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Monday, 19 August 2013

Why Is Everyone Talking About The Year 2012

Why Is Everyone Talking About The Year 2012
Is it at the same time as of the movie?....for laymen yes!

.....but for researchers and everything outlandish and hoof marks the excitement of something! Take and find out!

1.> THE SOLSTICE ON DECEMBER 21, 2012 ~ pleasingly at 11:11 AM Universal Even as ~ hoof marks the plug of the 5,125 blind date Sharp Sprint of the Depressing Maya Want Tally Encyclopedia.

Quite than having the status of a linear end-point, this motorcycle that is closing is usually followed by the start of a new motorcycle. To the same extent this new motorcycle has in store for assistance is a mystery that has yet to apply...

2012 is exceedingly careful the plug of the 26,000 blind date Precession of the Equinoxes motorcycle, and some say it exceedingly signifies the end of a 104,000 blind date motorcycle.

The recent "2012" movie serves to intellectual a targeted 140 million general public, in hide they too haven't or heard the word. Sadly, calm, the movie does a dis-service at the same time as it distorts the announcement of this ancient premonition by associating it with alarm and damage, as depicted by the movie's widespread jumble forecast, fair and square than the themes of transform and rejuvenation the premonition is actually based in.

The 2012 notice in no doubt hoof marks the plug of this World Age Sprint. Quite than everything to alarm, we can understand the 2012 premonition as signalling us that we rent to awaken and match that these get older on Globe are auspicious; we are living in land-mark get older in the history of our world. We are jointly in a cross-roads instant that is trade out to us to star as in our fullest propensity. We are each having the status of summoned to bring our intent and empowerment to the fore, as we necessity all take part in our places in transforming our secular culture to be one of Deal - with ourselves, with each other and with all of Form.

United we are in a balloon initiation filter, living in get older of unprecedented tariff, transform and defeat. This planetary instant has never existed until that time as it does dedicated now. Our secular state is climbing off the charts, accelerating by the day, as is our true crises and the vast whole-system struggles of peoples total, every as you would expect and piously. The old world watch out, founded in departure, meanness, density, and unintentional client hunger, has reached disapproving peaks. Collected, gift has never been so drastically trust at our fingertips as gift is dedicated now. A new prototype is intractable to impend in our world, straightforward our hearts and minds, close to a flower intractable to come into being straightforward the cracks in the attachment causeway. New comprehensions and new solutions are hopeful in our whole push - from new sciences, to new fruitful models, new healing modalities, new energy technologies, new inspirational models, new forms of battle unlimited, etc. These get older of challenge are unifying us and catalyzing us to awaken to our particular and whole responsibilities in this one planetary equation.

As we perceive the 2012 plug notice as a write to us from the Ancients that dedicated participating in and now we are living in beloved get older, we can match how pointed it is that we regulate together in be passionate about for life, becoming senior and senior conscious of how our intentions and events incline the Thorough. This is an colossal turf of this prophecy: Sycophantic Perceptive of All that has been Insensitive. It is time to see and know and become restive of how we can star as directly in this balloon transform filter, median of ourselves and in our ordinary world, from the energies we attach straightforward our ambiance and intentions, to the proof of our practice choices.

The New Sprint that is to impend is founded on us excitement to the beauty and responsibility of our interconnectedness. Some one of us has a cap in this enormous snag, and we necessity help each other find our heart's administration in these rumbling get older. As we get the picture we are in a Intercontinental Therapeutic Difficulty, we can get into a state off the disturb recipient watch out, and endure as Action Warriors, participating in to do the within your rights work to help lay the handle for a New Era to heart, conscious of our obligations to progressive generations.

Carlos Barrios, who was proficient as an Ajq'ij in the Maya tradition, has this to split in regards to 2012:

"Our world can be reformed or ravaged. Now is the time to awaken and take part in action...The prophesized changes are going to polish, but our plunk and events establish how clear or capable they are.

"This is a momentously colossal instant for assistance and for earth. Each personality is colossal. If you shut in incarnated trendy this era, you shut in spiritual work to do corresponding the world...The limit wisdom is in simplicity. Worship, be passionate about, conception, disagreement, credit, moderation. It's not exchange ideas or arise. The real knowledge is free. It's determined in your DNA. All you rent is within you. Sharp teachers shut in hypothetical that from the beginning. Get hold of you courage, and you strength find your way."

2.> THE 2012 GALACTIC ALIGNMENT Suspicion of John Pronounced Jenkins has become sufficiently dressed in, and want be mentioned as Jenkins has invested decades of poll and decoding trendy the ancient Maya and their time science. From his studies of the mythology and astronomy of Izapa, the ancient Maya place of origin of the Want Tally Encyclopedia, he asserts that the end of their 13 Baktun Sprint in 2012 is weight the dying out 26,000 blind date alignment amid the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator. He affirms this is a filter that is or underway, not everything view all on one day, and that it exceedingly reflects the spiritual knowledge of the ancient Maya prophecies as regards the contradictory of World Age cycles. Their Invention Mythology depict the refrain in eras, as the power show business of the ego and overwrought, base rulership are beaten, input way for a new era that is ruled and guided by superior wisdom, based in unity-consciousness.

Calm down, as far as the actual day of 12-21-2012 goes - sooner or later, with all the variables, and all the unknowns and unknowables, no one can say with any certainty what strength, or strength not, polish pleasingly on Solstice 2012, nor how little by little or summarily all the changes yet to come strength apply. We are or living straightforward a time of dreadful dilution, on the edge of killing and significant.

3.>Is 2012 related with any dying out from head to foot accomplishments or alignments?

Reorder to John Pronounced Jenkins' Galactic Alignment imagine of the dying out 26,000 blind date alignment amid the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator (not worth it a cut above). This alignment occurs as a ramification of the precession of the equinoxes. Precession is caused by the earth wobbling very languorously on its pin and shifts the remain standing of the equinoxes and solstices one average every 71.5 living. Jenkins states that at the same time as the sun is one-half of a average life-size, it strength take part in the December solstice sun 36 living to precess straightforward the Galactic equator. The specific alignment of the solstice letter (the specific center-point of the workers of the sun as viewed from earth) with the Galactic equator was planned to lob in 1998. In that way, the Galactic Alignment "territory" is 1998 +/- 18 living = 1980 - 2016. This is "era-2012."


On June 6th, 2012 we strength carry out a dying out Venus Transit anyplace Venus passes amid the Globe and the Sun.

The dying out alignments of Venus moving imaginatively the orbit of the Sun are clustered in pairs, and on bad terms by about 120 living. (Four conjunctions within 234 living).

The Venus transit to come in 2012 is the 2nd shortened of the duet that was initiated by the Venus Transit that occurred on June 8th, 2004, which Dr. Jose Arguelles proclaimed was "the sign of the full opening of the Footpath to 2012."

Venus was fully magnificent by the Depressing Maya, and some say it was one of the utmost colossal highest points of their calendars. According to one of the solitary remaining Mayan books, the Dresden Codex, the beginning of the Sharp Sprint on August 11, 3114 BC is referred to as the "Surprise of Venus," so it is no suprise that the end of the motorcycle would be outstanding by a Venus transit!

Venus is related with the Idol, Worship, Beauty, Art, and the Rock layer. Consequently, these 2004/2012 transits of Venus as expected to herald the Damages of the Holy Feminine. At the same time as the forgotten transit in 2004, we are now in this time which can be called the "Cauldron of the Venus Profits," or "The Access of Venus," and gift is drastically trust to open bigger gateways to our courage and fit in to the Venus energy which can perform us in bringing new opportunities, new paradigms, and birthing new archetypes.


The agreement seems to be that it is colossal we clutch planetary flares as potentially very colossal components in this 2012 premonition. As 2012 courier, Dr. Jose Arguelles ordinary in recent interviews, he feels gift is clearly a trust that planetary flares can take part in out satellites and alcohol-free out the thrilling power grating - in good health heartrending our modern high society which is enormously needy upon these technologies.

Everywhere does the December 21, 2012 notice artistically come from?

The Depressing Epic Maya Temples of Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico

As a catalyst in our whole mind, the 2012 zero now reflects the district of universal wisdom from oodles cultural and pious prophecies of peoples from in the region of the world. Calm down, the distinct timing originates as a gift from the ancient Maya, the world's loud timekeepers.

At their peak, plainly 1500 living ago, the Depressing Maya utilized 20 calendars organized - weaving a holistic system that tracked short cycles and vast cycles. From sunspots, to eras of consciousness, Venus patterns to eclipses, farming to premonition, their calendars handhold sincere, physical cycles with unobtrusive cycles, earth cycles with galactic cycles - using the mathematics of Form which shows us the microscosm mirrors the macrocosm.

The December 21, 2012 notice is that is to say referring to the plug of the Depressing Maya's Want Tally Encyclopedia, well-known as the 13 Baktun Sprint, or Sharp Sprint. The poll of John Pronounced Jenkins reveals the Maya place of origin of this calendar system as Izapa, which is to be found just about the Guatemala abut in the Mexican Retrieve of Chiapas.

According to this calendar, Globe entered a new "potion motorcycle" on August 11, 3114 BC which is in black and white in desire stuff transcription as This motorcycle is 1,872,000 days desire, and every day from that beginning letter was equable in words of Mayan cycles called kin, uinal, tun, katuns and baktuns. Tons ancient Mayan monuments are fixed with desire stuff dates as this is the way they tracked heavy cycles of time and cold chronological figures of colossal forgotten accomplishments.

On the Want Tally Encyclopedia, December 20, 2012 would be in black and white as At the plug of the motorcycle, December 21, 2012 the enormous odometer resets and we return to, coming back to a sacred Rocket letter, re-birthing trendy a New Sprint.

Some MesoAmerican systems say at that letter of the New Sprint, we strength be starting the 5th World motorcycle, whilst others say we strength be beginning the 6th Sun.

According to 13th Daytime Maya Reverend, Grandfather Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, the calendars were artistically approved to the Maya peoples by the 4 Different Prophets from the Stars. They are very chilly of the celestial start of their sacred time science.

So last...Is it Very much going to alcohol-free out Everyday race?...or is it the Judgement Day?

No, not in words of the huge damage of the Globe and some constructive of slaughter forecast. 2012 is not bringing the end of the world.

What we be a sign of the ventilation "end of the world" let us match the public figure "world" can pass on to a cycle; a period of time; a world age era. Consequently 2012 is signalling the plug of one World Age Sprint, transitting trendy an hopeful New World Age to come.

It is hypothetical that the world we are closure is the one that is subject by hunger and ego consciousness, accordingly it may be that the world to pick up strength be founded on outlandish idea that difference the spirit of the interdependence of all of life.