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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Anatomy Of A Candle

Anatomy Of A Candle Cover First, we need to think about how a candle works... Many people don't realize that the wax is what really fuels the candle, not the wick. The flame heats the wax to a liquid, the liquid wax gets sucked up the wick, and then burns, creating more heat and Starting the cycle over again.


Many different materials can act as a wick, though some better than others. Basically anything made of a fiber (Wood, cotton, etc.) can act as a wick. This is why you need to be careful with such Things as burning paper around candles. An errant piece of burning paper that touches a candle can act as a short-term Second wick. This has been known to cause all kinds of problems.


Wax is a very flammable substance. When it's heated to it's melting temperature, it has a lot of properties in common with oil or grease. It burns easily, it's lighter than water, and can spontaneously combust at a high enough temperature.

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Thursday, 23 August 2007

Calling The Quarters

Calling The Quarters Cover

"Ye, Wanderer of the Wind, come join this moment of rest. Come and
let us speak of Thought and Concept. Tell your tale here, that I
might partake of your wisdom, and learn of your experiences.


"Ye, Wanderer of the Sun, come join in this moment of rest. Come and
let us speak of Passions and Glories. Tell your tale here, that I
might partake of your wisdom, and learn of your experiences."


"Ye, Wanderer of the Storm, come join in this moment of rest.
Come and let us speak of Love and Peace. Tell your tale here,
that I might partake of your wisdom, and learn of your experiences."


"Ye, Wanderer of the Earth, come join this moment of rest. Come and
let us speak of Honour and Home. Tell your tale here, that I might
Partake of your wisdom and learn of your experiences."


"Ye, Wanderer of the Essence, come and join this rest. Come and
let us speak of Creation and Life. Tell your tale here, that I
might partake of your wisdom, and learn of your experiences."


"Ye, Wanderer of the Realm, come and join this rest. Come and let
us speak of Blacksoul and Path. Tell your tale here, that I might
partake of your wisdom, and learn of your experiences."

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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Salem Witchcraft Comprising More Wonders Of The Invisible World

Salem Witchcraft Comprising More Wonders Of The Invisible World Cover

Book review: Salem Witchcraft Comprising More Wonders Of The Invisible World by Cotton Mather

we are told in Wonders of the Inviftble Worlds "that the devils were walking about our ftreets with lengthened chains, making a dreadful noife in our ears; and brimftone (even without a metaphor) was making a horrid and helliih flench in our noftrils ; " and, " that the devil, exhibiting himfelf ordinarily as a black man, had decoyed a fearful knot of proud, froward, ignorant, envious and malicious creatures, to lift themfelves in his horrid fervice, by entering their names in a book tendered unto them ; and that they have had their meetings and facraments, and affociated themfelves to deftroy the kingdom of our Lord Jefus Chrift, in thefe parts of the world; having each of them their fpedres, or devils, commiffioned by them, and reprefenting of them to be the engines of their malice, by thefe wicked fpedlres feizing poor people about the country, with various and bloody torments, and of thofe evidently preternatural torments fome have died ; and that they have bewitched fome even fo far as to make them felf-deftroyers, and others in many towns here and there languifhed under their evil hands — the people, thus afBided, miferably fcratched and bitten ; and that the fame invifible furies did ftick pins in them, and fcald them, diftort and difjoint them, with a thoufand other plagues; and fometimes drag them out of their chambers, and carry them over trees and hills, miles together, many of them being tempted to fign the devil's laws — thofe furies, whereof feveral have killed more people perhaps than would ferve to make a village " — If this be the true ftate of the afflidions of this country, it is very deplorable, and beyond all other outward calamities miferable. But if, on the other fide, the matter be, as others do underftand it, that the devil has been too hard for us by his temptations, figns, and lying wonders, with the help of pernicious notions, formerly imbibed and profefled ; together with the accufations of a parcel of pofleffed, diftradled or lying wenches,* accufing their innocent neighbours, pretending they fee their fpeftres, i. e. devils in their likenefs, afflidling of them ; and that God in righteous judgment (after men had afcribed his power to witches, of commiflioning devils to do thefe things) may have given them over to ftrong delufions to believe lies, &c., and to let loofe the devils of envy, hatred, pride, cruelty and malice againfl: each other, yet ftill difguifed under the mafk of zeal for God, and left them to the branding one another with the odious name of witch ; and upon the accufation of thofe above mentioned, brother to accufe and profecute brother, children their parents, paftors and teachers their immediate flock, unto death ;

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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

A Brief Explanation Of Wicca

A Brief Explanation Of Wicca Cover Wiccan Beliefs

• Every person, animal, rock, fish, tree, insect, bird, and plant is part of one great life force, which animates the universe.
• Existence of magick (spelled differently to differentiate from stage magic)-often described as the bending and forming of natural energy to create will.
• All energy should be used wisely and in order to help the world as a whole and not for individual gain.
• The soul is eternal…constantly expanding its spiritual knowledge through reincarnation until it has achieved perfection, upon which it enters a heaven-like realm.
• Wiccans DO NOT believe in Satan or Hell, for both of them are Christian concepts that give evil form and therefore give it power.
• Wiccans DO NOT believe in hexes and curses.
• Wiccans believe that no one religion is right and therefore, they do not try to convert others unless they come willingly by their own knowledge.

Wiccan Deities

• The moon goddess symbolizes the purity and power within every woman.
• Her trinity is the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.
• She is also the mother of all things and protector of nature.
• The god of hunt symbolizes the strength and courage of every man.
• His trinity can be recognized as the Warrior, Hunter, and Protector.
• He is the father of all things and is the true spirit of nature and all of it’s creatures.

Wiccan Impact on Life

• Although Wicca is the 5th largest religion in the US, it is often still discriminated against and was (until just recently) not recognized as a religion.
• This may be because this old and wise religion is being falsely depicted in such media such as: Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Craft, etc.


-Wicca (although misunderstood by many people today) is a peaceful, eco-friendly, and (most importantly)legitimate religion. It has changed in various ways through out the years, but it has survived...what we have today is just an evolved fraction of the "witchcraft of old," reminding us that knowledge can open up new ideas and close others...leading us to a better understanding of the world around us. Even though Wicca might not be as popular as some of the other nonpagan religions, we must recognize that no one religion has the ultimate answer and that all religions form a sort of diamond around the truth...each one only seeing it's side.

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Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Charms Spells And Formulas

Charms Spells And Formulas Cover

Book: Charms Spells And Formulas by Ray Malbrough

How would you like to increase the power of your magick? Now you can, with the help of real Louisiana Hoodoo. In Charms, Spells & Formulas, you'll find rituals and recipes for incenses, oils, powders and washes that you can use to make changes in your life. But that's just the beginning. You'll learn the secrets of how to make gris-gris bag charms for any purpose. You also get full Instructions on how to set up your altar and perform the ritual to charge the bag so that it becomes a powerful magical tool. Need to improve your health or love life? Make a gris-gris bag!
You'll also learn how to make magical dolls from cloth and clay, and how to increase the power of magical candles by adding herbs to them.
Do you think you might have been given the "evil eye?" You'll learn how to overcome it with the instructions given here. The book also includes full instructions on how to use prayers and Bible psalms to solve your problems.

Charms, Spells & Formulas is an excellent Introductory book for those who follow paths other than Wicca. In fact, I think that it is better suited for those who are interested in voodoo or some variant thereof. The one thing that I did not like about this book is that I wanted it to be longer! There is a wide variety of information and I feel that Ray Malbrough did an excellent job touching base on so many different topics. It contains associations on colors, herbs, candles, and more. It goes into a little detail about voodoo practices and the blending in of Catholicism. I highly suggest that readers who enjoyed this book check out Malbrough's "The Magical Power of the Saints," which goes into greater detail on the Saints than what was briefly touched upon in this book, along with explaining novenas and the 7 day candles. As a non-Wiccan Witch that practices the style of magic as presented in these books, I feel that both are excellent and are ones that I continually refer to.

"charms spells and Formulas" contains recipes that really helped me in my life. At the time, I was recently divorced and was in need of a part-time job to make ends meet. I had been applying for jobs all over town, for months, to no avail. I made the money drawing oil as listed in the book. Within the week, I got a new job. Some of the ingredients were hard to find but I own other books that suggest substitutions. I also tried the Sweet Bottle spell, and my love life is thriving!

Hoodoo is a tradition that is 200 years old. Within these pages you'll find the secrets of genuine Hoodoo and be able to put them to use! You can use Hoodoo to help get rid of illness and bring prosperity, find romance and get rid of bad luck. If you are doing any sort of magick at all, you'll find that the techniques in this book will powerfully enhance your magick. And if you're new to magick, you'll be surprised at just how successful the magick in this book can be. Are you ready to really make a change in your life? With the help of this book and some common herbs, you can do it. Get this book today!

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Thursday, 2 August 2007

The Secret History Of Modern Witchcraft

The Secret History Of Modern Witchcraft Cover

Book: The Secret History Of Modern Witchcraft by Allen Greenfield

This monograph has a long history. The earliest published draft appeared in a small, independent radical journal during my sojourn in Florida in the middle 1980s. I was at that time closely associated with the OTO, but was not then an initiate member. I had been in close contact with Wiccan and other Neopagan groups at that time for over a decade.

I had been a welcome guest in many Neopagan circles, from Northern California to Southern Florida, and was widely, although inaccurately, described as a "Neopagan writer" (as in Margot Adler's Drawing Down the Moon). I was frequently published in the journal of the Church of All Worlds, Green Egg. Several years later, a revised and updated version appeared in the first issue of LAShTAL, the journal of Eulis Lodge OTO, which by then I had joined.

Since that time, the essay has been repeatedly updated and revised. After I lost my bid for it, the copy of Ye Book of Ye Arte Magical in the Ripley Collection was sold to a private collector with pro Wiccan sympathies (or so I have heard) and has disappeared from view, though I understand each page has been photographed and will likely appear soon in facsimile, for all to judge for themselves. I got a VERY good look at it, and expect no serious surprises.

A bootleg edition of this essay appeared in Canada in 2003. This version has never before been published before, and was prepared especially for this anthology. It was one of the editor's selections—I claim no connection to, or responsibility for any of the other selections published here, any more than I do for the choice of titles of the volume itself. But this essay is a product of some nearly twenty years of research and revision on my part. There are conjectures that might be wrong, and certainly satirical points not intended to be taken at face value, but it is a carefully measured, honest appraisal of the origins of "the old religion" as it has called itself, or Wicca. It is not an attack on a system of beliefs.

My bottom line is that Wicca is not related historically in any way other than literary inspiration to any aboriginal pagan religion. It is, in fact, a product of the 1930s and '40s, hugely influenced by the rituals of Freemasonry, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). It, in fact, is a errant direct descendent of an OTO encampment in London chartered by Aleister Crowley, then the OTO Grand Master General, and under direction of Crowley's student and would-be successor, Gerald Gardner. It is interesting to observe that Crowley's Acting Master of Agape Lodge OTO in America in the same period also wrote extensively a few years later on a "revival of witchcraft".

The present revision includes newer insights into the early claims concerning Gerald Gardner relative to his status in the OTO. Several letters published by Bill Heidrick, International Grand Treasurer General of the OTO, exchanged between Lady Frieda Harris and both Karl Germer and Frederic Mellinger, immediately after Aleister Crowley's death, add new insight. Br. Heidrick was kind enough to provide me with copies of these letters in my preparations for the previous revision of this essay. There is also an important letter by Gerald Gardner to Vernon Symmonds, written during the same period. A copy of the latter was kindly provided by Sabazius X°, the present U.S. Grand Master General of the OTO. I have also carefully examined the correspondence between Crowley and the Gnostic Bishop W.B. Crow, in which Crowley explicitly refers to Gardner's encampment, indicating it had a future as an OTO Lodge and urging Crow to work with it.

I have additionally had occasion to closely examine the aforementioned writings of John Whiteside Parsons on the subject of modern witchcraft, written during at the end of the same period. It is of more than passing interest that Ye Book of Ye Arte Magical, the OTO Charter granted to Gerald Gardner by Aleister Crowley, the writings by Parsons on witchcraft, the publication of High Magic's Aid and the public emergence of Wicca all date from the same period, circa 1945-1950.

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Allen Greenfield - The Secret History Of Modern Witchcraft