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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Muslim Beautiful Girls

Muslim Beautiful Girls


Reserve( is as usual found that nearest and dearest honor on the inaugurate of a boy and test complaining being a girl is natural. Islam disapproves of this agreeable of orientation. Line are frightful gift from Almighty Allah and we have to be happy and glory irrespective of the gender of the new-born child. The inaugurate of a preschooler is a blessing and the Forward planner of Islam (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) expected that they would be a mask for the parents from Hell.

It is exact in the Quran Shareef, Surah an-Nahl, Epic 58: "... being information is brought to one of them of the inaugurate of a female child his facade darkens, and he is chubby with inward grief". This was the belief of the Kufaar previous to Islam.

The individual that gives inaugurate to a girl as her first child is positively fortunate as the first natural of the Forward planner Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) was a girl.

On the inaugurate of a child, gifts or alms have to be turgid amid the indigent. Nafils have to be read quite of having parties, playing music and distributing sweetmeats, which is completely not needed.

When a child is natural, he or she have to be supreme Ghusal as in a straight line as voluntary and the Azaan require be read in the right ear and the Takbeer recited in the absent ear. The after-birth (placenta, etc.) of the child have to be immersed.

It is very Sunnat that some dedicated person chews no matter which plush desire dates (Khajoor) and place in the baby's palate (Thaneek). It is continuance from the Ahadith that the Sahabas took new-borns to the Forward planner Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) for Thaneek.

It is preferable to clutch a Meelad Shareef or Fateha on the inaugurate of a indulge. All other not needed customs, which has no root in Islam, have to be exactly unused.A child have to be weaned off breast milk at the age of two.

When the child is learning to speak, first teach him or her to say the name of Allah and teach the child Kalima Tayyibah at a later advance.

When making a child rest, mothers have to read Naaths or Qasida quite of in performance songs or playing the radio.

Try to set a good face and practice what you urge as children clutch a quirk of imitating what they see.

Understand by your Namaaz in their attendance, repeat Quran Shareef and allow them to the Masjid with you.

Understand by stories of good dedicated nearest and dearest as children love listening to stories and can learn dripping lessons and form good behavior from Hadith and such stories.

When children appoint the age of 7 duration, they have to be methodical to perform Namaaz, learn the five Kalimas, Imaan-e-Mujmal and Imaan-e-Mufassil.

Forward children to Madressa to learn Dua's, to read the Quran Shareef and other Islamic Books and magazines.

Line have to be skilled to recover their construction, clothes and situation unsophisticated and clean.

They have to be supreme household tasks as well as determined duties or everyday jobs to perform in the goods.

They require be skilled to do their own work and have to very be skilled to make Salaams being ingoing the goods or being caucus nearest and dearest. They have to be skilled the implication of respecting their elders.

Help a life of harshness as well as simple binding and drinking behavior.

It is maneuver that at lowest possible one of the children have to become Hafiz or an Aalim as it has been exact in a Hadith that three generations of one Hafiz and seven generations of one Aalim order be pardoned.

Stimulate good definite hobbies in them, populace that can be basis for them to earn a Halaal Rozi (provision) at a later advance in their lives.

According to Islam, children require be intellectual in deep and secular affairs. In this overtone, in attendance is very a critical Hadith of the Ceremonial Forward planner (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) which says: "The good deal of knowledge is incumbent on every Muslim man and individual." But the coaching of the females have to be in peace with her atmosphere and the immediate requests of faction. She have to be intellectual in such a melody as possibly will make her a good Muslim, wife, mother, educationalist and an vision native. Girls have to be skilled handicrafts, chow, mending, etc. It is very downright that with any occupational one have to take-home pay Islamic knowledge and practice good Islamic way of life and idea.

If a child is not supreme right Islamic training and as a expel adopts evil behavior and commits sins, the sins ther order be upon the parents.

NIKAH OR Nuptials :

The character that one have to meet for in a marriage unite are godliness and God-fearing.

Neither the boy nor the girl have to be be next to fashionable a marriage.

The bride's mother's submission is merely as downright.

According to the Shari'ah it is inevitability that being excess is animal sought from the bride for marriage that the name of the bridegroom, his father's name and the worth of Maher (in attendance) be mentioned. Nikah only takes place being the bride accepts this.

A few excuse have to be through for the boy to see the girl apart from the girl's knowledge.

The Quran Shareef states: "The affairs according to the congress together with them." The elders of both parties have to clutch a break clothed in the outgoing link so that in the happening of a misreading in the middle of the set of two after marriage, their elders can help in resolving the bits and pieces.

An congregation is not inevitability. The motivation of an congregation is to confirm or self-assurance a Nikah, so if in some luggage it has to allow place, it have to be done apart from profligacy.

When locale the date for a wedding it is bigger that it is set on a Monday or Friday in the same way as these days are of Barakat.

The tradition of Haldi (putting Tumeric powder) and of Mehendi (putting Henna powder) is very not needed and have to be unused, as this has no root in our religion. Something besides the performing of the Nikah itself has no validity in Islam.

The wedding of Bibi Fathima Zahra (radi Allahu anha) have to be used as a rule. The Forward planner Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) possibly will clutch had an desire wedding for his beloved preschooler but he through it a simple career. He knew that the Ummah would use this wedding as an face. Therefore, the do of songs, dancing, mixing of sexes and several other western practices have to be unused as these are all versus the teachings of Islam.

Worn out fiscal costs have to be avoided so that the copious and the indigent may clutch flush weddings.

It is not inevitability to cattle a lunchtime into the wedding as this was not done into the wedding of Bibi Fathima Zahra (radi Allahu anha). Yes, it is Sunnat to send dates.

It is preferable to clutch the Nikah at the Masjid as this is Mustahab. The bride's lodgings as a surroundings for the Nikah is very held.

A man in the same way as came to Hadrat Imaam Mohammed (radi Allahu anhu) and associated that he had promised to consign his preschooler everything in this world as in attendance and now he finds this folder unpleasant, as even a king cannot make happen this. Hadrat Imaam Mohammed (radi Allahu anhu) advised him to consign the Quran Shareef in in attendance as everything is buried in the Ceremonial Quran.

It is Sunnat for the bridegroom to clutch a Walima the day after the wedding. This have to be done in peace with his basis. A proceed have to not be taken to clutch a Walima. The indigent and the lowly have to be invited to the Walima. It is exact in a Hadith that the greatest extent blessed Nikah is the one in which the lowest possible costs are obsession and is simple.

Last the marriage has taken place, the set of two have to consign time to reorder and be chivalrous, agreeable and understanding to each other. A spouse have to cattle as best child support as he can and very test love, esteem, protection, slacken off and joyfulness. He have to abet his wife to deference the Islamic way of life. He have to not speak ill of her parents or associates and have to allow her to sojourn families occasionally.

In the identical flake a wife have to very be agreeable to his associates extremely his parents and precision them with regard. A wife have to ride the personal affairs discreetly.

The wife is supreme the right of Maher, which can be claimed from her spouse at the time of marriage. The Maher have to be set with the concentration of the husband's fiscal position and the wife's living standards, her character and her to your house society. The Maher is a individual token of the wife and code can honorable a component in it apart from her submission. Greed for immoderate in attendance have to be avoided.

In insistence of any disagreements, a spouse have to not be sudden in pliant Talaaq as in greatest extent luggage the act is enormously regretted bringing about a lot of provisional and provisional. In greatest extent luggage of differences or evils, it is the man that walks out, gets married once again and lives a smart life and it is the wife who is absent helpless, as the man refuses to consign Talaaq.

Therefore, into Nikah an proof have to be detailed up by the bridegroom saying that if he goes vanished or remarries where peace married to his wife, or is violently, or abusive towards her, or even does not perform his spot on duties towards his wife, etc. after that the wife has the right to allow Talaaq. This have to be done after making inevitability drift off of Nikah. The Qazi (Muslim Inform) have to make discussions from the man's pool and the women require produce by laying her provisions, that in insistence of so and so, etc. she have to clutch the right to allow Talaaq and be free of her spouse. Insha-Allah, the spouse order not violence his wife and he order be merely and fair to her safeguarding her from provisional. According to Shari'ah in attendance is no objection to this agreeable of wet.

A wife have to not be be next to to floorboard or to perform any services for her in-laws as Islam offers her the right to hold. If she chooses to do so as a favour to her spouse, she order be compensated.