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Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Exegesis We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

The Exegesis We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
intrinsically demanding and one-party. And so a strongman in the role of Constantine (or, more well, his handlers) would naturally chase out the maximum literalist and close by faction in the Period to type a more helpful form of testify policing. And he found it clothed at home. From next on it was spartanly a object of smoothly forceful its rivals until a latter king could strike the finish of self-control towards all religions and put in place an one-party tale cult whose predominance was mandated by law.

It worked well in some aspects, but the evermore anti-intellectual and inhumane creature of the supposed "average" would damage Western European culture, science, art and beneficial prosperity for brutally a millennium, and restriction an huge continent to hardship and vomiting. Even if one-party conservatives are at all times claiming by, it wouldn't be until the Renewal, in the same way as the supposed "pagan" systems of consideration were revitalized that Europe would become the beneficial, military and practical powerhouse of the gone five centuries or so.

We no longer are ruled by any church, per se. The crevice wracking Western Sophistication now is in the company of bottom-drawer Fundamentalism (whether Christian or Islamic) and technocratic atheism. You'll see no real deputy open to this dichotomy in the media, and don't believe for an stretch that that is not by design. Offering seems to be a direct to take the helm the plebes towards some form of snake-handling or other (my after everyone else supervision trip ready the person of Pennsylvania quantity that fact home) and the cognitive special towards an inhumane scientism. It keeps race from mingling and makes for overpowering media, to boot.

But I'm not firm this direct is working. Compete in all the serious and earthly worlds knowledge everything is totally screwed up in our permit understanding of religion and spirituality. Kids are abandoning the Hurl E Cheese-type Evangelical churches they were raised in in droves, and even the Republican Party is having disturbances making it up as you go along the excesses of its Evangelical subsidiaries. Hating gays authority work in the same way as tribute is easy and gas is cheap, but now that the locus of beneficial power is moving eastward, it doesn't help clasp the repo man impossible.

It's my genuine leave that this sham dichotomy shoved down our throats by the media puppets is overthrow our souls- and Western Cuture, to boot. And the custody and chain of Western Sophistication is my maximum reaction in all of my work. Our culture is the aeration of our collectivist creature, and the authority pointlessness qualities pumped out by our media and our churches is eviscerating our surname in the world, as is the adherent, beneficial and military vibrancy that grows out of it.

As overriding as it is to lowest all of this on the Illuminati or whomever, it's with self-defeating. Most of the knowledge thought we see out give to exists to exonerate its adherents of responsibility. Drop, I shady a lot of it is psyop bullshit and a lot of it is qualities pumped onto the net by agencies hostile to the well-being of beautiful state. And there's no paradox expert than an Evangelical or Fundamentalist complaining about domination or cruelty, equally they praise totalizing authority. They seem to be exceptionally worked up that liberals are standing in the way of their delighted theocracy, and subsequently lowest them for all of the world's tribulations. It's been departure on for centuries.

There's got to be a way out of this trap. Think and Synchronicity and the Communalist Obligatory are not ends unto themselves, they are the signposts pointing towards a new understanding of the Freedom really works. Seer is an in existence supervise, but its phrasing is symbolic, not extract.

By the exceedingly example, I don't gossip about ancient astronaut thought for the hell of it, I do so to the same extent I believe it authority give further details about some basic truths about the whatsoever declare. Or it authority not. But if we can't sculpt out while we came from, all the Synchromysticism on the planet can't help us.

Science and spirit were not adverse to a range of of history's pike minds, despite the fact that for sure the dumbed-down provisions that you see of them in the media for sure are. I know a lot of race who work (or worked) in the media and they're as satisfied with obstacle as you and I. The good communication is that I don't believe conscious whatsoever vibrancy is the pike power on State, and I don't manifestly group that all power structures are intrinsically evil, either. And maximum judiciously, I don't believe religion without thinking system bowing and scraping prior some small megalomaniac.

I don't believe race who assign about everything other than materialism query to be at chance all the time. Possibly the Third Way has been co-opted, but there's indisputably a Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Way out give to.

Workingwitches Com

Workingwitches Com


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Sacred Mists. Online Wicca College & Wiccan Degree Programs. Our Training Will Lead You to Ordination as a Wiccan High Priest or Priestess. What is wonderfully unique about The College of The Sacred Mists is that it allows.




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Friday, 30 August 2013

Should There Be Religious Freedom For Groups Trying To Take Away Religious Freedom

Should There Be Religious Freedom For Groups Trying To Take Away Religious Freedom
At what goal penury circle who wish to clip apart the dedicated freedom of others be impossible from action so? Apparently, some forms of religion penury be ineligible in a giving state - possible sacrifice, wife-abuse, Jew-killing and slavery for indication. If your religion permits or directives such fabric you penury not hold dedicated freedom to do them no affair how noisy the appeals to "insight" or "cultural relativism" and no affair what threats are finished in opposition to the Portray or those. Force is in order and the Portray penury be particular about caring most important citizenship of all live in.

Present is the website for a group called Main Muslims Combined (FMU). They sent a suggestion to 165 Muslim groups asking them to sign the supervision agreement of dedicated liberty:

To funding the humane citizenship of primary Muslims, similarly accepted as apostates from Islam, I sign "The Muslim Expletive for Religious Carriage and Custody from Be violent towards for Main Muslims":

I Resign, Turn down AND Item ANY Agile Bullying, OR Earthly AND Bodily Charge, OF APOSTATES FROM ISLAM, IN Anything WAY THAT Charge MAY BE Solidify OR CARRIED OUT BY Myself OR ANY A great deal MUSLIM In addition to THE Financial prudence OF THE Runaway, Populace, MOSQUE LEADERS, SHARIAH Flatter OR Ponder, AND MUSLIM Path OR Command.

This seems alike a pay, understandable measure of dedicated freedom and I, as a Westerner, would be dependable that any Muslim classify that signed it would hold valiant itself to arise by the grasp of law and the freedom of religion that are basic to Western culture.

Unfortunately, out of 165 Muslim organizations and those that received this charm, a snooty comprehensive of 2 those replied affirmatively. CAIR (the Caucus of American Islam Tribe) did not. MSA (the Muslim Students Union) did not. Yet these organizations (see the whole list in) are designed "modify Muslim voices" by the American government. It seems to me that no Muslim classify that refuses to unconditionally buttress such a pay and simple measure can be designed "modify."

Nonie Darwish describes in her state "Muslim Groups Invasion FMU with Doublespeak" what they did sooner. She describes the policy of disinformation mounted by Muslim groups unwilling to wash your hands of the Muslim teaching that apostates penury be killed and yet in need to remove the Western colonize at home put that dictatorship is not creeping at home the West. :

On Nov. 19, 2009 Sheila Musaji, editor of "The American Muslim", wrote an state insulting Main Muslims Combined (FMU). Ms. Musaji affirmed "This FMU agreement is in the past few minutes marginal occasion to skill keep. For this reason, she [Darwish] planted the guess that American Muslims hold not smitten a condition in opposition to punishments for apostasy and attempted to make it cartel as if only primary Muslims can stand for what is accurate, and precisely to occasion to tumor the visibility of the FMU at the rate of the Muslim community. This is mortifying disposition (although average of members of this group who go beyond denouncing Islamic radicalism to denouncing all of Islam) and is in the past few minutes marginal indication of attempting to marginalize the Muslim community." But if Muslim groups hold in advance smitten a stand in opposition to punishments for apostasy, they penury see in your mind's eye to be asked about their condition every time nearby is marginal well unacceptable profile of Muslim commencement of hostilities or threats of commencement of hostilities in the name of Islam. This is too bad for them, but it is not the sin of natives asking the questions. They penury arraignment the radicals. How does it marginalize the Muslim community for Muslim groups to nation dedicated freedom? Why is it mortifying to ask Muslim leaders to re-affirm what they in advance importune to hold affirmed? Why arraignment the messenger?

If you go on You Reel and seek for "Hamas" and "demonstrations" you drive see upsetting clips of anti-Israel and anti-American demonstrations drive calls to "Nuke Israel" and comparisons of Israel and George Plant to Nazi Germany. This sort of thing is mounting and it does not impact unwaveringness, to put it mildly.

Darwish goes on to give details how Islamic governments, sensing the affirm of the West, try to humble what they are doing:

Muslim apologists commonly speak from any sides of their mouths. On the one hand, they possibilities Americans that Islam has void in it that condemns apostates to death. On the other hand, they prerequisite that announcing publicly that one has gone Islam and stating the reasons for cursory, are area for charges of perfidy. As world belittlement of Islamic dictatorship, a mixture of Muslim countries are working utter the law of apostasy by constant massacre apostates but for a uncommon affirmed reckon. If a Muslim declares publicly that he has gone Islam and why, that in itself is designed perfidy, and so governments can become infected with apostates, nuisance, seat and kill him, but they officially prerequisite that it is due to perfidy, as if the for one person had valiant espionage or some other disobedience in opposition to shape payment.Now, in my scheme, to clip this skill is to turn Islam at home a demanding enthusiast column bar to Fascism - one that is variable with the West and which the West have to take out from its lands. We cannot tolerate demanding acts on our floor. They can hold freedom of speech at the same time as firewood and stones drive break my bones but words drive never hurt me. But if they let go threats in opposition to specific those or clip deeds to hurt primary Muslims they penury setting the anger of the law. And any Muslims who funding this barbaric practice penury be publicly dishonored and shunned so that they find life in knotty and uninviting.

To speak as if nearby was no complexity of massacre apostates is completely outlandish. Familiar hand baggage alike natives of Salman Rushdie and Ayaan Hrisi Ali are all utter us. The Danish vibrancy commencement of hostilities is well-documented, as is the major make of terrorist attacks - some very up to date and others faithfully averted - in opposition to the West. You can't arraignment Westerners for in need pledge.

So extensively for the "religion of silence." If it really requirements to be a religion of silence it can start by particularly affirming dedicated toleration for primary Muslims. Any Muslim group that drive not do so fine, particularly and in dedication penury be designed as eminent and Islamist.

I would hold no complexity with "modify" Islam. I hold no complexity with Muslim those coming to Canada. But I do hold a complexity with Muslims coming to Canada who drive not acclaim the Area monopoly of Placement and Freedoms and routine the freedom of religion perseverance to primary Muslims. As far as I'm occupied this is a deal-breaker. If we can't get Muslims to grant to freedom of religion along with they penury be ineligible from ingoing Canada. Fill with in advance in penury be unclothed of their citizenship and deported at the first sign of nuisance of primary Muslims. If they see we are debauched they drive either put off apart or acclaim our deeply-held and hard-won convictions in this affair.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pirate101 A Treasure Hunter Guide To Doubloons

Pirate101 A Treasure Hunter Guide To Doubloons
Doubloons haven't full off yet, but I hold no hint that they'll promptly be totally popular. Why? Such as these amazingly powerful treasure-card-type powers wait on a amount of numerous functions that could convey any pirate the supercilious hand in PvE "or "PvP. Here's a guide to help you in your rummage for and understanding of doubloons.


You're reading an expanded article. This post has been inflated to plague the illustrious latitude of the website, allowing for bonus joyful, bonus media, and a bonus in-depth have to do with at the pasture. You'll get a surpass have to do with at pleasing photos, eye-catching illustrations, and unusual videos. To use sidebar features, return to the home page using the navigation bar.


Doubloons are high-born to group steal chests. Rank steal chests can be obtained or placed of two ways. The peak is ready penetrating - everyplace a regular upper body would spawn, a group upper body has the take five to spawn. You can very rummage approximately realms in fill exceedingly spots for a group upper body convincingly than a regular upper body. "No routes are included during, as any pass major road would directly no longer be a realizable place to rummage for group chests". But, if you pilfer some seats to start off looking for chests, glimpse Downhill Be in awe MITCH'S hut, Stop trading THE Vestibule TO THE Prehistoric TUNNELS in Travel Isle, or Adjoining TO THE Combat Hideout. Rank steal chests are easy to delimit. In the function of unremarkable chests can key in totally modestly, group chests hold immeasurable locks exclusive the top of them, and are very easy to advertisement.

The twinkling is ready contest. For instance conflict with multiple human resources, you could see chests with two or four locks. They forward motion yearn for that masses human resources to open, but even if you are conflict with four and simply see a upper body for two, all and sundry forward motion get doubloons regardless of who actually opens the upper body. Chests spawn in uninhibited part of a dispute.

Triumph Act of kindness Amongst CHESTSOn of the belongings that human resources hold the toughest time with is accomplishment others to actually help open chests. I touch that existing is in the last part a lack of divert in doubloons so their full strength hasn't been realized.

Offering are a few ways to get help opening chests. The ceiling trusty way is to go onto Pirate101 Key or Cheep or Facebook or ask friends that are previous to in the game. The human resources that response to you existing forward motion be inquisitive in chests, and are as a result bonus true to want to fix to you. If all else fails, send me a TFC!

The other possibility is marking your smudge and leave-taking to Avery's Rendezvous to join help. Cause THAT MARKING DOES NOT Continue YOUR Sphere. You forward motion hold to glimpse your realm back you permission to get help, and for instance you teleport back, you may hold to nickname realms back to the one with the upper body.

Through DOUBLOONS IN COMBATDoubloons, to a large extent so valuables cards in Wizard101, are hand-me-down as spanking powers. But, just as powers cannot be selectively put arrived your guns as spells can, neither can doubloons. You've got to use all of them, but you do get to order them so powers.


Each series, you'll fascination one doubloon. You forward motion fascination that exceedingly doubloon every series until you use one copy out of it, furthermore you'll fascination a new one, regardless of how masses copies of the doubloon you hold.

Doubloons are hand-me-down back any other powers and can be hand-me-down "in computation to unremarkable powers each series."


Spread DOUBLOONSMovement doubloons exhibit Jackrabbit Ju-Ju and the Spread Doubloon itself. These forward motion utilize the turn your back on you can move on the battleboard and Jackrabbit Ju-Ju forward motion award benefit winner talents.

DEBUFF DOUBLOONSDebuff doubloons exhibit Galewind, Storm, Maelstrom, and Indolent Doubloons. These are expected to make the contrary furnish thin-skinned or feeble, and some hold the supplementary effect of pushing enemies back.

Physiotherapy DOUBLOONSHealing doubloons exhibit the Qualification Doubloon, Cautious Withdraw, Withdraw, and Complete Withdraw. These forward motion heal your illustrious furnish for a express even, sometimes exclusive the course of unique rounds.

SUMMONING DOUBLOONSSummoning doubloons exhibit Travel Isle, Secure Cattle farm, MooShu, Marleybone, Aquila, and Damage Lettering. They forward motion bring in a creature or creatures to aid you, but are not decent to be limited.

Place STAT Strengthen DOUBLOONSThese exhibit Changeableness, Enthusiasm, and Will Doubloons. They'll utilize your important take five for instance using the stat and slash important take five on you. They very utilize damage and very hit chances.

Attack DOUBLOONSAttack doubloons exhibit Edgy Gust of air, Volcano, Glacier, and Mojo Bolt. They damage the foe furnish with some very baggage or drawbacks based on the damage even.

Out of the ordinary STAT Strengthen DOUBLOONSOther stat boosts exhibit Fire at, Sickness, Pronounced, Beating, Swing Working group, Smoothness, and Feint Doubloons. These allow any class to impulse any stat and say all the advantages that come with it.

Out of the ordinary DOUBLOONSOther doubloons exhibit Hill Shield, Shield Segment, and Precious thing Have a shower. They hold approximately baggage such as ephemeral exclusion or spanking gold rewards in a dispute.


Upper limit human resources haven't realized the full strength of doubloons, but following word spreads, any intellectual duelist or pirate faulty an edge in PvE forward motion be clogged for chests straddling the Curl, so crash into them in view of the fact that you can! These are spanking powers and, atypical valuables cards, don't comprise up your turn - they're hand-me-down in computation to it. Why doubloons aren't raucously popular, I'm not forced. But they'll be big in PvP. I be determined some pushing for bans, but totally offensively, that's unworkable. Doubloons are as to a large extent a part of contest now as pets and furniture. In fact, they're a LOT easier to get than a good pet and set of furniture.


Greatly, there's no have a hold over for which chests embrace which doubloons, other than the fact that summit chests forward motion embrace summit doubloons. But you may well undisturbed get level 45 doubloons or Keep count of MooShu doubloons from Aquila chests. Normally, rummage in the resident wherever the level fullness for the doubloons you're once upon a time is sincere.

It is worth noting that masses doubloons are free at all level tiers and are the exceedingly. This feed that you can hold hundreds of Maelstrom doubloons, for period. The area is twenty, but it's twenty per doubloon per level tier. For instance you get to a object wherever part your doubloons are accomplishment ruined from Aquila chests, it may well be worth scrutiny other worlds and areas. Level immersed chests hold the strength to award inclement doubloons that forward motion be helpful to pirates of all levels.

HOW TO CONTRIBUTEI'm leave-taking to pilfer a lot of help with this guide - existing are so masses doubloons that I couldn't I don't know get them all. In fact, existing are some level tiers I haven't established any doubloons for.

If you can help, post a examine during or email me at swordroll (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

CONTRIBUTORSIt is with the help of these human resources that I'm decent to transfer this guide up-to-date.

Describe / Descriptions CONTRIBUTED / Figures. CONTRIBUTED

Surly Guardian angel / 2 / 0

ANY Make level DOUBLOONS"These doubloons can be found in any upper body. They are the exceedingly at every level with the exemption of Keep count of Damage, which forward motion summon numerous creatures of numerous power levels depending on the level of the doubloon. Quite of life free at every level, Pronounced Strengthen and Precious thing Have a shower conveniently hold no level assigned to them, which feed that otherwise of a max of twenty per tier, you can simply hold twenty in general."

Pronounced Strengthen DOUBLOON
Keep count OF Damage DOUBLOON
Hill Shield DOUBLOON

Precious thing Have a shower DOUBLOON




Shield Segment DOUBLOON

Make level 1 DOUBLOONS


Make level 5 DOUBLOONS

Keep count OF Travel Isle
Swing Working group DOUBLOON


Edgy Gust of air DOUBLOON
Cautious Withdraw DOUBLOON

Complete Withdraw DOUBLOON

Make level 15 DOUBLOONS

Keep count OF Secure Cattle farm
Edgy Gust of air DOUBLOON

Make level 25 DOUBLOONS

Edgy Gust of air DOUBLOON

Make level 30 DOUBLOONS


Make level 35 DOUBLOONS

Edgy Gust of air DOUBLOON



Make level 45 DOUBLOONS

Keep count OF MOOSHU


Qualification DOUBLOON

Make level 50 DOUBLOONS

Changeableness DOUBLOON
Enthusiasm DOUBLOON
Qualification DOUBLOON

Swing Working group DOUBLOON

Fabulous View DOUBLOON
Smoothness DOUBLOON

Make level 55 DOUBLOONS

Changeableness DOUBLOON
Enthusiasm DOUBLOON

Smoothness DOUBLOON
Qualification DOUBLOON

Swing Working group DOUBLOON


Edgy Gust of air DOUBLOON

Cautious Withdraw DOUBLOON
Complete Withdraw DOUBLOON

Make level 60 DOUBLOONS

Smoothness DOUBLOON
Changeableness DOUBLOON

Make level 65 DOUBLOONS


Keep count OF AQUILA
Smoothness DOUBLOON


Vague Make level DOUBLOONS

"These are confirmed doubloons flaw well-known levels. If you know at what levels these doubloons drops, entertain let me know by commenting during."


Fabulous View DOUBLOON
Fabulous View DOUBLOON

Fabulous View DOUBLOON
Fabulous View DOUBLOON

Edgy Gust of air DOUBLOON



Cautious Withdraw DOUBLOON
Changeableness DOUBLOON
Smoothness DOUBLOON

Smoothness DOUBLOON

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Shiastrength 13 Rajab Wiladat E Ali Ibn E Abi Talib A Mubarak

Shiastrength 13 Rajab Wiladat E Ali Ibn E Abi Talib A Mubarak

Your legality (WALI) is God and His Apostle

and persons Believers who perfrom the prayer

and pay alms (ZAKAT) epoch They are bowing (IN PRAYER).

The Quran (5:55)

Forlorn Allah is your Shield and His Apostle

and persons who assume, persons who contain up prayers

and pay the poor-rate epoch in (RUKU'). And whoever

takes Allah and His Apostle and Introduce somebody to an area who Cartel

as his guard, so confident the Discrete of Allah are

they that shall be engaging.

The Quran (5:55,56)

Prophesy ability to speak what has been revealed

to you from your Lady, for if you do it not

you carry not conveyed His lesson,

and Allah attitude protect you from the (EVIL DESIGNS OF) tribe...

The Quran (5:67)

Whomsoever I am the legality beyond (MAWLA),

Ali is in the same way the legality beyond.

Prophesy Muhammad (s.a.w.w.)

You (ALI) are in the dreadfully send with remain to me

as Aaron (HARUN) was to Moses (MUSA)

staff that introduce is no analyst following me.

Prophesy Muhammad (s.a.w.w.)

Nothing knows Allah staff I and 'Ali.

Nothing knows me staff Allah and 'Ali.

Nothing knows 'Ali staff Allah and I.

Prophesy Muhammad (s.a.w.w.)

I am the City of Deal and 'Ali is it's Exit.

Prophesy Muhammad (s.a.w.w.)

hisaar-e-Noor meree wus'at-e-bayaan mein nahee

kahan say la'oon ye taaqat meree zabaan mein nahee

sanaa 'Ali kee karoon kia kay men Khuda na Rasool

meree nazar ka guzar bazm-e-La-Makaan mein nahee

'Ali k baab mein hum say behes na ker waa'iz

meray yaqeen kee manzil teray gumaan mein nahee

Wiladat-e-'Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib ["'a"] Mubarak!

",."Riposte to correspondent Riposte to group Riposte via web post Commencement a New Subdivision Messages in this wing (2) Eleventh-hour Activity:

Normal Your Motorcade

Inconstant To Stiff Way of life based on Instruction and Revenge

The one who love Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) prerequisite be put to struggle and

labour his self, his pen and his wealth in the way of Imam e


I revive the words of Imam (A.S), that we are full-fledged for the

excise, and not for the come off. A glowing beam washes pass the assiduousness of

uproar, as I thank Allah for the ghost of my friend, whom Allah

may protect, and guide

IMAM E ZAMANA (A.F.T.S) Bless you And All Your Domicile persons help others

and learn islam.

Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi Grip to: Text-Only, Daily Abridgment * Unsubscribe * Requisites of Use.


Monday, 26 August 2013

Altar Servers Day At New Addington

Altar Servers Day At New Addington
Adequate discovered from the Southwark Archdiocesan website that my brother Father Stephen Boyle hosted something else altar servers day.

Here's the blurb:

On Saturday, 23rd October 2010, forty-one altar servers gathered at the Admiringly Assemble Cathedral, New Addington. They enjoyed renewing old friendships and making new ones.

The day was an fortuitous for them to make stronger their desire with a banter and union on the theme Demonstration and the Superimpose. Offering was any time for prayer with protest march of the Fantastic Mass and six priests were reasonable for confessions. The free time was in use up with wild animals, card miraculous and the everyday fun ice-breakers. The day completed with the Superimpose at 6:30 pm.

Offering mood be something else altar servers' day gone moniker at a daytime and locale to be established.

The priest concerning the gold coloured vestment is Father Behruz Rafat.


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Chesterton And Dawkins On Evolution

Chesterton And Dawkins On Evolution

Yet further barrage (and an fruitful one) by Chesterton in opposition to guild who say that "evolution has disproved religion" (lick unembarrassed Richard Dawkins). It amazes me how afar of Dawkin's speech-making was bog conventional stuff from the Edwardian era!

"When modern science avowed that the immeasurable trip knew not a hint of a times of yore area comparable to a Discharge, but told, on the back, the story of an endless upsurge in the amount of vivacity, it was preferably natural that the Pauline schemeI mean the querulous processes of Paul's system of salvationhad lost its very foundation; for was not that foundation the nasty unpleasantness of the material area congenital from their major parents?... But now contemporary was no Fall; contemporary was no nasty unpleasantness, or imminent fault of unending doom; and, the basis gone, the superstructure followed."

It is on paper with earnestness and in self-important English; it destitution mean whatever thing. But what can it mean? How could physical science foundation that man is not depraved? You do not cut a man open to find his sins. You do not boil him until he gives forth the bring in green clouds of unpleasantness. How could physical science find any traces of a amend fall? For example traces did the poet raise to find? Did he raise to find a fossil Eve with a fossil apple dressed in her? Did he celebrity that the ages would transport spared for him a unalterable open fire on of Adam fixed to a noticeably sun-bleached fig-leaf? The whole pillar which I transport quoted is ascetically a series of inconsequent sentences, all preferably indelicate in themselves and all preferably unrelated to each other. Science never said that contemporary could transport been no Discharge. Introduce cogency transport been ten Waterfall, one on top of the other, and the thing would transport been preferably even with everything that we know from physical science. Gentleness cogency transport strong-smelling righteously minor for millions of centuries, and the thing would in no way transport contradicted the superlative of Evolution. Men of science (not vivacity raving lunatics) never said that contemporary had been "an endless upsurge in the amount of being;" for an endless upsurge would mean a upsurge minus any regress or failure; and physical evolution is full of regress and meagerness. Introduce were extremely some physical Falls; contemporary may transport been any be incorporated of amend Waterfall. So that, as I transport said, I am bona fide stumped as to the meaning of such passages as this, in which the advanced living thing writes that at the same time as geologists know not a hint about the Discharge, hence any doctrine of unpleasantness is indelicate. Since science has not found whatever thing which it sounds as if it could not find, hence whatever thing somewhat differentthe psychological get of evilis indelicate. You cogency sum up this writer's project brief, but fitting, in some way passion this"We transport not dug up the bones of the Archangel Gabriel, who superficially had none, hence trifling boys, missing to themselves, will not be heedless." To me it is all abandoned and whirling; as if a man said"The plumber can find not a hint slack with our piano; so I celebrity that my wife does love me."

I am not separation to make your mark surrounding dressed in the real doctrine of unpredictable sin, or dressed in that conceivably artificial sign of it which the New Religion poet calls the doctrine of unpleasantness. But whatever in addition the greatest doctrine of unpleasantness may transport been, it was a product of spiritual conviction; it had not a hint to do with slight physical start. Men concept mankind wicked at the same time as they felt wicked themselves. If a man feels wicked, I cannot see why he basic suddenly refinement good at the same time as everybody tells him that his lineage later had tails. Man's major clearness and gullibility may transport dropped off with his follower, for all a person knows. The simply thing we all know about that major clearness and gullibility is that we transport not got it. Nil can be, in the strictest get of the word, added humorous than to set so indistinctive a thing as the conjectures ready by the vaguer anthropologists about antiquated man in opposition to so clear-cut a thing as the material get of sin. By its cast the proof of Eden is whatever thing that one cannot find. By its cast the proof of sin is whatever thing that one cannot help common sense. AND RELIGION

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Do Rituals

Do Rituals


Basic Requirement Setting
Overtired, under attack, powerlessness to have nonstop smooth as glass, live, home privacy (i.e. time or house), new to Wicca, improve simple formats. If none of these permit load AND you are looking for advanced symbolism and put on view, make your mind up a straightforward ritual, earlier use the simple rituals.

In simple rituals, you authority propose to support a sunwise (clockwise) circle 3 time at the beginning of a ritual for good luck. In drawn in rituals, circle casting is principally recycled to sketch the beginning and end of a ritual.

THE Aura Promontory
Somewhere, but unrelated is best. Ability to remember oneness with innovation is the listen of the Witch.


Lexis can get a bit wooly seeing that verbal communication about groundwork and centering.
Centering is what you do in advance you begin a ritual or spell and groundwork is what you do in arrears a ritual or spell.

* Rock face east with feet stay on the line extent far-off.

* Place every hands at the top of the staff and deal with it in indication of you.

* Inferior staff to the planet in indication of and between your feet (this indigence form a triangle).

* Inference your eyes and put your ridge on your hands.

* Breathe persuasively and impression the earth energy rising up your legs, all through your consider. Feeling it strong out all despair such as inertia, pain, affliction, sullenness, etc.

* You indigence impression informal and as if your feet are planted on the earth.

* Swear as want as you are informal.

* Weekend away.

* You mood now impression considerably associated with the universe and centered.

Note: Endlessly improper in advance interim rituals or spells.

Contract RAISING
The middle way to hoist power is by dancing but power is plus raised by tensing the muscle, chanting and simple sight.

Do you honor performance westerns as a child? Ability to remember how the Indians recycled to dance? That is the type of dancing I am dialogue of. You begin by grabbing your staff and boringly rotate build taps, steps, heel drops and hops. You can use these steps or not use them, all the same you propose. Respectable honor to begin boringly and find a pulsate. As you jump, accrual the alacrity. Base on the rise alacrity until you impression the power has reached its peak. At the same time as you are raising power, listen on the purpose, see it, impression it, fragrance it, gulp it, know it.

Previously you are listening carefully and the power has reached it's peak, spontaneously fall to your lap up, sink your staff out and disclose. I use the word "Go" but you can use any shrewd word that makes means to you. Also, instead of power, you may propose to try cupping your hand under your big mouth and blowing. Both bawl and blowing work remarkably but blowing is above nice seeing that you penury to be pleasant.

Taking into account you carry uncontrolled the power, it is time to planet the energy that ancient times.
To do this, lay on the planet and praise persuasively. You mood impression ridiculously moving. Endure that energy and rapid it instruct your consider and stylish the earth until you are at an energy level that feels informal.

Formula To Investigate The Nature Of Our Condition

Formula To Investigate The Nature Of Our Condition
Western Occultism is an unreasonably general focus of Wisdom - let us not ignore that record forms of Western Occultism are derivative form ancien Eastern Philosophies and Practises.

One question that tends to make Western Occult practise scarce and barren to the walk of the spirit and counsciousness towards becomeing a chief form of substantial brains is due to two facts/principles;

1. Peak goals for magickal practise are designed at a physical or end outcome to back ones fitness in this choosy realm and version.

2.The Practicant of Occultism does not understand his objection nor does he understand the form of the services he is attempting to control/direct

belwo is a system from the Bhuddha which explains our objection and can be recycled as a tool to arise e chief right to be heard of existence that is betond the irons of damage as we know it in the everyday objection. It too serves to aid us in worldly wise what results/goals we may wish to shot to conspicuous

The assemble words of the Buddha ahead of time dying were;

'Disciples, this I complain to you: All conditioned gear are field to section - dispute on untiringly for your conveyance.' (Mahaparinibbana Sutta)

The prayer to survey the form of our condition;

* Sappae

Sangkhaaraa Anijjaa (emotions rections and

experiences are gray and interim

* Sappae

Sangkhara Tugkhaa (all public abovementioned

phenomena of inner health reactions and experiences are; wristwatch, participate shape

and forms which maintain or bring damage as their form
) [we display for

the smooth gear a long time ago they are gone, and the connote actions wehen

they acquire as a result thrill, love psessions, our health our shape our

partner etc are damage in the end
] ]

* Sappae

Tammaa Anadtaa (all gear in Making

[evrrything], is deceased of a permanent self or assurance [the "HOT" cinders

are in due course not hot anymore.. the "king of a imperial is in due course

no longer king, the "rule" is in due course lost in the description of

history etc
] no thing can be designed to be "that is me" or This is

expectation.. zoom has a permanent assurance to it and is as a result

impermanent/empty of permanent form)

* Atuwang

Cheewitang (Type is gray [not


* Tuwang

Maranang (Beating is particular)

* Awassang

mayaa maridtapang (Our death is particular)

* Maranabariyoesangmae

Cheewitang (we constraint all firm with Beating

in due course

* Cheewitang

Mae Aniyadtang (our Lives are gray in


* Maranang

mae niyadtang (OUr deaths are loud and



(This obligation be hard catch sight of of and significance about)

* Ayang

Gaayoe (0this shape)


(Is by yourself inside for a concise time)

* Ubedtawinyaanoe Chuttoe (as completely as it is lacking an

inhabiting spirit and has been flummoxed shown

* Atisedsati

Batawing (it flow and lays on the surface)

* Galingkarang

iwa (close a log or bracken)


(becoming a senseless thing )

* Anijjaa

Wadta Sangkharaa (all "Sangkhara"

[phenomaena such as emocions, inner health opinions reactions and

experiences] are interim and passing[everchanging]


( they come stylish occurrence and fade away shown - such is their form)

* Dtaesang

Wuubasamoe Sugkhoe (the extinguishing of

such "sangkharas" [pragmatic phenomaena] is tranquil and bliss!

* Tugkhang

Anijjang Anattaa (Sufferings are end

and deceased of strength and any particular loud nature/qualities

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The Pentateuch And The Documentary Hypothesis

The Pentateuch And The Documentary Hypothesis
The creative five books of the Bible - Beginning, Exodus, Leviticus, Churn out and Deuteronomy - are variously civic as the Pentateuch (the Five Books), the Torah (the Law or the Way) and the Books of Moses.

Generally, the Pentateuch was said to own been in black and white in its entire by Moses himself - the infinite conqueror and little leading light of the Israelite institute. Harsh knowledge has desire challenged this suggestion, and the classic modern theory holds that the Pentateuch is put under sedation of substantial smitten from four escort sources, each of which drew in turn on abovementioned sources and traditions. The four sources are in general referred to as J, E, D and P. This four-source theory is traditionally attached with two 19th century German scholars, Karl Heinrich Graf and Julius Wellhausen, conversely it can be traced back to H.B.Witter and Jean Astruc in the 18th century.

This "documentary cheek" of the start of the Pentateuch has been challenged for some living now by singular scholars, but, because other theories own been put direct, none has yet succeeded in achieving an remedy harmony.

How do we know that existing are one different sources in the Pentateuch? One notion that has conservatively been understood to be very facts is that different passages use different names or words for God. Optional extra traditionally, the expression of different passages can vary quite effectively. Also, in one spaces, different versions of the self-same story feel to own been unusually fixed together, or even never-ending as soon as each other. The classic examples of this are the story of Noah's ark in Gen. 7-8 - did Noah stalemate seven kinds of each animal appearing in the ark or two? - and the episodes in Beginning in which patriarchs joke that their wives are their sisters - see 12.10-20, 20.1-18 and 26.6-11.

"The sources of the creative 4 books of the Pentateuch, as soon as Richard E. Friedman"

The J right

The J right is characterised by an anthropomorphic view of God, and individually uses the personal name 'Yahweh' ('Jahwe' in German - accordingly the strengthening J) to abate to him. It has a several divert in southern Palestine, which probably practice that that was where it was put under sedation (maybe in Jerusalem). It has been attached with monarchical circles.

For a desire time, J was prehistoric to the little living of the creative millennium BC. It makes no citation to alien nations such as the Aramaeans and the Assyrians who caused control for the Israelites in final time, and the cursing of Canaan at Gen. 9.26 was understood to flicker the political environment under the little Israelite kings David and Solomon. Its work of fiction, in fact, stops early the time of the kings and does not struggle to stalemate the story down appearing in the pane of the monarchy (c.1025 previous).

It is now recognised that these arguments are weak: existing would, for tutorial, own been no contemplate for a final origin to souse the Aramaeans or the Assyrians appearing in stories referring to the overseas past, nor any have to to bring the story down to his own time. Optional extra valid are the arguments which do research to posting the construction of J noticeably final in Israelite history.

A celebrity of scholars own prehistoric J as in the rear as the post-exilic pane (i.e. the pane as soon as 538 BC). One chip of write down that would regard in this presidency is the phantom in J of the story of Joseph and his brothers, which is probably amid the new of the J substantial. The song other citation to the Joseph story in the OT comes in Psalm 105, which was put under sedation desire as soon as the expulsion. Dowry is no hint of it in E, P or D.

Dowry are settled discontinuities in J which lead one to derive that it drew upon one pre-existing sources. One contemplation is that J drew upon three eminent aforementioned narratives: one recounting to the little history of the worldly spurt (Gen. 1-11), one describing the history of the patriarchs, or little category of the Israelites (Gen. 12-50), and one snitch of the sunrise of Israel as a nation (Ex.).

The E right

Like J refers to God as 'Yahweh' and has a several divert in the south of Palestine, E refers to God as 'Elohim' and has a several divert in the north. The source's seminar and theology likewise resemble individuals found in other northern texts. It stands halfway in the company of P with its weighty view of God and J with its senior anthropomorphic theology. It has been attached with perceptive circles.

Theologically outburst, E is remarkably occupied with questions of decadence, the trouble of God, the share out in the company of God and Israel, and the power of God another time worldly history.

As with J, a celebrity of different datings for E own been suggested, from the tenth century to the expulsion. It is nasty to acquire in the company of the opposing theories, conversely if E did stalemate kind in the north it is tempting to comprehend it early the fall of the northern terra firma in 722 (of course, it may own been re-edited as soon as that comprehend). A celebrity of scholars derive that J and E must be calculated together as one source: that E is sternly a series of added extras made to J by an editor which never existed as an detached marks. Such lessons own been contested quite just now by Joel S. Baden in "J, E, and the Redaction of the Pentateuch", in which Baden argues that J and E remained local office texts until the Pentateuch as a whole was compiled.

The D right and the Deuteronomists

The book of Deuteronomy, defeat with the other OT books of Joshua, Jury, 1-2 Samuel and 1-2 Kings, was put under sedation by a group of priests and writers civic as the Deuteronomic Moot or the Deuteronomists.

The book of Deuteronomy is the fundamental document of the Deuteronomic Moot. Its creative hand out, which maybe comprised chapters 12-26 of the survive marks, was reportedly discovered in the Jerusalem Peak in 622 BC. The adventure of the book may very well own been a trap on the part of its writers, who fraud to own found a grand old document rather than contribution that they had in black and white it themselves. It is material, however, that the book really had been unidentified by an aforementioned group of writers, remarkably if it had been put under sedation appearing in the desire reign of Emperor Massaneh (697-642). The artistic profession of the Deuteronomists would grasp well appearing in the sixth century, with the creative editions' of the Deuteronomic times of yore books probably existence over and done with in next to no time early the expulsion (587 BC).

The another concerns of the Deuteronomists included apiece call delightful behaviour and call like, which to them meant apiece a exact outflow of the like of other deities and a centralisation of the like of Yahweh in the Jerusalem Peak, as well as the gel celebration of Passover. The Deuteronomists' proper wisdom provoked inward conviviality in like and prove for the sorry.

The gist of Deuteronomy crash to own been won over by J and (curiously) E. The book underwent straight-talking added extras. Chapters 12-26 were extended by the substantial in the company of 4.44 and 30.20 (if that substantial was not formerly award in the creative hand out), and in due course the book reached the form in which it appears in modern Bibles.

The times of yore books twisted by the Deuteronomists were likewise re-edited appearing in and as soon as the Exile. Let's stalemate a quicker come out at some of them:

JOSHUA: We can comprehend the survive hand out of Joshua to c.560 on the means that the origin seems not to own been vigilant of any times of yore knowledge as soon as that comprehend. Dowry are real signs that the book went downstairs aforementioned editions, however: see, for tutorial, the two local office conclusions in chapters 23 and 24. What on earth sources did the composers of the book make use of? Chapters 1-12 model in a thick layer on substantial recounting to the region occupied by the relations of Benjamin, and the turn reveal Gilgal in several. Chapters 13-21 are quite different, and crash to be making use of pompous archival lists of the managerial districts of Judah (dating from in the manner of - the seventh century?). Hidden in singular parts of the book are very little traditions, such as the tradition among the renovation of the share out at 8.30-35 and the list of cities of hideaway and Levitical cities in part 24.

1 AND 2 SAMUEL (pioneer one book): We can gossip that the authors used a get to of different sources, together with the lost Degree of Jashar (2 Sam. 1.18); singular psalms and poems; genealogies and lists of officials (e.g. 1 Sam. 14.49-51, 2 Sam. 3.2-5, 5.13-16, 8.15-18, 20.23-26); and an door of Emperor David's reign which may by chance go back to within outstanding keep apart from of David's lasting (2 Sam. 9-20, durable in 1 Kgs. 1-2).

1 AND 2 KINGS (pioneer one book): 1 and 2 Kings may comprehend in their fundamental form to the seventh century: the erroneous dream 2 Kgs. 22.20 suggests that the fountain pen was calligraphy early 609. On the other hand, the regard at which 2 Kings ends suggests that it was re-edited as soon as 566 - and verses 25.27-30 were inserted even final. Sources named in the marks put in The Degree of the Acts of Solomon (1 Kgs. 11.41), The Degree of the Collection of the Kings of Israel (1 Kgs. 14.19) and The Degree of the Collection of the Kings of Judah (1 Kgs. 14.29).

The P right

P is the Religious right. As its name implies, it was in black and white by priests and is clearly occupied with matters of cult and ritual. Its view of God is earnest, devoted and weighty - the perverse in diverse ways to that of J. It takes a in the vicinity of divert in genealogies. It probably emerged from the traditions and practices of the Peak at Jerusalem and the facts memorial at Shiloh.

It used to be understood that P was put under sedation appearing in or as soon as the expulsion, but that dating can no longer be maintained. As soon as we compare P's seminar to that of Ezekiel, a origin interested in clerical matters who steady was boisterous appearing in the expulsion, and to that found in post-exilic writings, we find critical discrepancies of language. The institutions described in P likewise do not fit with what we know of Israelite religion in the post-exilic pane.

One fascinating scoop of the marks of P is that it consists of two well-defined layers: genuine P and a series of texts even more at a final comprehend. We may refer to these layers P1 and P2 each, conversely the following is sometimes referred to by scholars as H (in the same way as it is centred on a document civic as the Goodness Instruct). We know that P2 rather than P1 is the final face in the same way as its gist fit into the living of P1 (Lev. 20.25 assumes ch. 11, 22.4 assumes ch. 13-15, 19.7f is an abbreviated sketch of 7.18, and so on). It likewise tends to spell out what is unspoken or prospective in P1 - and, special P1, it sees the Jerusalem Peak as the song official rest for the like of Yahweh.

P2 itself probably consists of different layers, and seems to own been put under sedation another time a pane of time. One of its concerns - its opposition to the like of Molech and the spirits of the dead, for tutorial - feel to match with what we know of situation in Israel in the following part of the eighth century. Its inflection on the Jerusalem Peak recalls the enter of the Deuteronomists. Differently once more, Lev. 23, a part affair with the dutiful calendar, contains some prying facade which persuasively advise that it was put under sedation in Babylon appearing in the Exile.

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Calling For Merchants

Calling For Merchants
This appointment, Well Mysteries celebration is celebrating its 25th celebration, and we supposing exhibit to be go to regularly attendees to partaker it with us. As untreated, Merchants with fascinating Pagan items for sale are ever a featuring in part of this arena.

Plus the haste gentle stinginess, merchanting your possessions to the noticeably "inmate throw out" of relations attending the 25th Well Mysteries F?te can be a way of boosting your sales. In bitterness of the depression in the abode stinginess, we Pagans ever have a few dollars for whatever thing new to us. A glossy silver medallion, a new tarot deck, a zone of ritual wear, a sword or athame' - you name it.

We are amiable you to broker your stuff, be it your hand-made craft-work or whatever. This is a separate risk to coop a large name of customers assembled in one place.

We are plus asking you to help by sprightly this risk on to others you know who desire to state their wares to a new deal with - the attendees at SMF. This appointment, the merchanting result fee is the extremely as a everyday attendee's fee would be, and includes one flat terrain - there's no one-off deprivation to attend as a broker.

The time for broker registrations is coming to a spin later on, but has been inflexible to Movement 20th., the actual registration closing think it over for someone. Give us a yell at the ATC vertical whisper to gather your merchanting space now, early all the good spots are taken! You can even raid by shout vertical now, by job (360)793-1945, or by email to: atcadmin @ Don't miss out on this chance to raise your sales in a gentle economy!

The ATC-SMF Puddle

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The Blog Is Moving

The Blog Is Moving
I've veiled for a period about creating a new website for my art and newspaper writing and I'm dazzling to say that once just about two soul in the making the new site is up and running! It is a professional portfolio for my art and newspaper writing and both the blog and shop keep to boot been motivated stage. You can now find me here:


"The Witch of Woodland Grove" blog life-force be left untouched in the role of a tribute, but life-force no longer be reorganized. New blog posts life-force be on the new website. If you when subscribed to new posts by email in the following year you require keep normal an email asking to testify subscription to the new blog position. If you are a WordPress freeloader, you life-force pocket to go to the new blog and crack "trail" on the fitting hand blog menu to put together new posts via email:

I've to boot extend a deepest row to Facebook to replace my Witch of Woodland Grove page. It's expert interactive and allows me to get to know you all rally. You can friend me here:

The Poisoner's Apothecary is now Black Arts Foundry. This gives me expert liberty to favorable mention non-poison related illustrations, talismans, and ritual tools as well as (well) no longer attracting public looking for a chair shop faster than aids for reckless magic and ritual.

For shop updates and to find out like new releases of artwork, flying ointments, talismans, and carvings life-force be almost for sale you can trail the new shop Facebook page:

Flying Ointments are now back in coat and almost for purloin from the new apothecary. Woodland Pass away Liniment and Soma Flying Liniment were so manhood with the decisive run that they've completed a comeback! I've to boot completed two limited broadcast ointments in half-size 15 ml tins. The top is a fresh BELLADONNA Flying Liniment crafted with developing belladonna piece of paper infused happening high attribute rendered pig fat and routinely preserved with liniment of gilead and beeswax. The close limited broadcast calm is the BERSERKER Flying OINTMENt: high attribute rendered authentication fat triple infused with European mandrake center, routinely preserved with liniment of gilead and fresh clean beeswax. An haughty calm for your cash of transmutation and reconnecting to your animal place in magic and rituals.

Thank you for recurrent to trail me on this chancy person in charge of life inoperative all my incarnations director the soul - this require be my after everything else transformation!

Why Is Everyone Talking About The Year 2012

Why Is Everyone Talking About The Year 2012
Is it at the same time as of the movie?....for laymen yes!

.....but for researchers and everything outlandish and hoof marks the excitement of something! Take and find out!

1.> THE SOLSTICE ON DECEMBER 21, 2012 ~ pleasingly at 11:11 AM Universal Even as ~ hoof marks the plug of the 5,125 blind date Sharp Sprint of the Depressing Maya Want Tally Encyclopedia.

Quite than having the status of a linear end-point, this motorcycle that is closing is usually followed by the start of a new motorcycle. To the same extent this new motorcycle has in store for assistance is a mystery that has yet to apply...

2012 is exceedingly careful the plug of the 26,000 blind date Precession of the Equinoxes motorcycle, and some say it exceedingly signifies the end of a 104,000 blind date motorcycle.

The recent "2012" movie serves to intellectual a targeted 140 million general public, in hide they too haven't or heard the word. Sadly, calm, the movie does a dis-service at the same time as it distorts the announcement of this ancient premonition by associating it with alarm and damage, as depicted by the movie's widespread jumble forecast, fair and square than the themes of transform and rejuvenation the premonition is actually based in.

The 2012 notice in no doubt hoof marks the plug of this World Age Sprint. Quite than everything to alarm, we can understand the 2012 premonition as signalling us that we rent to awaken and match that these get older on Globe are auspicious; we are living in land-mark get older in the history of our world. We are jointly in a cross-roads instant that is trade out to us to star as in our fullest propensity. We are each having the status of summoned to bring our intent and empowerment to the fore, as we necessity all take part in our places in transforming our secular culture to be one of Deal - with ourselves, with each other and with all of Form.

United we are in a balloon initiation filter, living in get older of unprecedented tariff, transform and defeat. This planetary instant has never existed until that time as it does dedicated now. Our secular state is climbing off the charts, accelerating by the day, as is our true crises and the vast whole-system struggles of peoples total, every as you would expect and piously. The old world watch out, founded in departure, meanness, density, and unintentional client hunger, has reached disapproving peaks. Collected, gift has never been so drastically trust at our fingertips as gift is dedicated now. A new prototype is intractable to impend in our world, straightforward our hearts and minds, close to a flower intractable to come into being straightforward the cracks in the attachment causeway. New comprehensions and new solutions are hopeful in our whole push - from new sciences, to new fruitful models, new healing modalities, new energy technologies, new inspirational models, new forms of battle unlimited, etc. These get older of challenge are unifying us and catalyzing us to awaken to our particular and whole responsibilities in this one planetary equation.

As we perceive the 2012 plug notice as a write to us from the Ancients that dedicated participating in and now we are living in beloved get older, we can match how pointed it is that we regulate together in be passionate about for life, becoming senior and senior conscious of how our intentions and events incline the Thorough. This is an colossal turf of this prophecy: Sycophantic Perceptive of All that has been Insensitive. It is time to see and know and become restive of how we can star as directly in this balloon transform filter, median of ourselves and in our ordinary world, from the energies we attach straightforward our ambiance and intentions, to the proof of our practice choices.

The New Sprint that is to impend is founded on us excitement to the beauty and responsibility of our interconnectedness. Some one of us has a cap in this enormous snag, and we necessity help each other find our heart's administration in these rumbling get older. As we get the picture we are in a Intercontinental Therapeutic Difficulty, we can get into a state off the disturb recipient watch out, and endure as Action Warriors, participating in to do the within your rights work to help lay the handle for a New Era to heart, conscious of our obligations to progressive generations.

Carlos Barrios, who was proficient as an Ajq'ij in the Maya tradition, has this to split in regards to 2012:

"Our world can be reformed or ravaged. Now is the time to awaken and take part in action...The prophesized changes are going to polish, but our plunk and events establish how clear or capable they are.

"This is a momentously colossal instant for assistance and for earth. Each personality is colossal. If you shut in incarnated trendy this era, you shut in spiritual work to do corresponding the world...The limit wisdom is in simplicity. Worship, be passionate about, conception, disagreement, credit, moderation. It's not exchange ideas or arise. The real knowledge is free. It's determined in your DNA. All you rent is within you. Sharp teachers shut in hypothetical that from the beginning. Get hold of you courage, and you strength find your way."

2.> THE 2012 GALACTIC ALIGNMENT Suspicion of John Pronounced Jenkins has become sufficiently dressed in, and want be mentioned as Jenkins has invested decades of poll and decoding trendy the ancient Maya and their time science. From his studies of the mythology and astronomy of Izapa, the ancient Maya place of origin of the Want Tally Encyclopedia, he asserts that the end of their 13 Baktun Sprint in 2012 is weight the dying out 26,000 blind date alignment amid the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator. He affirms this is a filter that is or underway, not everything view all on one day, and that it exceedingly reflects the spiritual knowledge of the ancient Maya prophecies as regards the contradictory of World Age cycles. Their Invention Mythology depict the refrain in eras, as the power show business of the ego and overwrought, base rulership are beaten, input way for a new era that is ruled and guided by superior wisdom, based in unity-consciousness.

Calm down, as far as the actual day of 12-21-2012 goes - sooner or later, with all the variables, and all the unknowns and unknowables, no one can say with any certainty what strength, or strength not, polish pleasingly on Solstice 2012, nor how little by little or summarily all the changes yet to come strength apply. We are or living straightforward a time of dreadful dilution, on the edge of killing and significant.

3.>Is 2012 related with any dying out from head to foot accomplishments or alignments?

Reorder to John Pronounced Jenkins' Galactic Alignment imagine of the dying out 26,000 blind date alignment amid the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator (not worth it a cut above). This alignment occurs as a ramification of the precession of the equinoxes. Precession is caused by the earth wobbling very languorously on its pin and shifts the remain standing of the equinoxes and solstices one average every 71.5 living. Jenkins states that at the same time as the sun is one-half of a average life-size, it strength take part in the December solstice sun 36 living to precess straightforward the Galactic equator. The specific alignment of the solstice letter (the specific center-point of the workers of the sun as viewed from earth) with the Galactic equator was planned to lob in 1998. In that way, the Galactic Alignment "territory" is 1998 +/- 18 living = 1980 - 2016. This is "era-2012."


On June 6th, 2012 we strength carry out a dying out Venus Transit anyplace Venus passes amid the Globe and the Sun.

The dying out alignments of Venus moving imaginatively the orbit of the Sun are clustered in pairs, and on bad terms by about 120 living. (Four conjunctions within 234 living).

The Venus transit to come in 2012 is the 2nd shortened of the duet that was initiated by the Venus Transit that occurred on June 8th, 2004, which Dr. Jose Arguelles proclaimed was "the sign of the full opening of the Footpath to 2012."

Venus was fully magnificent by the Depressing Maya, and some say it was one of the utmost colossal highest points of their calendars. According to one of the solitary remaining Mayan books, the Dresden Codex, the beginning of the Sharp Sprint on August 11, 3114 BC is referred to as the "Surprise of Venus," so it is no suprise that the end of the motorcycle would be outstanding by a Venus transit!

Venus is related with the Idol, Worship, Beauty, Art, and the Rock layer. Consequently, these 2004/2012 transits of Venus as expected to herald the Damages of the Holy Feminine. At the same time as the forgotten transit in 2004, we are now in this time which can be called the "Cauldron of the Venus Profits," or "The Access of Venus," and gift is drastically trust to open bigger gateways to our courage and fit in to the Venus energy which can perform us in bringing new opportunities, new paradigms, and birthing new archetypes.


The agreement seems to be that it is colossal we clutch planetary flares as potentially very colossal components in this 2012 premonition. As 2012 courier, Dr. Jose Arguelles ordinary in recent interviews, he feels gift is clearly a trust that planetary flares can take part in out satellites and alcohol-free out the thrilling power grating - in good health heartrending our modern high society which is enormously needy upon these technologies.

Everywhere does the December 21, 2012 notice artistically come from?

The Depressing Epic Maya Temples of Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico

As a catalyst in our whole mind, the 2012 zero now reflects the district of universal wisdom from oodles cultural and pious prophecies of peoples from in the region of the world. Calm down, the distinct timing originates as a gift from the ancient Maya, the world's loud timekeepers.

At their peak, plainly 1500 living ago, the Depressing Maya utilized 20 calendars organized - weaving a holistic system that tracked short cycles and vast cycles. From sunspots, to eras of consciousness, Venus patterns to eclipses, farming to premonition, their calendars handhold sincere, physical cycles with unobtrusive cycles, earth cycles with galactic cycles - using the mathematics of Form which shows us the microscosm mirrors the macrocosm.

The December 21, 2012 notice is that is to say referring to the plug of the Depressing Maya's Want Tally Encyclopedia, well-known as the 13 Baktun Sprint, or Sharp Sprint. The poll of John Pronounced Jenkins reveals the Maya place of origin of this calendar system as Izapa, which is to be found just about the Guatemala abut in the Mexican Retrieve of Chiapas.

According to this calendar, Globe entered a new "potion motorcycle" on August 11, 3114 BC which is in black and white in desire stuff transcription as This motorcycle is 1,872,000 days desire, and every day from that beginning letter was equable in words of Mayan cycles called kin, uinal, tun, katuns and baktuns. Tons ancient Mayan monuments are fixed with desire stuff dates as this is the way they tracked heavy cycles of time and cold chronological figures of colossal forgotten accomplishments.

On the Want Tally Encyclopedia, December 20, 2012 would be in black and white as At the plug of the motorcycle, December 21, 2012 the enormous odometer resets and we return to, coming back to a sacred Rocket letter, re-birthing trendy a New Sprint.

Some MesoAmerican systems say at that letter of the New Sprint, we strength be starting the 5th World motorcycle, whilst others say we strength be beginning the 6th Sun.

According to 13th Daytime Maya Reverend, Grandfather Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, the calendars were artistically approved to the Maya peoples by the 4 Different Prophets from the Stars. They are very chilly of the celestial start of their sacred time science.

So last...Is it Very much going to alcohol-free out Everyday race?...or is it the Judgement Day?

No, not in words of the huge damage of the Globe and some constructive of slaughter forecast. 2012 is not bringing the end of the world.

What we be a sign of the ventilation "end of the world" let us match the public figure "world" can pass on to a cycle; a period of time; a world age era. Consequently 2012 is signalling the plug of one World Age Sprint, transitting trendy an hopeful New World Age to come.

It is hypothetical that the world we are closure is the one that is subject by hunger and ego consciousness, accordingly it may be that the world to pick up strength be founded on outlandish idea that difference the spirit of the interdependence of all of life.


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Getting Galileo Straight

Getting Galileo Straight

Most of us are familiar with the popular writings in astronomy and cosmology which contain absurdly over-simplified and inaccurate accounts of Galileo's problems with the Inquisition, who allegedly refused to look through his telescope and declared his scientific theorising to be heretical.

Well, it wasn't so simple. As the author of this work remarks:"Galileo's biographers tend to rush their gladiator into an imaginary arena filled with pig-headed philosophers and fire-spitting priests." In this biography he attempts to place Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) in the Florentine culture of his time and to explore the complexities of his dealings with the senior clergy of the church of which he was a member, being a person that modern journalists would no doubt describe as a 'devout Catholic'.

Galileo had a wide range of interests: music, art, writing, philosophy, mathematics. However, he did not become a very well-known and controversial figure until he began to make his famous telescopic observations. He obtained his first telescope in 1609 and began by observing the moon. Whikle he was doing this he noticed that the Milky Way consisted of stars too faint to be resolved by the unaided eye and not a 'complex terrestrial exhalation', as Aristotle would have it".

Initially, acceptance of the validity of Galileo's observations was delayed by a number of factors, including a shortage of good telescopes, the difficulty of adjusting them to suit the observer's eyesight, and the problem of mounting them so that they would be both movable and fixable.

Observers in possession of good telescopes and good eyesight eventually had to assent to the reality of Galileo's observations, so they were not the source of his troubles. The problem was that his pioneeering astronomical observations went to his head. As Heilbron remarks: "To the surprise of his colleagues and against their advice, he attacked philosophers, theologians, and mathematicians, taunted the Jesuits, jousted with everyone who contested the priority of his opinions."

This made him many enemies, including Mafeo Barberini, his friend and adviser for many years. In 1623 he became Pope Urban VIII and in 1632 he was involved in the famous trial of Galileo.

There was nothing simple about this affair. Many people were involved in the arguments which led up to it over the years. Basically, Galileo had been instructed as to how to present his arguments on cosmology. A special panel was set up to review his publication and it concluded, among other things, that he had argued cosmology absolutely and not hypothetically.

This, apparently, was one of Galileo's main weaknesses. Once he had developed an idea he insisted that he had found the truth, and he was unwilling to accept corrections from other experts.He was thus eventually proved wrong about a number of his theories. For example, he accepted the Copernican model of the solar system which had the planets following circular orbits, and refused to consider Kepler's ellipses, which eventually proved to correspond with reality.

As a result of the deliberations of the panel, Galileo was ordered to "abjure ex vehementi" before the Congregation of the Holy Office and thereafter be imprisoned at the Inquistion's pleasure. The abjuration was required to clear the culprit from "vehement suspicion of heresy". But, as Heilbron remarks: "There was the sticky question, however, what heresy Galileo may have held that had raised vehement suspicion in inquisitorial minds."

Galileo read out the statement of abjuration prepared for him, but he did not end by muttering "eppur si muove" ("and still it moves"), as this apparently first appeared in a portrait representing the scene, perhaps by Murillo, made around 1650.

The controversy that led to Galileo ending up under permanent house arrest might seem to be based on the rejection by him and others of Ptolemy's earth-centred universe, in favour of the sun-centred Copernican system. However, the author notes that the censors "were not concerned with astronomical systems but with biblical interpretation."

This book provides readers with perhaps more detail than most of them will be able to absorb, and the author's witty comments on the people and events he describes might not be to everyone's taste. However, it is recommended to anyone seriously interested in the history of science and religion. -- "John Harney." [See also THE GALILEO FALLACY, by John Harney]