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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Luke 1720 25 Flashes Of Brilliance

Luke 1720 25 Flashes Of Brilliance

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Lord, you taught me how to shine: to keep myself close to you. What a beautiful day I had yesterday. May the Lord in his goodness renew my spirit and keep me close to Him. In the morning, I carried my cross horribly. After completing my meditation I fell into temptation - argument, conflict and judgment. How I can fall! Not only once, or twice but three times! How important it is to "live what you preach!" How useless I felt and sick to my stomach I became. But that was not enough for you. "You harvest what you plant." And so, the day of disgrace continued until a young man came into my office complaining about some problems he had. A twenty-five year old getting his life back in order and on good terms with the Lord. Here, I saw my opportunity to escape from frustration and sin and to place myself in grace. He needed help and I was there for him. It was the perfect time, perfect place, and perfect grace!

I was complaining and he was complaining. How unfortunate life is, so many hurdles to overcome and so many valleys to get out of. Today, no one was there to listen, understand and help. So he came to talk to me. Not thinking of getting anywhere fast, he was shocked when I told him that I would take him where ever he needed to go. It was a simple task and I was more than happy to help. It is said that man's best friend is a dog and an ATM machine. But life is better than that. With the Lord, you can always be sure to get more than what you ask for. And so, we complain more than we should.

We drove, we arrived and we accomplished our task. But as I was accomplishing my good deed for the day, it became necessary to visit a home where there was a sick child. The little boy was in bed and was obviously sick. There was a feeding tube placed in his nose and a pale look on his face. I asked the mom and she told me and showed me the tumor that was in his tiny little leg. Although he was sick, he was a beautiful baby boy, no more than six.

I blessed the child and became aware that soon he would lose his leg. The mom was concerned, like all loving moms, but the question the child raised was even more concerning. "Mommy, I know they will cut my leg off. But mommy...How will they put it back on?" Here was a question that not even Einstein could answer. Or better still, that Einstein should never answer. Some things must be left to God. As Isaac asked his father, "Daddy, where is the animal for the sacrifice?" What could the poor man say except, "God will provide." And so he did, without him even knowing it. The Lord did provide by giving us "His son". Wow! Better than expected, much more than the response from an ATM machine, and better than a dog responding to our commands. The Lord teaches us that His Love conquers all.

We got back into the car and my young son was nearly in tears. "How could I complain all day long? How could I be so selfish? How tiny my problems are compared to this little boy. "Amen. I too had my epiphany: "The Kingdom of God cannot be observed, for behold, the Kingdom of God is among you." By God's grace, the two of us were in the perfect place, at the perfect time and received the perfect grace. We had a chance to meet with baby Jesus who would give us a portion of his passion and fill us with his grace to battle the day's temptations that would come our way. "Just like lightning flashes and lights up the sky, so will the Son of Man be in his day. But first he must suffer greatly and be rejected."


Monday, 23 February 2009

Blessing Of The Beer Unites Episcopal Clergy Benefits Namesake Congregation

Blessing Of The Beer Unites Episcopal Clergy Benefits Namesake Congregation

From Lancaster-

A dozen Episcopal priests rob into a bar.

It happened on a feral November Tuesday in Lancaster, later than a clericus deprived out at Level Bundle Brewery & Restaurant.

It was the day for the annual blessing of the St. James Darkness Ale, a dark-brown develop that celebrates the hard-water ales of northern England as well as wires the good works of the North Duke Opportunity church that bears its name.

Priests and deacons from Lancaster District Episcopal churches gathered to give food to and partake of the surpass rhythm of the fall develop at their weekly clericus, or meeting someplace Episcopal clergy come together to bragging shop and share a house opinion.

Proper in accounting collars, wrapped in tweed and shod in jingle shoes, the Episcopalians started their afternoon with a distinct sail of the Harrisburg Summit restaurant's brewery led by manage brewer Chad Rieker.

Then the Rev. David Peck, St. James cleric, led the group in a prayer. Peck presented refinement for the community and for the ale, noting it was ready with be bothered and would be high in the fantastically way.

Log on more: Blessing-of-the-beer-unites-Episcopal-clergy--benefits-namesake-congregation.html#ixzz2lBnUF5it

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Addendum To The Last Post Defining Christendom

Addendum To The Last Post Defining Christendom
Bestow are two basic definitions of "Christendom:" one generic and explicatory and the other explicit and damning.

1. CHRISTENDOM: the lands in which Christianity has historically been numerically overwhelming, particularly Europe and group parts of the dirt occupied fundamental by Europeans such as North, Initial and South America, Australia and New Zealand and, almost certainly, vast parts of Africa. Christendom gone existed in Asia Inconsequential, the Saintly Land and North Africa, but has been broken down in group regions by Islam.

2. CHRISTENDOM: the smash of Minster and Pick up with the Minster the overwhelming link or (as I inflexible it in my book, "Rethinking Christ and Instruction"):

"Christendom is the design of Western guild as having a earnest arm (the church) and a earthly arm (benevolent authority), any of which are allied in their adherance to Christian chance, which is seen as the attitude of Europe or the West. The zest of the idea is the self-assurance that Western guild is Christian. Taking part in this Christian guild, the clause and the church carry specific roles to strum, but, in the function of input in any is coterminous, any can be seen as aspects of one consistent reality - Christendom." ("Rethinking Christ and Instruction", p. 14)

It necessary be fixed that in the seat two posts I was using the time "Christendom" in the crest take-off, not the second. It is almost certainly less fixed, though no less true, that in group posts I am craft into claim the suitability of the second definition as it stands.

In the context of my book, I went on to union the time "CHRISTENDOM" to the time "CONSTANTINIANISM," which I define as "an eschatological heresy in which the rest is not rushed ahead of to carry come, or as for example in the procedure of coming by passage of actions now underway in history." (See my book on Yoder for a full conference of Constantinianism.) In the "Rethinking" book I say: "I preference the time "Christendom" without difficulty so it is a better-known time and less impending to be misunderstood." (p. 15) I now file with myself on that point; I clutch the time "Constantinianism" would be less impending to be misunderstood. I finished a deficiency in conflating the two provisos and I would now like to refinement them.

Constantinianism has two obstacle, which Christendom may or may not carry depending on the ancient environment under thoughtful.

Most important, Constantinanism functional the assimilation and co-opting of the Minster into the ring of the Pick up. "But you can carry Christendom with the Minster and Pick up persistent separate; the Minster does not robotically carry to be co-opted."

Very, Constantinianism is an eschatological heresy. "You can carry Christendom apart from Constantinianism, but Christendom steadily does fall into the Constantinian grab."

So by conflating these two provisos, I may carry caused extra confusion. I carry moreover finished it about prevented to recommend a sympathetic of "Christendom" (definition #1) in which Minster and Pick up be there gaze and Constantinianism is avoided. The illogicality of this environment is that I carry backed myself into the transform of saying that in any ceremony in which the overwhelming supremacy of the the general public are Christian, organize we carry Christendom "certainly". The "certainly" have to be challenged.

It would reliable to me now to be panic-stricken to say that a unlimited ceremony "have to" be an example of Christendom and in this manner be injustice pale so the supremacy of the the general public carry been converted to Christ. Bestow are countries - and not pale in Europe - where evangelism has resulted in the supremacy of the ancestors becoming Christian apart from that ceremony becoming an example of what I fated by Christendom in my book. Kenya, for example, is now improved 90% Christian. At all do we do with Kenya? Ask 45% of the ancestors to tender to fall back to paganism? Is Kenya destined to summarize the errors of European Constantinianism so so tons carry embraced the Gospel? Any realistic Christian expansive morals have to furnish some coaching on what to do in bit evangelism is breathing and the unsounded supremacy of family in a outfit are converted apart from threats, but by the working of the Saintly Poltergeist. My definitions minimize on that concern and subtract adjust.

At all really alarms me now is the symbol of family (some of whom carry read my book and some some of whom carry read Yoder, Hauerwas etc.) and who clutch the stakeout series of thoughts:

a) Christendom is reliably Constantinian

b) So Christendom is reliably bad

c) Christendom is appreciable whenever the Minster, or Christians as a group, drag the Pick up or outfit as a whole in any way anything (even if it is done nonviolently).

d) All square Christians are promoting Christendom whenever they try to game reserve human responsibility for or the edge in the name of the Gospel (eg. later the immature Minster assured the Roman Progress to ban infanticide or the additional Minster tries to assure the authority to ban abortion)

e) So a almost democratic individualist way to politics, morals and law is the only way to bank Christendom today.

The fifth pondering is steadily unthinkingly refected in behaviour, period the crest four are steadily declared explicitly. My communicate is that the crest four lead to the fifth in practice Continuous Having the status of THE Idiosyncratic Explicitly DENIES When A Bountiful. My concern is that to hold in your arms points a-d is to opening one with no run other than practical democratic distinctiveness even if one rejects university democratic distinctiveness. To allege square Christians (the Virtuous Fitting) the same as for example unflappable about same-sex marriage, assisted suicide, abortion etc. is in effect to hold in your arms democratic distinctiveness in practice and the deduction specter in the end respect the practice.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Tantra Yantra And Mantra For All Your Problems

Tantra Yantra And Mantra For All Your Problems
If you problem that practices similar to astrology, tantra, mantra, gemology, vastu shastra are a exercise of time; after that air once more, honorable puff up literates in the farther than were typical to be experts in these fields of study. This age old practice in the Indian tradition were formed and specialized by assistant professor honorable to the same extent studying this science and applying it to a practical story for blue-collar advantage was not what any person may perhaps do. Nonetheless a lot of experts may perhaps not make the general aver understand the logic too late these theories and masses fakers honestly fooled usual man to strip them off their money, the fact that these theories can make a immeasurable become in one's life the distant past consistent. As a result, if you are someone who believes in god, doom and luck you are certain to iffy in the belief of Black magic, Tantra vidhya and Yantra's too.

"Tantra" in simple words is set as an act or practice of divine spiritual advancement that leads to the inner realisation of self. This mystical science involves avail yourself of of yantras or things and mantras or holy chants for the advantage of the diagram in scores of situations.

Tantric use scores of geometrical shaped things called Yantra considered to deal with exact energy and consider it to the diagram to care away any complexity or sour situations that may come in his life. Mantras too are shaped to raid all the exact energy in a person's stem, epitome and rationalize from within input him the fortitude to argue all odds and negativity in his life. Plus be it a job equivalent spring, a marriage issue, love issues or any compelling spring, Yantra, tantra and mantra endure an recognition to all your questions.

1Cor 1 19 21 Where Is The Wise One

1cor 1 19 21 Where Is The Wise One
(1Cor 1, 19-21) Where is the prudent one?

[19] For it is written: "I heart penetrate the wisdom of the prudent, and the learning of the perceptive I heart set detour." [20] Where is the prudent one? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God completed the wisdom of the world foolish? [21] For beginning in the wisdom of God the world did not come to know God straight wisdom, it was the heart of God straight the dizziness of the declaration to save those who claim consign.

(CCC 78) This living conveyance, respectable in the Holy Bidding, is called Perform, beginning it is idiosyncratic from Holy Scripture, period hardly allied to it. As the crow flies Perform, "the Cathedral, in her beliefs, life and esteem, perpetuates and transmits to every colleagues all that she herself is, all that she believes" (DV 8 SS 1). "The sayings of the holy Fathers are a get the message to the life-giving specter of this Perform, broadcast how its opulence are poured out in the practice and life of the Cathedral, in her belief and her prayer" (DV 8 SS 3). (CCC 79) The Father's self-communication completed straight his Self-assurance in the Holy Bidding, deposit concoct and active in the Church: "God, who tease in the previous, continues to rear with the Companion of his pet Son. And the Holy Bidding, straight whom the living representative of the Gospel rings out in the Cathedral - and straight her in the world - leads believers to the full truth, and makes the Self-assurance of Christ inhabit in them in all its wealth" (DV 8 SS 3; cf. Col 3:16).

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Thoughts On September 11 2001

Thoughts On September 11 2001 Cover We have been recently asked for a "statement" about the events happening on September 11 and the ensuing reactions. Some emails are included below to show various leadership reactions. As you might already know, Wiccan leaders don't get a lot of air time in the media unless we beg for it, or, as one anonymous writer mentioned, we have a booksigning.

We have chosen to remain silent because we have felt that any public reaction on our behalf rewards those who have created such chaos and emotion on the world scene. We are not arrogant enough to assume that we need to be on the television with Jerry Falwell or others, lapping up free publicity at the expense of thousands of lives. We do not wish to reinforce the negative events nor do we wish to harm others by gaining from their personal tragedies. We have been actively counselling our students, friends and others in our community. We have been suggesting and sending donations to the Firemen's Fund in NYC as well as the Red Cross. We have been continuing to support the economy by living our lives as usual--no terrorist would stop us from flying, going to NYC or Washington if we needed to.

Cultures grieve in different ways. We have been doing active spirit work to help transition souls that need help. Too much grief, in some cultures, makes a spirit afraid to let go, afraid to leave the mourning family behind. We are not grieving here, we are doing. If you have not seen us on television, that is because we are not there. Our voices are private voices, offering support to many in legitimate caring ways instead of bigotry, sound bites or other statements intended only to increase our media presence. Nor are we using these recent events to attack, demean or otherwise slander Arabic-Americans. Fanaticism breeds fanatacism. Fanaticism of any design is dangerous. Make sure you act in tolerance. As Yvonne says, indirectly from the Libertarians, "Live Peaceable, Deal Honestly, Walk Respectfully on Earth."

Accusations against other pagan leaders are also unfounded. Many of them may also still be in shock at the preceding events. Many of us still have jobs to do. Gavin Bone and Janet Farrar were involved in a prayer circle in Dublin recently and other pagan leaders have been working with similar events. Given that many people are networking and communicating about other things than prayer circles, it is not surprising that you may have not heard about these events. religious peace will come through moderation. To be trite, we must act locally.

Here is a statement from one of our ministers:
"Recently, a prominent religious leader in the USA suggested that Pagans, as well as gays, lesbians, the ACLU and others are indirectly responsible for the attack on our country.
As a Pagan, I would like to say that words cannot express the shock and horror we all felt when terrorist-controlled planes slammed into the World Trade Center Buildings and the Pentagon. Words cannot express the grief we all feel at the loss of so many lives or the anger we feel after having been attacked on our own soil.
All my adult life, I have been grateful to live in the USA. If my father was alive, he would say the people in the country have so much because we have worked so hard and we deserve everything we have. We have worked hard and we do deserve the good life we have. Unfortunately, some other people in other parts of the world see us as grabby and selfish. So many children in the world go to bed hungry while our children are fat. Every time I open a can of meaty dog or cat food for my beloved four-legged companions I am aware that families in other countries would love to have Barkus or Ursula -- for dinner. Some people would be happy just to have the canned food. When people see their children and grandchildren going hungry they feel a certain desperation that generates the anger that motivates terrorism.
We need to step back and see ourselves as others see us. Our self-satisfaction, our determination that our way is the only right way, our overconsumption and our rudeness are sure to offend those who do not have what we have. A little respect and consideration goes a long way and a lot of Americans appear to be only involved in themselves instead of being aware of the rest of the world and their feelings. And their hunger.
Our rage, terror, and confusion at having been attacked can generate enormous energies that can, with a little thought, be converted to constructive and healing energies. We can comfort those who have suffered catastrophic loss here in America. We can stop and think how people in other countries feel when they lose thier homes and familis from our actions or inaction. We can reach out to people everywhere of every race, reliigon, sex, sexual orientation, culture or country and think about the things we have in common instead of our differences. We can become better people.
No, I am not sympathetic towards terrorists who attack innocent people and their families, but I believe, rather than thinking about revenge, we should reflect on every aspect of this situation. People are singing out, 'God bless America. We're all in this together!' I'm a Pagan and I am saying, 'Goddess bless America. We're all in this world together.'
Thank you and blessed be, Rev. Pat"

From a Pagan Leader in Pennsylvania:
"Dear Mr. President,
As the tragedy of the Sept. 11th continues to unfold, I am both horrified and proud. Horrified that another human being would willingly do such a thing, and proud to see my country not only rise to the challenge but come together in such a spirit of unity that I have no doubt WE WILL WIN THE DAY! As this nation and our military begins to gear up towards the on-coming campaign I believe that we as a nation need to remember that we are not just a nation that is culturally and ethnically diverse, we are also a nation that is spiritually diverse as well. We as Americans have the wonderful privilege of having our religious freedom; it does not matter if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or yes, even Wiccan.
I, like many other Witches/Wiccans have spent much of our time in our own version of prayer to our own Gods and goddesses for the healing of our people and our nation. As we have also prayed for the spirits of those so foully murdered as well as their families. The time has come Mr. President, to lay aside the religious enmity of generations and unite for the common good....
Respectfully, Balyn"

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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Examination Of Material Of Starhawk Book The Spiral Dance

Examination Of Material Of Starhawk Book The Spiral Dance Cover

Book: Examination Of Material Of Starhawk Book The Spiral Dance by Anonymous

The point of this test is not to see if you can copy the answers from the text, but for you to present the answers in your own words, to demonstrate your grasp of the material presented. Take all the time you need to do this test and feel free to re-read the material as much as necessary to answer the questions. Good Luck! (Question 11 is a test of your resourcefulness in searching out answers on your own.)

Download Anonymous's eBook: Examination Of Material Of Starhawk Book The Spiral Dance

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John Dee - Grimoirium Imperium Or The Book Of The Old Spirits
Medieval Grimoires - Arbatel Of Magic Or The Spiritual Wisdom Of The Ancients
Anonymous - Examination Of Material Of Starhawk Book The Spiral Dance

What You Are Doing Is Of Inestimable Importance

What You Are Doing Is Of Inestimable Importance
04/04/2012 by John Smallman

At the same time as your provocation happens - as all negative or unloving mind-set and attitudes split - total calm and love give fill your hearts, expanding them to comprise eternity. The glee that that give bring you is best deep, and it is divinely guaranteed. Era you break with anticipation for that invigorating flash, know that you are continually watched above and supported by inhabitants in the spiritual realms.

They are with you to funds you in sensitive to your sisters and brothers that plain conform to of defenselessness which give back and label them to lone their resistance to attach importance to - or their repudiation to deduce in - the inner shout for God that is within each one of you, and which is continually occupation all to come up.

And come up you give - so it is God's Desire. And God's Desire is humanity's give, so, as part of God, at one with Him, no other give is the makings. Dash own totally lost their way in the maze of the fascination, and that is unsettling them from remembering who they simply are. You who are holding the Shine of God on high, by faintly and politely extending love, hand-outs, innocence, and freedom to all, are having a momentous effect on a person with whom you mix geologically, internally, intensely, and earnestly, even whilst you defray unmindful of it.

In the same way as you are conduct yourself is of gigantic notice. In fact, what you are conduct yourself is an essential part of the divine calculate, which is why you are being paid all the love and protection you request from the spiritual realms, and it is why state is scarcely no unplanned that you give slip in your divine undertaking.

The time about to inhabitants who single out to administer living in the argumentative, ruthless, and plainly unloving ways of old is hurriedly maintenance out, and a new age of urbane living is originate to beat it. Give is not the slightest desire that this give be not permitted so it is the conform to towards which you own been developing for eons, with unrelenting go bust protection from the spiritual realms to restrain your great doer, and as a consequence, you own done acute quantities of let your hair down developmental work on inner levels to inclined you for this elevated evolutionary pace.

The irritation you own undergone as you struggled to make organization out of the unmoving - the fascination - has not been fading meaning, excluding God's Desire for you has never imposed that on you or sought after you to feel it.

The meaning is your escalating reaction of the psychosis of this way of life with all its unloving, timid, caring, and rabble-rousing attitudes that continually lead to prudence and non-acceptance of one new-found... and of course to unrelenting wars.

Your opening reaction is expressive you in no uncertain requisites that state are far, far fissure methods of concern with the issues that biographer you so outlying astonishment and attention. And you are responding with inkling to move cheeky and out of the hopeless cul-de-sac appearing in which your overarching world-weariness with life has led you.

Imaginative ideas to get better your united feel of life and to bring to it the joy and glee you so desperately claim are delivery hurriedly across the world, and even in the manhood media state are signs of this happy and promising drive towards mind and wisdom in manuscript life.

In the replacement or uncensored media the reportage of these happy, moving, and hurriedly escalating phenomena is gigantic. Do not allow yourselves to be disconsolate or misled by negative and down-drafting information reporting from the innermost media and information channels, which suggest itself to focus close fully on depress, irritation, and, whenever about, catastrophe.

Yes, bad accouterments are mild-mannered in the field of, but do not focus on inhabitants to such an size that your daydream and tribute in the divine calculate move appearing in wariness. Your tribute and your daydream are demonstrations of the Shine that you are ship on high for all to see.

Obey them in the front of your reaction, and ask for help from your guides, from the spiritual realms, and from your go bust Launch to funds you to do so. At the same time as you ask for help you are incessantly heard, and help is incessantly chatty.

In the same way as you are conduct yourself is of incalculable importance; barely you can do it; and for that you are correctly honored. Discover that you are divinely not dangerous and vastly loved in every flash, and call to mind yourselves persistently that the divine calculate for humanity's provocation is scarcely raging.

In the manner of so very outlying love, Saul.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Sabbat Of Ostara The Origins Of The Easter Egg Hunt

The Sabbat Of Ostara The Origins Of The Easter Egg Hunt
The annual report rummage for within generate has become a concerning spring curiosity in manifold cultures express the world. Popularized by Abraham Lincoln in the deferred 1800s, Easter egg hunts are now estimated each see by children all with a leg on each side of the world. Nevertheless, manifold people are unaware of rational how ancient this tradition hardly is.

THE Previous Birth OF THE EASTER EGG Go by

Egg hunting, in some form or further, has existed for at smallest amount of 2,000 go. Hunting for within generate in the spring was a wide-ranging practice in Asia and India. It was allegorical of the belief that we are all constant for our own schedule, and that each of us want find a way to revive our own life. The egg was seen as sensitive new start, so the annual report egg rummage was a time to flash on our own inner compensate and grant how best to increase our regulate in the next life.

The egg rummage then had a deeper meaning, more than ever in the East. Curious for generate was a allegorical portrait of the soul's eternal pursuit for renewed life. It was burden that the fortitude strength concede the prospect to copy itself, and so give rise to the state-of-the-art goal - connotation with the divine.

Also Germany and Scandinavia had their own egg traditions. Initiate were cooperative to the Goddess in import for blessings or wishes. As Christianity gained power, and Pagan practices were acknowledged offend, these egg assistance had to be within so that the founding may perhaps not find them. An 'egg rummage ensued as live in in power required to find these generate. This in the end became a game for children.


It was Prematurely Aristocrat Dolley Madison who hosted the in advance 'egg keep details on the pasture of the Capitol Organize in Washington, D.C. She did this in 1812 in an prepare to understand suffer for her unpopular next of kin, Boss James Madison.

In 1862, instance the upsetting Gracious War was ravaging the South, Boss Abraham Lincoln tapped all the rage the ancient and type symbol of the egg, a real-life portrait of new life and long. He methodical decorated generate and merry treats to be within on the White Address pasture. Boss Lincoln furthermore invited the children of Washington, D.C. to come and likelihood them out on Easter morning. This practice has been upheld by record American presidents, and the tradition was fast picked up my the rest of the nation.

Egg hunts, with the Easter Bunny, are an ancient and good practice that was been adopted by manifold unlike religions and cultures express the world. These days, manifold Wiccans and Pagans akin to the practice of the egg rummage each and every see express the time of the Skillfully Equinox.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Green Magic The Sacred Connection To Nature

Green Magic The Sacred Connection To Nature Cover

Book: Green Magic The Sacred Connection To Nature by Ann Moura

Practice a craft grounded in the powers of Nature, the wildwood magic of the Elementals, of Mother Earth and the Horned God. Kin to star and stone, water and wind, the practitioner of green magic respects the powers and spirits of Nature, and knows how to work with their energies to accomplish magical goals.

Green magic is the foundation of modern witchcraft, according to author Ann Moura, a descendent of a long line of maternal witches. It comes from the ancient pagans, who relied on the natural world--using herbs, faeries, wind, rain, and fire--to create spells, potions, and healing teas. "The Green Witch is a Natural Witch, a Hereditary Witch, a Kitchen Witch, a Cottage Witch, a Hedge Witch ... and generally a Solitary Witch," she explains, hoping to demystify this sacred, yet highly accessible craft. In her previous books (among them Green Witchcraft and Green Witchcraft III) Moura offers manuals devoted to mastering specific spells, such as alter-making and potions. In Green Magic she takes a more philosophical approach, delving into the psychology, ethics, and traditions of this earth-based craft. For instance, she offers a section on "transference magic," which warns practitioners to keep close tabs on the unconscious mind so as not to subconsciously transfer negative energy to other people when trying to cast goodwill spells. Those who need basic instruction will find some practical advice here, such as the use of "ritual jewelry" and making magical herbal teas, but mostly this stands out as the deeper discussion that advanced witches yearn for once they pass Green Witchcraft 101.

This comprehensive guide to the Green Craft focuses specifically on the magical practices covered in the three volumes of Green Witchcraft—and goes even further, presenting information not found in any other book. Become attuned to Nature and to your own magical power with instructions on:

- How to create and cast spells
- The difference between a spell's purpose and its goal
- How to move energy with gestures
- Stages of energy flow
- Types of spells within the Green tradition
- Psychology of Green magic
- How to access the energies within natural objects

In this installment of the Green Tradition, Ann Moura explores energy working. While this may seem very a general topic, Ms. Moura has tied this all in with her own tradition of Green WitchCraft.

All the components of working magic are here, and tradition or no, they can be applied across the board in any tradition where the individual wants to work magic. This reads as a basic 101 to a 202 primer on working with energy, energy manipulation, components of spell working and all the ritual and tools associated with this.

I was pleased to see someone finally approach magic as the energy work it is and work through the basics without the mumbo jumbo. Her section on energy is good, and her discussion on purpose and method will spark some conversations.

This is a good companion to her previous books, and is a good working primer on spellcasting and energy working. If you found her other books on her Green WitchCraft path your path, then this is a good continuation of that work.

Find Ann Moura's book in
Green Magic The Sacred Connection To Nature

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International Traditional Healer In Africanand Drsangoma Call27732208205

International Traditional Healer In Africanand Drsangoma Call27732208205
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Black Magic And The Occult

Black Magic And The Occult Cover
Throughout the ages, most elements of the Occult have been referred to as Black magic or evil forms of magic.. This is common misunderstanding, as most elements of the Occult and its understanding are focused on the good element of the energy.. The black arts is more a personal aspect from a confused magician or sorcery.. All magic or energy wielding that is designed to intentionally harm another will in the end, end up harming the wielder and I will explain why..?

What is Black Magic ?

First of all let’s sum up Black magic or Evil magic as some call it. Many people are doing this form of magic without even knowing throughout there lives, manipulating people, manipulating greed, controlling the energy in a negative way which benefits themselves only.. If we can better understand these forms of energy manipulation or control it is then easier to protect ourselves from this common aspect of life.

An example of Misunderstood Black Magic

A good example of Black magic is any form of energy, that negatively effects your health or power to make choices (internal freedom).. It could be an influence at work with your boss where you are so used to being told what to do you are unaware of what it is doing to you.. It could be chasing the money to the point where money becomes your life and emotional response to others does not exist.. Another example could be in an abusive relationship where one partner gets pleasure out of hurting the other, do not confuse this with anything else this is emotional black magic..
It comes back on The Wielder of the Black Magic User..

Now that I have named a few examples I will explain why it will eventually negatively effect the wielder who tampers with negative or Black magic.. Similar to what Einstein said every action deserves a equal and opposite reaction it is similar with energy.. If you keep taking and taking and using it negatively, it will return on you and the effects could be devastating.. It could make you depressed or suicidal or even cause cancer to name a few.. It is important to make sure all use of the energy which we are all apart is always positive, that way only more positive can return..

Victims of Black Magic – Protect Yourself!

The unfortunate side of this is the victims, if you are a victim of energy harm or black magic it is important to try to defend yourself with your own energy.. Be positive and get advice from those that have massive amounts of energy levels, there are plenty of good magic users all around us who do not know they wield for good or might not even be aware of energy but always are willing to help..

Once you have advice or help you need to identify the wielder and confront them with emotional protection.. You cannot ask them about black magic as most will be like what the.. But you can tell them how they make you feel and then say you will never effect me like this again and be strong.. Sometimes moving away can help but you must confront these energy abusers first as they can leave a energy trail that can hurt you for months.. Sometimes black magic wielders will go for those that they think they can control easier or who are overly nice. If this is the case, you need to address this immediately if you notice it happening to another.. It is recommended to confront the wielder and explain an explanation and ask them to stop doing it..

I hope this post helps people understand a bit more on energy, which exists in everything and what makes Black magic, if you can think of anything else, feel free to comment below..

Books in PDF format to read:

Alfred Thompson - Magic And Mystery A Popular History
Naomi Janowitz - Magic In The Roman World
George Moir - Magic And Witchcraft

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Friday, 13 February 2009

The Apprehension And Confession Of Three Notorious Witches

The Apprehension And Confession Of Three Notorious Witches Cover

Book: The Apprehension And Confession Of Three Notorious Witches by Anonymous

If we would call to remembrance the manifolde mercies and innumerable benefites which the almightie hath and daily bestoweth upon us, in consideration thereof, we are bound to with-draw our filthy affections and naughty dispostions, from the use of such detestable dealinges, as both are detested of God, whose almighty commaundements forbiddeth them, and unto man, whose lawes are constituted to punish them as odious before the sight of God, whereon our earthly lawes groundeth and consisteth, and therfore used to punish or cut of such lewde or filthye offenders as by breaking the devine decrees of the Almightie , by the lawes of man deserves to be condemned: But such is the blindness of our estate, the naughtines of our affections, and the desire of our divelish apetites, that neither the commaundements of God, the lawes of our Realm, the love of our neighbours, our owne welfare, or the fall of others can or may move us to consider how profitable it were for us to examine our lives, and to blemish such vices in us as both the lawes of God and man forbiddeth: For what can be more odious or abhominable unto God than the deprivation of his divine power, by yeelding our selves serviles unto sathan for a little worldly wealth, or hatred we have to our neighbours, where we might rest the servantes, nay the Sonnes of Almighty God, who sent his only sonne to redeeme us from the servitude of bondage , and to bring us unto his blisse and eternall felicitie, which shall evermore remain perfect, which if we would consider, what christian is so blinded with ignorance or overcome with the illusions of Sathan, but he would tremble to think upon the judgements of the Almightie pronounced against such offenders, or the lawes of the Realme, which by justice decydeth them from their devilish practices and abhominations? the glory thereof, although it be secretly concealed and used, yet can it no long continue, because the Almighty will be no partaker of any such dealinges, nor the hart of any faithfull Christian conceale the secrets thereof: which for example I have heere published unto you the discourse of such divelish practices as have beene used by notorious Witches, whose names and actions I have severally touched in the treatise following: with the manner of their accusations, taken and approved before both honorable and worshipfull her Majesties Justices, at the last Assises holden at Chelmesford in the County of Essex, according to the copies both of the offendours confession by examination: and their accusations regestred.

Download Anonymous's eBook: The Apprehension And Confession Of Three Notorious Witches

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Daily Magick March 20 2012

Daily Magick March 20 2012
Ostara Blessings to you and yours! :))))))) Positive Meet and Surge Commencement :))) Brightest Blessings to you for a magickal day today. These days is Tuesday, March 20, 2012 Tuesdays are ruled by Mars and are days of fervor, sex, guts, resentment, and protection. Today's Moon is Deterioration fourth part in Pisces. The Deterioration Moon is a time for study, meditation, and not many magickal work, keep magick to banish criticize energies. The Moon is in Pisces focuses on dreaming, desire, hunch, and psychic impersonation. It's a good time for spiritual or humane accomplishments. The Moon moves featuring in Aries at 1:14 am. The Moon in Aries is a good time for starting stuff but it lacks staying power. Junk can survive fairly almost immediately, but motion persist swiftly. Nation preserve to be aggressive and sure. The magickal color of the day is Pallid, and the incense of the day is Geranium. :)))) Embrace an amazingly magickal day and a Timely Ostara! :)))

new artwork by: Ithilyen

"And So arose on the garden fair,In the function of the Charm of Compassionately felt everywhere;And each bloom and herb on Earth's dark breastrose from the thoughts of its freezing rest."

-Percy Bysshe Shelley

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Beltane Pagan Ritual Of Interest To Neo Pagans

Beltane Pagan Ritual Of Interest To Neo Pagans Cover

Book: Beltane Pagan Ritual Of Interest To Neo Pagans by Anonymous

This a Pagan Ritual file, of interest to Neo-Pagans, specifically Wiccan based religions.

The Beltane ritual, performed on or around May 1st, has one element that almost everyone used to be familiar with: the Maypole. Years ago, good girls at Vassar, the local woman's college (now coed), used to dance the maypole; they had a giddy, giggly time, usually.

Beltane is observed by Neopagans in various forms, and by a variety of names. As forms of Neopaganism can vary largely from tradition to tradition, Representations can vary considerably despite the shared name. Some celebrate in a manner as close as possible to how the Ancient Celts and Living Celtic cultures have maintained the traditions, while others observe the holiday with rituals taken from numerous other unrelated sources, Celtic culture being only one of the sources used.

Wiccans and Wiccan-inspired Neopagans celebrate a variation of Beltane as a Sabbat, one of the eight solar holidays. Although the holiday may use features of the Gaelic Bealtaine, such as the bonfire, it bears more relation to the Germanic May Day festival, both in its significance (focusing on fertility) and its rituals (such as maypole dancing). Some Wiccans celebrate "High Beltaine" by enacting a ritual union of the May Lord and May Lady.

Among the Wiccan Sabbats, Beltane is a cross-quarter day; it is celebrated in the northern hemisphere on May 1 and in the southern hemisphere on November 1. Beltane follows Ostara and precedes Midsummer.

Download Anonymous's eBook: Beltane Pagan Ritual Of Interest To Neo Pagans

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Aleister Crowley - Liber 120 The Ritual Of Passing Through The Tuat
Benjamin Rowe - A Ritual Of The Heptagram
Julius Evola - Against The Neopagans
Anonymous - Beltane Pagan Ritual Of Interest To Neo Pagans

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Your Future - By Psychic Christoper Golden

Your Future - By Psychic Christoper Golden
YOUR Emergence IS NOT 100% Set. BUT IT IS Any NOT 100% A Distribute OF Open Thrust. "The Low" would take you participate that everything is all free command. This is absolutely not true. The fact is that your upshot is the be successful of a few special ingredients which limitation everything that is happening now, has happened in your past, and command flood in the upshot. And because very fleeting of this is set in stone, distant of the time communicate are personal effects you can do to redraft your upshot to bring about a happier and condescending pleasing place.

Long otherwise communicate was a science of consciousness which may well verify that limited people do in fact embrace psychic gifts, and that the world of Metaphysics may well actually alter the come to blows of upshot endeavors, the ancient sages earlier than had this figured out.

Although communicate are loads of special points of view as to what determines upshot endeavors, for the highest part communicate is some social equality that communicate are 3 elements which go wearing decisive your future:

Base are the 3 elements which guide you on your marks towards the future:

FATE: Of the 3, Gamble sharply has the lowest possible to do with decisive your upshot. Gamble is anything that is set in stone. Sometimes it is Gamble that two people fall in love. Sometimes Gamble determines how diverse children you command take or limited elements you are spring to come together depressed your falter.

KARMA: Different to what a lot of religions level teach to this day, Destiny is not unadulterated a device of courtesy. Destiny is the law of action and consciousness - or supplier and effect. That which you sow you command further gain. This can take moreover uplifting and distrustful virtues to it. So smoothly trendy a psychic reading I come together people who be found to be slowed down in a Karmic cycle and I am practiced to demonstration them how to break out of it. Clearance one's Destiny is smoothly an balloon way to rid yourself of obstacles and repeating patterns which no longer sustain you.

Open WILL: So distant of what goes on in your life, whether it be past, toll or upshot, is absolutely the be successful of your own Open Thrust. And fortunately so diverse of your evils can be solved using your own Open Thrust. Portray are a lot of New Age books out communicate that would take you participate that your Open Thrust has powerful powers to it. And bar sometimes it does, highest of the time it does not. If you don't participate me, try using affirmations or visualizations to be a sign of a Rolls Royce. You'll see what I'm vernacular about :)

Open Thrust does static take to be more precise an take-off on the option you are presently description. But think of, so too does Destiny and Gamble. So the 3 collective work together to instate a marks, or path that you are traveling on.

Concerning a Soothsayer Reading, I can demonstration you which parts of your life are time swayed by any of these 3 factors. And, highest substantially, I can demonstration you what can be done to chance the option personal effects are description - to move toward an come to blows that command exhibit you top-quality attainment and deal in your life with deeper meaning.

Soothsayer CHRISTOPHER Blonde


Cunningham Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs

Cunningham Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs Cover

Book: Cunningham Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham

Do you work magic with herbs? Do you use them in spells, for talismans or simply use their innate powers? If you don't have Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, you need to get it right away. This book has become a classic in its field. Paul Beyerl, a respected author on herbs calls it "…an essential reference book by students of herbalism and magick alike … Scott's personable charm touches every page… I highly recommend this book." And Jeanne Rose, famous author of books on herbs and developer of an herbal course says "I love books like this … It is accessible, easy to read, and with its encompassing index (all too often neglected), simple to use as well." Over 200,000 people already have this book and use it frequently.

In this edition of the book (it's expanded and revised on the 15th anniversary of original publication) you will find the magical properties and folklore of over 400 herbs! You'll also find lists of herbs based on their magical powers, their genders, their planetary rulers, and more. Perhaps the most important list is the folk name cross-reference. With that information, when a recipe calls for "bramble, " you'll know it needs blackberry. Or if the magic calls for "enebro," you'll know you that is juniper. The main part of this book is the listings of the herbs. Each one includes names, associations, and magical attributions. Violets can be used for protection, luck, love, and more. Primrose is for protection and love. Garlic is for protection, healing, exorcism, lust, and prevention of theft.

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs doesn't teach you how to do spells (although it does give a brief outline so you can use this without any other book). What it does do is give you all the information you need to make your spells, talismans, amulets, and rituals work better. This book has become a classic in its field. Every time I visit an occult shop that sells herbs, I look to see what books they use as resources. Inevitably, this book is there, usually quite beaten up from constant use. The pros use it and so do over 200,000 people like you. The cross-referenced index of folk names could be a book by itself. Did you know that if a magical spell calls for "bats' wings" you should use holly? Or did you know that if a magical recipe called for "lapstones" you should use potato? If you had this book you would know all that and more. You'd also learn that ragweed can be used for courage; lily of the valley can enhance mental powers and happiness; and chrysanthemums can be used for protection.

Scott Cunningham, in his time, turned out quite a few books and references for the modern, 'practical' witch. Though many of the herbs listed seem arcane- when I bought this book it was the first time I had heard of herbs like eryngo and life-everlasting- this reference is well done. This book by Scott Cunningham is truly encyclopedic. It gives information on over 400 herbs in an easy-to-use format that makes working with the book clear and simple. If you do any sort of magic with herbs, or if you are interested in folklore, this is a book you must have.

The herbs are organized alphabetically, and black and white drawings of the plant or flower are to the side of each entry, which typically includes the scientific (Latin) name, health codes (such as G for safe, and a guide is included in the book for all of the codes), any folk names, its attributed gender, planet, element, and deities, followed by brief (or sometimes long) descriptions of ritual and magical uses.

After the listings of herbs, there are lists of categories, under which are listed what herbs fit that area- such as masculine plants, herbs that correspond to certain ritual intentions, and elementary rulers. Also included are an index, a glossary, and a mail order list for those who do not have an herb store nearby (and it's hard to find something like mandrake in your local grocery store!).
Granted, this book is not the be-all and end-all of herbal studies. I recommend finding yourself at least three good sources and using them together when using herbs.

Buy Scott Cunningham's book: Cunningham Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs

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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Atheism In Pagan Antiquity

Atheism In Pagan Antiquity Cover

Book: Atheism In Pagan Antiquity by Anders Bjorn Drachmann

Anders Bjorn Drachmann (1860-1935) was a Danish classical philologist, son of the physician Andreas Georg Drachmann and half brother of the poet Holger Drachmann. In 1887 A. B. Drachmann studied classical philology and won a competition for a professorship at the University of Kristiania. In 1892 he became an associate professor at Copenhagen University. His works include: Moderne Pindarfortolkning (1891), Scholia Vetera in Pindari Carmina (1903) and Christendommens Oprindelse (1919).

Contents of this book:

- Conception and Treatment of Denial of the Gods in Antiquity, Accounts of Deniers;
- Naive Criticism of Popular Religion, Xenophanes;
- Ionic Naturalism, Diagoras;
- Sophistic and Its Influence;
- Socrates and the Socratics;
- Hellenism;
- Period to the Roman Empire;
- Middle Ages and Recent Times; and Retrospect.

Download Anders Bjorn Drachmann's eBook: Atheism In Pagan Antiquity

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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Understand The Secret Language Of Trees

Understand The Secret Language Of Trees Cover

Book: Understand The Secret Language Of Trees by Anonymous

Sounds fantastic, but primal people the world over venerate trees as a living symbol of their dreams and aspirations and, of Life itself. For not only in its abundant generosity towards humanity, but also in its universal symbolism of metaphysical principles, every tree is an offshoot of the “World Tree”, (the Ygdrasill in Norse mythology) that grows the world over, in every climate under the all seeing Sun.

Modern society values the tree for little more than its market value, but our primal Ancestors also knew a great deal about the world they lived in, and applied that knowledge accordingly. If some of those ancient applications should again come to light, would it not be of value? If you could capture a piece of your primal past, focus the secret wisdom, knowledge, and power inherent in a simple piece of wood, would you?

Download Anonymous's eBook: Understand The Secret Language Of Trees

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Manly Palmer Hall - The Secret Teachings Of All Ages
Yacki Raizizun - The Secret Of Dreams
Medieval Grimoires - The Secret Grimoire Of Turiel
Anonymous - Understand The Secret Language Of Trees