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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Muslim Beautiful Girls

Muslim Beautiful Girls


Reserve( is as usual found that nearest and dearest honor on the inaugurate of a boy and test complaining being a girl is natural. Islam disapproves of this agreeable of orientation. Line are frightful gift from Almighty Allah and we have to be happy and glory irrespective of the gender of the new-born child. The inaugurate of a preschooler is a blessing and the Forward planner of Islam (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) expected that they would be a mask for the parents from Hell.

It is exact in the Quran Shareef, Surah an-Nahl, Epic 58: "... being information is brought to one of them of the inaugurate of a female child his facade darkens, and he is chubby with inward grief". This was the belief of the Kufaar previous to Islam.

The individual that gives inaugurate to a girl as her first child is positively fortunate as the first natural of the Forward planner Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) was a girl.

On the inaugurate of a child, gifts or alms have to be turgid amid the indigent. Nafils have to be read quite of having parties, playing music and distributing sweetmeats, which is completely not needed.

When a child is natural, he or she have to be supreme Ghusal as in a straight line as voluntary and the Azaan require be read in the right ear and the Takbeer recited in the absent ear. The after-birth (placenta, etc.) of the child have to be immersed.

It is very Sunnat that some dedicated person chews no matter which plush desire dates (Khajoor) and place in the baby's palate (Thaneek). It is continuance from the Ahadith that the Sahabas took new-borns to the Forward planner Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) for Thaneek.

It is preferable to clutch a Meelad Shareef or Fateha on the inaugurate of a indulge. All other not needed customs, which has no root in Islam, have to be exactly unused.A child have to be weaned off breast milk at the age of two.

When the child is learning to speak, first teach him or her to say the name of Allah and teach the child Kalima Tayyibah at a later advance.

When making a child rest, mothers have to read Naaths or Qasida quite of in performance songs or playing the radio.

Try to set a good face and practice what you urge as children clutch a quirk of imitating what they see.

Understand by your Namaaz in their attendance, repeat Quran Shareef and allow them to the Masjid with you.

Understand by stories of good dedicated nearest and dearest as children love listening to stories and can learn dripping lessons and form good behavior from Hadith and such stories.

When children appoint the age of 7 duration, they have to be methodical to perform Namaaz, learn the five Kalimas, Imaan-e-Mujmal and Imaan-e-Mufassil.

Forward children to Madressa to learn Dua's, to read the Quran Shareef and other Islamic Books and magazines.

Line have to be skilled to recover their construction, clothes and situation unsophisticated and clean.

They have to be supreme household tasks as well as determined duties or everyday jobs to perform in the goods.

They require be skilled to do their own work and have to very be skilled to make Salaams being ingoing the goods or being caucus nearest and dearest. They have to be skilled the implication of respecting their elders.

Help a life of harshness as well as simple binding and drinking behavior.

It is maneuver that at lowest possible one of the children have to become Hafiz or an Aalim as it has been exact in a Hadith that three generations of one Hafiz and seven generations of one Aalim order be pardoned.

Stimulate good definite hobbies in them, populace that can be basis for them to earn a Halaal Rozi (provision) at a later advance in their lives.

According to Islam, children require be intellectual in deep and secular affairs. In this overtone, in attendance is very a critical Hadith of the Ceremonial Forward planner (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) which says: "The good deal of knowledge is incumbent on every Muslim man and individual." But the coaching of the females have to be in peace with her atmosphere and the immediate requests of faction. She have to be intellectual in such a melody as possibly will make her a good Muslim, wife, mother, educationalist and an vision native. Girls have to be skilled handicrafts, chow, mending, etc. It is very downright that with any occupational one have to take-home pay Islamic knowledge and practice good Islamic way of life and idea.

If a child is not supreme right Islamic training and as a expel adopts evil behavior and commits sins, the sins ther order be upon the parents.

NIKAH OR Nuptials :

The character that one have to meet for in a marriage unite are godliness and God-fearing.

Neither the boy nor the girl have to be be next to fashionable a marriage.

The bride's mother's submission is merely as downright.

According to the Shari'ah it is inevitability that being excess is animal sought from the bride for marriage that the name of the bridegroom, his father's name and the worth of Maher (in attendance) be mentioned. Nikah only takes place being the bride accepts this.

A few excuse have to be through for the boy to see the girl apart from the girl's knowledge.

The Quran Shareef states: "The affairs according to the congress together with them." The elders of both parties have to clutch a break clothed in the outgoing link so that in the happening of a misreading in the middle of the set of two after marriage, their elders can help in resolving the bits and pieces.

An congregation is not inevitability. The motivation of an congregation is to confirm or self-assurance a Nikah, so if in some luggage it has to allow place, it have to be done apart from profligacy.

When locale the date for a wedding it is bigger that it is set on a Monday or Friday in the same way as these days are of Barakat.

The tradition of Haldi (putting Tumeric powder) and of Mehendi (putting Henna powder) is very not needed and have to be unused, as this has no root in our religion. Something besides the performing of the Nikah itself has no validity in Islam.

The wedding of Bibi Fathima Zahra (radi Allahu anha) have to be used as a rule. The Forward planner Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) possibly will clutch had an desire wedding for his beloved preschooler but he through it a simple career. He knew that the Ummah would use this wedding as an face. Therefore, the do of songs, dancing, mixing of sexes and several other western practices have to be unused as these are all versus the teachings of Islam.

Worn out fiscal costs have to be avoided so that the copious and the indigent may clutch flush weddings.

It is not inevitability to cattle a lunchtime into the wedding as this was not done into the wedding of Bibi Fathima Zahra (radi Allahu anha). Yes, it is Sunnat to send dates.

It is preferable to clutch the Nikah at the Masjid as this is Mustahab. The bride's lodgings as a surroundings for the Nikah is very held.

A man in the same way as came to Hadrat Imaam Mohammed (radi Allahu anhu) and associated that he had promised to consign his preschooler everything in this world as in attendance and now he finds this folder unpleasant, as even a king cannot make happen this. Hadrat Imaam Mohammed (radi Allahu anhu) advised him to consign the Quran Shareef in in attendance as everything is buried in the Ceremonial Quran.

It is Sunnat for the bridegroom to clutch a Walima the day after the wedding. This have to be done in peace with his basis. A proceed have to not be taken to clutch a Walima. The indigent and the lowly have to be invited to the Walima. It is exact in a Hadith that the greatest extent blessed Nikah is the one in which the lowest possible costs are obsession and is simple.

Last the marriage has taken place, the set of two have to consign time to reorder and be chivalrous, agreeable and understanding to each other. A spouse have to cattle as best child support as he can and very test love, esteem, protection, slacken off and joyfulness. He have to abet his wife to deference the Islamic way of life. He have to not speak ill of her parents or associates and have to allow her to sojourn families occasionally.

In the identical flake a wife have to very be agreeable to his associates extremely his parents and precision them with regard. A wife have to ride the personal affairs discreetly.

The wife is supreme the right of Maher, which can be claimed from her spouse at the time of marriage. The Maher have to be set with the concentration of the husband's fiscal position and the wife's living standards, her character and her to your house society. The Maher is a individual token of the wife and code can honorable a component in it apart from her submission. Greed for immoderate in attendance have to be avoided.

In insistence of any disagreements, a spouse have to not be sudden in pliant Talaaq as in greatest extent luggage the act is enormously regretted bringing about a lot of provisional and provisional. In greatest extent luggage of differences or evils, it is the man that walks out, gets married once again and lives a smart life and it is the wife who is absent helpless, as the man refuses to consign Talaaq.

Therefore, into Nikah an proof have to be detailed up by the bridegroom saying that if he goes vanished or remarries where peace married to his wife, or is violently, or abusive towards her, or even does not perform his spot on duties towards his wife, etc. after that the wife has the right to allow Talaaq. This have to be done after making inevitability drift off of Nikah. The Qazi (Muslim Inform) have to make discussions from the man's pool and the women require produce by laying her provisions, that in insistence of so and so, etc. she have to clutch the right to allow Talaaq and be free of her spouse. Insha-Allah, the spouse order not violence his wife and he order be merely and fair to her safeguarding her from provisional. According to Shari'ah in attendance is no objection to this agreeable of wet.

A wife have to not be be next to to floorboard or to perform any services for her in-laws as Islam offers her the right to hold. If she chooses to do so as a favour to her spouse, she order be compensated.












Sunday, 24 August 2008

Some Wicca Terms

Some Wicca Terms Cover Many people interchange these terms, which can make conversations confusing at times:

Witch: Any practitioner of witchcraft/magick, regardless of philosophy or religion.

Pagan: A person who believes in nature as their source for religion. Pagans are almost exclusively polytheistic (believe in more than one god). These beliefs create an underlying basis of Understanding and thinking that is the common thread about the Pagan religions. This is a VERY broad category, and can include many conflicting belief systems.

Wiccan: Created by Gerald Gardner (Also commonly referred to as Gardnerian Witchcraft). A form of paganism, mixed with other forms of the occult. Wicca has a more structured belief system, and more ground rules than many other types of Pagans.

All Wiccans are Pagans, but not all Pagans are Wiccans.

Ok, let's answer your questions more directly now...
Do you have to do anything to become a witch? Yes, technically you must practice some form of Witchcraft or Magick to be a witch.

Do you need other people to become a Pagan or Wiccan? There are two very distinct views on this. Some say yes, some say no. I say no. The first few witches became witches without anyone else (obviously), and so I don't see any reason why we can't do the same. On the other hand, if you wish to be a member of a specific Coven (group of Pagans/Wiccans), then you must go though their admission process.

There is no specific way to think/act/dress/whatever. I find that one of the most important things is to think for yourself. Figure out what you believe, and try to figure out why. If it turns out you don't agree with the Wiccans, it's no big deal. If you discover that your beliefs show you you're not even a Pagan, that's OK too. At least you'll be a better person for yourself.

As for who is right, and who is wrong... This is kind of a tricky situation. There are not many "rights" and "wrongs" in Witchcraft. Very often people will disagree about how they do things, or why. This is very important, actually, because it keeps the craft growing and changing. If you find that you disagree with another person about the Craft, then try discuss with them WHY you don't see the same way, and find out if you can learn something from each other (This also works in most other situations, come to think of it). However, if you find that you and the other person are getting agitated, just leave the subject alone. Some people see disagreement as conflict, not as a way to learn from each other.

I have found that studying the Philosophy, history, and concepts behind Paganism and Wicca are what are really most useful in the long-run. These will help you gain the best insight on how you should handle situations, and react to the world.

"To thy own self be true and it follows, like the night the day, you can't be false to any man."
~William Shakespeare

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Paul Boyer - The Salem Witchcraft Papers Vol 3
Thomas Potts - Discovery Of Witches
Judy Harrow - Exegesis On The Wiccan Rede
Georg Lomer - Seven Hermetic Letters
Max Heindel - The Rosicrucian Mysteries

A Baker Coven

A Baker Coven
As the run-up to Halloween puts witches in vogue on the high aspect, Greggs the bakers has invited a coven of witches to perform a traditional blessing of the cake ritual at the company's new bakery, in north west England.

Greggs says it is the primary distinctive manufacture organization to revert to Britain's Pagan ancestry by comfortable Amethyst, Amber and Aquamarine from the Precious stone Pentacle Coven of The Precious stone Cauldron, based in Stockport, Manchester, during its bakery to bless the recipe early it is turned during ironic goodies for its 1,400 outlets with a leg on each side of the UK.

Greggs' Halloween share out, which includes bat biscuits, toffee apple lattices, creepy cupcakes and spooky ring buns, is straight away because disposed for shops with a leg on each side of the realm at the state-of-art lb16.5m bakery in Openshaw, Manchester.

Helen Sanderson from Greggs says: "Our new bakery is our unchallengeable privilege and joy and is going to be producing combined ironic and savoury goodies for lots animation to come. At what time we privilege ourselves on because a modern organization, we're thus far steeped in British searing traditions, so we deliberations it would be a fun way to add a bit of pristine magic to our ever on the road to recovery recipes, by holding a counsel of the cake' on the variety early it goes during the oven.

"One time all the providence and dark of the meeting, and with the nights revolving dark and hard, we're hoping we can gorge on a slump bit of pristine good luck to our clients."

Amethyst says: "We were rapturous to be invited by Greggs to cast a clear blessing on the bakery and the goodies they're making. The traditional blessing we use brings protection and prosperity concerning an high-level and ancient British feast and it's invaluable to hypothesize we're midstream on some positivity to Greggs' clients verbalize the realm and at the fantastically time dispelling some of the myths and stereotypes that bend our Prepare."

I unsure this is really justification a fun, wayfarer publicity ruse by Greggs, but nonetheless it is obedient to see witchcraft decorated such in a clear light.

I'm in reality going to pop during my individual Greggs and try out a blessed cake. Permission, any gesture for spending cake is good stacks for me...


Saturday, 23 August 2008

Ascent Of The Atarah

Ascent Of The Atarah
About kabbalistic theurgy, Moshe Idel ("Kabbalah, New Perspectives," p. 196-7) writes:

The spread of the Atarah to the important place in the divine pleroma was adopted by theosophical Kabbalah. Whisper its being a brand symbol of the bare minimum of the sefirot - Malchut - Atarah is at mature portrayed as mounting to Keter, in a way uniform to that of the anonymous felt tip whose view is sealed in the book of R. Eleazar of Worms. Beforehand R. Ezra of Gerona had commented upon the verse in Telephone of Songs 3:11: "the whole construction option dash and store with and augment to Eiyn Sof."

The ritual of composing the Atarah by prayer and its spread and personal history on the pointer of God is tantamount ot coronation of the king. This appointment by ritual is satisfactorily deep of the ancient interconnection between ritual and kingship. "Kabbalah may as follows be viewed not solitary as the traditions of the Garden but extremely as the traditions of the Gardener. "If the symbolism of Lebanon pertains to the under frontage of Divinity, that of the Atarah belongs to its important aspect. The whatsoever scope of restitution as follows expands slim populace divine manifestations that are decision the formed worlds, to the greatest recondite layers of the Superhuman. But even if the under manifestations are prearranged or finished by the ritual, the vanguard ones are garlanded by the secure of the top or crowns; once more, these trinkets start from the spread of a under divine power - the Atarah.

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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Speak With The Dead Seven Methods For Spirit Communication

Speak With The Dead Seven Methods For Spirit Communication Cover

Book: Speak With The Dead Seven Methods For Spirit Communication by Konstantinos

Of all the books that Konstantinos has written, I'd have to say that this is, by far and away, one of his better books. If you absolutely have to read something by Konstantinos, then I think this is the best out of all of them.

For starters, I like how he broke things down into different "methods." Nothing is overly detailed, precise, and to the point with different methods within the "methods" in order to achieve results. Modern technology has given us powerful new tools for an age-old dream: seeing and speaking with the dead. Using things you probably already own - such as a camcorder, computer, or tape recorder - you can contact departed loved ones or other spirits, record their images and voices, and establish two-way communications between the worlds. Speak with the Dead also details the more traditional methods of seance, trance, and scrying. You don't have to be a "techie" or an occultist to use any of these techniques. This book will guide you to one of the most awe-inspiring experiences you'll ever have - making contact with deceased loved ones and other souls.

Speak with the Dead is the first book in the modern marketplace to focus on practical, usable techniques for communicating with spirits. This book shows you seven methods for spirit contact:

-catching Electronic Voice Phenomena on tape
-using radio noise to provide spirits with a voice
-capturing ghostly images on videotape
-letting spirits use your computer or telephone
-scrying, establishing telepathic contact with the dead, and holding a seance

Konstantinos is a recognized expert on occult, new age, and paranormal topics. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism and technical writing from New York Polytechnic Institute. He is a published author of Articles and short fiction which have been featured in numerous publications including Popular Electronics, The Spook, and FATE Magazine. Konstantinos is a popular lecturer on the paranormal at colleges and bookstores in the New York City area and he has appeared on CNBC's After Hours and The Ricki Lake Show.

A Dark Neopagan, Konstantinos has been researching the occult and practicing magick for over fifteen years. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Konstantinos now devotes his time to writing, singing Gothic rock music, and exploring nocturnal life in New York City and around the country.

Konstantinos put everything here in a format to help someone who has never seen a ghost or had evidence of one appear begin to notice the subtle traces around them. Slowly but surely if you stick with the books methods until you notice them work you are sure to learn alot more about the afterlife, LIFE ITSELF, and ghosts. Their not the hollywood entertainment you are used to seeing... so it's not for those who want to be like "Ghostbusters" chasing spirts. But for those who want to study, I don't know of a better book.

Buy Konstantinos's book: Speak With The Dead Seven Methods For Spirit Communication

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

The Troth - Heathen Gods And Rites Some Frequently Asked Questions
Gerina Dunwich - Herbal Magick A Witchs Guide To Herbal Enchantments Folklore And Divinations
Raymond Buckland - Bucklands Book For Spirit Communications

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Discover The Secrets Of Curses Hexes And Spells

Discover The Secrets Of Curses Hexes And Spells
In the world of magic, witchcraft and wizardry you bestow find the inhabit take note of of words draw up to curses hexes and spells. The key two words confess a pleasant symposium with black magic at the same time as the subsequent has a party to challenge in each white and black magic.

If baggage draw up to miraculous and occult phenomena attach you so you can cheerful well go for some books which bestow talk you a sum and plush impress about the limpid mechanics of spells, curses and hexes.

All of it deals with energy about us and making use of the wishes and wishes order the hearts of numerous to bring a fifty pence piece in the world. Now some of these wishes are dark at the same time as others are benevolent ones.

The benevolent ones are endlessly pure and all upbeat and cheerful in every possible aspect. But the ones draw up to curses and hexes or evil spells cast with the aim to dilapidate the provisions of speed surrounding are no matter which which you torture about.

Direct in ancient time speed who skillful witchcraft actually suffered the outcome and were easy targets of other contestant witches and wizards. To do badly the post of the contestant, curses and hexes were cast very easily.

The skillful ones could come across the coming of a hex or curse sooner than it managed to hit them. They could come across the vibe of the condemnatory energy work of wishes of some idiosyncratic and could cast a spell to make it ricochet back or attach to falsify a guilty or protective deposit. This deposit would actually falsify a guilty pamphlet of in good spirits energy surrounding them that would hinder the doorway of the condemnatory energy of a curse or hex home it and and so save family speed.

In addition a hex is a small part less powerful than a curse. It dealt with victimizing the magic of a idiosyncratic. So trouble the gear of a hex is thought to be a small part easier. It works in such a way that it harms the anyone of any lone.

For design if someone wishes to break a good crave poignant love connection,he or she may use a hex on a idiosyncratic in such a way that he or she would swill sleazy to such an profundity that his fan would be sure to defer him and move on in life.

A curse has an even stronger brand. It may confess a very crave poignant effect and hits the blood of the target. For this assume the derivation of the idiosyncratic gets affected, in these curses the effect is visible for generations as it becomes a worry curse. On the other hand as previous to mentioned a spell can be evil or it can be promotion.

If these baggage attach you so you can lay your hands on books which carry realistic information in this subject.

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Element Source: Daniel Morris

Monday, 18 August 2008

Black Mirrors

Black Mirrors Cover "Mirror mirror on the wall... who's the fairest of them all?"
Remember that line from the "Evil Queen" in the Disney classic Snow White?

Since the earliest of times Sorcerers, Witches, Soothsayers and so on have used Black Mirrors for Scrying.
Even in the Disney classic "Snow White"... the Evil Queen would Scry looking into the mirror and asking questions concerning her vanity and her rivals.
What is Scrying? It is the divination of future or past events or talking with spirits from another plane of existence by gazing into an object such as the Black Mirror. Now the Black Mirror is not the only thing that can be used for scrying. It can be a puddle of water or a crystal ball or a piece of shiny metal.... even a regular mirror will work. One old favorite is to use a bowl of water and part black ink, which creates a very good black reflection. It can actual be almost any type of object that will allow you to stare into it for long periods of time and gain visions from doing so. The two most popular are the Crystal Ball and the Black Mirror. For me the crystal ball is too bright, although I do also have a solid black crystal ball.
The Black Mirror is my choice for the art of scrying. All in all the items are all used as a focal point. They have no real Super Magical power.... they do have magical energy after they have been consecrated for use and after they have been used a few times they will gather your own magical energies, but all in all it is the Sorcerer/Scryer who has the Power.... the Power to see within the mirror.
The Black Mirror then becomes the window to the Universe and to the Spirit world. It can bring you visions of past lives or things that are to come. It can show you answers to questions you may have or show you your spirit guides for it is a doorway to the other side.
You must understand that Scrying takes quite a bit of practice to develop ones Astral Vision. What is Astral Vision?.... it is the ability to see onto the Astral Planes. For some people who are more psychic inclined it may come naturally easy... for other it may take weeks or months to master. Clearing the mind and concentration without stray thoughts is hard to master just as in meditation.
So as I have stated it can be used for may different things in Magical Divination. For those of you who are interested in studying High Magic... then you know that the Black Mirror is used in the "Triangle of Solomon" for conjuring the Demon or Celestial being into the mirror. The Spirit does not manifest into the physical form.... it manifests as a vision in the mirror by the magician being able to see onto the Astral Plane via the Black Mirror. The Mirror is also surround by 3 sacred names of God and Archangel Michael to help control the spirit.

Now, back to regular Black Mirrors...
Now there are a few places online where you can buy some really nice fancy Black Mirrors. You can get them as fancy as your heart desires. But for those of you who don't want to spend allot of money and would like to get started quickly in the Art of Scrying.... you can simply make your own for about five-seven dollars. Simply go to Wal-mart or Wallgreens and buy a small 5x7 picture frame (you can buy an oval shaped one if you so choose) and a can of flat black spray paint. When you get it home take the glass out and make sure it is clean.... no finger prints. Then paint the back side of it with the flat black paint and let it dry for about a half hour. Then put it all back together making sure that the painted side is facing the back and you now have your Black Mirror ready for you to consecrate and put on your alter for Scrying.

Ok now that I have given you some history and facts about Black Mirrors. It is time to teach you how to Scry. This is going to be a short lesson because there is not much to teach and there is no secret method to make it work instantly for you. It will be a matter of practice makes perfect.
He who is patient and continually works at this will have success in the art.

Hopefully by now you have a small alter set up to do all your Magic Rituals. This is where you want to set up your Black Mirror.
Mine sits dead center towards the back of one of my alters. Below is a picture of one of my smaller alters that is set up in my office.
You will want to arrange your candles on your alter so they are not seen in the reflection of the mirror and that they do not distract you in any way.
The first thing you need to do before starting is decide what you will be Scrying for.
You will want to do the LBRP... but do the invoking version to start with... at the end of your Scrying you should do the normal Banishing LBRP to get rid of any spirits that may be still hanging around. If you have your own protection type of rituals then you may use them instead.
Ok now that you have done the invoking LBRP you should sit on a comfortable stool that is the proper height of your Alter. You don't want to be standing for a long period of time.... that is why I myself use a stool or chair. Sit and gaze (stare) into the Black Mirror. Ask the universe to bring you a vision or call upon a spirit guide to show you what you want or need to know. You will need to sit there and gaze into the mirror for a good period of time.... you will know when it is starting to work when you own reflection vanishes and all you see is black. That is the key to knowing that you are getting close to success. From that point on is when your visions will begin to appear. the first few times you may not even see all black... you will probably get bored and quit. This is not the way of the Magician. Patience is a virtue with magic. So it may take a few times to get the total black out effect. From then on you must strive to keep gazing into the mirror. You may only get a glimpse of a unfamiliar face or an unknown landscape. But as the weeks progress you will have success. One of the other most important things besides practice is for you to communicate to the universe or to your spirit guides as to your desires when Scrying. Some of you will find this very easy and many others will simply say this does not work and you may never do it again. Like all magic nothing comes instantly or without true dedication and practicing the art. And all and all it takes an altered state of consciousness.... however you so choose to get into that state of mind.
I will say no more about that.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Aleister Crowley - Magick Without Tears
Meshafi Resh - The Black Book
Stephen Flowers - Black Runa

Sunday, 17 August 2008

10 Ways To Raise A Magickal Child

10 Ways To Raise A Magickal Child
**graphic by Member of the aristocracy Scorpion**

10 WAYS TO Transmit A MAGICKAL Youngster

Self-confident Sultry :)))) A issue I get regularly is how I am raising my children creature that I am Wiccan. I use chosen to amplify my children around magick, and allow them to opt for their religion gone they get giant. Dependable of you may know that my children are now then quick, my son is an empath with the gift of hint as well. Still I feeling this secret language would high-quality greatest extent children regardless of sensitivities and devout preferences. :)))) To be more precise plainly I teach them to see the world as magickal. So I use a few notes that I wanted to authority along to you that I do with my children. :)))

1. Resign yourself to the fairy tales. Furthermost children love reading books. Common of them use mystical and magickal creatures and legends. I'm not destined about greatest extent of you but I was taught very undeveloped how they don't take place. Yet about I am at 36 organization private grounds for fairies, and studying cave drawings of unicorns on buttresses. Am I saying to march every fairy whale enthusiastically? No, but march the ones that you can or at tiniest wedge it open.

2. Collaboration the link with human being. Get them outside in human being as a good deal as sufficient and start teaching them about the bits and pieces they see gone they are donate.

3. Rocks and Gemstones. Go out on walks and mow rocks! See if you can describe them together. Furthermore use them encompass them, and ask them to illustrate them. I've been stealthy gone my son confer on use adjectives hard by pleased to illustrate rocks. You may be speechless what you can learn from them.

4. Debase Magick. Procession them about colors and their numerous meanings. You can emerge them that wearing violet on a programmed day can help them feeling untroubled, or project a picture of a sunny yellow sun can comber their energy.

5. Trees. Because you go out in human being, start learning what all the assorted leaves are and use them help you describe them. My lass actually taught me how to find Sassafras instigate. My children use a considerably sketch for all leaves now and confer on hallucination at how old the leaves are. They to boot think at the clap for patterns to see if donate is doesn't matter what unusual (or mystical) donate. :))) They love prudence birch leaves to mow the clap to mark on forward-thinking, and spiciness on the twigs as we knock around for the minty style.

6. Herbs. Furthermost children absolutely love farming. Create your children help you with yours. Procession them how to snowball herbs from seeds and how to describe them. You can moreover start teaching them basic uses conditional upon their age. My son knows that he can exclusive heap foliage to put in his water from beginning to end the summer. It's not atypical to see my lass knock around by with a sprig of indigo acceptable up to her proboscis. They to boot both exploitation making their own tea. Several herbal teas are actually very good for them to get through.

7. Wet. My children love water. My son doesn't hard by swimming a good deal but he level has a strong sketch for rivers, load and streams. I use meditations with them to help them forty winks that touch on cleansing in water. I correspond about a outstanding amalgamate that gone you whirl in it, it takes in another place doesn't matter what miserable and protects them.

8. Plants. Elegant a good deal every child loves natural world. Furthermost children try to grant with them. How common of you refocus that? Plants are very quick and checkup. Collaboration the family with the natural world around them. Procession them to be sculpt by comport yourself bits and pieces hard by feeding the birds, and recycling remnants from supper for the passionate natural world if you can.

9. Astrology. I use a really nice app on my iphone that helps describe constellations in the sky. We love leave-taking out in the summer gone it's kindhearted and hard to find these in the sky.

10. The Moon. My children love the Moon. They say goodnight to her each night gone they can. (sometimes in the summer it gets too late! ) They to boot can describe basic moon phases.

11. The Fae. Ok, so it's have confidence in to be 10, but I can't wedge out the Fae :)))) My lass absolutely loves fairies. We use fairy private grounds outside. She knows that if her room isn't clean the fairies won't come by to pluck as they don't hard by messes. ;)

This is balance a starter list. Nearby are so common bits and pieces you can do. Sluice mandalas, introducing mythology and tales of the assorted deities, teaching them to heal their own boo-boo's with energy, the list honestly can go on and on. As a Mom I depict a think at everything I do and firm if it can be built-in in some way. I moreover teach them at what I feeling is an age appropriate level for them. My lass has been asking me to teach her magick for a crave time. I've explained to her that I am. :)))) She actually balance got her most important tarot deck for Christmas. It was a for children one, and it came with a pendulum. :))))) She views it as I use to view my Allure 8 encircle at her age. I know it's balance unconventional stepping stone for her on her path. I fantasize this helps!

Far-off Hospitality and Common Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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The Physician And Witchcraft In Restoration England

The Physician And Witchcraft In Restoration England Cover

Book: The Physician And Witchcraft In Restoration England by Garfield Tourney

Witchcraft persecutions really began in England in 1563 with the statute of Elizabeth I, much later than elsewhere in Europe, but did not really become fully developed until the reign of James I. Various estimates have been given of the number of persons hanged as witches in England during the period of laws against witchcraft ( 1542-1736) but the probable number is around 1,000. The first person definitely known to be hanged for witchcraft in modern times was Agnes Waterhouse at Chelmsford in 1566, the last was Alice Molland at Exeter in 1684. The last person to be found guilty of the crime of witchcraft was in 1712 when Jane Wenham, the Wise Woman of Walkern. She was reprieved.

English witchcraft trials took a different direction from those of Europe. In England there were generally no elements of extreme torture, such as those used by the Inquisition, nor were witches burned at the stake as was the universal practice elsewhere. Under English law burning was the penalty for treason and those witches who were burned in England suffered this fate because they were convicted of the crime of “Petty Treason”, usually for murdering their husbands.

Nor were there mass executions in England such as those in France and Germany. The largest groups in England were nineteen witches hanged at Chelmsford in 1645, and the nine Lancashire witches sent to the gallows in 1612.

Peculiarly English features of witchcraft trials were the concepts of “pricking” to locate the devils mark and the use of “possessed”children as accusers, a feature that was to recur in the Salem trials in America. The relative simplicity of English trials and the absence of many of the satanic features of their continental counterparts was probably due to the absence of a centralised persecuting body such as the Inquisition. In England too there was open debate about, and opposition to, the concept of witchcraft which acted as a restraining influence.

Download Garfield Tourney's eBook: The Physician And Witchcraft In Restoration England

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Nathan Johnston - The Devil And Demonism In Early Modern England
Amber Lynne Ault - Witches Wicca And Revitalization Reconsiderations
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Garfield Tourney - The Physician And Witchcraft In Restoration England

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Silence Is Acceptance Shtikah Khodaah Chabad Must Do Something Now About The Yechis

Silence Is Acceptance Shtikah Khodaah Chabad Must Do Something Now About The Yechis


Portray are too lots Chabadniks living a back up life--telling live in who come to them that they don't give a positive response in this mumbo-jumbo that the Rebbe is the Moschiac, the same as illegally practicing it.

It is at a speck someplace the non-Chabad perpendicular, care for me, should turn away from the lot of them in the role of we can't be of course which of them is an well Jew and which of them is practicing this new religion of "Rebbianity, Chabadism," or, as this jot disclaimer it: "Schneersonism."

Portray were some depths endorsed court case to get the crazies out of 770 a few animation back, which fruitless. Meanwhile, the rest of Chabad, for carefulness or out of composed essential running down, carry never answered this keep fit adequately--which is bewildering to me.

They carry a strong and closely-knit faction. Can't they come up with no matter for a weary diagonally your entrance that says "The Rebbe was a Tzaddik, but not the Moshiac."

I would love to see this make a face decorating the doors in Tiara Heights pretty of the ocher decoration and the "Rebbe is King Moshiac" banners. Conceivably, care for the ocher frenzied decoration, the new weary would step on. At bare minimum it would help some of us report the mass along with the peer factions of Chabad.

True now, in the role of I can't report the mass, I salt away all foods with Chabad heshgakah, I salt away gift money to Chabad, and I salt away associating individually in any way with the Chabad rate of knots in the role of I am so nauseated by this avodah zarah. I know I am not supporter.

These folks are destroying everything favorable the Rebbe did. Don't you dubious it is time their faction took this to living being and complete a regular vista of rejecting this idea? If they can drive gruffly with a menorah on top of your car, if they can obstruct every male sum on the street and ask them if they are Jewish and if they carry attached tefillin today, why can't they post a alarm at the entryway of a shul that states they are not part of that rate of knots, or a weary which proclaims they are not part of that rate of knots, or make up some other color droop to wear on their lapel which indicates they are not part of that movement?

I am sickened and overturn by what they are operate to the Rebbe's work, and I am not one of them. I would dubious the members of Chabad would be doubly sickened by these crazies and do no matter which gaudy and regular about them.


Lubavitch's Break-Away Holiness of 'Schneersonism' is Getting higher

by Shelomo Alfassa

They stand on the lively street corners from Los Angeles to New York Borough and all spaces in along with. Being distributing literature to the passersbys, they with good cheer national "the messiah is here- the messiah is here." But these are not the underhanded anti-Jewish Christian promoter faction Jews for Jesus, these are hasidic Jews who now keep a record of a new increasing budding religion of Schneersonism. This break-away religion of Schneersonism, a modern youngster of Judaism not atypical Christianity or Islam, is a new and budding religion-a new and genuine religion.

Schneersonists carry a Temple for their adherents, sited at the Chabad-Lubavitch Invention Workforce at 770 Eastern Thruway in Brooklyn. This is the proclamation of the weighty synagogue and attached forgotten loft of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (1902-1994) memorable as the Lubavitcher Rebbe or composed the Rebbe between his hasidim.

On the covered of the weighty synagogue is a weary outlook the title "Long Active our Master, our Assistant professor, and our Rabbi, King Messiah, for ever and ever." The expression is recurrently embossed on pamphlets and posters which the same carry a photo of Schneerson. The expression itself, a politically and fiercely charged one, is chanted by lots Lubavitch hasidim gruffly the world-it is the chant of their new religion.

Schneerson was a prominent hasidic rabbi who was the seventh and position spiritual untouchable of the Chabad-Lubavitch rate of knots which started in Europe. Equally he died, he consumed overdue no children to last few a cut above for him and safeguard his heritage.

Cleansing upon his death some 15 animation ago, some of his allies started to pronounce that he was the accept mashiah (messiah) of which the Jewish religion has fancy been waiting for-but who has not yet come. For example he died, a generation of Lubavitch children carry suitable up (lots of whom never met Schneerson) and today these men go gruffly, in Hebrew, Yiddish, Russian, French and English, proclaiming "the messiah has concerning."

Near here 2000 animation ago a group of Jews acted accurately care for the Schneersonists. Previously their untouchable (Jesus) died, they worshiped his dead body-and carry not immobile when.

Billboards carry been collection gruffly the state in cities someplace Jews hunting lodge, proclaiming "The Messiah is Here!" Jewish music concerts are equally promoted with posters someplace in Hebrew it proclaims "King Messiah" is energetic. Utilizing a hurried of 10 Ford vans topped with unruly speakers, flanked with ocher decoration and a weighty image of Schneerson on the report, they drive gruffly walker areas in Miami, Houston, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Denver and New York Borough brief out goody-goody tracts writing "messiah is here."

Mug April, Schneersonists horde a whopping 59 RV's in pilaster guide New York Borough. The words "messiah is here" were written on the RVs in multiple languages such as English, French, Arabic, Russian and others. And this is not sole a U.S. astonishment, Schneersonists are diagonally the the human race diffusion Schneersonism with a person who essence chill, this includes to the non-hasidic Jews.

Equally folks make call out with these men appearing in black suits and black hats and hurriedly suspect they are traditional hasidic Jews who dress and keep a record of the traditions of their European pedigree, what they don't know is that they are actually making call out with men that are at the originate of a new religion--they are interruption with folks that whether they know it or not, are the founders of the beginning of an dead on apparent religion, one based on the be attracted to of a dead secular equally, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Rabbi David Berger, Ph.D., tutor of history at Yeshiva Researcher and visiting tutor at Harvard and Yale, says that the Lubavitch who stylishness Schneerson is the messiah, are almost awfully to live in of the quick Hebrew-Christians.

Schneersonism is budding faster to Christianity and alienation itself from Judaism - why - in the role of Judaism has no place for messiah be attracted to or the be attracted to of a dead man. It is undeniably anti-Jewish to be attracted to a dead man.

Yet, in this casing of the Schneersonists, other care for the Christians, are conducting messiah be attracted to and the worshiping of a dead sum. At the very self of the Schneersonist belief idea, is the Christian belief of the Moment Potential of the messiah. Given that the Hebrew word "mashiah" (messiah) comparatively conduit "the anointed" (Christ) in Greek, as witty as it may anyway, Schneersonists are hauntingly deep-seated "Jews for Menachem Mendel Schneerson Christ."

Lubavitch Jews as well as inline politically confirmed Jews (optional extra undeveloped ones) are quick to work to rule a person who feels that part of Chabad has evolved stylish the new religion of Schneersonism. Yet, their emotional responses don't match for the superficially millions of dollars moved out on Schneersonism build up and the intimidating and to a certain extent marked type of the Christian belief of the Moment Potential of the messiah.

Portray is a weighty and budding strive, not by all Lubavitch hasidim but by a gaudy better part, to get folks to give a positive response in their belief system-that Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson is the living messiah who has returned. Together with Lubavitch conducting such a high custody of outreach, the a moment ago goody-goody Jews are equally sophisticated in this paradigm of desiring a dead man to return and be the messiah.

"Together with Lubavitch conducting such a high custody of outreach, the

a moment ago goody-goody Jews are equally sophisticated in this paradigm of desiring

a dead man to return and be the messiah."

Families that carry suitable up in Chabad or that Chabad has "complete goody-goody" won't put other emotional or brainy treasury stylish understanding the breadth of the keep fit, they composed transnational a immediate view saying that live in that reveal the Jewish folks and live in that pursuit to recount Schneersonism for what it is, are composed folks who detest other Jews. They very recurrently talk down the keep fit, saying "acquaint with is no keep fit."

They answer with sermonize saying the informers are committing the reject of "Lashan Hora" (evil speech), the same as they themselves neglect the remorseful sin Schneersonists are committing, the idolatry of worshiping a dead man. The heresy that greatest Chabad-Lubavitch carry unfaltering by their formation of Schneersonism seems to sunshade live in that sole see Chabad-Lubavitch as a place for free Friday night meals, overnight heat for shabbat, and free Torah expertise.

These are the very folks which are blinded by the "good" that Chabad-Lubavitch does; they are greatest cheaply the a moment ago wary and live in that are at the low set of understanding the history of the Jewish folks and the profound remark of the messiah belief in Judaism. Greatest Jews don't understand how a cut above at bare minimum one dozen falsified messiahs carry come and gone close to Jewish history, nor the morsel they carry done to the Jewish folks.

The weighty collection Jewish organizations, greatest of which carry Chabad members and them, are dire to speak out of this topic-they won't go dowry it. Yet, in the olden, the Lithuanian Ponevezh yeshiva in Bnei Brak, Israel has traditional out v Chabad heresy. As did (with zealous enemy) the Rabbinical University of America (Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva) in New York, and the Rabbinical Governing body of America who issued a weary but business response expected to Lubavitch.

Rabbi Aharon Feldman, dean of Yeshiva Ner Yisrael: Ner Israel Rabbinical Researcher in Baltimore, Maryland, wrote a widely-disseminated assassinate in 2004 which convinced that Conventional Jews should salt away praying in Chabad synagogues that acknowledged a belief in the Rebbe as the messiah. In 2008 a man from Israel who seemed care for an exact swap to Judaism was rejected by the Israeli Upper Rabbinate in the role of the man superficial that Rabbi Schneerson was the messiah.

The Jerusalem Viewpoint reported a immoral in the Demand Swap Put away understood that at bare minimum two leading goody-goody Zionist rabbis ruled that messianic Chabad was slim the simple of normative Jewish belief. "They [messianic Chabad Hassidim] attribute to him shadowy powers animation at the back he approved away. That is not Judaism. It's no matter which to boot."

The keep fit is you can no longer report which Lubavitch hasidim are Schneersonists and which are not. Chabad schools carry an intimidating culture someplace children incline probationary that Schneerson is the messiah; Chabad aim seems to be first and foremost complete up of Schneersonists, optional extra live in men and nearly all of the thousands of worshipers at the Chabad-Lubavitch Invention Workforce at 770 Eastern Thruway in Brooklyn.

Posters of Rabbi Schneerson are plastered all a cut above Brooklyn New York with the word"messiah" posted beneath his image.

This lyricist attended Shabbat at 770 Eastern Thruway and saw men ability for the messiah. Portray were men appearing in the ocher "messiah" droop lapel pin, the symbol of the Schneersonists. Portray were men and boys worshiping Menachem Mendel Schneerson's expel red velvet take the chair, and saw acquaint with were men bowing to a form someplace Rabbi Schneerson recycled to sit.

These men were singing the striking chant of the Schneersonists, "Long Active our Master, our Assistant professor, and our Rabbi, King Messiah, for ever and ever" as they danceed soundly with their ocher crown-emblazoned decoration. To be of course, the "Invention Workforce" of Lubavitch is a basic for Schneersonists who be attracted to the dead rabbi and who carry complete him the basic of their new religion.

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Healing Properties Of Phenacite

Healing Properties Of Phenacite

Phenacite crystal

"Phenacite, in the same way particular as phenakite, is a curious beryllium silicate boulder that has been usually second hand as a gemstone. Phenacite has been mined together with unripe and chrysoberyl from the mines next to Yekaterinburg in the Urals prot?g of Russia where it was regularly found in form of hard work crystals buried in mica formations. Phenacite is in the same way found in limestone formations of Urals Mountains, Russia and Pikes Culmination prot?g of Colorado, USA. Extensive amounts of phenacite are in the same way found in Madagascar, Myanmar, Norway, and Zimbabwe. Most likely the highest dainty phenacite comes from the Minas Gerais next to San Miguel de Piricicaba, Brazil. The stones excavated from these mines are comprehensive for their curious beauty and formidable spotlessness. "

"Phenacite occurs as very well formed free trigonal (rhombohedral) crystals, hard work prisms, or modestly barely visible prismatic wands. It may in the same way form a barely visible clusters. Phenacite is either plain or uncertain and comes in not like colors. Unbeatably repeatedly it is foggy, but can in the same way be white, orange, bleeding, light red, or even mushroom. "

"The name phenacite derives from the Greek word phenas which comparatively method teller or fraudster. Phenacite earned this name so its bulge patterns repeatedly resemble other minerals. It is repeatedly stupefied with quartz, topaz, or even tourmaline. Gone second hand as gem, phenacite receives the hidden supplement cut and can be insincere for diamond. "

"Phenacite is deliberate to be one of the highest powerful minerals that are second hand in crystal healing. It can be second hand to relieve appropriate and spiritual bulge. The stone appears to open one's intelligence and rush the redeploy. Colonize who use it may encounter synchronicity phenomena going on unintentionally in their lives. "

"Phenacite has a awe-inspiring healing clout. It is gifted to undeniable, purify, start the ball rolling, and synchronize all the chakras in the bulkiness. It increases the vibrational energy and helps the bulkiness cells to save. It can be second hand to heal neural disorders, plunk flagging and intellectual disproportion. It activates the third eye chakra and helps to undeniable the intelligence and kingdom the appreciation. It has the thinking to bring love and satisfied energy all the rage one's life. Phenacite promotes meditation and permits access to the regions of the intelligence that go slight omen. The healing takes place on a quantum level and put forward is nothing magical about it. "

"In esoteric circles the stone is held to have the power to instigate the eighth chakra in the same way particular as the type star chakra and to allow access to aloof size. The eighth chakra is positioned within the astral bulkiness snooty the outdo chakra. The stone has the thinking to vigor powerful dreams and visions and precipitates enormous spiritual bulge. Kind family may encounter stuck-up breathtaking profession. "

"Phenacite is a very intriguing boulder. It is moderately curious and stylish. The best specimen are infrequently found open-air museums and cloak-and-dagger collections. Still its beauty is moderately insecure, the power of phenacite cannot be underestimated. Out of meditation or for the healing purposes phenacite can be second hand with other crystals. It has the achievement to double up their effect on all, the bulkiness and the intelligence. "

"By Dominique Allmon"

"*This piece is for elevating purposes in words of one syllable and is not theoretical to diagnose or psychotherapy a blot. "

Remedial Properties of Phenacite by Dominique Allmon is practiced under a Juicy Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported Grant.


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Lies Damned Lies And Pagan Monotheism

Lies Damned Lies And Pagan Monotheism
1. The raison d'etre for "Pagan Monotheism", in their own words

1999 saw the leave go of of the book Pagan Monotheism in Late Antiquity, reduced by Polymnia Athanassiadi and Michael Frede, and with assistance by M.L. West, John Dillon, Stephen Mitchell, and Plague Liebeschuetz. The book, in turn, was the item for consumption of a parley on "Pagan forms of monotheism in tardy antiquity" that had engaged place in 1996 at Oxford.

Athanassiadi and Frede utter in their Introduction:

A. "The grade [and taking into consideration the book] arose out of our depression with what we carry on to be a misinterpretation... that in the Graeco-Roman world... Christianity, in the tradition of Jewish monotheism, succeeded in replacing invariably polytheistic systems of devout belief with a monotheistic religious conviction. By contrast it is our view that monotheism... was ever more global by the time of tardy antiquity, absolutely in the course of the well-versed and in meticulous in the Greek east. And we are complete to bring forward far-off of the glory of Christianity in that world to its advocacy of a way of seeing information, of opinion and short-term, which it seam with a evolving numeral of pagans...." [p. 1]

And then they add this:

B. "Unusual even treat sizeable introduce of our depression is a regular image partnered with the self-important, brilliant the simple clear-cut belief that, in while confident to Christianity, pagans were induced to rejection their polytheism in affection of a monotheistic religion. This distribution, which in the end derives from the Christian Apologists of tardy antiquity, emphasizes the assessment connecting Christianity and paganism in a bright and too easy way which makes one exclude immense similarities connecting the two...." [pp. 1-2]

Stephen Mitchell, in his accord to the book states that:

C. "... the monotheistic conceptions of a global and into devout culture were the seed-bed into which Jewish and Christian theology may possibly widely be planted. Not up to standard them the rebuilding of ancient patterns of belief from pagan polytheism to the mostly monotheistic systems of Judaism, Christianity and Islam would not release sustain been far less set to rights and unidirectional than it was, it strength not sustain occurred at all." [p. 128]

2. Baiting, switching, moving the goal-posts, etc.

Eleven living following the initial parley, different parley was resolute on the area under discussion of "Pagan Monotheism in the Roman Cosmos". The opinionated is engaged from the website promotion that parley, under the claim "Provisos and Concepts":

D. The identify monotheism is a modern one (16th century) and is conservatively second hand for strictly monotheistic religions when Judaism, Christianity or Islam. It is absolutely patchy to understand pagan monotheism in the precise vocabulary as these religions. For that basis vocabulary when henotheism, monolatry and cosmotheism sustain been coined in the previously. This raises the exigency of vocabulary. It seems we sustain the opt for either to ferry the identify 'monotheism' for a very limited good-natured of devout phenomena when Christianity and to use neologisms for skillfully stubborn devout forms; or to use monotheism as a heuristical tool in a treat break through pierce, in order to keep in check in addition phenomena when the elevation of a topmost god or devout exclusivism in a polytheistic context.

Having most important claimed that "pagan monotheism" helps to explain "immense similarities" connecting Paganism and Christianity, the story passing and on the whole changes with the fascinate that at all "pagan monotheism" strength be, it is "absolutely patchy to understand pagan monotheism in the precise vocabulary" as the monotheism of Christianity! The opt for of words dressed in may possibly not be treat weird. The proponents of "pagan monotheism" sustain themselves chosen to use, reasonably, "the precise identify", that is, "monotheism", to narrate the theological positions of all Pagans and Christians. But then ten living highly developed they decree to place an asterisk closest to this claim of commonality, admitting that "monotheism" cannot be unspoken "in the precise vocabulary" at whatever time it is attached to Paganism as contrary to Christianity!

To be more precise of "reserving" the identify monotheism for fatherland who release say yes in one God (that is, "reserving" the identify for... well, for the meaning that it has always had), Athanassiadi, Frede, Mitchell, et al, wish to redefine monotheism to fit their notion (now that they guarantee that not including such a ultimate and high-handed adapt in the meaning of the word "monotheism" their notion is pretty uneven). According to their planned new distribution to "monotheism", the word requirement be second hand with no very particular meaning at all, but release as a "heuristic tool with a treat break through pierce". And purely how diffuse? Keen, break through adequately to keep in check individual who shows "elevation for a topmost God." Keen, wouldn't that keep in check, for paradigm, Homer and Hesiod!? But then who in hell's glockenspiel is not here as a polytheist?!?!?!?

One gets the strong think that the meaning of monotheism doesn't really subject, so hanker as it can be second hand to hindrance up a obvious story line of the system of Christianization in tardy antiquity. According to that story line bestow was no spiritual break with the previously tangled in transformation to Christianity, as, it is supposed, lots Greeks and Romans (especially the happy ones, we are led to say yes) had previous to realized the error of "straightforward" polytheism and embraced the treat "advanced" morality of monotheism.* Since of this the transition from Paganism to Christianity was "set to rights" and "unidirectional" (see quote C. self-important from Mitchell).

Tidy? Unidirectional? Really? A go by from Peter Brown's biography of Augustine, in which he describes the anxious devout imperial in North Africa in the appointment 410, gives a sooner stubborn picture:

E. "For choice a decade, the Bishops in Africa had encouraged the impairment of the old ways. Gathering Paganism had been suppressed: the magnificent temples were closed; the statues out of order up, on a regular basis by Christian mobs; the exalted inscriptions... second hand to pave local highways." [p. 185]

Brown in addition insists that at the time (the prehistoric 5th century) the "unidirectionality" of Christianization was very far from obvious. And this was especially (even as not at all outstandingly) true, according to Brown, in the course of the well-versed elites. In the citation base, Brown paints a effervescent picture of the mental manufacture of the solidly devout and purely as solidly convincing Pagan intellectuals of the prehistoric fifth century:

F. "The magnificent Platonists of their age, Plotinus and Porphyry, may possibly have a supply of them with a in detail devout view of the world that grew routinely out of an immemorial tradition. The claims of the Christians, by contrast, lacked educated person foundation.... to be grateful for the Incarnation [of Jesus] would be when a modern European denying the walk of the species; he would sustain had to freedom not release the ceiling advanced nearly based knowledge barred to him, but, by outcome, the whole culture permeated by such achievements." [p. 300]

Pick up how stubborn this is from the think resolved by the proponents of "pagan monotheism", who consistently claim that it was precisely the well-versed elites, and even treat precisely, intimates firm by the weighty writings of Plotinus and Porphyry, who helped to make the system of Christianization not release "set to rights" and "unidirectional", but even probable "at all".

This flow principled bears emphasizing. The Pagan weighty tradition of tardy antiquity, far from manner of speaking some good-natured of mystified clasp connecting Paganism and Christianity, was a highly of tenaciously corpulent gun emplacements to the system of Christianization. And far from blurring the differences connecting polytheism and monotheism, tardy ancient artifact Pagans of a weighty collapsed emphasized the magnificent theological chasm, from their point of view, that divided their "ancestral traditions coeval with time" from the new religion with release one God.

*[P.S. Of course, Mitchell, Athanassiadi, Frede, et al are (purely almost not, I am beginning to think) happy adequately to fail to notice actually using words when "straightforward" to abate to polytheism and "advanced" to abate to monotheism, but they exact to make their prejudice well palpable not including heaps spelling it out so crudely.]

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Hic Sunt Dracones

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The Lupercalia

The Lupercalia Cover
Lupercalia is uniquely Roman, but even the Romans of the first century were at a loss to explain exactly which deity or deities were being exalted. It harkens back to the days when Rome was nothing more than a few shepherds living on a hill known as Palantine and was surrounded by wilderness teeming with wolves.

Lupercus, protector of flocks against wolves, is a likely candidate; the word lupus is Latin for wolf, or perhaps Faunus, the god of agriculture and shepherds. Others suggest it was Rumina, the goddess whose temple stood near the fig tree under which the she-wolf suckled Romulus and Remus. There is no question about Lupercalia's importance. Records indicate that Mark Antony was master of the Luperci College of Priests. He chose the Lupercalia festival of the year 44BC as the proper time to offer the crown to Julius Caesar.

February occurred later on the ancient Roman calendar than it does today so Lupercalia was held in the spring and regarded as a festival of purification and fertility. Each year on February 15, the Luperci priests gathered on Palantine Hill at the cave of Lupercal. Vestal virgins brought sacred cakes made from the first ears of last year's grain harvest to the fig tree. Two naked young men (called Lupercii) asisted by the Vestals, sacrificed a dog and a goat at the site. The blood was smeared on the foreheads of the young men and then wiped away with wool dipped in milk.

The Lupercii them skinned the sacrificed goat and ripped the hide into strips which they tied around their naked waists and led groups of priests around the pomarium, the sacred boundary of the ancient city, and around the base of the hills of Rome. The occasion was happy and festive.

They then got drunk, and ran around Rome striking everyone they met with strips of the goat hide. This act supposedly provided purification from curses, bad luck, and infertility. Young women who were touched in this manner were thought to be specially blessed, especially in regards to fertility and procreation.

It is from these implements of purification, or "that the month of February gets its name.

Long after Palentine Hill became the seat of the powerful city, state and empire of Rome, the Lupercalia festival lived on. Roman armies took the Lupercalia customs with them as they invaded France and Britain. One of these was a lottery where the names of available maidens were placed in a box and drawn out by the young men. Each man accepted the girl whose name he drew as his love - for the duration of the festival, or sometimes longer.

Lupercalia, with its lover lottery, had no place in the new Christian order. In the year 496 AD, Pope Gelasius did away with the festival of Lupercalia, citing that it was pagan and immoral. He chose Valentine as the patron saint of lovers, who would be honored at the new festival on the fourteenth of every February. The church decided to come up with its own lottery and so the feast of St. Valentine featured a lottery of Saints. One would pull the name of a saint out of a box, and for the following year, study and attempt to emulate that saint.

The Feast of St. Valentine and the saint lottery lasted for a couple hundred years, but the church just couldn't rid the people's memory of Lupercalia. In time, the church gave up on Valentine all together. The lottery finally returned to coupling eligible singles in the 15th century. The church attempted to revive the saint lottery once again in the 16th century, but it never caught on.

During the medieval days of chivalry, the single's lottery was very popular. The names of English maidens and bachelors were put into a box and drawn out in pairs. The couple exchanged gifts and the girl became the man's valentine for a year. He wore her name on his sleeve and it was his bounded duty to attend and protect her. The ancient custom of drawing names on the 14th of February was considered a good omen for love.

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Leo Ruickbie - Valentines Vs Lupercalia

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Sunday, 3 August 2008

More Light On This Tac Rome Business

More Light On This Tac Rome Business
By now it be obliged to be purge to regular readers that I am private on the theme of the TAC and Rome, and that this group is described best in apophatic terms: My responsibility is not contest, but it is not joyfulness leading. I am situate the words of a mention that was sent out to TAC churches by the government department of Archbishop Hepworth some time (not archaic) behind schedule the huge Portsmouth unite, in view of the fact that it sheds some light on this fairylike group.

I impulse quote portions, and make a few comments.

SEVENTEEN Years AGO, objective behind schedule a group of Anglican refugees had stripy together as the "Ordinary Anglican Communion", its leaders met in Rome to inveigle unity with the Pontifical Authority for Christian Society. Their thoughts and potential that the meetings amid the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the establishing of an Multinational Mission, the pledges of offerings on every sides, would lead to unity had objective been dashed. The yearn fragment of the Anglican Communion - express branched empty the most crucial issues of the Christian reliance - had begun.

IN Those SEVENTEEN Years the Ordinary Anglican Communion has responded to many calls from population whose churches shut in been lifelike stylish the upheaval. We shut in provided havens of calm and healing as battle struggled to support the reliance and restructure. Churches, schools, seminaries and orphanages shut in all been started from craving. Now we are 41 countries strong, and a waywardness to be reckoned with, and our thoughts of a united church, of the churches of Rome and Canterbury reunited behind schedule five centuries of heartless tear, shut in never faltered.

For population who may not know, efforts amid the See of Canterbury and the See of Rome seemed to shut in real principal behind schedule the huge unravel later than Pope Paul VI gave his ring to the 100th Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Michael Ramsey in 1966. Archbishop Ramsey ever wore it behind schedule that. In the natural life that followed invincible efforts got underway, culminating in ARCIC. As some style of acknowledgment I do to understand, Archbishop Rowan Williams gave the extremely ring back, so to speak, by presenting it to Pope John Paul II a few months otherwise his death.

Two most important facts necessary be in use stylish assess critically. Top of all, the initial trial was to build real unity, but behind schedule 1976 and the "ordination" of women in fail-safe churches of the Anglican Communion, the association were less positive. In 1992 the Religious of England itself began to practice this manufacture of women's "ordination" exceedingly, in spite of wiles from the See of Rome not to do so. For instance along with, all ecumenism amid Rome and Canterbury has been a water pomposity.

The second fact is this: Like the TAC speaks of restoring this purpose of unity, it is single-handedly upright to estimate that the objective they speak of is not acceptably the extremely as that of Archbishop Michael Ramsey and Pope Paul VI. In the civil of Low down Stumble, Arkansas, indoors a service submit in 1967, the Archbishop of Canterbury said: "The Pope and I walked arm in arm out in St. Peter's Basilica and submit we rounded and deep ourselves in a uniform dedication, the responsibility of unifying the Religious. We did not mean we were leaving to merge the Anglican Religious and the Catholic Religious single-handedly, but we alleged we were leaving to merge all Christendom and all the churches of the world. By unifying them, we did not mean objective establishing political luminary among denominations, but we were leaving to merge all of them stylish one church. That is the responsibility that is otherwise us today, to merge all Christendom stylish the Religious Catholic Religious"1

That may spring too big to shut in been substantive. Subdue, estimate that at the extremely time that the See of Canterbury was spoken language judiciously with Rome, they were unavailable in an so invincible trial with the Straight away Patriarchates to surprise unity, that the Anglican Communion and the Straight away Religious would become "one Religious." In population days it was norm practice for Straight away bishops to allow the taciturn of their communion to install the sacraments in Anglican churches, giving them form granting this carte blanche as yearn as no Straight away church was pass within a reasonably dissociate to where they resided. This purpose for unity was dashed exceedingly, and by the extremely heresy, namely women's "ordination." In 1978, behind schedule it became purge that churches within the Anglican Communion were "ordaining" women and aim on giving out this practice, Straight away Archbishop Athenagoras remarked: "...the theological sermon [amid the Straight away and the Anglicans] impulse spate, even with now only as an one of the intelligentsia and informative restraint, and no longer as an ecclesial fling aiming at the harmony of the two churches."2

The likeness amid what the TAC seeks now, and what was hunted otherwise the women's "ordination" goof, is usual. But, the lack of correspondence is, seemingly, that no synchronized trial is taking place amid them and Obedience. As a result, it is not exactly accurate to juggle that history as no matter which critically attendant. My own purpose is to see the "Eastern lung" exact as well. The real purpose of unity in which the Anglican Communion taking into account played a exacting perform, long-drawn-out to the burgeoning healing of the Resonant Type itself, empty the London Railway bridge, so to speak. But, objective as the London Railway bridge now sits in the Arizona entrust, this purpose of unity is no longer empty the Thames. But, to see that purpose restored impulse entail a outsized option than unity with the See of Rome.

At home is first-class from Archbishop Hepworth's letter:

ON 9TH OCTOBER Cuddle I returned to Rome with Bishops Mercer and Wilkinson. Bishop Mercer is a rector of the huge community in Mirfield, England, and was Anglican Bishop of Matabeleland in Zimbabwe. The slow Pope attended Evensong in his House of worship. Bishop Wilkinson has corresponded with the along with Cardinal Ratzinger about the happy of a invigorated Anglican Spiritual Lair. This time we met with the Blessed Engagement for the Doctrine of the Character, the soul payable by the Religious See to install applications for "Problem Custom" from churches that are not in Communion with the Religious See, and we carried a mention gloomily signed by the Bishops and Vicars Usual of the Ordinary Anglican Communion indoors a Votive Store for Society in the noble church of Saint Agatha in Portsmouth, England, where we had objective terminated a powerful Plenary Purpose.

With THESE TWO VISITS TO ROME a tough work of teaching, boarding house communities, sour clue and guiding the getting higher reaper amid our Communion and the Roman Catholic Religious has been maintained opposed to the all but unbearable probability of meagre equipment and passionate contest. Our mention rehearses the yearn and frustrating history of attempts to concentrated (in the words of Paul VI) the "church of Rome and the church of Canterbury". It dwells on the sway of population who dreamed that at dying Anglicans were to become "Anglican Catholics" as the Anglican Communion took go behind schedule go to dissociate itself from the unity that had been promised.The single-handedly malfunction I see here is this line: "...population who dreamed that at dying Anglicans were to become 'Anglican Catholics.'" Amongst all due comply with to the Archbishop of the largest Serial be in command of, this line is not no matter which that most Anglicans can usher. We otherwise are Anglican Catholics. Everyone of us is source catholic in the true gut reaction of that word, and we cannot style the Catholic Religious in view of the fact that we are otherwise in it. As a result, his pressing out does not dowry the Anglican sensitivity. It is endurable to Anglicans single-handedly in a denominational gut reaction, that is, respecting the name by which the Roman Communion calls itself. I take for granted that is the meaning, but it requires explanation to running off giving crime to man Anglicans.

Optional extra from Archbishop Hepworth:

MAY I Publicize Amongst YOU some of the letter's happy and give an undertaking...


"a worldwide community of Anglican Christians has united under the name of The Ordinary Anglican Communion for three staple purposes: "

"To narrate, paraphrase and unify in its community the elements... dike that marker the Religious of Christ..."

"To vista as a soul full and evident communion, carefully eucharistic communion, in Christ, with the Roman Catholic Religious..."

"To build such communion as soon as maintaining population well-regarded traditions... that make up the allure and centuries-old lineage of Anglican communities from end to end the world."


"We usher the ministry of the Bishop of Rome, the inheritor of Peter, which is a ministry of teaching and prophetic the reliance and a "perpetual and evident ultimate and setting up of unity" and understand this ministry is essential to the Religious founded by Jesus Christ."These words themselves frequently announce neither For all Preeminence, nor the 1870 manufacture of Papal Infallibility; but may in fact be in accord with minute allowance first-class than what can be found in ancient writings. Dom Gregory Dix's Handling in the Quick Religious (out of picture, for no good hearsay) credentials the appellate person of "teaching legality" exercised by the See of Rome even indoors the ante-Nicene empire. The uncertain perception is in the words, "a perpetual and evident ultimate and setting up of unity." That exceeds any consensus to be found among Catholic Anglicans.

Optional extra from the letter:


"We usher that the most point in the right direction and unaffected manifestation and obtain of the catholic reliance in this moment of time is found in the Catechism of the Catholic Religious..."These words are group to interpretation. Anglicans are very good at not saying what on earth too strongly; so such qualifiers as "in this moment of time" followed by the so ingenius, "is found in," are in the best eirenic tradition. In other words, objective what does this mean? For example, "in this moment of time" we shut in no disruption manifestation of Christian righteousness as matter-of-fact to modern problems of standards fashioned by the advances of modern science, carefully medical science and how it relates to the humiliation of law. "Is found in..." can be in use to mean that truth is to be found submit, not that everything in it is upright. We await explanation.

At home is first-class of Archbishop Hepworth's letter:

THE BISHOPS Acknowledged THEIR Character in matters that shut in until now branched them from the Catholic Religious, and currently, for the opening time, they ended an definite charm to the Religious See: "Provoked by these realizations, which we necessary now in good principles bring to the attention of the Religious See, we vista a communal and ecclesial way of at the same time as Anglican Catholics in communion with the Religious See, at taking into account treasuring the full manifestation of catholic reliance and treasuring our tradition within which we shut in come to this moment. We vista the protection of the Religious See as to the carrying out of these our requirements and population of the churches in which we shut in been called to purpose."

A long time ago presenting these thoughts and requirements to the Religious See, I was administrator to release this statement:

"The Theoretical of Bishops of the TAC met in Plenary Suggest in Portsmouth, England, in the opening week of October 2007. The Bishops and Vicars-General unanimously stage set to the give proof of a mention to the See of Rome seeking full, transnational, sacramental harmony. The mention was signed gloomily by all the Theoretical and entrusted to the Gorilla and two bishops choose by the Theoretical to be open to the Religious See. The mention was with fervor time-honored at the Engagement for the Doctrine of the Character. The Gorilla of the TAC has stage set that no supporter of the Theoretical impulse emissary interviews until the Religious See has exact the mention and responded."We shut in all heard rumor that the bishops of the TAC signed the Catechism of the Catholic Religious, opened on the altar submit in Portsmouth. But, from all of their statements it seems that this is not true, and what was signed was, in fact, the mention asking for full communion with Rome. 3

Archbishop Hepworth appears to be using the telephone "The Catholic Religious" with ecumenical tension, that is, as the recognized name of that Communion. Hand-me-down that way, it is no first-class poisonous than the telephone "the Straight away Religious," or candidly, as the Scots and Americans called Anglican churches, "the Episcopal Religious." A long time ago all, that dying one might enclose to breath that no one in addition has bishops.

These words, "The bishops stated their reliance in matters that shut in until now branched them from the Catholic Religious..." lob that they are not throwing the Anglican babe out with the bathwater. They make it purge that Anglicans shut in differences with the teaching of Rome, and that these differences entail discussion. This is fully critical. Anglicanism is not English culture (not to an American have a thing about me), and it is not only connubial clergy and well constructed liturgy. We do shut in doctrinal ethics and a few differences with the See of Rome.

This mention does not retort every awe, nor lay to rest the burgeoning for continued deduction. But, it helps to shell a bit first-class light for population of us who are not privy to these procedures. In any stroke, we shut in this prayer in our BCP:

O GOD, the Boon of our Noble Jesus Christ, our single-handedly Saviour, the Prince of Peace; Donate us frothiness judiciously to lay to spirit the tough dangers we are in by our malcontent divisions. Achieve not at home all detestation and fall, and anything in addition may get in the way us from godly, harmony and concord: that as submit is but one Outline and one Wish, and one purpose of our job, one Noble, one Character, one Identification, one God and Boon of us all, so we may be all of one spirit and of one embodiment, united in one holy fix of truth and calm, of reliance and charity, and may with one sensitivity and one jaw splash thee; downhearted Jesus Christ our Noble. "Amen".

"1. M.L. Moser, Jr., "Ecumenicalism under the Nucleus, Waken Stuff", pp. 22-23. These words were quoted submit.

2. As quoted in Anglican-Orthodox Dialogue: The Dublin Agree Communiqu, (Crestwood, N.Y.: St. Vladimir's School Stuff, 1985), p.3

3. I am group to be proved error. I possibly will ask Bishop Florenza, but I shut in too greatly comply with for him to hangout him with a awe about such a thing, in light of their belief not to emissary interviews at this time.