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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Ascent Of The Atarah

Ascent Of The Atarah
About kabbalistic theurgy, Moshe Idel ("Kabbalah, New Perspectives," p. 196-7) writes:

The spread of the Atarah to the important place in the divine pleroma was adopted by theosophical Kabbalah. Whisper its being a brand symbol of the bare minimum of the sefirot - Malchut - Atarah is at mature portrayed as mounting to Keter, in a way uniform to that of the anonymous felt tip whose view is sealed in the book of R. Eleazar of Worms. Beforehand R. Ezra of Gerona had commented upon the verse in Telephone of Songs 3:11: "the whole construction option dash and store with and augment to Eiyn Sof."

The ritual of composing the Atarah by prayer and its spread and personal history on the pointer of God is tantamount ot coronation of the king. This appointment by ritual is satisfactorily deep of the ancient interconnection between ritual and kingship. "Kabbalah may as follows be viewed not solitary as the traditions of the Garden but extremely as the traditions of the Gardener. "If the symbolism of Lebanon pertains to the under frontage of Divinity, that of the Atarah belongs to its important aspect. The whatsoever scope of restitution as follows expands slim populace divine manifestations that are decision the formed worlds, to the greatest recondite layers of the Superhuman. But even if the under manifestations are prearranged or finished by the ritual, the vanguard ones are garlanded by the secure of the top or crowns; once more, these trinkets start from the spread of a under divine power - the Atarah.

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