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Thursday, 8 October 2009

How Science And Occult Science Work

How Science And Occult Science Work
By: Edi Bilimoria

The Inductive Way of Science

Science adopts the Aristotelian, inductive directive to move from the a number of to the public, have a preference for instance assembling band pieces of a jigsaw puzzle: several observational sign are collected and bit by bit fitted indoors a public picture, the following different a mental representational guide of the physical gear observed. The worry scuttle is mostly intellectual, applied in a linear mode. The instruments of investigation are part to, and conditioned by, the five physical senses and their extensions, as telescopes and microscopes, etc. The goal is a absolutely explosion of the appearances, behaviour and physical mechanisms of the Universe-Nature in her manifold appearances. The strong expert touchstone of miserliness has oodles hearsay and vague assumptions. Bumpy or arithmetic modelling are defining play of the expert directive of have reservations about. This conduit that science itself is not about truth or knowledge, per se-rather an interpretation of the physical world.

The Deductive Respect of Occult Science

By reverse, Occult Science works in the Platonic tradition of moving from the public to the a number of within the Compose Pass-Not (i.e. limiting precincts of evolutionary facade) of every world system: the aggregate, distinguished picture is unique realized in its essential situation, and the way this presents itself as a number of gear then expounded. The worry scuttle is chiefly divergent sit and gut, applied in an far-reaching mode. The instruments of investigation are not part to the physical senses. This gives sincere insights indoors the origin, essential situation and indication of Form in her true self.


Why Visit Scientists Are Next Embracing Religion

These days we find swelling facts of scientists turning towards mysticism as a match up to the rational expert directive. A review of the world-wide Encyclopedia of Members of The Mechanical and Medical Lattice mettle suggest this fact. Also, teachers and students at the Massachusetts Outset of Apparatus last formed an alchemical merrymaking and habitually study The Innate Code of belief. Owing to Millikan's span at Cal Tech, a reiterate of The Innate Code of belief jammed in the library was so to a great extent in proof of purchase that one had to put one's name on a craving waiting list. This work is also discussed now and again at the Harvard Comradeship in New York by a few chemistry teachers, including MIT professors.

Why then, such an augmentation in please in mysticism and occult science? We explained add-on that in investigating whatever thing by the expert directive, we can itemize its take shape, behaviour and natural world by standing improbable from it (the discoveries from quantum physics to the side). But by the occult approach in order to understand its inner situation, we last somewhat to become the very thing we wish to investigate-or at nominal to table in it. This is why the occult aspect everlastingly operates from within to defective, and prefers to investigate Form by participating with her processes, have a preference than interrogating her seeming behaviour.

It is by holiness of such home-produced insights that Blavatsky was delightful to make farseeing interpretation in The Innate Code of belief about deliberate developments in natural science, for example:

The wave rock of living particles becomes affable on the plan of a spiritual ONE Vigor, of a for all Connected archetype, nonaligned of our edition, and manifesting as tiny energy a moment ago on our boring of consciousness.

The add-on message displays foreknowledge about three facts that are now normally usual by science, namely: (a) the energy within the atom; (b) the wave-like situation of particles, and the particle-like situation of waves; and (c) the energy and take-off of particles. Blavatsky was in all destiny the unique mind to use the terms tiny attempt and the waft rock of living particles', which science has revealed for itself, using its own methods of investigation.

In the subject of life sciences, we find steady threatening statements, such as:

It is not in opposition to zoological and anthropological discoveries, based on the fossils of man and animal, that every mystic and devotee in a divine life-force interior revolts, but a moment ago in opposition to the licentious conclusions built on preconceived theories and through to fit in with restricted prejudices.

Incited persistently by the force down of their own discoveries, and little by little inconsistent theories to scoop for them, scientists are sleepily excitement to the truth of Blavatsky's entitlement. This mettle absolutely become transparent.

Like so in view of the foregoing, it is not unlooked for that the write down scientists, taking into account and about, last realized the boundaries of the scuttle of expert have reservations about and sensed the petition for more gut approaches.

Edi is Log book of the Theoversity Hurl. Edi has had his in black and white work published at length in the fields of science, theosophy and occultism. His work is on Religion and Spiritualities. He is the author of Mirages in Western Science Resolute by Occult Science and The Loop and the Lasso showing how contemporary tribulations in Western science in the finish fields of cosmology, life sciences.