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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Mchagim And The Cauldron Spiral Triskelion

Mchagim And The Cauldron Spiral Triskelion
' "In resume to my historical arrival nearly my magic wand, everyplace I regard that the extent of my hole contains within it the power of sod ha-ibbur fine hair the word m'chagim (), I'm reposting an old arrival from "Craftwork Of A Jewitch" which explains the symbolism of the cauldron whirl triskelion within that blog's masthead. Attractively, the word m'chagim is the communication gimel ( whose emanate is 3) "delimited" by 2 release capture of "two" sides (- meaning "bring together during a messianic sea the dark and light faces of life") - this fact precisely reflects the procedure and female power of the cauldron whirl triskelion in my "Craftwork" blog masthead.

The "cauldron-triple whirl triskelion" in my masthead is a Celtic symbol of the 3-fold aspect of the Holy Female - as maiden, mother and crone. It represents the power of the earth (malchut), shapeshifting (vary) and the "place" everyplace Promise Thinking (hashra'ah) and Sympathy (da'at Torah) are brewed. Psychospiritually, it represents wholeness fine hair merging of basis (neshamah), spirit (ruach) and mass (nefesh elokit) with one's Promise Image (the 2 set circles - each circle with dark and light "faces", significant chayah and yechidah).



origins & regrowth

new babyhood

commencement, postponement

enthuse, radiance erotic poise

Father Cut off - Filled MOON

love & battle

experience, prosperity, obedience

calmness & power


mystical power

rebirth & resuscitation

wisdom, repose, goodwill


My natural attitude includes Celtic (protective & caring), Jewish (protective) and Resident American (caring) bloodlines.