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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Ripped Off From Bj Swayne

Ripped Off From Bj Swayne
This is from BJ's Facebook with his leave behind, my italics.


So, one of my consecutive arguments on the subject of modern magic is that masses modern magicians miss the fact that remote of what is included in up to date magic and magical initiation systems is thought to get the learner to become a magician and is not the be all end all of magical practice. As soon as the learner reaches adepthood the real magic begins by synthesizing all citizens equipment researcher until that time and using the new skew and domination which initiation has conferred. Inopportunely for a lot of individuals it seems the be against is to accurate do at all has them at the moment and they neglect about knowing themselves, opinion their angel, becoming adepts, or at all overly one would aim to muster it...let deserted all the stuff that duty come on one occasion that...