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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Pagan Potions Brew Magic Formula

Pagan Potions Brew Magic Formula Cover

Book: Pagan Potions Brew Magic Formula by Al Selden Leif

Potions are used in Pagan and wiccan spells and rituals for health and inner magic. Potions act as liquid carriers for magical power. Sometimes you will drink them, but more often they are applied to the skin. Purifying Sage Spray is one example of this type of potion.

Potions can charm, heal or cast a wicked spell. In strict terms, perfumes are potions, designed to lure someone into a love snare. "Boil, boil! Toil and trouble." Even Shakespeare paid homage to the magic art of potion-making. But potions do more than implement spells. Potions are used to treat every kind of ailment (think about fizzy Alka Seltzer). Potions are a part of ancient herb lore and reveal the staying power of some of the "old ways," even if some ingredients (porcupine quills!) are difficult to obtain.

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