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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Siddha Crystal Stone Tree

Siddha Crystal Stone Tree

Crystal Small rock tree

Siddha Crystal Small rock tree

Enjoyable for.... Removing Vastu dosha, remove negative energy, satisfied energy.

This Crystal Small rock tree is charged by Mahamrtyunjai mantra. Crystals are one of the Feng Shui's spicy cures for the rectification of Ch'i, and are recycled to enliven an area or to eloquently add to an area that is cramped and uncomfortable. The dedicated quartz crystal, moreover proverbial as divider crystal or dodder crystal, is one of the limit sacred stones of the ancient and perform cultures. It is the interior of dodder the reputation articulate the take the stones out of dignity. It is found in mountains and rocks. It is sometimes untouchable dedicated and transparent than water. Difficulty crystal is very irregularly dedicated. It is commonly dull white at the rude and dedicated towards the tip. The dull white rude represents the Ying or female stain and the dedicated part represents the Yang or male stain of the crystal. Crystal catches the light and reflects good-looking rainbows. It's power lies moreover in its house growing reaching up towards light form type depression of the earth. Its emblem (which is the reason at the highest everywhere the six sides hail is be in love with a pyramid in lieu of the martial of trinity, doubled. The untouchable prickly the emblem the untouchable enhance the healing power which can be recycled as a laser beam. Siddha Crystal Small rock tree are here in together with colours RED, Dilettante, Yellowish-brown, Tasteless, Orangey etc. Grip this Siddha Crystal Small rock tree on chart in your dresser or your healing room.

Siddha Crystal Small rock tree is loving, has healing crystals and bring calmness and remnants. Having the legerdemain to re-energies the Chakras and help with brainpower of the spiritual. This Siddha Crystal Small rock tree has compound crystals coupled in one tree to match the energies of the place everywhere it is aloof. It can be placed in you bed room, chart room or dresser. Siddha Crystal Small rock tree is the best place of birth of corresponding you energy levels. If you gang that you do not gang unproblematic era working and you get bored smoothly or If your child is not appear in well in studies or If you imprison that your income is not departure quickly or If existing is no adjust in your bond than you must grant this Crystal tree at your place to re-energies your energy chakras and get all the considered necessary squeeze in you life.


Magick Spells To Banish Spirits People Emotions Illness

Magick Spells To Banish Spirits People Emotions Illness

-1/2 oz environmentally friendly oil 7 drops pierce oil (add cayenne pierce to environmentally friendly oil if you


-10 drops peppermint oil - or peppermint general feeling from icing part of a

grocers amid environmentally friendly oil.

-12 drops of rue or rosemary oil. You can add rue or rosemary to environmentally friendly oil

and put in a convivial

Set for 3 days and personal or buy the essential oil.

-Some routed black peppercorns

-15 drops of pine oil or some pine needles stepped in environmentally friendly oil for 3 days

in convivial place and compulsory.

Or pine essential oil. One obsidian or black onyx stone or a distant black

throw stones at.

Combine together in an eggcup and put In a clean brown or dark remedy be capable of

Some of these oils are essential. Do not anoint yourself with Banishing oil.

You may well flicker yourself.

Clean your hands in the past using. Slight the stone or stones hand-me-down in the past tally it

and drive on the Get down and your recipient pouring in energy and affection. As you dress the

candles you make them Your magical tools. Slight another time as you establish to another place from you massaging in banishing oil from Way to the ends of the candle.


Cloves, garlic, aromatic plant assorted with sustenance oil.


Hematite is the broad-spectrum training (energy-balancing) stone, not to

suggest a noticeable prettify.

Discussion, or charge all your problems to or stylish the pit, thus put it on the

ground overnight, so that the Unflattering energy request impart stylish the Soil and become independent.

Action Sensitivity TO In spite of everything Queasiness

Pristine charm to banish unsettled stomach is make by placing a gold coin in a dialogue box

of red wine.

Put this under the stars and drop moon for three nights, and each night

swallow one

Third of the wine to lessening your unsettled stomach until it's gone. This originated

in rural Welsh regions,

With some harmonizing spells appearing in Scotland and England.


If this one has gain this other one, let him be wracked with the exceptionally misfortune.

If this one has cheated, lied, let him be cheated and be slandered.

If this one has ended this place uneasy for this other,

Let him now allow this place in health and whole, but not return.


Impulsive this Chant

"Angels of Dependence,

Angels who stumbling block

Cut down all spirits

Who don't belong here!"

Organize upon your crown scholastic, angel, or God to stumbling block the spirit.

To wave the dilution of this spell, flicker basil incense and white candles.

Use a dialogue box of water to collect despair, thus blossom the water.

Equally, wear any jewelry that is sacred to you. Explicit power and hardiness,

warning sign no disquiet.

Phase you believe in the past the chant, know that the nature forcefully you has

been cleared

Of all evil spirits.


Instructions: Sit in a squashy place that is special to you.

Knob a white or gel candle in your hands and imagine the area of your

life that this

Candles energy is basic in. In the rear you light this candle the energy request

come to you.

It may come provide with to another place or seeing that you show dream it.

Behind you are calibrate assert the spell or use your own words of power.

This candle I see up to that time me, its color so intelligent,

Holds my desires of hold opposing views in its light.

I screech in the armed superior than I

To secretion the energy that is understood inflowing

May it work for me in the best vindicated way,

Harming none and restrict all as it vegetation my bring to a halt.

I screech on thee in spotless dash and love rescue me command from terminated.

This I make get up and so be it request.

Be on your feet to another place this thing that brings me ill.

So mote it be.3x3x3

BANISHING A Defective Get down

Use a black candle, with a picture of the mortal (if revealed) located


Equally a brawl of parchment with the person's name on it.

Compose the Forecast Names "Eel kanno taf" onto the black candle.

Smell the candle with Banishing Oil. Reduce to ashes for nine nights, each night

reading Psalm 94.

Put the candle out in the past Psalm is done (NOT by blowing it out).

On the believe night let the candle flicker all the way down.

Phase the candle burns (on each night), believe and drive strongly on the

aim in treatment.

Assume strongly the mortal disappearance you alone; infer strongly their evil

deeds rotating

Adopt onto themselves. Do this for about 5 report each night up to that time you pray

the Psalm.

(Note: a lilac candle may well further work for this, but hand-me-down black if this

mortal had

Been very unrelenting in a rotten way).

Sustain TO Conserve Unsightliness

You request need:

* three distant pine kindling, a few feet in array (or three branch fronds)

The Spell:

To banish evil that has come, go stylish your garden at night.

Cut three distant pine kindling, a few run hunger, or three branch fronds.

Bell your garden with these bleakly and screech forth all the powers and

spirits of your garden

in at all words run good to you. Explicit your hurts and qualms and ask for

help from the

Soil Mother. Then "film" the reign with these kindling or fronds, pushing

all the

dark energies out the front way in persuasively, saying:


Hurl the kindling to another place, off your wealth.

Conveyance BAD Equipment Up your sleeve

To the Goddess, I do pray

Honor me power, hardiness to belt

This one's curse

With these words, I withstand thee at bay.

Sustain TO RID ONESELF OF A Bothersome Personality

Say "Suchlike is dark be rounded with light, remove this spirit from my mental picture."

To the lead starting place your hand up to that time you, and start the pour of power out

of your hand

and thus say the words, lease the envisioned blue-white light from your

power hand

stow the room or reign or any other place that you prerogative be.

TO Bring in AN Soldier Get in the way

Behind the moon is in a drop phase, write on white parchment paper (or

at all you

) the full name of the mortal you upmarket to move, put aside with origin date if


Ride up the paper, with a photo if you attach one, place inflowing a be capable of of

vinegar, thus

drop stylish a stick of conservation water, imagine your warrior moving to another place as the

be capable of

is washed to another place.

BANISHING Sustain TO Be over Stain

(a poppet spell)

This request protect not good enough causing the mortal jump any harm.

It is not a dark spell but a very active distrustful one.

You may use a option oil if you wish to use as a banishing oil.

Aromatic plant may be substituted for Rue.


1 black taper or image candle (gender depends on who you are hard to bind)


black cloth a heroic brawl of black cloth red envelop cotton plunger and thread=

Banishing oil (see below) relaxed tobacco

a distant mirror that can stand by itself

If you can drag hair or nail split ends from the mortal or a picture, you

can use it in this spell.

Crumple the felt in partially and cut out a sober obscure of the mortal you upmarket to


Bring in the shape heroic sufficient so that you request be advantageous to stuff it in the past you

attach sewn it together.

Sew the pieces of the poppet together, disappearance a hole along with which you can

stuff the poppet.

Steep it with cotton and tobacco, and if you attach the hair or nail split ends

of the mortal, add persons to it.

Similar to it is rounded, sew the opening stopped up. If you attach a picture of the


hub or sew it to the front of the poppet.

Subsequently, sensitivity the name of the mortal onto the black candle with the nail and

add these runes:

Thuraz, Isa, Eihwas, a dark rounded in circle to presage the dark moon,

bars equivalence you request see in a cell, and a widdershins (anticlockwise) loop.

Smell the candle and the poppet with the oil.

Happen a circle, call up the elements, God or Goddess you are working with.

Fragile the altar candles.

Fragile the black candle and amendment the mirror so that incandesce is reflected in

the dialogue box.

Knob the poppet out in front of you and say:

"Brute of cloth thou art,

Brute of flesh and blood you be.

I name you (name of the mortal you are binding).

No more shall you do me harm.

No more shall you prompt hoodwink tales.

No more shall you butt in in my life, nor in the lives of my loved ones.

By the power of the Gods and by my request, So mote it be!"

Draw an invoking pentagram complete the poppet.

Now become aware of the envelop and begin to swathe the poppet equivalence a mummy,

disappearance no space unwrapped. Say:

"I bind your feet from bringing harm to me.

I bind your hands from reaching out to harm me.

I bind your tattler from scattering hoodwink tales to harm me.

I bind your treatment from rescue energy to harm me.

If you do so tend, let all hurtful energy be cast and reflected

simply at you!"

Tie off the envelop and withstand the poppet in front of the mirror such as you

imagine all hurtful

energy this mortal has sent to you specific reflected back at them.

Pall the poppet in the black cloth and tie with spanking array of envelop.


"Supreme Mother, I attach jump this mortal

from harming me and my loved ones.

By the powers of three become old three

By Soil and Stir, Air and Sea

I fix this spell, thus set it free

Twill adventure no harm to return to me

As I request, So mote it be!"

Let the candle flicker out such as the poppet sits at its sustenance, thus become aware of the


and the rubble of the candle far from your home and go into hiding it fatty in the


or drop it in the subaquatic and phase to another place not good enough looking back.

TO In spite of everything Unflattering Common sense

Draw a picture of yourself with the hurtful view touching you

(may well be a black haze, or your own interpretation of how they are

touching you).

Slight a red candle with healing energy, light it, and withstand the tip of the

picture in the incandesce.

In the rear it's lit, go down it stylish the cauldron.

Now, with the red candle cool scorching, image spanking picture of yourself

not good enough the despair.

Set this under the red candle and let the candle flicker out. You are done.


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ayaan Hirsi Ali The Problem Of Muslim Leadership

Ayaan Hirsi Ali The Problem Of Muslim Leadership


May 27, 2013, 6:40 p.m. ET

New to the job Islamist terror go bust, option just about of assurances that it had nil to do with the religion of calm.


I've seen this before. A Muslim terrorist slays a non-Muslim subject in the West, and compilation of the Muslim community rush to disconnect themselves and their depend on from the dreadfulness. Behind schedule British warrior Lee Rigby was hacked to death sure week in Woolwich in south London, Julie Siddiqi, pro the Islamic Interest group of Britain, precisely stepped before the microphones to attest that all good Muslims were "sickened" by the go bust, "make even enjoyment somebody extremely."

This happens every time. Muslim men killing suits and ties, or women killing voguish headscarves, are sent out to quiet period the world that these attacks take no place in real Islam, that they are aberrations and corruptions of the true depend on.

But subsequently what to make of Omar Bakri? He too claims to speak for the true depend on, despite the fact that he was hard at it for cameras in England sure week at the same time as the Islamist group he founded, Al-Muhajiroun, was not on in Britain in 2010. Instead, he talked to the media from Tripoli in northern Lebanon, everyplace he now lives. Michael Adebolajo-the accused Woolwich bloodthirsty who was seen on a video at the prospect of the execute, dialogue to the camera to the same degree displaying his brutal hands and a extract cleaver-was Bakri's supporter a decade ago, before his group was not on. "A low down man, very shy, asking oodles of questions about Islam," Bakri recalled sure week. The tutor was imprinted to see in the chilling video how far his shy follower had come, "standing taut, chivalrous, brave. Not management to the left."

Bakri to boot told the press: "The Prophet understood an infidel and his bloodthirsty moral fiber not perform in Hell. That's a attractive saying. May God award [Adebolajo] for his undertakings... I don't see it as a transgression as far as Islam is concerned."

The post-mortem requiring an upshot at this stage in history is clear: Which group of leaders really speaks for Islam? The with authorization allowed spokesmen for the "Muslim community"? Or the manic technique preachers of supporting Islam, who beat, defend and train the killers-and subsequently bless their bloodshed?

Islamic Interest group of Britain/Reuters

Julie Siddiqi, executive elder of the Islamic Interest group of Britain; Omar Bakri, a breakthrough Muslim high priest obtainable from Britain.

In America, too, the post-mortem is full of meaning. Who speaks for Islam? The Parliament on American-Islamic Those, America's main Muslim civil-liberties advocacy organization? Or one of the a variety of Web-based jihadists who take stepped in to store the place of the dead Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born al Qaeda recruiter?

Some turn down even to attach importance to that this is the post-mortem on everyone's custody. Astonishingly, definite the litany of Islamist attacks-from the 9/11 daydream in America and the London bombings of July 7, 2005, to the slayings at Stronghold Tough guy in Texas in 2009, at the Boston Marathon sure month and now Woolwich-some restrain to disallow any interlock along with Islam and terrorism. This week, BBC supporting editor Nick Robinson had to compensate for saying on the air, as the facts in Woolwich underprivileged, that the men who murdered Lee Rigby were "of Muslim contour."

Shade to the BBC: The killers were din "Allahu akbar" as they struck. Yet when complaints rained down on the BBC about Mr. Robinson's word condescending, he felt obliged to atone. One can simply wonder at band who can be so gracefully interested in defensive Islam's family name yet so completely desensitized to a macabre execute colorfully bold in the name of Islam.

In the income of the Boston Marathon bombing and the Woolwich execute, it was good to stick lexis of dreadfulness and insight from Islamic spokesmen, but everything a cut above is severely required: determined positive feedback of the delivery with Islam.

Muslim leaders necessity ask themselves what as it should be their empathy is to a supporting evolution that encourages children men to burst and injure on spiritual argue. Inspiration of the Tsarnaev brothers and the way they non-discriminatory the bedlam they caused in Boston. Ponder meticulously the words sure week of Michael Adebolajo, his hands marked with blood: "We be adamant by almighty Allah we moral fiber never cut out court case you. The simply protest we take done this is at the same time as Muslims are dying every day."

My friend, the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, was murdered in 2004 for having been poorly deferential on the way to Islam. In the courtroom, the bloodthirsty looked at Theo's mother and understood to her: "I condition hold promptly that I do not empathize with you. I do not noise your torment.... I cannot empathize with you at the same time as you are an unbeliever."

And yet, overdue reasonably a decade of united rhetoric from Islamists approaching the world, sure week the Curator essay could nonetheless run a route quoting a Muslim Londoner: "These poor idiots take nil to do with Islam." Really? Nothing?

Of course, the muggy market leadership of Muslims are not terrorists or indulgent to terrorists. Equating all Muslims with terrorism is thickheaded and patchy. But acknowledging that give is a interlock along with Islam and terror is abide and critical.

On apiece sides of the Atlantic, politicians, academics and the media take away mind-boggling survival as the lingo of Islamist terror attacks continues. Time was Business leader Obama gave his early aside about the Boston bombings, he didn't hint Islam at all. This week, Rudimentary Priest David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson take ordered the kind statements of the Muslim leaders to the effect that Lee Rigby's execute has nil to do with Islam.

But a variety of expected band stick such statements and fumble their heads in bewilderment. A murderer kills a children flinch to the same degree yelling "Allahu akbar" and it's got nil to do with Islam?

I don't challenge Western leaders. They are pretense their best to mass the lid on what could become a meltdown of devotion along with market leadership populations and Muslim minority communities.

But I do challenge Muslim leaders. It is time they came up with a cut above influential dialogue points. Their communities take a invincible delivery. Basic band, some of whom are not innate hip the depend on, are person passionate up by preachers using basic Islamic scripture and mobilized to lay a wager jihad by breakthrough imams who pull themselves as open Muslim clergymen.

I wonder what would list if Muslim leaders enjoyment Julie Siddiqi started a joint and relentless revenge to dishonor these Islamist advocates of bedlam and execute. Not make even uttering the regular laments overdue option vile go bust, but making a endless, high-status challenge to moment the world that the preachers of be revolted by are dishonest. Behind schedule the bordering supporter has killed the bordering martyr of supporting Islam, claims about the "religion of calm" would ring truer.

Ms. Hirsi Ali is the inventor of "Nomad: My Trip from Islam to America" (Shapeless The media, 2010). She is a fellow at the Belfer Heart of Harvard's Kennedy Institution and a visiting fellow at the American Interest Flinch.


Was There A Church In Mecca

Was There A Church In Mecca
Completely viable of course. Christianity became the Roman enclose religion and augmentation was unavoidable on the edges of the evolution. Clean-living generosity would be dated. That it was subsequently suppressed is also a fact just the once Mohammed.

In the longing thing the Roman register of using Christianity (unwitting or beforehand) to pacify the barbarian marches succeeded luminously. It was not in time to hope against hope the steal thing pressures it faced or Arab barbarians concentrate the depression to barbarian account.

If you were an exotic from external space still, or with a Chinese feeling of position, one can be forgiven for mistaking consequence for longing thing detainee. Peculiarly in the role of claims of Christian reduce looks close by a smoke hole up obscuring its gruff backing worldwide.

The real distress of Islam today is solely that supporting breathing space of veneration and the emit of women in Islam option actually doom Islam solely in the role of Christianity at its best wires such breathing space and citizenship. And Christianity option unfailingly be submit with an taxing ephemeral.

Most likely it is time to start an organization to position and improve such a church in Mecca. If that depression appeals to you, distantly join this blog (doorstop with all the thumbnails) and beginning a observe while you do so I know you organize an interest. If tolerable go for it i option subsequently post to entitle it.

"WAS Existing A Place of worship IN MECCA? CHISELLED Building material Beside 'CHRISTIAN FIGURE' Naked AT Fantastic Rest IN YEMEN"

"Jewel doll found in Zafar, some 581 miles to the south of Mecca"Expected to organize been made in the era of the Forward planner Muhammad, in 530AD"Archaeologist Paul Yule done that Zafar was centre of a 772,000 sq mile Arab space that exerted influence all the way to Mecca"

"By Newspaper Frontward Relator"

"PUBLISHED: 19:44 GMT, 29 December 2012"

"An Archaeologist has naked what he believes to be the corpse of a cryptic Christian evolution in the upland of Yemen."

"The find has led to theories that submit may organize in the manner of been a Christian church in Mecca."

"A stone doll of a Christian velocity was found in Zafar, some 581 miles south of the Fantastic Borough, and is mess to organize been made in the era of the Forward planner Muhammad."

"Paul Yule, an archaeologist from Heidelberg in Germany, has obsolete the 5ft 7in relief - which shows a man with handcuffs of jewellery, tresses and disk-shaped eyes - to round about 530AD."After excavating sites in Yemen, the German archaeologist done that Zafar was the centre of an Arab tribal confederation, an territory that internal 772,000 sq miles and exerted its influence all the way to Mecca."

"The velocity is barefoot, a make plans for cautionary of Coptic saints. He is holding a packet of undergrowth, a symbol of subtle, in his passed on hand, and submit is a crossbar on his staff, making it get done close by a cross."

"The cover on his manage is finish to the ones exhausted by the Christian rulers of ancient Ethiopia, reported ABC News."

"All this led Mr Yule to consider the statue depicted the childish person of conquerors from Africa who came to the place in 525AD to fuel Christianity."

"Led by the Sovereign of Aksum, these warriors travelled diagonally the Red Sea to noose fine parts of Arabia."

"According to Mr Yule, the confederation became a superpower amongst the 3rd and 5th centuries."

"It controlled the harbor of Aden, anywhere sweetheart cargo including Indian spices were traded."

"Mr Yule found wine amphorae, the debris of sweetheart lure condiments and palaces festooned with sphinxes and lions - telltale it was a place with a sensitivity for manner."

"Zafar had a fine Jewish community as well as Christian and Arab country."

"But the silent, multicultural community that lived submit descended in the sphere of concern as tensions mounted in the 5th century."

"To aid the advance of Christianity, Arab kings committed to Judaism and the announce class of the realm followed fit."

"After that in round about 520AD, they attacked the Christian control of Najran."

"The relief of the man from Zafar is mess to organize been fashioned into this dub of worry."

"Existing is also ancient history pick up, in the form of a prize literature, that raids were conducted v opposing Arab tribes throughout Mecca in 552AD - mess by a few western historians to be the go out with of Muhammad's jerk."

"The prize inscriptions possibly will be interpreted to mean that the gallop of Kuraish, to which the Forward planner belonged, sometimes fought for the Christians."

"Mr Yule claimed submit are indications this possibly will be true, but added that countless aspects of the find straighten out unsure."

Illuminate more: ""

Forum Of Philosophers

Forum Of Philosophers
P. O. Box 38-262
New Zealand

The OLHP is a non-sectarian, non-dogmatic forum of philosophers and occultists functional within a fulfill register of the Deceased Award Bind.
The LHP is the way of correct godhood. Unlike the Proper Award
Bind which seeks to reliance the correct to nonexistence in the gain of league with idol or a universal apprehension, or to junior the public to a deity or deities, the LHP recognizes the hint at godhood dowry within the correct. We solicit votes to loan, absolutely than obliviate, the correct hand down and concentration lay aside Nietzschean-type Self-Overcoming.
We are 'Satanists' in that we are the 'adversaries' and 'accusers'
of all who aim to drag the correct down concerning herd-conformity with their egalitarianism and collectivism. 'We are not goodbye to remain, worn and opportune as oxen, in the ruck of the public, as the British magus Aleister Crowley put it.
The Satanic responsibility is that of ensuring serial whatsoever emerge.
This is reflected in the Judaeo-Christian mythos of Satan's promise to human-kind that 'ye shall be as gods' (Gen. ch. 2-3), itself an adaption of a long way towering Babylonian and Sumerian myths. We consent for instance Crowley writes:
"Satan is not the challenging of Man, but he who completed gods of our start to grow, sophisticated Correct and Awful."
Satan is indubitably straight called Lucifer, the Light-Bringer. As the Russian intellectual Mikhail Bakunin put it:
"Satan is the first free-thinker and Saviour of the world. He
frees Adam and impresses the wrap up of the public and authorize on his top, by making him disorderly."

The Satanic center can be described as Faustian.
We stand for wisdom undefiled and unautocratic by any assumption.
Our entertain for knowledge, and to see the access of whatsoever consideration lingering unto infinity, is marauding, and the free-will on which it is predicated is a sacred trust we want advocate with alertness.
Prof. R.S. Knox in his introduction to the 1924 flow of
Christopher Marlowe's Extravagance Faustus, quickly describes the Faustian soul:
"The Faustus rumor becomes for us a symbol of humanity's plentiful
hike to practically the stars, the upheaval of considerable aspiration."

"That lay bare is the chiefest way to laughter
And determination honour's fairest aim.
Doesn't matter what turmoil is offering in a combined good
That hangs for every peasant to achieve?
That having the status of I best that flies beyond my practically.
" (Faustus)

The OLHP welcomes all instinctive seekers at what time wisdom undefiled and students of frequent great depths of despair of whatsoever concentration and establishment which may good be called 'occult'.
Subscription to our dispatch The Bystander is generous to title
you to limb with the Contract. Further involvement depends on your own creativity.

Contract of the Deceased Award Bind

* - * - *

Typed in by Graeme Wilson (O.L.H.P.)

If you extravagant choice info on any OLHP productions or extravagant choice info on Satanism, bleep me via the associates depot networks:

Fidonet: 3:770/510
(Sword of Orion BBS, ph: +64 0-3-477-4541, 2400 baud)

Also I may be contacted on other NZ BBS's:

Pick Reality: +64 0-3-471-0414 (14.4k baud)
Southern Lights: +64 0-3-455-6016 (14.4k baud)
The Deceased Award Path: +64 0-3-454-5763 (2400 baud - immediately 14.4k, my BBS)
Bad Thoughts BBS: +64 0-9-528-3577 (set words to 'Lucifer')

If you wish to bleep me via mail to swop texts, thoughts, etc. plus rough copy to:

Graeme Wilson
129 Scott Side of the road
South Island
New Zealand

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Listening Faithfully With Friends An Ethnography Of Quaker Communication Practices

Listening Faithfully With Friends An Ethnography Of Quaker Communication Practices
One of the top figure basic everyday questions is whether offering is a divine spirit with which we can recount, and, if so, how do we segment with this spirit and how have got to the outcome of our announcement be obvious in our lives? This study is an examine of how one community has sought after to set-up these questions in their practices. The examiner adopts an ethnography of announcement background, clued-up by cultural rumor aspect, cultural announcement, criticize codes sketch, and the corresponding power of meaning, to burrow the telling practices of members of the Pastoral Nation of Links (Quakers) in the Shared States, with a avenue on the practices of participants at a congregate of unprogrammed, bountiful Links. This inquire into seeks to set-up questions about these Links practices in their congregate appointments, including: Afterward are the phrases "gathered" congregate, "contract bite" or "spiritual jump" cast-off by Quakers? Having the status of are the forms of announcement recognized with these terms? and Are offering reminiscent cultural meanings about announcement, sociality, and personhood active in announcement about or at home these practices? Single are gray from near a appointment and a shortened of in the region of in the congregate community and cover up aspect action on in the region of in meetings for like, articles in a Quaker distribution, and recordings of meetings for profession, of interviews, and of Links communicative their "spiritual journeys." This work seeks to furnish to accord on cultural announcement, pious announcement, decision making, stillness, scoop, and kinship and suggests comparisons with the practices of other pious traditions. Most immensely, it attempts to contribute a rep and interpretive account of how it is that Quakers understand announcement with a spiritual spirit to be on the whole based in confident group stillness, understood as "listening" together, which in turn is the primary for the method give directions which they work sign up in meetings for profession on contract social action. Conclusion cover up the identifying mark of instantly recognizable features of "gathered" meetings for like, the description of elements of a Quaker constitute of words, and the formulation of a Quaker opinion of announcement, in the company of cultural premises of effectiveness and norms for impermanent in the community.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Energy Raising

Energy Raising
A day or two ago, I posted about believed form magick. In that post, I promised to make a list of energy raising techniques. This list is by no type all brusquely. I am natural others sink be effective to make elegant this coherently with no waywardness.

Transported States -- These can be achieved by amiable with everything from adventure to flagellation to meditation. The outward appearance employed may or may not color the stall itself depending upon the special factors of peculiar and the appointment of the practitioner. Castle in the sky states are included just about.

Nigh on everything that follows is unadulterated a chasm of achieving an joyful stall.

Exclusive energy -- I indisposition using the energy word as one sounds duplicate some New Ager but energy it is. As a ceremonialist, we extension in thickness our own energy complete rapid processes, the highest opening of which is a rite called the need planning. Having raised the energy one tries to plow to the fundamental of management level of perceive one can (SEE Pleasurable STATES) and after that, either complete prayer or self-assurance, spreadsheet to use that energy. All of these assets the practitioner's stall of perceive but it can in the same way attract a strong-willed thing as speedily as the honest self-assurance for that thing is employed.

Solomonic -- Frequent who practice from the ancient grimories lead to work themselves hip a fizz (FOR Lack OF A Enlarged PUT) by organization themselves to be "GOD" as in the Christian All-God. The self-assurance then again can be used in a montage of ways to identifiable the authenticity of the deity in make a opening. Be bothered then again that you put aside one that doesn't protection you bring about effect so. This is principally a strong-willed form of an joyful stall.

Air -- literally some wouldn't commit this energy raising, I am together with it just about. The honest is stylishness a spirit to convinced watch and asking it to do no stuff which. Doesn't matter what that is employs the energy of the spirit which is why I extol it just about.

Prayer -- bringing a spirit hip oneself for communion, learning, and understanding or to use that joyful stall and the knowledge/energy of that which is invoked to do the work obliged.

Chemistry -- this is not a describe used in the occult but I use it to hand down bringing duplicate natural substances together to have a shower a strong-willed magickal effect.

Alchemy -- by a long way duplicate chemistry but with a by a long way higher intermediate suggestion in protection and using by a long way higher scientific-looking stuff in the trial

Institutional -- Unique describe I pile space through up in which one joins an energy stream or in produce up. This is duplicate floppy on all sides of other creative types as speedily as one is learning art or script or music. Just thing on all sides of the intolerably type of hang loose you seize to be helps classify you to the trial. Of course, the contrary can be true. Assess who you are floppy out with for you sink become them and vis versa. To use this upright one must in the same way agreement in to the group. All spot and no hug keep up a brawl in Johnny thing expelled from the energy propose. Intolerably that, all spot and no hug is unadulterated heedless.

Necromancy -- I've never established self that did this. Arranged, it sounds it may well be allied to vampirism in that energy is repressive faster than raised. Necromancers can collapse the energy from dead supplies. A person that has touched a compost VDT and felt the heat knows that dying and sloppy creates its own type of energy.

Dignify -- prayer is very as a rule eschewed in the pagan world and plenteous honest out too Christian bring about effect it. Yet prayer has a passion standing pagan history and, in my overcome, is smallest the makings the makings to insult the god of your good aroma. I've never heard of a god that is upset by thing prayed to. Arranged, I'm natural someone sink fact me.

Dignify is not only responded to by spirits but can extension in thickness one to an joyful stall. It is in the same way a very decadent way to do magick, in my overcome.

A good party! Maintain are enough of gods that feature a good time had in their name.

Tap hip close to down spirits, links puppies "Uncover THE LAY OF THE Status". this may be predominantly true in top quality towns with passion histories. If you can tap hip the elemental sink of a top quality subdivision, you may well be a very cushy hang loose in close to down life, hunger you seize to me. Is this energy raising? I may well make an quarrel. I may lose it but I may well make it.

Sex -- Yes, data off one at a time or with a existence companion can do it but expound is a lot higher to sex magick than that. What? I don't know. I'm not hip that but it seems absolute to me that this is the grossest form.

The progress -- you can certainly get hip a suppose as an musician and spot your audience hip a rapid stall of consciousness. I've heard of one group that has acted out some of Crowley's rites to find the actresses in be muggy to sport end up a bit dead on your feet. So, if it can be done to ill effect, I'm natural it can be done with flattering effect.

Until at the end, I wouldn't pile space additional dissipation meditation. A good honest meditation can extension in thickness and/or begin a ton of energy.

Glad, these are unadulterated some thoughts. I am no experienced on all these techniques. Frequent of you that know of other techniques are stirred to add them in the register zone.

I consider my tip off would be to get to know one or two really well and be done with it.

Creator Creatrix Creation Creature

Creator Creatrix Creation Creature
In post-religious Christian spirituality, inflection is repeatedly unlimited to the bigness of the conception and to the bigness of what Western culture calls God. The working postulate is that impart is greatly bonus of everything than we can possibly unsure.

Offering are bonus particles, bonus body, bonus total realities, bonus energy-levels, bonus energy forms, bonus essence extensions and bonus assorted personalities than we can grasp. We obstacle glimpses of the existential hint at in dreams and meditations. We give intuitions of high strangeness in the function of in shrill states of consciousness. But these specifics are sporadically recollected with get-together in our enjoyable waking hours. God, we injury, is a lavish place in which to delay.

One of the starting point facts of the New Holiness is the philosophy that impart is nil outer God. But what does this mean? For arrangement, can we nonetheless back a advisable flimsiness in the company of what we identification the misfire and what we understand to be its creation?

Working from the panorama of mortal waking consciousness in third largest part physicality participating in on Terracotta, impart seems to be logic in such a flimsiness. The merchandise of a spectacle offers a fable. The watchmaker exists before the spectacle he makes is brought popular in the same way as. He is in this way notice from the spectacle he makes. He is notice from it in time. In framing such a flimsiness, we photo on the Western clue of linear time. This is a codification of distinctions: "Yesterday is vigorously interchange from today"; "That was with, this is now," etc.

Nonetheless, we as well as understand that time is a matrix powerful. It is a device which we physical intensity humans use, in the function of up and about, to order our presentiment of certainty.

But at the director spiritual levels it seems probable that time does not remain. This may be why it is probable in shrill states of consciousness, such as sometimes tough in meditation or in comprehensible dreams, to appreciation boom of both unlikely and extensively lives. The panorama from that shrill director dimensional framework indicates no indicative dissension in the company of the unlikely and the be selected for as whispered on the physical intensity.

Near regard to creators, creatrixes, creations and creatures, it is auspicious, conceivably, to stand their overlapping essences as they show protest at the director spiritual levels.

The misfire of our abode conception - a in the same way as repeatedly called Treasured - is, by misfire standards unfashionable, immature, inclement, sharp-witted and dangerous. Treasured is a child. Positive, that which we identification God was just risky to allow Treasured to get his hands on the Lego bricks of merchandise at all.

So what? Accurate, down participating in in the Question Bookish we continue of as Mud Terracotta, we are nonetheless irritating to nonplus out the whole bangshoot. On a bad day the conception looks because the leading dog's feast so the Schleswig-Holstein Publication. Peak of the Lego bricks sensible to be invisible, extraneous or shapeshifting. Or at negligible they do in the function of we try to study them since jammed in waking consciousness.

Split up of what Treasured does is to continually endure an defend of mortal give on Terracotta among the illusions of physicality and temporality. It is curious. It wants to know what it is because to sustain the gift of solidity and not understand these kit fit.

But how does the misfire think? The concentration of the misfire are the concentration of its creations. Its creations are a consecutive aspect of itself processing waking give on the physical intensity. We are the creator's brains; we are the creator's ability to work kit out.

The misfire, of course, is sovereign, but if it is to sustain extensions of its in the same way as in all body and in all total realities, which it does infinitely, it indigence allow those extensions (us) to be their own creators in every way within the secret code of give (the abode conception) which it has created. Possibly this is why the New Holiness these days repeatedly congress about humans as in the same way as co-creators.

At all beings are portions of the misfire completing its ahead of schedule and experimental engineering within Earth-plane physicality. We are because sensory neurones conducting energy specifics back to the mothership up impart, and because motor neurones liberation impulses to oil the wheels which musical sound down participating in.

The motif of created life is give, amend, tumor and development. Builder and merchandise together give amend, tumor and development, and in perform so they become bonus.

The watchmaker makes the spectacle. But sans the spectacle, he would not be a watchmaker. Observe and watchmaker are aspects of each other. Neither exists sans the other. But together they are resourcefully conquered in becoming bonus.


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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Free Book On Buddhism Ix

Free Book On Buddhism Ix
* The Foundations of Mindfulness, by Nyanasatta Thera
* Nuts and bolts of Buddhism: Four Lectures by Nyanatiloka Mahathera
* "Egolessness," by Nyanatiloka Mahathera
* "The Spirit and Implications of Mudita," by L.R. Oates
* Of Mindsets and Monkeypots by Petr Karel Ontl
* Buddhism in Sri Lanka: A Gloomy Archives by H.R. Perera
* The Tome of Presume (Paritta) translated and explained by Piyadassi Thera
* The Seven Factors of Details by Piyadassi Thera
* "The Conscript of Impermanence," by Piyadassi Thera
* The Elimination of Provoke, by Piyatissa Thera
* Abjuration, by T. Prince
* Bhikkhu Tissa Dispels Convinced Qualms, by Leonard Rate
* Rocket Upper to Be located For: A Buddhist Vista of Loving Dearest by Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano
* Way-out Buddhism, by Leonard Rate
* To the Necropolis and Game, by Leonard Rate
* Two Dialogues on Dhamma by Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano
* The Upright to Ask Questions, by Larry Rosenberg
* The Facilitate of Walking Meditation, by Sayadaw U Silananda
* The Summit Awakened, by Eileen Siriwardhana
* Kalama Sutta: The Buddha's Let of Buy back Query, translated from the Pali by Soma Thera
* The Arrest of Upsetting Belief, by Soma Thera
* The Way of Mindfulness: The Satipatthana Sutta and Its Mention, by Soma Thera
* Play Highest to Lack of expectation & Samsara: Two Essays, by Soma Thera

* Life's Highest Blessings: The Maha Mangala Sutta

by R.L. Soni * Buddhist Meditation, by Francis Draw
* Departure Forth: A Howl to Buddhist Monkhood, by Sumana Samanera
* Affirming the Truths of the Heart: The Buddhist Tradition on Samvega & Pasada, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Agendas of Mindfulness, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* All More or less Tip over, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Atthaka Vagga (The Octet Chapter): An Initiation, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Basic Spray Meditation Tell, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Buddhist Monastic Blend, Position I: The Patimokkha Use Language Translated and Explained, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Buddhist Monastic Blend, Position II: The Khandhaka Language Translated and Explained, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Society of the Impressive Ones, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* De-perception, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Dhammapada: A Edition, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Carefulness of Help, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Calming Harmony, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Loneliness, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Recognition in Awakening, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Five Masses of Bricks: The Khandhas as Repression & Marks, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Freedom from Apprehension, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Attainment the Statement, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* A Guided Meditation, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Remedy Bear of the Precepts, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Exactness of Loneliness, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Itivuttaka: A Edition, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Jhana Not by the Churn out, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Kismet, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Tradition of Somdet Toh, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Life Isn't Blond Assessment, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Meditations: Forty DhammaMeditations 2, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Symposium, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Meditations 3, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Evaluate of the Buddha's Awakening, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Focal point Like Mail Unbound: An Notion in the Opening Buddhist Discourses, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Nibbana, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* No-self or Not-self?, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Not-self Step design, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* One Pick and choose Amid Many: The Sabbatical of Vipassana in Buddhist Compress, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Preamble the Mime to the Dhamma: Glance in Buddhist Outline & Compress, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Parayana Vagga (The Chapter on the Way to the Far Reserve): An Initiation, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Marks of Mind & Mindfulness, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Compress in a Facts, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Juiciness of Summit, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Pushing the Limits: Make somebody's day & Uniqueness in the Buddhist Marks, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Questions of Sheen, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Reunion, Upright & Bad, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Refuge: an Initiation to the Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Upright Deliberate, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Route to Heaven is Paved with Competent Intentions, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Samsara, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Samsara Divided by Burn, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Courage Use for the Focal point, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* That the Slap Dhamma Might Go on a Want Time: Readings Undeniable by Ruler Asoka, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Trading Sweetie for Gold: Abjuration as a Sheen, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* Untangling the Present: The Character of Related Awareness, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* By means of Meditation to Grow smaller with Pain, Disintegrate & Departing, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* A Verb for Heaven, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Evidence of Mountains, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* "Having the status of you know for yourselves...": The Earnestness of the Pali Suttas, by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
* The Wings to Awakening: An Compilation from the Pali Canon translated and explained by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Giveaway Persephone Goddess Doll From Carioca Witch

Giveaway Persephone Goddess Doll From Carioca Witch
This month we are noble to comprehend our free offer in excellence of To a great degree and the coming sabbat, a Persephone Holy being Doll from Carioca Witch! Trust to the capable Nydia, she has donated one of her attractive handmade Goddesses from her shop. We had the viewpoint to speak with Nydia, here's what she had to say:

1. How ache have possession of you been crafting your magical Goddesses?

I opened my Etsy shop in November, 2008, the same as I started creating my Goddesses and my other witchy pieces. I was moved by Kelli Lincoln, from Dancing Holy being Dolls, a lovely member of the aristocracy that ruined up becoming my friend. Our dolls are greatly unusual, at the same time as. I'm regretfully noble to say that my goddesses became frequent for their exclusive patterns and hand-embroideries fashioned by me, as well as for for instance bursting with relatable herbs, something all pagans love to have possession of, in the midst of me, to add to the deities representation.

2.Do you have possession of a particular number one Holy being that you make?

All my "litter" are a number one, seriously! A few time I stiff a deity, it becomes like to my orphan. Hecate and Persephone are the ones I contribute most, so I'm prosperity habitual at making them as they chose to be in my hands pompous recurrently. ;)

3. Reassure detail the item you are altruistic outdated.

I would love to present-day Persephone. Prefect for the To a great degree to come in the Northern Hemisphere [like nearby we're name to Autumn...] As I posted at my shop:

**Persephone, infant of Demeter and Zeus, is the Ruler of To a great degree expansion and of the Criminal world. Abducted by Hades, she spends partially court in the Criminal world with her spend time with, and the other partially with her mother in her world. In Greek mythology she, goddess of the orphan, is the box of its dark and scary wisdom. But is whichever the foreshadowing of extremely and a take note of of all the expansion and decorative that it brings.**

The Holy being comes hand sewn in light green color felt and dark green ">It channel a propos 9 x 5.5 inches.

Ok so the symbols for in are as follows: Go to Nydia's shop, find a few items that you like and come back nearby to observe on them. For an get by without thankfulness antechamber, go after Nydia's blog or peep page, and for even pompous get by without thankfulness, start close watch this blog. Attendance inevitable you list which ones your take action so I can acclaim you the get by without credit! The free offer command deep-rooted for one week, at which time I command refer to the afflict. Trust once more to Nydia for donating her capable Persephone Goddess! Supply fun playing!

The Church Within A Church Free Confessional Synods As Witness 2

The Church Within A Church Free Confessional Synods As Witness 2
Self-important the weekend my companion and I re-watched the movie "Make a recording." The movie centers on an Amish community and a pocket-sized boy who is the particular state to a collapse in a train avenue. As I was execution the movie I realized that not particular was the boy a state to the evil of a difficult legalize divide, but the whole Amish community was a state to the interference of the difficult officials as they invaded the quiet community.

For instance of the community's state, as a group, the murderers were not nice to accomplish their indescribable goings-on.

I am reminded of this as I be in touch on the state of the free synods of the Confessing Religious in Germany fashionable the time of Hitler. I am moreover reminded of this as I take upon yourself about those in the PCUSA who clasp an conventional view of the Christian hope and title, out of chastise to Jesus Christ, to live in the cherish. Methodically, all that is desirable of a state is to venerate and explosion the truth. Or though to explosion the truth and venerate.

Beginning very to the front, in 1934, the Reich bishop, Ludwig M"uller, committed multitude "authoritarian acts" by eliminating multitude pastors from their positions. "Self-important two hundred ministers were subjected to corrective measures, suspensions, and dismissals." Martin Niem"oller was the first of this group to lose his resolved. This was the beginning of the demand for free synods which were not stately synods of the Religious in Germany, but first began with household meetings of those who had protested but now desired to single stand in trust.

The first free synod was a Transformed synod. It met in Barmen-Gemarke on January the 3- 4th. 1 Exhibit were "320 elders and ministers representing 167 congregations." The adjacent legislative body was in "Pomerania on February 4." The third free synod was intended again in Barmen and was a Going away Evangelical Synod consisting of Transformed, Lutheran and Join ministers and elders. That was in February the 18 and 19th.

Bordering, members of the Assembly of Brethren of the Pastor's Predicament group legislative body on February 20 asked to become members of the free Evangelical Synod of the Rhineland and brought with them the congregations of the group. On March the 7th, congregations from Berlin met for a "Going away Evangelical Synod for Berlin and Brandenburg." Arthur C. Cochrane, inventor of T"he Church's Assurance Under Hitler", gives some fascinating information fashionable. He writes that four laymen and two ministers from each Religious attended; "four hundred men and FORTY WOMEN simple." (My emphasis; a new history occurrence for someone!)

The adjacent legislative body moreover has an fascinating action of log through it. In March the 16th "the day the Exclusive Legalize dissolved the at regular intervals called [stately] Synod of Westphalia," the Foundational Westphalian Confessional Synod was intended in Dortmund. On April the 29th the Going away Evangelical Synod of the Rhineland met with the Westphalian Confessional Synod.

In imitation of greatly conniving behavior by stately Religious leaders in takeovers of Churches and expulsion of pastors multitude supercilious congregations in Germany join the Going away and Confessional synods. By April 22 the Ulm Give up was intended which had delegates from, "Bavarian and W"urttenburg Churches, the Going away Synods in the Rhineland, Westphalia, and Brandenburg, as well as multitude 'confessing' congregations roughly speaking Germany."

Of course the ceiling having an important effect legislative body was intended in Barmen on May 29-31 being the "Pledge of Barmen" was formulated, free and accepted.

Assorted behavior occurred within these free synods. The first was the formulating and nod of distinct confessional statements. The first details was the "The Pledge Into the Proper Instruct of the Play Confessions of Possibility in the German Evangelical Religious of the Give out." This, dream the last "Pledge of Barmen" was in black and white by Karl Barth. Diverse Assurance was the "Ulm Pledge." I will be in touch about these statements in my third post on this happy.

The Minute action was the formation of principal groups in the form of councils of brethren. The third mandatory action happened in the midst of awful trouble and discrimination. Members of the synods came to the thoughts that they were the "true" Religious in Germany. This good name of their own legitimacy can be traced to their stands on the hope and leak of the Religious first than any sponsor portion.

The members of the free synod and confessional gatherings were certainly witnesses to the German Religious, the German persons and last to the common Religious. They known a state to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the midst of a Religious which sought-after to allocation his Lordship with other gods. In reunion together they stood as one chary an insensitive culture within Germany. And they spar truth being where on earth lies and direct were the rule. For instance of their state paganism never totally engulfed the whole Religious.

But, ceiling having an important effect, it was the diverse act of ability together "free synods" as a way of addressing the trouble within the stately Religious which allowable the confessing Christians and congregations to bring conventional teaching and manipulate to the churches but native tongue confessional truth to the German persons.

1 All of the substance about the free synods is hard at it from "The Church's Assurance Under Hitler" by Artur C. Cochrane.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Bending The Boyne Women And Prehistory

Bending The Boyne Women And Prehistory
Lithe THE BOYNE - a juicy of ancient Ireland by J.S. Dunn:

"2200 BCE: Changes rocking the Continent increase Eire with the genesis Bust Age. Trace further on any Celts, marauders infuse the desert island seeking copper and gold. The young astronomer Boann and the not legible Cian deprivation all their wits and guts to pile their nation state and their a little Boyne mounds, previously desire icon knives challenge the peaceful indigenous starwatchers. Tensions on Eire involving new and old cultures and involving Boann, Elcmar, and her son Aengus, sooner or later push. So emerges from the rubble of deed are the myths of Ireland's first phase in a set new light.

Obese than myth, this story echoes with medieval texts, and cult heroes modern and ancient. By the fundamental temporal twirl, ever so prehistory is winding appearing in images of leprechauns who envelop Eire's gold for eternity. As ever, the victors request mass the myths."

WOMEN, SEX "> - J.S. Dunn gives us the keep a note to this animated new novel:"We're leave-taking to trend on the Atlantic Bust Age at four thousand years ago, about 2200 BCE.

One piece of the bowl in constructing "Lithe The Boyne" was, How did that developing culture view women? Boann, the female protagonist, comes from the initially myths where she appears briefly in a intertwined story.

The in black and white recording for the Atlantic Bust Age (the area from Iberian coasts up oversee the Isles) is specialized. Good humor out any meaning from the transcribed oral history has its perils. It is the oldest mythology of western Europe. Irish/Welsh/Gaulish oral tales were in black and white down future later by frozen, in need monks whose own sexuality probably had specialized stand for. The creature tales are not concise on sexual imagery and convinced got cut down in chairs.

The monks in addition helpful a haze of Greco-Roman sensibilities. Greco-Roman gods were immortals lolling in the haze, divine beings who snoop in material family. In put side by side, the beings in developing Irish/Welsh/Gaulish myth are archetypes, they are real those who struggle, sweat, eat and miserable, fornicate, and die as mortals. The monks couldn't hold back tampering with that lively "pagan" imagery to casing later beliefs.

"...they finished the sun stand settle down to the end of nine months / nutty the story..." from the "Dindshenchas" certificate. Boann's son Aengus is natural at winter solstice and symbolizes the astronomy gifted at the mounds. One depiction says Elcmar fathered Aengus, unlike doubtfully says the Dagda fathered her son and hid that liason by stopping the sun for nine months. This may be the leader bit of Who's Your Daddy prattle about a renown, Boann. Bewilderment about Aengus' initiate leads to misfortune.

It may be that Boann's creature oral story told of the solstice rise but monks matted that, trying to paddock it down fantasy Homeric tales of divine gods.

Not truly is Boann portrayed as a hussy to whom design of motherliness mean exact, unlike split up says that she violates a cultural top at the well of Sagacity. As a judgment, the well's waters torrent east to the deep-sea, forming the course Boyne and bloodshed Boann. That seems acerbic and smacks of misogyny, but no improved than Eve's bright in the Old Testimonial. It may be that monks inserted this instructive results for Boann, or, that the creature depiction held that Boann's wrongdoing led to her bright.

Whose skew of Boann and women at 2200 BCE does her story deliberate, the resident Boyne astronomy culture or that of armed newcomers, the warriors looking for gold? Money practices tainted at this time, implying that the Boyne background began to stratify. Superior leave foodstuffs, copper and icon daggers and gold jewelry, come out of in some male burials but very now and then with female burials.

Yet Boann symbolizes the Beige Way, a space peculiar of a little importance. It seems outside her starwatching culture, rural farmers and herders, viewed her value as good of bright. In "Lithe The Boyne", she is total stardom as an astronomer and is not drowned for acquiring wisdom!

In associating Boann with the Beige Way and Aengus with solstice, the myths draw attention to the importance of astronomy to her Boyne culture. Formerly the Pyramids and Stonehenge, her nation state built indicative go mounds, a calendar in their panorama for sun, moon, and stars. The a little mounds may themselves straight the populace veneration of value (the female mound) and the sun's generative power (phallic) and a upright involving the genders.

For improved reading, see almost "The Prehistory of Sex", Timothy Taylor (Bantam, 1996), and of course, "Lithe The Boyne".

Thanks to Melisende for the blog invite!"


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Oracular Seidhr For Samhain

Oracular Seidhr For Samhain
My next scheduled oracular seidhr session will take place on the evening of Saturday October 28th for Samhain. These are remote sessions, meaning that anyone can send me a question to put before the gods and spirits on your behalf; you don't have to be local to me. However, kindly bear in mind that this practice is central to my religious path and is not a parlor game; serious questions only, please!

Pllease email your question, rather than replying to this post, although if you have questions ABOUT my practice, feel free to post them here!

Seidhr is an umbrella term encompassing both Scandinavian witchcraft in general and the ancient tradition of oracular trance that is (and was) most often practiced by followers of either Odin or Freyja. Although the practice has echoes in both Anglo-Saxon and continental Germanic practice, "seidhr" is the name I used when I began this practice (close to a decade ago now!), so seidhr is the term I stick to. Many different versions of oracular seidhr exist in modern heathenry.

If you are unfamiliar with my practice, please review this page BEFORE submitting your question. Although not required, donations are especially welcomed now, as I have recently reduced my working hours to part time due to my health. Any donations will be used to purchase offerings, libations, etc, all of which are needed in abundance this time of year!


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Les Traditions Dimbolc

Les Traditions Dimbolc
Cet include a 'et'e 'ecrit par Surprise Thebarge Ridge, et a 'et'e traduit et adapt'e de l'anglais par mes soins.

N'h'esitez pas `a rajouter vos propres informations o`u `a compl'eter par vos ressentis, t'emoignages ou id'ees.


Dans le cont'e de Shropshire, le perce-neige, premi`ere fleur du printemps, a pris la place des chandelles et a 'et'e nomm'e "cloches de Candlemas" ou "fleur de distillation" ou encore, en link avec Brighid deficient doute : "Douce Dame de F'evrier"


Dans certaines r'egions, on c'el'ebrait le premier jour des labours ou de la premi`ere plantation en poussant une charrue d'ecor'ee de porte en porte. Les enfants, costum'es, demandaient aux habitants de la nourriture, de l'eau ou de l'argent. S'ils refusaient, le jardinet `a l'avant de la maison 'etait labour'e. Dans d'autres r'egions, la charrue 'etait elle aussi d'ecor'ee puis on versait dessus du Whiskey (l'"eau de vie"). On d'eposait sur le chemin des morceaux de twinge et de fromage en offrande aux esprits de la design. Au cours de cette p'eriode, on consid'erait comme tabou le fait de cueillir ou de couper une plante.


Dans le m^eme ordre d'id'ees, en Irlande, le "breedhoge" 'etait transport'e de maison en maison et les jeunes enfants du village collectaient de la nourriture et de l'argent "en l'honneur de miss Biddy". Le breedhoge 'etait une baratte `a beurre d'ecor'ee avec du foin et de la paille de mani`ere `a repr'esenter une come into being humaine. La t^ete 'etait constitu'ee d'une botte de foin recouverte d'un foulard de mousseline blanche, et le excitement 'etait recouvert d'un v^etement de femme avec un ch^ale.


On c'el'ebrait g'en'eralement Imbolc en allumant des feux de joie sacr'es et des bougies, parce que Brighid 'etait consid'er'ee comme la D'eesse du Feu, le Feu de la gu'erison et de la naissance.


De nos jours, Imbolc est g'en'eralement une p'eriode propice drizzle pr'edire le temps des saisons `a venir. Une jolie coutume qui est encore pratiqu'ee aujourd'hui consiste `a placer une chandelle allum'ee `a chaque fen^etre, la veille d'Imbolc, et `a les laisser br^uler jusqu'au replacement du soleil le lendemain matin, drizzle s'assurer d'un soleil radieux drizzle l'ann'ee `a venir.


(extrait de "Brighid's Fires Sear Substantial" par Miriam Harline)

Pour se prot'eger au nom de Brighid, les Irlandais r'ecitaient un "caim", 'ecrit par les Matthews (? ndlt : je n'ai pas trouv'e d'explication ou de traduction `a ce sujet, merci de bien vouloir m'eclairer si vous avez des informations...). "caim" signifie "boucle" ou "cercle", et repr'esentait donc un cercle de protection. Un caim mentionne g'en'eralement Brighid, les habitants d'une maisonn'ee ou une famille afin d'^etre prot'eg'es. Traditionnellement, drizzle r'eciter un caim, on placait l'index au dessus de la personne ou du sujet `a prot'eger et on tournait autour de lui dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre excitement en r'ecitant le caim. Vous pouvez excitement aussi bien r'eciter un caim drizzle vous-m^emes. De m^eme, un caim peut ^etre fait en toutes circonstances et toutes saisons. Il encercle traditionnellement un groupe de personnes, de maisons, d'animaux ou le anteroom de la maison. Les Matthews 'ecrivent "Alors que sa famille se pr'epare `a s'endormir, la m`ere Ga'elique murmure ces mots (le caim) au dessus du feu lorsqu'elle l'affaiblit drizzle la nuit. Advertise en les prononcant, elle s'epare les tisons en trois petits tas 'egaux start off un quatri`eme en leur centre puis place trois petits tas de tourbe entre chaque et les recouvre de cendre. De telles traditions sont encore de mise dans l'ouest de l'Irlande. Ainsi, la protection de Brighid est attir'ee au dessus de la maison et de ses occupants.


(extrait de "Brighid's Fires Sear Substantial" par Miriam Harline)

Brighid est 'egalement consid'er'ee comme une voyante. Les Matthews la d'ecrivent comme 'etait "la come into being centrale du monde celte". Elle est la patronne d'un type d'augure tr`es sp'ecial que l'on nomme "frith" et que l'on ex'ecute le premier lundi du quart de l'ann'ee drizzle savoir ce que ce quart apporterait de b'en'efique ou de mauvais. Les celtes divisaient l'ann'ee en 4 : d'Imbolc `a Beltane, de Beltane `a Lughnasadh, de Lughnasadh `a Samhain et de Samhain `a Imbolc. Ainsi, le premier lundi suivant Imbolc est le start off appropri'e. Afin d'accomplir le frith, au replacement du soleil, on devait, pieds et t^ete nus, prier la Vierge Marie et Sainte Brighid puis tourner trois fois autour du feu dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre. Ensuite, il fallait fermer les yeux (ou les bander) et se diriger vers la porte d'entr'ee de sa maison (ouverte), riddle une upmost sur l'un des montants, terrible une pri`ere suppl'ementaire, puis riddle une brainteaser sp'ecifique `a propos du quart d'ann'ee `a venir. Ensuite il devait rouvrir les yeux et noter excitement ce qu'il voyait sea cliff `a lui.

Les augures du frithing pouvaient ^etre "rathadach" (chanceuses) ou "rosadach" (malchanceuses). Voir un homme ou un animal se replacement symbolisait une bonne sant'e. Au contraire s'il se couchait, il 'etait signe de maladie ou de mort. Un coq s'approchant de la personne symbolisait la abnormal, un canard la s'ecurit'e (drizzle les marins), un corbeau la mort. A propos de la symbolique des chevaux subsistent encore aujourd'hui quelques vers : "A white foal for land, a feeble foal for sea, a bay foal for income, a bleak foal for grief." Une personne qui pratiquait de telles augures 'etaient appel'ees "frithir". Le r^ole du frithir 'etait transmis de g'en'eration en g'en'eration. Selon les Matthews, de ce mot a d'ecoul'e le nom "Freer", dont on disait qu'ils 'etaient les astrologues du roi d'Ecosse".

Une autre m'ethode de frithing consistait `a utiliser ses mains comme une "longue vue". Cette tactic servait par exemple `a retrouver des personnes ou des animaux disparus ou `a deviner l'etat de sant'e d'un prevented. Parfois, on utilisait 'egalement des pierres divinatoires faites de quartz rouge.


(extrait du site

En Grande-Bretagne, Candlemas 'etait consid'er'ee comme 'etait le holiday des lumi`eres. Au cours des longs jours sombres de f'evrier, les 'eglises brillaient d'une driving lumi`ere puisque chaque membre de la congr'egation portait une chandelle allum'ee lors de sa twine autour de l'eglise, afin d'^etre b'eni par le pr^etre. On ramenait ensuite la chandelle chez soi afin d'eloigner les orages, les d'emons ou autres diables. Cette coutume a subsist'e en Angleterre jusqu'`a son bannissement lors de la R'eforme. M^eme apr`es cela, la symbolique des chandelles allum'ee d'Imbolc rest`erent ancr'ees dans les esprits populaires. des traces de cette tradition ont subsist'e jusqu'il y a peu encore dans certaines r'egions de Grande-Bretagne.

NOUVELLES Way of life


Il s'agit d'une twine sp'eciale que les membres d'un groupe ou d'un coven peuvent effectuer la veille d'Imbolc (ou une autre nuit pr'ec'edent le sabbat, si n'ecessaire). Il est n'ecessaire de s'organiser avant la twine afin que les gens puissent y assister et sachent `a quoi s'attendre. Il est 'egalement recommand'e de faire son m'enage de printemps avant la visite des Br'ideog. Les participants `a cette assembl'ee, appel'es "Biddy's" ou Br'ideogs, pr'eparent quelques chansons drizzle cet 'ev'enement. Ils vont ensuite de maison en maison, offrant leur b'en'ediction et leur underling aux familles qui vivent l`a. Ils presentiment g'en'eralement d'etranges chapeaux et presentiment des tenues bizarres, ce qui ajoute une pointe d'humeur `a cet 'ev'enement traditionnel. Une jeune fille, g'en'eralement la start off mignonne du groupe, est d'esign'ee drizzle warden la poup'ee de Brighid (Brideo'gas) avec eux. Lorsque le groupe exist quelque part, il demande `a entrer dans la maison (c'est un symbole de malchance que de refuser l'hospitalit'e `a un Br'ideog). Puis excitement le monde s'engouffre dans la maison et collapse la maisonn'ee avec quelques chansons (traditionnelles, morceaux `a la fl^ute, au violon et, start off tard, `a l'accord'eon). Il r'ecite ensuite une b'en'ediction de Brighid et offre une croix de Brighid `a la maisonn'ee si elle n'en poss`ede pas encore drizzle la prot'eger durant l'ann'ee `a venir. Avant de partir, il est de coutume de remettre aux Br'ideogs une denr'ee, g'en'eralement non p'erissable, qui sera utilis'ee drizzle un festin commun ou offert `a une personne d'emunie.


La veille d'Imbolc, la ma^itresse ou le ma^itre de maison prenait un petit morceau de tissu (de start off grande taille si la famille est nombreuse) et le d'eposait sur un buisson `a l'ext'erieur de la maison. Pendant la nuit, lorsque la D'eesse venait b'enir la maison et ses habitants, elle touchait et b'enissait ce tissu. Le lendemain matin, il 'etait de coutume de r'ecup'erer ce tissu et de le couper en petits morceaux. Ce sont ces morceaux que l'on nommait "Waif Br'ide" (BRAHT BREEJ). Ils 'etaient ensuite distribu'es aux enfants et aux femmes de la maison ou de la famille afin de leur assurer la protection excitement au yearn for de l'ann'ee, quoi qu'ils fassent. On placait 'egalement ces morceaux de tissu dans les poches ou les vestes des enfants drizzle s'assurer qu'ils ne se perdraient pas.


Le "Bratach Br'ide" (BRAH-TOCK BREEJ) est un exclusive morceau de tissu qui 'etait b'eni par la D'eesse de la m^eme mani`ere que l'etait le Waif Br'ide. Cependant, au lieu de le couper en morceaux et de le distribuer, ce morceau de tissu 'etait conserv'e comme une relique sacr'ee et ressorti ann'ee apr`es ann'ee. Ainsi, le Bratach Br'ide devenait de start off en start off puissant au fil du temps et pouvait ^etre utiliser drizzle assurer une naissance deficient effort, ou drizzle soigner la fertilit'e. On placait le linge sur la personne `a soigner en invoquant l'aide de Brighid. Il a longtemps fait partie du mat'eriel de axis des sages femmes irlandaises. On l'utilisait aussi drizzle le b'etail, afin d'assurer la pleine sant'e d'un veau apr`es sa naissance, et drizzle s'assurer d'avoir du lait en abondance.


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Making A Mojo Hand

Making A Mojo Hand
The mojo, gris-gris, hand, or intricate bag is an data item in hoodoo schoolroom folk magic. Specific wide-ranging methods materialize for creating these talismans, which are mostly completed from a cloth wrapper or bag around herbs, sigils, animal parts, minerals, and/or household items taken from the diagram the bag is certain to effect.

On one occasion the ingredients hold on been assembled together, a mash is customarily undertaken to sanctify the bag and hill its special mystical powers. This is an old mash, made to order from info which you can find in its native form in the book "Voodoo Consider".

* Take up your nearly-finished bag, which requirement be filled with your ingredients but smoldering open. Get high point to tie a crowd on all sides of it, either with a individual area, or with a drawstring if your bag includes one.
* Bomb up your orifice with a glue of whiskey -- or privilege about any strong alcohol (bourbon, aquavit, scotch, moonshine, anything.) DO NOT Take.
* Holding the glutinous in your orifice, hum imperfect spilling it your blessings and prayers for the bag.
* Stiffen the crowd in the bag and, at the especially tip, thrust your mouthful of booze upon it.
* This mash of pray-tie-spit is unrelenting a set come forth of era -- three is commonly a traditional come forth. This would endorsement your mojo bag conserved with three knots.

As described in the book "Conjurin' Ole Time", this spitting mash was extremely utilized for feeding the personal belongings to recline them strong and diligent.