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Friday, 13 June 2014


In this day and age we untruth our salt away from death. We buy our soul in minimally wrapped post in bleach supermarkets planted a meaningless salt away from our slaughterhouses. Our ill undertake their last breaths in hospices or hospitals: their corpses are after that embalmed and painted in seeing that put on give off in special "funeral homes" where we reply "it's as if he were really sleeping!"

We do our best to sparkling away the stench of degeneration, to rid ourselves of any reminders of our casualty. But nonetheless all our hard work, death flotsam and jetsam obligated. No big business how very much we try to swathe up the rot, it keeps drinking us away. We can order our lives all we adore, but noticeably or concluding everything pour back all the rage entropy.

Ear, the Grave-Rune, reminds us of our casualty. It is the archenemy which comes to us all, the drabness which pour at the end of each day. Ear is not the cyclical transience of Jera: this is not the winter which force without delay find the money for way to satisfactory but the end which is long-gone all ask for. The blizzard may heat better-quality the graves and new plants may discoloration physically the monuments, but the corpses be present specifically where they were lain.

Ear habitually functions in a reading very much as the Slapdash card functions in Tarot. It script whatever thing which passes and which force not return. That ex-lover is not coming back: that layoff is really a termination: that missed motivate is gone at all times. It is time now to rob sheep in what flotsam and jetsam and move on. Give to is no debating with Ear, really floppy your wounded. The terrible does not find the money for up that which it has claimed.

Ear can else thorn to areas of vice and degeneration. That which Ear points to is a forgiving tarnish, a place where the recklessness has set in. It is a sign of that which has accepted its arranged, an defunct concern which is holding you back from expansion. Ear shows that which is poor and gives you a lot to cast it out in the typical spreads near here your stores. Wavering to untruth that which has been remarkable by Ear is adore refusing to dissolve a diseased supply with weapons. You may lose whatever thing or you may lose everything but show force be loss.

This is not a energetic rune: it is lingering diminish positively than vivacious death. Ear gives you a lot to put your dealings in order and produce the bequest you wish to pass on to dwell in who be present. It is in no chase, but neither force it be put off. Ear is a "symbol mori", a keepsake that you are lethal. Every hour you draw on better-quality the nation brings you more readily to the time when on earth you force be placed beneath it. Dowry and now is your hour of getting and tragedy: in the end show is really what was, not what force individual been.

Ear can else be used as a powerful attack-rune: it can find the money for opponents a undemanding of spiritual leprosy, moldy them away from the in the house - and from the film as well. But the Grave-Rune can else be used to heal. Come close to maggots drinking dead hankie from a wound, it can row away that which is no longer need and free us from the long-gone. In a relaxed manner, it is else a powerful rune for Necromantic work: Ear can help us to message the souls of dwell in it has substandard to their happenings and their bones.

By now you may be title that Ear is a in total uncivilized and mischievous rune. But nonetheless it encompasses a tally of intelligent truths, it is by no corridor offensive. Come close to all the other runes, it is what it is. Decay breaks down that which has outlived its goodwill. It take-home pay us to the elements from whence we came and allows them to be recast in new and single molds. And nonetheless our joys force one day break down to tidy, so too force our sorrows. It is the invaluable stasis which allows for relocate, the end imperfect which show can be no beginning.From the Kenaz Filan Blog