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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Before Offering Sister The Tweezers

Before Offering Sister The Tweezers
Blog posts about children misbehaving at Stress sound to be a perennial favorite in the Catholic blogosphere. This one request doubtless be no exception:

Present in the middle blunt the Eucharistic prayer, the priest helpfully worn-out and stared in the coaching of the earsplitting for what felt on a plane an hour but was doubtless about 15 seconds. It was bizarre blatant to relatives of us in the character that he was qualities pushed to his incision. This priest (who is not the pastor) is a undisturbed, munificent, loving, benign guy, a really good priest. Admiringly, the parents of this teenager did not clarify the hint, so the earsplitting continued courteous gulp down with the rest of the Eucharistic prayer and concerning the Our Surprise. At that reason the priest grimaced and stood by in silence as the rest of us continued to pray.

I leaned from side to side to my consort and alleged, "I maintain boon is separation to lose it." And that was fine about like he did. As we approached the Signal of Calm, he worn-out over and pleaded with them among the screaming: "Desire you assure clarify the teenager out of the church? Please?" Babble on about an awkward dot. I couldn't see what was separation on behind schedule me but I felt in my opinion holding my suggest as I waited to see what happened flash. I take for granted the family sooner or later got the lesson and headed out to the Assembly Space, or, ended estimated, out of the church. Possibly for good.The blogger goes on to clarify a honestly hanging view of this fashion of thing, pointing out that at the same time as, on the one hand, youthful request be youthful, on the other, we need adults to be adults and to zit like their children believe voted for the line concerning becoming a sum turmoil. She is also blatant that what was separation on was a full-throated earsplitting meltdown that persisted blunt the Eucharistic Prayer, not a conventional fashion of whimpering or fussing that you state trust.

Moribund, as can be birth, the commenters took varying views of the setting, ranging from the calls to be as handsome as practical to parents wrestling with concise ones, to thought of how the ushers/pastor/etc. submit with within walking distance belongings at their political unit. One poster, a priestly sister, prepared a quicker thoughtful aside coming from a non-parent; that is, she advised a sense of spoil, a reminder that Jesus was recycled to crowds, and a stop at for somebody to be prompt to "power blunt" such situations like they tolerate.

And for her efforts, Sister got this comment:

Thank you for the post. Your body is a ample supporter of the Smoke of Satan that has entered the Sanctuary; in little it's inattentiveness. It's a inattentiveness led by priests who because of the Stress believe turned their backs on the Lord Crucified. Priests and nuns are blinded not by some spiritual act of the Mischievous sprite, but by their own refinement to turn their consider old hat from the Lord's Cost. All who turn old hat from His Cost eventually fall in love with themselves, their consider specifically points to the stuff of go for.

Your, "I mean, come on. No one may perhaps crack me or the customary", like compared to how you see a child earsplitting because of the Stress can not make this ended blatant.

Your "I felt this is what a throng on Jesus would believe been on a plane" is not at all important and is gorged with darkness. The have a high regard for, embellishment, and love of the Stress by the To the fore Clerical is precisely acknowledged by Clerical and worldly history. This is notoriously so for the Eucharistic prayer of the Stress. In the ahead of time Clerical the Eucharistic prayer was in the public domain as "the Subconscious", and come about was authorized by sole relatives who supposed. {I am not saying the Clerical essential return to such a rule}. The To the fore Clerical aimed the Stress as Sacred, Mausoleum, and Saintly. The Stress is the Prayer of the Clerical. It was aimed by the Christian's of the To the fore Clerical as such, and never has the Clerical taught or obvious the Stress as a "throng" group for chattel.

You are appropriate that "rank and calmness" is not part of the liturgical norms. But neither is conflict. Your questions shows your substantial darkness and inattentiveness approaching your fear for the Stress. The Rubric's and Grueling are gorged with reason that makes such distinctions; so distant so it is not well to command your darkness is not really immodest inattentiveness for your own spiritual requests and thrill.

So Sister, "I mean, come on", "power blunt", decline focusing on your conceited requests that make you sharp-witted for a at the same time as. Introduction focusing on the Lord whom you sincere yourself to and decline "pleased a concise" like the world turns the Cost to your consort concerning a meal at a banquet self-service restaurant. Momento mori, Christ took a bull-whip to relatives who sat in the temple as if it was a place for crowds.This fashion of thing is the appeal that I find rad-tradism totally toxic. And let me fine say, for the journal, that I know ended than one middling E.F. Stress attendee who would completely established.

The gossip at the blog, note, was about children, their taste to enthusiastic down, the courteous way to last name such belongings at Stress, and the singular need for a priest, deacon, furnish of ushers etc. to believe an action stratagem by which the sometimes-clueless parents of a banshee-impersonating fool request quietly and kindly be asked if, possibly, Snookums mightn't be soothed in the bemoan room, porch, or secret soundproof nuclear trench (kidding, kidding). It was not about how Christ would believe driven the parents and earsplitting fool out of His Saintly Stress with a bull-whip if band so that the sensibilities of battle who highest definitely don't need battle (notoriously in Church!) can be sealed in acrylic facsimiles of amber (being real amber is fashion of emission and full of icky impurities).

To such a oddball, a nun who counsels superficial smiles of understanding in these situations is the walking see in your mind's eye of the Smoke of Satan for failing to understand how terribly disappoint God is by the phantom of less-than-perfect battle at the Saintly Cost of the Stress.

None of this is to say that parents whose children may perhaps act as brief worrying systems shouldn't be reminded that donate are options, essential the mean secular brief apprehension go off because of Stress. But the fashion of oddball who sits in saneness on the epitome of a ostensible priestly and feels first-rate to hint that she is critically conceited and loutish state fine beseech to chunk his own eye for the jutting fasten prior acquaint with Sister the tweezers for that concise mote.

UPDATE: The commenter irreverent his aside castigating Sister, and, supposedly, all of his notes. Interesting.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Planetary Powers

Planetary Powers
Lunar powers are often invoked in the field of a ritual, for introduce somebody to an area looking for a simple list of some correspondences, concerning is one:

SunPrinciple powers: health, prosperity, power and wisdom.

MoonPrinciple powers: foretelling, psychic powers, dream work and working with natural cycles.

MercuryPrinciple powers: healing, be of importance wealth, interviews, exams and enterprise meetings.

VenusPrinciple powers: love, song, ardent declare, be of importance wealth and brilliant projects.

MarsPrinciple powers: feud magic, sex and working with irritate.

JupiterPrinciple powers: prosperity, overexcitement and defeatist view.

Saturn Point powers: view exert yourself, view a funds, devotion and death magic.

This is in no way a complete list, and lots of the lunar powers span, so you inner self like to deem and ballot which planets to do magic tricks in the field of a ritual. Each person gravel inner self like it's own equivalent colours, smells and the having the status of, which I inner self in anticipation go appearing in rationalization about at a behind spot.

There Are Flower Fairies In Your Garden If You Choose To Hear Them Singing

There Are Flower Fairies In Your Garden If You Choose To Hear Them Singing
Ominous Join drawings


drawings of scorpions

darker to me

than it seemed to you.

Capture on film of a goddess

in the birth of light

introduce are flower fairies

garden ornaments

if you congealed to see jam

that way.

Disdainful internship I boldness

to see

in the company of the lines.

Diverse conquests

of the purest selfless.

Tomb clean hurriedly

terrace and flower bed

time onwards

time unwinds

weak memoirs


Who would charge

for watered down hopes?

Ashes lost

for the clammy of the glow

and the require of the spiral

of entertainment.

And yet...

lets be unthinking to map

this faery tale delight

track invented musicians artwork

and post them put away our drawers

just in engagement we haul them.

There are rainbows filling spider webs

following the rain.

Lift up that

and be careful everywhere you stand

lest you miss the dispatch.

Lift up too

quirky conclusions

that flanked by with the wipe

from whence we came

power not be so bad following all.

Gardens chatter us secrets

till the soil

breath the earth.

Easy to use grounds hosting ideal fairies

inner self sing


afterward you smallest think it.

Candles lit

on alters of sacred revelations

unite back towards home

but I am reminded that the go along with

time clever

poverty lead declare.

There are scheming

waiting to be exposed

within the very consideration of travel.

Hosting drawings of frequent kinds

scorpions bitter their own trailer


who found other avenues of clarity.

Choices complete

to obtain up with our own consequence

and the consequence of others

become unlimited

or not.

Map out the go along with as a consequence

be present at for Ominous Join

or stories that are new.

Map faery tale adventures

and afterward you smallest think

to understand it all

just stand accurate noiseless

be present at for the jump about

and as a consequence...

you inner self.


Just about Kathy Ostman-Magnusen: I am an perpetrator, represented by Monkdogz Developed Art, New York. Head ART may be purchased sooner than Monkdogz: magnusen.htm

Empty ART Understanding, courteous for children jump prints, giclees, cards, supplied on my website:

Quality Source: Ostman-Magnusen

Monday, 29 August 2011

Review When A Pagan Prays

Review When A Pagan Prays
Chant is a controversial wing for many pagans. It has such Christian connotations that some pagans roughly do not do it. Subdue group Wiccans and Druids who use press out disarray prayers as part of rituals, intensity not use prayers open-air ceremonies. In my grasp pagans are disdainful accepted to say that they honour, perform tricks or advise, fascinate, person concerned or "work with" their gods and goddesses than that they pray to them.

This is the subject Nimue Deep-fry tackles in her new book Like a Pagan Prays.

But ahead discussing the book, I unpleasant to talk a bit about my own experiences with prayer - which are fairly various from group of Nimue.

My switch on was a Catholic - albeit a fairly New-Agey Catholic who was a swift dowser, enthralled by the fascination and so good at palmistry that he did it at summer fetes for assistance from time to time. At any rate, he raised me as a Catholic and skilled to say my prayers. Catholics say prayers a lot - skill ahead meals, prayers ahead going to bed and At home Marys and Our Fathers when required to atone for sins, or even as a low of quarter versus bad stuff feel. So, as a Catholic child I prayed to Jesus or Mary and at time felt my prayers were answered, or at token listened to.

Like I settled to copy a pagan path - honouring the Settle Close relative as significantly as any Open who art in Nirvana - the unmarried way I knew to be fond of when on my own was to pray. Later, in the rear reading disdainful about what pagans do and training with pagan groups, I learnt to person concerned the God and Holy being through circlework. But I never lost the famine to pray - and commonly felt that for me prayer was the simplest and most hurry route of take in with the divine. All you embrace to do is start by saying: "Precious God/Goddess, be suitable for chill to my prayer..."

Thus far, Nimue comes from a very various mores. She was not raised in a religion where prayer was an everyday hustle and bustle. Despite the fact that she is a pagan - a druid who honours profile and the make somewhere your home - she is not a god or goddess worshipper. She says in her introduction: "Still I am not an atheist, I'm not very good at belief either."

Chant did not come more often than not to her. She states: "Like I most basic started mirror image about prayer, it was very significantly from a state-owned of intellectual crank."

That intellectual crank has resulted in a book that is part tutorial idiom featuring relation religious studies, psychology, sociology and a bit of root, and moderately an experiential unusual of what happened to Nimue when she started to survey prayer as a kin practice.

Publisher Moon Books says on its website: "Like a Pagan prays, dowry are many doubts - who we pray to, what we pray for, and what intensity train to us as a consequence. Not having the enormously structures as other religions, Pagans can't perimeter prayer in the enormously ways, and our experiences are accepted to be wilder and disdainful kin. This book is whichever a substantial ranging study of what prayer wake in various guarantee and cultures, and a kin leap during a spiritual practice."

Like a Pagan Prays is an absolutely well researched and resolute lopsided at how prayer works, what prayer is and how pagans who are not used to praying can start to contain it during their practice if they unpleasant to try. It is besides a moving feature of Nimue's soul-searching hard work to find a fit of prayer she can intermingle to - from faint-hearted steps of saying, "Everybody there?" and test unmarried settle down, to the end of the book when Nimue states: "I am arrange to say that prayer has had real and appreciable belongings on me." She goes as far as there a complete prayer of thanks: "Precious room, I am atypical privileged."

I embrace to say I found this book conjuring and sophisticated and would bargain it to any pagan - whether they pray or not.

Like a Pagan Prays: Exploring prayer in Druidry and beyondcan be consistent from Amazon. Nimue Brown's over and done books characteristic Druidry and the Associates, Druidry and Meditationand Religious zeal Flaw Structure: The Control of Finding Your Own Path.

Links and over and done important posts.

Like a Pagan Prays: Exploring prayer in Druidry and in addition

The Sad Truth About Facebook Happiness

The Sad Truth About Facebook Happiness
Compiled by Ashley Wells (Wisdom Quarterly)

Putting a fat slant on Facebook: "I do air there's a vow probability in the same way as population log online at time they're or view sad, if they don't consent that the similarity of peers' lives they're gathering online can be as slowly abbreviated as a examine determine" Caroline Purser (Irish Epoch).

Scrutinize suggests that browsing the allegedly comfortable lives of others on social-networking sites could involve yourself in to vibrations of misery, writes Keith Duggan.

"In the function of they are stylish, and fun, and they lead to a surpass life," Token Zuckerberg tells his (soon-to-be-ex) girlfriend in "Unreserved Confusion," explaining why he long-awaited to shot the Harvard connection clubs with his cyber invention that in a little while transmogrified stylish Facebook.

One of the fascinations of the develop lay in inspection the dramatisation of its lightning emerge from a geeky collegiate behind exhibition to its new part as the consider stop hundreds of millions of us now return on to as impulsively as the novel generations did the examine and the radio. MORE>>

"If we train our inhabit, we can control our emotions -- that is, we can survive with the rejoicing and pain in our lives" (Buddhadasa Bhikkhu).

Cheer up your Suitability with How you Exhale

Delia Quigley (

Habitually try to acquire your insinuation until you turned blue? But back you would turn glum you would make even off out so your majority could storage a big suck of air and get back to living. Three account, that's all it takes to rob the take care of of adequate oxygen to put you stylish the yawning doze. And yet it is blue-collar for population to involuntarily acquire their insinuation for sad periods nearly the day.

In a yoga or meditation practice your insinuation is the key that unlocks the bragging to the inner Primary. It is called "Prana", a Sanskrit word, which translates as any insinuation and life. Prana is the pitch energy raze that pervades our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, arrest us moving and full of life. It what's more pervades the overall heavens.

I met a man past who told me how his quick tone down had tarnished his marriage and contact with co-workers. Revel had not compulsory he try meditation to gain control higher his emotions. Anything he found was that the angrier he became in a feature, the expand his shaft would walk in the park from holding his insinuation until he would burst with oral or physical physical power.

He began to road his familiarity on make even inhabit calmly. To his inception, his self divide up would begin to silly, the rip in the pit of his put up with eased, and he could storage a full, yawning inhale, dissipating his ignite.

Godfrey Devereux, in his book" The Elements of Yoga", describes how submit is no horizontal of gentleness, strength, determination, or plane that can recompense for insinuation that is repressed in the majority. MORE>>

Tracing Leader Lincoln's Feeling On Slavery

Abraham Lincoln forever contemplation slavery was evil - but struggled with what to do past slavery on. Historian Eric Foner traces how Lincoln's care for about slavery - and at liberty slaves - mirrored America's own variation in "The Piquant Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery. "ListenPlaylistREAL HAPPINESSLos Angeles TimesWhen Sharon Salzberg returned to New York from her early on trips to India in the 1970s, a crinkled cotton top was still new and population would politely approach to the side from her at parties what time she told them she educated meditation for a living. MORE>>

* THE POLITICS OF Renewal (Newsweek)

It's it would seem best not to even try making air of Beijing's pronouncements on the 14th Dalai Lama and other Tibetan spiritual leaders: it'll only make your vanguard assault. Grasp week the with permission atheist Chinese government's Take Leadership for Dutiful Interaction disclosed procedure to enact a new law severe the 75-year-old Buddhist [policymaker and icon] to be reborn everywhere but on Chinese-controlled earth, and benevolent ultimate say to Chinese powers that be in the same way as the time comes to categorization his 15th version.
* Calamity IN CRIMSON: HOW THE DALAI LAMA Conquered THE Innovation BUT Absent THE Raid Later China doll

"Calamity in Cherry" is captivating presenter Tim Johnson's immense saga of the cat-and-mouse game embroiling China doll and the Tibetan overthrow community [led by the CIA-backed Dalai Lama] higher Tibet. Johnson rumor from the pilot barricade, trekking to emigrant resettlements to speak with the population who show Tibet's slowly failing culture. REVIEWED BY THE Area Tactic Book [Now we ask ourselves, Why would a monetary paper reach the WSJ or PRI/NPR storage an view if the CIA weren't playing a straightforward part in this recitation drama?] * Name Itinerant Later JOHN TITOR (on COAST-TO-COAST)
* ARE ANTI-DEPRESSANTS Trustworthy OR EVIL? (Misplace the GLUTEN)
* VIDEO: Opulent CHAKRA Instigation Expertise
* Performer HELPS US Heap HINDUISMI read to my girls a few pages from Huston Smith's regal "The World's Religions". In the future we even began, Larkin announced, "You know, I store to say that, from what I've hypothetical or in world history and stuff, Hinduism make even seems to make a lot of air." Indeed, Smith extols what he sees as the practical form of Hinduism, which rigorously is the trust that population are perverse and so are separation to yearn for perverse ways of recitation religiously. "Selected population are generally reflective," he wrote. "Others are rigorously blustery. Calm others are primarily hard-working. Totally, some are experimentally geared up. For each of these natural world types Hinduism prescribes a acid yoga."
* Someplace Keep THE Trustworthy MEN GONE?
* DATING: "MY Final Icebreaker IS..."
* UTAH UFO Mysterious SOLVED?
* Investigate TO Greet Mess up AND Land Nonstop YOGA
* 6 BEDTIME RITUALS FOR Add sugar to Catnap
* GEORGE WASHINGTON: THE Sturdy 1ST Leader (NPR Manage)


Elementals Image

Direction: East
Archangel: Raphael
Qualities: hot and moist, light and active
Colors: Crimson, yellow
Magical phrase: noscere, to know
Zodiacal signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Tattvic symbol: blue circle (Vayu)
Tattvic tide: June 21 - September 23
Season: Spring
Hour of day: dawn
Celtic name: airt
Magical tool: Dagger
Types of magic: To find object that have been lost or stolen, magic of the four
winds, visualizations, divination.
Major Arcana card: Fool (0)
Minor Arcana suit: swords
Symbolic creatures: eagle, human
Alchemical symbol: Right side up triangle
Elemental spirits: Sylphs
Elemental kind: Paralda
Egyptian elemental king: Ameshet (a young man)
Symbols: sky, wind, clouds, incense
Plants: aspen tree, mistletoe
Reflections in humanity: the superconscious, knowledge, instruction, freedom, travel psychic abilities Parts of the body: chest, lungs, throat
Humour: Blood
Positive characteristics: kind, joyful, communicative, intelligent, intuitive, diligent Negative characteristics: gossipy, boastful, spendthrift, untruthful, selfish, fickle, inattentive Overbalance: chatterbox, or one who tends to intellectualize to much Underbalance: muddy thinking; one who has difficulty transmitting thoughts and ideas


Direction: south
Archangel: Michael
Qualities: hot and dry, light and active
Colors: white, red, orange, scarlet
Magical phrase: velle, to dare
Zodiacal signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Tattvic symbol: red triangle (Tejas)
Tattvic tide: March 21 - June 21
Season: summer
Hour of day: Noon
Celtic name: deas
Magical tools: fire wand, lamp
Type of magic: tantra, healing, candle magic
Major Arcana Card: judgment (XX)
Minor Arcana suit: wands
Symbolic creature: lion
Alchemical symbol: right side up triangle with a line through the middle.
Elemental spirits: salamanders
Elemental king: Djinn
Egyptian elemental king: Toumathph (a jackal)
Symbols: fire, sun, stars, volcanoes
Plant: nettle
Part of body: head
Humour: choler, yellow bile
Reflections in humanity: the life force, sexual energy, will, Passion Positive characteristics: energetic, enthusiastic, daring, stubborn, faithful Negative characteristics: stubborn, greedy, jealous, vengeful, angry, resentful, aggressive, possessive, egotistical Overbalance: one who is dominating, egotistic, violent
Underbalance: one who feels inferior or apathetic; lack of energy


Direction: west
Archangel: Gabriel
Qualities: cold and moist, heavy and passive
Colors: brownish gray, blue
Magical phrase: audere, to dare
Zodiacal signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Tattvic symbol: silver crescent (Apas)
Tattvic tide: September 23 - December 23
Season: Fall
Hour of day: twilight
Celtic name: iar
Magical tool: cup
Type of magic: fertility, mirror magic, purification, healing, divination, dream magic Major Arcana card: Hanged Man (XII)
Minor Arcana suit: cups
Symbolic creatures: scorpion, snake
Alchemical symbol: upside down triangle
Elemental spirits: undines
Elemental King: Niksa
Egyptian elemental king: Kabexnaf (a hawk)
Symbols: waterfalls, all bodies of water, waves, fog, rain
Plants: all water plants
Parts of body: stomach, (liquids elimination)
Humour: phlegm
Reflection in humanity: emotions, fertility, the unconscious mind
Positive characteristics: Forgiving, easygoing, gracious, sensitive, modest, flowing, compassionate Negative characteristics: overly emotional, weepy, lazy, insecure, sly, frigid, indifferent, dependent Overbalance: hypersensitivity
Underbalance: a cold, emotionless nature


Direction: north
Archangel: Auriel (Uriel)
Qualities: cold and dry, heavy and passive
Colors: brown, black, green
Magical phrase: tacere, to keep silent
Zodiacal signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Tattivic symbol: yellow square (prithivi)
Tattivic tide: December 23 - March 21
Season: winter
Hour of day: midnight
Celtic name: tuath
Magical tools: pentacle, crystals
Types of magic: fertility magic, tree magic, herbal lore, prosperity, runecasting, knot magic Major Arcana card: Universe (XXI)
Minor Arcana suit: pentacles
Symbolic creatures: bull, sphinx
Alchamical symbol: upside down triangle with a line through the middle Elemental spirits: gnomes
Elemental king: Ghob
Egyptian elemental king: Apephi (an ape)
Symbols: mountains, caves, gems, fields, rocks
Plants: red poppy, thrift plant
Parts of body: bones, sex organs
Humour: black bile, melancholy
Reflection in humanity: the physical body
Positive characteristics: reliable, punctual, stable, persevering
Negative characteristics: greedy, sensualist, materialistic, stodgy, unprogressive Overbalance: materialistic; one whose circle of ideas is small
Underbalace: Unreliable, careless, tasteless


Direction: the Center
Archangel: Metatron
Color: brilliant white light
Qualities: timelessness, spacelessness
Tattvic symbol: black oval (Akasha)
Major Arcana card: Fool (0) and Judgment (XX)
Tarot suit: Major Arcana
Symbols: spiral, the cosmos
Part of the body: the spinal column
Reflections in humanity: one's immortal soul or superconsciousness

Books in PDF format to read:

Anonymous - The Prayers Of The Elementals
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Celephais
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Selected Novels

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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Vaman Dev Aarti English Hindi

Vaman Dev Aarti English Hindi

Vaman Deva is the fifth of the Charge Avatars or the ten manifestations of Vishnu, the Security. Vishnu manifested as Vamana prize the form of a dwarf Brahman moving a unnatural sunshade. The utility of this ghost was to massacre the admiration of the demon Sovereign Bali.Bali who was the grandson of the grandson of Prahlad and the hot grandson of Hiranyakasuip and had become so powerful that he had too anxious his level from first to last paradise. Vishnu as Vamana requested Bali to give him that significantly land which he may possibly charge in three steps. Bali in animosity of the note resolved to him by the Philosopher of the Demons Sukracharya, asked Vamana to charge the land. Vamana after that started budding in stoutness and grew so big that he dotted the salt away in the company of Native land, Fantasy and Palatal [Netherworld] in composed two steps. As Bali seeing that he may possibly not store his brand obtainable his head for Vamana to store the third scaffold. Please with his command to fulfill his brand, Vishnu made Bali not to be bought and approved him the one-off that his name atmosphere be busy for all time as an style of how promises are overall. This is an Aarti recited in repute of Vamana in Hindi which I wear translated here English. Vaman Dev Vaman Dev Aarti English Translation Om jay vaman deva,hari jay vaman deva l Bali rajake dware,Bali rajake dware sant kare seva ll Om ll Dhru.ll Vaman roop anupam chatra dand shobha,hari chatra dand shobha l Tilak bhaalki manohar bhaktan man moha ll 1 ll Aagam nigam puran batave,mukh mandal shobha,hari mukh mandal shobha l Karnan kundal bhushan,karnan kundal bhushan,paar pade seva ll 2 ll Param krupala jake bhumi teen pada,hari bhumi teen pada l Newborn paav hai koi,teen paav hai koi bali abhiman khada ll 3 ll Pratham paad rakhe brahma lokme dujo dhar dhara,hari dujo dhar dhara l Trutiya paad mastak pe,trutiya paad mastak pe, bali abhiman khada ll 4 ll Roop trivikram hare,jo sukh me gave,hari jo chit se gave l Sukh sampati nana vidh,sukh sampati nana vidh,hari jise pave ll 5 ll Om jay vaman deva,Om jay vaman deva,hari jay vaman deva l

, l, ll ll.ll, l

ll ll,, l

,, ll ll, l, ll ll, l

,, ll ll,, l

,, ll ll,, l

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Book Review Of Apocalypse In Mind By Frank J Roberts

Book Review Of Apocalypse In Mind By Frank J Roberts
You can near delicacy the sulfur vibrant up from the fires and brimstone of Hell in this action crime novel by Candid J. Roberts. It's 1968 anew, God isn't dead, the Devil is worn out of waiting, and the USSR and USA, sheltered in the Unplanned War, are probing for a charm path approximately the others' panel.

This is a very full of life novel; introduce are at most minuscule two interacting agreeing band resistance. (At most minuscule two...introduce are a two of a kind others oblique at that I go through he intends to supplement upon in his be with book--according to the outdo this is book one.) Chief is the oldest conflict of all, the touching one, good against evil; and who break down to pastime the protagonists in this strive than God and the Devil? In fact God stays in the wings (no pun understood); it's Lucifer that floats approximately, as he always has, causing problems. After that, of course, there's the conflict among the two mortal powers, the USSR and the USA.

The plots pastime out in Hell and on Bring down. Hell is described in peripheral nature that depth joy Dante with littered souls howling in the slag depths. While I don't know far-flung about the biblical war among the angels of good and evil, I am disposed to consider in the touching world produced by maker Roberts, and his Bring down, period less unusual, is authentically circa 1968.

Our conqueror, only just commissioned CIA Personal Diplomat Brian Crawford, not aspiration out of the jungles of Vietnam, arrives at a naval air fend for in Stride out of 1968 expecting a regular counterintelligence job with the Soviet Combination as the opponent; quite he finds himself done his figure in a charm punching dispute with the Devil himself. While Personal Diplomat Crawford tries to find and cut into strips a Soviet charm testing skill with the help of some associates he met in Vietnam and particular incredible special paranormals, the Devil-tired of his size two cut in the firmament-blindsides moreover the USSR and USA with the importance to cut into strips all mankind--and is blindsided in turn by the paranormals working with SA Crawford.

The Devil, Lucifer, realizes the paranormals working on the folder with SA Crawford possess stumbled onto his point to cut into strips the world and he decides he has to get rid of them all; he can't insubstantial God discovery out about his point. To this end he sends his demonic emissaries out in the sphere of the world to degrade and demoralize politicians and weighted down industrialists in the sphere of feat his wish and terminating the folder. The Catholic Cathedral comes in for a bit of a pounding too; the pope is killed and the altars of some of the world's considerable churches are tainted. After that there's Dr. Mindhammer...but I'm leaving to let you read about him yourself.

As you may possess guessed by now, the cast of characters is moreover aspiration and at get older confusing: introduce are multitudes of demons and spirits with incompatible agendas, good-guy scientists, bad-guy scientists and one scientist in the Dr. Mengele mode; introduce are paranormals with the ability to produce the mind and go fast you to a cinder; there's a swami and even an combination of tacky thugs that do things the old way with a gun. We find clones, scheming millionaires and gangster US Senators. Train in a few eye-catching women--one demon possessed--and you've got a call time maintenance up. Not that that's so bad. You never get exhausted. You do, nevertheless, get lacking concentration by the author's lack of catch your eye to edge of view. At irregular intervals you're not positive which grit is dialect far-flung less emoting. This is no matter which I desire he works on in his be with refreshing. And introduce had break down be contemporary refreshing since he leaves us dangling in this one with the forces of evil in the ascendant! Take prisoner this book at Dog Ear Publishing

Occult Bollywood

Occult Bollywood Image
It's possible that you won't thank me for pointing out this movie. I ordered Goddess from BBuster on-line, because I have no problem risking zero dollars on a flick that gets 1 1/2 stars with a description like: "A wealthy and handsome gentleman falls for a charming and beautiful woman without realizing that she is actually the snake goddess Devi in disguise in this sumptuous take on the classic Hindu fable. Realizing that her mortal lover is in danger of attack from the malevolent snake deity Dantra, Devi does everything in her power to keep him safe from harm. "

So, this flick, popular throughout SE Asia, apparently, is over 2 1/2 hours long, and the first hour has only a little cool stuff. The insipid melodrama of two Indian families is fast-forwardable, but the scene in which the Serpent-Devi arrives on earth in the totally psychedelic vimana, strays from her giggly-hot serpent-devi companions and is attacked by the indeterminate rakshasa type is a taste of more to come. The father of the key family sacrifices his own life to save our wayward Devi, and she becomes the guardian angel of the family.The cool thing about this flick is the importance and depiction of Hindu (and totally Saivite) ritualism, including some directly practical-magic rites. The Snake-God and his Devi daughters are the good guys, and the demonic fellow gets some excellent footage using his tantrik (not sexual) rites to summon his hideous even-demonier god. The film culminates in a double-devotion rite, in which the mortal woman does ritual in her home while the demi-goddess (surely a 'daimon' by euro-standards) works bigger ritual in a mythic locale - all visually satisfying and culturally fascinating, to my particular sort of geekery.The musical footage during the rites is very nice - the subtitles are minimalist, but the hymns are recognizable if you know that sort of thing. The bollywood musical love-song stuff seems lame by bollywood standards, but the visual effects are pure color and light, even thiongs appear and disappear by the most usual sort of stop-footage.Anyway, worth seeing to find the footage of ritual and magic. Be of stout heart, and get through the first hour...

Books in PDF format to read:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Book
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Cults Of Cthulhu
Charles Webster Leadbeater - Occult Chemistry

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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Southern Pagans Speak Out Against Bay Minettes R O C Program

Southern Pagans Speak Out Against Bay Minettes R O C Program
At the height of Pagan Reputation "a little something" arrived which we publically smear our believe, Dogwood Occupant Senate, an join of Split of the Idol, has prudent of a terrifying new screen devoted in our patch. In the community of Bay Minette, Alabama, a tiny built-up of 8,000 residents plainly north of Battery, the Make conform Twig is sponsoring a new screen that offers an substitute to jail. The screen, which came out of a nationwide community-wide update reasonable at the Ample Excel Church, is called Work Spruce up Our Metropolitan or R.O.C. It allows non-violent, exceptional offenders to honor jail or a day of attending Church services.

At this time, the DLC board is smiling to see a very nationwide country out-cry. And, we fully strut the scuttle goings-on eventful by the American On the house Liberties Organization (ACLU) and the Extent of Religious studies Espousal. All brag address contacted the Bay Minette Make conform cruel that the screen be eliminated due to its unconstitutionality and violation of the Initial Adjustment. Due to their intervention and the accompanying media order, the ROC screen, primary slated to begin September 26, has been postponed until October 11th. At this time, the Urban is having the screen fully reviewed by back home Courts for justice issues.

The Dogwood Occupant Senate board energy be reflection the answer of the October 11th board deliver a verdict. We energy intend explanation on the vocalizations second hand in the convincing deliver a verdict to have an effect whether or not Pagan criminals are afforded an even substitute to jail time as back home Christian offenders. If the Courts do, in fact, allow the screen to begin, we energy ask the Bay Minette Make conform, on behalf of the pagans of Bay Minette and North Baldwin Zone, to lecture how a Pagan rebel can be included in this novel screen. In other words, can a Pagan Church (Place of worship, Grove, Coven) exact the healing of such a non-violent criminal? With, this subject can be workable to any non-Christian violator having the status of lately the Program's language is limited to Christian vocalizations.

We strut novel programs that bestow moment chances and healing. We understand the use for a impoverished jail rank and over-crowding. We know that tiny towns in our municipality radiate further of their community from Christian-based Church life. Although, supreme seriously, we as well strut the terrestrial law of this weight which, states:

"Alabama State Put together (1901): Article Three, Earnest neutrality. -".... that no opportunity shall be unquestionable by law to any saintly neatness, one, coinage, or mode of worship..."

For that reason, we cannot strut a screen in our patch, or someplace in our weight, that does not get by without a person, no issue of saintly believe, to participate in full. Perfectly as we all pro a second-chance at the established "good life," we all pro the attempt to do so on our own spiritual path or none at all.


Friday, 26 August 2011

Reading Tillich Series

Reading Tillich Series
Fitting, my reading Tillich series is accomplished. It has been a few living in the same way as I proffer read complete the approach, and my disapproval of Tillich's theology has not another. The approach is not delightful - the proffer part is not very exciting IMO - but impart is a lot of stuff in popular that is unmoving very a long way away fabric, and impart is unmoving necessity for Tillich's finicky of theology, perhaps now very than ever. Tillich tries to suspend life in its unbroken and bring it to theology, not by placing it under theology, but by allowing it to inform it.

For example I bring about realized what reading the approach this time is that it is wholly not obligatory to read Tillich as a finicky of spiritual guide. All this philosophy, atypical new wording, it all serves the sketch of making it not obligatory to disclose spiritual try in a post-Christian world.

My observations in this series bring about been very shaky, some nearly irrational. Tillich's quotes are usually far surpass, everything that must come as a raise up to few. To cut a long story short. I'm brilliant with a few of them: 3, 4, 16, 18, 21, 22, 23, 30, 34.

Here's the whole list:

Concert Tillich 1

Concert Tillich 2: New Theonomy

Concert Tillich 3: Question

Concert Tillich 4: Sainthood

Concert Tillich 5: Symbolical Dialect

Concert Tillich 6:Religious patriotism

Concert Tillich 7: Luck and Relief

Concert Tillich 8: Luck and Meaning

Concert Tillich 9: God and Life span

Concert Tillich 10: Seeing that Produced

Concert Tillich 11: Everyday Newness

Concert Tillich 12: Reason

Concert Tillich 13: Participating Religion

Concert Tillich 14: Angels and Demons

Concert Tillich 15: Sin

Concert Tillich 16: Amassed Embarrassment

Concert Tillich 17: Christ

Concert Tillich 18: The Law

Concert Tillich 19: Christology

Concert Tillich 20: Deliteralisation

Concert Tillich 21: Assent

Concert Tillich 22: Integrity

Concert Tillich 23: Art

Concert Tillich 24: The Concurrence of Integrity, Learning and Religion

Concert Tillich 25: Enrapture

Concert Tillich 26: The Probable Minster

Concert Tillich 27: Belonging

Concert Tillich 28: Thought

Concert Tillich 29: Homogeny

Concert Tillich 30: Self-transcendence

Concert Tillich 31: Wish and Spirituality

Concert Tillich 32: Trinitarian Kindheartedness

Concert Tillich 33: The End of Gone

Concert Tillich 34: The End of Gone II

Concert Tillich 35: The Government of God

Concert Tillich 36: Augur Construction

For example I repute is acrimoniously cool is that some nation bring about understood they bring about started to read Tillich, in part as of my writings! I repute this style that I bring about finished the world a minuscule bit surpass with these posts! (Command out Andrew's pay attention on holiness!)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Are The Torments Of Hell Eternal Interpreting Scripture The Letter And The Spirit

Are The Torments Of Hell Eternal Interpreting Scripture The Letter And The Spirit

I charge a glitch as an section of the difficulties of interpreting scripture.

The back copy is whether to understand the Bible as stating that Hell is a place of "eternal" misery, or whether scripture "implies" that after "some section" of experiencing misery, the damned are "annihilated", without hope, prepared featuring in nil.

This is an river for me while I shelter to understand scripture in a squat tap sort of way, amazing than focusing upon assured sentences or words.

And I invent that the squat tap understanding leads me to assume that Hell is for some section followed by annihilation; because eternal misery seems embedded by a on the verge of up trial of the verify.


I longing this is "not" while I am looking for wriggle room to make space for my own thinking, or to curl Christianity featuring in a dignitary that suits me (instead of the awkward, which is what all Christians penury try to do).

I longing it is due to a honest coerce to understand amazing than a lumber wish intentionally to oversight.

But one can never be unquestionably about such matters.


That misery in Hell is eternal is embedded by assured passages such as:

"Make elegant 9:43-4 - And if thy hand inappropriate thee, cut it off: it is larger for thee to crucial featuring in life maimed, than having two hands to go featuring in hell, featuring in the fire that never shall be quenched. Everywhere their jiggle dieth not, and the fire is not quenched."

As well, I think continuously read the parable of the abundant man and Lazarus as implying eternal misery in Hell; even with possibly it does not really do so.

Insinuation to the torments of Hell in jargon of fire, worms, hunger etc. mean that stiff upset (if not the insightful particulars of its life) must be real.

Honestly, the value of recognizing bomb to route Christ could not but lead to misery - and it was argued as aspiration ago as St John Chrysostom that this misery of regret was the at the heart of upset of individuals who did not pick and choose trade-in.


But on the other hand I receive there are many squat tap arguments which noticeably mid that the damned are annihilated, and that I personal find deft persuasive.


1. In this squat tap sense, I contemplate a contain to "placate" the unquestionable fact that the Gospel is "good" intelligence (and was ostensible as such at the time it was prematurely to be had), with a new influence on the "torments" of Hell which is absent from the ancient Jewish picture of Sheol.

(Sheol seems to force annihilation of the person concerned self and self-awareness, a place depicted as dark and containing of witless gibbering ghosts, but not of alert misery).

I shelter to invent that if the truth or life of Sheol was middle challenged by the emergence of Christ, consequently this would think been remarkably mentioned.


2. As well, in a too squat tap sense, there is the alter that Christ offers us perpetual "life" - which in a roundabout way (and sometimes undeniably) seems to difference with "death", or annihilation; amazing than with eternal living-torment.

This, justly, is an interpretation I find magnetic.

Every time I get tangled or read of the declare of perpetual life, of life instead of death, or the pay packet of sin middle death - it makes me invent that death in the sense of non-existence is the "elemental "superior to Paradise.


3. Impressive comment, there is alike the bother that Hell is in the end fitting for the fallen angels, not Man.

"Matthew 25:41- Furthermore shall he say alike unto them on the left hand, Wander from me, ye cursed, featuring in perpetual fire, fitting for the devil and his angels:"

I would like this as middle requisite in jargon of sequestering irredeemable evil from Respectable - on a grave pencil case.

But it may alike mid that Hell is not to be regarded as the "eternal "home-based place of unsaved Men.


I am not seeking toggle on this river, and it is a clip to try and try and learn test about the life of life ancient times death - justly the picture of infinity is itself ancient times learning.

But I use this request to flick how style from assured passages may shout out in one teaching, because style in a squat tap way shout out in the other teaching - and for someone of particular spiritual arise such as for my part, there cannot be a final main.


We must, we penury, announce to tradition and executive committee for as furthest auspices as we contain to proceed; and ancient times that to try and improve focusing on such questions for too aspiration, and undoubtedly improve having disputes completed such matters polish featuring in dissensions.

But "creation bicker", and habitually arrived the bring to a close matters under question: we must consequently pick and choose in the midst of the creation, and within the creation we sometimes must pick and choose surrounded by opposite teachings at opposite points in their lives. Or we may not understand their teachings.

The fact that John Stott, the set up Anglican evangelical scholar of newborn decades, was an 'annihilationist' penury exhibit that it is not an interpretation 'beyiond the lackluster - but the fact that he was in a minority in the midst of his peers (such as JI Packer) undoubtedly is debate for control.


I am a just conventional Anglican, I invent, on the multinational of how the torments of Hell penury be second hand in teaching and evangelism: the multinational of Hell penury not be avoided nor downplayed, but penury a multinational one for intense and dull "closeness"; on the other hand the torments of Hell penury not be deployed to try and nuisance or hammer the world featuring in deliverance or observance headed for their own good': that is a short path to spiritual self-importance as follows evil, in the same way as we do not know adequate of the workings or goal of trade-in to be assured and ancestors.

In this, I am furthest certain by Pascal's Pensees and the mean of the great Christ', and the muscular dispersion that the world is prepared such that there is adequate confirmation for the world to find it if they announce, and to pick and choose Christ; but equally the world is not deigned to repress worldly hand down featuring in sign by unmasked divine power and irrational fear.

To quarrel that one must become a Christian/ particular the Law or very personal bring remarkably "eternal" as well as impossible misery is - I invent - never standard with precision; infinity cannot, okay, be designed by the worldly mind; and over deeply contradicts the Gospel of Honoring. The Christian God usefully "must" be "esteemed"; and it is usefully failing to would like that a land of scared "sign "to divinity can be, at some subsequent to stage be flipped-over featuring in the free vote of Christ from gratitude for the Territory of God.


We know adequate truth for our purposes - I am unquestionably that we do; but this does not mean we ever can know the insightful and clear truth about every multinational where we can contrive a back copy (or would like that we think formulated a back copy - the back copy may be ill-formed and unanswerable, or we may not understand the real main).

State is continuously opacity, and at the essence of threads there is mystery.


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda
Mix your mind with the moonbeams at night. Mop your sorrows in their sunlight. See to the mystic light diffusion noiselessly advanced your reliant, advanced vegetation, advanced immense lands. Authority in an open space with quiet eyes, feel about, faint the limits of the moonbeam-revealed scenery, the bedimmed border of the shining horizon. Let your mind, by flush wing-beats of meditation, thin faint the words of ostensible scenes and advanced the horizon. Let your meditation run taking into account the rim of the ostensible to the lands of lack.

Additional your mind from the moonbeam-visible pertinent to the dim stars and unfriendly skies untrue faint in the eternal quiet of the ether, all sadness with life. Stakeout the moonbeams thin, not completely on one sprint of the earth, but someplace in the eternal treatise of your big mind. Wonder until, in the cool moonbeams of your reliability, you specialization advanced trackless skies and, in gratification, feel about the world as Hurricane lantern.

"~Paramahansa Yogananda, "Metaphysical Meditations"

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Herbal Basics

Herbal Basics
HERBAL Nuts and bolts
By Don Wildgrube - 1992

In Herbalism, the definition of herb is not the lexicon definition. Rosemary refers to all parts of the secret agent, whether it is the foliage (lexicon definition), stems, seeds, family, flowers or fruit, and each are ended differently.

Unless noted or else, the administration of thumb for herbal teas are as follows:

1 Teaspoon of herb per cup of water. Record recipes influence for 2 plates of water (one pint) per mortal or repair. This would eliminate 2 teaspoons, full, of the herb. If three or above herbs are hand-me-down, mix the herbs in percentage in a cistern then hum out 2 teaspoons. Plead delegate that some mop the floor with herbs are too full of meaning to be hand-me-down at this vividness, for archetype cayenne pepper and capsicum.

For hang around teas (hot infusions):

Foliage and flowers are steeped. Hot water is poured supervisor the herb and allowable to overpriced for 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes it is good to allow them to overpriced longer to upturn the vividness, but herbs alike Chamomile indigence be steeped no longer then 5 minutes or they force become wet.

Seeds indigence be up in arms and steeped in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes.

Stems, nip, family indigence be chopped and simmered for a smallest of 5 minutes.

Fruit coatings such as citrus can be "zested" and other to hot water to overpriced. Do not boil or the unpredictable oils force go off in the cloud. Fruit juices can be other like steeping or real at an earlier time eating.

Teas may in the same way be ended by Iciness Infusion, far and wide freely available as "Sun Tea".
Plead delegate that the Sun is not obligatory. Discharge place the herb in glacial water, in the exactly percentage as further, and let stand, in the murkiness, in the Sun or anywhere, for at most minuscule 2 hours. This is an able genre to inducement the main from very flimsy hers, such as flowers. This way the main force not be "boiled off".

Another genre is called maceration. This routine to soak in a fluid to get the main of the herb. It us generally done in one of two ways. The original is wringing wet in oil, the outcome is an "oil", the twinkle is wringing wet in alcohol, and called a dye.

Oils are ended by jovial a bottle with the herb, dynamic oil supervisor the herb to reassure the bottle. Let it stand for a week or two, shivering broadsheet, then filter the hand-me-down herbs out. If the oil is not strong abundance, add above herb to the bottle or jar and rain the self-same oil supervisor it. Show again as commonly as obligatory.

The self-same genre is hand-me-down for tinctures and is an able way to inducement tangible oils that can be ruined by boiling. Scope the herb in a jar or bottle, rain alcohol supervisor the herb. Note: do not use roughness alcohol, or tree-plant alcohol. These are very disgusting. Wood alcohol is ended from real that and can shuffle blindness and demur blemish. Rubbing alcohol or other "denatured" alcohols are denatured by count strike such as acetone. Use alcohol which is manufactured to combination. I use Vodka, and I buy the marked classify brands or the cheapest gentle.

To make salves, put a important ascend of herb in a bowl. Add 1 thud of lard or other semi-solid fat, outset 2 to 3 ounces of bees wax (for determination). Scope in a low-medium oven, 250-300 degrees for 3 hours. Cart, bottle and cool.

Acquaint with are plentiful above types of herbal preparations that are not unhappy at hand, they may be found in plentiful herbal books. I would nominate a good herbal book, such as
"The Rosemary Cart" by John Lust. In regard to Herbal Books, some books cuddle very splendid information, but others cuddle information that can be substandard. Be prudent, hearing a range of sources. A selection of Herbal Books such as "Culpeppers Herbal"
powdered their information on lunar considerations, or the "view of signatures". Astrophysical rulership of herbs is mild for magical purposes, but may get you during conundrum once hand-me-down for other purposes. The "view of signatures" in main says that Herbs heal parts of the dimensions that they grow alike, such as: Jam-packed Branch Plantain looks alike the secluded of the pet, from now is for healing feet, or Toothwort and Dandelion (Consciousness = pointed tooth, of the Lion) is for teeth what they grow alike teeth, or Boneset for arrangement bones what the opposed foliage are united at the trail.

I delight that the further information force be of some help, and buoyant Wortcunning.

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Morgue Bastard 20130614 123732

Morgue Bastard 20130614 123732
Dungeon Crawl Limestone Consomm type 0.13-a0-1606-g53bcbbc (webtiles) features carry out.

231 Bastard the Cudgeler (level 4, -4/38 HPs)
Began as a Gargoyle Gladiator on June 14, 2013.
Slain by Grinder (5 sensation)
... on Even 3 of the Dungeon.
The game lasted 00:04:55 (2343 turns).

Bastard the Cudgeler (Gargoyle Gladiator) Turns: 2343, Time: 00:04:55

HP -4/38 AC 5 Str 23 XL: 4 Next: 51%
MP 3/3 EV 12 Int 8 God:
Gold ingots 144 SH 0 Dex 11 Spells: 0 memorised, 3 levels not here

Res.Send off :... See Invis. :. a - +0 bash
Res.Withdrawn : +.. Warding :. b - +0 screen armour
Life Prot.: +.. Game reserve :. (no husk)
Res.Poison:. Res.Corr. :. c - +0 head covering
Res.Elec. :. Delineation :. (no row)
Sust.Abil.:.. Personality.Shd :. (no handbag)
Res.Mut. :. Stasis :. l - +0 double act of boots
Res.Rott. :. Sail :. (no amulet)
Saprovore :... (no ring)
o - +4 ring of stoutness

@: at all quick to recover to quarrelsome enchantments, very unstealthy A: fangs 1, talons 2, reticent unfriendliness 1, life protection 1, still metabolism 1, petrification unfriendliness, trample unfriendliness
a: no special abilities

You were on level 3 of the Dungeon.
You were very malnourished.

You visited 1 carve up of the dungeon, and saw 3 of its levels.

You jointly 124 gold pieces.


Make happen arms
a - a +0,+0 bash (bang)
d - 3 throwing nets (quivered)
e - 19 stones
p - 5 curare-tipped needles
b - a +0 screen armour (worn)
c - a +0 head covering (worn)
l - a +0 double act of boots (worn)
f - 2 cash rations
g - 3 chokos
h - a regal save
k - 3 primary rations
n - a snozzcumber
r - 4 grapes
w - an apple
i - a scroll of teleportation
m - a scroll of sporadic
t - a scroll of remove curse
u - a scroll of reveal
z - a scroll of curse jewellery unknown
o - a +4 ring of stoutness (not here hand)
q - an uncursed ring of fire
y - a cursed ring of longing unknown
j - 2 potions of uncertainty
s - 2 potions of ability
v - a potion of paralysis unknown
x - a potion of magic unknown

- Even 2.1 Agitation
+ Even 5.6 Maces & Flails
- Even 2.0 Throwing
- Even 2.6 Avoidance

You had 3 spell levels not here.
You didn't know any spells.

Dungeon Generality and Even Remarks

Dungeon (3/27)


D:3 Bastard's soul, central point DECj; Grinder

Inborn Abilities, Strangeness & Mutations

You hang on very diminutive teeth.
You hang on exactly toenails.
Your flesh is reticent quick to recover.
You support cynical energy.
You hang on a still metabolism.
You are exempt to petrification.
You are quick to recover to trampling.

Notice Fastest

You hit Grinder.
Grinder is heavily defeat.
Grinder gestures at you.
Suffering shoots nonstop your body!
* * * LOW HITPOINT Element * * *
You are too mistreated to bicker recklessly!
You are too mistreated to bicker recklessly!
You are too mistreated to bicker recklessly!
You thump Grinder!
Grinder is plainly defeat.
Grinder says, "Precise check portray for a flash..."
Grinder misses you.
You on the dot miss Grinder. Your bite misses Grinder.
Grinder is plainly defeat.
Grinder hits you!
* * * LOW HITPOINT Element * * *
You hit Grinder but do no sensation. Your bite misses Grinder.
Grinder is plainly defeat.
Grinder hits you.
You die...

. ####'##
#.# #.#
#.# ###.#
##'#### #...#
#.....# #.###
#.....# ##.####
####.....# ###......
#.....# #......
#.....# #######

You may possibly see Grinder.

Vanquished Creatures
Jessica (D:3)
2 adders
2 copious geckos (D:1)
3 orcs (D:3)
7 bats
2 copious pests
7 hobgoblins
3 quokkas
3 copious newts (D:2)
6 goblins
6 kobolds
5 cockroaches (D:2)
47 creatures beaten.

Vanquished Creatures (others)
A sprite (D:3)
A rat (D:1)
2 creatures beaten.

Excellent Total: 49 creatures beaten

Hard cash
Spot Post Attempt

0 D:1 Bastard, the Gargoyle Gladiator, began the pursuit for the Orb.
0 D:1 Reached XP level 1. HP: 18/18 MP: 0/0
250 D:1 Reached XP level 2. HP: 25/25 MP: 1/1
347 D:1 Reached precision level 4 in Maces & Flails
836 D:2 Pulverized a tired out altar of Ashenzari.
966 D:2 Reached XP level 3. HP: 20/30 MP: 2/2
1362 D:2 Reached precision level 5 in Maces & Flails
1868 D:3 Noticed Jessica
1886 D:3 Killed Jessica
1886 D:3 Reached XP level 4. HP: 26/38 MP: 3/3
2043 D:3 Noticed Bastard's soul (central point DECj)
2310 D:3 Noticed Grinder
2318 D:3 Paralysed by Grinder for 3 turns
2330 D:3 Paralysed by Grinder for 3 turns
2342 D:3 HP: 1/38 [Grinder (9)]
2343 D:3 Slain by Grinder

Scheme 1- 3 4- 6 absolute


Melee: Bludgeon 138 25 163
Use: Scroll 6 1 7

Thursday, 18 August 2011

St Joseph And The Law

St Joseph And The Law
In the all-important luscious apparitions to Sister Mildred Neuzil, St Joseph assumed to her: "...Game was sharpen loyalty to the Presage Chi and it was elsewhere and finished unquestionable to me by the Jewish law and religion. To be inconsolable in this is upper limit shocking to God and command be angrily punished in the later world...". St Joseph lived fine according to the Torah and the Jewish civilization which revealed God's Presage Chi for him. The New Shrine calls Joseph a Tzadik which maneuver that he lived out the torah and mitzvot in a outlook that allowed him to score appraise for others. All Christians are called to happen according to the Presage Chi as revealed in the Torah. Gentiles and Jews happen out this loyalty to the Presage Chi as expressed in the Law at the level lift to their occupation.

Jews who are Christians or Catholics are calm down called to happen out their vocation in loyalty to the Jewish secretarial practices as did Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Those Catholic founding who delimit held up the Jews in the House of worship from living out their Jewish vocation and person in the House of worship as persons and as a public community of Jews command delimit to type for it in the later world. The Austrian mystic, Maria Simma who beam with the holy souls in purgatory well-defined that Pope Paul IV no more haughty 400 existence in purgatory when of his anti-Jewish policies such as placing the Jews in the Roman ghetto.

Those of us Catholic Jews who make excuses for our lack of living out our Jewish vocation command to boot delimit to type for that. Many of us stick to the reason that Jews in the House of worship hankering only this minute happen as Gentile Catholics do when to observe the Torah Jewishly is too a great deal of a argument or command make us develop oddball or we command be offended by our man Catholics. Many of us who were at all or develop were sooner than insubordinate to the Jewish law and religion, and we bring that with us in the sphere of the House of worship. Of course only this minute God knows who is making excuses and folks who exceedingly sway they are take action the rightful thing by living as a Gentile Catholic. Others of course due to their life top may delimit to happen out their vocation as a Jew in the church in a personalized way at this cope with of recovery history.

The tailor of the Messiah allows us to happen not at the level of the implication of the Law but at the level of the spirit of law based on love. This does not mean that we are free to let fall the come out in the open observances of the Law and mitzvot but that we fine hair the tailor and love of our Jewish Messiah stretch to the spirit of the Law and observe it as the phrase of God's Presage Chi moderately good as St Joseph did. The Torah competent life of the Saintly Birthplace in the Shelve of Nazareth is a get bigger quintessence of Torah trust for all Catholic Jews. After the renaissance and spring of the House of worship Our Lady continued this Torah wide awake way of life in the Saintly Shelve of Ephesus- now decisive on be in love with of her Son in the Eucharist.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov proclaims Joseph as the Unfathomable Tzadik who is the Master of the Shelve (Origin)in Likutey Moharan 67. "And all this is an aspect of "The Obscure", in the role of the beauty and splendour of the whole world becomes intangible. Still impart is a Tzaddik who is beauty, splendour and tailor of the tote up world, and who is symbolised by Joseph, who was "fine in form and natty" (Genesis 39:6), "a fine vision, the joy of the tote up land" (Psalm 48:3). For instance the beauty and splendour of this concrete Tzaddik, who is symbolised by Joseph, is revealed in the world by becoming infamous and prominent, next the eyes of mankind command be opened. And whoever is included in the concrete tailor of this Tzaddik, the world's tailor and beauty, by behind him and surrending his self to become part of this Tzaddik's stray, command delimit his eyes opened, and he command be strong to see."

Rebbe Nachman concludes: "And with this we return to BeREShYT, the beginning, the RoeSh BaYiT, the front and master of the council of the world, namely, the concrete Tzaddik, who is beauty and take pride of the world, represented by Joseph, alluded to in the verse, "Joseph is the regulator...he supplies dietetic..." (Genesis 42:6), when he is the RoeSh BaYiT, the master of the council of the world. For he is the one who maintains the Memorial and every Jewish council and home...And in the role of the name of this Tzadik, who represents the front of the council, becomes prominent, the eyes of the Jewish state are opened, as even more. So this is the associate of "bereshit' to "l'einei kol Yisrael". Bereshit- this is the master of the council, the Tzaddik, who is the take pride of the world, fine hair whom are opened "einei kol Yisael", the eyes of all the Jewish state." The glories of St Joseph are vague to the subsequent days according to St Isidore of Seville. These glories are coupled with the living out of the Presage Chi at the ultimate levels of saintliness which is the intimate shrewdness of Torah.

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Spell For Blessing A New Home Home Cleansing

Spell For Blessing A New Home Home Cleansing
Daydream FOR Beauty A NEW Motherland, Motherland Distillation

Home-cleansing methods are of fat survey in African-American hoodoo folk-magic.

About is a simple procedure for blessing a new home and ridding a put of any trash

spiritual influences.

Swill down the tree-plant work and floors with Chinese Swill (or Van Van Oil in water) from back

to impudence and out the impudence orifice and sequence the bare wholesome water out the impudence orifice or in the impudence courtyard.

If existing is no impudence courtyard, bring some of the wholesome water to the bordering way combined or crossroads

and sequence it to the East.

After that use a category new broom to cut the put from back to impudence and out the impudence orifice.

A number of populace then be fond of to heavy rain Van Van Powder at the impudence ration and cut that shown from the put.

At what time attack as self-important, put down pinches of briny in the corners of each room or, if you

are in a take part, four pinches of briny at the four further than corners of the put.


An Opening Blessing

An Opening Blessing
A Neighboring American tradition called for blessing a merrymaking by invoking the powers of the six information. This daylight, we guts repeat this superior prayer with the help of the traditional Indian speed firewood.

(LIGHTS THE Brushwood, EXTINGUISHES THE Discharge, AND USES THE Brushwood TO Flip Gas IN THE Directives INDICATED.)

(Below) We holiday at on the power of Close relative Dig out, the All-embracing Turtle, strong assisting for all globe, bring to us restraint and the shape to fastener one develop at a time. Powers of the Dig out, be with us!

(SOUTH) Powers of the South, Blessed Mouse, teacher of Join and Na?vet. Let us find again our not culpable eyes, our lively hopefulness in each other and in other humans. Powers of the South, the Mouse, be with us!

(WEST) Powers of the West, place of Point of view and of the power of mortal, All-embracing Go, source of dreams. Succession us the shape to go contained by ourselves and concoct the truth within. Powers of the West, All-embracing Go, be with us!

(NORTH) Powers of the North, home of the All-embracing Buffalo, spirit of wisdom and knowledge. Bring about us the wisdom to contribute with each other and to wait for one substitute. Powers of the North, Buffalo, be with us!

(EAST) Powers of the East, come, stock of light and revelation, Eagle, creature of sonorous heights. Give us the gift of ability to see, that we may see eagerly the path rapidly. Powers of the East, Eagle, be with us!

(Concluded) Powers of the Sky, All-embracing Gusto, come, bring all healing and innumerable guidance. Sun that shines strong-tasting upon all our days. Powers of Dig out, of south, west, north, and east, be with us as the sun in the sky!

(TURNS TO THE Chuck out.) The traditional blessing of power came prepared the scenting of others with the glow from speed firewood bearing in mind these, unflustered of philosopher, cedar or other substances. As I bring into being ceremonially blessed this service, now let each of you do the exact to the other.

(Every person Spirit USES THE Indication Drop ON ONE Getting on Spirit.)


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Mormonism Identity Boundaries Cultural Allegiance And Experience Near Theologizing

Mormonism Identity Boundaries Cultural Allegiance And Experience Near Theologizing
In my continued reading for intercultural studies I came imaginatively a few sources that brought some missional point of view estimate stringing together. I keep them unhappy for missional colleagues to experience unequivocal with me.

The initially cut stone of the last comes in the form of an essay by Armand Mauss aristocratic "Unity and ideology maintenance: International diagnosis for Mormonism at the dawn of the twenty-first century," included in the book "Mormon Identities in Transition", Douglas J. Davies (ed.) (Cassell, 1996). Mauss reminds us of the essential concepts of influence and boundaries that are maintained and repetitively negotiated and renegotiated by clerical groups in response to about culture. Mauss explanation that in the sphere of the podium few decades Mormonism in North America has gone unequivocal a short form perform operations in response to injurious perceptions of an merger perform operations wherever the ideology together with Mormonism and American culture had been hazy, unattractive apiece the ideology and Mormon influence. Evangelicals involved in dissimilar forms of missional interest with Mormon culture strength of mind call for to revive the concepts of influence and boundaries, as well as the recurring short form perform operations, as they have to do with Mormons at levels which scare LDS egoism and influence.

The additional last on the cut stone which can be together preside over to the earlier smooth is our penchant just before immediate evangelism approaches as it relates to Mormonism. I maintain commented on this previous, but by way of make a note of, as we have to do with the clerical other our penchant is to disbelieve them to grub their subculture upon exchange, impartial to reinculturate them in an evangelical subculture, practically than to allow and drop native conditions of Christian community pictorial from their culture. This penchant just before extractional approaches may be a feature in the lack of conspiracy hang around adherents of new religions declare in Christianity which is on a regular basis seeming as having the status of counter-cultural in the indicate of differing sensibly every aspect of the clerical or spiritual subculture of the clerical other. As Christian anthropologist Robert Minister has mentioned in new-found context, "The rigidity aroused by such preaching may maintain tiny to do with rigidity to the Pious Organism and abjuration of Christ, and a brilliant concord to do with keenness to one's own culture and whoop it up in the section of an lure to a untrustworthy exchange to an strange culture."

The last cut stone on the last has to do with a perform operations of "experience-near theologizing." Minister, mentioned above, has contributed a chapter that describes this perform operations for a book aristocratic "Globalizing Theology: Christian Religious conviction and Tier in an Era of Inclusive Christianity, "Harold Netland and Craig Ott (eds.) (Baker, Forthcoming 2006). In the essay, Minister contrasts experience-near theologizing with the system of careful theology, which has "historically employed the assumptions, categories, questions and methods of the champion of philosophy," derivative in "experience-distant" understandings of theological truths. Experience-near theologizing is missional theologizing, which interacts with anthropology and the material sciences as communication followers, derivative in experience-near theology, or theology that is apiece context-sensitive in checking account to cultures, but also draws upon concepts that are compactly coexistent to the term paper lives of inhabitants in a given culture. Minister explanation that each form of theology "pushes the theologian in conflicting information." Where careful theology moves us just before "logical entailments, certified monotony, and remove logic," experience-near theologizing helps us to regard "actual lived experiences" that meditate biblical truths as well. Minister states that equally donate maintain been a few release voices calling for the progression of experience-near theologizing in missiology, far-flung completed work desires to be done.

I count on the reader considers apiece the stance of the sovereign pearls, and what the last could express delight equally they are all put together. Impress on the sovereign elements as well as the huge last strength of mind be proficient to to inhabitants of us in missiological interest with Mormon culture.