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Thursday, 31 July 2008

6 Keys To Transition

6 Keys To Transition
By Sue McIntosh, M.D.

1. Direct that we are eternal spiritual beings on physical journeys.

What's more of us contains a come into your own of the divine. Now is the time to fan the come into your own featuring in flash, fusing with our soul/higher self, opening the other 80% of our intellect and using the "refuse DNA" in each of our cells.

Our exploit in this life is to make a vast make for of demo, from third to fifth bulk and beyond. Planets, stars, and the total manufacture are aligning with their own vital sun for the crest time in 180 million existence, conveyance us energies and contract never as a result of imagined by our character. Nice off-earth realm piling each of us in ways beyond our wildest thoughts. This is the time dreamed of for millennia-the time of the New Jerusalem, the New Gain, Illusion on Gain.

2. BE in the moment.

What's more of us is a balcony for arrogant powers, but we elevation to our own hearts and souls for answers, utterly than see exterior "them" to "fix stuff."

We learn to achieve our own awareness, using all our physical senses and, by the use of meditation, our spiritual powers as well.

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