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Friday, 9 November 2012

How The West Came To Dominate The Whole Wide World

How The West Came To Dominate The Whole Wide World
In the 15th century, Christian Europeans began making sea voyages of finding. Unbearably rapidly, these voyages led to the total fiscal, supporting and goody-goody inspect of the planet. This inspect lies at the end of the evils beforehand Muslims today.

Why were Europeans the absolutely ones to uncover and lead the world, however the Church's lie to them, that the earth was parched and if someone sailed too far, they would fall taking part in Hell! They were not absolutely inward-looking, too expensive and foolish but oppressed by their clerics who victimised them guzzle inquisitions, witch-hunts and charges of heresies. How was it feasible for a outfit with such characteristics to even dream about discovering, and glorious the world?The fact is, the very mother country that foolish its followers, moreover sent them on a Seafaring Contend in the give the impression of being of explorers, traders and colonialists.Followers the pulling down of Baghdad in 1258 AD by Christian-backed Mongols, the web prudent Islamic states were in Africa. Africa was home to out of the ordinary Islamic universities, namely Fez, Timbuktu, Jenne and Al-Azhar, with visit faculties including Law, Medicine, Language rules, Detached house, Crafts, Trade and Countryside which fascinated scholars from all improved the Muslim world. Immobile on the other hand, two-thirds of the world's supply of gold came from West Africa trendy the Mean Ages, aristocratic revenue was prepared from the sale of books. Arabic was not absolutely the address of religion and learning, but it was moreover the address of work and concern.

This is not odd when Islam is a for all religion. Allah (swt) is the Member of the aristocracy of the East, and the West [73:9]. Above and beyond, the Dash Thinker (saw) was sent to the whole mankind, the Dash Send off had been delivered and Islam had been washed up [5:4]. Muslims were prime to practice work, Dawah, Jihad, emigration, etc.

In count, Muslims were sailors, geographers, astronomers and scientists. For representation, in 793 AD, Al-Biruni, an Afghan scientist in the Punjab had deliberate the earth's circumference and thus, Muslims had ascertained that the earth was firm 700 time otherwise the Europeans.

Not the same Christians, Muslims faced few obstacles in propagation Islam in the course of the world. Behind the Cathedral revealed that Muslims from West Africa were actually put it on so, they launched the Seafaring Contend and the inexorable slavery of West Africans.

Abundant citizens are under the significance that the pioneer suit for these actions was economics. Ancient books supply been on paper to starkly talk about the harms of slavery, racial intolerance, fiscal take advantage of, etc.. in order to obscure the truth.

Ahead to secularism, religion played a popular job in all civilisations including the Dull Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Europeans and Indians. In fact, it level does so board up to the bestow day. The speculation of secularism is about 200 hundred time old. In that way, all historical actions poverty be interpreted using the goody-goody cite carcass, and not the chronological, fiscal, or even geo-political cite carcass.

By sternly analysing the Kuffar's so called intellectual writings using the Islamic cite carcass, we find that they thoughtfully ache to remove, obscure or murmur the job of Muslims in world history. Unmoving, they recurrently reveal the very opposite of what was considered. These history books supply the very information they musing to subjugate or folder crucial facts of which they were naive. Immobile Shaytan cannot sign up a book perfectly devoid of truth

In 1457, the Government of Cardinals met in Holland as a truthful and unconventional plan, the need of Africans for the opinion of their trade to Christianity and take advantage of in the labour name as chattel wherewithal. This devilish clue rapidly gained the moral blessing from the Pharaoh (Pope) and became a be around policy of the Catholic Cathedral, and second of the Protestant churches.

A bull of Pharaoh Nicholas V instructed his followers to `attack, concern, and temper to perpetual slavery the Saracens, Pagans and other enemies of Christ, southward from Peninsula Bojador and including all the soar of Guinea'.

Having launched inquisitions in France and Italy, the Cathedral lingering it to Spain in 1481 to stop or by force twist Muslims. On 2nd January 1492, the train Muslim take in Spain, Granada was invaded by Christian armies, thus slam about 700 time of Europe's Islamic civilisation.

Behind Granada level, the Spanish monarchy payable Columbus a Genoese seafarer `to go by way of the West to India'. Columbus set cross in the name of the Trinity from the harbour of Palos on 3rd Noble 1492. He sailed down the West soar of Africa to some unsociable islands, in addition to tight tangentially the Atlantic Marine.

On the very core page of his coordinator, Columbus describes the ignominious end of the Muslims in Granada. He in addition to goes on to lob the be directed at of his supervisor to the lands of India to line the Piquant Khan, who related his predecessors, had visit get older appealed to Rome to tattle him in Christianity, to clash the religion of 'Mahomet' and all idolatries and heresies.

He moreover wrote that he hopes in God to find gold mines and spices in great quantities that within three time, Spain would fetch and organise themselves to go to lead the Consecrated Sepulchre, for all the wealth gained in the creation poverty be not here on the conquest of Jerusalem.

By 1500, a dimensions of majestic marriages took place linking the Spanish monarchy with that of Hapsburg cargo in Austria, Germany and Holland. Spain became a global society, stretching from Vienna to Peru! Charles V, who held aristocratic than 60 majestic titles declared: `in my realm the sun never sets'. The Cathedral which recurrently arrangement these majestic marriages began to ponder a for all Christian society had at train been achieved.

The pulling down of Al-Andalus was controlled, to observe that Muslims from Africa might not encourage their co-religionists in Europe. Including two year's passing and a papal bull, a Contend was launched in 1415 not keen Ceduta, a Muslim garrison and a trading centre on the African next opposite to Gibraltar. A well armed Portuguese Task force, supported by a contingent of English archers surprised Ceduta within a day.

The Portuguese set out with the intention of uniting the Christian armed of Europe with folks of Africa, namely Ethiopia in an all out war not keen the Muslims and to make their lob taking part in a life-size African-Indian society, stretching from the Atlantic Marine to the Indian Marine and bigger than the continent of Europe. To set upon this the Cathedral had unconditional the Portuguese organisational skills and uninhibited ferocity to go forth to lead and keep inside.

The opening Portuguese were not traders or private adventurers, but aggressors with a majestic lobby group to lead acquire and push the discredit of Christianity.

In July 1497, Vasco Da Gama set cross from Lisbon. unusual long-ago Portuguese expeditions, Da Gama continued nautical improve down the West soar of Africa and north lay aside the East African soar. Including the help of an Arab pass through borrowed from Malindi inmodern Kenya, Da Gama entered the IndOcean and appearing in at Calicut in 1498.

A further hound, consisting of thirteen ships and 1200 crowd, under the neatness of Cabral, was despatched in 1500. The sum of his instructions was to begin with preaching, and, if that messed up, to move out to the concise verdict of the sword. On reaching Calicut, Cabral established factories in skill of harsh dislike.

In 502 Da Gama sailed once again to the East, with a hurried of twenty vessels and thus began the Contend, Christianisation, conquest, and `commerce' of Africa and India.

In the manner of Spain and Portugal had been second hand to glimpse fundamental bases and ports in the Americas, Africa, India and South-East Asia to hold the discredit of Islam, authority and on the ball Europeans were in addition to de rigueur to maintain and proliferate the frontiers of in recent times acquired territories and `administer' the income in these lands, on a worthy never seen in history. Their aim was to observe the expansive, fiscal, supporting, mechanical, armed forces and spiritual inspect of the world by the West to this very day.

To set upon this, the Cathedral twisted, financed and organised a New Describe, in which goody-goody reconstruction, mechanical and fiscal uprising at the same time took place, namely Protestantism, modern science and capitalism respectively. The prudence of this New Describe was the interruption of Catholic Spain and Portugal by Protestant France, Holland, Germany, Britain, etc.

Unmoving, the odd policy of the `enlightened and unconventional Protestants was truly the enormously as the Catholics, namely the slavery, genocide, raid, Christianisation of non-white, non-Western, non-Christian citizens, but at increased levels of magnitude and efficiency.

Now, on the ball Europeans might design and build machines, fight wars using mechanised weapons, honor knotty ephemeral unconditional by facility managers and armed forces leaders; snag and `cultivate' income including citizens (slavery) and stuff (colonialism), and make public them forcibly the world as inputs to the factories of the Money-making Insubordination or as undivided products to the colonies. The globalisation of work in `stolen procure was sanitised by the form, Capitalism. The work was financed by the prevalent owners of reserves, namely the Cathedral and Jews, underpinned by usury, sanitised by the form, have to do with. As Catholics were skilled that indulging in usury was akin to sodomy, the Protestant order was skilled no such thing, thereby enabling its global task and thus causing so ominously despondency for the common herd today. Wee catch unawares that the capitalistic theories of Adam Smith -a Jew- are level in vogue under neo-colonialism.

Behind King Henry VIII poverty-stricken in another place from the Cathedral, he started edifice Britain's core Fleet. The Protestant British Evolution was built on Seafaring power and ruled one quarter of the world. India was not the jewel in the Plaque but the zombie of the Evolution technique men and provisions for the Close relative State-owned. One of the very train countries colonised by Britain was Palestine in 1917, like the British Navy General entered Jerusalem declaring: `Today the Crusades supply polished. At full tilt behindhand, the British Evolution started to respite like nationalists from India demanded independence. Palestine was colonised to protect the route to India. In 1947 Palestine was handed improved to the Zionists. The never bygone be directed at of the Cathedral, the repossess of Palestine, had absolutely been achieved.

Having been formerly cast out from European countries, the Jews returned under the New Whatsoever Describe, to keep inside the socio-economic, supporting and odd relations of the Gentiles (non-Jew) by on a slope principle the Cathedral. In count, two famous Gothic Cathedrals were built, the Family unit of Lords (for clergy, crowned heads, feudals) and Family unit of Playground and a replica of St. Peter's Basilica -the Feeble Family unit, from where `Democracy' might be practised to without help and democratically special chronological Western governments to complete to fight Islam and Muslims and support the Zionist improve in Palestine in the 20th Century.

For the East, the Cathedral twisted inexperienced Describe using Jews related Karl Marx but based on superior secularism (Communalism) to lead folks countries with strong goody-goody beliefs related Porcelain and Africa. Unmoving, this Describe, enjoy in prudence to British Imperialism, polished in fiasco in Afghanistan

It is the enormously old Pharaohnic Program that was behind the pagan Greek and Roman Empires, political the snap of Dull Egypt. The Greek and Roman religion was based on sculpt myths and myths.

Whatever mutations they go through: Pharaohnic, Greeco-Roman, Catholicism, Rejuvenation, Protestantism, Colonialism, Secularism, State, Devotion, Zionism, Communalism, Pitiless War, New Construction Describe, etc.

IT IS Good-natured THE Precise OLD Attack In the midst of Reliance AND Thought.....................

The exploit continues.