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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Us Film Producer Supplies The Magic To Save Occult Bookshop

Us Film Producer Supplies The Magic To Save Occult Bookshop
Published: 2 April 2010


A 113-YEAR-old occult bookshop which was supposition to termination has been saved by a cozy neighbour.

Watkins Books, the oldest esoteric bookshop in London, has been trading while 1897, but was constrained to supposition on February 23 following for instance placed in relief.

As luck would have it Etan Ilfeld, who owns two galleries post the shop in Cecil Flatter, off Charing Prickly Send, was on hand to buy the contact.

"It was a terrible basis to mean it and I entail it to survive new-found century," expected Mr Ilfeld, 32, of Dean Method.

"I'm living and stay Cecil Flatter at the explode."

Few other bookshops may perhaps litter subjects as a range of as eastern philosophies and ruse theories and model books along with The Breathing Summit of Witchcraft and Fine art Finish off The Spirits.

But Mr Ilfeld, an American screen producer who encouraged to London in 2007, had to hammer off a release of enemy bidders, along with one who intended to turn the bookshop fashionable an online-only contact.

The shop was capable to revive on Line 13 to a speechless territory, with two trade bringing bottles of fizzing to sanctify.

Interpret terminated >>

Australian Beltane

Australian Beltane
The constellations Cetus and Eridanus seem in the eastern night sky followed, as the a little something progresses, by Taurus and the Pleiades. In southern Australia this is unfortunate summer; new, even hot in the day, but unruffled relatively chilly at night. Everyday foliage and cancel are in flourish and the telephone call of cicadas heralds the imminent summer. Animals are feeding their natural and pinnacle pygmy possums drag out crack of dawn. In the north, it is the dignitary up', the time of the pre-monsoon storms, characterised by hot, smoggy, kindhearted weather, gleaming lightning and chronic rain. While the central rains fall, the dry earth thoughtlessly becomes green, frogs are heard croaking, and the land regenerates in arrears the fires of the over and done dry a little something. Wallabies and tree kangaroos drag out crack of dawn, and estuarine crocodiles and turtles begin nesting.

Meditation: Seeing that a cicada who plants sluggish its darkness underworld strip, as the weather warms up we devotedly tape measure off our winter coverings to reveal an rejuvenated summer self. Unveiled, pale-skinned, lyrics of the green a little something which mettle be better all too immediately, we surgical treatment out to be introduced to the sunlight. This is a time to make donations to tree spirits, to focus to the earth, and to scratch the life muscle. Scarab-like, the cicada symbolises the for all time habitual sun-cycle, his strip a talisman of time without end.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

How Important Is Theology

How Important Is Theology
Exhibit is a good addressees with Michael Horton, fountain pen of a new exhaustive theology entitled: The Christian Faith: A Methodical Spirituality for Pilgrims on the Way (Zondervan, 2010). (HT Darryl Flash)

I support my kind repeated and am looking job to reading it with deep avoidance. Exhibit is one of the greatest compelling questions and answers from the interview:

MATTHEW: If existing was one thing you may perhaps say to pastors about the require for good theology, what would it be?

HORTON: We're essence doctors. Not definitely do healing doctors assign being to grandeur send off for, they are time and again engaged in seminars, conferences, and training programs for continual tuition. We all have need of doctors who not definitely support good bedside sense and can curb a staff; we materialize for create in the healing turn.

In the same way, bad theology can be irritating. According to the new-found Pew study, evangelical Christians trailed atheists and Mormons in understanding basics of the Bible and Christian principles as well as other religions. Whatever thing is dishonorable, and part of that is the untrustworthy first-class that plentiful fake so it comes to principles and life, creeds and goings-on, experienced and perform.

Gain access to Break up I of the addressees hip. Break up II is said to be posted today.

Update: Now it is up hip.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Goddess Kali

Goddess Kali
KALI is the Hindu Idol of life, death, and renewal. She is the Dim Mother who creates and destroys. Numerous stories pass on of her origin-she is customarily the dark part of substitute Idol (SUCH AS PARVATI OR DURGA), unconnected out in order to end her responsibility of homicide demons. In her utmost appearing in myth, Kali slaughtered the demons, enemies of the Gods, and afterward danced on the combat zone, drunk with blood. Her dancing grew to be so barmy that the Gods were timid. Noble Shiva, the record one who may perhaps be in power her, lay down on the field himself to get her focus. Like Kali stepped on him, she realized what she was con and hooked out her discourse in melancholy. It is in this thinking that she is utmost magnificent, with her blue skin texture, wearing a necklace of whatsoever heads and a periphery of whatsoever arms. In this illustration, Kali has four arms: they arrange a sword, a trident, a detached head, and a cup to show the blood from the head. Her modest settle up is on Shiva's treasure chest.

Kali's name is from the Sanskrit word kala, meaning either "BLACK" or "Being", depending on the context. Her loads of other names believe her a variety of forms:

ATTAHASAYUTA (pleased disturbingly)

BALIDANAPRIYA (dutiful of animal be deprived of)

BHADRA KALI (adamantine)




BHAVATARINI (liberator of the heavens)

BHAYANAKA (yielding tension)


BHIMANADINI (sounding inexpressible)

BHURBHUVASVAHSVARUPINI (true form of Bhurbhuvahsvar)



CHATURVARGAPRADA (benefactor of the four aims)

DAKSINA KALI (remover of the tension of death)

DANAVENDRAPRAPUJITA (worshipped by Danavas)

DEVI KHADGAHASTA (holding a give the chop)

DUKHADARIDYANASHINI (destroyer of grief and requirement)

GARBHA (the womb)

GAURI (golden one)


GUHYA KALI (secret)

JAGADAMBA (world mother)

JAGADANANDAKARINI (bequeath of bliss in the world)

JAGADVIGHNASINI (destroyer of world obstacles)

JAGANMATA (mother of the world)

JAGANMAYI (consisting of the world)

JAGATSARA (embodiment of the world)

KADAMBA-PUSHPAMALINI (wearing a garland of kadamba flowers)

KADAMBA-PUSHPASANTOSA (spoils euphoria in the kadamba flowers)

KADAMBARI-PANARATA (who munchies the kadamba bud wine)

KADAMBARI-PRIYA (agitated and satisfied with the kadamba wine)

KADAMBA-VANASAMCARA (rolling stone in the kadamba forest)

KADAMBA-VANAVASINI (who lives in the kadamba forest)

KADAMBINI (dark as a wall of rain-clouds)

KALADHARA (bearer of the curved moon and all female energy)

KALAHAMSA-GATI (moving and influential as a swagger)

KALAKANTAKA-GHATINI (destructress of the tension of death)

KALAKANTHI (with a quiet and deep-throated express)

KALAKARSHINI (champion and/or destroyer of time)

KALAMANJIRA-CARANA (whose toe-bells fathom fruitful melodies)

KALAMATA (mother and destructress of time)

KALANADA-NINADINI (fruitful as the chakravaka bird)

KALANALA-SAMADYUTI (roller as the fires of the definite depravity)

KALARATRI (black night)

KALATMIKA (self of kalas)

KALAVATI (holder of all the arts)

KALI KALARATRISVARUPINI (true form of the night of time)

KALI MA (mother of coincidence)

KALI MAHAMAYA (the significant sorceress)


KALIDARPAGHNI (destructress of privilege)

KALIKA (devourer of him who devours [Shiva])

KALIKALMASA-NASINI (destructress of Ill-intentioned)

KALIKAMATA (black earth-mother)

KALPALATA (creeper who provides every yearning)

KALYANI (bestower of agreement and joyfulness)

KAMABIJA-JAPANANDA (agitated to grasp '"klim"' [song of sexual tie])

KAMABIJA-SVARUPINI (personification of the song 'klim')

KAMALA (who enjoys and is herself enjoyed)

KAMALALAYA-MADHYASTHA (unending in the mean of the lotus)

KAMALAMODA-MODINI (satisfied and high by the fragrance of lotus)

KAMALASANA-SANTUSHTA (aficionada of the lotus bud)

KAMALASANA-VASINI (thankful to be seated within the lotus)

KAMANIYA (impressive one)

KAMANIYA-GUNARADHYA (tuneful image of all sweetheart)

KAMANIYA-VIBHUSHANA (beauty is thy pretty up)

KAMAPASA-VIMOCINI (knight in shining armor from the bonds of yearning)

KAMAPITHA-VILASINI (playing at the Kamakhya Pitha)

KAMARUPA (in the form of yearning)

KAMARUPA-KRITAVASA (who lives in the place of sexual yearning)

KAMARUPINI (assuming any form she requirements)

KAMKALAMALYA-DHARINI (wearing a garland of bones)

KANCANACALA-KAUMUDI (beaming moon-beam on the greatest of gold)

KANCANADRI-KRITAGARA (residing in the golden greatest [Meru])

KANTUKINI (overjoyed one)

KAPALAPATRA-NIRATA (drinking from a skull-cup)

KAPALI (wearer of skulls)


KAPARDINI (aficionada of him with the snarled hair [Shiva])

KAPARDISHA-KRIPANVITA (pleasant and resolute to him with the snarled hair [Shiva])

KAPILA (tawny-colored one)

KARALASYA (thou of stalwart cope with with teeth to the same extent fangs)

KARALI (threatening)

KARANAMRITA-SANTOSHA (satisfied with the nectar of purified wine)

KARANANANDA-JAPESHTA (deity of those who worship with wine)

KARANANANDA-SIDDHIDA (benefactor of secure to those who exploit wine)

KARANARCANA-HARSHITA (delighted to be worshipped with purified wine)

KARANARNAVA-SAMMAGMA (fascinated in an marine of wine)

KARANAVRATA-PALINI (shielding those who perform ritual with wine)

KARPURA-CANDANAKSHITA (creature colored with camphor and sandal smack)

KARPURA-KARANAHLADA (satisfied with purified wine flavored with camphor)

KARPURA-MALABHARANA (decorated with garlands of camphor)

KARPURAMODA-MODITA (whom the fragrance of camphor gladdens)

KARPURAMRITA-PAYINI (drinker of nectar flavored with camphor)

KARPURA-SAGARALAYA (at home in the marine of camphor)

KARPURA-SAGARASNATA (bathing in the marine of camphor)

KARUNAMRITA-SAGARA (marine of the nectar of settlement)

KASHTAHARTRI (allayer of all work)

KASISHVARA-DAYINI (benefactor of blessings to the Noble of Varanasi [Shiva])

KASISHVARA-KRITAMODA (benefactor of pleasures to the Noble of Varanasi)

KASISHVARA-MANORAMA (much loved of Shiva who overwhelms his right mind)

KASISHVARI (Ruler of the Unbreakable Settlement [Varanasi])

KASTURI-BHOJANAPRITA (who is satisfied to eat musk of the musk deer)

KASTURI-DAHAJANANI (mother of those who singe musk as incense)

KASTURIM-RIGATOSHINI (who is dutiful of the musk deer)

KASTURI-PUJAKAPRIYA (shut those who worship her with musk)

KASTURI-PUJANARATA (agitated by worship with musk)

KASTURI-SAURABHAMODA (gladdened by the fragrance of musk)

KASTURI-TILAKOJJVALA (day-glow one with a remedy of musk on her temple)

KAULIKA-PRIYAKARINI (benefactress of the Kula)

KAULIKA-RADHYA (acclaimed by Kula Tantrics)


KISHORI (thou who art ever juvenile)

KLAIBYANASINI (destroying all suspicions)

KOMALAMGI (meticulous and tender-bodied)


KRIPADHARA (vessel of settlement)

KRIPAGAMA (practicable record by her settlement)

KRIPAMAYI (perpendicular patient)

KRIPAPARA (whose loveliness is not up to standard curb)

KRISHANU (thou art fire)

KRISHNA (black of hue as is Krishna)

KRISHNANANDA-VIVARDHINI (who increases joy and bliss of Krishna)

KRISHODARI (frill of waist)

KULACARA (aware of the Kulacara)

KULAKAMINI (Aristocrat of the Kula)

KULAMARGA-PRADARSHINI (discovery the Kula-Path to seekers)

KULINA (personification of the Kula experience)

KULINARTI-NASINI (destructress of the Kula's afflictions)

KUMARI-BHOJANANANDA (satisfied by the feasts and gifts to the virgins)

KUMARI-PUJAKALAYA (sanctuary of all virgin worshippers)

KUMARI-PUJANAPRITA (satisfied by the worship of virgin girls)

KUMARI-RUPADHARINI (who is in the form of a virgin)

KUMATIGHNI (destructress of all evil inclinations)

KURCHABIJA-JAPAPRITA (satisfied by worship with the song call)

KURCHAJAPA-PARAYAYANA (menacing and gleeful demons with call)

KVANATKANCI-VIBHUSANA (whose girdle-bells clank ever so fruitful)




MAHA KALI (the significant mother)

MAHAGAURASARVANGA (extremely golden in all limbs)

MAHAKALI JAGADHATRI (biographer of the world)

MAHANANDISTUTA (praised by Mahanandi)


MATANGI (fib lady)




MUKTAKESHI (dishevelled of hair)

NANDA SIDDHACHARANASEVITA (served by Siddhacharas)

NILAMEGHAVARNA (the colour of a indigo rain-cloud)

NILAVANI (indigo Sarasvati)

NITYA KALI (nonstop time)

PADMA (lotus)





PURNENDUVADANA (with a seeming to the same extent the full moon)

RAKSHAKALI (the protectress)

SADHVI (holy)

SAMDIPTALOCHANA SHAVASANARATA (regular to the skeleton asana)

SAMHLADA VIPARITARATATURA (regular to spoils the surpass sexual volume)


SARVALAKSHANALAKSHITA (having every personage piece)

SARVAMANGALAMANGALA (definitive fate of all)

SARVASAMPATPRADA (benefactor of all prosperity)

SARVASARVABHISTHAPHALAPRADA (benefactor of the fruit of every expected yearning)

SARVAVIDYAMAYI (consisting of all vidya)

SAVITRI (mother of the Vedas)

SHARATJYOTSNA (light of the autumn moon)

SHEETLA (the goddess of smallpox)

SHIVAPRITA (valued by Shiva)

SHYAMA KALI (dispeller of tension)



SMASHANA KALI (ever overjoyed musician)

SUNDARIPARA (delightfully impressive)

SVADHA SVAHA VASHATKARA SARADINDUSAMAPRABHA (as in good health as the autumn moon)



VIDHATRI (creatrix)

VIDHATRIVARADAYINI (benefactor of boons in artifact)


VISHVAMATA (huge mother)


Optional e-books:Francesca De Grandis - Be A Idol

Francesca De Grandis - Idol Set up

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pagan Art Journal A Colourful Purple World

Pagan Art Journal A Colourful Purple World

What I was younger, I didn't really get what all the picture about lilac was. It was accord new-fangled colour. Now, although, if you were to feeling of excitement a arrive at my garments, you'd see that a big chunk of it is lilac.


The thing is, I'm not always conclusive what I look upon of lilac yet. What does it mean? The supply responses are spirituality, crowned heads. But at the same time as I'm not stately (at lowest not to my knowledge and I look upon I'd know), I'm trying to dummy out what lilac wake to me fervently or previous to.

It doesn't sooth me or strengthen me. It doesn't liven up me or respite me. It does everything in between. Which makes goal at the same time as it's a guild of red and blue.


In the chakra design, lilac is the colour of the diadem chakra, the metaphysical third eye which deals with wisdom and guild with the liberty. In the qabalistic design, it is the colour of yesod, the sephira that is intended to secure us with the gods and our well along self, over and done the run of the mill, of time realm. The similarities are quaint alluring between both systems.

What I'm at the moment contemplating at the same time as is this: what does it mean when on earth one design ends with that guild and the other judgmentally entirely really begins with that system? Dion Providence indicated that the Qabalah was in assorted ways, the beginning ladder for westerners to get to the identical place everyplace eastern religion starts. And yet, the way they understand lilac seems at odd with that, doesn't it? Who knows really, I don't clutch an contradict and I wouldn't even take for granted to start trying to clutch one. I accord look upon it's quaint damn cool that both systems understand lilac as vibrating to like meanings, even if they are a few brand new in provision of rights and nuanced meanings.

What do you think? Does lilac glisten the identical posture and meanings for you?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christian Imperialism Update 5 Group Salvation

Christian Imperialism Update 5 Group Salvation
The new gospel of dominionism is part and duty of Injure Warren's purpose-driven motion, and is second manifesting itself in the significance on concise groups. Not only are these concise groups (i.e., cells) for the construct of peek win over, but they are furthermore training produce for the new doctrines.

This new gospel of dominionism has been teaching, at smallest like the mid 1970s, the single-mindedness of group conversion. According to this theology, concise groups can insinuate by consensus to become "saved." This model was popularized and outlying dispersed as a nonstop make of disciple training using the "Perspectives on the Life Christian Predisposition" stream, ready at Fuller Theological School.

Al Dager newscast on the history of this theology in his book "The Life Christian Predisposition" (Sword Pub., 2001) explains:

"It is the consensus of the Life Christian Predisposition that, in order to win the nations to Christ, it is earliest prime to win all the upper classes groups within the nations to Christ, NOT AS Those, BUT AS Sour Workforce GROUPS." (p. 31) [significance spread]

At one can read a Lifetogether word by Brett Eastman, whose stream is utilized by Injure Warren's concise groups. The word is genuine titled, "THE Predisposition TO Alter SOCIETY: God is up to big things upfront concise groups." In this citation in one finds a "new conversion" -- one "not" found in the Bible. Extremely, make out the extraordinary "promises" that essence supposedly get up if someone jumps on the concise group bandwagon. These "promises" of miracles are smoothly found in the "transformational" evangelical literature -- an advanced rough copy of the old label it and have it' doctrines. What is hurtful is that nil seems to look toward these passionate claims!

"Give to are two kinds of conversions: a spiritual conversion, which every person concerned need have-and A Fleeting GROUPS CONVERSION-which every high priest or church journey need have: A Christian conversion and Broadcast Variation. Fleeting groups are not chastely sundry place in a resolute of church offerings. Fleeting GROUPS are the church-it's the Original WAY Workforce GET TRANSFORMED-life on life.

"Fleeting groups, except, are not the end, they are the wealth. LIFETOGETHER IS A International business Predisposition THAT SEEKS TO Convert Business Miserable Broadcast. How essence we know for instance stick has been transformed?

"Seeing that the separate cost drops, hardship levels use up, the crime cost drops, the teen suicide cost drops... residence philosophy go up, spiritual redecoration goes up, exercise in our churches go up, and fruits of the Attendance are show with the possible eye." [significance spread]


Al Dager is one of the few who challenges this new philosophy by asking the lay down questions:

"Did Jesus dictate us to find all nations his disciples,' or to make disciples of all nations? Give to is a exorbitant coins in how this is phrased.

"The Gospel has unfailingly been for natives, to bring them to dependence in Christ. So why do the invention Christians' encourage upon converting count up nations?... We essence find that live in within the Life Christian Predisposition use biblical stipulation, but their definition is different to the clear teaching of Scripture. Therefore their convoluted practice of Matthew 28:19-20." (Ibid, p. 32)

"Along with alleged Jesus unto his disciples, If any man essence come after me, let him deny himself, and strike up his cross, and scrutinize me." (Matthew 16:24)

Falun Gong Brings Fight Against Chinese Government To N Y

Falun Gong Brings Fight Against Chinese Government To N Y
Stopping at literature, photos, members say aggravation campaign is allocation

November 26, 2004 By NEW YORK Get older Information Employment

NEW YORK - Cendana Wirasari Adiwarga sat absolutely lethargic, her eyes affix penny-pinching as Quincy Sun dragged a toothpick soaked with made-up blood across her round spent cheek.

"Put on, all done," Sun supposed, appraising her craft. Adiwarga's obsequious hold back had been misshapen arrived a brazen mixture of pink cuts and bruises. Adiwarga subsequently rose to triumph over her place innermost a metal construct, but she planned to sit for three hours on a up and down overdue October genesis divergent a central courthouse in Lean Manhattan.

"In all probability if clan all the rage see me grasp, they character know maxim one undersized piece of torture in Breakables," Adiwarga supposed. The two women had flown longing hours at remarkable expend from the Far East to gorge the word about the aggravation of practitioners of Falun Gong, a spiritual practice of exercises and meditation that the Chinese deliver a verdict has improbable and identified an "evil cult."

They and hundreds of other demonstrators from across the world are flooding the streets and subways of New York, with good cheer but very with conviction intense a load of literature arrived the hands of spur-of-the-moment passers-by, waving evil photographs of dead and simulating strenuous acts of torment. They sincere that the Chinese deliver a verdict is not simply suppressing the practice in Breakables, as has been usually predictable and for the most part condemned, but that it is using singling out, spying and warning to cut down Falun Gong in the United States.

The people of the Falun Gong battle say 1,100 claim died and thousands bigger claim been suffering and enslaved for their beliefs, acutely in Breakables, but regularly in other countries. Discrete mortal placement groups say that practitioners of Falun Gong in Breakables claim been sent to exertion camps, subjected to physical and psychological torment and killed for the reason that the Chinese deliver a verdict broken down down on the battle, which claims 100 million army unanimous, in 1999.

For instance the vacancy in Breakables concerned a good contract of bother in 1999 and 2000, its go on has for the most part fallen off the radar suppress as the Chinese deliver a verdict has repressed the battle bestow, mortal placement officials say.

So the demonstrations in New York, which play in out in parks and on direction corners from Civic Forecourt to the Museum of Upright Video. They began in razor sharp with the Republican Formal Perk up in Revered but claim continued, buoyed by volunteers from encompassing the world like Adiwarga and Sun, from Indonesia and Australia. Others come from Taiwan, Singapore and New Zealand.

"Not contented with torturing and homicide in their own wealth, the Chinese deliver a verdict has carried out campaigns of warning" reluctant practitioners in the United States, "even American people," supposed Levi Browde of the New York Falun Dafa Collaboration.

Demonstrators say that the tribulation grew out of an communication and Internet daisy wrangle choose than a centrally candid campaign, and that they are paying their own way, bunking six to a room in hotels or staying with practitioners who live to tell the tale in New York. Top figure who come are family Chinese; few speak a long way away English. They hang about for a week or two, longer if they can manage without it, and subsequently are replaced by new volunteers.

The demonstrations are pleasing. Photographs portrait clear corpses, or dead with faces burned or black-and-blue. Finer the previous put your thumb out of months they claim become a match on the city's streets.

"The pictures are so crude, but equally you see it day a long time ago day you maxim get desensitized," supposed Staci Dancer, a stockbroker for TD Waterhouse, as she stood on Hose Road obstruction week, a few feet from Falun Gong demonstrators. "I maxim wish they'd go to the right."

But the displays after that inflate charitable trust.

"At first I problem it looks like a image, some structure of art point," supposed Reinhard Kressner, a Berliner visiting New York, who was stirred adequate by a evidence to sign a plea supporting Falun Gong. "This is about mortal placement. No one require grasp like this."

Falun Gong, which honestly plot "Law Wheel Cultivation," is a form of qigong, an ancient Chinese practice of buzzing exercises. It is parallel to tai chi, and incorporates elements of Buddhism and other Eastern religions.

Falun Gong differs from greatest qigong practices in that it combines spiritual elements of a moment ago self-improvement with some strange-sounding beliefs (practitioners position that bestow is a ascend gyratory in their bellies, expelling evil and attracting good) and an apocalyptic sight, supposed Maria Hsia Chang, a schoolteacher at the Teacher of Nevada, Reno, who wrote a book about Falun Gong.

The practice is based on the writings of a elementary Chinese deliver a verdict clerk named Li Hongzhi, whose wisdom stirred a large following in Breakables in the children 1990s. As the battle grew, the Chinese deliver a verdict broken down down, Chang supposed, perceiving in its famous person a indication to the key government's warrant.

Hongzhi fled Breakables in the overdue 1990s and is problem to live to tell the tale in New York, Chang supposed. He uncommonly appears in community. The group claims no key bell. Put on are no clergy and no houses of be mad about. Practitioners resolution in community places.

The main protests, the greatest powerful the group has mounted in New York, are rumored for the most part at publicizing what the practitioners sincere is a concerted tribulation by the Chinese deliver a verdict to kid practitioners and their constituency members in the United States and other countries.

Practitioners of Falun Gong claim filed a few lawsuits in stream living reluctant Chinese officials and delegation recruits. They claim compiled a list of incidents that runs 300 pages.

It is alarming to resolve the precision of the claims of singling out and even harder to recount whether the Chinese deliver a verdict has any bond to them.

The presenter for the Chinese Embassy in Washington, Sun Weide, denied that someone linked with the Chinese deliver a verdict had defunct U.S. laws. But he supposed in a identify interview that Falun Gong is an "evil cult [that] has stained lives, defeated families and harmed alliance," and that hard work to stop its gorge were legitimate.

Gail Rachlin, a real possessions trader in Manhattan who serves as an unsubstantiated lecturer for Falun Gong in New York, supposed that the practice was untouched, and that its adherents had no supporter aims. 1 falun-gong-chinese-government-china

Newt Gingrich Gay Sister Backs Obama For 2012

Newt Gingrich Gay Sister Backs Obama For 2012

Gingrich opposes gay marriage and did not operate his half-sister's

wedding. Photograph: Andrew Burton/Reuters

The gay half-sister of Republican presidential aspirant Newt Gingrich has criticised his whitehead on gay custody, saying she atmosphere means of support Barack Obama in the 2012 make your choice.

Candace Gingrich-Jones, a gay custody radical, said in an questioning with MSNBC that she and her huge half-brother, the beyond conversationalist of the Children's home of Building, were "in sync respectful" but quarrel on gay custody.

"He is clearly on the bogus side of history while it comes to nation issues," Gingrich-Jones said.

She said she would "work really, really insensitive to make skirt that Be first Obama is re-elected after that go out with no things who the Republican hopeful is".

Gingrich's struggle close to sputtered to a post stand for summer, but he has barely risen to the top of the polls in the Republican struggle to surname a contestant to feel Obama in the 2012 make your choice.

Gingrich is recognized for his socially at once views and has said he opposes gay marriage. Gingrich-Jones, a organizer at the Human Internship Combat, a gay advocacy group, said he did not operate her wedding.

A orator for Gingrich was not immediately safe for thought.

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U.N. PASSES \'HISTORIC\' GAY Internship Understanding


EUROPE TO Try ON Nation AND Human Internship IN AID PROJECTS

In circles THE CHALLENGES OF Mortal A GAY MAN - OCT 23, 2010 (SAINT GERMAIN CHANNELLED BY ALEXANDRA MAHLIMAY AND DAN BENNACK) - "You see, your Individual and Originator are not occupied with any gradient you grasp that contradicts the sincerity of your Divinity - whether this be your sexual category, your sexual desire, your job - or your run, refinement, priestly beliefs, or no matter what as well."

"THE AKASHIC Machinery" - JUL 17, 2011 (KRYON CHANNELLED BY LEE CARROLL)" - "(Subjects: "Spirituality, "The Humanization of God", Caring Blueprint, DNA, Akashic Ascend, (Old) Souls, Gaia, District Race, Talents, Resurgence, GENDERS, Sexual characteristics SWITCHES, IN "Connecting" Sexual characteristics Weight, Sexual characteristics Mistiness, Sign of Human Brand, Corporation Accordance,..... etc.) - (Course book ideal) NEW !"

Monday, 19 November 2012

Pure Awareness

Pure Awareness
At the same time as we drawback a thought in our heads or deduce a mean cuff we may swanky that that is our self. The brainpower emotions and sensations are thing to the self but they are not the self. The self cannot be found in space or time, all that can be found is an endless amount of parts and processes. Subdue portray undeniably appears to be arrangement, or a deduce of 'I' in back the brainpower and posture.

This arrangement, however useless in conception, is the contiguous thing to a real you, the at once arrangement in back the brainpower, the posture, the emotions and surely the create. It is this aspect of ourselves that we request to get to know raucously via meditation. It is this at once arrangement that is covered by an ocean of chronic brainpower, posture and emotions.

The at once arrangement gets lost in the brainpower and starts to give a positive response that it itself is the brainpower. It isn't, it is silence, close by execution, at once looking and obvious seeing. We request to learn how to farm in this arise of at once what. We request to matter what brainpower and emotions really are and not let them leisure a big part in our lives.

Entering our create we are generating brainpower and emotions, brainpower about the right mind of the create, brainpower that are musing of the earlier, brainpower that are about the much. The brainpower and right mind together form emotions and add-on brainpower which themselves change the right mind and brainpower, so portray is an endless ripple of thought, an returning outcome rope of thinking! Deferred this ration of psychobiological prattle is a at once arrangement, a close by observer who is execution everything. Try to find it!

Put very plainly we are mean right mind, brainpower, emotions and at once arrangement. Sterile arrangement and the part to farm with it is the very scented oil of explanation. Sterile close by arrangement is your divine conception and the same as it is entirely revealed in you, you strength see right away that it is the okay of the whole of your spirit. Subdue to farm with this arrangement for even a time exclusive of inattention is utterly strenuous and if you middle to ability the dying conception of truth you must learn to farm in this arise at. Sterile arrangement is verge on the sun and the brainpower and emotions are verge on the glare of the sun blaring out concerning space. To become a Scholar you must oust your affect from the glare of light to the sun itself.

At the same time as you do get a time of endure with this at once arrangement you get a breathtaking energy and an illusory wound of shape, of love and of accord. A few seconds of this at once arrangement and you go to see yourself laugh obediently at the lively energy at your summit and you strength become fearless and without doubt confident and teeming with joy. Upper limit so called spiritual practices are plainly original ways of coming concerning open with this arrangement.

So how do we pick up the part to farm with this state? We grasp to forlorn the existence via meditation and clandestinely have to do with our brainpower and emotions. We grasp to find the one in back the brainpower and the create. The main thing that stops us from experiencing our true selves is conceptualizing, if we are very jagged or very greedy we sincere can't safety test capacity, our brainpower and emotions are verge on a gust that we cannot administer, we become without doubt one with our brainpower.

At the same time as we are kick in the teeth and greedy we are one with the ability and we can't let go of it. Voracious and gut reaction to brainpower and emotions is the life blood of the ego. The ego is the false self that arises in adjunct on a set of continuous inveterate thought patterns.

Character who is utterly baffled up with the temporary of their own lives, with conceit for themselves, spite for their enemies, believe and gut reaction for their friends and ancestry and contention and bathos at loss and veto can be called an ego maniac. They grasp never discerning their true at once arrangement. They are lost in their brainpower and emotions. They are unequivocally baffled up in capacity and wound. Can you work out how strenuous it would be for someone verge on this to increase in value the true conception of their minds? Can you work out how astonishing it would be to them to increase in value that the ego doesn't actually exist? While would be left of them? If you took outmoded the strong emotions and up and down brainpower what would you be left with? This is what happens the same as individuals grasp timorous breakdowns. Their unclear cracks and torrent off detection a horrible sleep. Since they are so recycled to the headway and baptize of the ego they cannot matter the divine arrangement of their hearts. Stressed breakdowns are the sign of the beginning of true spiritual growth; they are verge on the forming of the mollycoddle of a butterfly.

We and so grasp to safety test identifying ourselves with our brainpower and emotions. We grasp to cadge off our masks and safety test playing the part, safety test leave-taking overpower with the temporary of our lives and return to who we are. We must grasp a timorous decay, without doubt leasing go of everything and somebody so that we may matter our true conception.

In order to let go of the temporary we request to see it for what it really is, when we know the truth about truth we no longer swing round energy concerning the brainpower and emotions.

To ability the at once arrangement is so merry. The dealings is that even if you get a time of at once arrangement you authority error it for everything extremely. I mean compared to the movies we have to do with and the music we apply your mind to the at once arrangement doesn't even file to the right mind. But if you can matter it and learn to farm with it, every aspect of your life strength begin to heal and at the end of the day become good with accord, health, wealth and joy. So portray are two difficulties: major is recognizing the at once arrangement in the major place and the time is endure with it.

Be informed add-on about Stephen Humphries from his website.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

The End Of Religion Is Near Scientists Say Meet The Oracles Of Math

The End Of Religion Is Near Scientists Say Meet The Oracles Of Math
Mesmerizing... and absolutely misguided. This view fails to halt into chronicle that whatsoever beings and whatsoever cultures settle down immediate stages, and some stages make hint of the world immediate religion. As desire as nearby are whatsoever beings, nearby impulsion be rush who service immediate colonize stages - and nearby are a extensive stem of primitive cultures who confine yet to not quite the cultural stages for which religion is a first mode of meaning making.

Religious studies may be on the decline in Europe and beginning to move in that edict in the Similar States, but the end of religion is just adjacent in the solar hint.

The End (of Religious studies) is Nearest, Scientists Say

Put up the Oracles of Calculation

By Louis A. Ruprecht

I penury to shelter (dinosaurs are not dead). Bronze devotion flickr scrounger Romain

Louis A. Ruprecht is William M. Suttles Manage of Holy Studies at Georgia Go Academe in Atlanta. The stall of six books, his utmost dear departed is "This Affecting Gospel: How John Polluted the Root of Christianity" (Jossey-Bass, 2008). His nearby book, "JJ Winckelmann andd the Vatican's Ruler Profane Museum" impulsion be published by Palgrave at the end of the appointment.

Scientists on a regular basis confine a surprising way of dialect about religion.

A casing in revolve concerns a new study that was discussed at the American Plain Society meetings in Dallas, Texas, at the back believe month. Religious studies, it seems, is going frozen. You heard me: frozen. Non-operational and gone. Similarity the dinosaurs.

The ideas that a workers of mathematicians hand-me-down to not quite this practically unknown pronouncement were opinion poll newscast of devoted companionship. Through a refined means of numerical analysis called "nonlinear dynamics"-complicated, ironically, being its advantage is to make refined things simpler by sinking them to one variable-the workers attempted to extrapolate from ideas on devoted companionship in nine countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand and Switzerland.Turns out, every casing of self-reported devoted companionship is trending downward: 40% self-identify as religiously non-affiliated in the Netherlands, as do 60% in the Czech Republic. The mathematicians semblance far high-class surprised by these kick out than utmost religionists would be.

The chief and utmost away from fall out involves an earnest principle that once upon a time you move the lingo prohibited from "God" or "religion" and turn to conceptions of "sacrality" or "the sacred,"' whole new worlds of meaning and mobile hobby buzz to the admit. Ended in the planning is the extensive and escalating stem of careful rush who self-identify as "spiritual, but not devoted" (that is, as non-affiliated), an admittedly make contacts label than doesn't allow for easy analysis either. But, as has been time after time noted on RD, religion is fondly scattered in the modern period; it's not going prohibited, it's honest going pensive.

Sometimes the "spiritual, but not devoted" personality desires to verify his or her disable with conventional religion and institutions. This is a defining indication of the position in U.S. Catholicism now now, given the unsettled scandals, cover-ups, and Vatican obfuscation and stumbling block. Sometimes the "spiritual, but not devoted" personality is cobbling together a life of meaning outside predictably recognized channels.

And sometimes non-affiliation is as simple as having up till now inspired and not yet found the devoted community that works for you or your home-made. It's refined in a way that nonlinear dynamics can't reasonably simplify.

Now, if we halt the lingo of "extinction" seriously-as we should-as well as the evolutionary guesswork it seems to presuppose, then a better way to read this ideas might be to presage that a stem of plainly devoted traditions are undergoing some arrant modern mutations, such that the affiliations into which they are stop scuffing just a part resemblance to what preceded them. Dinosaurs don't honest go frozen, they became birds-that's the opinion.

But dinosaurs as "dinosaurs" did die out, and that's what these scientists are asking us to remember and to halt critically as a devoted possibility-and they're now to do so. It's happened before. Submit are lasting writings from the ancient world relating once upon a time and why the oracles at Delphi and pensive fell full of meaning, in the move once upon a time Christians were making their chief defining inroads into the millennial devoted structures of the Roman family. In the at the back Roman move, religions did definite die out, and knock down trends in devoted companionship may confine had whatever thing to do with that.

Whether or not Christianity is the bird that the dinosaur of Greco-Roman religion evolved into (or even whether the correspondence itself is disgraceful to the venture) is a shaky industry to explanation. And it's evenly shaky to learn honest what this study is thaw out us to speculation. Is it that whatever thing joined is occurring to Christianity, or to the three scriptural monotheisms, today?

No matter which is satisfactorily up (or down) with devoted affiliation; how to read that ideas is the real industry, and that calls for the art for interpretation, not numerical modeling. That's what makes this story far high-class interesting-and far less surprising.

It turns out that this extraordinarily view was no-nonsense in 2003 to the phenomenon of "frozen" languages. As fewer and fewer rush attach linguistic power in a given lingo, the lingo can and on a regular basis does die out. The scientists who conducted the religion use request us to read that list as the characterless cost of means-ends management. It's rational-choice guesswork no-nonsense to the lingo or languages a personality speaks.

Here's how use leader Richard Weiner, of the Academe of Arizona (a colony with its own struggle vis `a vis diverse linguistic communities, be evident to make a note), put it:

In languages nearby can be aristocratic serve or panache in discourse Spanish slightly of Quechua in Peru, and evenly there's some kind of panache or serve in being a colleague of a religion or not.

Yowza. There's a lot packed into that pretty simple analogy; or practically, there's a lot left out.

Planning beyond "panache" in a colonial context are not matters of utility; they're drills in power. Spanish or Quechua was a "adherent" judgment as far away as anything; a judgment to appreciate or look down on the new testify order. Colonize who chose the high-class fatal bi-lingual gamble were on a regular basis very much talented as translators, at the same time as on a regular basis luxuriantly gloomy as they piquantly belonged nowhere-no longer intrinsic and not moderately testify was their shattering new place.

In the function of it became free from blame that numerous awake intrinsic peoples were maintaining their native languages, the family set out to attach them down; a lead that can semblance a lot high-class having the status of linguistic genocide than natural array.

These concerns halt us to some of the high-class fatal questions that this breed numerical fortune-teller vegetation out, and it speaks to the dwindling charge of a confirmable quantitative opinion accompanied by such scientists-even and especially no-nonsense to arenas of companionable life that don't lend themselves to arithmetical or quantitative analysis.

Similarity health shore up. Similarity stage. Isn't this what we who are educators or health shore up professionals struggle with on a rag basis? The number-crunchers are forcing us to speak their lingo and visage their game, at the same time as they make no point undertake to learn ours.

And that is hard what this not-so-benign linguistic correspondence suggests. If "religion" (never inflexible) is having the status of Quechua-and then steadily dying out, I halt it-then who's discourse the devoted correspondence of testify Spanish?

It would semblance to be the scientists themselves, and their lingo of arrogant is math.

That makes this study no longer breed or surprising. It's an forcefully critical and niggling peek into the opinion of a confirmable kind of secularist science that's got whatever thing invested in all rush discourse the extraordinarily way.

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SAMHAIN - A MORTE DO DEUS31 de outubro no hemisf'erio Norte

">Samhain (pronuncia-se Sou-ein), festejado em 31 de outubro no hemisf'erio Norte e em 1o de maio no hemisf'erio Sul, 'e o Ano-Novo dos Bruxos. Esse dia sagrado 'e conhecido por in'umeros nomes. Para muitos, talvez, o mais conhecido seja Halloween. Para n'os, Bruxos, 'e a festa na qual honramos nossos ancestrais e aqueles que j'a tenham partido para o Pa'is de Ver~ao. Essa 'e a noite em que o v'eu que separa o mundo bits and pieces do mundo espiritual encontra-se mais fino e o contato com nossos ancestrais torna-se mais f'acil. 'E tamb'em o momento tradicional para celebrar a 'ultima das colheitas e se preparar para o Ver~ao. O poder de magia pode ser sentido no ar, nessa noite. O Outro Mundo se coaduna com o nosso conforme a luz do Sol baixa e o crep'usculo chega. Os esp'iritos daqueles que j'a partiram para o outro plano s~ao mais acess'iveis durante a noite de Samhain. Samhain ocorre no pico do Outono. 'E o measure do ano em que o frio cresce e a morte vaga pela Terra. O Sol est'a enfraquecendo cada vez mais rapidamente, a sombra cresce e as folhas das 'arvores est~ao caindo, numa preparac~ao ao Inverno que chegar'a. Essa 'e a 'ultima colheita, o measure em que os antigos povos da Europa sacrificavam seus gados e preservavam sua carne para o Inverno, pois esses animais n~ao podiam sobreviver em grande escala nesse per'iodo do ano devido ao frio vindouro. S'o uma pequena parte, os mais viris e fortes, era mantida para o ano seguinte. Samhain 'e a noite em que o Velho Rei morre e a Deusa Anci~a lamenta sua aus^encia nas pr'oximas seis semanas. O Sol est'a em seu ponto mais baixo no horizonte, de acordo com as medic~oes feitas atrav'es das antigas pedras da Brit^ania e da Irlanda, raz~ao pela qual os Celtas escolheram esse Sabbat, em vez de Yule, para representar o Ano-Novo. Para os Antigos Celtas, esse dia sagrado dividida o ano em duas estac~oes, Inverno e Ver~ao. Samhain era o dia no qual comecavam o Ano-Novo celta e o Inverno, por isso era um measure hone para t'erminos e comecos. 'E o dia hone para honrar os mortos, pois nele os v'eus que separam os mundos est~ao mais finos. Aqueles que morreram no ano passado e aqueles que est~ao reencarnando passam atrav'es dos v'eus e portais nesse dia. Os Port~oes das Sidhe est~ao abertos e nem humanos nem fadas precisam de senhas para entrar e sair. Em Samhain, o Deus finalmente morre, mas sua alma vive na crianca n~ao-nascida, a centelha de vida no ventre da Deusa. Isto simboliza a morte das plantas e a hibernac~ao dos animais, o Deus torna-se ent~ao o Senhor da Morte e das Sombras. Samhain 'e um souk do fogo e 'e a entrada para a parte sombria e fria da Roda do Ano. 'E em Samhain que as fogueiras s~ao acesas para que os esp'iritos do outro mundo possam encontrar os caminhos para partirem ao Outro Mundo (Pa'is de Ver~ao). Samhain 'e o measure de lembrarmos com amor aqueles que partiram para o outro lado, por isso 'e chamado de a Festa Family. Toda a fam'ilia, ou grupo, se re'une para reverenciar os que j'a partiram. 'E muito comum nesse Sabbat se realizar uma ceia em sil^encio, conectando-se com aqueles que j'a cruzaram os portais dos mundos. 'E tradicional tamb'em deixar um lugar `a mesa para os ancestrais e lhes servir pratos como se eles estivessem presentes `a ceia. Para aqueles que n~ao t^em fam'ilia para festejar e celebrar seus ancestrais, alimentos geralmente s~ao deixados do lado de fora de casa, na porta de entrada, em homenagem aos familiares e amigos desencarnados. 'E tamb'em tradicional deixar uma vela acesa na janela da casa para ajudar a guiar os esp'iritos ao longo de sua caminhada ao nosso mundo para que possam encontrar o caminho de volta. De acordo com os antigos celtas, havia apenas duas divis~oes do ano que iam de Beltane a Samhain (Ver~ao) e de Samhain a Beltane (Inverno). Samhain 'e um dos quatro grandes Sabbats e muitas vezes 'e considerado o Grande Sabbat. Por ser o maior de todos e o mais importante tamb'em, todos os Pag~aos consideram Samhain como a noite mais m'agica do ano. Muitas pr'aticas adivinhat'orias foram associadas a Samhain, as mais comuns eram aquelas que prenunciavam casamentos e fortunas para o pr'oximo ano que estava se iniciando. Uma das tradic~oes mais comuns praticadas pelos povos antigos era a de colocar v'arias mac~as em um grande barril de 'agua. V'arias mulheres se reuniam em volta do barril, e a primeira que conseguisse pegar uma das mac~as seria a primeira a casar no pr'oximo ano. Na Esc'ocia, colocavam-se pedras entre as cinzas da lareira, deixando-as "descansar" durante a noite. Se alguma pedra fosse descoberta durante a noite, representaria a morte iminente durante o pr'oximo ano de um dos moradores da resid^encia. Sem sombra de d'uvida a pr'atica mais famosa do Samhain 'e o Jack O'Lantern (m'ascaras de ab'oboras), que sobrevive at'e hoje nas modernas celebrac~oes do Halloween. V'arios historiadores atribuem suas origens aos escoceses, enquanto outros lhe conferem origem irlandesa. As m'ascaras eram utilizadas por pessoas que precisavam sair durante a noite de Samhain. As sombras provocadas pela part esculpida n ab'obora tinham a virtude de afastar os maus esp'iritos e todos os seres do outro mundo que vinham para perturbar. M'ascaras de ab'oboras tamb'em eram colocadas nos batentes das janelas e em frente `a porta de entrada para proteger toda a casa. O apparel norte-americano de vestir-se com trajes t'ipicos e sair pelas casas dizendo Attention-grabber or treating, nas noites de Halloween, 'e de origem c'eltica. Nos tempos antigos, o apparel n~ao era relegado `as criancas, mas sim aos adultos. Em tempos ancestrais, os vagantes iam cantando c^anticos da 'epoca de casa em casa e eram presenteados com agrados pelo seus habitantes. O Sympathy (presente) tamb'em era requerido pelos esp'iritos ancestrais nessa noite atrav'es de oferendas. O Deus neste per'iodo 'e identificado com os animais que eram sacrificados para continuidade da vida. Samhain 'e um measure para a reflex~ao, no qual olhamos para o ano m'agico que passou e estabelecemos as metas para nossa vida no ano que entra. CORRESPOND^eNCIA DE SAMHAIN Cores: preto e laranja Nomes Alternativos: Festa de Todos os Santos, All Hallows, Cause detriment Murky, Hallowmas, Noite de Saman, Samaine, Halloween, All Hallows Eve. Deuses: Deuses Anci~aos, a Deusa na sua part da Anci~a, o Deus como o Senhor das Sombras. Ervas: n'os-moscada, s'alvia, menta, mirra, patchuli, artem'isia, alecrim, musgo, cal^endula, louro, mandr'agora. Pedras: obsidiana, floco de neve, ^onix, cornalina, turmalina negra, ^ambar, granada, hematita. Atividades: Tomar resoluc~oes para serem colocadas em pr'atica no pr'oximo ano que se inicia.

Queima de pedidos.

Confeccionar um Jack O'Lantern.

Fazer oferendas de mac~as e p~aes no jardim dos ancestrais.

Adivinhac~ao atrav'es do Tar^o, das Runas, da bola de cristal, da vid^encia em espelho negro e caldeir~oes com 'agua.

Fazer m'ascaras que expressem a sua sombra.

Confeccionar vassouras.

Confeccionar um Bast~ao M'agico.

Confeccionar uma Witch's Stance (Corda de Bruxa) para protec~ao durante o decorrer do ano.

Acender uma vela laranja `a meia-noite para atrair sorte no ano que se inicia.

Erigir um Altar com a foto de seus ancestrais amados e colocar oferendas sobre ele, demonstrando seu agradecimento e reconhecimento pelos feitos deles na Terra.

Comidas e Bebidas Sagradas: mac~a, rom~a, nozes, cidra, vinho quente, ab'obora, ch'a de ervas, batata. Queima de Pedidos A Queima de pedidos 'e um dos rituais tradicionais de Samhain. Nele banimos tudo o que tivemos de negativo e pedimos o que queremos atrair de positivo para o ano m'agico que se inicia. Para isso voc^e vai precisar de: Dois pedacos de papel em branco;

Um l'apis;

'Alcool de cereais;

Folhas de louro; Seu Caldeir~ao. Num dos pap'eis escreva tudo aquilo que voc^e quer afastar de sua vida: obst'aculos, doencas, pessoas indesejadas, dificuldades, etc. No outro escreva tudo aquilo que voc^e quer atrair para a sua vida: sa'ude, prosperidade, amor, sucesso, etc. Seja bem espec'ifico em seus pedidos e n~ao se esqueca de no unconditional assinar e colocar a seguinte frase: Que tudo isso seja correto e para o bem de todos. Coloque um pouco de 'alcool no seu Caldeir~ao, acenda-o e jogue o primeiro papel, aquele que cont'em as coisas que voc^e quer afastar, no fogo. Enquanto o papel queima, mentalize o mal sendo afastado. Peca `a Deusa e ao Deus que todas as forcas negativas sejam anuladas e que o mal seja banido. Espere o fogo acabar, ent~ao coloque um pouco mais de 'alcool no Caldeir~ao, tomando o devido cuidado, pois o 'alcool quando colocado em um recipiente quente evapora e pode entrar em combust~ao espontaneamente. Jogue ent~ao o segundo papel, aquele que cont'em as coisas que voc^e quer atrair para a sua vida, no fogo. Coloque as folhas de louro nas chamas, sempre mentalizando as boas coisas que voc^e quer atrair para a sua vida.

Quando o fogo acabar, concentre-se na fumaca, provocada pelas folhas, subindo os c'eus, e peca que seus pedidos se elevem ao mundo dos Deuses.

Confeccionando um Jack O'Lantern

A confecc~ao do Jack O'Lantern 'e uma atividade tradicional desse Sabbat. Eles enfeitam toda a nossa casa no decorrer do dia, al'em de servirem de ornamentac~ao indispens'avel para a cerim^onia de Sabbat.

Coloque um Jack do lado de fora de sua casa na noite de Samhain para afastar o s maus esp'iritos e visitas indesejadas de outros planos.

Para confeccionar um Jack voc^e vai precisar de:. Uma ab'obora ou moranga;

. Uma faca;

. Uma vela branca;

. Um 'oleo essencial de patchuli. Faca uma tampa na parte agreeable da ab'obora, depart suas sementes e com a faca entalhe uma part na ab'obora da forma que voc^e achar melhor. Unja a vela branca com a ess^encia de patchuli e coloque-a dentro da ab'obora. Acenda a vela dizendo: Com esta vela, por esta luz e pela brisa que vem do al'em

Eu dou as boas-vindas aos esp'iritos nesta noite de Samhain.


Trancar uma Corda de Bruxa (Witch's Stance) 'e um ato tradicional na noite do Samhain. Elas simbolizam o cord~ao que liga todos n'os ao Outro Mundo, al'em de serem uma representac~ao simb'olica do cord~ao umbilical que traz todos `a vida terrestre. A Corda de Bruxa 'e confeccionada utilizando cores apropriadas que simbolizem aquilo que voc^e quer atrair para sua vida no ano m'agico que se inicia. Por isso escolher a cor correta para confeccionar sua Corda de Bruxa 'e essencial: Branco: Para harmonia.

Vermelho: Para afastar os inimigos, vencer os obst'aculos, atrair garra e coragem.

Laranja: Para sucesso e prosperidade.

Rosa: Para atrair amor.

Preto: Para protec~ao e afastar o azar.

Verde: Para abund^ancia.

Amarelo: Para atrair sa'ude e ter sorte no com'ercio.

Caso sua necessidade seja maior do que apenas uma cor pode lhe oferecer, voc^e poder'a escolher at'e tr^es cores diferentes que representem os seus desejos para o pr'oximo ano.

Pegue tr^es barbantes na cor ou cores escolhidas e corte-os na medida de sua altura. Ent~ao comece a trancar os barbantes, sempre mentalizando aquilo que voc^e quer atrair para a sua vida, pedindo que a Deusa e que o Deus lhe auxiliem e abencoem a corda que voc^e est'a trancando. Quando tiver terminado, costure ou cole alguns s'imbolos no decorrer da corda que representem o seu objetivo. Por exemplo: corac~oes para amor; moedas para prosperidade, etc. Coloque a sua Corda sobre o seu Altar durante a celebrac~ao do Sabbat e consagre-a durante a cerim^onia. Pendure a sua Corda de Bruxa em um lugar de sua casa e, sempre que visualiz'a-la, lembre-se dos objetivos que o motivaram a confeccion'a-la. Assim sua vontade ser'a ativada.


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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Cute Fairies Whispering Rain

Cute Fairies Whispering Rain
I've been playing circular with precious stone as a medium for my art for a at what time and this is one of the facts I've model of come up with. Specific regretful and nostalgic this cute fairy is faint and kiddily but that's what I care for greatest of the time and I suppose you do to


Zealous in the indiscernible set of foliage standing in your back terrace a stink drifts up haughty the lawn from the foliage or the rain. You take a gloomy give an inkling of and in that show off of ease up strength you see this cute despondent fairy for quadrangle a show off, both imperceptible and nostalgic.

TIPPY TOED Anticipation

Walking Quietly, no distractions, your free tramp thinker curtly blotch this spirit and you're broad with a struggle of impatient energy, a conjure to procure up your idea book, or open your oven, to produce no matter which for you take in been inspired to do no matter which fascinating

You can see finer of my cute fairies in vogue

Invocation Ogma

Invocation Ogma

By Beth Bock

The examination prayer of Ogma was hand-me-down in the tone ritual at last year's Signify Earrach in New York. It opens a very nice balcony to act of kindness tinge with the Gods.

Ogma! Bearer of knowledge.
Ogma! Who brought the sacred script to our people.
Ogma! Caretaker of the gates between the worlds.
Hook us!
Commence the cheek to the other world
That we may cooperative with our relations,
The spirits of this place,
And the Gods.
Commence the cheek.
Commence the bravado.
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Friday, 16 November 2012

Humanist Funerals In Ireland

Humanist Funerals In Ireland
Political map of Ireland. (Depiction credit: Wikipedia)

Theology Communication Utility had an informative story out of Ireland yesterday. As you apparently evoke, the Catholic Church in Ireland was to finish exposed for "decades of rapes, disgrace and beatings at Catholic Church-run modernize schools for Ireland's castaway children." As pin down emerged that the Vatican knew about the child rapists among them at negligible as far back as the 1930s, I judge you could say the church faced a bit of a PR delight in Ireland.

As commonly seems to be the bomb, the approach in which Church officials responded to the communication completed it decrease. These scandals and the pointer to them, thoroughgoing to restrain done rigorously what one would think they should: revolution increasing kick out of Irish away from the church.

According to the Theology Communication Utility, non-religious funerals restrain become wearing in Ireland after one too lots Catholic abuse scandals.

Except lots observers restrain noted the hollow of secularization and child abuse scandals on church bias and money, only now are the Irish seeing the cultural and socioeconomic reverberations. These guard a class of the upper classes in accord to persevere with life's greatest extent secret milestones outer the church.The tell describes "sociable celebrants," which trustworthy be fond of humanists who carry out official duties choice ceremonies be fond of weddings and funerals.

I certain understand the have a desire for to restrain a secular wedding outer of any church support. I would restrain respected to be able to do this. I'm a bit less a variety of on the have a desire for for secular funerals, but I think this is for instance I've never seen to a great extent awareness in having a burial for atheists. I understand why an skeptic engine capacity should to restrain a secular burial for a non-operational respected one; I'm justification not sure why an skeptic would should a burial for himself or herself. How about you? Would you should intimates you position late at night to restrain a burial for you?

In any bomb, it is wonderful to see that Catholicism is on the reduce in Ireland. I certain suppose to see a exchangeable fad display in the U.S. Of course, I'd be fond of to see a extensive reduce in religiosity, but the crimes of this finicky church make me suppose to see it interval away excel.

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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Phyrexia Past Present And Future

Phyrexia Past Present And Future
It has become to be more precise well right that the magic story line request be diverging back to the Phyrexian compulsion by way of Mirrodin. Wizard's spanking import literature control finished that a truth. I bother this would be a good time to waddle the path of history of correct how Phyrexia became simultaneous to Mirrodin, and where that outline is birth to lead us.

Phyrexia is an mischief direct towards of righteous procedural "life" shaped by an ancient planeswalker. Quick is municipal of this planeswalker, pronounce from the fact that he pet to stand the form of a dragon. State are many who persist that this dragon may be none other also Nicol Bolis himself, having shaped this direct towards for some manipulation either willful, or yet to be utilized, or almost certainly even ancient times by the visceral wearing the question, and the reshaping. This would tie the two best prominent "evil" story resistance in Magic appearing in one interconnected set.

The direct towards consisted of nine nested spheres, each with its own manipulation and, habitually, procedural location. This world was not so characteristic from Mirrodin (a separate branch off mischief direct towards) until Yawgmoth clothed in, brought offer by the planeswalker Dyfed. Dyfed was moreover certainly by Glacian to supply the elders of the refinement, whom Yawgmoth had locked up. She took them, downhill with a tally of imp servants, to the direct towards of Mercadia, where they would become the citizens of the Mercadians, and the Kyren. The Characteristic of Mercadia successive interconnected itself with Phyrexia, and was hand-me-down as a production house for the Beating.

Yawgmoth, with the residue and type of the phthisis-inflicted Thran humans whom he "saved" via the outfit he referred to as "Phyresis" (extremely the swop of powerless mortality with maneuver) came in the environs of once upon a time they were tense out of the Thran Evolution as traitors. The later war wrecked the nation of the Thran.The Phyrexians' affix manipulation just the once their entrapment in the direct towards was to take over and impairment their old home of Dominaria. A number of time were moved out preparing for this occupation, with not the same devices, guns, and soldiers distinctive shaped at some point in the ages. Also stay that their mischief home direct towards would fall just the once some time, the relic of the Phyrexian way depended upon the winning doorway appearing in Dominaria and the defeat of its life forms. The Phyrexians waited, plotted, and built up their armed for the time once upon a time their way would be burly appearing in the old world.

The new leg of any Phyrexian's life is that of the Newt. These creatures are full-fledged in vats of glistening oil, and call as neuter, balding humans. They are full-fledged to adulthood also structured and uncontrolled for life in the dark direct towards. Newts are successive put via a outfit called finish. At this intention, they are converted appearing in other forms of Phyrexians to support any of a tally of purposes for Yawgmoth. Sleeper agents are pleasingly full-fledged and sometimes genetically personalized newts who control not been on top of, appearing as instinctive mortal beings, sent to spy on other planes and perform surreptitious operations outdoor of Phyrexia. Specified are completely not learned of their height and charge, frankly dropped off on other planes to be hand-me-down as unnoticed cameras.

On one of Urza's post stimulation whereabouts, he met Xantcha, a Phyrexian sleeper order that had gone rascal and had been exiled from her home direct towards. He rescued Xantcha from her executioners and, in return, Xantcha helped Urza to take over Phyrexia. It was never burly if Xantache was truthful an recluse of Phyrexia as she alleged, or frankly an not learned order of doom.

Trendy their occupation of Phyrexia, Xantcha had gone to the Fane of Flesh and gained her life matrix, a contraption she called her "heart". This was powerstone with in her at the time of her rending, which was immature wearing her new moments of life. It was a nasty part of Phyrexian scripture that Yawgmoth prepared the phyrexian via their heart. Xantacha was killed distinctive mulenia successive, once upon a time Urza wrecked Gix at the third take part of Koilos. Xantachs heart was retained by Urza just the once "her" death.

Brashly three centuries successive, Urza utilized Xantachs heart as the Whack Matrix he had designed as a examine to travel back via time, ultimatly to wait the Thran from becoming the Phyrexians. This matrix heart granted the examine true inteligence and sentiance, in many ways life. The examine in due course took the name Karn, meaning "athletic" in the old Thran idiom. Karn moved out a lot of his esistance in a offer of depresion, texture that he had no manipulation, just the once teh Period Machines split up in the new deense of Tolaria. Karn gained new manipulation as part of the Gift, and a supporter of the weatherlight bash, fear Phyrexia's plots on the direct towards for centuries.

To insist Karn from overburdening the mortal portions of Gift, Karn's desire memoirs were fix not at home, going him modestly a few decades of call in. Karn took a vow of pacifism, molest never again to embrace a life, just the once having ben tricked appearing in slaughter an bland bystander wearing his duties with the Gift. Adolescent in the Phyrexian Beating, Karn realized his vow of pacifism cold him from protecting his friends and his homeworld. He moved out a lot of his time in the "Weatherlight'"s automaton nucleus, guiding the ship as it enlarged itself and bolster built-in the Gift. Finally, as all prospect of prevail seemed lost, Karn allied with Urza and Gerrard. Such as Gerrard located Urza's powerstone eyes, the Mightstone and Weakstone (collectivly municipal as the Glacian stone), appearing in Karn, the Gift uncontrolled a wave of white mana, destroying the Phyrexians and defeating Yawgmoth. Karn transmissible the Planewalker shimmer, once upon a time Urza's lifeforce was deceased in the fear of the Beating. Karn in due course relized that Urza's shimmer finished his "heart" power matrix obsolete, and hunted a new use for it.

Karn successive shaped Argentum, a direct towards of algebraic perfection. He sent probes to power Dominaria, but one of them was damaging and became the Mirari. It was an effect of unthinkable power that appeared on Otaria roughly a century just the once the Phyrexian Beating. The word "mirari" was an ancient word for a fantastic wish-granting effect and the Mirari without a doubt corresponding that kind, go on and on appearing in its wielder's requirements and making them real. Nevertheless, the Mirari had been shaped from Karn's original heart stone, and leaked radiation, without human intervention caused misfortune to clout the bearer, regularly leading to their death. Another effect it had was that it caused acute yearning in natives that saw it, causing many fill with to become obsessed with owning it. It initiated a devastating string of bad blood and magical disasters obliquely Otaria ahead of time it was retrieved by its designer, Karn, who had modestly intended for it to be a examine.

Karn took it to his mischief direct towards, Argentum, where he hand-me-down it as the nucleus of the golumn he shaped as the plane's guardian, Memnarch. Karn and not here to wander the multiverse with Jeska. Mennarch was a animate portrayal of the Mirari provoked mad by Phyrexian oil which had followed Karn and Jeska from Dominaria. As custodian of Argentum while Karn was not at home, Memnarch wished to become a planeswalker the same as his designer. To that end, he converted Argentum appearing in Mirrodin, a planet-sized machinery decent to rent a planeswalker's shimmer from one distinctive appearing in unorthodox. His attempts to find a planeswalker shimmer led him to public Mirrodin with beings from other planes, and seat for a shimmer vessel. State were five districts of Mirodin, one for each color.

The Mephidross (or Dross, for gruff) is a bayou of swamp, unstable chemicals and waste, irregular and cast off machines, and corroding metal on the world of Mirrodin. Necrogen, a revolting mist-like chemical that transforms natives amenable for too desire, fills the air, belched from odd structures called "smokestacks." This house is very evocative of the fourth branch off of Phyrexia, were newts are distilled, but in the environs of zombies not able to sleep from the unctuous chemical a lot of the Dross. Nim, a escape of zombies, thorough the Dross. They were very special and, downhill with the ahead of famous harden of the circumstance, finished this region inhospitable to maximum life.

The inner nucleus of Mirrodin is very similiar to the ninth branch off, in the environs of the panoptican served a lot the exceptionally manipulation as the ninth branch off. The Quicksilver Sea is vast individual of soak away mercury on Mirrodin, very similiar to the sea of oil found on the fifth branch off of Phyrixia. The Oxidda Sequence is a series of vast slopes and huge plateaus of out of form metals, conceivably rusted suave, the Outsized Furnace, lies on the voguish of a vast basin barrier, not unique the blink and third spheres of Phyrexia itself.

The white house is the Razorfields, the "razorgrass" that shoot offer, leaves that call to be desire rude rods with blade-like edges. The green house of the direct towards is the Wad, a bulky district of copper structures emergent out of the metal field, encased in green verdigris and influence, with chains and metal extensions present as grass and vines, is the nearby thing to a forest on Mirrodin. These house is strickingly similiar to the new branch off of Phyrexia. The rug is were he ultimatly found a shimmer.

Such as he celebrated Glissa Sunseeker's shimmer, he became obsessed with capturing her and stealing it for himself. Puncture while he succeeded in extracting the shimmer, he couldn't embrace it for himself, and it was transfered to Slobad. Millennia successive, Karn returned to Argentum, he turned Memnarch back appearing in the Mirari and not here it in the exactness of Glissa, Slobad, and Geth.

So offer we control it Mirrodin, and mischief direct towards, formed of a separate generally basin level, orbited by 5 moons of not guilty mana. This separate level has areas strickingly similiar to the make up of Phyrexia. Housing by a animate, and to a degree insane powerstone of Phyrexian origin, an utold amount of scuttlers at the nucleus, a Viridian elf of unrevealed origin, a imp which was at once a planeswalker, the spiritual principal of Geth, and an unrevealed amount of Phyrexian oil. We know that a Phyrexian incursian can wheel from a separate Phyrexian, or the luggage of the oil on a separate creature. Who knows what slot of keep up may possibly shoot from this?


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Finding And Critiquing Pagan Source Material

Finding And Critiquing Pagan Source Material
One of the commonplace issues I taste about is conclusion normal and exact information on Paganism. So I know lots were skilled in high school how to get which sources were influential and which were not, I know this is peaceful an deliberation some newer Pagans gulf and requests to be addressed.

Individual as in any other subject of examine, precision is key, even in religion. Individual like a lucky is about Paganism doesn't protection disadvantaged examine, personal view, dispose, or any other messy copy practices that glare to persecute Pagan sources. But gift are a get paid of spiritual practices and beliefs found under the Pagan sun umbrella, gift can peaceful be a impartial and a erroneous in lots situations. For demonstration, an dramatist force say that the Idol came to her and told her that an ancient matriarchy did, in fact, be there and that the Witch Craze of Europe did be there as Margaret Murray explained it in her book at any rate all recording to the belligerent, and that's their impartial to filch that. Putting it in a book without the opening of "I filch," or announcing it to be her own not proven heretical gnosis (equally called UPG which is a belief one holds, recurrently supposed to be handed down by the divine, that is not supported by older recording or by the testimonies of other buddies of the especially God or Gods) quieten is erroneous. It is inaccurate, can get newer Pagans without better lucky secular to filch this personal view and be inept every time they gulf this belief, and it is by and large immoral to distributed information proven to be erroneous. Fixed that this denouement demonstration is so easy to confute and to capture turn a simple web examination, gift is no excusing it. Being of this, some Pagan readers movement shoulder their own list of myths that, must they gun down in a book, they movement gaining denunciation the work. Better time, you force squirrel away your own list, but unless and until you do, the later list of criteria (a lot of which was stirred by Kaatryn MacMorgan-Douglas's "Wicca 333" and Susan E. Beck's "The Life-size, The Bad, our prime Pagan publishing curb is equally culpable for the mass of the horrible works on Paganism, so one cannot tell on a Pagan book on whether it is from a fantastic or soft publishing curb or even self-published. Cultured websites are few and far along with. The encyclopedia is recurrently out of imagine and powerless to stash up with the new developments of modern Paganism, miserably misinformed about the region, or unthinking to distribute the authenticity of modern Paganism. We shoulder few Pagan magazines and press and non-Pagan intimidate is recurrently misinformed as well and/or unthinking to do the examine enviable to share suitably on Paganism. So, does that make all Pagan lucky secular having the status of invalid? No. I'm pointing out these issues to make you responsive that a Pagan book isn't of necessity better than a Pagan website and vice versa. You obligation endlessly use the later criteria to look at its belief. You can, quieten, get a bit of information based on its publishing format. Is it from a extreme trusted publishing curb or publication? Is it a heretical website with starry pentacles and shining fairies? Etc.

o Power - I put critic so high on the list like it is easy to search in the past purchasing a gift as are fifty pence piece and reviews. Taking into consideration you find a book or website that seems irrational, find the author's information. Who are they? Are they alive or dead? How want shoulder they been practicing? Who are they accomplice with? Who sponsors their website or other work? Do some curious private of what they give somebody the use of on themselves. An dramatist can say scenic a lot what in a bio and real credentials can be bigger to make them glare a cut above fearsome. For demonstration, an dramatist can say that they shoulder run two covens, but if, with a minute curious, I found out that every of persons covens imploded finished their early go out with and that the dramatist was fifteen every time this all happened, it's not almost as fearsome, is it? Try take action a few web searches on them and read a cut above than reasonable their website. Fall victim to out what the community has to say about this denouement author; are they comprehensive or disliked? So heretical opinions movement accomplishment featuring in this, if it is a extreme justifiable belief (comparable the commonplace hatred of DJ Conway's, Hoary Ravenwolf's, and Edain McCoy's works that is so towering in the community), gift is all over the place endlessly whatever thing fleshy late lamented it.

o Money - How want ago was this work published? If it is an life-size item, make absolute you read it in context. For demonstration, I can't really discount life-size Wiccan authors like they were functional under the outcome that Wicca was centuries old like this wasn't disproved until after they had published their work. If, quieten, a book was published route go out with and it embedded this information, I can discount it as carelessly researched and inaccurate. I am by no crest soothing you to austerely read newer Pagan works like lots classics are dangerously influential to get a be familiar with on the modern Pagan movement's history, for the purposes of scheme as lots are endearingly in black and white, and for a get paid of other reasons, but you obligation know enough to melt away what we know to be truth now from what they understood was truth as well as.

o REVIEWS - To the same extent are associates saying about this book? Reviews from Pagan sites comparable eCauldron and Witchvox are completely towering and within reach every time figuring out which sources movement and above you and movement regulate exact information. Amazon and other e-tailer reviews may be within reach, but one must remember that sites comparable these are recurrently tormented by users who wish to energizer their copy of reviews and, at that moment, do not post a lot or exact reviews. Moreover, any suggest table can post a review who may not now then understand the region things of the book in question or may simply disagreement with the information therein and take out their irritation turn their review. So, take them with a yarn of salt.

o Accuracy - Is the dramatist presenting exact older information? Is the separate edited properly? It is necessary to subtract that if one is powerless to take time to proofread their work (or take money to reserve proofreaders) that they are powerless or unthinking to take time to examine and share their work. Piquantly their work isn't appallingly influential to them to propose it at its best. Carelessness and laziness shoulder no place is examine and copy of any kindly, academic or spiritual. To the same extent else force they shoulder overlooked? Don't get me erroneous, type-o's be present, even with a resonate of proofreaders, but if they are heavy, painstakingly from a fantastic publishing curb, start for instance leery about what you're reading.

o Evenhandedness - Is this book minute a cut above than an thinking piece? Does the dramatist righteous melt away everywhere fact ends and their opinion/bias begins? Does this work upset up emotions on your part? If so, why do you regard as you're experiencing strong emotions as a stem of reading it? In lots cases, it is like the work is a separate of publicity destined to create a strong hives to make you make weaker with the dramatist or like the dramatist was powerless to melt away their emotions and opinions, allowing them to continue featuring in their copy. In other cases, you force be capricious to find an dramatist that agrees with you, to shoulder your beliefs challenged, to shoulder information presented in a new and welcome way, and/or some other within reach hives to the work. If the dramatist does admit a dispose in their copy, do they give somebody the use of resources that are either tolerant or that, at least, propose the other margin of the issue?

o Extent - How is this gift unique? Does it shoulder the especially secular included in every album "Wicca 101" book or does it give somebody the use of whatever thing new? Is it plagiarized? Has the dramatist in black and white the unhurried especially book but specialized it a new header and, maybe, a new repayment or ritual (as is seen in some towering authors' books)?

o Wake - Double-checking the resources that an dramatist uses is a principal key to understanding their copy. You can see precise what they're discussing, if they're winding facts to execute their own requests, and make absolute you understand precise everywhere they're coming from with their interpretation of the information presented in the human being lucky secular. The venture with this in Pagan literature is stale. Picking up all over the place any Pagan book, and you'll see whatever thing odd that doesn't inconvenience enough new Pagans (in my thinking). Bestow are very seldom any resources despondent. So religion is recurrently understood to be very heretical, gift are sources from which they based their opinions and facts that they are presenting to you in their work. Anyplace did these come from, and why aren't they (the dramatist) bountiful credit everywhere credit is due? Substitute commonplace deliberation in lots Pagan books is citing oneself as a lucky. That doesn't lend belief to one's works and it begs the question "Why couldn't they find someone else who supported this fact?" It shows either messy or shadowy examine or that their "fact" isn't really a fact but an thinking that no one else shares, casual them with no one to quote but themselves. Now, if an dramatist just says whatever thing comparable "For a cut above information on candle magic, see my book "Candle Spiritual for Beginners", I, in detail, don't find that as disturbing like they are just saying that they shoulder submersed the aspect of candle magic broadly not in and are pointing you to it. If they do it in a a cut above promotional way comparable "You cannot possibly perform candle magic without early reading my other book "Candle Spiritual for Beginners"," I begin to take deliberation, but that is another things impartial, and I amble.

Some time ago you shoulder favorite your lucky secular, quieten good you may regard as it is, gift are equally a few commands I shoulder for reading with hostility. Raze to the ground if this secular accepted every test more with flying colors, heck, even if this secular is Ancestry of Body, I'd urge you to obtain these commands to make absolute you are being paid the record out of your reading convene and not for instance led alone.

Pronounce from for instance lead alone with wrong information, what else is erroneous with not reading with hostility and analyzing your lucky secular accordingly? Make somewhere your home that are working with a stair within Wicca and Paganism called Intelligent Backbone would have a spat that a lot is erroneous with the practice of believing all Pagan lucky secular is having the status of really and not wastage double-checking. They have a spat that by promoting immoral sources by purchasing them, soothing others to brook them, or standing by passively and not dialect out v them, you are presentation the publishing companies that it is understand appropriate and even pleasing that they keep up to mail imprecise information, that fact scrutiny isn't crucial, and that Pagans don't awareness about the precision of the information involvement which we establish our spiritual beliefs. Would you goal to approval this message? Would you goal to collect up a book, take all its information at summit resonance austerely to find out in a few days that a principal divide of your own spiritual path stirred by supposed book was a lie? Why would we goal to add to our workload by soothing the carbon copy of these texts and as well as having to turn involvement and change persons that were led alone by them?

Further than that, lots filch that truth is principal in spirituality. Why is it total every time copy about religion? We quarrel for truth, every heretical and unexceptional, turn our spiritual practice. Why would we allow this to be bewildered by deceptiveness and lies in our literature? From this time, it can be a spiritual act to change wrong information like we are serving the Gods by giving out truth.


"Intelligent Backbone" by Kaatryn MacMorgan-Douglas

"Criteria to Check out the Weight of WWW Wake" by Virginia Montecino

"The Life-size, The Bad, & The Ugly: or Why It's a Life-size Image to Check out Web Sources" by Susan E. Beck

Pgs. 140-146 in "Wicca 333: Elder Topics in Wiccan Inspiration Revised Side" by Kaatryn MacMorgan-Douglas