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Friday, 13 February 2009

The Apprehension And Confession Of Three Notorious Witches

The Apprehension And Confession Of Three Notorious Witches Cover

Book: The Apprehension And Confession Of Three Notorious Witches by Anonymous

If we would call to remembrance the manifolde mercies and innumerable benefites which the almightie hath and daily bestoweth upon us, in consideration thereof, we are bound to with-draw our filthy affections and naughty dispostions, from the use of such detestable dealinges, as both are detested of God, whose almighty commaundements forbiddeth them, and unto man, whose lawes are constituted to punish them as odious before the sight of God, whereon our earthly lawes groundeth and consisteth, and therfore used to punish or cut of such lewde or filthye offenders as by breaking the devine decrees of the Almightie , by the lawes of man deserves to be condemned: But such is the blindness of our estate, the naughtines of our affections, and the desire of our divelish apetites, that neither the commaundements of God, the lawes of our Realm, the love of our neighbours, our owne welfare, or the fall of others can or may move us to consider how profitable it were for us to examine our lives, and to blemish such vices in us as both the lawes of God and man forbiddeth: For what can be more odious or abhominable unto God than the deprivation of his divine power, by yeelding our selves serviles unto sathan for a little worldly wealth, or hatred we have to our neighbours, where we might rest the servantes, nay the Sonnes of Almighty God, who sent his only sonne to redeeme us from the servitude of bondage , and to bring us unto his blisse and eternall felicitie, which shall evermore remain perfect, which if we would consider, what christian is so blinded with ignorance or overcome with the illusions of Sathan, but he would tremble to think upon the judgements of the Almightie pronounced against such offenders, or the lawes of the Realme, which by justice decydeth them from their devilish practices and abhominations? the glory thereof, although it be secretly concealed and used, yet can it no long continue, because the Almighty will be no partaker of any such dealinges, nor the hart of any faithfull Christian conceale the secrets thereof: which for example I have heere published unto you the discourse of such divelish practices as have beene used by notorious Witches, whose names and actions I have severally touched in the treatise following: with the manner of their accusations, taken and approved before both honorable and worshipfull her Majesties Justices, at the last Assises holden at Chelmesford in the County of Essex, according to the copies both of the offendours confession by examination: and their accusations regestred.

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