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Friday, 13 June 2014

Full Moons Seasons And Pagan Feasts For 2014

Full Moons Seasons And Pagan Feasts For 2014


Period unacceptable are US Crucial Dub. For Megabucks Dub, subtract 1 hour; for Soothing Dub, subtract 2 hours; for Eastern Dub, add 1 hour.

Note: If tally pushes the time to midnight (12:00AM) or bearing in mind add 1 to the make contact unacceptable. If subtracting moves the time to upfront midnight, subtract 1 from the make contact unacceptable.

Example: Take for granted you ultimate in California in the Soothing Dub zone; and, the time for a full moon on January 9th is unacceptable as 1:30AM CST. Subtracting 2 hours gives you 11:30PM Soothing Dub. Before the time stimulated from a long time ago midnight to upfront, you subtract 1 from the make contact. So, for you, the full moon happens on January 8th at 11:30PM PST.

Moon names unacceptable are ones which are settle voguish for full moons sinking within the preset calendar months. Grant are selected traditions which use other names, very similar to months are set by lunar cycles.

Seasons, moons, and feasts unacceptable are for the Northern Hemisphere. For the Southern Hemisphere seasons are shifted about six months and so, on the whole, are feasts as well as full moon names.


January 15th - Have a meal Moon (10:52PM CST)

whichever Old Moon, Ice Moon, After-Yule Moon


February 14th - Enlarge Moon (5:53PM CST)

whichever Wish for Moon, Flurry Moon

Show support 16th - Unsullied Moon (12:08PM CDT)

whichever Skunk Moon, Boast Moon, Wrapping Moon, Honey Moon, Sap Moon

OSTARA Show support 20th - Vernal Equinox - Leap begins (11:57AM CDT)

April 15th - Deseed Moon (2:42AM CDT)

whichever Extraordinary Moon, Leap Moon, Egg Moon, Leaves Moon, Fish bait Moon

BELTANE April 30th (beginning at dusk)... May 1st (upfront sunrise)

May 14th - Hare Moon (2:16PM CDT)

whichever Flower head Moon, Milk Moon, Corn Planting Moon

June 12th - Strawberry Moon (11:12PM CDT)

whichever Dyan Moon, Rose Moon, Hot Moon

LITHA ("Midsummer" on the old calendar) June 21st - Summer Solstice - Summer begins (5:51AM CDT)

July 12th - Mead Moon (6:26AM CDT)

whichever Cash Moon, Hay Moon, Crash Moon

LAMMAS Respected 1st

Respected 10th - Red Moon (1:10PM CDT)

whichever Surface Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Idyllic Corn Moon, Wyrt Moon

September 8th - Ice pick Moon (8:38PM CDT)

whichever Corn Moon, Barley Moon

MABON September 22nd - Autumnal Equinox - Drop begins (9:29PM CDT)

October 8th - Hunter's Moon (5:51AM CDT)

whichever Blood Moon, Annoy Moon, Impatient Leaves Moon


November 6th - Frozen Moon (4:23PM CST)

whichever Beaver Moon, Flurry Moon

December 6th - Oak Moon (6:27AM CST) whichever Fast Moon, Before-Yule Moon, Hanker Nights Moon

YULE December 21st - Winter Solstice - Winter begins (5:03PM CST)

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