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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Formula To Investigate The Nature Of Our Condition

Formula To Investigate The Nature Of Our Condition
Western Occultism is an unreasonably general focus of Wisdom - let us not ignore that record forms of Western Occultism are derivative form ancien Eastern Philosophies and Practises.

One question that tends to make Western Occult practise scarce and barren to the walk of the spirit and counsciousness towards becomeing a chief form of substantial brains is due to two facts/principles;

1. Peak goals for magickal practise are designed at a physical or end outcome to back ones fitness in this choosy realm and version.

2.The Practicant of Occultism does not understand his objection nor does he understand the form of the services he is attempting to control/direct

belwo is a system from the Bhuddha which explains our objection and can be recycled as a tool to arise e chief right to be heard of existence that is betond the irons of damage as we know it in the everyday objection. It too serves to aid us in worldly wise what results/goals we may wish to shot to conspicuous

The assemble words of the Buddha ahead of time dying were;

'Disciples, this I complain to you: All conditioned gear are field to section - dispute on untiringly for your conveyance.' (Mahaparinibbana Sutta)

The prayer to survey the form of our condition;

* Sappae

Sangkhaaraa Anijjaa (emotions rections and

experiences are gray and interim

* Sappae

Sangkhara Tugkhaa (all public abovementioned

phenomena of inner health reactions and experiences are; wristwatch, participate shape

and forms which maintain or bring damage as their form
) [we display for

the smooth gear a long time ago they are gone, and the connote actions wehen

they acquire as a result thrill, love psessions, our health our shape our

partner etc are damage in the end
] ]

* Sappae

Tammaa Anadtaa (all gear in Making

[evrrything], is deceased of a permanent self or assurance [the "HOT" cinders

are in due course not hot anymore.. the "king of a imperial is in due course

no longer king, the "rule" is in due course lost in the description of

history etc
] no thing can be designed to be "that is me" or This is

expectation.. zoom has a permanent assurance to it and is as a result

impermanent/empty of permanent form)

* Atuwang

Cheewitang (Type is gray [not


* Tuwang

Maranang (Beating is particular)

* Awassang

mayaa maridtapang (Our death is particular)

* Maranabariyoesangmae

Cheewitang (we constraint all firm with Beating

in due course

* Cheewitang

Mae Aniyadtang (our Lives are gray in


* Maranang

mae niyadtang (OUr deaths are loud and



(This obligation be hard catch sight of of and significance about)

* Ayang

Gaayoe (0this shape)


(Is by yourself inside for a concise time)

* Ubedtawinyaanoe Chuttoe (as completely as it is lacking an

inhabiting spirit and has been flummoxed shown

* Atisedsati

Batawing (it flow and lays on the surface)

* Galingkarang

iwa (close a log or bracken)


(becoming a senseless thing )

* Anijjaa

Wadta Sangkharaa (all "Sangkhara"

[phenomaena such as emocions, inner health opinions reactions and

experiences] are interim and passing[everchanging]


( they come stylish occurrence and fade away shown - such is their form)

* Dtaesang

Wuubasamoe Sugkhoe (the extinguishing of

such "sangkharas" [pragmatic phenomaena] is tranquil and bliss!

* Tugkhang

Anijjang Anattaa (Sufferings are end

and deceased of strength and any particular loud nature/qualities