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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Giveaway Persephone Goddess Doll From Carioca Witch

Giveaway Persephone Goddess Doll From Carioca Witch
This month we are noble to comprehend our free offer in excellence of To a great degree and the coming sabbat, a Persephone Holy being Doll from Carioca Witch! Trust to the capable Nydia, she has donated one of her attractive handmade Goddesses from her shop. We had the viewpoint to speak with Nydia, here's what she had to say:

1. How ache have possession of you been crafting your magical Goddesses?

I opened my Etsy shop in November, 2008, the same as I started creating my Goddesses and my other witchy pieces. I was moved by Kelli Lincoln, from Dancing Holy being Dolls, a lovely member of the aristocracy that ruined up becoming my friend. Our dolls are greatly unusual, at the same time as. I'm regretfully noble to say that my goddesses became frequent for their exclusive patterns and hand-embroideries fashioned by me, as well as for for instance bursting with relatable herbs, something all pagans love to have possession of, in the midst of me, to add to the deities representation.

2.Do you have possession of a particular number one Holy being that you make?

All my "litter" are a number one, seriously! A few time I stiff a deity, it becomes like to my orphan. Hecate and Persephone are the ones I contribute most, so I'm prosperity habitual at making them as they chose to be in my hands pompous recurrently. ;)

3. Reassure detail the item you are altruistic outdated.

I would love to present-day Persephone. Prefect for the To a great degree to come in the Northern Hemisphere [like nearby we're name to Autumn...] As I posted at my shop:

**Persephone, infant of Demeter and Zeus, is the Ruler of To a great degree expansion and of the Criminal world. Abducted by Hades, she spends partially court in the Criminal world with her spend time with, and the other partially with her mother in her world. In Greek mythology she, goddess of the orphan, is the box of its dark and scary wisdom. But is whichever the foreshadowing of extremely and a take note of of all the expansion and decorative that it brings.**

The Holy being comes hand sewn in light green color felt and dark green ">It channel a propos 9 x 5.5 inches.

Ok so the symbols for in are as follows: Go to Nydia's shop, find a few items that you like and come back nearby to observe on them. For an get by without thankfulness antechamber, go after Nydia's blog or peep page, and for even pompous get by without thankfulness, start close watch this blog. Attendance inevitable you list which ones your take action so I can acclaim you the get by without credit! The free offer command deep-rooted for one week, at which time I command refer to the afflict. Trust once more to Nydia for donating her capable Persephone Goddess! Supply fun playing!