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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

An Easter Monday Bcben

An Easter Monday Bcben Cover
In the old days (back in the 1800's), this is how the Hungarian Gypsies celebrated Easter Monday. They made a wooden box or receptacle called the"`ic'"pronounced like the English gypsy word bitchapen and meaning the same, that is ~ a sending, a thing sent or gift.

In this, at the bottom, two sticks were placed across, "as in a cradle," and on these were laid herbs and other fetish, or meaningful stuffs which every one touched with the finger; then the whole was enveloped in a winding of white and red wool. The box was then carried by the oldest person of the tribe (or family) from tent to tent; after every one had spat upon it, it was borne to the next running stream and left there.

By doing this, all the diseases and disorders which would have befallen them during the coming year were conjured into the box. But woe to him who might find the box and open it, instead of throwing it at once back into the stream! All the diseases exorcised by the gypsy band will fall upon him and his in full measure.

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