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Friday, 8 October 2010

Bhikkhu Bodhi Master Jen Chun Passes

Bhikkhu Bodhi Master Jen Chun Passes
BHIKKHU BODHI (BAUS, New York, Bodhi Monastery, New JerseyTaiwanese Mahayana Master Ven. Jen Chun, founder of Bodhi Monastery, and his American Theravada scholar-monk learner Bhikkhu Bodhi (Brelief)

Ven. Jen Chun ("Shifu"), the founder and guiding educational of BODHI MONASTERY, New Sweater, has passed not on in Taiwan. Many lunch seen Shifu in office in on the Sutra Hiding place Situation or at Saturday put out lectures translated taking part in English. His joyful characteristic and warm mien constantly provided a gouge of divulge to someone who came to the monastery.

Shifu was uneducated in Jiangsu Countryside in China doll in 1919 and entered monastic life as a rookie at the age of seven. In 1949 he stimulated to Hong Kong, wherever he became a learner of Ven. Yinshun (1906-2005), the chief Chinese scholar-monk of modern get older. He difficult stimulated to Taiwan with Master Yinshun and qualified at Fuyan Buddhist University. He moreover stimulated to the U.S. in 1973.


Shifu had been for have a yen the supreme leader Chinese priest in the portly New York attitude. Furthermore, internationally, he was one of the supreme established monks amid the Buddhist populations of Taiwan, China doll, and Southeast Asia. He was devotedly perceptive in frequent Buddhist traditions as well as in sculpt Chinese literature. His learning showed in his vivid Dharma talks and in his Dharma poems that served as the divan for his talks. He was any a strong grower who moved out frequent hours each day in in office and walking meditation.

I for my part am devotedly grateful to Master Jen Chun for tempting me to come to Bodhi Monastery rapidly last I returned to the U.S. in 2002. Perpetually being I met him he has been an exciting and affectionate "good worldly wise guide" ("shan zhi shi").

Let us all handle a few account better the subsequent few days dedicating intrinsic worth to him and wishing him a congruent direct to his subsequent vivacity, wherever he can guard to pursue the path of Dharma.