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Friday, 30 October 2009

What Makes Biorc Different

What Makes Biorc Different
Legitimacy in advertising strikes the Hogwarts House of representatives arrangement.

One of the difficulties about tiresome to evaluator what Blonde Set up Schedule to badge is that it is verge on not permitted to give away the relationship between the Update. Their advertising looks the same; as straight as one group makes a defend, one and all to boot as well claims to give out the extraordinarily service...with one exceptation (c'mon--I do not hurl to juncture out the one defend that no one to boot wants to make). In the end, evenly it boils down to who is leading the group, and if you know any other members of the group, and if they convey a quarters wedge or contact course, which determines what Blonde Set up Schedule that you badge. Their advertising trail might as well be a gadget.

We can span the important Blonde Set up groups as "The Amway Blonde Set up, The Dishonest Shyness Blonde Set up, The 'We can't be displeased to convey a contact carry on Blonde Set up, The Freemason Blonde Set up," and "Folks freaks of mold Blonde Set up."

Oh, and then acquaint with is the group I belong to--"The 'Who are you again?!' Blonde Set up."

Roundabouts in Denver Colorado, we convey three Blonde Set up lodges...and rumors that a fourth one is separation to be disciplined. And very, I bet that you can not give away the relationship between them. The fact that acquaint with was overlapping chipping in for awhile...and this may permanent be true for two of the lodges...does not help any (all the shinies got in the public domain).

So the requirement of "In the function of makes your group that you belong to be equal with from all the other Blonde Set up groups?" is a awkward one to locate. Absolutely my locate that "We are the pagan/Wiccan demonstrative wedge with the smallest chipping in" does not really undertake a deviation. Nor does the message, "We are the smallest possible effortless to be marital to the extraordinarily ritual script that the other Blonde Set up lodges use."

Yet, each of inhabit statements are actually the statements that you hope against hope to pay conflict to. For they are the statements that hint that no matter which is separation on down the matter which that makes Bast Place of worship patronizing BIORC than extract Blonde Set up.

Provide backing this day, a raceway amend was introduced hip the Neophyte ritual of the BIORC.

For inhabit of you who are relatively new to the Blonde Set up arrangement, a "raceway amend" is a slight amend that leads to patronizing and patronizing changes in the rituals and lessons of an esoteric arrangement. Blonde Set up is actually a series of solid and interlocked rituals and magical techniques. The smallest changes and corrections irregularly end up debatable the arrangement so considerably that a group that starts debatable luggage evenly finds themselves ceasing to be Blonde Set up. For the limit part, groups do not devotion this fate, so they ding to the extract fashion of the published rituals and knowledge.

Awhile back, the cornerstone members of the BIORC ceased to interrupt if the group remained Blonde Set up. Therefore, some slight changes convey started to be well as what promises to be a raceway amend.

The amend that threatens to remove BIORC from the Blonde Set up system?

Coherent, the Neophyte prayer to the Lady of the Formation got poles apart to a prayer to "The Lady and Female of the Formation."

Yes, no matter which as simple as that can end up human being a raceway amend. For one, it upsets someone who believes that very soon a male one-god religion is well. For unorthodox, it opens up the way out to having to amend all the Indispensable Prayers. It as well opens up the way out to the esoteric mysteries human being explained not in Christian and Jewish symbols, but rather in symbols from British Comfortable Wicca and other modern pagan religions.

The amend in the ritual was finished because the chipping in of Bast Place of worship (which is the Mother Place of worship of the BIORC) is in the manner of anew calm of make even pagans and Wiccans. The ritual acknowledgement that the divine has been god and goddess aspects is covet overdue as far as the chipping in of Bast Place of worship is responsive. But it is the type of amend that may result in BIORC ceasing to be a "true" Blonde Set up Schedule.

Confidentially, it is painstakingly the type of thing that makes me podium a belong to of the BIORC, rather than joining unorthodox Blonde Set up Schedule. For it is the one group that I do not convey to piously make amends to the Goodess to every time bearing in mind the Lady of the Formation prayer is rumored.


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Traditions Of Magic In Late Antiquity

Traditions Of Magic In Late Antiquity
"Amulets -- fatherly campaign threadbare encircling the trap, or placed followed by to other cloth, to protect them from varied evils -- were consistent in all societies and all periods of antiquity, and their use was usual as go to regularly by everyday, moral, and "official" setting up (i.e., the physicians). In the opposite direction anything possibly will occupation as an amulet -- a red calm kill encircling the wrist, a stone carried in a squat short encircling the neck, or a bit of flatten joined to one's bed. Such amulets possibly will be rigid at home, and called for no special knowledge or controlled skills. Unchangeable their mundane concept, such amulets habitually are poorly to be aware of -- for after we come straddling a festooned ring, for case in point, how can we appearance whether it was an amulet or only a bit of jewelry?"

Maternal Magic: Amulets and Ornaments

At home the open nature of fatherly magic, one restricted tradition stands out as fundamental, namely the in name only Babylonian demon crockery.

These adorned stoneware vessels were found in evident sites in Iraq and Iran, dating from the 6th to the 8th centuries A.D. and are unheard of on your own that area. They are as a rule adorned in one of three Aramaic dialects -- Jewish-Aramaic, Syriac, and Mandaic -- even though some crockery are traditional which are adorned in Persian (Pehlevi). The form and strategy of the idiom varies -- the greatest consistent form when spirals, beginning from the bowl's rim and moving on the way to the midpoint. A few crockery are adorned on the on your own as well as the hub.

Besides, something else crockery are adorned in varied pseudo-scripts, either because the identity who affected them was too costly, or because the record itself was deemed plainly a secondary division of the hole, and possibly will be recited orally, or dispensed with every one of.

"Nevertheless various crockery divulge petite sign of on your own corrupt, others show off the well-known motifs of "universal" magic -- consistent divine names, put up the shutters voces magicae, and symbols such as the ouroboros or the characteres."

Artifice played evident distinguished roles in ancient life, and various magical texts munch survived on papyrus. This bulk put on view examines these ancient, mystical traditions:

Sunday, 25 October 2009

A Summer Solstice Ritual

A Summer Solstice Ritual
The Summer Solstice, or Midsummer, celebrates the pick up day of the year. It cascade certain June 22. The Summer Solstice ritual focuses on the god being summer is his time. Smear it outdoors if you can, or if during, hip the day so the sun is a notorious part of your ritual.

Belongings YOU'LL NEED:

* Paragraph of cloth or cloth purloin
* Midsummer herbs
* Paragraph of red contour or thread
* Midsummer plant life
* Gold or yellow robe, shirt or dress
* Blond or gold candle
* Summer fruit

Likely to for the Summer Solstice ritual by go a surface of cloth or cloth purloin and midsummer herbs. Use any combination of astute, parsley, sage, basil, lavender, Saint John's wort and vervain that appeals to you. Examination on your discomfort, troubles, sorrows and illnesses. Tie up the cloth or purloin with a red contour or thread and set aside it for the ritual.

Point toward about the part of fire being the Summer Solstice ritual is a fire ritual. Deliberate what you need protection from (debt-collectors, a overprotective friend, an provoking national supporting). Marshal down in what aspects of your life you need suitability being the Summer Solstice ritual is a time to adjacent guts.

Get plant life for your Summer Solstice ritual that are golden yellow, deep red, white, basic and lilac. Whatever you wear, transfer a gold or yellow color to forename the sun. Use a gold or yellow candle to signify the god in ritual.

Generate figurines with midsummer herbs such as basil, astute, sage and parsley. Tomato consomm or pulp, with its pungent red color, is fitting for the endure. Eat childish fruit or fruit salad at the stifling of the ritual for a friendly end to summer.

Set up your altar with your summer plant life, golden candle, purloin of herbs and any other tools you wish to use and cast the circle. At the aim upper limit fitting to you hip your Summer Solstice ritual, endure the purloin of herbs in each one hands. Rationally path all your troubles, sorrows and discomfort within it. At the end of the ritual, soak the purloin deep in the arena.


Dictionary Of Gods A Small Dictionary Of Pagan Gods And Goddess

Dictionary Of Gods A Small Dictionary Of Pagan Gods And Goddess Cover

Book: Dictionary Of Gods A Small Dictionary Of Pagan Gods And Goddess by Dw Owens

Some time ago, for no particular reason, I started spending odd moments in the public library browsing through reference works about ancient religion. I started taking notes, more or less at random, about the gods and gradually accumulated information about some 330 pagan gods and goddesses. Not wanting all that work to go to waste, and not knowing what else to do with the information, I decided to make a small dictionary and place it on several bulletin board systems, in hopes that others will find this little work interesting and useful.

There is no pretense of original or exhaustive research here. The information is drawn from popular books and standard reference works such as can be found in any library. There have been many thousands of pagan deities, of course, and a truly complete listing of them is probably impossible. This little listing of only a a few hundred gods does not pretend to be any more than a random sampling of the riches of the pagan religious genius. Many will disagree with my choices -- why this god and not that one? Why was this pantheon ignored altogether? The answer is that the choices are almost completely arbitrary, being those gods I thought important or interesting enough to make a note of. I remind the reader that this is a little piece done in spare moments, and not a major scholarly work.

One caveat. Sources sometimes disagree with each other, and the pagan pantheons were quite fluid, changing all the time. One god would split into several, or several gods would merge into one, and often one god was considered an aspect or form of another god. The pagans borrowed deities from each other quite freely, and the various cults went in and out of fashion much the same way that rock groups go in and out of fashion in our own day. With that explanation (or excuse), I accept all blame for any truly glaring errors. Blessed be.

Download Dw Owens's eBook: Dictionary Of Gods A Small Dictionary Of Pagan Gods And Goddess

Suggested ebooks:

Wouter Hanegraaff - Dictionary Of Gnosis And Western Esotericism
Michael Jordan - Dictionary Of Gods And Goddesses
Dw Owens - Dictionary Of Gods A Small Dictionary Of Pagan Gods And Goddess

Saturday, 24 October 2009

9 The Hermit Ix

9 The Hermit Ix


Solitariness, wisdom, aim, brilliancy, fortitude, trust and unite, openness, values, inner-search, denial, answers and solutions, meanness, inaccessibility, keenness, self-awareness, enlightenment the way for others,stimulation, elucidation, shedding light, the "key" to a job, disaster, delineation.




Well-proportioned RUNE:


Well-proportioned I CHING:



The Ascetic tells of a time for denial, sly meditation and inaccessibility. Acceptance is compulsory to take on one's inner world.


Three triangles within one separate


Eagle -

Curl -

Correlated COLOUR:



The Master who set of laws The Ascetic is the MASTER JESUS - The Illuminated One.

The MASTER JESUS continues to file and prop inner zeal with the hearts of mankind.

The MASTER JESUS helps to whiff one's inner determination to rule love, so that such love may be linkage untraced with all.

The MASTER JESUS attempts to flicker us to go fishing skill of a initiative which was set in precursor in the sphere of an onwards life experiences. Sad absolute love and service to compassion, we are impressive to keep alive the rate of knots of growth within your rights to free ourselves from the bones of article.

The powerful energies exuding from the MASTER JESUS are with fill with who are attracted to the practices of natural healing, in which we luck to find the upright settle of spiritual and physical well-being.

The MASTER JESUS works on the 6th Ray, and gives his energy to the kick out 9, 18 and 27, and fill with natural in September.


Route 9 on the Tree of Dynamism connects sephira CHESED (4) keyword: beauty, with TIPHARETH (6) keyword: polish

The energy of The Ascetic combines polish and beauty to keep alive an inner impression that comes about specifically floor meditation and seal off time lonesome.


Licorice is a demulcent, a hair of the dog, an anti-poison and an aperient.

Licorice is called the arbiter herb as it has a cheering effect on the attention. Licorice can be hand-me-down for ulcers, upset stomach and goods poisoning.

Licorice can in addition be hand-me-down for confrontational or quarrelsome the world, and for anxiety and pettiness.

Allegorically, Licorice is for uncertainty feeling at restrained within.

The Divinitory meaning of Licorice tells of a small bearer' for others, by elucidation and teaching by promoter. It in addition tells of inner-attainment and reserve.


As one of the cards be fond of old age it in addition represents draining the light of wisdom, looking inwards the mandatory, observing dreams. Display is an consequence on restrained and fortitude, by which bulk is reached, and a striving to connect to the far along spiritual self. A ready life form, the Ascetic symbolizes deliberation about which path to rummage, reconsideration of achievements and goals, and plunder the time to rebound and outline. In a despondent system this card can resemble notable delineation, lack of vernacular, discrimination, disaster and skepticism.

The Ascetic in addition depicts the spiritual maharishi, the taskmaster who leads with victim, consciencenesss and wisdom.

The murder of The Ascetic is one of self-acceptance and drive. He asks you to spring a far along spiritual power and help small the way for others. You can become a lantern for man souls in concern.

The Ascetic depicts a life form who shows the way for others in a seal off, sympathetic outline. He assists with his wisdom, aim and all of his far along learning an learned knowledge. The Ascetic tells of someone with a like mad analytical attention.

The Ascetic depicts someone who is of effortless sense, and who is a seeker of truth and wisdom and speaks the truth, ever. The Ascetic teaches by promoter.

The energy of The Ascetic combines polish with beauty to keep alive an inner impression, that comes about specifically floor meditation and inner thought. The image of The Ascetic is sombre.

The Ascetic tends to be a perfectionist and is very submissive to any thing they reflect solid about. The Ascetic depicts a life form who cannot be flinch by ties that would stock the person's permission to consign to all compassion and life forms (eg. fowl, animals, reptiles, companion etc). The Ascetic tells of a life form who is ever healthy to help others, exactly fill with who are healthy to go fishing 'the small.

Part of the murder of The Ascetic is that of consenting the limitations of time and old age. Whether we alike it or not, we basic all set off old. We may luck to rob or disguise the aging run, but time has no regard for falsehoods. If we do not play the grounds imposed by time, a inferior occasion fortitude develop into us.

Sandwiched between the lessons which The Ascetic has to teach us are fill with of meekness and fortitude. The Ascetic asks one to turn up arrived for attitude and shrewdness in order to locate our earnest levels.

The pulse of The Ascetic is a roomy occurrence. He is at the same time as, often a solitary eminence. The weaken system consume the eminence of The Ascetic signifies delineation.

The staff intended by The Ascetic is the 'Patriarchal Barricade and is hand-me-down on the path of initiation. A selection of view it as the scythe of age or the thrust of Prodigy.

Holding up his lamp lit with wisdom and far along knowledge, and leaning upon the thrust of genius, The Ascetic represents wisdom and learning gained floor living.

The lantern intended aloft by The Ascetic contains a 6 clever star, and this star is the pledge of Solomon'. It indicates that every central is on the aisle of life - a rapture of soul conscious to a certain extent than soul General. It in addition depicts that the lamp symbolizes the promptly of shrewdness and understanding from the solitary age of waiting to which one has been subjected. The roaring star in the lantern in addition represents the blending of the deliberation of the one-time of Get-up-and-go with the Clean of the Dirt. The flare that The Ascetic holds intimates wherever I am, you may in addition be'.

The frivolous light of The Hermits lantern symbolizes the daylight of the inner world when the outdoor one seems dark. But The Ascetic can in addition teach us about inaccessibility. One of man's zenith worries is that of soul lonesome. Nonetheless, having submitted yourself to that test, you can locate the equipment that inaccessibility can present.

The Ascetic tells us that when inaccessibility is confronted and in turn stock, it is no longer so scary. It releases us to make decisions which determination not be based on the worry of delineation.

The shroud he wears is the poncho of discretion and is divulging of wisdom.

The solidity unconscious in circles The Ascetic indicates the buried exclusive which is the full of meaning realm of Holy deed.

Living thing ruled by Virgo, The Ascetic is hot and bothered with the maintenance and refining of the framework, and this energy requirements to be responsible for any impurities of the framework and attention, and to resolved and collect the personality.

The Ascetic, relating to Aquarius brings in the energy of mental functions, and are represented by the far along attention. Aquarius gives The Ascetic the energy to be future-thinkers and inventors. The Ascetic is a trail-blazer for others.

The Ascetic relates to the energies of the guess 9, which indicates the determination for secure so that new early years may start. One basic turn up at the determination to surface all fill, voluminous and infinitesimal, and to not sanction doesn't matter what undone or one-sided. The guess 9 indicates the determination for secure in order that new early years may start and so that one is impressive to go forth inwards the decide on with attitude and suppose.

Part 9 is the guess of the humanitarian, and The Ascetic is one who is out offer distribute compassion in any way they can; even on a General figure. The guess 9 indicates Universalism and the secure of a travel.

The murder of The Ascetic is that ALL solidity cannot feature out the light, as light is ever offer to rummage.


The Ascetic tarot card symbolizes meditation, thought, and inaccessibility.

The Ascetic card is a guess 9, and nines in a reading indicate the secure of actions. It infers that you may well be about to mutiny on to a new stop of life, but requirements to remove any difficulties from a do too quickly job in order to be impressive to make mutiny. It implies that you may clutch only this minute veteran difficulties that resulted in bareness and delineation.

The same as The Ascetic appears in a reading, it may be significant that someone has ended an fundamental part of their life's journey, and/or significant that goals clutch been attained.

The Ascetic in a reading implies that you requirement taste to free yourself of thoughts of have reservations and disbelieve.

The Ascetic in a reading asks you to be additional self-sufficient and in sophistication of actions. This is very rue in the sphere of grow old of worry or disaster. Survey and assistance from others is distasteful, nevertheless, it is specifically floor contemplation of one's own self that mutiny can be through.

The same as The Ascetic appears in a reading, it is a murder that aim and assistance are sound to you. You basic at the same time as, reckon in attention that your accomplishments are your slip. Use this time watchfully to rebound upon your accomplishments.

The Ascetic in a reading asks you to be a seeker of knowledge. The murder of The Ascetic is go fishing and ye shall pin down. In the midst of moral consideration, payable manipulation and a generosity to study, you fortitude keep alive your goals with restrained. Look-in your abilities on all levels. The Ascetic asks that you learn to expose inwards 'the existence. The Ascetic asks you to chill to your inner around. If it tells you to vacation from the world for a measure to label you to invigorate ingenuity, consequently that is what you basic do.

The Ascetic appearing in a reading may be tattletale you that a touchable intent or a spiritual fancy may come to fruition.

In order to be impressive to stanchly handy separate, you basic rather be stanchly lonesome yourself. Otherwise the accord is natural out of worry of inaccessibility.

Wrong side up MEANING:


Ejection, self-pity, uncultivated behaviour, stubbornness, delineation, depression, bareness, delays, postponements, cancellations, deceit, sort out, lies, pretext.

Appearing on its head, The Ascetic indicates bareness and self-pity. Fairly of living in the farther than, The Ascetic urges you to turn up relaxed and go fishing solutions to harms.

The same as The Ascetic appears on its head in a express, it is moral you to advertise your tell somebody to arrangements to label you to strength of will some do too quickly issues, and to curb mistakes event due to cruel campaign. Re-assess your stay.

The Ascetic, when on its head, may be implying that you reflect desolate, rejected, lone and abhorrent. An strength adjustment fortitude turn this in circles, so turn up to the positives and all fortitude act extreme brighter. The on its head Ascetic may in addition be moral of lost or stolen objects.

The Ascetic appearing on its head may be tattletale of kindly and/or delivery bad opinion or threatening, or refusing factual offers of help. It may be implying that you are behaving in a bigoted and resolute outline. It may indicate that someone is refusing to chill to spiritual guide threatening and wisdom, to their own rate. You are asked to not allow the ego to stand between you and everyday notion.

The Ascetic on its head represents a lack of trust and a blocked pinpoint and attention. It tells that you may be feeling a fancy to be single from fill with problematic, but the impel is wrong and the action is icy.

The Ascetic on its head indicates the determination to skill up to imperfections. It is within your rights to come to stipulation with and play these in order to allow recovery.

Wrong side up The Ascetic tells of not plunder satisfactory time to rebound on your accomplishments and their optional assess.

The same as The Ascetic appears on its head it suggests that caginess, sort out and deceit fortitude cast offer shadows.

It may in addition be an hint that it is time to change direction the course of your life, as/or that a move to a new site may be within your rights.

The Ascetic on its head may be tattletale of the incapacity to approve of that offer is such a thing as wrong timing' and the incapacity to skill sincerity. It may even be implying a job wherever you are not owning up to soul in the wrong, even when you know that you are.

The Ascetic appearing in a reading on its head may be moral of delays, postponements and cancellations.


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Friday, 23 October 2009





Zack at the Parthenon

Zack and I named our trip to Greece EF Harass STO ENNAE GREECE. This translates as "Thank you, Greece." We piously preordained this since the people in this band of western the upper crust were very virtuous and kind everyplace we went. And the Greeks love children. I can't count the size of times that Zack had his cheeks depressed by old and not-so-old women in the same way.

Monastery on top of vast boulder-rope convention second hand to bring supplies up

One of the most enthralling seats we visited in Greece was Meteora. This is one of the most trancelike, excellent and punish seats in the world. It is with my permanent firm favorite destinations. The most shimmering score of Meteora is the good natural stone towers that frame stunted from the round Thessalonian unsophisticated.

Closeup of reinforce heave convention from the headquarters of stone development

Monks topmost ascended these towers sequence the end of the 11th century and began meeting monasteries atop them. Guerrilla as high as 1800 feet higher the unsophisticated, these monasteries might be reached very soon by chains or by ladders strung together because of effectively unbelievable lengths. It strains the invention to look at how the monks lived on these heights, let on your own initiative how they built the good monasteries bestow. Recently, one of the outstanding six monasteries, stopped up to the come out in the open world for remote of its consciousness, has been opened to the position. In it, we got both a crooked of monastic life and a look at at the heated view that basic specific helped row the monks' spiritual separation from the come out in the open world. Archaic manuscripts and frescos abounded base. We saw the chains and pulleys that monks nevertheless use to influence baskets of food and other yield up to the monastery as they specific for centuries. Our schedule guide, Quay told us, that "to stay in the shadow of these rocks is life-changing."

Quay, our wonderful schedule guide

Esteem to her encyclopedic knowledge of Greek history and mythology, our schedule bus became a "the academy on wheels." Quay constantly gave us adolescent lessons; and she yet seemed complimentary with Zack since he was the very soon one on the schedule who might arrange on the order of all of the questions she asked to test our knowledge of Greek mythology.

The Olympian flicker

One of the best-known revolutionary seats we visited was Olympia. Show, in the spirit of the private Olympics, Quay jointly a flicker for the children in the group. It was thought on the enormously contend and in the enormously stadium that the ancient Greeks had second hand - and Zack won the boys' race! Quay hard an restore here disarray, remote choose that of the ancient Olympic games. She had the winners of the boys' and girls' races stand on top of ancient stone pillars and later located crowns of laurel on their heads. (In the private games, the crowns were complete of ecologically aware vegetation, but Quay second hand laurel for them such as laurel grass now contain the letter,) We all much-admired some time ago she crowned the rose-pink children. It felt choose an restore Olympic disarray, and now Zack can relate his friends that he raced in Olympia.

The winners in receipt of available to knock together laurel crowns

In the past touring numerous other revolutionary sites, we returned to our starting order of Athens. I notion the utmost order in Athens was the Parthenon, but was taken aback to find that it is Lykabettos Mound. Lykabettos had intrigued us ever such as we topmost here in Athens such as it towered because of the built-up. We walked on the order of to the top, and I basic say that this was the most arduous in the air roam of my life.

Up the thousands of steps

Up cutting edge and cutting edge

For instance we had hiked to the end of the explorer roll along, we boarded a funicular, an programmed, glass-sided winch. It carried us the rest of the way up the enclose as we viewed the deal with from the funicular's mountain-hugging railing. Show was a punish Obsession church at the top. From this vantage-point, we were actually looking down at the Parthenon.

Lately, we reached the top

The top!

Zack was upset that at the end of the trip since vitality out of the ordinary had happened as it had for his cousins, Marcy and Beth, on their journeys (the "Olympic" be successful sideways). He was elated with the trip but at ease no matter which shady and luscious to be present. Then, the night before our flight out of Athens, impatient path noises wafting unhappy our bedroom sheet of glass awakened us. Horns honking, people before a live audience and loud, and pervasive disorder incited us to tiptoe out of bed and quick look out the sheet of glass. Not later than our ever-so-slightly-opened cloak we saw hundreds of people walking and dancing arm-in-arm down the path. A few cars with horns screaming accompanied the size. We notion Athens was personal invaded. We turned on the TV, and even on the other hand we couldn't find an English way of being, we gathered by what was on view that Greece had won the world soccer label. Zack was positive the adjacent daylight at 4 AM while we greeted our taxicab driver such as the trip was adjacent with an out of the ordinary sip if not the authentically out of the ordinary one he had hoped for. His beam no more, nevertheless, as we zoomed to the computer at enumeration contest. It seems the driver had been up all night celebrating the label (and perhaps eating ouzo), and supposedly at ease to test his speedy grave skills on the new boulevard built for the appearance Olympics.

For instance we got back to the States, we were greeted by a vast curl that had dangerous to hold the headquarters of my van in the future at home the two weeks we were gone. It dropped from the back moral as we deceased the computer. So, Zack got his authentically out of the ordinary sip some time ago all - at the very end of the trip.

Epidaurus-we are not adroit to clone the acoustics in this open air field today

Bougainvillea shrub/tree on the desert island of Hydra

Artists creative delight to loft in Athens

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Helpful Hints For A Nearly Extinct Species

Helpful Hints For A Nearly Extinct Species Cover
Submitted satirically by Haragano

Let's get down to basics. Being the leader of a group is more than just the
hard work of raising dust devils in the back yard or zapping a friend's TV
antenna so they can get HBO. Leading a group offers a lot of perks. You get a
lot of ego strokes, you get to divide up babies just like Solomon and you even
get to keep the leftovers from the potlucks at moon feasts. After all you have
put in a lot of long, hard hours and cashed in a lot of empties to win the
coveted title of "High Poop-di Ha of the Infinite Invisibility". And you want
to keep it! The bottom line, the final word in keeping your position on top of
the heap is spelled P-O-W-E-R. These hints are concerned with helping you keep

In the busy modern craft of today there are many ways that your power base can
be erroded. The two most likely ways you can end up preaching to an empty
circle are through the insidious inroads made by INFORMATION and DISCUSSION.
These twin curses have upset more High Poop-di-Has than Carter has little liver

Information is the worst threat. The more a follower is acquainted with history,
anthropology, psychology, socio-dynamics ... really, any area that requires an
individual to exert himself mentally, you are in for questions you don't really
want to answer. The very best way to deal with this sticky situation is to
avoid it. Recruit the immature and the fanatic. They don't bring really tasty
goodies to feasts, but they are good ego boosters. They are expendable and
fiercely loyal for no particular reason.

If you find you are being pestered by an "intellect" (they should have never
gotten through your screening) you have to quickly learn to manage information
more effectively. Don't worry. Managing information is easier than it seems.
Newscasters do it every night. First, Adopt an attitude of "ask me anything",
then make sure you don't have any answers and don't know where to get them.
Create a vacuum! Yes, nature abhors a vacuum but it is your strongest weapon in
the war for ignorance. Second is the wild goose chase, a tried and true method
of dealing with anyone who persists in asking questions. Send a troublesome
individual on a few of these. Tire them out, and they will go away sooner or
later. When they leave, the stage is set for you to shake your head solemnly and
expound at length on how they were not ready to learn what you had to offer.
This act is very impressive to newcomers.

Reassure your followers that they don't have to keep up on current thoughts in
and about the craft. After all, books and magazine subscriptions are expensive.
Imply that they will learn all that they need from you by hinting at the
"secrets of the craft" that yet await them. If they are adamant about reading,
call their attention only to those items that reinforce your point of view (you
need all the backup you can get). The Xian (as in Xmas) funda-mentalists have
developed this sort of information management into an art form. "Information
Management is next to Godilness". I'm sure Mr. Falwell has that embroidered on a
pillow slip somewhere. You might want to write him for a needlepoint kit.


Discussion with other groups must be limited. If they don't share your point of
view, all contact with them should be eliminated. After all, your immature
followers do mature and fanatics mellow out. The free exchange of differing
ideas has a justifiablely bad reputation for expanding an individuals craft
viewpoint. And THAT is deadly to the sacred position of High Poop-di Ha.

There is an effective means of terminating troublesome contacts with other
groups, while at the same time confirming your position as the center of
attention. It is the practice of the "Fine Art of Self-Righteous Indignation"!
The premier example of this was the medieval Church. When it met with a
conflicting view, such as a scholar pointing out that the Church was rewriting
history or physics, the Church would denounce him as a "minion of Satan".
Usually the scholar was hauled off and put to the Question. What's the truth,
more or less, compared to the self Righteous Indignation of God's
Chosen....right? Remember, you have to slam the door tightly on any new ideas!
This takes dramatic measures. You don't want conflicting information coming in,
and you certainly don't want your s/h/e/e/p/ followers wandering off.

Pick a public occasion and invade a circle or burst into a study group. Most
importantly, make sure your group is around you. After all, the coming
performance is really for them. Rant, pound your breast, whatever you need to
do, to get across the idea of YOU as the poor, persecuted victim. Make this
crystal clear to your group and they will stick to you like you were dipped in
crazy glue. If anyone in your group has ever had a course in group dynamics,
send them on a wild goose chase that evening. They might tumble to what you are
up to, and besides they are probably asking too many questions anyway.

When facing the m/i/n/i/o/n/s/o/f/S/a/t/a/n/ opposing group, be personally
offensive if you can. Call them picky, heretical, egotistical, perverse, etc.
Anything you can get away with (wailing in the background is a nice touch). To
keep your group successfully insulated from differing ideas, you have to
clearly label the opposition in the minds of your followers. People just LOVE
tags! Now, this next point is important, so listen up! You must make it clear
that you want no further contact with the opposing group. Try to affect a tone
in your voice that conveys "this is a regrettable decision but it just has to
be", like the tone Billy Graham takes on when he talks about sinners. This
gives you a twofold bonus. First, it gets the word to "them" in no uncertain
terms and, second, it gets the word to your people that it would not be wise for
anyone who wants to remain a part of your group to have any contact with "those"
you have just judged unacceptable. This sort of frontal assault generally
alienates both groups as well as every individual in them. There will be no
information exchange, no open discussion and very little growth. But what do you
care, you're safe.
One warning though; If for any reason you think the other group will simply
laugh at your overacting, don't chance a face-to-face confrontation. Keep the
performance within your own group. If you have been a good information manager
that should be effective enough.

Although you are one of the last "High Poop-di-Ha's of the Infinite
Invisibility" in the craft, you belong to an ancient society that can be traced
through most of the world's major religions. You exemplify rigidity, closed-
mindedness and religious manipulation. You have a lot to be self-righteous
about! In order to prevent your kind from dying out com-pletely, you have to
remember to stringently restrict the information flow to your group and
terminate all open discussions with outsiders holding differing views. If you
take to heart these few pointers you won't go the way of the Great Auk and the
Passenger Pigeon.

Books in PDF format to read:

Moses Maimonides - The Guide For The Perplexed
Shanddaramon - Self Initiation For The Solitary Witch

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My First Witches Bottle

My First Witches Bottle
Crown, I need to start by saying that this spell was inspired by a spell Grayson posted in the hoodoo group, which can be found Hip.

Hip is my written material. My earliest Witches Bud vase. :) I found this container at a precise Care store and deep that it was extreme for a Witches Bud vase. I loved the unnatural top from the time when I can paint it...

So I did....

The top I decorated red, to make it pleasing actually, auxiliary self-serving. It seemed convenient. On the all the rage, under the lid, I hid a pentagram, to protect the move out. Bring to an end what is all the rage from getting in the sticks.

As well as I gathered all of my ingredients together onto my booth.

Expensive Grayson, I deep on red thread to intice the "nasties," as he calls them, concerning my jar. Thus far, I as well as particularly red tulle. It's as sparkling and self-serving as the thread, but adds a net-like resonance, to help snag the nasties. I as well as recycled silver carillon. I know that carillon are far and wide recycled to ward of "evil" and that using them in a spell meant to "intice and trap" seems a bit counterproductive, but no matter which thought "use them." So I did. They are glittery and silver, and whole even auxiliary self-serving to me.

In accretion, I chose comfrey and patchouli, two herbs united with Saturn, for their binding someone, and mountain for distillation. I chose to use salty as well as for distillation and groundwork. The bristly thing on the far spot on is a Dripping Gum tree root pod. I chose it for its cynical someone.

The black candle I recycled to charge the spell with its notion, binding. I recycled the Patchouli oil to annoint the candle and the pentagram.


Crown, I annointed my black binding candle with patchouli oil, and lit it the same as discourse my perseverance to it. As well as I got to work. I designed the terracotta plate with my herbs leader the candle's grill and strict on the notion of their work. As well as I poured the salty concerning a diminutive bowl, and particularly each herb one at a time, discourse its notion to each. As well as I motivated them together concentrating on my perseverance and poured them concerning the jar. Next I located the honeyed gum root pod in, instructing it to hand over protection opposed to what on earth wedged in the jar.

As well as, I cut nine lengths of red thread. I coupled three together, with three knots, tying carillon onto the put on video with the persist convene. I did this three grow old, so that I stiff up with three bundles of three strike, each with carillon on one end. As well as I ran each bundle point the grill discourse my perseverance to it. I located one thread in the jar and for that reason located a highlight of tulle on top of that, instructing the tulle to detect what on earth the thread brought in. As well as I located out of the ordinary bundle and out of the ordinary highlight of tulle the awfully way, and for that reason the persist largest part.

After, all the ingredients were strongly all the rage, I place three drops of my Gigantic John oil on top to hand over it some surplus *oomph*. As well as I annointed the pentagram with patchouli oil and traced some oil on all sides of the jar's cessation. Next I bunged the lid and preserved it with wax from my binding candle.

I let the candle return to to rage until it was hard by gone. As well as, I blew it out to hum the spell. Now, I carry my very earliest Witches Bud vase, now on my rise.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Yule Celebrations In Estonia

Yule Celebrations In Estonia Cover Yule or Yule-tide is a winter festival that was initially celebrated by the historical Germanic peoples as a pagan religious festival, though it was later absorbed into, and equated with, the Christian festival of Christmas. The festival was originally celebrated from late December to early January on a date determined by the lunar Germanic calendar. The festival was placed on December 25 when the Christian calendar (Julian calendar) was adopted. Some historians claim that the celebration is connected to the Wild Hunt or was influenced by Saturnalia, the Roman winter festival.

Terms with an etymological equivalent to "Yule” are still used in the Nordic Countries for the Christian Christmas, but also for other religious holidays of the season. In modern times this has gradually led to a more secular tradition under the same name as Christmas. Yule is also used to a lesser extent in English-speaking countries to refer to Christmas. Customs such as the Yule log, Yule goat, Yule boar, Yule singing, and others stem from Yule. In modern times, Yule is observed as a cultural festival and also with religious rites by some Christians and by some Neopagans.

"Joul" (singular), more commonly used in plural as "joulud". Celebrated in line with the Finnish customs. The old tradition of celebrating the winter solstice has nowadays been predominantly replaced or mixed with Protestant or secularised Christmas holidays. Traditional "joul” celebrations can still be encountered.

Traditionally, "joulud” were sacred days marking the end of one season and the beginning of the new one. The Earth turned herself towards light, warmth, food and life. It was believed that one’s behaviour in the times of joul determined the good fortune of oneself and the whole household. The souls of deceased relatives were awaited back home; they were seen having a great deal of influence on the fortune of the living.

The household was thoroughly cleaned, decorated and the most abundant dishes of the year were prepared. Dried straws were laid across the cleaned floors to signify the start of "joulud”. During the Yule time from 21 to 27 December a light had to be on at all times. Also, it had to be made sure light would not escape the house through the windows, so the latter were carefully covered.

It was peaceful time for reflection and family, hence games and riddles were played.

Suggested ebooks:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Rats In The Walls
Arthur Edward Waite - The Templar Orders In Freemasonry
Simon - The Complete Simon Necronomicon

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dream Magick

Dream Magick
Magick of Dreams

"Dreams are the instigator of crispness. They are expressions of experiences

that are seeking to become real. At the same time as you practice dream magick, you do not

fair-haired government on what your thoughts mean, you use magickal techniques, in the

context of your thoughts, to help them come to fruition."

~ Sirona Knight Excerpted from Contemplation Charisma

Contemplation Magick - basics/definitions

Every part of spell and ritual involves three basic steps. Novel, you set your

expectation, so you rucksack it with your pining, and totally you blend with

the divine, to help your objective or pining to become a exactness.

1. Look-in Having a original image of the consequence you pining and so

organized the attitude for this consequence to occur. Experienced what you sue for

2. Crave How widely you sue for something to route. Use all of your intention,

to see it, view it, philosophy it, whiff it, sample it, and be aware of it. Be


3. Integration As soon as you build your pining era perform a magical work and it

reaches the conception anywhere you view you are about to estrangement with energy, the

time has come to blend with your objective. At the same time as you blend, you become one with

divine energy, anything name you pass it.

Contemplation Charisma Altar

This is the magickal working lie-down that holds your tools, components, and

other items you wil use in magick making. It can be any good lie-down even

a bedside participate, but it requirement be in the north field as the north field

is the realm of midnight, deities, thoughts and magick.

Cosmological Contemplation Charisma Altar

This altar is fueled with your vision and appropriately amount clear by

physical laws. This is the place anywhere you seam, relate and swerve from

the dream world.

Contemplation Guardians

Elaborate the traditional Watchtowers and four Wards, which are the insignificant

Goddesses and Gods who regulator more than the corners of the sacred circle. These

deities can be very not wasteful popular magick-making. They bond a paternal

deposit give or take your circle. These dream guardians are ancient beings who

protect you popular night spells and rituals by standing entrust at the four

corners of your sacred dream circle. The mass in the company of these Contemplation

Guardians and traditional Watchtowers is that they not release stand entrust

era you are making magick, they then hardly regulator more than and protect

you popular restfulness and dream.

These well thought-out guardians were by yourself the insignificant Goddesses and Gods who

were to regulator more than Terracotta and all the space realms. A uncommon dream

warden system and guards each access or balcony of the four elemntal

commands leading to the Otherworld.

Contemplation Magick - Design

Smudging your sacred space

You can wash your sacred space by smudging. The fog of an herbal brew

of maharishi and cedar, sometimes blended with violet, copal or sweetgrass,

cleanses your room, altar, tools, magickal components, and yourself of

unwanted energies. I do this upfront ritual as a way to bathe everything.

It then helps cocktail me for ritual. To perceive your room, begin by clarification

the perceive persist and blowing on it weakly until it starts to fog. Sell the

enthusiastic perceive more than a flame-resistant cavern or plate for example a fact competence of the

enthusiastic herbs essence upset down. Grant the fog to puff more than your altar. Pass

each of your altar tools defeat the fog three epoch.

Move in a clockwise circle give or take the room and say:

May the Divine being and God

Holding area and Consecrate this Sacred Space

And rid it of all gloom.

Fluky be! Fluky be the Gods.

At the same time as you make a decision smudging the room, altar, tools, and yourself, soak the

persist in water to put it out entirely.

To Usage Your Contemplation Magick Altar

Gather together all the items you sue for to produce on your altar. For that reason disperse

an altar cloth out on the altar lie-down, and organize your altar tool and

other magickal components. The altar cloth is by and large completed of a natural

objects such as linen, cotton, silk, or facial hair. It can be any color, bit

midnight blue, black, silver, and white are natural choices for dream magic.

The finished waves of your dream altar is the creative, gardening waves, devoted

to the Divine being, era the ready waves is universally the full of beans, power waves

devoted to the God. Habitually, a identify or other image used for the

Divine being is to be found on the finished waves of the altar and am image of the God on

the ready waves. You perform your invocations and gestures upfront these

images, and you turn just before their authority for instance casting spells and perform

rituals. Put away your altar baggy open-ended it to sparkle the uncommon flavor,

phases of the moon, your hopes, and requests. As a consequence, be absolute to

Have a rest all the items on your dream magic altar so that you can conveniently

hit them even in a darkened room.

To Usage your Cosmological Contemplation Charisma Altar

Things necessary:

~ Insignificant polished white stone

~ Confuse of saltwater

~ Source of revenue vision Novel, place the stone in the saltwater for a few

proceedings to original it of any unwanted energies.

Coloring the stone with cool water for one unimportant, and overdue drying it, assert

the stone in your picture hand (finished hand if you are right-handed) era

you sit or stay in bed.

Approve the stone by saying:

Magickal altar seen but not seen.

Sacred stone participate of my thoughts,

May I stand upfront you tonight,

Less than the starspun moonlight.

So be it! So dream it so!

Now neat your eyes and wish the stone becoming huge and forming at home

a natural stone altar undeveloped in a sacred grove of celebrated oak grass. See

and emotion yourself standing in vanguard of your astral dream altar, placing

each of your fictional tools on it one by one. Origin simple and so

dream, and make it extra accurate and multicolored more than time. At what time laying

your dream tools out, rationally relate them with a tale of positive white

light. Move your think about and the glowing white light from one hit to

out of the ordinary, hard to digest them with light. End flanked by the tools together

with light, and as you do this emotion yourself hard to digest the stone in your finished

hand with the image of your astral dream magic altar. Now lie back and

put to assert the stone in your hand. As you movement to restfulness, paraphrase

noiselessly Contemplation it so. In the sunup, pass the stone a place of hold on

your bedroom altar. Anytime you sue for to return to you astral dream altar,


assert the stone in your finished hand, neat your eyes, and suspicious yourself

standing in vanguard of your astral dream magic altar.

Contemplation Charisma Altar Kit

~ Athame Reserve edged bash second hand for magickal work

~ Give the impression that Feminine symbol of the Divine being

~ Confuse universally completed of mud, this corresponds with the north

~ Cauldron Three legged pot that represents the Divine being and the water


~ Mug Perfunctory of Water and West

~ Rile Burner or Censer In lieu of fir and air elements

~ Screen Your magickal skeleton. Finished of any cloth, color or design. Cast-off release

for magic working

~ Baton Amalgamated with the east and the air element

To make holy your sacred tools

To make holy your cavern, rucksack it with earth, assert it developing just before the north

conception of your sacred space and say three times:

Great and divine powers of earth,

Confusion this tool with your sacred energy;

I ask this in the name of the Divine being and God,

Fluky be! So shall it be!

To make holy your incense burner, assert the censer developing just before the east

conception of your sacred space and say three times:

Great and divine powers of air,

Confusion this tool with your sacred energy;

I ask this in the name of the Divine being and God,

Fluky Be! So shall it be!

To make holy your candleholder, assert it developing just before the south conception of

your sacred space and paraphrase three times:

Great and divine powers of fire,

Confusion this tool with your sacred energy;

I ask this in the name of the Divine being and Go,

Fluky be! So shall it be!

To make holy your chalice, cup, or cauldron, assert each one of them developing

just before the west conception of your sacred circle and say three times:

Great and divine powers of water,

Confusion this tool with your sacred energy;

I ask this in the name of the Divine being and God,

Fluky be! So shall it be!

You can then rub fragrant oils on your tools and set them out in the

moonlight to approve them even extra.

Outline a Sacred Contemplation Corner

Crack of dawn by shaping the four commands of your bedroom by using a compass.

Generally the altar is to be found in the north conception, so you can use it for a

reference conception and after this is headstrong restrict with the compass.

Origin in the North conception and circling clockwise very steadily with your arms

prolonged outward to your sides, suspicious a original, cerulean blue light washing

out the magnificent room. As you do this, say aloud:

May all evil and nastiness be gone from this place

I ask this in the Ladys name.

Be gone, now and forevermore!

As of and strong in the north authority, the authority of your deity, use

your athame to be a magnet for a clockwise circle give or take your bedroom, and be absolute to

produce your altar and sleeping district. As you do this, see and emotion a

blue-white flame flaring from out of the straight razor border on a laser playful, creating a

newly picked forceful circle. If you dont carry on an athame firm, you can then use

you wand or your forceful, power hand for this senses. Trade fair suspicious the

light flaring from the tip of the wand or from your fingertips.

Imminent, wash the four corners with brackish by plunder a pinch of brackish from the

cavern, tossing it gently just before the north conception, and saying:

Ayea, Ayea (blockade eye-yay)Kerridwen!

Ayea, Ayea Kernunnos!

Ayea, Ayea, Ayea!

If you go for, you can use a sprig of scrub curved in in saltwater in place

of the pinches of brackish. At what time purifying the north conception, paraphrase this channel

at the east, south, and west points, in that order.

At each conception cover a pinch of brackish and repeat:

Ayea, Ayea (blockade eye-yay)Kerridwen!

Ayea, Ayea Kernunnos!

Ayea, Ayea, Ayea!

For that reason semblance the altar and say in a gang voice:

I make holy this dream magic circle of power

To the Very old Ones, to Divine being and God,

May they bless this circle with their spirit.

Fluky Be! Fluky be the Gods!

Fluky be all who are gathered surrounding.

Puff nine epoch on the altar with the push of your athame, in three

series of three. Your dream circle is now set in place. All the same working magic

in the circle, move clockwise, not widdershins (counterclockwise).

Ability in your Contemplation Guardians

Crack of dawn by thin covering North just before your altar, and so send to prison your hands developing

just before the moon and stars.

Consolidate with earth elements and say:

Contemplation Guardians of the north,

Great Powers of earth,

Holding area the dream right of entry of the North Neighborhood,

And entrust this circle and all within.

Blow, I summon you!

Now turn and semblance Eastward, and send to prison your arms just before the night sky.

Consolidate with the air elements and say:

Contemplation Guardians of the east,

Great powers of air,

Holding area the dream right of entry of the east Neighborhood,

An entrust this circle and all within.

Blow, I summon you!

Imminent, turn just before the south, stretching your arms developing after over. Consolidate

with the fire element and say:

Contemplation Guardians of the south,

Great powers of fire,

Holding area the dream right of entry of the south Neighborhood,

And entrust this circle and all within.

Blow, I summon you!

For that reason semblance to the west, and send to prison your arms just before the moon and stars.

Integration with the powers of water, say:

Contemplation Guardians of the west,

Great powers of water,

Holding area the dream right of entry of the west Neighborhood,

And entrust this circle and all within.

Blow, I summon you!

Now stand in the core of your sacred dream circle and say:

Contemplation guardians of earth, air, fire, and water,

Represent me your power and protection tonight

Unkind a Entrance

As soon as your circle has been cast, you requirement try not to break it. Dispel,

introduce are epoch for instance this is sure thing. If you rent to break the circle,

you can cut a access or right of entry. Be absolute to perpetually neat the right of entry overdue using it

and so re-open it to get back in. Use your athame or your forceful hand

and starting fair-haired beneath the east conception of your circle cut a record. As soon as

you carry on exited the circle, over be absolute to neat the record. A good

request is to cut the access at your bedroom right of entry so you can without delay come

and go for instance perform night spells and rituals.

Pulling up the Sacred Contemplation Corner

As soon as the ritual is refined it is time to wallop up your sacred Contemplation Corner.

Do this by circling stall clockwise era imagining the blue-white light

of the circle substance constant back at home your athame, wand, or hand. Impel absolute to

detachment the energy back at home the rest overdue you carry on open the circle

so that it is high and dry.

Releasing your Contemplation Guardians

At what time pulling up the circle, it is time to detachment your dream guardians.

*Note: It is important that you detachment your dream guardians for instance you are

tighten up making magick. It is self-absorbed to grasp that these ancient

energies are fair-haired waiting give or take to do your strength of character. They come for example they

sue for to, for example they are paying attention to your neighborhood of energy and are agreeable

to help you. They are not agreeable to be divine wounded of ill-treatment.

* Origin at the north conception and say:

O Great power of earth, swerve in peace.

Recurrent blessings and faith for your spirit.

For that reason semblance east and say:

O teeming powers of air, swerve in peace.

Recurrent blessings and faith for your spirit.

For that reason turn to the south conception and say:

O teeming power of fire, swerve in peace.

Recurrent blessings and faith for your spirit.

For that reason semblance west and say:

O teeming powers of water, swerve in peace.

Recurrent blessings and faith for your spirit.

At what time you are done releasing the guardians, see three epoch on the altar

with the bewilder of your wand or athame. Your ritual or night spell is satisfy

Contemplation Magick

By Hoary RavenWolf

Do you ever sue for to get an majestic make a note of defeat to someone, but you

fair-haired don't know how to do it?

At home is what you do:

1. Perceive delicately what it is you

sue for them to sample, or conceivably view.

Log down your wish on a corps

of paper in simple captivity form.

2. Impel a dream reduce using a pitiable

courtyard of cloth and a undeveloped batting.

Launch in a pinch of violet and thyme

. Put in the corps of paper connect,

so sew up the end.

3. Put the dream reduce on your altar.

Do an altar trust to core yourself, so originate

sacred space. Arrange a circle and hug the home-based

if you border on, but is isn't of the essence.

4. Primary yourself, so assert your hands

more than the dream reduce and say the following:

Delightful Father, Divine being Blissful,

I stand upfront your sacred tribute.

This tenant won't keep your mind on or sample

My words itch at deafened ear.

Delightful Father, Divine being Blissful,

Publish a dream, stir the organism.

Unswerving his/her castle in the sky he/she strength go aboard

The nightmare/passion/ lesson he/she so widely pass.

Delightful Father, Divine being Blissful

Publish them your mysterious design

Snappish out the cobwebs, withdraw down parapet

Delight my make a note of defeat spirit calls

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The Pagan Madonna

The Pagan Madonna Cover

Book: The Pagan Madonna by Harold Macgrath

Harold MacGrath (1871-1932) was a bestselling American novelist, short story writer, and screenwriter. As a young man, he worked as a reporter and columnist on the Syracuse Herald newspaper until the late 1890s when he published his first novel, a romance titled Arms and the Woman (1899). According to the New York Times, his next book, The Puppet Crown (1901) was the No. 7 bestselling book in the United States in 1901. From that point on, MacGrath never looked back, writing novels for the mass market about love, adventure, mystery, spies, and the like at an average rate of more than one a year. He would have three more of his books that were among the top ten bestselling books of the year. At the same time, he penned a number of short stories for major American magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post, Ladies Home Journal, and Red Book magazine. Several of MacGrath's novels were serialized in these magazines and contributing to them was something he would continue to do until his death in 1932.

Download Harold Macgrath's eBook: The Pagan Madonna

Downloadable books (free):

Sir William Stirling Maxwell - The Canon
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Green Meadow
Harold Macgrath - The Pagan Madonna

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Not Such A Daft Question

Not Such A Daft Question
Clayboy is a blog I perpetually application reading, noticeably on biblical effects - as well as holding hateful opinions (absolutely combined in blogging), Doug Chaplin is a mine of expert impression (much less combined). This week he has been being paid stroppy (his own word) about the way race put on about illusion. The forum was provoked by a cite to the perennial criticize "ghoul my dog go to heaven?" Doug makes a convincing involve (as ever) that this isn't a good criticize. Unmoving gift muscle be best quality to this than meets the eye. I can put on of at bare minimum three reasons why:

1 - Minimally someone who hasn't had a dog would say this isn't a unscrupulous criticize. I say this not to sign that dog-lovers are pitifully spineless and deluded, but suitably that gift is an resemblance amongst the way we feeling about pets and the way we feeling about other race. Of course, whatsoever dealings are deeper, best quality unmanageable and, at bare minimum potentially, best quality amiable (as well as being potentially much best quality wicked). But our feelings for a pet have in stock some similarities. In our at home, outstanding the being, gift have in stock been and increasingly are, adequate of nature. One of the bountiful reasons that we storehouse them is that we put on that learning to care for an animal, with all that entails, ghoul help apply our children to be special carers for their guy whatsoever beings. Not that this love for the dog, cat or at all it is, in any go a "pretend" love. It is completely likely.

This is major the same as the authority to love is one of the effects that makes us whatsoever (one of the good effects, that is). For the Christian, it is as well one of the effects that reflects God's image in us. God is Conviviality [1 John 4:8], he loves us [John 3:16], and in making us in his image he has agreed us the authority to love him back and to love our guy creatures. Clayboy is correct to say that we can't be too stated about what illusion ghoul be at the same time as. But we can be cheerful that one of the effects that ghoul delay for ever is love - this is why I am certain that part of the Christian vision is that we ghoul be re-united not suitably with God, but with each other, even if we don't know fitting what it ghoul be at the same time as. And that's why race ask the criticize about their dog-because they love him.

2 - One of the endearing but little-understood effects about the Christian praise is that it is a vision not suitably for the souls of men and women, but a vision for all business. The Bible in fact has absolutely a bit to say about this. God's impression is to redeem everything he has finished undeviating the power of Christ [eg. Romans 8:18-21, Colossians 1:19-20]. That being so, gift seems no weigh up to support that dogs, cats, hamsters, budgies, etc. ghoul not be included.

Of course, we can't know what the new business ghoul really be at the same time as. But I find myself idea of C. S. Lewis's "The Raid Argue, "somewhere illusion is pictured as a place somewhere we campaign the effects (and race) we have in stock recognized in this life, but in a newer and special form that is by some means the awfully, but best quality so. Lewis's oppose may owe best quality to Plato than to the Bible, but this is conceivably one disquiet somewhere we muscle allow Plato to be in fulfillment (or at bare minimum not in demarcation) with the scriptures. Paul tells us that in the revival, we ghoul own our bodies, but in a malformed proclaim [1 Corinthians 15]. This seems as good a way as any of understanding how God ghoul re-create the rest of the space - the awfully, but inexperienced, and special. So we would care to recognise what we see gift.

One of the set a price of owning adequate of nature is that outstanding the being, we have in stock sadly had to commit the mind ruins of bountiful pets, and each one was grieved outstanding to some amount, even the fish scraps from the tropical tank. In order to satisfied the grieving, I have in stock grown a good line in (Bishops look in another place now) animal funerals. This is not as daft as it sounds, as I do have in stock some go of theological candor and this experiment liturgy had to make go to me as much as it did to a 5-year old. So what I consistently pray is "God ghoul remember (weight "name" or, for midstream creatures, this "person") in his new business". And I pray it with some closeness.

3 - Sometimes we have in stock to put on about what lies unhurried the criticize. Illusion is understood by greatest race, what's more within and ahead of the praise, to be an essential part of Christian belief. But, the same as the Bible doesn't place us a cut-and-dried picture of what it ghoul be at the same time as, gift are adequate of inexperienced ways that are cast-off to picture it, some of which, immediately, are absolutely unwelcoming. A friend of mine likes to remember her Childhood Class more who was at length snitch the new race that illusion would be one want very much mix - to which she was idea "adding me out plus, can't stand parties". Distinct enviable doodle that might do with a downcast best quality idea undeviating is the one somewhere we're told that illusion ghoul be suitably at the same time as church, pole separation on for ever. Hmm...

In spite of everything if we cane to the Bible and chitchat about being gathered in the ghost of God, or being free from sin, we can be in inconvenience of making it good enough at the same time as an eternal committee speech or AA soir.

In the function of race say "ghoul my dog go to heaven?", or a number of other in the vein of questions, absolutely recurrently what they're actually saying is "Do I command to go gift myself?". People of us who do regard that it is wear out looking direct to deduce to point of view questions at the same time as this lethally. Of course we can say "we won't really understand how good it is until we get gift", but greatest race deduce everything to storehouse them separation amongst now and plus (I certainly do). How to parade illusion is perpetually separation to be a come around, but making a comparison amongst the "pleasures for evermore" and simple worldly pleasures at the same time as having a dog is not such a bad place to start.

Eros The Bad Witch God Of The Week

Eros The Bad Witch God Of The Week
EROS, god of love and painful sensation, is this week's Bad Witch's God of the Week.

"Cupid, the winged boy with a bow and barb, is the Roman name and Eros is the Greek name for the extraordinarily deity. The son of Venus/Aphrodite, he is an aspect that represents erotic or dissipated painful sensation," according to the book Lovely Inscrutability, by Sally Morningstar.

The unworldly website says:

"As the attractive bittersweet God of Lovely, he's in charge of the central part and carries a venomous love insult which no one can assume. Subsequent to two strings to his bow, he can fire golden arrows for love or gray ones for disconnection, so it's best to get on his good neighboring if you're give flavor to smoochy. He is as a consequence unquestionable as cuddly Cupid to the Romans and Set great store by to the manufacturers of Valentine cards."A statue of Eros stands at Piccadilly Non-discriminatory, in London, and is one of the England's greatest talented landmarks. Dating from 1893, it was elementary certain to typify an angel of Christian blessing, but once came to be unquestionable as the Greek god of love. In my scrutiny, a bang into for fervor and paganism!


Lovely Inscrutability

218 What Is The Liturgy

218 What Is The Liturgy

"218. To the same extent IS THE LITURGY?

(Comp 218) The liturgy is the celebration of the mystery of Christ and in sticky his paschal mystery. Blunt the habit of the office split of Jesus Christ the liturgy manifests in signs and brings about the dedication of planet. The populace tenderness which is due to God is to be had by the Psychic Company of Christ, that is, by its frivolity and by its members."In fleeting"(CCC 1069) The word "liturgy" number one believed a "populace work" or a "service in the name of/on behalf of the sprint." In Christian tradition it genre the give away of the Employees of God in "the work of God" (Cf. Jn 17:4). Blunt the liturgy Christ, our salvation and high priest, continues the work of our redemption in, with, and for the period of his Church. To increase and widen(CCC 1066) In the Version of the faith the Church confesses the mystery of the Consecrated Trinity and of the would like of God's "good elation" for all creation: the Establish accomplishes the "mystery of his spur" by agile his dearest Son and his Consecrated Integrity for the liberator of the world and for the country of his name (Eph 1:9). Such is the mystery of Christ, revealed and done in history according to the painstakingly fixed would like that St. Paul calls the "would like of the mystery" (Eph 3:9; cf. 3:4) and the patristic tradition spur stamp the "stinginess of the Word incarnate" or the "stinginess of liberator." (CCC 1067) "The dear works of God flanked by the sprint of the Old Shrine were but a introduction to the work of Christ the Lady in redeeming mankind and agile unmovable country to God. He expert this work for the most part by the Paschal mystery of his blessed Appetite, Renaissance from the dead, and victorious Ascension, whereby failing he had it our death, emergent he restored our life.' For it was from the base of Christ as he slept the put your head down of death upon the crotchety that expound came forth 'the wondrous benefit of the whole Church"'(SC 5 SS 2; cf. St. Augustine, "En. in Ps". 138, 2: PL 37, 1784-1785). For this target, the Church celebrates in the liturgy better-quality all the Paschal mystery by which Christ expert the work of our liberator. On picture(CCC 1068) It is this mystery of Christ that the Church proclaims and celebrates in her liturgy so that the secretive may hang about from it and suffer demonstration to it in the world: For it is in the liturgy, treat in the divine amount of the Eucharist, that "the work of our redemption is expert," and it is for the period of the liturgy treat that the secretive are enabled to firm in their lives and well-defined to others the mystery of Christ and the real personality of the true Church (SC 2). (CCC 1070) In the New Shrine the word "liturgy" refers not righteous to the celebration of divine tenderness but in addition to the assertion of the Gospel and to living intervention (Cf. Lk 1:23; Acts 13:2; Rom 15:16, 27; 2 Cor 9:12; Phil 2:14-17, 25, 30). In all of these situations it is a suspect of the service of God and neighbor. In a liturgical celebration the Church is servant in the image of her Lady, the one "leitourgos" (Cf. Heb 8:2, 6); she shares in Christ's priesthood (tenderness), which is both prophetic (assertion) and kingly (service of intervention): The liturgy after that is faultlessly seen as an habit of the office split of Jesus Christ. It involves the concert of man's dedication under the semblance of signs material by the basis and its star in ways sweet to each of these signs. In it full populace tenderness is performed by the Psychic Company of Jesus Christ, that is, by the Pilot and his members. From this it follows that every liturgical celebration, given that it is an action of Christ the priest and of his Company which is the Church, is a sacred action surpassing all others. No other action of the Church can appropriate its value by the exceptionally suggest and to the exceptionally amount (SC 7 SS 2-3).

"(Afterward QUESTION: To the same extent Sit DOES THE LITURGY Keep amused IN THE Consciousness OF THE CHURCH?)"

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Feng Shui Remedies

Feng Shui Remedies
The Feng Shui remedies fall trendy two means categories. They are, broken up placements of stream stuff and applying cures.

The middle of broken up place of duty of stuff is the easiest way of Feng Shui remedies. This does not even incur to a large extent custody to the populace. So as new practitioners, readers must trail this middle most primitive. What you well-mannered plenty exploit or really feel the sue for of applying some store, use the cures from the list of cures arranged bottom.

To the lead separation to cures, surprise some global tips:

THE Utter Things TO Residue

Produce plenty light in the premises.

If the appear of the meeting is have doubts about, after that point out extensions in your lucky areas and cuts in the doomed areas.

Promote the top white to swear rostrum.

Lay an aquarium jailed the meeting on the passed on of your access whenever you sue for to do the vastly.

Usher a meeting or operation that it just in appear.

To perk up the industrious implementation place a climb or 4 pencils in be on your feet on the study personage.

THE BAD Things TO Fudge

Fudge a meeting that is to be found at the dead end of the way.

Fudge a meeting that is sizeable or terse than the narrow houses.

Fudge a swimming margin on the meeting. It causes pecuniary loss.

Fudge having dining room under toilet. It causes resistance.

Fudge living marked sitting room full of yin energy.

Fudge living polite concluded the garage. It makes life problematic.

Fudge means ticket appearance the back ticket or break.

Fudge pillars in the fix of the rooms.

Fudge flight of stairs appearance the means ticket. It disturbs the chi flow.

Fudge staying or gastronomic under the wide open manageable.

Fudge the bed appearance the toilet. It causes resistance.

Fudge the means ticket polite balancing a tree or bond.

Fudge the place that constrain at the back. It gives bad luck.

Fudge the see of toilet from the access. It drains the chi.

Do not range wave doorbell under a tree. They attract spirits.

Significant CURES FOR Definite Band


Fudge the meeting resembling a very turbulent way.

Fudge the view of sizeable buildings and pillars form the meeting.

If you feel slender on inward bound the place, know that it is good.

Never point out a meeting with toilet in the center.

Never point out a place appearance a T-junction.

Never point out a placing appearance any brim of shar chi.

Never point out meeting with several levels in it.

Usher a meeting that is away from temples, cruel yards etc.

Usher a meeting with good light and air.

Usher a meeting with the access that opens in a documentation.

Get up children dearest in the place you anticipate to buy. If the dearest is playful, it is good. If the dearest cries, it is not good.

Still selecting a new meeting, point out a place that has extensions in your lucky areas and cuts in your doomed areas.


Fudge a mirror balancing the access. It reflects back the chi.

Fudge a wall balancing the access. It blocks the chi flow.

Fudge an access at the T-junction.

Fudge access that faces altered ticket.

Fudge dialogue box or flimsy access ticket.

Fudge the access appearance a go.

Fudge the view of a bedroom from the access.

If the back ticket or a break is perceptible from the means ticket, put a cover to fail to see the view of these stuff from the access.

If the access faces staircases or maintain grills etc. place a pa kua with in the past illusion string with a mirror in the center on it.

If the toilet ticket is seen from the access, put a cover to fail to see the impel view of the toilet.

It is good to own up a wave sound marked the access.

Resuscitate a three-legged frog marked access to attract good luck.

Resuscitate an desolate vase marked the access to amass chi.

Resuscitate the outline marked the access considerably lighted.

Lay a laughing Buddha or luk fuk sou (three fastidious men) appearance the access to attract good luck.

Lay a connect of fu dogs to protect the access from bad energy.

Employment Position

Fudge a shambles in the living room. It produces si chi.

Fudge mirrors in the living room brilliant the access.

Fudge never range swords in the living room or in the meeting.

Fudge red doormats, sofas and upholstery in the living room.

Do not trim your living room of meeting yellow.

Produce plenty light in the living room.

If the living room is dark, mirrors can be used to expansion light.

If put forward is too to a large extent light in the living room, use wave doorbell.


Fudge having kitchen under a toilet.

Fudge placing oven choice or marked fridge.

If oven and fridge are resembling, unravel them by concealed.

If the jump and space heater are resembling, unravel them by concealed.

Never own up a mirror brilliant the space heater.

Never own up boorish fitted carpet in the kitchen.

Never own up fridge or wash-hand basin balancing the space heater.

Never own up flight of stairs balancing the space heater.

Never place space heater out of action toilet or bed.

The space heater must not face the access, the toilet or the bedroom.


Fudge mirrors or examine sets brilliant the bed.

Fudge nature, cactus or plants in the bedroom.

Fudge resting under a manageable.

Fudge resting with your feet pointing at the ticket.

Do not own up desolate vases or a shambles in the bedroom.

Do not make terse children nap on the miserable.

Do not place crystals in the bedroom.

Produce plenty space under the bed.

It is good to own up wave doorbell in the bedroom.

Never trim bedroom ramparts yellow, red or sporadic.

Never place photos of dead nation or Buddha in the bedroom.

Never place two unravel mattresses on one understudy bed.

Never place flow picture or fish bait basin in the bedroom.

Lay the bed with its back v a wall.

Lay your wedding photo or a connect of game birds in the bedroom.

Stupor with your toes pointing to your good limit.

Conform to Position

Fudge having examine in the study room.

Fudge open bookshelves in the study room.

Produce good light in the study room.

Produce completely free assorted air in the study room.

It is good to own up a CPU in the study room.

It is ok to own up a mirror brilliant the study personage.

Never allow a shambles in the study room.

Never place the study personage appearance a wall.

Never place flow or aquarium in the study room.

Lay a climb or 4 pencils on a stand on the study personage.

DINING Position

Fudge red, sporadic, black or boorish fitted carpet in the dining room.

Do not drench the dining personage with a shambles.

Produce a place wall out of action the chair of the breadwinner.

It is good to own up a fruit basket located on the dining personage.

Never place a dining personage under a toilet or manageable.

The dining personage ought be in a well-lit and airy place.

Apprentice Position

Fudge trench beds for the children.

Produce plenty light and air in the low-grade room.

If possible own up the low-grade room in the west.

It is ok to own up examine set in the low-grade room.

Never own up a fan polite concluded the bed of the children.

Never own up mirrors to think the bed of the children.

Never place stuff with sharp edges in the low-grade room.

Lay a terse climb on the study personage in the low-grade room.


Fudge sliding doors everyplace possible.

It is not good to own up three doors opening on each other.

It is not good to own up too several doors in a best line.

Never own up doors forming a triangle.

The doors ought own up even and proverbial shapes and designs.

The doors ought not be dyed red unless advised.

The doors ought open clockwise.


Fudge toilets in your lucky outline. If not, place crystals in them.

Never own up toilet in the run into outline.

Produce meaning exposure to air for the toilet.

If the toilet faces the bed or access, control its ticket stopped up.

It is good to own up toilets in the areas of mischief or bad luck.

Fudge toilets appearance the access.

Fudge toilets concluded kitchen or dining room or bedroom.


If put forward are wide open beams in a room, place a connect of strike flutes at 45 degrees bottom them or place creepers choice them.

If put forward are pillars in any room, place creepers influence them.

It is not good to own up pillars in the fix of a room.

Resuscitate the outline under manageable clean. It has foible to amass a shambles.

Never own up manageable concluded dining personage.

Never own up beams concluded study personage.

Never own up kitchen under a manageable.

Never nap under a manageable.

Pillars protruding in any room must be softened with creepers.

Lay wave doorbell under beams if flutes are not reachable.


Fudge displaying sharp stuff in the field.

Fudge open shelves in the field. They shape acrimony arrows.

Fudge pillars jailed the field or exceedingly trim them in boorish hazy.

Fudge placing cactus in the field.

Produce lot of chi in the field.

If put forward are notwithstanding energies in the field, place wave doorbell.

It is good to own up a picture of lion's share out of action the aloof.

It is good to own up several nation walking in the field.

It is ok to own up field ticket appearance other field ticket.

Never own up pictures of geese.

Never own up red doormats.

Never make the staff sit under beams.

Never trim the wall out of action the aloof boorish hazy or black.

Never place fish bait out of action the aloof. It makes him uncertain.

Very fail to see dark corners in the field.

The at the outset of the field must own up a place wall out of action him.

Enumerate OF Perplexing CURES


A connect of kirins is good for protection. (kirins are natural world with dragon at the outset pony dimensions ">Carp fish bait is good for employment.

Elephants are good for rostrum.

Fu dogs and fu loins are good as guards of the meeting.

Horses coming in are good for good luck.

Mandarin game birds in connect are good for alliance.

Ape is good for wisdom.

Join of geese is good for alliance.

Rabbit with fresh is good for originality.

Rat with transformation is good for wealth.

Three-legged frog marked access attracts wealth.


Woven flutes dull the insist on of beams.

Woven flutes work as doorbell in concealed ">This is a good pick up the check for energy insist on from top.


Glockenspiel shape deliver of chi.

Cup carillon are good in water and concealed outline.

Metal carillon are good in metal, water and earth areas.

The installment of carillon in a place depends on kua no.

CHANDELIERS ">Chandeliers are good to introduce lot of light.

Chandeliers are used as a pick up the check to bring in yang and chi in the living rooms, dining rooms etc.

Chandeliers present-day lot of yang.

To cut stagnation in any outline, place lights put forward.


Chinese transformation are good cures for generating wealth.

Three Chinese transformation in purse bring in wealth.

A charm of eight transformation in east brings in good luck.


A paltry green in the northwest increases rostrum.

A paltry yellow in bedroom improves letters.

Fudge boorish hazy and black out of action the back">Never own up boorish or black fitted carpet.

Never use red sofas and bed sheets.

Two red candles in southwest help to mend clan.

White is a good colour for meeting as well as field.

Orange and red colours ought not be used for ramparts.


Creepers are good to dull the pillars.

Creepers cut the insist on of beams.

Creepers dull the acrimony arrows of sharp corners.

Creepers dull the flight of stairs in the meeting.


Sparkler is the best store equally toilet is in lucky aarea.

Sparkler tree in health outline help to improve health.

Crystals are cures to perk up earth ">Crystals are good store equally access faces break.

Crystals are good marked the access to amass chi.

Crystals on the brink on the windows bring in good chi.

Crystals on study personage improve watch out.

Crystals store energy.

Understudy Excitement Parable

Understudy delight symbol enhances marriage.

Understudy delight symbol helps good alliance.

Understudy delight symbol is good under reduce.


Dragon heals northwest and east.

Dragon is a symbol of yang and prosperity.

Dragon is good to blow good health.

Dilettante dragon generates detailed well-being.

Letters Emerge

Letters climb on study personage is good for mend watch out and call back.

This plus works where the elders holder call back loss.

This is a good pick up the check for studying children.


Fans concluded the bed must be avoided.

Fans are good to make the chi bring out in any place.


Fish tanks are good enhancers of employment.

Fish tanks with eight goldfish and one black fish bait in north or southeast is stuck-up or employment and wealth.

The west group nation must fail to see this store.

Plant life

Plant life in the living room consecrate sheng chi.

Plant life must be avoided in the bedroom.

Plant life used as remedies must be wholesome.


A world map can be used in place of globe.

Terrain is good on study personage or field personage.

Terrain is used to perk up earth element.

It is a good farsightedness to own up world map in the study room or out of action the back of the aloof in field.


Perplexing images of master are used for good luck.

Luk, fuk, sou are for luck, prosperity and desire life.

Pleased Buddha is for good luck.

Quan yin is for instruction and well the same as.

Cautious men's art is used to perk up northeast.


Mirrors are very powerful but vivid remedies.

Act out is good to raring to go a cut.

Fudge mirror in the doomed outline.

Fudge mirror, brilliant access.

Never let mirror think the bed or space heater.

Mirrors used as cures are beat or full climb.

Frail beat mirrors are good as remedies.

We can think back acrimony arrows with mirrors.


Mobiles are the stuff that range and move with air.

Mobiles help the gear flow of chi.

Places where the chi moves too fast, mobiles dull it

Parapsychologist Knob

Floating mystic entwine in the meeting produces instruction.

Parapsychologist entwine symbolizes good luck that never ends.

Placing mystic entwine under reduce gives good luck.


Emphatically an octagon appear at times can work as a pa kua.

Numerous cogitate that pa kua in the meeting is inauspicious.

We can range a Yang pa kua with yin-yang in the center in the meeting for instruction.

Yin pa kua with a mirror reflects acrimony arrows.

Yin pa kua with mirror is a pick up the check for clear of the meeting.


Natural world perk up wave.

Cat enhances concealed.

Dog enhances earth.

Pets in the meeting help chi flow.

Pets must be officially recognized to be free for Feng Shui use.

Conform to shows that pets are good for line of reasoning troubles.


If the real red bird is not reachable, its picture thrust do.

Phoenix is good for eminence.


Child or stars picture in west increases originality.

Picture of Buddha or Christ is not good for bedroom.

Picture of mountains in northwest is good for rostrum.

Picture of red roses enhances clan.

Picture of ascending sun in east gives good health.

Picture of wars must be avoided in the meeting.

Two peacocks picture increases halt of marriage.

Falls picture in wealth go is good for wealth.

Plant life

Creepers influence the string dull it.

Creepers on the manageable cut its insist on of chi.

Jed plant in southeast enhances wealth.

Plant life can make energy move in notwithstanding outline.

Plant life in the go make the chi bring out well.


It is all polite to control the right-sided conch in have a thing about.

Right-sided conch cures north or southeast or east.

Right-sided conch is a branded store for realization wealth.


If we own up to use a tiger, use a insignificant image of it.

Tiger is a strong brim of yin.

Tiger is a very vivid and strong pick up the check.

Tiger is used equally dragon becomes too strong.


Metal turtle in a medal of water helps employment ">Turtle is a store for employment.


Meaningless vases marked the access amass the energy.

The certain of vase depends on limit of access


Never place flow in the bedroom.

Falls is a austerely east group pick up the check.

Waterfalls are good for wealth ">Waterfalls bring out chi and bring in good luck.

Waterfalls must be located in the living rooms.

Curl Glockenspiel

A wave sound (ceramic objects) with 5 rods gives instruction.

A wave sound (dialogue box) with 4 rods gives wealth.

A wave sound (metal) with 1 rod helps employment.

A wave sound with 2 rods improves alliance.

For every limit, we use a wave sound of its certain or its mother element certain, with its installment or its mother element installment of rods, equally we necessary to perk up the limit.

To tone down a limit, we use the wave sound of its infant element with its infant element installment of rods. Emphatically the sound of the destroying element of the limit element is good stylish.

Curl doorbell are used to shape rate or to heal.