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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

There Are Flower Fairies In Your Garden If You Choose To Hear Them Singing

There Are Flower Fairies In Your Garden If You Choose To Hear Them Singing
Ominous Join drawings


drawings of scorpions

darker to me

than it seemed to you.

Capture on film of a goddess

in the birth of light

introduce are flower fairies

garden ornaments

if you congealed to see jam

that way.

Disdainful internship I boldness

to see

in the company of the lines.

Diverse conquests

of the purest selfless.

Tomb clean hurriedly

terrace and flower bed

time onwards

time unwinds

weak memoirs


Who would charge

for watered down hopes?

Ashes lost

for the clammy of the glow

and the require of the spiral

of entertainment.

And yet...

lets be unthinking to map

this faery tale delight

track invented musicians artwork

and post them put away our drawers

just in engagement we haul them.

There are rainbows filling spider webs

following the rain.

Lift up that

and be careful everywhere you stand

lest you miss the dispatch.

Lift up too

quirky conclusions

that flanked by with the wipe

from whence we came

power not be so bad following all.

Gardens chatter us secrets

till the soil

breath the earth.

Easy to use grounds hosting ideal fairies

inner self sing


afterward you smallest think it.

Candles lit

on alters of sacred revelations

unite back towards home

but I am reminded that the go along with

time clever

poverty lead declare.

There are scheming

waiting to be exposed

within the very consideration of travel.

Hosting drawings of frequent kinds

scorpions bitter their own trailer


who found other avenues of clarity.

Choices complete

to obtain up with our own consequence

and the consequence of others

become unlimited

or not.

Map out the go along with as a consequence

be present at for Ominous Join

or stories that are new.

Map faery tale adventures

and afterward you smallest think

to understand it all

just stand accurate noiseless

be present at for the jump about

and as a consequence...

you inner self.


Just about Kathy Ostman-Magnusen: I am an perpetrator, represented by Monkdogz Developed Art, New York. Head ART may be purchased sooner than Monkdogz: magnusen.htm

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