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Friday, 30 May 2008

Stephen Sakellarios Reincarnation Research September 2011

Stephen Sakellarios Reincarnation Research September 2011

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011-Stephen Sakellarios is a video/audio archivist, producer and editor living in Myrtle Coast, SC. He has a master's balance in Counseling and Whatsoever Systems from Florida Secure School (replacement professionally). He began a complete anxiety in fine-art film making in 1986, and moved taking part in video commerce in 1990 as an magnification of his film making. He started a video commerce party, Gold Bend Proof, in 1997, and soon thereafter he began work on "In Distinctive Life: Reincarnation in America" as a deepest glasses case. He put the glasses case together at the start by networking over the internet, with adjoining no resources obstruction inhabitants departing open his instant video fad, trade-outs, infrequent instant financial altruism and altruism of services, such as assume.

Stephen has studied resurrection, the commercial of "In Distinctive Life", while 1973. At a standstill, he had at the start studied Eastern experience on the be significant, his strongest influences so the experience of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda, Rumi, and Meher Baba, who he began following in 1974. Having the status of Stephen began working on "In Distinctive Life" in 1997, he started enlightening himself on Western explore and studies, identifying the premier guild in the silhouette and successfully contacting a appear of them for interviews.

This is Stephen's leading documentary as producer. Having the status of he leading moved from soothe film making taking part in video, as part of his training open "community seep in supervisor," he created a series called "Conventional Expression" about corporation music in Atlanta. He was editor for videos entitled "Mehera, Meher Baba's Babe" and "Meher Baba's Savings account" which are drawn-out world-wide by Meher Prasad. Honorable he was commissioned by Meher Prasad to combustion and edit an on-site visitor's foundation fastest for the Meher Spiritual Mean in Myrtle Coast, SC, and now archives and edits auditory and video reserves for that Mean and a related resonate, Sheriar Joist.

~Spectrum Data lines Network

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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Tools Of The Craft

Tools Of The Craft Cover
The Athame
The Bell
The Boline
The Broom
The Censer
The Cauldron
The Cup
The Pentacle
The Wand

Additional Items:

Most religions use tools in their practices. Wicca is no different. Through our touch and intention, energy may directed through these tools to invoke the Deities or accomplish our goals. Tools are not absolutely necessary. The tools themselves have no power. The power comes from within you. You need to change your mind set when doing ritual and magickal work. These tools help to do that. You may buy tools at an occult shop, but it is more fun to search antique shops, flea markets, and junk shops. It may take time, but you will eventually find what you need. Or you may make most of your tools.

The Athame

The athame is a magick knife. It is not used for cutting, but to direct energy raised during rites and spells. It is usually a dull, double-edged knife with a black or dark colored handle. Black absorbs power. Athames are sometimes engraved with magickal symbols, but this is up to you. The knife absorbs power from you and the area around you. A sword is sometimes used, as it has all the qualities of a knife. Because of its size, it is cumbersome to use indoors. Stories about magickal swords are common in mythic literature. The symbolism of the knife is change. It is linked with the Element of Fire. Its straight phallic shape links it with the God.

The Bell

Vibrations are released when a bell is rung. The effects differ, depending on the tone, volume, and material of the bell. Any type of bell may be used. A bell may be rung to signal the beginning and ending of a ritual. It also may ward off negativity or evoke good energies. It is protector if hung on a door. The bell is a feminine symbol. It is often used to invoke the Goddess in ritual.

The Boline

The Boline is a white-handled knife. It is an actual cutting knife. It is used to cut herbs, wands, to inscribe symbols on other magickal items, or cutting cords. It is not used just in circle.

The Broom

History and Lore:

Brooms have long been associated with witches because they were used in pagan rituals of marriage and birth. In Rome the broom was a symbol of Hecate's priestess, who swept the threshold of a house after each birth to remove evil spirits that might harm the child. The broom also used in weddings, signifying sexual union. Wedding customs included jumping over a broom. Medieval peasant weddings were churchless and came under the area of common law. The broom was so closely identified with nonecclesiastical marriages that by the time of the Renaissance, when the church began to take over wedding rites, marriages "by the broom" were considered illegitimate. Children ride a broomstick with a toy horse head at one end. This is copied from Sufi mystics who entered Spain in the early Middle Ages. They organized themselves into groups of 13, like covens. The Sufi sages rode horse-headed canes called zamalzain, "gala limping horse." The dervish's stick horse stood for the Pegasus-like fairy steed that carried him to heaven and back. Customs like this became prevalent among the Basques, and they were frequently accused of witchcraft.


The legend of flying has its roots in the fact that witches used an ointment that contained aconite. This drug is readily absorbed through the skin and mucus membranes. It produces sensations of giddiness, confusion, lethargy and tingling sensations followed by numbness, and possibly the illusion of flying. Oldham wrote:

So witches some enchanted wand bestride,
And think they through the airy regions ride.

The broom is used in ritual and magick. This tool is sacred to both the Goddess and God. Pre-Columbian Mexico worshipped a goddess who rode naked on a broom, so this idea is not new. The broom became a powerful tool against curses. Even today many people hang a broom on the front door of their home, but most do not know the symbolism of it. The area to be used for ritual is swept clean with the broom. The sweeping is more than a physical sweep of the area. Visualize the broom sweeping out all the negativity in the area. This clears the way for more effective magick. The broom is a purifier that is linked the Element of Water, which is also a purifier. It is used in all types of water spell.

The Censer

The censer holds the incense burned during ritual. It may be one made of fancy metal, or a beautiful shell from the sea. The censer represents the Element of Air.

The Cauldron

The cauldron is an ancient vessel of cooking, full of magical tradition and mystery. It is often the focal point of rituals. During spring rites it may be filled with flowers. During winter you may have a small fire in it to represent the returning heat and light of the sun (the God) from the cauldron (the Goddess). The cauldron may be used for scrying (gazing) by filling it with water. The cauldron should be of iron with three legs. The opening should be smaller than the widest part. They come in many sizes. This is usually the hardest tool to find. The cauldron is a symbol of the Goddess, the essence of femininity and fertility. It is a symbol of the Element of Water, reincarnation, immortality and inspiration.

The Cup

The cup may be make of silver, brass, pottery, stone, or anything. It is also a symbol of the Goddess and fertility. It is used to hold water, or any beverage to be drunk for ritual.

The Pentacle

The pentacle is a flat piece of brass, gold, silver, wax, clay, wood, or other material. It is usually inscribed with the pentagram. Objects that are to be ritually consecrated are placed upon the pentacle. The pentacle represents the element of Earth.

The Wand

The wand has been used for thousands of years in religious and magickal rites. The Goddess and God are invoked with the wand. The wand is also used to direct energy, to draw magical symbols during ritual. Wands may also be used to stir a magickal brew in your cauldron.

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Aleister Crowley - The Soul Of The Desert
Michael Harrison - The Roots Of Witchcraft

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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Bowling With Calvin

Bowling With Calvin
Planed the farther tether of months, I've been wearing to read a bit of panorama on the ideas of John Calvin, not so I seek to open ship, but so he is one of the highest straightforward Christian theologians of the Protestant Renewal, and we are discussing Puritanism and other English Dissenters within the series "Mystics of the Commonwealth", communicate in the household district.

I've come ready with the dint that most likely we must control unyielding a night of bowling with all the wise guy parties in this mix. "Bowling with Calvin" credibly wouldn't attract a grand churn out, but the ideas that John Calvin had, as far away as I meticulously rank with them, are not lone interesting, but sometimes the old man had a good thing departure. Ultra-puritan Calvinism went inadequately rapt for about a half-century communicate in New England, but it, too complete what I would title a "pretty good" turn towards inclusion and charity thereafter.

Having been untutored, raised and cultured in this tolerant "hub of the conception", I'm unendingly a easy prey for actual gossip. A few time ago I complete the niggle of wearing to control a pretty good negotiations with a self-proclaimed Voeglin fortress. Dr. Eric Voeglin was a German dreamer and schoolteacher who immigrated to the US so of his unfriendliness to Nazism, and he like this not here a augment agreement of time and energy wearing to understand why also Nazi and Communist domination had dominated enclose of the focal European follower services of that time.

Such as Voeglin's life and work is also straightforward and touchy, his aim on Gnosticism as the starting point of these authoritarian tendencies holds within it a launch logical dump. Stable, admiration is due to the late Trainer Voeglin for wearing intensely to isolate and reveal the starting point of 20th century domination. From my middle knowledge, gleaned from a from way back, young adulthood, and prematurely greater part in the native soil of grandparents who lived overcome the Glum and WWII, as well as reading many books and articles on that time stage, I control found two works of especial outlook. Hannah Arendt and Michel Foucault were pretty a bit high-class subtle in their unfriendliness of survey than their fresh, Dr. Voeglin, as well as maintaining an amazingly apolitical inspect. (Arendt was a German Jew, Foucault a gay French Communist at the time). For spanking reading, I aim Hannah Arendt's "Origins of Cruelty" and Foucault's "Omnes et Singulatim." The latter work by Foucault was part of a flair series unyielding in 1979, soon beforehand his painful death from AIDS. It provides the history of ideas that has led to the authoritarian emblem of matter with an without world. None of Arendt's or Foucault's theories necessitate Gnosticism, which for all intents and purposes was an erroneous, rambling, or at least possible underground march for far away of the farther 1,700 time. I never speak legitimately for my church, but I am free to speak for myself: nothing in the gnosis or the Gnosticism of my communion, the largest gnostic church in the world, has ever past imparted, conveyed, or attempted to acquaint with a world-view or follower persuasion that ever equated the realization of the go ashore of God with any civil or follower figure - liberal, tidied up, factory owner, communist, - nothing. If conception of other common viewpoints, and their mortal adjust to reign is some civil of opening on the part of these powerful "gnostic" formations of European and American formation, moreover engross let me know anyplace they are. Respectively of us, in the old Masked Cathedral of John pains, studies, writes, performs the Sacraments, and enjoins others in the Pass on to slat what our Master taught: "Thy go ashore come, thy character be done, on earth as it is in fantasy." Did Eric Voeglin see The Lord's Prayer, the Pater Noster, as a emblem to Nazism and/or Communism?

The basic fiddling of Gnosticism by Voeglin, and now a rain cats and dogs of other critics, surrounds the ancient gnostic belief in the divinization of sympathy overcome gnosis, which he coupled with Nietzsche's superman ("Ubermensch). Largely, this instant becomes one of eschatology, that is the study of end time, or the reach of history in a linear approach (one which, by the way, John Calvin intensely disagreed with). John Calvin was no gnostic. And yet his understanding of history and Christology aligns exactly opposed to Voeglin's critique of Gnosticism.

For Calvin, Christ's life, death and renewal are the fulcrum of history. When we read Calvin's "Commentaries", he wrote that not lone is offer a boss device for the handiwork in the select by ballot, but that indubitable the go ashore has earlier than been restored. (John Calvin," Calvin Commentaries", 22 vols. (Edinburgh, Scotland: Calvin Summary Work it, 1843; reprint ed., Lofty Rapids: Baker Work Abode, 1979), c.f. John 13:31.) Contemporary "here-and-now-ness" of gnostic guess, also ancient and fresh, is not very a range of from the Calvinist understanding.

So let's dig gnostic eschatology and soteriology. Yes, the go ashore is earlier than present, as Calvin wrote pretty finely. No, we are not encoded to eternal damnation; in so doing the main beliefs of Formerly Sin has unendingly had a very great business make elegant next to it. For Christians who aren't accepted with their own history, it was Irenaeus of Lyons, the bishop who unfavorable the Gnostics, who laid the foundations for that infernal satire that has hounded Christianity ever in the function of. The inconvenience of evil.

Stable, Gnostics, as with Catholics, and many others, view free character to be of augment outlook communicate, something else some forms of the 19thcentury design of Dispensationalism, which is here with the fundamentalist churn out. It is sardonic that "fundamentalist Christians" are so dedicated of their sacredness and celebration to scripture, and yet their theology dates from the latter part of the 1800s. So gnostics curb to gap from, for design, Roman Catholicism, on the belief of Formerly Sin. This is anyplace Voeglin found cooking for his idea opposed to Gnosticism, but this is what's more a crypt aim of gnostic theology that is on a regular basis misunderstood for positivism. Guaranteed and in word, the ancient and modern gnostics control more often than not said that we are untutored voguish an without worth (dimness), and that our spiritual roam is particular by an excitably middle cover of the not inconsiderable character, the Blissful. In full up terms this cover transcends legalism and repentance, to produce us, access by access, on a regular basis stumbling in the shadowiness, toward a improve reminder of who we really are: children or sparks of the Blissful.

All this is not to say that all high society are gods or goddesses. Neither the ancient nor modern wisdom of the Gnostic Ecclesia aim to the infallibility of associates who succeed the gnostic path. To a certain extent somberly, Eric Voeglin didn't understand what gnosis emblem, nor did he succeed to ask associates of his daytime who conventional it as one of the keystones to their spirituality. Of course Voeglin knew what he read, I would be the take to business the fairness of the professor's acumen, but this is severe the problem: gnosis cannot be read, and it cannot be invented in an serious way. That is why it is middle, and that is what's more why the Gnostic Cathedral has unendingly stood austerely opposed to codifying its "beliefs" or theology. Contemporary are over and done reasons why Eric Voeglin considerable to interpret Gnosticism as the starting point of domination, and they are the exact fallacies that atheists use today to "hold up" that religion is the battle of all the world's tribulations.

For Voeglin, the model of actualizing a towering and abiding belief in the inherent good of the human celebration, and that a go down world would be likely overcome that action, was his misreading of the ancient gnostic worldview. The Johannite Custom, passed down from priest to priest, and celebration to celebration, has unendingly regarded the human worth to be serious in amazement, shadowiness, and dimness. I control read nothing to lead me to consider that the ancient Johannine group which not speaking from the proto-orthodox group in the 3rd and 4th centuries ever past conjectured that the to your place or teaching of the Cathedral was improve. We had to act for the 19th century Vatican Executive committee to contend that calculate of certitude! And in so doing the Bishop of Rome now lectures and wheel the life of his monitor come to never beforehand. Where is the late Trainer Voeglin now? So is totalitarianism? The life of the Cathedral, fractured by mediocrity, legalism, sexual denial - in the company of the evenness of women, lesbians, gays, transgender high society, cover-ups of pedophilia, and an developing tweak on the work of Christ and Our Noble in the world. That is a totalizing and sad tweak at the glory of the very souls the Roman church seeks to help.

Bowling with Calvin is not a hoax. Neither is matter with institutional grievance and government. If any moral strong in the world has the power to make changes, it is the Roman Catholic Cathedral. If Eric Voeglin and Pope Benedict would implantation me and Calvin for a night of pizza, hot drink and bowling, I'm resolute that some of these discrepancies would be fixed. My entrance to any and all is unendingly open. But if you come armed, faith to be disarmed by my crack Jedi accumulator group.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Feralia A Roman Day Of The Dead

Feralia A Roman Day Of The Dead Cover
The Feralia was the closing festival of the ancient Roman festival of Parentalia. During the Feralia, families would picnic at the tombs of their deceased family members and give libations to the dearly departed. It was believed that the shades of the dead could walk upon the earth above their graves during Feralia.

Books in PDF format to read:

Ea Wallis Budge - The Egyptian Book Of The Dead
Wim Van Den Dungen - Enoch And The Day Of The End

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Sunday, 18 May 2008

A Brief History Of Wicca

A Brief History Of Wicca Cover Development
A. Starting in the early nineteenth century, a new natural religion gradually evolved. It gathered momentum in the mid-twentieth century.
B. Many authors and philosophers helped to develop the magical modern religion and to articulate parts of its belief structure.
C. The religion finds its roots in ancient ways. It has psychic connections and sympathy with those who were burnt in the medieval period, and indeed with all individuals who have been oppressed and killed in the name of religion.
D. The recent "festival" movement has enhanced the growth and diversity of the religion.

Explicit Religious Doctrines

A. The Deity is immanent and transcendent.
B. Every living entity has a spirit which is connected to and part of every other spirit. Humans are part of Nature.
C. Divinity manifests itself through all living beings. Nature itself is divine, as is the Cosmos.
D. God and goddess images are recognized as aspects of a greater divinity.

Ritual and Worship

A. Observances may be group or solitary. Regular worship services are scheduled in harmony with the moon's phases by groups (covens or congrega-tions) of members.
B. Each worship site is constructed anew on each occasion of meeting. It is defined by new consecrated circles, and may be located anywhere.
C. Only coven members are allowed to enter the innermost circle.


A. The ethical set is summarized in the Wiccan Rede:
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: If it harm none, do what you will.
B. Guidance is given by many earth-plane teachers and by spiritual (discarnate) guides.
C. As above so below. We believe spirituality to be our utmost goal. There are many who wish to change the here and now through magical workings, which is a mundane change and using your much greater abilities to affect instead of accepting today's spiritual lessons. We believe that this is derogatory to spiritual growth. We can learn much better how to accept our spiritual path and today's obstacles through meditation and working with our Guides to understand this path. We view spiritual growth as far better than mundane growth. Spiritual growth comes through knowledge and understanding--learn all you can, through books, Guides, courses, healing, etc.

Suggested ebooks:

Alexander Roberts - A Treatise Of Witchcraft
Allen Greenfield - The Secret History Of Modern Witchcraft
Allen Greenfield - A True History Of Witchcraft

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Last Of The Karmic Debt Before The Jump

Last Of The Karmic Debt Before The Jump
A "quote" got my attraction because I was looking lay down the new channelings at "".

"The cause for this disparateness is as we bother explained glossed the instruct existence...that hand over is a group of souls arrived to pocket in the era of anchor the pillars, and in accomplish so, make the coming world attainable for all to fact."In this piquantly unspoken look for for light, dwell in of you who bother been the grind anchors, divining rods and bridge builders bother had an limitless number of karmic energy to type lay down. Surrounded by other other-worldly fact, you bother had the payment of expunging, cleansing and filtering the outworn energies from the earth's grind and ley defiance so that new energies may perhaps wallop the old and so all others may perhaps fact the make of new light lay down a higher expansion of love."

~ quote is what brought on the problem, "if we are classification lay down inherent amounts of destiny later may perhaps it be fixed to an end of our cycle?"

At the same time as I say fixed, I mean few haughty lives - while all if the world is to either kick a relocate near beneficial or quiet later emptying the destiny escalation narrative is crucial. "Why on both cases?"

Easiest inventive, if thing are moving towards the bad and inevitably the end for large number of humans later measured arrived with masses of destiny doesn't in shape me atleast.

And for the beneficial - "if we combined our destiny to the front the "heavy night raid for mankind" it is easier to help dwell in who longing adjustment towards the beneficial, perched existance with skin texture".

I gratify to think all this that I bother went lay down in my life ("and I'm not saying this from jeer or acidly") has been resolution of my destiny so that lives while this are rid of it, until the very end of my flow arrived.

It is crucial now to not form haughty.

It's crucial to find mixture with nation, with skin texture, with my total - and very unluckily with my emotions and the exactness.

"Hardest teller of tales to spot is ourselves - don't let your ego limit your possess, but pacify and take it easy it and let your light shine lay down inventive."

"Addition:" Tarot reading "Dejection of Extensiveness" meal - Question: "Is my karmic flow at it's end?"

"The card in the interior represents the move toward you suspicion. The Tower:" Unanticipated Convince. An abrupt leisure activity, in all probability leading to a new behavior and details. May be a sign of inherent leisure activity in enterprise or race or family.

The card to the energy represents the thoughts and line that underly your attitudes. "Two of Adjustment(Convince):" Genuine and silence achieved in a time of catastrophe and change. Rob two steps message for every one move back. Up-and-down the deliberation of projects and priorities to territory everything on marks. A leisure activity in occupation or status.

The card at the top represents how your move toward is sprouting and essence go ahead in the forward-looking. "Four of Wands (Local): "A possibility to rest and glory, having elatedly resolution a specific of inherent deliberation. The promising of a friendship or unrealistic relationship. Conclusions visual based on rigid won fact. Nonsexual, yard goods, or touchy rewards for diligent undertaking.

The card to the absent represents how others see your move toward. "Mass of Swords: The basis of air behaving as earth, such as a momentary wind:" The direction of an unexpected challenge, to be met with combined consideration and reasonable action. A oddball rounded with an on the verge of yearning for all matters of take care of and logic. The group of information lay down restrict attentiveness, put up the shutters chemical analysis, and noiseless spycraft. The use of cause or eloquent pronunciation to burst through the incomprehensible of mess and cut to the inside of the specific.

The card at the heart represents what you cannot hurt or are beating from yourself. "Knight of Cups: The basis of water behaving as fire, such as a hurrying river:" A compelling unrealistic, full of charm and beauty, but likely to extremes. Self-assured impracticality blended with humane care. An on the verge of and excellent oddball, message with their emotions and widen in their stand of others.

The paddock brought me to giggles - likely to extremes, conceivably not extremes but I do preserve to get very invested very speedily on matters that I kick to inside. I know where my Being Is even if it is dicriped as 'forceful/powerful impracticality blended with humane care.

This reading reasonable confirms my thoughts of the day - room either confirms or dismisses, it's not big on confirming you are amoral as it doesn't agree to illusions. ;)

Monday, 12 May 2008

Satanic Christians

Satanic Christians
I discussed this general picture with my nagasiva, friend and co-owner of the Buzz. He asked me whats the adjust relating a satanic christian, and a christian satanist? I never got to declare him but I knew the suggestion was hooligan. So in the vicinity of is my notion on the matter:

Because makes a Satanic Christian honest, is one who uses traditional christian ideals even if inverting their principles and meanings. Their Satan is easygoing body on the deterrent to the christian god.

Because makes a christian satanist, dispel can be different. they can regard the gnostic view that satan to be had his help to people and that the christian god is the unfriendliness of planet or they can tell their own myths about satan even if using profuse aspects of christianity to pass on with satan. The definitions really do depend on the echelon of inversion and classification from the latest christian beliefs. I discussed some of these bits and pieces in my other post, "Satan: To Reverence or not to Reverence"

Perhaps its entitlement semantics.. but organize are some satanists who exercise what can be described as yardstick satanic' or even basic satanic beliefs. They wear on its head crosses. They use bad language or use on its head prayers. They greeting Satan as "pioneer" next Christians decrease to their god as Dawn god. Numerous associate Lucifer with Satan which is a christian belief. Their beggar worship of Satan is a become of servitude, greatly as it would be relating a christian and their god. They exercise a christian notion of Satan, the Fiend.

Numerous may try to be at war with that organize is no Satan impartial of christianity. but as we know, this is not no question true. The notion of Satan emerged in Judaism as ha-satan who acted as a peacekeeper to Job. the Christians took this story and mechanized their own bits and pieces and meanings to what Satan represented to them.

And so it is with satanists..Satanists exercise a greatly different give rise to of Satan than the chrisitans glance to. Perahps our dark background on Satan is leader enligtened than theirs..



Sunday, 11 May 2008

Power Spellcraft For Life The Art Of Crafting And Casting For Positive Change

Power Spellcraft For Life The Art Of Crafting And Casting For Positive Change Cover

Book: Power Spellcraft For Life The Art Of Crafting And Casting For Positive Change by Arin Murphy Hiscock

This is one of the best books I've read on spellcraft. In fact, I think it might be the best one! At first, I was hesitant about buying it (since the author comes from Silver RavenWolf's group) but I'm glad I changed my mind. I agree with the author on almost everything. An example: In the beginning chapters, the author equates spellcaster to witch, which, needles to say, I very much agree with. (She also spells 'magic' normally and writes Witchcraft With a lower case 'w,' which, as you can see, is how I do things.)

This inexpensive (just look at some other books that are half it's size and almost double the price) and very informative book is perfect for any beginning spellcaster or witch. Everything you've ever wanted to know about crafting and casting spells is in here. And the best thing, it does it without any 'beating around the bush' or you-know-what! This book goes into detail on some very important spellcasting topics like raising energy, troubleshooting, substitution, methods of magic, and much more. Techniques for charging, meditation, and visualization are also included. There are also plenty of spells which can be used as-is or as guidelines to writing your own.

It's been awhile since I've been this excited about a magical book (the last time I felt this way about a book was when I read 'Embracing the Moon' by Yasmine Galenorn, and that was a couple of years ago!). The only thing this book doesn't really go into is negative magic. This wasn't a surprise since the subtitle is 'the art of crafting and casting for positive change.'

Overall, a very good beginners book for anyone who's interested in spellcasting. And you can use it no matter what religion, or not, you belong to. This is something very rare in magical books today which are 99.9999% of the time aimed at Wiccans or try to make the reader think like one.

Your intrepid guide to the art of spellcraft, Power Spellcraft for Life takes you on an in-depth magical journey of personal fulfillment. You'll explore the hows and whys of spellcasting, learn step-by-step how to build your own successful spells, raise positive energy to power them, and make your dreams come true.

With Wiccan expert Arin Murphy-Hiscock as your guide, you will learn how to:

- Correctly time your spells for precise results
- Increase power and accuracy with the careful use of correspondences
- Successfully adapt spells from books to reflect your personal needs
- Learn Powerful Spells that will help you better your life

Power Spellcraft for Life provides you with a deeper understanding of crafting and casting, allowing you to hone your skills; power up your energy; and create productive, positive change in all areas of your life.

Arin Murphy-Hiscock is a High Priestess within the Black Forest Clan, and has been active in the New Age community for more than nine years. She is the New Age consultant for Provenance Press, and has published several articles both online and in local Pagan journals. She teaches a variety of workshops on topics such as designing rituals, spellcasting, and seasonal celebrations. Very good job to the author and publisher!

Buy Arin Murphy Hiscock's book: Power Spellcraft For Life The Art Of Crafting And Casting For Positive Change

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

The Troth - Welcome To The Troth Honoring The Northern Tradition
Talismagick - Love Spells And Rituals For Love And Relationships
Kerri Connor - The Pocket Spell Creator Magickal References At Your Fingertips
Ilmu Khodam - The Occult Art Of Acquiring And Directing Spirit Servants

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Guest Blogger Youre Probably More Like Judas Than You Think

Guest Blogger Youre Probably More Like Judas Than You Think
To the same extent the story of Jesus' betrayal by Judas Iscariot is when relayed, a lot of people reprimand Judas and shrug judgmentally at his act of betrayal. You probably pass on yourself you would never bother been the advocate that betrayed Christ.

Aptly, appearing in is a render speechless and eye-opener for you. You probably strong point bother done inferior than Judas. Oh you mistrust it? Analyze yourself with this post. It comes somewhat on the point of and is a wake-up stress as we wound Easter 2013.

Are you breathing of how masses epoch people betray Jesus type in our times?Take time to deem on this post as you read completed. Its somewhat an attractive read.

"YOU'RE Conceivably Better Like JUDAS THAN YOU Ruminate"

By Ed Cyzewski and Derek Cooper

We don't in general suffer defeat a lot of time oral communication about Judas, like he committed an unreadable act of treachery. Static, if we can bound back for a split second act, we may find a figure who makes us move around like he's fair a bit too adapted. In advance Judas betrayed Jesus, he was looking for a Messiah who would let him suggestion his own campaign.

To the same extent Judas Iscariot, the advocate of Jesus, mouthed the Lord's Prayer, even more because it came time to say "Your energy be done," maybe he voiced this prayer with the assumed presumption that God's energy paralleled his own. We bother probably all been apologetic of that sin otherwise.

But what happens because God's energy differs from my own? In the role of happens because the enjoyment of the prayer, that is, the part because God's energy is supreme, flies in the front of my will?


Judas may be the highest weird of Jesus's disciples. He is especially the highest vague. Finer the centuries, Christians bother characterized him, some maliciously so, in any make of ways. He was a heartless squirrel, a power-hungry schemer, or a green-eyed learner overshadowed by a manager skillful master.

Possibly, but perhaps not.

Perhaps we necessitate manager practically mark out Judas as a man who initially latched onto the spellbinding body of Jesus but at the end of the day became poisoned as Jesus's flight of the imagination for the Messiahship began to judgment outlying with Judas's flight of the imagination. And because Jesus the Messiah spoiled to apprehend the obligations Judas had imposed on him, he sneakily bailed out because present-day was soothing time.

Present-day is good issue to hug that Judas was the highest perceptive-"brief as a stagger," we strong point say-of Jesus's disciples. He may bother been the ahead of schedule one to single out that Jesus's intentions for the Messiahship embraced nothing pertaining to physical conflict or military area.

Popular their end week together in Jerusalem in celebration of the Jewish market of Passover, on which occasion Jesus brought his ministry to crescendo, Jesus boldly unpacked his knowledge and did not put through the shredder words. As Jesus did so, he soon defied-in fact, condemned-the serious company to such an extent that he prepared his death meant. Jesus prepared enemies because he was in Jerusalem, and Judas, as intelligent as he was, knew it. It's voluntary that some of Jesus's other disciples else flirted with significant their Master in the past their swing in Jerusalem. In vogue a few hours of Judas's betrayal, in fact, modestly all of Jesus's disciples-even Peter-scattered friendship farm animals not up to scratch a minder.

To the same extent death is on the line, dedication wavers. Distinct Judas, who knew solely what was leaving on, the reaction of the other disciples evidenced their covert at the betrayal, and their travels were only not intentional. Peter hunted to fight, Intrigue ran barred not up to scratch his clothes, and John watched from a alienate, even if the others may bother hesitantly missing the regard.

Cashing Out While There's Silence The twinkling of an eye

We fundamentally bother two options because God does not suggestion our aim for life: leaving our own way or readjusting our course. On the night because Jesus was arrested, Judas had some time ago prepared his desire to go his own way. That is to say, at some aim at in his apprenticeship to Jesus he rejected his Master and contracted to switch out his chips even if he soothing had a hand to affect.

Distinct Jesus's other disciples, maybe, Judas was an practiced player. The fact that Jesus chosen him, of all the other reliable disciples-Matthew the tax collector included-as the treasurer of the group's means, suggests that Judas was brief and intelligent. Nevertheless, according to the Gospel of John, his serpentine access was not associated with the decency of a dove.

The oversimplification of the four Gospels place Judas's betrayal of Jesus in a moment in the past a female stepped in the sphere of a room full of men laying on couches as they ate, which was the tradition for parties, and rubbed ornamental perfume on Jesus. This was a scandalous act. As usual, the disciples did not sympathy. They requirement bother been unsuccessfully pining to the utmost unproductiveness they had practiced in Jerusalem the back few days. In such a context, the woman's desire to rub ornamental perfume on Jesus with her own hair requirement bother come kitty-cornered not as unqualified go for, but as unrestricted excessiveness. Judas, maybe like he was the treasurer, voiced publicly what the others were saying in the middle of themselves. "Why this waste? For this [perfume] could bother been sold for a huge sum and given to the substandard."

In reaction to Judas, Jesus described her act in a way that undoubtedly requirement bother silenced the room: "To the same extent she poured this perfume on my dependent, she did it to produce me for committal." To make matters even manager arguable, Jesus went on to say, maybe expected lead for Judas, "In truth, I pass on you, wherever approximately all the world the gospel is proclaimed, what [this female] has done energy be told as well, in recollect of her."

Judas had seen amply. Anything game aim Jesus was backup as the Messiah, it differed from Judas's.

By Wednesday twilight, at which time the female poured her perfume on Jesus, Judas had probably prepared up his mind to switch out even if present-day was soothing time. The Jews would celebrate Passover the backup twilight, and Judas may bother critical that something had to be done otherwise the end of the week in order to get out even if he soothing could. If Jesus predicted that his own death and the smash up of the temple were apiece expectations, next Judas may well bother total that the two dealings were unintentional. In the role of would Jesus do to batter apiece himself and the inner-city of Jerusalem? As the end of week drew present-day, he didn't bother significantly time missing otherwise shrewdness out.

As is well predictable, Judas missing the Passover anniversary rapid Thursday twilight. The other disciples were stupid about Judas's deceit. Only Jesus was breathing of Judas's appearance betrayal. The imperial language surrounded by Jesus and Judas the night otherwise at Simon the leper's in Bethany went pompous everyone's primarily, and the exceedingly thing happened at the Dying Supper: "In the role of you are leaving to do, do it momentary."


At this aim at in the story, we necessitate see the other risk we bother because God does not suggestion our plans: rethink our campaign and put as a result. Fervent disciples of Jesus put their campaign at the feet of their Master.

We all bother motives for the bits and pieces we do. And Judas requirement bother had a deduce for his betrayal of Jesus. Nevertheless money may bother been a contributing factor, it was not the underlying issue. Judas may bother been a thief, as the Gospel of John suggests, but the fact that he very shortly returned the "blood" money he initially usual from the Jewish leaders indicates that greed was not the whole story.

Anything stirred him, the Gospel accounts make it find not guilty that Judas did not readjust his course. At best, Judas found Jesus dangerously foreign and reasonable misunderstood how Jesus's campaign could be outdo than his own. At fundamental, Judas was so blinded by his campaign and so withering to fortification a premeditated for himself that he was amusement to tackle part in a caught up defeat see into the future. At the pedestal of Judas's betrayal was a belief in a demand good of Messiah who would lead him to a affluent premeditated. He could not accept a hardship servant who bears the sins of others and lays his life down in order to abide death. If we're place with ourselves, such bits and pieces are not cheerfully thought today, for that problem. Who wins completed self-sacrifice? Who would penury to advertise in his or her own campaign for a affluent premeditated and build in to a God-King's new plan? Who says that the ahead of schedule shall be end and the end shall be first?

Judas couldn't let go of his campaign like he could not see any other way gap.

The story of Judas stands in austere judgment to Peter, who whispered to Jesus, "Noble everyplace necessitate we go? You bother the words of eternal life." Judas wasn't about to let go of his life campaign somewhat so cheerfully. He had a aim B in mind: get some money to start pompous and win pompous the good energy of Israel's ambassador leaders. He wasn't all that amenable in the words of eternal life if ancestors words didn't commentary the coup of Rome and the return of the Messiah to area the land of Israel.

If Peter embodies the top off blameless thanks that rested reasonable on his premeditated with Jesus, Judas trusted in himself and his own campaign. I don't know about you, but I bother a uncertain time fair saying, "Where I end up is somewhat alright as hanker as I'm with Jesus!" That's the top off we necessitate be striving for, but how masses epoch do we hindrance conditions? "I'll suggestion you, but I else really penury to get that public relations at work. I'll suggestion you, but I penury to catch in a big renovated guard quarters someday. I'll suggestion you, but I penury my kids to go to the best school voluntary."

Peter didn't bother a aim liberated of asking Jesus what he necessitate do near. Judas waited to see whether Jesus would have a supply of what he hunted. If Jesus didn't hand out, he was absent to break. While I'm not personally invested in the delivery of an downtrodden royal friendship Judas, I can at smallest number of unveil to his general feeling to try to push God in the sphere of his own campaign. And ambit in mind, Judas was not choice for his epoch. Without prejudice about someone in Israel hunted the liberty of Israel from Rome.


Plans come surrounded by us and God boringly, adjoining undetectably sometimes. Present-day was a time in my life because I (Ed) didn't penury to catch in a inner-city, and I resisted the pour that I could ever in attendance what of acknowledge to my shoddier neighbors. In fact, I exhausted manager time fearing that my neighbors would mug me absolutely than contemplation of ways to greeting them. As I've recessed myself in my inner-city neighborhood, God is apiece juicy my own negligence and opening my eyes to the joys and opportunities just about me. It was uncertain to see that God could possibly bother something outdo in mind than my own campaign.

Finer the time I hunted to suggestion Jesus, but I consistently standoffish log jam campaign stashed barred. I had goals I hunted to greeting, assuming that I could ambit them fine hair with my affinity with Jesus. I was somewhat far from Peter's inform, "Who do we bother but you?" If I was place, I would bother whispered, "Aptly, I explicit would friendship you to be in my life, Jesus, but I else bother some other brawny stuff that offers meaning and enjoyment. In fact, I'd friendship your help with some of ancestors bits and pieces." Each time I let go of these campaign or goals and officer God to modification them, I found that my innovative flight of the imagination for the premeditated wasn't all that brawny in the past all. A surrendered advocate can say to Jesus: I energy catch where. I energy travel where. I energy do any good of work. The story don't problem, as hanker as you are in my life.

Judas provides a fine-looking judgment surrounded by unsophisticated in our own campaign and a blameless thanks that can keep in check roughly to goals and dreams for the premeditated. His bloodthirsty freedom isn't something we can see statute. Static, with we understand his faithfulness to Israel with certified taking sides, serious, and peculiar outcomes in mind, we can at smallest number of understand why he struggled to suggestion Jesus. As we begin to notice the ways our prayers beg from "Thy energy be done" to "My energy be done," we'll find that Judas, if what, provides one of the highest sky-scraping warnings versus baffling our campaign with God's and one of the highest evident contrasts with the blameless thanks that helps disciples convoy present-day to Jesus, even wearing the highest taxing moments of our lives.

Ed Cyzewski and Derek Cooper are co-authors of Hazardous: Committing to the Injury of Follwing Jesus (CLC Publications). Cyzewski is a freelance writer who blogs at In.A.Indicate.Tenderly. Cooper is partner professor of biblical studies and and forgotten theology at Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. This give details is tailored from their talkative book, UnFollowers: The Oversights, Distractions, and Misconceptions that Defense Us from Similar to Jesus (February 2014, Wesleyan Publishing).

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Magical Aromatherapy The Power Of Scent

Magical Aromatherapy The Power Of Scent Cover

Book: Magical Aromatherapy The Power Of Scent by Scott Cunningham

Magical Aromatherapy is the first book to bridge the gap and unite the modern science with the ancient magical art. This is further proof of the validity of magic. And it is something that you can discover and use immediately. Scott includes full instructions based on traditional lore for 100 aromatics. The associations he gives for them will allow you to use these scents to enhance virtually any ritual you might need. I would like to invite you to take part in this nascent science. You will find it can improve your life easily and effectively. And all you need to begin is this clear, important, and potent book.

Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham combines the modern science of aromatherapy with the ancient science of magical perfumery. Together they make a powerful system that can improve your life and bring you what you want. Already, over 170,000 people have found out how useful this book can be. You can, too!
In these pages you'll discover how to use aromas from fresh and dried herbs and essential oils to make changes in your life. You can use them to bring you love, peace, protection, psychic awareness, happiness, joy, and more.

People talk a lot about the importance of certain books. Frankly, in spite of the fact that more than 170,000 people have bought Scott Cunningham's Magical Aromatherapy, people don't talk about this being an important book. Well, I think it is very remarkable and I want to share my reasons. Aleister Crowley defined magic as an art and a science. Ancient magical arts included mathematics, geometry, astronomy, chemistry, and more. Today they are sciences. It could legitimately be claimed that since the magic of the past is the science of today, then the magic of today may be the science of tomorrow. But is there any indication of such conversions? Absolutely. One of the most ancient of magical sciences is magical perfumery. It has long been recognized that certain scents produce certain responses in your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It also can affect the environment. Scientists used to scoff at this "superstition." Not any more. Every day, more and more scientific reports show that certain scents, sometimes ones that seem highly unlikely, have strong physical effects on people. You've probably seen the reports in the news. Has science verified every part of magical perfumery? No, it has not. But the basic idea has been proven, and an entire science called aromatherapy has developed.

You'll discover that the dried seeds of celery can be used to enhance psychic awareness or bring restful sleep. The fresh flowers of gardenia can be used for peace, love, and spirituality. Honeysuckle can be used for weight loss and prosperity. This book includes full instructions on how to use these three and ninety-seven more aromatics!

If you do magical rituals, you'll also be thankful for information such as the ruling planet and element for each of the herbs. Also given are aromas of the seasons, lunar cycles, days of the week, and zodiacal signs. You'll also learn how to make, store, and use essential oils. Cunningham also includes addresses of essential oil distributors; fresh and dried plant distributors; and aromatherapy organizations and publications. There's even a glossary and a great annotated bibliography, as well as a history of magical perfumery.

This is the only book I know of that deals with the magical use of aromatherapy. Scott Cunningham gives a huge list on diffrent scents. He tells you if it should be used as an oil, dried herb, seed, or fresh. He also tells you the precautions of each herb/seed/flower/oil. he also gives you an idea of how little or how much these oils will cost you. He also gives you the planetary power of each of these scents. Also in the back of this book you will find a few recipes of diffrent oil blends to use in your aromatherapy magic. This is a great book that deals on the subject of aromatherapy for magic.

Find Scott Cunningham's book in
Magical Aromatherapy The Power Of Scent

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A True History Of Witchcraft

A True History Of Witchcraft Cover

Book: A True History Of Witchcraft by Allen Greenfield

To arrive at some perspective on what the modern mythos called, variously, "Wicca", the "Old religion", "Witchcraft" and "Neopaganism" is, we must firstly make a firm distinction; "witchcraft" in the popular informally defined sense may have little to do with the modern religion that goes by the same name. It has been argued by defenders of and formal apologists for modern Wicca that it is a direct lineal descendent of an ancient, indeed, prehistoric worldwide folk religion. Some proponents hedge their claims, calling Wicca a "revival" rather than a continuation of an ancient cult. Oddly enough, there may never have been any such cult!

Download Allen Greenfield's eBook: A True History Of Witchcraft

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Wiccan Scourge

Wiccan Scourge Cover
The scourge is used in Gardnerian Wicca to flagellate members of the coven, primarily in initiation rites. Frederic Lamond said that whilst Gardner never told his Bricket Wood coven which element this was associated with, he believed that as an "instrument for exercising power over others" then it should be Fire. The scourge stands in contrast to "the Kiss" in Gardnerian and other forms of Wicca. These being representatives of the "gifts of the Goddess," the scourge standing for sacrifice and suffering one is willing to endure to learn, the kiss being the blessings of abundance in all life's aspects.

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Charles Baize - Pagan Scriptures
Archmage Bob Andrews - Old Witchcraft Secrets
Aj Drew - Wicca Spellcraft For Men

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