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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Calling For Merchants

Calling For Merchants
This appointment, Well Mysteries celebration is celebrating its 25th celebration, and we supposing exhibit to be go to regularly attendees to partaker it with us. As untreated, Merchants with fascinating Pagan items for sale are ever a featuring in part of this arena.

Plus the haste gentle stinginess, merchanting your possessions to the noticeably "inmate throw out" of relations attending the 25th Well Mysteries F?te can be a way of boosting your sales. In bitterness of the depression in the abode stinginess, we Pagans ever have a few dollars for whatever thing new to us. A glossy silver medallion, a new tarot deck, a zone of ritual wear, a sword or athame' - you name it.

We are amiable you to broker your stuff, be it your hand-made craft-work or whatever. This is a separate risk to coop a large name of customers assembled in one place.

We are plus asking you to help by sprightly this risk on to others you know who desire to state their wares to a new deal with - the attendees at SMF. This appointment, the merchanting result fee is the extremely as a everyday attendee's fee would be, and includes one flat terrain - there's no one-off deprivation to attend as a broker.

The time for broker registrations is coming to a spin later on, but has been inflexible to Movement 20th., the actual registration closing think it over for someone. Give us a yell at the ATC vertical whisper to gather your merchanting space now, early all the good spots are taken! You can even raid by shout vertical now, by job (360)793-1945, or by email to: atcadmin @ Don't miss out on this chance to raise your sales in a gentle economy!

The ATC-SMF Puddle