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Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Dictionary Of The Forgotten Ones

Dictionary Of The Forgotten Ones Cover

Book: Dictionary Of The Forgotten Ones by Anonymous

Rumour has it that the Forgotten Ones, the Faceless Ones ah la the Titans, breached human consciousness in the Twentieth Century. Various reasons could get given for this which would include the splitting of the atom, the development of nuclear science, our own evolutionary development or even the peculiarities of a double aeonic current (Horus/Maat) that some Practitioners of magic might consider in operation. These primal forces variously named The Forgotten Ones, the Elder Gods, the Great Old Ones, or the Ancient Ones, once got defined by the artist-magician Allen Holub as: "...The raw unnamed energies existing since the icy cold of the fabric of space emerged from nought. They pre-date the coming of space itself, and of time, from the aethers, although it can be said that they represent the process of formation itself..." "Outside the Circles of Time" K. Grant.

In an unpublished document entitled "The Keys of Aaton" a speaker notes the following: "...Mark well what I have said, for comes a day When dark things held in harness are revealed By Man's own curiosity, and blood Is multiplied with new and deadly fears. The Faceless Ones unlocked are not put out With weaponry or words that of a time Created access, yet we thread a door Beneath the nightmare with the Spinners' Line..."

The names of the Ancient Ones and the Elder Gods, the primal forces, have come from a variety of sources: notably from Chaldean, Sumerian, Assyrian, African and Egyptian, and from the realms of dream and vision and imagination. In the twentieth century, the fantasy writer H. P. Lovecraft provided material that eventually got researched by The Order of the Seven Rays in Haiti. Other writers have included Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, August Derleth and Robert Bloch.

This document makes the attempt to list some of the names and concepts associated with these most ancient primal forces albeit that this seems only the tip of a cosmic iceberg reaching through infinities. No differentiation gets made between the Elder Gods and the Ancient Ones, or the Great Old Ones, no bias towards better or worse. Perhaps these forces should ultimately get seen as beyond human comp rehension because we have limits and they do not. This dictionary also includes some created "demonic" forms associated with these Forgotten Ones, as well as terms that should provide insights into this realm of chaos.

Download Anonymous's eBook: Dictionary Of The Forgotten Ones

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Anonymous - Dictionary Of The Forgotten Ones

Sunday, 27 August 2006

The Witch Tools 4 Jewerly

The Witch Tools 4 Jewerly Cover
Most Craft jewelry is made of silver because silver is considered to be sacred to the Goddess and is the metal astrologically representing the Moon. Although decorative, the jewelry also serves as symbolic protection, as in talismans and amulets, and for ritual purposes to focus energy. For this reason most Witches consecrate their jewelry before they wear it. Parapsychological experiments have shown siver to be an excellent conductor of psychic energies.

Necklace – usually a pentacle. Various grimoires, or books of spells make mention of necklaces with magickal properties. Some are quite simple, composed of seashells, acorns, seeds, and wood. Others are made of blue glass beads (of the sort worn even today thoughout the
Middle East as protection against the Evil Eye). Still others contain crescent moons, which are symbols of Diana, the goddess most often associated with the witch cult. It is customary for women witches to wear necklaces of some kind in Circle. Most men also wear talismans or pendants . These represent the ‘cycle of re-birth’.

The traditional priestess’s necklace is made with amber and/or jet. Apart from the amber-and-jet, the necklace can be anything that is felt to be suitable; for a woman, any favourite necklace, particularly if it is an a colour that fits the particular work or perhaps a Goddess symbol; for a man, a solar or Horned God symbol.

Pentagrams, ankhs, Eye of Horus, astrological signs, Yin-Yang symbols, etc. will also do.

Rings – a pentacle ring, etc.

Cuffs – (Bracelets) are given at Degree initiations (in some Traditions)

Crowns – are used only by High Priest and High Priestess and are symbolic of the deities. Modern witches often speak of witch crowns, made of a thin band of silver with a silver crescent moon at the front. In certain covens, the member known as the queen of the witches wears this (as well as the garter) to show her rank.

Watches – NO WATCHES!!

Garter – Used by the High Priestess only. It is worn on the upper left leg. Has one or more silver buckles on it. It is green and can be made from snake skin and lined with blue velvet. The garter as a symbol of shamanistic powers may go back to paleolithic times, for dancers who .seem. to be wearing garters are seen in cave paintings. Margaret Murray speculates that such apparently diverse things as the bride’s garter, the fairy garter conveying magickal poewers, and the Order of the Garter have a common heritage. If garters were symbols of magickal powers in prehistoric times, by medieval times they had also come to represent exalted worldly status. Perhaps the garter symbolized rank in the ancient witch cult, and mythic significance has led it to figure as a magickal amulet in all those
legends and fairy tles. Some writers specify that the garter be green leather, buckled in silver and lined with blue silk. Green is the fairy colour, associated with Robin Hood, the Green Man, and wood sprites. When a High Priestess has had another coven hive off from her own, she is entitled to add a second buckle to her garter and an additional buckle for each new one that hives off.

Girdle – is a wide belt worn by the High Priestess. It is set with specific healing stones.

Ankle Bracelet – worn on the right ankle is the symbol of a female elder.
Necklace of 40 Acorns – is worn by a third degree female witch, in some traditions.



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Marion Crawford - The Witch Of Prague
John Musick - The Witch Of Salem

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Sunday, 13 August 2006

How To Put Up A Sleep Circle

How To Put Up A Sleep Circle Cover
Face the direction of the head of the bed. (Say it is at the North) With your fingers trace a Pentagram in the air. Turn to the East and repeat. Same with South and West. Using your mind, set each Pentagram in flames. With your fingers, trace a flaming line from each Pentagram, until you have four Pentagrams and a circle glowing around you. Connect North to South circling over and under you. Same with East and West. You are now enclosed in a globe of Pentagrams and lines that are glowing. This circle can be set up just around
your bed, or can be extended to include your house and property. It will dissipate by dawn and you can walk through it without causing problems if necessary (like to go to the bathroom).

This ritual is great for a lot of things besides just going to sleep :). It's a particularly powerful form of banishing/cleansing ritual both for an area and yourself.

Sleep circle:

Fifteen years' worth of students doing psychic stuff out there -- not a single one harmed while sleeping in a circle. Several were troubled when they forgot or neglected to circle the bed, tho...

Oh, for those of you severely into doggerel, it goes:

Conjure circle round the bed
Where I lay my weary head
That in its gold and silver light
I will spend a peaceful night.
So Mote It Be.

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

John Yarker - The Anglo Saxon Chronicle
Edward Smedley - The Occult Sciences
William Frederick Poole - Cotton Mather And Salem Witchcraft

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Ritual Of Casting Sacred Circle

Ritual Of Casting Sacred Circle Cover
Many times we are asked, "how do you cast a circle?" There are so many different ways that this can be done. Differs from each Tradition to the next. Even within our own Avaloian Tradition we make improvisions on this.

The main factor is to cast a sacred space. A space that separates this world from the other. A space that we ourselves make holy. And that is what is important. A space that you set aside from all else, to glorify and exalt. For you are the one casting, cleansing, purifying, and setting it aside from all else.

Before you cast, one should make sure of the intent of casting. Ask yourself why you are doing it. Once you have this the gathering is made easier. If you are doing this with a group of people One must be chosen to be the Lord or Lady. The Lord or Lady usually has one person who waits them. This is not to say the Lord or Lady is higher than they, but the fact that they shall be the God/dess incarnate. You may also do this solitary. Depending on the amount tending.

The Lord/Lady has the sword brought to them. All else are standing outside where the circle is to be cast. The Lord/Lady takes the sword and walk deosil (clockwise) around the space to be cast. The wait has a small bell with them. Beginning at the East, the sword, in a non-threatening manner, is raised. The wait rings the bell. All fill fall silent. Moving clockwise the Lord/Lady salute each direction. If there are four novices present each will stand to the directions as the Lord/Lady passes.

Lord/Lady: Let all those that wish to partake enter ye now ! (the bell is rung)

Everyone enters by stepping forward (no actual circle has been cast yet)

Wait: My Lord/Lady all those that wish to partake in this Magickal Rite are now present. I pray you, cast the Sacred Circle.

Lord/Lady: What thou doth sees makes here this night, shall be forever within this circle. So Mote It Be!

(When anyone speaks the So Mote It Be or Blessed Be, all shall repeat it)

Again at the East, the Lord/Lady takes the sword and draws within the ground or upon the floor the circle saying as the pass...

"I draw this magick circle let no evil or ill will cross its mark."

Once the Lord/Lady has reached the East again, They take the sword and place it upon the shoulders of the novice, and says..."be thou the guardian of this gate... I call I summon I stir oh ye spirits of Air, come forth now I pray thee and witness our Rite. So Mote It Be !" The Guardian answers: I am he/she the guardian, no evil or ill will shall pass by me, My Lord/Lady.

The Wait rings the bell

The Lord/Lady goes to each quarter and perform the same, on each guardian. The Wait will ring the bell as each guardian answers. Once the quarters are called the Lord/Lady goes to the center of the circle as the Wait performs the cleansing of the circle with salt and water.

Incense can be used instead of salt and water mixture. The Lord/Lady summons the spirit of the Great Lady and the Great Lord by saying....

Great Lady witness now your children who stand before you in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

Standing East, with the censer the Lord/Lady says.... Great Maiden Come To Us.....
All repeat....
Standing South, with the torch or candle the Lord/Lady says....Great Mother Come To Us....

All repeat...

Standing West, with chalice of wine or water, the Lord/Lady says...Ancient Queen of Wisdom Come To Us....

All repeat...

Standing North, with the salt, the Lord/Lady says....Brother Come To Us...

All Repeat...

Drumming, rattles, any form of music making can be added to this. As you can take note there really isn't any particular God or Goddess called, this is the Avaloian Tradition. All Gods are one God, all Goddesses are one Goddess.

So there is the very basic beginnings of Magical Workings... you can take it from here..... Do What Thou Wilt, Save Harm None, Shall Be the Whole.

Bright Blessing...
Lord OberRon
Knight of the Sacred Light

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Prentiss Tucker - In The Land Of The Living Dead
John Yarker - The Anglo Saxon Chronicle
Eliphas Levi - The Magic Ritual Of The Sanctum Regnum

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