fall in vogue mess nearby ought be such a thing as fair sham and open place problem... And this is a opinion which affects you as future as somebody, so your own fall would be visited by the utmost fearsome reckoning and would be an perfect to the world."

The Athenians were not stirred by the scrap of Melos; for they knew that the Spartans normally treated conked out foes with thoughtfulness. "Motionless assuming that our nation does come to an end," the Athenians chuckled, "we are not down about what would produce in addition to. One is not so future awful of the same as crushed by a power [like Sparta]." And so the Athenians without hope Melos, believing themselves coffer - which they were. The Melians refused to submission, praying for the protection of gods and men. But these availed them whiz, neither frank discharge nor luck reckoning. The Melians were wiped off the earth. They were not the if at all possible or the sustain to die in this tint.

Stage was one chief wonder that Thucydides noted. In every free and indigestible property he found a ceremony of monsters: secular beings with oversized egos, with ambitions out of delivery to their casual, whose philosophy earlier belied their understanding than acknowledged it. Even as, nearby was one Alcibiades in his own day, nearby were now hundreds of the like: homely, cunning and profane; simply they did not comprise the skills, or the mental sharpness, or beauty of Alcibiades. Significantly of the same as exiled, they pushed men of good awareness from the multiuse building of associations. Significantly of the same as completely about intend and strategy, they were always lopsided. And they were forgiving, he notion, while they had studious to be bad by the perfect of others. Stage was whiz refreshing about them, notwithstanding they hypothetical themselves to be avant-garde in all baggage.

Thucydides reflected that secular beings are obedience to duty-bound behavioral patterns. Again and once again they run through the actual undertakings, disqualified to minor road themselves. Society is carefully built up, as a result wars come and put all to put a stop to. Individuals who property a fulfil to this are charlatans, simply supplement to the spoil, while the simply fulfil to man is the abolition of man. In the second psychoanalysis the philanthropist and the misanthrope are two sides of the actual coin. Being man exists he follows his affect. Thucydides qualified this truth, and went to his critical. His history was written, as he alleged, "for all time." And it is a kind of law of history that the generations utmost like his own are spring to wish for the load of what he wrote; for more willingly than they would not modernize the history of Thucydides. But as they become churlish of his teaching, they fall in vogue calamity hastily and short planning. Seeing that time was little, and realizing that a omnipotent total of new souls would before long be toward the inside the criminal world, the roof of Thucydides lop back to rest."-