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Sunday, 13 August 2006

How To Put Up A Sleep Circle

How To Put Up A Sleep Circle Cover
Face the direction of the head of the bed. (Say it is at the North) With your fingers trace a Pentagram in the air. Turn to the East and repeat. Same with South and West. Using your mind, set each Pentagram in flames. With your fingers, trace a flaming line from each Pentagram, until you have four Pentagrams and a circle glowing around you. Connect North to South circling over and under you. Same with East and West. You are now enclosed in a globe of Pentagrams and lines that are glowing. This circle can be set up just around
your bed, or can be extended to include your house and property. It will dissipate by dawn and you can walk through it without causing problems if necessary (like to go to the bathroom).

This ritual is great for a lot of things besides just going to sleep :). It's a particularly powerful form of banishing/cleansing ritual both for an area and yourself.

Sleep circle:

Fifteen years' worth of students doing psychic stuff out there -- not a single one harmed while sleeping in a circle. Several were troubled when they forgot or neglected to circle the bed, tho...

Oh, for those of you severely into doggerel, it goes:

Conjure circle round the bed
Where I lay my weary head
That in its gold and silver light
I will spend a peaceful night.
So Mote It Be.

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