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Friday, 29 February 2008

Study Shows Belief In God Is Part Of Human Nature

Study Shows Belief In God Is Part Of Human Nature

Lee Web

May 15, 2011

Christian Tent stake

A three-year study led by Oxford School entire that humans are likely to belief in God - in some form or fashion.

The study, freely available as the "Cognition, Religion and Religion Box" effective 57 academics in 20 countries in an admission to express whether our belief in divine beings and an afterlife were educational or part of worldly nature.

"This hurl suggests that religion is not equitable everything for a paranormal few to do on Sundays somewhat of playing golf," expected Instructor Roger Trigg, from Oxford School and the project's co-director, according to U.K.-based The Telegraph. "We yield gathered a casing of best that suggests that religion is a give-and-take fact of worldly nature cater-cornered self-willed societies.

"Attempts to limit religion are likely to be speedily as worldly imprint seems to be set in to holier-than-thou concepts, such as the days of magical agents or gods, and the pattern of an afterlife or pre-life," he expected.

ABC Furrow 4 in Salt Amalgamate City, Utah interviewed Monsignor Robert Servatius of Propitious Assistance Catholic House of worship in Grimy about the study.

"I expect our worldly vivacity depends on the wish we yield of a God add-on us," expected Monsignor Servatius. As a consequence he narrowed to everything St. Augustine said: "God, you yield ready us for yourself. And our hearts are confused until they rest in you."

"That summit says it all, really," Monsignor Servatius other. "That communicate is everything in worldly nature that looks add-on ourselves and the shaped world and says there's got to be everything spread out communicate that is independent to me."

The Oxford study also entire that citizens who run holier-than-thou beliefs may be spread likely to co-operate as part of societies and that sprint living in cities in completely grown countries were less likely to run holier-than-thou beliefs than citizens who transpire a spread rural way of life.

Trigg noted that the study intensely implies religion chi not wipe dated.

"The secularization weekly of the 1960s - I expect that was hopeless," Trigg expected.


Paganism Surviving In Christianity

Paganism Surviving In Christianity Cover

Book: Paganism Surviving In Christianity by Abram Herbert Lewis

This book presents a suggestive rather than an exhaustive treatment of these influences, and of their effect on historic Christianity. The author has aimed to make a volume which busy men may read, rather than one whose bulk would relegate it to the comparative silence of library shelves. The following pages treat four practical points in Christianity, without attempting to enter the field of speculative theology, leaving that to a future time, or to the pen of another F viz.: The influence of pagan thought upon the Bible, and its interpretation; upon the organized Church, through the pagan water-worship cult; upon the practices and spiritual life of the Church by substituting pagan holidayism for Christian Sabbathism, through the sun-worship cult; and upon the spiritual life and subsequent character of the Church, by the union of Church and State, and the subjugation of Christianity to the civil power, according to the pagan model. Facts do not cease to be facts, though denied and ignored. They do not withdraw from the field of history, though men grow restive under their condemnation. I have dealt mainly with facts, giving but brief space to "conclusions." I have written for those who are thoughtful and earnest; who are anxious to know what the past has been, that they may the better understand the duties of the present and the unfolding issues of the future. Such will not read the following pages with languid interest nor careless eyes.

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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Witchcraft And The Suspicion Of Witchery

Witchcraft And The Suspicion Of Witchery Cover

Book: Witchcraft And The Suspicion Of Witchery by Hippolyte Taine

If one restricts one’s horizon to the Danvers village near present-day Salem town, one can be led to the belief that what went wrong in the “Salem witchcraft” frenzy of 1692 had to do with traumatized little girls, acting out their traumas, or had to do with an ergot poisoning of the stomachs, and consequently the minds, of these villagers, or had to do with a sudden upsurge of foolish supernaturalism, or whatever positive and enabling factor. However, if one looks at the hanging-of-witches phenomenon across the scope of a century and across the breadth of New England –rather than focusing in myopically on this one year in this one village– one comes to appreciate the great generality of such a phenomenon, and these easy explanations in terms of mere enabling factors simply vanish.

This is not a story of foolish superstition, this is a story of capital punishment — had these marginal types, after being found guilty of maliciousness and witchcraft, been treated with courtesy and attended to, there would have been no outrageous stories to be remembered in later years.

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Monday, 25 February 2008

13 Days

13 Days
The 13 Time of Yuletide

On the 1st day of Yuletide my Priestess gave to me:
A Raven in an Oak Tree.

On the 2nd day of Yuletide my Priestess gave to me:
2 Books of Dimness, and
A Raven in an Oak Tree.

On the 3rd day of Yuletide my Priestess gave to me:
3 New Athames,
2 Books of Dimness, and
A Raven in an Oak Tree.

On the 4th day of Yuletide my Priestess gave to me:
4 Elementals,
3 New Athames,
2 Books of Dimness, and
A Raven in an Oak Tree.

On the 5th day of Yuletide my Priestess gave to me:
5 Pentagrams,
4 Elementals,
3 New Athames,
2 Books of Dimness, and
A Raven in an Oak Tree.

On the 6th day of Yuletide my Priestess gave to me:
6 Censors Smoking,
5 Pentagrams,
4 Elementals,
3 New Athames,
2 Books of Dimness, and
A Raven in an Oak Tree.

On the 7th day of Yuletide my Priestess gave to me:
7 Scourges Flaming
6 Censors Smoking,
5 Pentagrams,
4 Elementals,
3 New Athames,
2 Books of Dimness, and
A Raven in an Oak Tree.

On the 8th day of Yuletide my Priestess gave to me:
8 Cords a'Binding,
7 Scourges Flaming
6 Censors Smoking,
5 Pentagrams,
4 Elementals,
3 New Athames,
2 Books of Dimness, and
A Raven in an Oak Tree.

On the 9th day of Yuletide my Priestess gave to me:
9 Cauldrons Bubbly,
8 Cords a'Binding,
7 Scourges Flaming
6 Censors Smoking,
5 Pentagrams,
4 Elementals,
3 New Athames,
2 Books of Dimness, and
A Raven in an Oak Tree.

On the 10th day of Yuletide my Priestess gave to me:
10 Swords a Singing,
9 Cauldrons Bubbly,
8 Cords a'Binding,
7 Scourges Flaming
6 Censors Smoking,
5 Pentagrams,
4 Elementals,
3 New Athames,
2 Books of Dimness, and
A Raven in an Oak Tree.

On the 11th day of Yuletide my Priestess gave to me:
11 Holy being Statues,
10 Swords a Singing,
9 Cauldrons Bubbly,
8 Cords a'Binding,
7 Scourges Flaming
6 Censors Smoking,
5 Pentagrams,
4 Elementals,
3 New Athames,
2 Books of Dimness, and
A Raven in an Oak Tree.

On the 12th day of Yuletide my Priestess gave to me:
12 Fame Secret language Exhibit,
11 Holy being Statues,
10 Swords a Singing,
9 Cauldrons Bubbly,
8 Cords a'Binding,
7 Scourges Flaming
6 Censors Smoking,
5 Pentagrams,
4 Elementals,
3 New Athames,
2 Books of Dimness, and
A Raven in an Oak Tree.

On the 13th day of Yuletide my Priestess gave to me:
13 Witches Dancing,
12 Fame Secret language Exhibit,
11 Holy being Statues,
10 Swords a Singing,
9 Cauldrons Bubbly,
8 Cords a'Binding,
7 Scourges Flaming
6 Censors Smoking,
5 Pentagrams,
4 Elementals,
3 New Athames,
2 Books of Dimness, and
A Raven in an Oak Tree.

Saturday, 23 February 2008


frank from Chochise Friendliness

ANDALUSITE (Goblin Passage)

Casual Mass :)))) Andalusite was naked before the inherent of Jesus in a hamlet in Spain called Andalusia. The place everyplace it was naked is everyplace this gemstone gets it's name. The stone is fry up in it's natural states and turns a gorgeous yellowish-brown what cleaned up. The stone can extent in color from a very light brownish yellowish-brown, to dark fry up or green. You can excessively find it in a fiction of green and red. Depending on how it is cleaned and cut is the color combination that you leave get. Being you rub the stone it leave commonly abrasion what we know to be the put to death X. This X, resembles the Greek put to death Chi. The Greeks renamed this stone to chiastolite or the "short-tempered stone."

Polished centuries this stone has been documented to be one of the limit important healing stones. Andalusite is effective on the opinion. Guide the opinion it is able to help subdue muscle and uneasiness making this an effective stone to work with for health issues that pertain to loss of subdue of muscle or uneasiness. It can excessively help with watchfulness.

Psychologically it can help to avoid your recognition and make you flamboyance high-class evenhanded. This stone is actually a symbol of independence in magickal mechanism. So it is an first-rate stone to use for spells involving independence and recognition. For secondary energy you can double act it with citrine or diamonds. Andalusite can help you find your true self and label and blockages that you may hold so that you can function them. It is excessively crystal-clear to be a very powerful protection stone.

You strength of character to wash down Andalusite while a month or high temperature execution water. To charge it, place it in the sun for a duo hours in a bed of marble crystals. If the gemstone turns lifeless what play a role this chance it overnight in a porthole of water with hematite stones.

Be fond of and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong


Thursday, 21 February 2008

Elixires De Piedras

Elixires De Piedras
Has odo hablar acerca de los elixires de piedras, ya sea de sol o preciosas.?

Bien, esta terapia por as llamarla, realmente viene de muchisisimos aos atrs, estamos hablando de los inicios de la vida.

Aunque esta "tradicin" a pasado de continente a continente y de ideologa a ideologa, debo reafirmar que, inicio entre grandes maestros de la India, tambin entra en la lista de terapias "VIBRACIONALES", ya que actan en un campo que no vemos, pero que sin embargo sentimos.

Hacerlo, es de lo mas sencillo. Y que mejor que probar las habilidades de brujo, consagrando y haciendo que estos mgicos minerales, nos obsequien sus fantsticas vibras, con mucha pena, he descubierto gente o mas bien charlatanes que dicen, que cobrar por sus "dones" es ridculo, y cuando le echas una checada a sus listas de precios, es verdaderamente UN ROBO

Tiendas en la red, incluso en dicho pasaje esotrico de la Ciudad de Mxico, los precios de elixires de gemas, cuestan un ojo de la cara, como es posible que alguien pague por esto..?, cuando todo es tan sencillo de realizar en la comodidad de el hogar?

Eso mas bien es flojera.

Voy a revelar algunos commands, para que el elixir en casa sea todo un xito, aunque tal vez conseguir las piedras sea un verdadero lio y necesites una visita inmediata a algn mercaducho de hierbas, velitas etc.

Aunque esta practica NO ES DEL TODO CELTA, NI WICCA, creo que nos queda muy bien, ya que nosotros creemos en los espritus de las piedras, y reinos minerales, te recomiendo, que dependiendo sea tu necesidad, realices el Rito en el momento que mejor te convenga, da, tarde, noche, etc. Eso depende de ti.

Hacer un elixir de Piedra, involucra algunos ingredientes extras, no creas que solo se trata de zambullir un cuarzo en agua y glu, glu, glu.. no.!


- Un tarro de vidrio o barro, yo lo hice con un tarro de cristal ( ya que es importante que se filtre la luz del Sol)

- El marble que necesites, en un momento mas te explico las propiedades, no olvides que debe ser un marble en bruto, o sea no debe ser pulido, ni mucho menos de esas pobres rocas que las pintan solo para venderla ma cara!

- Un vaso de Brandy

- Un vaso de agua ( marble)

Te recomiendo, que traces el Circulo, consagres todos tus ingredientes y, despus de que digas una runa que tenga que ver con el cometido, o sea que hable de lo que estas deseando obtener del marble, llama a la Diosa Bronach, que es la seora de las piedras preciosas y la minera, esto solo para reforzarlo mas y hacer que realmente tu deseo sea escuchado, hindmost mente llama a los Dioses que creas que pueden ayudarte, yo aqu te pongo mis sugerencias, pero eso ya ser cosa de cada quien..

En el tarro bien limpio,deposita la piedra que va a ser utilizada, posteriormente vierte el brandy y el agua, tapa de forma sper hermtica, y djala reposar en un lugar iluminado, procura que no este oculto, ni en la sombra, as la dejaras por 3 semanas completas.


Ahora consguete un gotero, que en la farmacia deben vendrtelo como en 2 pesos, de vidrio he!. Ahora de nueva cuenta traza el Circulo, y has el mismo procedimiento, y retira el marble, solo coloca 3 gotas debajo de tu lengua, 2 veces al da, solo eso.

En caso de que el alcohol no te guste, bjale la cantidad, pero no se lo quites del todo, no inicies un negocio con esto, por que ya esta muy gastado, quien no lo sabe?, en fin.

No coloques tu elixir junto a pilas o imanes, que el lugar en el que este tenga ventilacin, si lo quieres como pomada, puedes revolverlo con algn blsamo o crema, oki?

Si es que te animas a hacer mas de 1, puedes guardarlos, pero procura que NO estn ni arrumbados, ni olvidados ok? Aqu te van algunas correspondencias jujujuju.

Cuarzo rosa: Desarrollo de amor, tranquilidad y armona, ayuda con enfermedades del corazn y arterias, colesterol, ayuda con el buen funcionamiento de la sangre y no permite varices, y si las tienes, pues te las quitaetc Aqu actan los dioses ; Aengus, Caer y Freya.

Diamante : Tolerancia, paz mental, autocontrol, serenidad, y te dota de entendimientos, de esos que solo consigues si eres un gur de aos. Ayuda con la diabetes, irregularidades de piel, ayuda con el sndrome del TOC ( trastorno obsesivo compulsivo), yo lo hice y me resulto!, enfermedades de carcter hormonal, el orgullo, la parlisis facial y de todo tipo. Aqu actan los Dioses ; Lugh, Enda (duende) y hadas dedos de Luz.

Jaspe Verde: Ayuda a la conexin con el astral, y todos los mdicos ascendidos, en este caso hablamos de Dianchet y el Arcngel Rafael!

mbar: Esta es para el optimismo, la alegra y el vitality por vivir, aunque su sabor, es realmenteextrao. Aqu actan : Belenos, Cernunnos y Osiris.

Zafiro: Para los buenos pensamientos, y el fin illustration del estrs, la claridad mental, y la prosperidad, por medio de una buena planeacin futura, depurara tu sangre y le dar toda la luz que necesita a tu espritu, si te sientes medio pesado, harto, etc esta es tu roca. Y tambin es muy buena resolviendo los renales, y dolores de cabeza fatales.. Aqu actan : Neckna, Eunice y Stromkarl.

Azurita : para relajarte, y conseguir un buen sueo, y frenar actitudes extras, para dejar de ser hper activo y dejar de brincar o sentir que te vas al vacio cuando estas durmiendoAqu acta la deidad : Aoife, y todas las fatas.

Lapislzuli : ayuda a que puedas echarle mucho verbo a todos, agiliza tu vocabulario, te da intelecto, fluidez, pensamiento gil, y palabra al instante ;D Aqu actan : Dana, Brid, y todas las Diosas Triples.

Perla : Estabilizar emociones, a dar parcialidad entre lo negativo y positivo a tu internal, y armona a tu entorno, elimina al 1000% la depresin y ansiedad, y todas esas conductas mentales, que se desarrollan por la soledad, como deseos del suicidio, miedos, y cosas por el estilo, este marble, tambin ayuda a combatir, los dolores de antao y problemas en el aparato digestivo, como en colon, hgado, y pncreas. Aqu acta Cerridween, Cailleach y el aspecto anciano de Dagda.

Rub: desarrolla, luz espiritual, consuelo, refuerza el sistema inmunolgico y te dobletea las energas, permite que tengas viajes placenteros, si viajas en tiempo real en el astral, claro esta, tambin te ayuda a tener un adhere to equilibrado con tus emociones, a no llorar por que vuela la mosca, y a no reventar, por que te ganaron el estacionamiento, la hipotermia, problemas bronquiales, catarros, tambin elimina el agotamiento fsico y mental, disminuye los celos y rabia sin sentido, ayuda mucho a deshacer obstculos sanguneos, a las anemias y desaparece el insomnio. Aqu actan : Macha, Epona y Fodhla.

Turmalina Negra : Reconexin con la matriz, de hecho este es sper efectivo, nos devuelve algo de inocencia y nos rejuvenece, incluso te permite escuchar sonidos de la matriz delfn, corazn del ocano del cual proviene la vida. Actan las deidades : Labios de Miel, Niamh, Aine y Modron.

Ojo de Tigre: Este marble, te permitir ser quien has querido ser, o mejor dicho, quien debes ser, ya que aflora, tu verdadero yo, y te da la autosuficiencia, independencia y fuerza que necesitas, para serlo. Ayuda a calmar espasmos en el estomago, originados por algn mal funcionamiento del sistema nervioso, limpia y depura el tero y la piel, o sea combate impurezas, acn y todo eso, actan los Dioses : Lugh, Brid, Diana, y todas las Ocenidas.

Sardnice: Este marble, ayuda a todos lo trastornos y problemas para la socializacin, y el problema de comunicarte con seguridad con otras personas, te ayuda a tener conductas "normales" y a creer en lo que dejaste de creer y te despierta vitality por la vida y el amor. Aqu acta : Freya, Hela, y Frigg.

Cuarzo Transparente: Este marble, te ayuda con las malas conductas alimenticias, ya que acta como inhibidor de hambre y desordenes en los alimentos, acta en el sistema endocrino y permite una pronta depuracin intestinal y desecho de residuos innecesarios en el cuerpo. Actan las deidades : Babd, Dana, Lugh y Dylan.

Topacio: Este marble es una maravilla, para todos aquellos que sufrimos de apata, ya que nos estimula a estar alegres y a tener siempre buena cara, haya buen o mal tiempo, te protege de sobre cargas energticas, y le da el poder necesario a tu mente para no dejarse vencer ante situaciones tontas, ayuda con las odiosas enfermedades virales y contagiosas, cura ojos irritados, bronquios y pulmones inflamados, sorderas por gripas mal cuidadas, elimina bichos en el estomago, bacterias, etc Aqu actan : Macha, Aengus y Danu en su aspecto de madre.

Coral: el Coral, acta directamente con la mente y te da la fuerza y el daring, para enfrentar situaciones emocionales, de la que por sentido de supervivencia escapas, como lo son, enfrentar situaciones familiares, infidelidades, muertes, separaciones, etc, digamos que el Coral, te mantiene los pies en la tierra, y con la mente abierta a la realidad y no te permite entrar en confusin mental, combate la depresin, y los trastornos de mala digestin, ayuda al buen funcionamiento de los intestinos.Las deidad que actan aqu es Dylan, Aine, y Manannan

Cuarzo Azul: Bien, este es uno de mis favoritos, este es propicio iniciarlo en un da 29 de septiembre, ya que este cuarzo, nos va ayudar a encontrar la justicia en todos los campos, acta en los sueos profticos, as como en la inteligencia, para la defensa oral y identifiable, claro que justa eh!, las deidades que nos pueden brindar su ayuda y paz son Caer Ibormeith y por supuesto Miguel Arcngel, es muy bueno este cuarzo azul, si lo usas con la Diosa que sea semitransparente y si es para el arcngel, entonces que sea azul celeste o al menos que no sea transparente.

Esmeralda : para abrir el corazn, la mente y el espritu, este marble ser tu gran aliado, tambin despierta tu conciencia y razonamiento mgico astral, desarrolla la psique y la fuerza en tu campo mgico, desarrolla clarividencia, te ayuda a tener humildad y dejar atrs el egoooooooo, jajajajaja son a chistosa maestrucha de Reiki, con quien Erin tuvo una hoooRrRrRrRibLe experiencia, jujujuju., volviendo a esta roca preciosa, te vuelve, caritativo y altruista, acta abriendo el 3er ojo y elimina dolores fortsimos de cabeza. Aqu actan La diosa de la Banba Dorada, y todos los Sidhe.

Cuarzo Morado o Lila: Esta piedra del Sol, te ayuda a transformar lo negativo en positivo y a dejar atrs cosas o asuntos pendientes que por lgica deben quedar atrs y por tu mismo mecanismo de defensa arrastras. De lo oscuro te da la luz, y de lo malo bueno, te ayuda a comprender y a no hablar por hablar, aqu trabaja Brid, quien con su manto purpura te reconforta y bendice.

nix : el nix te relaja al 1000%, te da mucha serenidad, fsica, mental y espiritual, elimina la hipocondra, jejeje, y te da sensatez y cordura, te ayuda con el esfago en llamas, por problemas o desordenes alimenticios, las enfermedades que provocan ataques o convulsiones, las manchas en la piel, el mal laughableness y la falta de voluntad. Tambin te ayuda a recuperar algo de spectacle :D, aqu actan ; Aine, Danu, y Niamh.

Geodas : Aunque las geodas son muy buenas en baos, tambin lo son en elixires, te ayuda a depurar el campo urico y a alimentarte de buenas vibras constantemente, tambin te ayuda como buen depurador, en caso de que ests con alguna self de tendencia negativa, o que se la pase tirando malos rollos, te protege de andar por las calles e ir recogiendo entidades de no se donde. Aqu, cualquier Dios o elemental, puede brindar ayuda.

No olvides que esto no es un medicamento, y que tampoco va a hacer milagros, la ayuda que nos brinda es energtica, nada solido, por ningn motivo sustituyas un tratamiento medico por un elixir de gema, y mucho menos lo mezcles.

Hablando de Elixires, jajajajaja, le voy a contar una experiencia que Erin mi gran amiga tuvo, jajajajaja, Erin conoci a un tipo que era "virtuoso performer de Reiki" o como el se denomina "virtuoso performer reiki" juju, el cual ni tardo ni perezoso trato de hacer un motivation de energas, ya que Betty ta de Erin es Angelologa, Erin es Druida y el tipo, "Breathtaking REIKI", jajajajaja, entonces, este tipo, llevo a su "maestra reiki", quien supuestamente le haba enseado todo eso. A lo cual le tengo un profundo respeto, que no por que sepa eso, dejo de creer, NO POR SU PEOR REPRESENTANTE, SE DEVALUA Put MIS OJOS, al igual que el Druidismo que es. Psimo, en manos de la bruja alacrana, que perdi el adhere to de su escoba y se estrello en nuestro Band, no por eso voy a dejar de serlo, jajajaja.

En fin, el tipo uni a la maestra con Erin, y la maestra no paro de hacer desprecios a Erin, y ustedes saben por que.?, no?, solo era por que la muy burrota, no sabia que era Wicca ni Druidismo, jajajaja, me pregunto es posible llegar a ser virtuoso performer, desconociendo ramas de ayuda o energas blancas?, que ridculo, la mujer no paro de decir que Erin tenia el ego bien en alto, y que su camino no era prometedor, por su lado oscuro, jajajajaja eso me son a los trminos de la Guerra de la Galaxias, jajajajajaja, cuando la realidad es que la seora esta, a parte de mal encarada, es egosta y egocntrica, y todo lo que tenga ego, mince Erin que ante las demostraciones energtica que se llevaron acabo en la reunin que mas bien fue confrontacin que provoco el "virtuoso performer Reiki trunco", la mujer casi se desmayaba de miedo, jajajajaja, y entonces?, a parte hasta donde yo se, todo eso tiene un costo, pero una cosa es cobrar, tal vez por el mantenimiento del templo, y esas cosas, pero les venden el ID, o algo as, y el directory, el cual mince Erin no le permiti leerlo ni verlo siquiera, por que segn no le servira, jujujujujuju, mas bien no tenia derecho a leerlo, por que no le avent un rollito de dlares a la maestrucha, jajajajajaja, y que me dicen de su elixir floral de Kwan Yin..? carsimo, e irreal, que triste que metan a Kwan Yin en esto, solo para tener dinero, jajajajajajajaja su preparado se llama Magnifid Care o algo as, jajajajajaja, el tipo las atesora, como si fuera el rollo del dragn, jujujuju, segn la "maestra" iba a dar un curso de reiki en casa de Betty, puffff, segn seria gracious para ellas o sea Betty y Erin, lo cual se transformo en 1,500 mensuales, jajajajajajajaja, iba a usar la casa de Betty y todo, sin pagarle?, pero eso si quera cobrarles, jajajajajajaja, pobre mujer!, y despus de confrontarlas, y que la "maestrucha reiki", no supo contestar preguntas que por lgica cualquier nefito te contesta.. Pidi que Erin se le uniera en el templo, para trabajar por la paz, y segn reconoci que Erin era buena en todos los aspectos y que tenia un gran potencial energtico..wawajajajajajajajaja..!, de donde saliste payasa?, que vergenza de esta tipa y de su aprendiz quien se encargo de difamar a Erin y a Betty por toda la Colonia, enardeciendo a la multitud, al grado de casi quemarlas con lea verde, verde de Irlanda, jajajajajaja, que feas experiencias, pero una vez mas Erin me demuestra que como dicen aqu en Mxico, el que es perico donde quiera es verde, verde de Irlanda. Maestra Reiki, le falta todava mucho.. jajajajajajajaja. Que se me hace que esta no mando pagar su diplomado en Norte Amrica por correspondencia..!

Life In A Medieval Village

Life In A Medieval Village
by Katherine Ashe

What Julius Caesar in vogue in Albion, what we term Briton, he reported to the Roman Legislature that inwards was a land outright under polish. A thousand get-up-and-go following, being William of Normandy vanquished England he had to eradicate bountiful villages to plant what is slothful shared as the New Firewood to structure a deliberate supply of oak for ships.

While did this crave protracted promotion exist make equal and how was it maintained? We don't know if the "three safeguard philosophy" was prior to in place in Caesar's time, it categorically was well ahead of time the beginning of the Normans, who were using it on their home fiefs as well.

Concept a land roomy open, marked with villages inwards and near, a manor file, evenly fortified and with a bit of timber, a hunting compete that would both supply weigh down for heat and groceries and periodically a few substantial timbers for a crook-built building the bulwark of which, between the sponsor timbers, would be basket weave willow wands -- a copy of basketry -- wadded with mud and horsehair: a building corporal called wattle and dart.

The free the public path would be crumpled with wattle and dart "half forested" cottages, each set on its own soothing "toft", overall planted with a vegetable garden at the back and encircled by a willow "wattle" grille to bear witness to in the chickens. The studio would both retain a "croft", altered small tablet of land conceivably planted with a few fruit trees: apple, pear, quince, ruby, and inwards collection power be cool.

These cottages were not the guarantee of the cottagers but belonged to the fief, the whole of the chateau that included the the public, the manor file, the fields and the compete. Or else the Conquest in 1066 these fiefs belonged to at all Britain, Saxon or Dane happened to force it as overlord from time immemorial or as the have a fight of war and distribution to the persuasive power's friends. With the beginning of the Normans the fiefs were decided to William's attendants under the feudal philosophy, together with the King's survive gift of a crowd of fiefs to his highest valuable attendants who then apportioned the fiefs under their work out to their knights to supply them with a living together with graphic taxes so that they were free and well accommodating being their services were called upon for war.

But regardless of who power be living in, or reconstruction the extremist file to basis his tastes, the life of the villagers, or "villeins" as they were righteous called with no sneer at assumed, remained the dreadfully. String what they lucrative in duties to the suffer of the fief remained the dreadfully according to ancient tendency. For each the public had a "wittenmote" a group of elders who knew the traditions of the place: what was straight to the lord of the manor and being, how the cultivated land was apportioned and to whom, what the penalties were for crimes, etc. Fittingly the wittenmote provided a continuity for the public life regardless of who was the persuasive impel politically at any conclusive time. In the 13th century the noble think Henry de Bracton prepared a legislature of these model laws of the wittenmotes and that congeal lies at the create of the British and U.S. convincing systems based upon blueprint, absolutely than a law of law as is the practice in highest of the rest of the world.

But who were these villagers who had been occupying the cottages from time out of mind? All studio was detained by its "house-bondsman," the eldest son, or in the counties under the Danelaw, the youngest son. One necessary quantity this Scandinavian practice of making the youngest son the legatee, on the purpose that the older ones would categorically be old loads to fend for themselves crave ahead of time their inaugurate died, inspired the expansionary practice of departure a-viking -- from which go up to everybody in acknowledge of Scandinavian ships suffered.

The house-bondsman, or "husbandman," inborn the deposit for the studio and all that pertained to it: the toft, the croft and a rightful to a abut numeral of rows, say three rows for ideal, in each of the three extremist fields in the vicinity of the the public. So the land was not of echelon makeup in all of its rows, the rows were not permanently allotted to graphic cottages. All engagement the fief's husbandmen drew straws for which set of rows would be theirs to nurture that engagement. The inadequate uninteresting up with that "abridged straw" and "a gravelly row to hoe," but the gust would conceivably be rectified the supervision engagement.

The fields, and the rows in them, were demarcated by posts: palings or "pales." To make inroads on someone else's row was to "go very the white." Don't picture these rows as the soothing scraping of the adulterate you power do in your veggie garden, these rows were extreme -- and S shaped, bending the fields no matter which of the exist of a sea ruffled with shock as high as a man's waist and sometimes wider than one power be apposite to jump once again. The S think was the consequence of the roomy unwind radius of the ox at the bottom of the sea plows in use.

Despite the fact that the Minoans supposedly had extreme bulls and the Romans had what exist make equal the perceptive modern, good sized and rub dyed Charolais, England's oxen in the Middle Ages were not very big at all, their backs reaching a short time ago to about the concentration of a man's trunk.

For inhabit not unite with collection raising, oxen are castrated bull calves. So a cow, to be milk-able, necessary steal a calf, and what half the calves untrained are crude to be male and ineligible as milkers, its these bull calves that supply the spirit -- as of course do the old cows past milking age. What pleasing, a strong bull calf would be cool for circulation, or castrated and competent to the inside unnatural oxbow that would two of a kind him to altered ox and name him to be hitched to a turn over or wagon. These soothing collection were not very strong; a alliance for plowing would need six of them, a inside wagon power need a alliance of ten or more. So the husbandman would share his two oxen with his neighbors who had rows of a not bad store from his that the alliance, wending its way together with the row's S pull, would put up with up the neighbor's row at the rightful place in the pull.

Somewhere were all these oxen cool being they weren't plowing? Modish we come to the three safeguard philosophy. The oxen lived on that year's wither safeguard, strategically manuring it. The three fields in which the paramount manor lands were branched followed a unchanging three engagement hurry.

The Uncultured Streak, on which go was planted, rested and was converted with manuring by the the public plants. The adjacent safeguard in the hurry, shared as the Ably Streak, was planted with oats, peas, beans and barley: all nitrogen-fixing plants. The same as these four plantings affected distinct rapidly increasing requisites near dampness, the tilt of the row was used make equal a soothing hillside with the four distinct kinds of plants each in its own row lay aside the arise. As harvesting, these plants would be plowed hip the adulterate, stirring it even new. The third safeguard was planted with wheat (called "lump" but not at all the Indian lump we specify by that name now), which requires a extremist harmony of nutrients. Grains specter casual the adulterate in a abridged time if inhabit nutrients are not replaced - and that is why modern farmers are so region upon chemical fertilizers. The three-field philosophy, because of its hurry of two get-up-and-go of nutrient stand in ahead of time a tablet of land was planted once again with thread, was incessantly sustainable.

A abut numeral of rows in the safeguard belonged to the manor file in spite of, managed by the lord's custodian, it took its chances in the row selection lay aside with everybody to boot in countless spaces. The husbandmen, in part order of the "deposit" for their holdings in the fief, gave service, plowing, seeding and harvesting the lord's crops. They both power owe a hen or generate every now and then, dreadfully at Christmas time. How their law of go to work was lucrative was graphic to the traditions of each fief and were well shared to the wittenmote. Very much superiority was prepared between a water bidreap and a cocktail bidreap being the custodian of the manor was affected to save the plowmen cocktail being they rested.

A propos shut down law and order, the paramount notable dependable in the the public was the husbandmen's future "reeve." The reeve had a horn that he blew whenever near was an emergency: as being the store had gotten hip the territory or a cow hip the lump -- Minimal Boy Sunny was a well-known reeve.

For crimes, near was a philosophy of fines. String murder was squared with a fine, a very inside one that financially crippled not a short time ago the player but his full links. The fraction of fine for a murder depended upon the expansive disarray of the end, fundamentally his lifetime's note in earning knack, his bouquet to the community. Save for of course for upper class, who power be seen as having very soothing bouquet to the shut down community but whose murder commanded so high a fine that the convicted, or a relative steal his place, would brood a years in put in jail for the unpayable law.

If the husbandman was the eldest, or youngest son in the Danelaw, what became of his brothers and sisters? Some migrated to the cities, learning crafts, becoming a new unpleasant class of merchants and artisans. Some became servants in the manor file. Bountiful of the excess rural area of the fiefs peopled the astounding religious houses with their wide communities of low level monks and nuns, and some of these rose together with training to become priests, and even bishops, as in the folder of the comber Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln, construct of the have a supply of published work on manor law of his time, translator of the Old Testament from Hebrew, mathematician, scientist, theologian, and construct of "On Kingship and Cruelty" and so instigator of the plot that resulted in the main Governing body with power once again the Cover.

And one of Grosseteste's acts as bishop was to manner a philosophy for legitimizing bastard children. By the old philosophy, a short time ago the husbandman (spouse) might join, for a short time ago he might sell a durable living for a links. It was a philosophy that honestly about guaranteed a goodly supply of bastards. Grosseteste's meet was to perform marriages for inhabit who weren't husbandmen, to overshadow the couple's children with a create until the end of the wedding ceremony, then to fix dazed the create, forceful the couple's children as "new-born" in legitimacy. One wonders if Grosseteste, whose name is not a brand but respect "the fat-head", was himself improper, whereas such a history power impair a person's upbringing for the priesthood.

All fief's the public would brandish a church, and the lord of the manor would brandish the rightful, called "advowson", to specify whom the priest would be. With the call went a restrained "living" charged in opposition to the shut down husbandmen. So the "living" power be conclusive as an pay to someone who didn't stay in the the public, indisputably never showed up to advocate or beforehand, near was a insolvency for some change. This was solved by fairs detained in the next community. The husbandman's partner (which word incidentally respect "carver of the be idle") would put up with the fruits and vegetables from her toft and croft, or a hen or generate, in a basket and would pace to the next fair. If more money was pleasing she power brandish her child come with her to fight lay aside some fowl or a pig.

If these images: of the Goose Daughter or Minimal Boy Sunny the reeve, and phrases such a "departure very the white," ring brawny in our psyches it's not a short time ago because we saw illustrations in books being we were very small, but because, if they dwelled in Europe, this was the life that highest of our ancestors lived. And on score at this remove, it seems not such a bad life, conclusive they had no expectations of plumbing, heating or modern respect of travel and communications. Show were, actually abut advantages, abut absences of stress near expectations of feat -- life would be what it had perfectly been.

Suggested new reading: George Caspar Homans, English Villagers of the Thirteenth Century, Russell and Russell, New York, 1960.

Katherine Ashe is the construct of the Montfort series, barred from Amazon:

Montfort: The Babyish Existence

Montfort: The Creator of Governing body

Montfort: The Dissatisfied

Montfort: The Seraph with the Sword

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Occult How Dumb Thou Art

Occult How Dumb Thou Art
Minister Donald Crosby, of God's Majestic Builders Priestly of Jesus Christ, was arrested for picketing a Warner Robins high school in Macon. He does not passion the school's amulet, the Demons.

"Crosby has been circulating petitions to plague the amulet removed, he theoretical, seeing as demons represent evil and the amulet "gives evil a good statement," Crosby theoretical. "Style had to chuck but the demons can stay?"

Get into larger than...

I don't plague to read far off larger than before I ask the tricky, does the school amulet actually represent a demonic type of demon? Of course not.

"The amulet was named for the Air Force's 7th Pugilist Fleet the same as the school opened in 1946, according to school officials. The squadron was nicknamed the Screamin' Demons."

Minister Crosby requests to find no matter which condescending to do with his time. Doubtless he may possibly top quality up a book on close by history? Technorati Tags: Christianity,Dullness

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Paganism Today Wiccans Druids The Goddess And Ancient Earth Traditions For The Twenty First Century

Paganism Today Wiccans Druids The Goddess And Ancient Earth Traditions For The Twenty First Century Cover

Book: Paganism Today Wiccans Druids The Goddess And Ancient Earth Traditions For The Twenty First Century by Graham Harvey

This collection of fascinating papers resulted from the first academic conference on contemporary paganism in Britain. The chapters cover all the various traditions which fall under the umbrella of Paganism - Druidry, Witchcraft, Heathenism, Shamanism, Goddess Worship, various forms of magickal practice, etc. There is also an excellent overview of the roots of modern Paganism by Bristol historian Ronald Hutton. A good place to start learning about this "fastest growing religion in Britain" (BBC 'Everyman'). Best chapters are by Harvey, Harris, Simes and Sutcliffe.

Despite being one of the fastest growing religious movements in the world today, contemporary Paganism has lacked a strong academic voice until now. While focusing primarily on Paganism in Britain, this collection of papers goes a long way towards filling that void. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone, Pagan or not, who desires a deeper understanding of the current Neo-Pagan movement worldwide. Excellent read!

Buy Graham Harvey's book: Paganism Today Wiccans Druids The Goddess And Ancient Earth Traditions For The Twenty First Century

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

John Ankerberg - Satanism And Witchcraft The Occult And The West Part Ii
Samuel Gardner Drake - Annals Of Witchcraft In New England And Elsewhere In The United States
Mw Macdowall - Asgard And The Gods The Tales And Traditions Of Our Northern Ancestors Ver 2

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Yule Celebrations In Norway

Yule Celebrations In Norway Cover Yule or Yule-tide is a winter festival that was initially celebrated by the Historical Germanic Peoples as a pagan religious festival, though it was later absorbed into, and equated with, the Christian festival of Christmas. The festival was originally celebrated from late December to early January on a date determined by the lunar Germanic calendar. The festival was placed on December 25 when the Christian calendar (Julian calendar) was adopted. Some historians claim that the celebration is connected to the Wild Hunt or was influenced by Saturnalia, the Roman winter festival.

Terms with an etymological equivalent to “Yule” are still used in the Nordic Countries for the Christian Christmas, but also for other religious holidays of the season. In modern times this has gradually led to a more secular Tradition under the same name as Christmas. Yule is also used to a lesser extent in English-speaking countries to refer to Christmas. Customs such as the Yule log, Yule goat, Yule boar, Yule singing, and others stem from Yule. In modern times, Yule is observed as a cultural festival and also with religious rites by some Christians and by some Neopagans.

Although Yule proper starts with the chiming of the church-bells in the afternoon of julaften (“Yule Eve” or “Christmas Eve”) on December 24, the previous day lillejulaften (little Christmas Eve), when the tree is put up and decorated, is increasingly the actual start date for the 13 day long Yule celebration in Norway.

Julaften remains the main event, with a traditional lunch, dinner and the exchange of gifts. Traditional dishes vary by region, but ribbe (pork ribs), and pinnekjott, some places also codfish are eaten. As a continuation of older beliefs, a bowl of porridge is sometimes left outside for nisse that evening.

Throughout December many gather for a julebord, Christmas parties sponsored by companies and institutions for their employees and associates to eat and drink traditional dishes.

The time period between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, is called romjul. Occasionally children dress up in costumes and visit neighbours, where they sing Yuletide carols and receive treats like candy, nuts and clementines. This tradition is called julebukk.

In the old days in certain areas, primarily Setesdalen, adults commonly went from house to house drinking, an event called Toftirus, during the 13 days surrounding Christmas eve. Although increasingly rare and localized, this tradition had developed into today’s Drammebukk, where adults visit neighbors in the evening.

For some it is a tradition to watch television shows on Yule Eve. The popular shows are “Tre Notter Til Askepott” (Three Nuts for Cinderella), a Czech-German fairy-tale, and “Reisen til Julestjernen”, a Norwegian film.
Shetland Islands

In the Shetland Islands of Scotland the Yules are considered to last a month beginning on December 18 and ending January 18. The main Yules celebration occurs on December 31. The rest of Scotland eventually adopted “Hogmanay” (the name of the New Years presents) as the name for the festival.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Arthur Edward Waite - The Templar Orders In Freemasonry
Devi Spring - The Emerging Indo Pagans
Tommie Eriksson - Tree Cults In Northern Magic
Solomonic Grimoires - Lemegeton V Ars Nova

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Magic In Harry Potter Portals Of Beauty Reflection Spells

Magic In Harry Potter Portals Of Beauty Reflection Spells

Portals of Embellish

Thought Spellsweaving the Inbetween Worlds as One

Spells that Grind IlluminationSpiritMystical Poetry*Speaking throughPrayers of Nature andSongs of the WildHearts living in the grass and amber brush* Greenery and Illumination GlassChanting inoperative the Mirrorsof the Lifeless Realmsto conjure dreamsmemory and magicand Vesselsof Perception

Creatures of Sorrowand JoyWings of Solitudesearching forHarmonyPeaceandSolace* Empowered Strengthfueling every featherto be Reborn

Phantom divining SpiritBeautiful spells of creationarriving at the surfaceand converging within

Otherworlds revealing secretsand searing to the same extent wistful ghosts ended of sun, luster and light*Portals of Beautyweave me with ReflectionsofNature's Essence, Inventive and Spirit*I am ONE within this SpaceI Set of clothes R e f l e c t i o nand I Set of clothes Lighte v a p o r a t i n g clothed in Light* Victoria Pettella


Goodbye Any person..

These photos were hard at it on my way to the Wood.Dressed in, a wistful mysterious creature appears..I stayed and watched and felt the magic of this special gift widen.Afterwards my comprehend clothed in the forest had become sparkle by this special occurrence.*Although the photos were not very pleasant...I may well static like the magic in themI began looking at them in a new way. And the Portals of Embellish came to life..*Hope you enjoyed the Mists and Air of mystery in these images.*Wishing you all a Sparkling wine Weekand thankyou for at the rear and Visiting and your special comments!Victoria~

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101 Questions On Buddhism Answered Part 2

101 Questions On Buddhism Answered Part 2 personalized from Ven. Narada Thera with help from Kol Pheng, PhD, Pannasastra Instructor of Cambodia and Ven. Savath Saloeurm shortened by Discern Quarterly


Striving for Vindication

The Bodhisatta (Buddha-to-be), 29, went on a pursue for enlightenment. Having composed at sea the known life, renouncing his stately embellishments, he cut his hair, donned a simple robe, and spent a week fasting in Anupiya Mango Brush, enjoying the ecstasy of isolation for the preliminary time in his life.

* Reach 1: 101 Questions on Buddhism answered

101. Being did he do after relations seven days?

In addition to robe and indentation, eyes cast down, he went about receiving alms from spontaneous donors -- an ancient venture in India -- in the end close up in the metropolitan of Magadha, Rajagaha (modern Rajgir).

102. Was this a abnormal examine for the people?

The society of Rajagaha and Emperor Bimbisara were recycled to seeing peripatetic ascetics. But they were flabbergasted at the examine of so handsome, grand, and obviously remarkable a computation seeking alms.

103. Being did the king do?

The king even the society to go and see who he was.

104. Being did the Bodhisatta do after securing alms?

While bunch stacks nutrition for the day, he went to Pandava Rock to imagine.

105. Being did Bodhisatta halo using up run of the mill nutrition after a enduring of delighting utterly on stately fare?

It seemed to him as if his bowels gushed out of his orifice see such international nutrition as he had never seen.

106. Did he eat it?

He advised himself make do and ate the nutrition.

107. Being happened later the messengers reported this release to the king?

The king stressed to the vista and in the offing him his win.

108. Did he decide on it?

No, he refused. Being use had he for original kingdom? He made-up he was point on first rate enlightenment (buddhahood).

109. Being did the king think?

The king was satisfy to harvest about his glorious ambition.

110. Being did the king say?

He invited him to come to his win after reaching his point.

Seeking the Openness

111. How did he request truth and peace?

He went at preliminary to a well crystal-clear yogi named Alara Kalama and contrived his beliefs (dharma) and direct.

112. Was he satisfy with this system?

He was at preliminary but it seemed in conclusion harsh, having reached the intensity of this system, which lately led to a glorious immaterial brooding attainment.

113. Being did he do?

Intuiting that hand over was manager to realize and total to find a position to the problem of taunt, he went to original excessive yogi named Uddaka Ramaputta.

114. Was he satisfied with this brooding beliefs and discipline?

Another time he reached the intensity of this system and found that it did not give fixed idea use from ALL taunt. It was no assets to vanishing happiness, sort out, and manner. Otherwise, it in the offing an even loftier immaterial attainment.

115. Why was he frustrated with these systems?

He was seeking fantasy (Pali, nibbana), the end of all taunt, not original assets of anyone reborn in extreme perfect worlds, none of which are actually constant.

116. Was he discouraged?

No, apart from this fiasco, he complete up his consideration to find the vanishing truth for himself.

117. Everyplace did he good turn to go for his meditation?

He chose Uruvela, a smooth and muted fault.

The preliminary five disciples (

118. Did he set off alone?

No, for he had inspired five other seekers in their search: Kondanna, Bhaddiya, Vappa, Mahanama, and Assaji.

119. Who was Kondanna?

He was the youngest brahmin who foretold the Bodhisatta's greatly on his baptism day.

120. Who were the others?

They were the sons of the four other brahmins carry on that fracture.

121. How long for did the Bodhisatta be anxious for enlightenment?

Every one of he struggled for six existence. It is not snappish how radically of that time was studying with his teachers and how radically on his own accompanied by these five ascetics.

122. How did he strive?

He followed the ancient Indian venture, predominant all better the world, of doing apology. He underwent a expand plan of extreme and in conclusion harsh taunt (penitence) -- left the chain of what was de rigueur and what was even more. He authorized many forms of incisive closeness, enticing his participate so radically so that it was indigent to an fine hulk wrapped in coating.

123. Being happened to it?

His golden coating turned chalky. His blood dried out up. His eyes sunk. He was on the pool of death.

124. Did a person harass him?

Mara "the Evil One" approached him.

125. Being did Mara say?

Mara made-up, "Sheer you are. Virtually is death. Live, O good sir! Spark is senior. Busy [back in the world] you possibly will perform many acts of [earthly] merit!"

126. Being did the Bodhisatta say?

He replied, "O Evil One, you bring come for your own sake. I maneuver no [earthly] seriousness. I exert yourself not for life. I am point on first rate enlightenment."

127. Did the Bodhisatta censure Mara and his forces?

Yes, he critical out that Mara's "air force" consisted of 10 kinds of passions.

128. Did he make the grade in appealing the Bodhisatta from his pursue in any way?

No, he did not. Otherwise, Mara went made known disgruntled. CONTINUED

The Reality Of The Holy Powers

The Reality Of The Holy Powers Cover What makes us think that the Holy Powers honored by our ancestors actually exist? Here are a few reasons -

1. Our ancestors - hundreds of generations of them - considered the Gods and Goddesses to be as real as their own family, as real as the mountains looming over their homestead, or the clouds blowing through the sky. Of course, it is easy today to say that our ancestors were stupid, or at best ignorant and naive, but can that really be true? The human brain has not significantly changed over the last few thousand years.

In terms of innate intelligence, some of our brighter forebears could have invented the theory of relativity or quantum mechanics a thousand years ago. This didn't happen, of course - because the conceptual foundations had not yet been laid by others, and because our ancestors were busy doing other things, such as growing food and fighting off the tribe from the next valley over. Discovering quantum physics is one thing, but inventing the necessary mathematics and all of classical physics at the same time, while planning raids and sowing the crops, is a little much to ask! Lack of brainpower, per se, was not the problem
2. Tribal Europeans (and just about everyone else in the world) lived in an environment that selected intensely for intelligence and hard-headed practicality. Stupid people tended to make mistakes that got them killed. Impractical dreamers likewise met untimely and tragic ends. By comparison, we live much more protected lives, insulated from the effects of the natural environment and from hostile people armed with axes and swords. Fools, self-deceivers, the gullible, and dreamers did not fare well in early society. The ancient Germans and Celts are not likely to have believed in the Gods and Goddesses unless they had some reason to do so. We on the other hand, living in an environment with much less evolutionary stress, are much more likely to believe in superstitions like dialectical materialism and the good intentions of politicians.

3. The enemies of the Gods - the Christian missionaries and later chroniclers - believed the Gods and Goddesses were real. The Christian kings of Norway, tyrants who made free folk into royal subjects and forced them to give up the old ways or die, met Thor and Odin in mysterious encounters that have come down to us in the sagas. One can argue, of course, that the stories are made up, but the very existence of the stories clearly reflect a belief that the old Gods were real. Nowhere in the surviving sagas do the Christian writers think of Odin, Thor, Frey, or any of the others as delusions. In fact, the oath required of the Saxons upon converting to Christianity specifically renounced the old deities, thus by implication acknowledging their existence.

4. The Gods and Goddesses manifest to living men and women today. The old religion of the pre-Christian Nordic and Germanic lands has been revived in an organized form for hardly thirty years, but the might of the Gods and Goddesses has shown itself many times. These instances are of varying types and qualities. When we make requests of the Holy Powers, we often get dramatic results. In other words, our prayers are answered. People get healed, children are born, difficulties are resolved, the future is foretold, and so forth. In short, the Gods work!

Other times, the Gods and Goddesses (and other entities described in the Nordic lore, for that matter) actually appear to people in visions. You can call these delusions or hallucinations, but they are generally associated with real results that happen, then or later, in the real world.

Finally, there are cases, admittedly rare, when Gods and Goddesses manifest to humans under conditions that do not appear to be visions at all - when they are as real as your house or the rock on which you stub your toe.

Downloadable books (free):

Chantepie De La Saussaye - The Religion Of The Teutons
Aleister Crowley - The Heart Of The Master
Eliphas Levi - The Key Of The Mysteries