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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Pagan Incense Information Pages

Pagan Incense Information Pages Cover

Book: Pagan Incense Information Pages by Al Selden Leif

Incense calms the nerves, brings a mystical feel to any room, and is often used in Pagan ritual. Our high quality incense come in sticks, cone, and granular form. All are quite effective and suit a wide range of purposes.

Incense often used in Neopagan rituals to represent the element of air, although more modern approaches to incense magic demonstrate that incense actually represents all of the elements. This is attributed to the fact that incense smoke wafts through the air, is created through the use of fire, the incense materials are grown from the earth, and combustible incense is formed using water. It is also believed to release natural energy[citation needed]. Incenses of a wide range of fragrances are also used in spell and ritual for different purposes.

Although many Pagan traditions associate specific botanical materials with certain magical attributes (see below), those definitions vary widely from one tradition to another. Generally speaking, Neopagans and Wiccans use incense for two basic purposes in modern rituals. First, incense is believed to create a magical atmosphere that is appropriate for the invocation (or inviting) of deities and spirits often present around the Pagan altar. Second, burning the incense is believed to release the large amount of energy stored within natural incense so that it can be used for magical purposes.

The use of "perfumed", "dipped", or synthetic incense is generally avoided during magical workings, since such artificial materials are believed to not contain the energies useful for magic.

The associations below do not hold true for all traditions, but provide a general look at the magical associations of incense.

* Frankincense — burned for purification, spirituality and is associated with the Sun. Frankincense is associated with masculine powers.
* Myrrh — has similar properties to frankincense, though it is also used for healing and attraction as well. Myrrh is associated with feminine powers.
* Copal — most often burned for purification, both spiritual cleansing as well as for cleansing physical items. Copal is actually a generic term referring to many different types of resins. Varieties include white, black, and golden.
* Dragon's blood — burned for love, strength, and courage and can be used to add potency to any spellwork.
* Pine and Cedar — help cleanse space of negative energy.

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