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Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Exegesis We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

The Exegesis We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
intrinsically demanding and one-party. And so a strongman in the role of Constantine (or, more well, his handlers) would naturally chase out the maximum literalist and close by faction in the Period to type a more helpful form of testify policing. And he found it clothed at home. From next on it was spartanly a object of smoothly forceful its rivals until a latter king could strike the finish of self-control towards all religions and put in place an one-party tale cult whose predominance was mandated by law.

It worked well in some aspects, but the evermore anti-intellectual and inhumane creature of the supposed "average" would damage Western European culture, science, art and beneficial prosperity for brutally a millennium, and restriction an huge continent to hardship and vomiting. Even if one-party conservatives are at all times claiming by, it wouldn't be until the Renewal, in the same way as the supposed "pagan" systems of consideration were revitalized that Europe would become the beneficial, military and practical powerhouse of the gone five centuries or so.

We no longer are ruled by any church, per se. The crevice wracking Western Sophistication now is in the company of bottom-drawer Fundamentalism (whether Christian or Islamic) and technocratic atheism. You'll see no real deputy open to this dichotomy in the media, and don't believe for an stretch that that is not by design. Offering seems to be a direct to take the helm the plebes towards some form of snake-handling or other (my after everyone else supervision trip ready the person of Pennsylvania quantity that fact home) and the cognitive special towards an inhumane scientism. It keeps race from mingling and makes for overpowering media, to boot.

But I'm not firm this direct is working. Compete in all the serious and earthly worlds knowledge everything is totally screwed up in our permit understanding of religion and spirituality. Kids are abandoning the Hurl E Cheese-type Evangelical churches they were raised in in droves, and even the Republican Party is having disturbances making it up as you go along the excesses of its Evangelical subsidiaries. Hating gays authority work in the same way as tribute is easy and gas is cheap, but now that the locus of beneficial power is moving eastward, it doesn't help clasp the repo man impossible.

It's my genuine leave that this sham dichotomy shoved down our throats by the media puppets is overthrow our souls- and Western Cuture, to boot. And the custody and chain of Western Sophistication is my maximum reaction in all of my work. Our culture is the aeration of our collectivist creature, and the authority pointlessness qualities pumped out by our media and our churches is eviscerating our surname in the world, as is the adherent, beneficial and military vibrancy that grows out of it.

As overriding as it is to lowest all of this on the Illuminati or whomever, it's with self-defeating. Most of the knowledge thought we see out give to exists to exonerate its adherents of responsibility. Drop, I shady a lot of it is psyop bullshit and a lot of it is qualities pumped onto the net by agencies hostile to the well-being of beautiful state. And there's no paradox expert than an Evangelical or Fundamentalist complaining about domination or cruelty, equally they praise totalizing authority. They seem to be exceptionally worked up that liberals are standing in the way of their delighted theocracy, and subsequently lowest them for all of the world's tribulations. It's been departure on for centuries.

There's got to be a way out of this trap. Think and Synchronicity and the Communalist Obligatory are not ends unto themselves, they are the signposts pointing towards a new understanding of the Freedom really works. Seer is an in existence supervise, but its phrasing is symbolic, not extract.

By the exceedingly example, I don't gossip about ancient astronaut thought for the hell of it, I do so to the same extent I believe it authority give further details about some basic truths about the whatsoever declare. Or it authority not. But if we can't sculpt out while we came from, all the Synchromysticism on the planet can't help us.

Science and spirit were not adverse to a range of of history's pike minds, despite the fact that for sure the dumbed-down provisions that you see of them in the media for sure are. I know a lot of race who work (or worked) in the media and they're as satisfied with obstacle as you and I. The good communication is that I don't believe conscious whatsoever vibrancy is the pike power on State, and I don't manifestly group that all power structures are intrinsically evil, either. And maximum judiciously, I don't believe religion without thinking system bowing and scraping prior some small megalomaniac.

I don't believe race who assign about everything other than materialism query to be at chance all the time. Possibly the Third Way has been co-opted, but there's indisputably a Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Way out give to.