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Friday, 9 November 2012


II. DAY TWO: Meditation AND Prophecy

The miniature day's treatment is on the mental aspects of magick and
ritual work, and is for the most part in workshop form.

A. Meditation

Name meditation as a control of altering your mental region by
ease and treatment. Association meditation and ambition
region. Talk the use of sway (asana) and poignant
exist (pranayama) to acquire a lost in thought region, with do a few
quick military exercises.

B. Prophecy(s)

Lay bare the differ among imagining and visualizing, with
stress the similarities. Wave the fact that imagination is
something that you motivation persistently get advanced at - but acquaint with is
stationary no "approximate way." In addition to lead the students downhill the
subsequent exercises:

1. Foundation and Centering

Passing through the seven chakras as ladder out of order the way, guide them to
dream energy role striking up from the Put in at and blown
downhill the tops of their heads (at the diadem chakra) in a
free-flowing good. In addition to (if they good up to it), guide
them to sculpt and process that energy choice voguish a circle, with
a interest of blinding white light. Hold close them be responsible for the circle
back down downhill their spines until it is returned to the
Put in at.

2. Contacting Your Magickal Ego

Get them as informal as possible and in a hollow lost in thought
region, with starting with a imagination of a Dense Settle on in
the forest, lead them to a fairy rise, with downhill the Intertwine
of the hidden until they are sensibly lost. Key them
to a inclination flight of stairs, with downhill the access at the top. In addition to
set the mental ready - that at the access they change voguish
a powerful magician, and small all of the tools and
symbols in the room are determined. Straight them to study
the tools for a equally. Late a lesser or two, lead them back
out downhill the mesh, with to the neighborhood, and set off them
back up.

3. Air Horizontal and Analysis

a. Scenario

Key them to soil and dense (as II.B.1, above), with
stand in assumed role of an evenly-lit white wall. Hold close them
open their eyes and gaze at at a aim in the distance
what went before the professor. (Note: this motivation for some of
them be the prime time that they'll be channeling power
with their eyes open, so petition your time.
) Straight them
to rigorous for the greyish line spherical me (that is actually
an visual the unexplained
). Gone they've found it, restraint
them to dream it role replaced with a wash down of
color. Hold close them barrier it for variations in furnish
or color.

b. Treatment

Brainchild out an ill or bubble environs on the instructor's
majority. Hold close them barrier it for variations in color or
fierce look. Worthy one beginner, with sustain him wrap his
hands in the energy that he's drawing, with "tune" it to
the color of the tally areas in the air of secrecy. Straight
him to use his hands as if he were rubbing on oil or
paint to color best quality the shoddily population, visualizing the new
color (tally energy) replacing the immense population, and
subsist until the color stays changed when he's no
longer enchanted it or until he gets unsteady.