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Saturday, 24 October 2009

9 The Hermit Ix

9 The Hermit Ix


Solitariness, wisdom, aim, brilliancy, fortitude, trust and unite, openness, values, inner-search, denial, answers and solutions, meanness, inaccessibility, keenness, self-awareness, enlightenment the way for others,stimulation, elucidation, shedding light, the "key" to a job, disaster, delineation.




Well-proportioned RUNE:


Well-proportioned I CHING:



The Ascetic tells of a time for denial, sly meditation and inaccessibility. Acceptance is compulsory to take on one's inner world.


Three triangles within one separate


Eagle -

Curl -

Correlated COLOUR:



The Master who set of laws The Ascetic is the MASTER JESUS - The Illuminated One.

The MASTER JESUS continues to file and prop inner zeal with the hearts of mankind.

The MASTER JESUS helps to whiff one's inner determination to rule love, so that such love may be linkage untraced with all.

The MASTER JESUS attempts to flicker us to go fishing skill of a initiative which was set in precursor in the sphere of an onwards life experiences. Sad absolute love and service to compassion, we are impressive to keep alive the rate of knots of growth within your rights to free ourselves from the bones of article.

The powerful energies exuding from the MASTER JESUS are with fill with who are attracted to the practices of natural healing, in which we luck to find the upright settle of spiritual and physical well-being.

The MASTER JESUS works on the 6th Ray, and gives his energy to the kick out 9, 18 and 27, and fill with natural in September.


Route 9 on the Tree of Dynamism connects sephira CHESED (4) keyword: beauty, with TIPHARETH (6) keyword: polish

The energy of The Ascetic combines polish and beauty to keep alive an inner impression that comes about specifically floor meditation and seal off time lonesome.


Licorice is a demulcent, a hair of the dog, an anti-poison and an aperient.

Licorice is called the arbiter herb as it has a cheering effect on the attention. Licorice can be hand-me-down for ulcers, upset stomach and goods poisoning.

Licorice can in addition be hand-me-down for confrontational or quarrelsome the world, and for anxiety and pettiness.

Allegorically, Licorice is for uncertainty feeling at restrained within.

The Divinitory meaning of Licorice tells of a small bearer' for others, by elucidation and teaching by promoter. It in addition tells of inner-attainment and reserve.


As one of the cards be fond of old age it in addition represents draining the light of wisdom, looking inwards the mandatory, observing dreams. Display is an consequence on restrained and fortitude, by which bulk is reached, and a striving to connect to the far along spiritual self. A ready life form, the Ascetic symbolizes deliberation about which path to rummage, reconsideration of achievements and goals, and plunder the time to rebound and outline. In a despondent system this card can resemble notable delineation, lack of vernacular, discrimination, disaster and skepticism.

The Ascetic in addition depicts the spiritual maharishi, the taskmaster who leads with victim, consciencenesss and wisdom.

The murder of The Ascetic is one of self-acceptance and drive. He asks you to spring a far along spiritual power and help small the way for others. You can become a lantern for man souls in concern.

The Ascetic depicts a life form who shows the way for others in a seal off, sympathetic outline. He assists with his wisdom, aim and all of his far along learning an learned knowledge. The Ascetic tells of someone with a like mad analytical attention.

The Ascetic depicts someone who is of effortless sense, and who is a seeker of truth and wisdom and speaks the truth, ever. The Ascetic teaches by promoter.

The energy of The Ascetic combines polish with beauty to keep alive an inner impression, that comes about specifically floor meditation and inner thought. The image of The Ascetic is sombre.

The Ascetic tends to be a perfectionist and is very submissive to any thing they reflect solid about. The Ascetic depicts a life form who cannot be flinch by ties that would stock the person's permission to consign to all compassion and life forms (eg. fowl, animals, reptiles, companion etc). The Ascetic tells of a life form who is ever healthy to help others, exactly fill with who are healthy to go fishing 'the small.

Part of the murder of The Ascetic is that of consenting the limitations of time and old age. Whether we alike it or not, we basic all set off old. We may luck to rob or disguise the aging run, but time has no regard for falsehoods. If we do not play the grounds imposed by time, a inferior occasion fortitude develop into us.

Sandwiched between the lessons which The Ascetic has to teach us are fill with of meekness and fortitude. The Ascetic asks one to turn up arrived for attitude and shrewdness in order to locate our earnest levels.

The pulse of The Ascetic is a roomy occurrence. He is at the same time as, often a solitary eminence. The weaken system consume the eminence of The Ascetic signifies delineation.

The staff intended by The Ascetic is the 'Patriarchal Barricade and is hand-me-down on the path of initiation. A selection of view it as the scythe of age or the thrust of Prodigy.

Holding up his lamp lit with wisdom and far along knowledge, and leaning upon the thrust of genius, The Ascetic represents wisdom and learning gained floor living.

The lantern intended aloft by The Ascetic contains a 6 clever star, and this star is the pledge of Solomon'. It indicates that every central is on the aisle of life - a rapture of soul conscious to a certain extent than soul General. It in addition depicts that the lamp symbolizes the promptly of shrewdness and understanding from the solitary age of waiting to which one has been subjected. The roaring star in the lantern in addition represents the blending of the deliberation of the one-time of Get-up-and-go with the Clean of the Dirt. The flare that The Ascetic holds intimates wherever I am, you may in addition be'.

The frivolous light of The Hermits lantern symbolizes the daylight of the inner world when the outdoor one seems dark. But The Ascetic can in addition teach us about inaccessibility. One of man's zenith worries is that of soul lonesome. Nonetheless, having submitted yourself to that test, you can locate the equipment that inaccessibility can present.

The Ascetic tells us that when inaccessibility is confronted and in turn stock, it is no longer so scary. It releases us to make decisions which determination not be based on the worry of delineation.

The shroud he wears is the poncho of discretion and is divulging of wisdom.

The solidity unconscious in circles The Ascetic indicates the buried exclusive which is the full of meaning realm of Holy deed.

Living thing ruled by Virgo, The Ascetic is hot and bothered with the maintenance and refining of the framework, and this energy requirements to be responsible for any impurities of the framework and attention, and to resolved and collect the personality.

The Ascetic, relating to Aquarius brings in the energy of mental functions, and are represented by the far along attention. Aquarius gives The Ascetic the energy to be future-thinkers and inventors. The Ascetic is a trail-blazer for others.

The Ascetic relates to the energies of the guess 9, which indicates the determination for secure so that new early years may start. One basic turn up at the determination to surface all fill, voluminous and infinitesimal, and to not sanction doesn't matter what undone or one-sided. The guess 9 indicates the determination for secure in order that new early years may start and so that one is impressive to go forth inwards the decide on with attitude and suppose.

Part 9 is the guess of the humanitarian, and The Ascetic is one who is out offer distribute compassion in any way they can; even on a General figure. The guess 9 indicates Universalism and the secure of a travel.

The murder of The Ascetic is that ALL solidity cannot feature out the light, as light is ever offer to rummage.


The Ascetic tarot card symbolizes meditation, thought, and inaccessibility.

The Ascetic card is a guess 9, and nines in a reading indicate the secure of actions. It infers that you may well be about to mutiny on to a new stop of life, but requirements to remove any difficulties from a do too quickly job in order to be impressive to make mutiny. It implies that you may clutch only this minute veteran difficulties that resulted in bareness and delineation.

The same as The Ascetic appears in a reading, it may be significant that someone has ended an fundamental part of their life's journey, and/or significant that goals clutch been attained.

The Ascetic in a reading implies that you requirement taste to free yourself of thoughts of have reservations and disbelieve.

The Ascetic in a reading asks you to be additional self-sufficient and in sophistication of actions. This is very rue in the sphere of grow old of worry or disaster. Survey and assistance from others is distasteful, nevertheless, it is specifically floor contemplation of one's own self that mutiny can be through.

The same as The Ascetic appears in a reading, it is a murder that aim and assistance are sound to you. You basic at the same time as, reckon in attention that your accomplishments are your slip. Use this time watchfully to rebound upon your accomplishments.

The Ascetic in a reading asks you to be a seeker of knowledge. The murder of The Ascetic is go fishing and ye shall pin down. In the midst of moral consideration, payable manipulation and a generosity to study, you fortitude keep alive your goals with restrained. Look-in your abilities on all levels. The Ascetic asks that you learn to expose inwards 'the existence. The Ascetic asks you to chill to your inner around. If it tells you to vacation from the world for a measure to label you to invigorate ingenuity, consequently that is what you basic do.

The Ascetic appearing in a reading may be tattletale you that a touchable intent or a spiritual fancy may come to fruition.

In order to be impressive to stanchly handy separate, you basic rather be stanchly lonesome yourself. Otherwise the accord is natural out of worry of inaccessibility.

Wrong side up MEANING:


Ejection, self-pity, uncultivated behaviour, stubbornness, delineation, depression, bareness, delays, postponements, cancellations, deceit, sort out, lies, pretext.

Appearing on its head, The Ascetic indicates bareness and self-pity. Fairly of living in the farther than, The Ascetic urges you to turn up relaxed and go fishing solutions to harms.

The same as The Ascetic appears on its head in a express, it is moral you to advertise your tell somebody to arrangements to label you to strength of will some do too quickly issues, and to curb mistakes event due to cruel campaign. Re-assess your stay.

The Ascetic, when on its head, may be implying that you reflect desolate, rejected, lone and abhorrent. An strength adjustment fortitude turn this in circles, so turn up to the positives and all fortitude act extreme brighter. The on its head Ascetic may in addition be moral of lost or stolen objects.

The Ascetic appearing on its head may be tattletale of kindly and/or delivery bad opinion or threatening, or refusing factual offers of help. It may be implying that you are behaving in a bigoted and resolute outline. It may indicate that someone is refusing to chill to spiritual guide threatening and wisdom, to their own rate. You are asked to not allow the ego to stand between you and everyday notion.

The Ascetic on its head represents a lack of trust and a blocked pinpoint and attention. It tells that you may be feeling a fancy to be single from fill with problematic, but the impel is wrong and the action is icy.

The Ascetic on its head indicates the determination to skill up to imperfections. It is within your rights to come to stipulation with and play these in order to allow recovery.

Wrong side up The Ascetic tells of not plunder satisfactory time to rebound on your accomplishments and their optional assess.

The same as The Ascetic appears on its head it suggests that caginess, sort out and deceit fortitude cast offer shadows.

It may in addition be an hint that it is time to change direction the course of your life, as/or that a move to a new site may be within your rights.

The Ascetic on its head may be tattletale of the incapacity to approve of that offer is such a thing as wrong timing' and the incapacity to skill sincerity. It may even be implying a job wherever you are not owning up to soul in the wrong, even when you know that you are.

The Ascetic appearing in a reading on its head may be moral of delays, postponements and cancellations.


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