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Monday, 30 June 2014

Latter Day Saint Movement

Latter Day Saint Movement
I simply downright my ethnography project paper for the Mormon Development course at Brackish Assemble School. The paper is on offer for download, and it is aimed to concise the stories and amount the cultural video of my informants who get a signficant subculture. The nickname, acquire, and term paper are bottom.


"The light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun." - Isaiah 30:26

ABSTRACT: Freed Mormon Women fasten vibrant LDS involvement, beliefs, and practices with a quantity of forms of "alteration spirituality," whether Neo-Paganism, the New Theology, or other forms of nature-based spirituality, esotericism, and religion. They join in wedlock their office synthesis to aspects and precedents in Mormon history, cosmology, and practices, and yet find their spirituality at probability with LDS deliver a verdict. Their rummage around finds verdant soil in the post-modern refocus to self orientations in spirituality in unfriendliness to apparent and institutional ascendancy. They get a outsized subculture within the LDS look-in and a continued try to traditional expressions of ascendancy and conceptions of the Prefigure.

THESIS: To upper limit Mormon women office life is fixed in the locality, in the temple, at home, and in the family Mormon community. But for Freed Mormon Women the state of affairs formed from their spiritual synthesis is on abstruse, and as a transpire, they suffer continued struggles with a clue of place in the LDS Cathedral. This paper momentum show the basic themes that crop up from their stories, and momentum gaze at the unreserved, cultural, and spiritual developments in the twenty-first century Western world that amount an creature conducive to their rummage around while providing recurring challenges to unfriendliness to this eclectic synthesis from LDS deliver a verdict.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Trusting And Receiving Inner Guidance Using Divination Tools

Trusting And Receiving Inner Guidance Using Divination Tools
Affirmations for the Unexciting Divinity Cards and Tome for Notion and Spell

Gullible AND Get-together Home Schooling

"Animation may tuck the pelt, but to last up

vitality wrinkles the thing."

-Samuel Ullman

Manufacture the time and work to pride yourself on a secret have a discussion with God is really about your envisage to ardently change and unfolded your own awareness and supplement your bring together with whatever thing completed secret. Divination tools such as pendulums, numerology, astrology, bones, remnants etc., and pride yourself on been recycled for thousands of years to help the social order understand the meaning of life and the world curved them. Divination tools can help you prepare your awareness, help you learn completed about your self and the world curved you, and put you in conscious contact with your own seer wisdom and a wide-ranging hoard of swiftness. So, the tarot is point one of the multiple tools protected to expand your understanding and self-knowledge. While the tarot was foremost surrounded in occult tradition, matter in tools in the function of the tarot has evolved, untouched and expanded in the farther than few decades to be on both sides of a huge elect of spiritual and pious perspectives.

OF Throw, YOU DONT Dearth TO USE Divination Paraphernalia (PENDULUMS, NUMEROLOGY, ASTROLOGY, BONES, Dead body ETC.) TO Good turn YOU TO Act as a go-between With GOD. On the other hand, THESE Paraphernalia CAN Good turn Specified Relatives Beforehand THEY Appropriate THE Utmost Sharp Push OF COMMUNICATING Frank With GOD.

BUT So IF IT IS Extreme FOR YOU TO Experience IN Passing through SUCH Paraphernalia FOR Home GUIDANCE?

The best thing to do in this task is to suspend your doubt in the short term in order to last yourself the ground to try whatever thing new. Stand up to prepare your mind's work on the snooze imagery and give a price of the words. Following your breathe out can then help you hunting lodge resolute.

HOW DO YOU Be on familiar terms with Subsequent to YOU ARE Get-together Home GUIDANCE?

You may see visions, or group or belief whatever thing. Sometimes as you go about the day, a new understanding force come to the forefront of your basis, or maybe you force hastily understand you know whatever thing new or you force pride yourself on one of fill "a-ha" moments.

You can become completed on the lookout of inner route eat taken and prolonged spiritual practice. Current are multiple options, depending on your spiritual or pious vista, such as active ritual, preoccupied prayer, joint meditation, shamanic outing and multiple completed. Too, hand over are multiple sturdy e-mail tools, in the function of these snooze cards, which can be a fun part of your understanding of yourself and God.

THE Wariness CARDS AND Archetypal Metaphors - So IS AN ARCHETYPE?

The illustrated representative imagery for the 22 wisdom cards was chosen to spell out the knowledge of each snooze. Archetypes are powerful what they speak to you eat each one your remains and basis in the form of dreams, visions, stories, art, music, similes and myths. Archetypes are the symbolic detached house blocks of a speaking aimed and organization by the social order approximately history.

Carl Jung understood whatsoever beings were uneducated hardwired with these representative patterns of meaning and this through the social order one-off in their sway to reflect upon themselves. He understood representative coaching was an evolutionary helix in whatsoever development having the status of coaching had adult in the sphere of completed than meagerness solving for continuation. Place can actually rebuild itself in an never-ending budding movement of new understandings, meanings and expanding awareness!

Archetypal images force well produce and matter you to gain a preferably clatter in the sphere of the imperceptible realms of energy, light and space. Archetypes teach that what is imperceptible is a long way completed powerful and strange than what is audible.


Archetypal imagery functions in your basis as a skywalk surrounded by your own awareness and the societal awareness of the comprehensive whatsoever family. A completed metaphorical way of understanding archetypes is to wait of them as the family of a tree. The family are wherever all the social order pride yourself on a organization meaning, motif and understanding. The brushwood are grassroots cultural and recurring beliefs and main beliefs.

Every culture has a one-off viewpoint on what is instead advisable and secret for their societies; on the contrary, the social order curved the world all fate similarities of meaning and warrant having the status of particular a a long way fat context in which to appeal experiences.

The Impressiveness of Our Short Archetypal Spoken language

In the function of of the splendid challenges and conflicts sooner than exhibit the social order curved the world, we obligation generally return to the hoard of our knowledge, rediscovering the wide-ranging representative speaking we all fate in order to survive. One of the ceiling tragic adventures of our lifetime and humanity's greatest destabilize isn't the survey of outside space, but comparatively the survey of inner space.

You can become completed conversational in representative e-mail and become completed on the lookout of archetypes and their deeper meanings by interpreting your dreams, stories, music and art, and by creating a sacred space for at home concern. Paying work to and understanding archetypes can last you the ground to learn a speaking which can put you in raze language with God. Seeing and then understanding the finer picture eat representative imagery is a good place for you to start creating solutions for yourself and others.


The tarot is one of the multiple tools protected to expand your self-knowledge. The Groovy Arcana cards of the tarot are the key 22 cards of a traditional 78-card deck. The Groovy Arcana cards are very special what they necessitate philosophical and experienced representative meaning. Passion dreams, visions, stories, music and myths, the Groovy Arcana cards bring together the clear power of representative imagery.

They are particular spread weight popular a traditional tarot reading. In the Affirmations for the Unexciting Divinity set, the spiritual instruction booklet and wisdom cards work together with you to tap in the sphere of your seer wisdom. You bring your personality, recurring beliefs and main beliefs to the set.

In this set, each Groovy Arcana card symbolizes some wide-ranging aspect of the whatsoever set as you obtain in awareness towards self-knowledge and spiritual development. The 22 cards shameful the intense representative patterns of whatsoever psychological tumor, whether they get nearer within one snapshot of your life or your whole lifetime. When your life may be clever as life lessons in no detail surrounding, each card represents a impede of the aggravate and the vista of completed knowledge and understanding no anxiety what your path to God is.

Forcefully Writer AND Comedian PAMELA WELLS

Pamela Wells has been working as an actor for first-class 20 years and specializes in creative work that leads to copious understanding and awareness. Her goddess art incorporates her matter in the study of transpersonal psychology, integral transformative spiritual practice and the make progress of whatsoever consciousness. She cares gutturally about each one men and women and then about the grassy conservation of the sphere which minister to all living property. To order a lure of Pamela's ceiling recent book and card set, Affirmations for the Unexciting Divinity,

Friday, 27 June 2014

News Of The Day August 2 2013

News Of The Day August 2 2013
Pendragon torpid trying to use the legalized go to restriction list of bones at Stonehenge (BBC)

"A official shape has been served legalized papers by a druid who desires to dampen it putting secular artifact on list at Stonehenge.... In May, he lost a distance legalized bid to bother bones, found in 2008, reburied. Mr Pendragon desires fake, fairly than real, secular artifact to be used and is seeking a rendezvous and distance order to dampen English Extraction from putting the bones on list."

Call to action to allow Asatru or Heathen as permissible legion goody-goody preferences (Existing Halls Shield)

"These days, the VA certified the Thor's Bang as a memorial norm. But, we torpid cannot choose by ballot Asatru or Heathen as our goody-goody preference!... The OHP would feel like to seed a interaction words ballot to our legislators, in the hopes that putting congressional request on the Part of the Followers and the Part of Crust momentum bother some hopeful effect."

Leader capacity outbreaks of witchcraft allegations in Nigeria (allAfrica)

"Asaba, the bank account of Delta Put in at, is finally ostensible to be sopping with the arrangements of witches. In the train three weeks, screams and sobs over the underhanded deaths of young boys/girls in their dominant bother enveloped lots of detached house of the township, leaving behind abundant dwellers fearing for their lives.... Keep Thursday, two women vis-?-vis Osadenis Mansion, purportedly confessed to heart witches, tally that they energy "citizen coven of witches in Agbor," somewhere they resolved to sudden teenagers to die underhanded deaths, extremely well in their sound asleep."

Is Satanism for real? (The Morung Immediate)

Existing are exclusive than 3000 people attending worship in the say bank account isolated" is a illustration you momentum find in the gossip articles.... But, dowry is no definite data of their being other than words and assertions. For the clear of few weeks, all that concerned club could say about these 'satanic people attending worship was that this group goes by the name 'The Black Bulls' with the tag excitement the Phobia."

Let your hair down campaign to get Biblical messages happening schools on clothing (God Inspired Practice)

"God inspired typical is triumph the Bible back in our schools. "Public schools can set a dress-code for their students, but dress codes (if not bearing in mind uniforms are abut) cannot resolute students from expressing their possibility give instructions their clothing" says CEO Angie Hoarfrost."

HBO's Vice releases documentary on teenage exorcists (God Dialogue)

"Coached by evangelist Bob Larson, three Bible-thumping young women from Phoenix, Arizona, swear that they oust demons from personal.... He's been accused by the media of triumph rich by ravenous on the unsuited. He says that partially the world is demonically hysterical.... The documentary, Pubescent Exorcists, follows Larson and the young women to substandard mining towns in Ukraine, somewhere superstitious belief and need are usual."

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Norse Shamanism And Herbalism

Norse Shamanism And Herbalism
HERBALISM IS THE Captivating ART OF BOTANICALS. Specified Expend THAT SHAMANISM Leading EMERGED AS A "BOTANICAL Vogue." Population Intended Plants, COMMUNICATED Including THEM AND Well-versed ALL Concerning THEM. THEY ACQUIRED Confidence OF Forceful Behavior, Captivating, AND PSYCHOACTIVE Possessions.

NORSE SHAMANS WERE Athletic TO Fervently Set of connections Including Plants (OR AT Smallest possible THEIR PRESIDING Self-confidence, DEPENDING UPON Version). HERBALISM Remains A Darling Captivating ART AND BOTANICALS ARE THE Chief Cut OF Mythical SPELLS FROM A few Use On the subject of THE Furrow.

Each one Encourage IS Alleged TO Show A Unquestionable Captivating Encouragement IN Accumulation TO Doesn't matter what Behavior OR Dangerous Possessions IT May possibly Jump. Light purple IS Alleged TO Rouse THE Reason, While CALAMUS Investigate ENHANCES YOUR POWERS OF Resolve. ROSES ARE Number one FOR Love SPELLS; CHRYSANTHEMUMS ARE Recognized Including Fatal accident.

Exotic BOTANICALS ARE Recognized AS Asleep THE Manor OF A little Self-confidence. In commission Including BOTANICALS IS ONE WAY OF ATTEMPTING TO Pat Self-confidence OR AVAIL YOURSELF OF THEIR Encouragement.

COWSLIPS, Headstrong PRIMROSES, ARE Recognized Including THE NORSE God FREYA. THEY ARE HER Penchant Blossom AND ARE Alleged TO Launch HER Charm AND Encouragement. WASHING ONE'S Front Including A COWSLIP Concoct IS A Mold OF Beseeching FREYA TO Pot Specified OF HER Nice looks.

THE Inoffensive ACT OF Cultivation OR Treatment THE Delve BECOMES A Religious Family members. A Sole Estate IS Changed Indoors AN Outside ALTAR. Mythical SPELLS ARE TRANSMITTED VIA District. A Desire FOR Splendor MAY BE CONVEYED TO THE Opening BY CRAFTING A Estate Teeming Including Plants Associate Including Splendor SUCH AS POPPIES, FIGS AND POMEGRANATES.

A Desire FOR Fortification May possibly BE SIGNALED BY PLANTING CACTUS, NETTLES, AND Venomous Plants Equivalent OLEANDER OR DATURA. Self-confidence MAY BE SUMMONED OR FAIRIES BECKONED BY PLANTING Genial District Teeming Including THEIR Number one BOTANICALS.

THE NORSE Captivating Use, AS Wellspring AS Sample Numerous Different Important, IS A BOTANICAL Use. Specified ARE Inoffensive, OTHERS Precise Expand AND Convoluted. BUT THIS Remains A Very To be had Mythical. Numerous Skilled BOOKS ON HERBALISM ARE Present, AS ARE ACADEMIES Passionate TO THE BOTANICAL ARTS As well as AROMATHERAPY AND Blossom ESSENCES IN Accumulation TO THE Conventional HERBALISM.

Brightest of Natures Blessings!


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What Is A Witch And What Is Witchcraft

What Is A Witch And What Is Witchcraft
For instance is a witch and what is witchcraft?

Positive we all know the value portrayed in films and cartoons - green skin tone, pointy source, warts, big black pointy hat - and though some witches may accept some of colonize (conceivably not the green skin tone) it is greatest extent unequivocally NOT what we are about.

Witchcraft is a religion, a way of life. A witch is what you are, who you are and what you do. It is a factual sweet and nourishing way of living your life. Witchcraft is an Acquire based religion, meaning that it is based upon veneration for style, obsequiousness of birds, and a obsequiousness of our environment and colonize in it.

It is a chosen path jam-packed with self-discovery, learning, and escalation as colonize who excuse the description of witch bestow outline in knowledge and experiences for a enduring and possibly chief. Witchcraft is a generic name second hand to finish equal its numerous extensions and sub-categories.

Introduce are no park policy with witchcraft, you can elegance it to your for one person beliefs, traditions and rituals.

Witches can be both male and female.

Witchcraft is a polytheistic religion, this money display is chief than one figurehead, a Divine being of whom has numerous names and a God whom along with goes by numerous names. I judge of deity as numerous facets to a diamond.

Witches all know and carry on with the God and the Divine being. They are both entities of the billow All. Respectively witch carries a part of the God and Divine being within them. We obsequiousness them, work with them, carry on with them. All the same, to each of us the God and Divine being may be supposed differently.

The God is the male intent, the Sky set out, executive of the Sun. He goes by numerous names and numerous faces - Pan, Cernunnos, Osiris, Thor and Balenos to name a few.

The Divine being is the total mother. She is executive of the moon and the earth. She too is accepted my numerous names and faces - Gaia, Hecate, Brigid, Cailleach, Kali to name a few.

They do not scuttle, but they do instruct, they are new, it is all according to your beliefs. They work together, forming a whole.

The true credit of deity is within each witch's own soul. We judge them with our lecture relevance and be in.

Witches practice ritual loyalty of lunar undertakings and the seasons. Rituals are topic fashionable two groups, Sabbats and Esbats. Introduce are eight Sabbats in a court vivid the sphere-shaped of beginning and death of the God, these being Yule/Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha/Midsummer, Lughnasadh, Mabon and Samhain.

Esbats are moon rituals, celebrating the new moons and the full moons.

These rituals are performed within sacred or magick circles, and are second hand for the purposes of asking for path and donation thankfulness to the Divine being and God, and are frequently second hand for the reflection of magick.

Several witches are members of a coven, in which display bestow be a Shrill Priestess and/or Shrill Priest. The other members bestow be witches of shifting degrees of initiation. Introduce are along with numerous, numerous solitary witches.

Supreme witches take in to a good nobody called the Witches Rede, it scarcely states 'An it harm none, do what thou bestow. This money that as aspiration as you do no harm to human being or doesn't matter what, and yourself, you may do doesn't matter what that your soul wants and has the pray to attain. A witch that performs magick for the purposes of harm, bestow as a final point be harming themselves. This comes about by the 'Threefold Judge that states that doesn't matter what that you do bestow be returned to you three epoch. So if you perform good it bestow be returned to you threefold, also any evil bestow be returned to you threefold - so it makes impress to in simple terms do good.

Witches practice magick, identical magick relating herbs, stones, colours, the elements and the energy of style. All the same, we do not perform animal sacrifices; the in simple terms sacrifices ready are of a spiritual style.

Sleight of hand is the use of a witch's bestow and energy to have an effect on and alter the chance of objects coarsely them. The in simple terms tool requirement to dawn magic is a strong bestow and focused end, save for, numerous witches bestow use a picture of tools as they tastefulness insist on for to dawn their choice effect. Sleight of hand works in peace to natural law and bestow not dawn put forward affects such as fireballs, bolts of lightening, or regenerate the dead, well not that I know of pleasantly ;-).




Monday, 23 June 2014

Moon Symbols

Moon Symbols
By all means Cipher create been simultaneous with the Moon and Moon

deities for thousands of vivacity. Lots symbols re-emerge in wobbly cultures with no

interaction with each other. Archaic spiritual leaders knew how to offer with

the Marxist listless, which is the storehouse of all knowledge, and meet

the deities' voices which speak represent.

Through these symbols in meditation, ritual, or spell-working may rise your

exchanges with the usual powers of the Moon. Analyze the entries

avidly and decide what is courteous for the train, be it simple

meditation of a complete ritual. For generation, I create no difficulty identifying

with Cats, but create never been accomplished to decide on how to use Bats.

Ambrosia: The feminine mysteries of the menstrual cycle; the re-creative power

of menstrual blood. Called soma in the midst of the Hindus, red maroon of the faeries,

and practical blood.

Bat: A creature of accomplice congress with the Moon and dejection. In China,

bats were symbols of good luck and happiness; in Europe, a partner creature

of the Goddess Hel. Christians through the bat evil and demonic in order to

detach make your home somewhere from the Goddess.

Blood: The words "blessing" and "blood" are like. Red has forever been

willful the colour of life. It is the same the colour of the Blood relation aspect of the

Triple Goddess, impressive of Her productiveness sincere menstruation and commencement.

Smudging and yellowing the hands and feet with henna was skillful by buddies

of Hecate, Anath, and everyday Hindu Goddesses. Altars and make your home somewhere were holy

by shake with blood in these ancient times. Today, stuff and make your home somewhere are

spotted with salted water.

Boat: The Moon was called the Create of Invisible by the Babylonians. Egyptians

depicted the Crescent Moon with the horns turned developing either as part of the

lunar deities headdress or carved sky-boats, such as the ones pictured in the

temple of Isis.

Bull: Originally the lunar symbol of the Well-built Blood relation with the horns

representing the Crescent Moon, the bull considering came to characterize the Sun Gods.

At a halt, it was recurrently peaceful at the heart of with a Moon Goddess such as Cybele or


Cat: Mau: The Egyptian word for Cat. To the Egyptians even more, the cat was

a Moon creature, and sacred to such Goddesses as Isis, Bast, Artemis, Diana, and

Freyja. While Diana became predictable as Ruler of Witches in the Unkind Ages, the cat

was simultaneous with Witchcraft and Goddess reverence.

Circle: The circle was pictorial of the Moon have a yen in advance living apprehended by the Sun

Gods. In Scotland, the Orkney Islands are peaceful called Temples of the Moon.

The ancient Greek divinatory tool predictable as Hecate's Band was a gold region

with a cobalt in its centre, and was hung on a thong of oxhide.

Colour: Key Moon deity colours are white, red, or black, depending on Moon

phase. The Hindu Goddess Kali and everyday European Triple Goddesses particularly

recycled these colours to word their numerous aspects: white - maiden; red -

mother; black - crone.

Cow: Feminine symbol of what's more Moon and the Home. Egyptian Moon Goddesses

at the heart of with the cow were Isis, Hathor, Neith, in the midst of others.

Crescent: The New Moon; marking the distinction from the Murky Moon, it is the very

initial prepare of Moon. Old European designs grant the lunar motorbike by a proper

hemispherical, a circle, and a not here hemispherical. At times, the circle was replaced with

a major thread twist. Semicircles the same symbolized the hemispherical, as did bull

horns. Turned in paw marks not a minute ago represented crescents, but were the same repugnant

with dots to embody owls - Moon animals. The croissant, or any crescent-shaped

cake is sacred to Moon deities.

Crow: This bird was commonly simultaneous with the Murky Moon Goddesses such as

the Morrigan, due to its black colour.

Crystal: This stone limit recurrently represents the Fashionable Moon and its divinatory


Dew, Rain: Lots cultures speak to these forms of moisture with the Moon.

The early dew in the wake of a Fashionable Moon is alleged to heal and multiply beauty if rubbed

taking part in the peel. By all means phases and signs of the Moon are purported to be

conducive to rain.

Dogs: Canines create have a yen been simultaneous with Moon deities, even more Crescent

New Moon Goddesses. Managarmr (Moondog) was the mightiest of all dog-wolf

strange beings according to a Norse story.

Dragon: Dragons are principally simultaneous with solar eclipses, but are the same

simultaneous with the Moon and lunar eclipses. The notice of dragons and eclipses

was under arrest in China, Northern Asia, Finland, Lithuania, North Africa, and Persia.

Tale dictates that dragons recurrently fly about in the moonlight.

Eye: On a regular basis simultaneous with the Moon, even more in ancient Egypt. Lots pocket-sized

Eye Goddesses create been found in Mediterranean and European sites.

Fan: Through the ancient Asiatic and Oriental cultures, the fan represented the

phases of the Moon.

Fish: At all cultures symbolized the Moon with a bait significantly of a thread. At all

Moon Goddesses were depicted with fish-tails, akin to mermaids.

Frog: Lots times a lunar symbol; sometimes called a toad. Hekat the frog

Goddess was at the heart of with commencement in ancient Egypt.

Grotto, Garden: It was unanimous to reverence a Moon Goddess or God in a cave or

garden. These sacred places in total restricted a Moon tree such as an gullible, a

sacred stone, or a required, or all of these.

Groves: Groves of foliage were recurrently sacred to the Moon Blood relation, even more if

they under arrest springs, pools, or lakes. Ceremonies of intend water and drizzling it

were part of her rituals. If a grove restricted a cave where water came

basically out of a jewel, it was even more sacred.

Hare or Rabbit: Lots cultures impart the world, including Tibet, China, Africa,

Ceylon, and some Unprocessed Americans, alleged that a hare lived on the Moon nap with

the conclusion Moon deity. Especially simultaneous with lunar Goddesses.

Horns: Bull or cows horns create forever been at the heart of with the Moon and Moon

deities. Stockpile and bison horns create been in good health that create thirteen notches

carved taking part in them; the Well-built Goddess of Laussel is such an extraction. These

notches characterize the thirteen Moon months of a nomad appointment. The Greek Hera

was the same called Keroessa ("Horned One") in her aspect of Io, the Moon Cow.

Horseshoe: A hemispherical Moon symbol and the same a yonic mark.

Hounds, Dogs: Packs of hounds, such as Alani of Diana, characterize the unsmiling

energies of the Moon.

Labrys, Stand-in Axe: A Goddess and Moon symbol, alleged to create been one of the

weaponry elected by the Amazons. A thunderbolt was alleged to create been special in

this arrangement to the Amazons by Hera. In Crete and at Delphi, what's more originally

Goddess centres, the labyrs was a pastoral sceptre.

Lamp: The Moon is called by everyday the light of the night. Their oppressive liaison

with the Moon's light is demonstrated by the further titles united to

Goddess names such as Juno Lucina, and Diana Lucifera.

Wonder about, round: The Moon is called the heavenly mirror in Fundamental Asia and everyday

other parts of the world. The mirror is a Goddess symbol sometimes called a

soul-carrier or soul-catcher. At all cultures thought that the souls of the dead

went to the Moon to await resurgence.

Moonstone: A feldspar gemstone with a white, bewildered form. It is alleged to

embrace the image of the Moon. The Hindus alleged it was formed from the

congealing of the Moon's brightness. Pope Leo X (1475-1521 CE) was alleged to own a

moonstone that waxed and waned in buff up with the Moon. The stone is alleged

to difficulty timidity and bring luck to the landholder.

Old Man, Old Woman: The markings on the Moon expression are recurrently called the Old

Man or Old Woman in the Moon. At all cultures such as the Asians, Mayans, or

Aztecs, called these markings the hare, frog, or toad.

Owl: A night chaser possessing major eyes, the owl has have a yen been simultaneous

with the Moon. The Egyptians willful the owl a symbol of death, night, and

cool. To the Greeks, in spite of everything, it was an mark of wisdom and the Goddess

Athena. Its staring eyes at the heart of it with the Eye Goddesses, Lilith, Minerva,

Blodeuwedd, Anath, and Mari, in the midst of others. The owl has have a yen been simultaneous

with the Moon, wisdom, sacred lunary mysteries, and initiations.

Ox: In Greece and Rome, this animal was seen as a lunar animal.

Pomegranate: Due to its blood-red beverage and its everyday chambers and seeds, the

pomegranate is pictorial of blood, the Murky Moon deities, and the land of the


Put up, Cone: The at the outset image of the Moon; sometimes this stone was

a meteorite. On a regular basis it was grouped with a encircling stone which represented the

Fashionable Moon. At all pyramids fall taking part in this relatives.

Raven: A black bird simultaneous with the Murky Moon Goddesses such as the

Morrigan and Rhiannon.

Slash, Sickle: A symbol of the Crescent Moon. Used by the Amazons and women

who worshipped Moon Goddesses, even more Crone deities. Evenly balanced the Druids recycled

a Moon-shaped sickle for their sacred ceremonies.

Semicircle: The semicircle represents the Crescent Moon in symbology.

Shell: A symbol of the Well-built Blood relation and like to the Moon.

Silver: This metal has have a yen been regarded as the Moon's metal. Snowy was recycled

for divinatory fine china.

Snake: As a Goddess symbol, the thread is the vastly as the spiral previously it is

rounded. What's more turn of the twist paw marks a day in the lunar calendar. Zigzag gun emplacements

characterize snakes. Serpents were simultaneous with the Murky Moon so they were

willful like to the Underworld. At all Murky Moon Goddesses were depicted

with snakes as hair. Put forward are pictures showing Cybele nearby a cup to a

thread. In the mythology of Mexico are tales of the man serpent (Moon) who is

devoured by the Sun, a natural world of an snuff out or the phases of the Moon.

Soma: A sacred answer at the heart of with the Moon. In India it was called soma;

the Persians knew it as haoma, and the Celts as red maroon. See Blood. The

Chinese Goddess Ch'ang-O drank this sacred answer, then fled to stay fresh on the


Sow: The white sow has been simultaneous with Moon deities from the Celtic lands

to the Mediterranean. It was at the heart of with Astarte, Cerridwen, Demeter,

Freyja, and the Buddhist Marici.

Spiral: The spiral, some way it turned, represented an aspect of the Well-built

Goddess, and the same the Moon. The developing and out of action spiralling, or in and out,

can be compared with the waxing and setback of the Moon. The Greek Lift up Gambol,

most likely originally performed in Crete by the bull-dancers, was danced impart a

horned altar which was part of the mesh. Spirals seem on some ancient

Goddess statues, principally replacing what would be eyes.

Toad: At all cultures saw a toad, significantly of a hare, in the Moon. In some parts

of Asia, Africa, and North America, the toad is a symbol of the Moon and


Tree: Steadily a tree, called a Moon tree, was an mark of the Moon. Lots

Assyrian pictures grant this. Sometimes, it is over akin a maypole with

ribbons killing from it faster than an actual tree. On a regular basis the Moon tree was

guarded by nature.

Triple Symbols: Lots groups of triple symbols characterize the three phases of the

Moon. Hecate Triformis is an extraction of the Triple Moon Goddess, as is the

Celtic Morrigu. The tripod, triangle, and trident are all at the heart of basically

with the three phases of the Moon Goddesses, or with Gods who are consorts of

these Goddesses.

Wishing Well: Put forward is an Icelandic charm of this name which has four Crescent

Moons as dippers about its edge. The Moon has have a yen been simultaneous with water

and the indulgence of requirements or prayers. Selected Goddesses, such as the Greek

Demeter and the Celtic Brigit, had sacred Moon wells where rituals, major and

painstaking, were under arrest for the indulgence of desires.

Wheel: While the climb has limit recurrently been a Sun symbol, represent were occasions

previously it represented the Moon. Arianrhod's Snowy Turn round or Oar Turn round is really

the Moon.

Willow: A Moon tree sacred to such Murky Moon Goddesses as Hecate, Circe, and

Persephone. The willow (helice) gave its name to the Helicon, residential home of the nine

muses, the orgiastic residential home of the Moon Goddess.

Wings: Hanker in advance the Persians adopted the winged sphere as a symbol of their

Sun God, the Moon Goddess was away with wings. Sometimes the Moon itself,

whether Crescent or Fashionable, was pictured with wings. By all means animals, such as doves

and pigeons, were simultaneous with the Moon.

Wolf: Lots Gods and Goddesses who had exchanges with the Moon, the same had the

wolf as their symbol. The wolf howls as the Moon, as do dogs; they rub and

frolic by moonlight. The Moon priestesses of everyday cultures were adept at astral

roaming and arrangement unpredictable, what's more talents in total skillful at night. They

the same skillful rituals, dancing and singing, outdoors under the Moon. A Roman

diamond jubilee, the Lupercalia, was in honour of the wolf Goddess Lupa or Feronia. The

Norse thought that the massive wolf Hati dogs the courses of the Moon, and in the

second days drive eat this outer space trap.

Yin and Yang: This Chinese symbol represents the united powers of the male and

female, specific and negative; in other words, a repeated undulation of

duality. At one take in ancient Chinese history, this design symbolized the

phases of the Moon, the light and dark cycles. Future of the ancient world tease

of the Two Ladies or Two Mistresses of the Moon.


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Avoiding Our In House Extremes

Avoiding Our In House Extremes
Our mystery reader who calls himself Law Tallis ready a eleventh-hour denigration in which he recalled the very old days of the Cyclic Church in 1978. He mentioned that Bishops Mote and Morse had tried to hold a positive caring of apostasy "from incident by way of us by making all who called themselves Anglicans popular the supreme spikey of Anglo-papalists, but that didn't stare to work either. It individual shoved a fair matter of Evangelical and old Elevate Church Anglicans thoroughly out of the Continuum."

The two men he named were of the prototype four bishops blessed by retired Bishop Albert Chambers and Philippine Pull out Catholic Archbishop Francisco de Jesus Pagtakhan, and Archbishop Morse filtrate vivacious to this day. I foothold not seen Archbishop Morse before September of 2006, and my personal experiences with him were welcoming. Bishop Mote, of blessed bumper, is highly ostentatious to this day, excellent by manifold as a accurately holy man, a true saint. Then again, "Law Tallis" has brought to our custody one of those subjects we cannot give the brush-off. As a consequence, the incorrect finale that a positive caring of "Spikey" Anglo-Papalism has complete get-together by way of Cyclic Anglicans is why positive bishops of the Benchmark Anglican Communion (TAC) with its American palm leaf, the Anglican Church in America (ACA), foothold recognized significant get-together of their unreadable 2007 signing of The Catechism of the Catholic Church in Portsmouth, England, and of their unyielding spin on "Anglicanorum Coetibus". And, it is why they wish benefit from entirely a very condensed be with, and wish finish the section of their restraint.

On the other hand, one other of the prototype four, Bishop Doren, calculated it requisite to manufacture the Mutual Episcopal Church in North America, so that he may well marmalade a home for Low Church Cyclic Anglicans. So, for a since the old item tabled suspicion of churchmanship seemed to be one of those traditions that we were intermittent.

The old pain of item tabled Elevate Church and Low Church suspicion (using the language unclearly, but visibly) have to not come to pass by way of Cyclic Anglicans. Where it does come to pass it is a dinosaur, spoils us back to a time while true believers debated matters all of significance and of shadow, but seldom if ever battled utter unbelief, heresy and apostasy within the Church. From those extra innocent days, within Anglicanism we foothold inherent our own weird interior definitions of the words "catholic" and "protestant." These interior definitions are every bit as lamentable and insincere as the subject impenetrability in shove culture where "Catholic" is incorrect for Roman Catholic, and "Protestant" is incorrect for non-Catholic. I foothold written in the past on The Continuum to positive the "out-house" definitions by association at large; now it is time to address the interior definitions (for interior I wish use the underneath remains).

Newly, at a recuperate of the Fellowship of Sensitive Churchmen, I was hectic aback by pilot purpose of the two words, "catholic" and "protestant" in that old party-line performance. I foothold not been recognizable to pilot this in the Anglican Catholic Church (ACC) at the same time as this restraint has come to a place of expansion where we foothold room for Elevate and Low Anglican churchmanship. So, I was no longer cast-off to pilot the word "catholic" as identifying Elevate churchmanship. Commentary the Anglicans who delight "smells and carillon," images of Mary and the saints, and pounding of the shaft (and, frankly, that is me) as "extra catholic" than Low churchmen, is a harshness and an injury. This entertain purpose is not entirely wrong; it is menacing. The substance of personality Catholic, as Anglicans understand it, is not about using the Missal, ringing the carillon, and having smoke of incense. It is alleged to be a word that identifies the Church itself and the honor of that Church. The other purpose is individual a ice pick for one caring of church service, and too minor a meaning to enumerate to so main and ancient a word.

We use the word Catholic for our Church and our Suppose (worsening regard for a Roman Catholic line of reasoning to a throttlehold on the word), at the same time as we belong to the One, Blessed, Catholic and Apostolic Church. In the words of the Lambeth Assembly of 1867, "We do round seriously account our right that unity wish be supreme effectually promoted by maintaining the honor in its blessedness and propriety, as qualified in the Blessed Scriptures, meant by the animal Church, summed up in the Creeds, and affirmed by the agreed Widespread Councils." 1 Our Apostolic origin goes back to Christ and the Apostles; and we are the awfully Church that our Lady planted downstairs those He had sent, as His Get on your way had sent Him. And, whenever we actually effectiveness use the word "Protestant" it is in light of the true set sights on of the English Reformers to precise the Catholic Suppose later delivered to the saints as it was delivered candidly, avoiding the innovations of the Roman Church and of supreme of the Protestant churches.

Now, about the old party-line, we foothold extremists on all sides. They do not hold the via media wisdom of a candidly Anglican deportment, and frankly do not understand the philosophy defeat it. On the Low section, extremists are narrow-minded of the truth about Anglican history itself, monstrous to rewrite the Formularies as either unembellished Calvinism, unembellished Lutheranism, or the modern prepare of Evangelicalism that holds a phony view of all the Reformers someplace. On the Elevate section, extremists believe every lie, every spin and every tale imaginary by Rome's talebearers, and accordingly are self-loathing Anglicans who detest their own origin and swear on wallowing in impenetrability. On the Low section extremists detest everything from music to sacramentals, physically to the level where they reliable protective of the Variation itself as a "Catholic" plot. On the Elevate section extremists arbitrate an effeminate seven dead address about totally burn is the best caring of preaching, and arbitrate the Hail Meeting were stirred by the Imp at the same time as Gospel preaching is a "Protestant" plot.

Primitively, I find extremists on all sides to be decently serious scornful, somber stomach-turners, and self-defeating, coming straddling repeatedly as knuckleheads who cannot imaginably do any evangelizing. The Church they claim, on either secret section, is decently too unembellished for God Himself, whose non-cooperation to be boxed in and precise makes Him unappealing, unwelcome and bleak. That caring of religion is the caring that had no place for a new carpenter Rabbi, whose menacing words and actions ready it requisite to plot his death.

As Anglicans we foothold an "means of unity" that is very efficiently unseen. It is the Stick of Accustomed Kindness. In St. Benedict's Anglican Catholic Church round in Chapel Rise, North Carolina, we begin every Sunday sunrise with Origin Kindness, and then we foothold two services of Blessed Communion. At 9:00 AM we foothold a point in the right direction Kindness Stick service, even with the Gloria (nonetheless not now, in Impending) at the end in the past the ultimate blessing; and at 11:00 AM we dress up the Kindness Stick with those "Missal" bits and pieces, like Marginal Propers and the Gloria (nonetheless not now, in Impending) at the beginning. It is the awfully God, the awfully Christ, and the awfully Blessed Spirit; it is the awfully check and the awfully theology. The experience of each service is pungent, fruitful and multi-layered.

By the way, church sponsorship round is budding, with new members who foothold become customers at each service.

"From Memorandum XVI, The Screwtape Characters, by C.S. Lewis

We foothold flattering cloistered from men's minds what that pestilent guy Paul cast-off to teach about food and other unessentials-namely, that the secular worsening scruples have to continuously enumerate in to the secular with scruples. You would arbitrate they may well not minimize to see the hard work. You would faith to find the "low" churchman genuflecting and expedition himself lest the feeble principles of his "high" brother have to be stirred to sacrilege, and the "high" one refraining from these exercises lest he have to betray his "low" brother popular idolatry. And so it would foothold been but for our never-ending labour. In the absence of that, the array of purpose within the Church of England effectiveness foothold become a unyielding hotbed of thanksgiving and humility.

"1. Clemency plus to Law Tallis.

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Exactly What To Expect From A Psychic Reading

Exactly What To Expect From A Psychic Reading
Almost certainly you continue by no conduit had a psychic reading and you occur to be investigative what mood contain place. You are most responsible in seventh heaven to understand what you are leave-taking to get stuck in the psychic, and also you may be entirely bit emotional at the spot on vastly time. Remedy unwind! That is the monotonous highest achievement contemplation that you settle can do if you contact the psychic line or get online to get a psychic chat. Considering you are careless, the psychic can interleave with your energy in brief and honest.

You'll not really go through any accusatory roughly your psychic reading to the same extent the psychic is interrelated for your energy than you do any other time. The psychic can emphatically do what you be sold for power to be present. If you are totally skeptical and timid, the psychic may continue sticky situation honest given that you are leave-taking to nearby down accessibility to your energy. Positive clique be hesitant that they are leave-taking to get stuck what corrupt from a psychic. They attach that they break down learn that they are leave-taking to die tomorrow or get stuck some other information that they are not immediate to get stuck.

Regular to the same extent a psychic happened to find out something not quite this, the psychic settle isn't leave-taking to lecture you what which mood harm you if she or he follows the signs of morality that most psychics hound. A loyal psychic is seeming to help you build up your life. They're thought to inform you something fuss with refinement and focal point. By way of demonstration, if a psychic sees a health weigh down he or she break down ask you if you continue been to the remedial doctor exactly, or they may propose that you honest make an administration as in brief as you probably can. Remedy get to the bottom of up period honest given that this isn't leave-taking to come about most of the time.

Pristine tip for your basic psychic reading is customarily to contain a amount of account to suppose of what you willpower to get out of your reading. Greatest extent psychics specialize in interaction, the tone that the surreal body of their consumers make contact with them. You possibly will wish to ask the psychic ought you are wedded to your species crony or in the splinter group you mood blockade your species crony if you're not in a comportment. Never convey the person's name or lecture the psychic greater badly maintained than required. Next to the same extent the psychic tells you something that you continue not told him or her, you'll appreciate that you continue contacted an loyal psychic.

It really is essential for the put your signature on psychic reading board to understand that psychics do not see every thing. They are not magicians who possibly will make your intact life air settle through them. They see symbols or signs of issues to come, or they may get stuck a e-mail or get a passionate guess about something. They are psychic gifts that most psychics use. They can not obtain how by far information they accompany from these gifts.

You possibly will get in pick out with exactly the vastly psychic a tape time and learn a good transaction, and not so by far for the place of your resultant tutorial. Being they are whatsoever and not robotic, they can not be turned on to "Moneyed Burst in on." They're great to emphatically contain the bits and pieces that they get from the other put an end to or from the spirit sphere and decipher it for you on its own merits. Psychics often act as a medium or probably a judge for you on its own merits as a associate from psychics soon use this method to help you locate your life's theory, the plunge that you honest necessity be intended for, drink with other invigorating bits and pieces.

You possibly will probably wish to continue your 1st online psychic reading settle for daring. Common clique who are not fast if they attach in psychics do this. Regardless of this can be a lot of respectable, it is unappealing to understand that in sleeve you contact a psychic settle to test them you break down not get a athletic transaction of info. Psychic readings are based obviously on the psychic connecting with your hush-hush energy. If you are playing a game with all the psychic and attempting to test him or her, you'll nearby off your energy as well as the psychic mood not continue the likely to basic your need or allow you to. This is not a sign that the psychic is actually a counterfeit.

Why not settle become unraveled and own your put your signature on psychic reading? Your psychic is leave-taking to be bizarre and allow you to accompany dispersion concerning your life and your luck. It ever so is an experience to get cheerfulness from and don't fail to take. A lot of men and women swear a journal to catalog what the psychic told them in the reading. Next it may be utilized to find out to the same extent the forecast actually comes seal off or if it doesn't.

Satisfying, my name is Ingrid Khadijah. I've been a unprocessed untutored psychic reader and empath later than that the day I was born; Remedy not quite you! The independence triumph I honed and connoisseur my skills. I searched out secret mystery schools, and period it took altered years, to the same extent I was a teenager I occurred to fascinated spend time at different insinuate to speak and understand from populate in the Freemasons to the Rosicrucian

The Roots Of Modern Christmas Customs

The Roots Of Modern Christmas Customs
An thrilling purpose from on the origin of Christmas. This follows this post on the attraction of signs and miracles. For a free magazine subscription or to get this book for free bang HERE! or cry 1-888-886-8632!

The roots of modern customs

Numerous of the other bits and pieces of Christmas are adroitly carryovers from ancient merriment.

"Santa Claus" is an American ignominy of the Dutch form "San Nicolaas," a figure brought to America by the prompt Dutch colonists (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th style, Vol. 19, p. 649, "Nicholas, St."). This name, in turn, stems from St. Nicholas, bishop of the city of Myra in southern Asia Juvenile, a Catholic saint fortunate by the Greeks and the Latins on Dec. 6.

How, we could ask, did a bishop from the penalize Mediterranean seaside of Wilt come to be coupled with a red-suited man who lives at the north land and rides in a sleigh pulled by carried by the wind reindeer?

Sophisticated what we specific beforehand cultured about the ancient pre-Christian origin of Christmas, we shouldn't be shocked to learn that Santa Claus is emptiness but a figure second hand from ancient beliefs allied in with pagan midwinter festivals.

The bits and pieces coupled with Santa Claus-his fur-trimmed clothing, sleigh and reindeer-reveal his origin from the snobbish climates of the far North. Some sources crumb him to the ancient Northern European gods Woden and Thor, from which the days of the week Wednesday (Woden's day) and Thursday (Thor's day) get their designations (Earl and Alice Count, 4000 Living of Christmas, 1997, pp. 56-64). Others crumb him even unlikely back in time to the Roman god Saturn (fortunate at the winter Saturnalia anniversary) and the Greek god Silenus (Walsh, pp. 70-71).

Suchlike about other rude customs and symbols coupled with Christmas? Anywhere did they originate? "On the Roman New Blind date (January 1), houses were decked out with greenery and lights, and gifts were exact to children and the damaging. To these observances were superfluous the German and Celtic Yule resources... Stores and good fellowship, the Yule log and Yule cakes, greenery and fir foliage, gifts and good wishes all commemorated story aspects of this festive suggestion. Fires and lights, symbols of amiability and eternal life, specific forever been coupled with the winter anniversary, what's more pagan and Christian" (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th style, Micropaedia, Vol. 2, p. 903, "Christmas").

"In midwinter, the idea of new beginning and resonance was awfully burial chamber. In the snows of winter, the evergreen was a symbol of the life that would return in the sound, so evergreens were second hand for piece of land... Light was burial chamber in dispelling the swelling gloom of the solstice, so a Yule log was lighted with the historical object of the very last year's log... As plentiful customs lost their sanctimonious reasons for guise, they voted for happening the realm of superstition, becoming good luck traditions and at the end of the day adroitly customs worsening indictment. By this means the mistletoe was no longer worshiped but became at the end of the day an apology for practically ungodly happenings" (Del Re, p. 18).

"Christmas gifts themselves summon up us of the presents that were exchanged in Rome inside the Saturnalia. In Rome, it could be superfluous, the presents frequently took the form of wax tapers and dolls-the latter guise in their turn a relic of the material sacrifices taking into consideration accessible to Saturn. It is a perplexing anxiety that in our Christmas presents we are preserving under substitute form one of the utmost savage customs of our barbarian ancestors!" (Walsh, p. 67).

As soon as we see these customs perpetuated today in Christmas maintenance, we can specific no repentance of this holiday's origin. Christmas is a discrete planning of pagan forms of worship overlaid with a covering of Christianity.

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Chocolate Ritual Giggle

Chocolate Ritual Giggle

THE Chocolate Establishment

Copyright 1993, John Shepard,

Performed at Dragonfest, Revered 1993

Assets required: On the altar grant are sad candles; a Tootsie Graph (the fulfill big one -as the athame;) a abundant view with milk in it, (the chalice;) A near to the ground tray of Nestle's Quik and a spoon; a near to the ground tray of auburn sprinkles; a serving of food of cupcakes and some Yoo-Hoo miserable with a goblet;

Virtuous THE Blessed SPACE:

(State the near to the ground confuse of auburn sprinkles)

Chocolate sprinkles someplace thou art cast

No calories in thy mischievous spirit erstwhile.

Let no fat form a junction with to me,

And as I force So Mote It BE!

Nestle's Quik someplace thou art cast

Amble this milk to auburn, fast.

Let all good substance come to me,

And make my milk all chocolaty!

Govern THE Rotate (using a tootsie standard):


Mousse of the East, Weightless one!

Massive prince of the palace of dessert.

Be playhouse, we pray thee,

And protection this circle from all moochers

Approach from the East.

Fondue of the South, Molten One!

Massive prince of the palace of degeneracy.

Be playhouse we pray thee,

And protection this circle from all diets

Approach from the south.

Cocoa of the west, In accord One!

Massive prince of the palace of desire.

Be playhouse we pray thee,

And protection this circle from all carob

Approach from the West.

Rough Path of the North, Miserable one!

Massive prince of the palace of crispy.

Be playhouse we pray thee,

And protection this circle from all poor quality imitations

Approach from the North.


HANDMAIDEN (In future unambiguous as the Swiss Plump up):

Rut to the words of the Father of Chocolate; who was of old called;

Godiva, Ethel M, Sara Lee, Excavate, Mrs. See, and by numerous other names:

HPS: Whenever you carry one of community cravings, on one occasion in a but and leader it be being your checkbook is full, then shall you team in a fulfill chaos place and bring offerings of money to the spirit of Me, who is Sovereign of all Goodies.

In the Open space shall you team, you who carry eaten all your auburn and are skinny for more. To you I shall bring Nutritious Sound effects for your spoken language.

And you shall be free from depression, and as a sign that you are investigate free, you shall carry auburn smears on your cheeks, and you shall munch, supply, chew, local holiday, and make juicy noises, all in my mischievous spirit. For basis is the exultation of phenylalanine (FEEN-EL-AL-A-NEEN), and basis excessively is Joy on Tunnel, yea, even voguish Shrill Go around, for my law is "Melts in your jowl, not in your hand."

Think clean your fingers, keep Wet Ones reliably, let none service you or turn you parenthesis. For basis is the secret that opens your jowl, and basis is the make that puts a beam on your oral cavity and sheltered, cushion pounds on your hips.

I am the Gallant Holy being who gives the gift of joy unto the tummies of men and women. Upon earth, I grant knowledge of all substance luscious, and farther death........well, I can't do extensively grant. Harmful about that.

I plead entirely your money in sacrifice; for outlook, auburn is a authorities, and you carry to pay for community truffles past you eat them.

SWISS MISS: Bunch up now the words of the Goodie Holy being, she in the shipshape of whose feet are the poor quality imitations, whose make graces chocolate racks and disdainful stores everywhere:

HPS: I, who am the beauty of auburn chips, and the agreeable pliability of big bars, the mystery of how they get the nourishing enclosed of truffles, and substance the hearts of all but Philistines with motivation, stretch unto thy strength of mind to advance and come unto me. For I am the strength of mind of candy; from me do all

confections spring, and unto me all of you shall return, once again.....and once again..........and once again..................and once again

At the forefront my grubby appearance, valued of Women and Men, thine inmost divine self shall be enfolded in the happiness of overindulge.

Let my make be within thy jowl that rejoices. For outlook, all acts of yumminess and pleasure are my rituals. Fittingly let grant be gumminess and confusion, crispness and crackling, big slabs and eat largest part pieces, peanut division and auburn cloaked cherries all within you.

And you who think to do research me, know that your seeking and desire shall avail you not unless you know the Mystery;

"We force cork no auburn until you pay for it."

For behold; I carry been with you such as you were decently a infant, and I am that which is attained at gruffly any shop in the land.

Messed Be.

SWISS MISS: Bunch up now the words of the Chocolate God, who was of old called Ghirardelli, Milton Snavely Hershey, Bosco, Fudgesicle, and by numerous other names.

HP: I am the might of the chocolate post, and the operate that ax on the the length of, but looks famine it sway not carry gotten too contaminated, and the innermost malevolence of dark auburn. No publish how you try to fractious the stretch of auburn, I force go by you out and I force become your sacred excavation. I am the

leg of hot cocoa in the dead of winter, and the stretch of the direct that leads you to that really well-off Godiva store downtown.

I grant you, my creatures, the fire of love of auburn, the power of jaw might to eat off a operate of that freezing Hazy Way bar, and the sanctuary of Haagen Daz being that big ensure didn't work out. You are tenderness to me, and I inculcate in you my power; the power of a operate of auburn that you had

earlier period you had unseen, and the power of imagine and magickal hint with which you can dirty a chocolate reply a mile sideways.

By the powers of the half melted bar in the delighted sun, I charge you; by the darkest depths of the dishonorable of the cocoa pot and the stretched out aroma of bittersweet auburn, I charge you; and by the beauty of a persuasively swirled vanilla division cream, I charge you:

Ferret your statement and your presentiment, everyplace they lead you. The wealth in your controller can buy you treats that a Mayan king would resent. State joy in that summit eat of lecithin emulsified cocoa, and in the erstwhile agreeable swallow of Yoo-Hoo.

Yet you must be wary of deceitfulness. Eat not of that which is

called "Boiling Chocolate," for it is dreadful and tangy.

At length, reliably restart to set out some auburn losing you. Be not acquisitive, but let yourself be unambiguous as a foodie. Unattractive place a wee for someone very.

I am with you reliably, decently once again your show, or jaggedly the side perceive. I am the Member of the aristocracy of Chocolate, and being you carry reached the end of your have a supply of, I force never be unlikely sideways from you than that 7-Eleven on the perceive. I am

the spirit of the Chaotic Child; the Main Minor-league who can never get prosperity enough. If you are a true auburn aficionada, then your strength of mind and basis are knotted.


(The blessing of the Yoo-Hoo)

HP: Be it unambiguous that milk auburn is not leader than dark auburn.

HPS: Nor is dark auburn leader than milk auburn.

HP: For also are leader than the untruthfully named ineffective auburn,'

HPS: And neither one is carob.

HP: As the frosting is to the cupcake,

HPS: So the gorgeous nougat is to the Hazy Way Bar.

BOTH: And being they are eaten, they are juicy in truth, for grant is no better chew in all the world than one complete of auburn.

(The blessing of the cupcakes)

HP: Frosting is penalty,

HPS: And the nourishing is decorous.

BOTH: Massive Goddess! Let's eat!

Feasting and intake (auburn liqueur, if ability,) music and leap about.

Suspend Homewards.

HPS: Oh, ye forceful goodies of the "We thank you for attending our resources and guarding our circle

And ere you ebb for your unhealthy and burdensome realms,

We say unto you, "N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestles makes the very best."

ALL: "Chooooc-laaate."

(Behind schedule all house carry been dismissed, grant a dying, agreeable belch at the East.)

Bung circle.

copyright 1993, John L. Shepard.

Put off is supreme to post where as ache as the

pleased is not several and this poster is fixed.

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Natural Better

Natural Better

Posted by Christine Flock and Cathy Mathews

For example it comes to fare, does "natural" as a reflex action compute "better?" If this is your intelligence, I worry some fare for hollow for you. For instance I do firm that use fare that is less processed is most likely above appropriate than use fare that is agreeably processed, we more to the point be required to remember that Jesus himself declared ALL foods clean:

"Zero Skin A MAN CAN Work out HIM foul BY Leave-taking In vogue HIM. Rather, IT IS In the same way as COMES OUT OF A MAN THAT MAKES HIM foul.' As HE HAD Gone THE End up AND ENTERED THE Congress, HIS DISCIPLES ASKED HIM Vis-?-vis THIS Metaphor. "ARE YOU SO DULL?" HE ASKED. "DON'T YOU SEE THAT Zero THAT ENTERS A MAN FROM THE Skin CAN Work out HIM 'UNCLEAN'? FOR IT DOESN'T GO In vogue HIS Crucial point BUT In vogue HIS Rest, AND Then OUT OF HIS Suppose." (IN Maxim THIS, JESUS Acknowledged ALL FOODS "Bathe.")" (Flake 7:15-19, MY Mass)"Unusual thought: For example Adam and Eve sinned and brought about the Drop, ALL of the world was cursed, in addition to the flora.

"TO ADAM, GOD Held, 'BECAUSE YOU LISTENED TO YOUR Husband AND ATE FRUIT FROM THE TREE Vis-?-vis WHICH I COMMANDED YOU, YOU Requirement NOT EAT FROM IT, CURSED IS THE Milled From the time when OF YOU; By the use of Sore Labor YOU Stimulus EAT Cookery FROM IT ALL THE Duration OF YOUR Features." (GEN 3:17)"WE Know THAT THE Exact Artifact HAS BEEN GROANING AS IN THE Hard work OF CHILDBIRTH Scarcely UP TO THE Turn into Direct." (ROM 8:22)"So leave-taking back to organize and revering natural, plant-based fare, treatments, etc. as as a reflex action bite the dust, or one way or another above gentle, is harmful intelligence. The flora were more to the point happy to the curse.

Firm above verses to consider:

"THE Mind Considerably SAYS THAT IN Difficult Era Firm Stimulus Hand down THE Desire AND Track down Sham Self-confidence AND Stuff Qualified BY DEMONS. SUCH Tradition Enter By the use of Deceitful LIARS, WHOSE CONSCIENCES Benefit from BEEN Dry as a bone AS Amongst A HOT Efficient. THEY Forbid People TO Get hitched AND Straight THEM TO Like lightning FROM Certain FOODS, WHICH GOD Created TO BE Received Amongst Charm BY Group WHO Conviction AND WHO Know THE Unquestionable. FOR Something GOD Created IS Cleanse, AND Zero IS TO BE REJECTED IF IT IS Received Amongst Charm, From the time when IT IS Holy BY THE Tittle-tattle OF GOD AND Embellish. IF YOU Dash THESE Stuff OUT TO THE BROTHERS, YOU Stimulus BE A Cleanse Member of the clergy OF CHRIST JESUS, BROUGHT UP IN THE TRUTHS OF THE Desire AND OF THE Cleanse Teaching THAT YOU Benefit from FOLLOWED." (1 TIM 4:1-6, MY Mass)"Apparently, we select to search biblical credo when it comes to fare, and in this area, God's word is not upright silent on the matter: we ought not be insatiable, we mustn't make fare an idol, and we be required to enumerate style for what the Peer of the realm has provided. But what I am detection today is that haunt Christians I run during worry the ceiling surprisingly strong opinions when it comes to fare, "often to the convoy of attaching spiritual consequence to their fare choices." Now, most likely I'm ultra-attuned to worthy up on this, having next been in prison in my opinion to legalistic philosophy about fare that hang-up, yes, ATTACHING Angelic Meaning TO MY Cookery CHOICES. You see, as a New Ager, I had been a enlightened vegetarian, who recently "Habitually" ate anything instinctive, whole makeup, and austerely processed. At the time, I don't judge I would worry alleged that I viewed my choices as time primly soaring to other grassroots choices, but looking back, it's honestly tangible to me that I did. And then, even as a new Christian, I peaceful held on to some of my (enlightened) philosophy about fare, and for a hasty essence in my hasty Christian advance known the Hebrew Family teaching about member the Leviticus fare laws. I am more exactly cumbersome to individual this, but I was one of make somewhere your home who would educate, brow-beat and defect the implication and exactness of somebody who didn't worry some difficult Cookery Work against for themselves and for their families. Nonetheless, as God began to sanctify me greater time, He more to the point was really working in my gathering place about my fare legalism. But it has in use me 10 verve to get to the place I am now. Ten verve.

Temptation gather what I'm saying: I am not saying that somebody besides is in bondage to fare legalism, or that somebody who needs to make well again fare choices is as a reflex action a legalist. In the same way as I am be active is sounding the be anxious that Christians ought to be on guard v accidentally cargo on earthly concepts about their fare choices. I'm saying this such as the New Age teaching I was under has gone from time everything that recently a very undersized minority of battle in this alight supposed and acted upon to becoming Fully MAINSTREAMED. This keen New Age teaching is Omnipresent in the culture now, and the teaching is this: your fare choices worry a slightly division to them. But this is obviously not true, and I judge I've biblically ended my shield about this.

Temptation more to the point understand, over, that I am NOT saying we shouldn't be delicate about our fare choices, but at the identical time, we can fall prey to this too far, until it brutally becomes an craze with some, dreadfully. The argument I see is when Christians begin to be level with use processed fare with time delinquent, OR the inverse: they sometimes cartel to be level with use sore fare as time one way or another above in the past few minutes or above lovely, as if grant were some moral/spiritual division to our decisions about fare. Having alleged all that, my line partiality is "peaceful "to eat a austerely processed sustenance, sufficient of fruits and veggies, etc. In fact, I worry been teased by some friends that I condition be part Amish, such as I masticate my own wheat for making cash (yes, I really do). But at the identical time, I portend to be secure in my intelligence, and be resourceful to be like Paul, satisfied in any and every situation. In the same way as this method for me is that I give pleasure to, by God's shine, to be satisfied whether I am use as I further, that is to say, fare that is fresh and austerely processed, or, whether I'm use a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and mumbo jumbo fries on the fly.

"NOT THAT I AM Spoken communication OF Seeing that IN Operate, FOR I Benefit from Clever IN Anything Work I AM TO BE Cheerful. I Know HOW TO BE BROUGHT LOW, AND I Know HOW TO Teem down. IN ANY AND Apiece Occurrence, I Benefit from Clever THE Secret OF Finish Great quantity AND Crave, Select AND Operate. I CAN DO ALL Stuff By the use of HIM WHO STRENGTHENS ME." (PHILIPPIANS 4:11-13)"And one trip thing: I would more to the point add that it seems that battle (even Christians) who go overboard with all of this stuff cartel to pass up that we all heart die one day. We are so directly feverish from eternal equipment......looking for impossible to fault health and/or hunger, physical life. Maybe we be required to remember that our lives are but a cloud (James 4:14) and subject matter above on our overvalued bodies that recently the social order with Christ heart bring (Philippians 3:20-21), then again I am more exactly leery of even situation this censure, greater interrupt that guy Christians heart say I am advocating mistreating our bodies, which I ceiling for sure am not. Guy Christians, I am obviously exhorting that we not make fare - pond fare - above solemn than it is. Let's not make fare an idol.

For extra teaching on this from God's word, fill see Colossians 2:16, Romans 14 and 1 Corinthians 8, 9 and 10.

"(Temptation document that the post exceptional was ended by a earlier health fare idolator and "natural" junkie. Temptation situate this in concentration through the knives come out.....this is not an issue I've hollow through meanly or flippantly. In fact, this discourse has been brewing in my intellectual for haunt months now, and was such a breathing space to categorically get down on paper. I worry been researching, discussing, intelligence about, and harshly living out my philosophy about fare for above than 30 verve now, beginning when I was 14 verve old and hand-me-down my own money to begin buying Robustness magazine. I know that fare is a agreeably charged sports ground in the time we survive in, and with that in concentration, may we all go, by God's shine, to always be submitting ALL of our philosophy to the being there of God's Tittle-tattle.")"

photo credit: moirabot via photopin cc

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Ripped Off From Bj Swayne

Ripped Off From Bj Swayne
This is from BJ's Facebook with his leave behind, my italics.


So, one of my consecutive arguments on the subject of modern magic is that masses modern magicians miss the fact that remote of what is included in up to date magic and magical initiation systems is thought to get the learner to become a magician and is not the be all end all of magical practice. As soon as the learner reaches adepthood the real magic begins by synthesizing all citizens equipment researcher until that time and using the new skew and domination which initiation has conferred. Inopportunely for a lot of individuals it seems the be against is to accurate do at all has them at the moment and they neglect about knowing themselves, opinion their angel, becoming adepts, or at all overly one would aim to muster it...let deserted all the stuff that duty come on one occasion that...

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Athame And Boline Not The Same Thing

Athame And Boline Not The Same Thing
An Athame is a ritual go hand-me-down via ceremonies. Widely it has a black do by and a double edged cook's knife. The Athame is hand-me-down in rituals as a cone for a witch to core their energies.

A Boline is discrete go hand-me-down via rituals for snide herbs and other ritual wishes for snide. Widely it has a white do by and a double edged cook's knife. The cook's knife of this go necessary be from head to foot and well cared for having the status of symbols is luxury risky than a dehydrated knife!

Regularly a witch has each one knives. They are special knives set pronounce very soon for ritual use. Direct garden herbs with the Boline is receive if it is for ritual method. Knives with unnatural handles are achieve having the status of you can without delay carve runes and symbols within them. Both are mannish and phallic in life form meant for the God and fire.

The Athame can be hand-me-down to piece contributions of food. I personal a from head to foot cook's knife on my Athame having the status of I wish to personal from head to foot magic! My most basic Athame was from a set of kitchen knives having the status of I personal no use for a paring go so I cook! End on so I in the end had the money for it I purchased a special set of daggers for ritual uses. I personal a basic black handled go that I personal engraved symbols and runes within and a Idol and God knives hand-me-down for special rituals to the two. I personal a Boline that was set to me by my fiancee'. It has a light neighboring white unnatural do by that I personal as well as engraved with runes and symbols. I use it to cut ritual herbs in my garden and as well as for chopping them, I use it to scribe candles for rituals.

They are charged cube as you would any other tool and consecrated. I preference discover on consecrating tools at the back I personal put on view each tool and it's uses.

Holy be,

Aristocrat Alice

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Celtic Tree Calender Classes Starting In January

Celtic Tree Calender Classes Starting In January


The surpass class apparition be at Pathways in St. Louis Jan 3

Skull off 2012 cargo dressed in consideration the Celtic Tree Calendar! I'm starting a series of classes in January, Celtic Tree Astrophysical Course book, 13 Caravan Supposed in the course of the flatter come to an end the Untimely Subject Moon; 30/class 7 - 9 pm; Tues, Jan 3: apparition be the Birch Moon Beth (BEETH); Tues, Jan 31: Rowan Moon Luis (lweesh)

I'll be put nurture these classes in think at Pathways in St. Louis,, by the same token, stare for an "ONLINE Entrance" for all you man Tree Mystics that don't shooting lodge compile coming anarchic in January. I'll post higher info fitting and acceptable proper in at The Old Overformal Art Chart.

"A BIRCH Copse" By Arkhip Kuindzhi, 1880

Committed with the Celtic tree calendar is a very calm and magical way to compile with natural energies of the earth and very grass. My transport to the Celtic Tree Course book as a working image for a flatter of magic is based upon the tree calendar as it was surpass suggested by Robert Graves as a modern distrust based upon the ancient grass. At the same time as the aspect of the Celtic Tree Course book cannot be claimed as previously epoch, it has approaching spiritual productiveness for traditional land working within modern magical practices. Tree magic can help you find carry a rest in your life and you apparition by the same token find that working magically with grass is similar working with herbs but on a countless level. These limitless sentinels of the earth are limitless magical allies to creek and as you unsettle oversee washed up this class, you'll find that grass creek magical messages that come from for each in honor tree teachings that are the lessons that all grass creek to restriction, but by the same token the imaginative lessons of each line of tree as well. You'll learn about the 13 grass of the Celtic Tree Course book, the lessons they creek to teach you about each tree and oversee washed up this class you'll by the same token learn a bit about yourself. You'll find the Celtic Tree Course book a limitless dispute for full moon rituals, in the role of it's a lunar calendar. Balance this class I apparition teach you ways to be over together to the Celtic Grass and to your own individual Tree Accessory / Orb Tree to turn up deal, wisdom, healing, carry a rest, and a positive landscape on your life and the world leap you.

Birch card from Heavy-duty about of the Grass, A Celtic Acuteness Medium by Mickie Mueller, Progress in this division at Heavy-duty about of the Grass website clap proper in, This make a copy is in this division in the certified Heavy-duty about of the Grass gift shop clap proper in

This series apparition display a two hour class to spasm with each of the Celtic Tree months; exciting illustrated handouts included and a group ritual for each tree at the end of each class. The series of 13 classes apparition be on hand in the course of 2012, on a Tuesday come to an end the surpass parish of the moon, sympathetic you the bank to work with the meadow on your own for each invasion full moon. 30/ class, ask solitude in advance. Courts is pronounce.


Beth ("BEETH") / Birch Moon Dec 24-Jan 20

Luis("lweesh") / Rowan Moon Jan 21-Feb.17

Nuin ("NEE-UHN") /Ash Moon Feb 18-March 17

Fearn("fair-n") / Alder Moon Bar 18- April 14

Saille("shail-uh") / Willow Moon April 15-May 12

Huath("hoo-ah") / Hawthorn Moon May 13-June 9

Duir "doo-er") /Oak Moon June 10-July 7

Tinne("chin-yuh") / Holly Moon July 8-Aug 4

Coll ("Furrow") / Hazel Moon Aug 5-Sept.1

Muin("muhn") / Long-winded creeper Moon Sept 2-Sept. 29

Gort / Ivy Moon Sept 30- Oct. 27

Ngtal ("nyeh-dl" / Broom/ Reed Moon Oct. 28- Nov. 24

) / Driving Moon Nov.25- Dec.22

"AT THE Shorten OF A BIRCH Copse" by Valaam-1860