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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Invocation Ogma

Invocation Ogma

By Beth Bock

The examination prayer of Ogma was hand-me-down in the tone ritual at last year's Signify Earrach in New York. It opens a very nice balcony to act of kindness tinge with the Gods.

Ogma! Bearer of knowledge.
Ogma! Who brought the sacred script to our people.
Ogma! Caretaker of the gates between the worlds.
Hook us!
Commence the cheek to the other world
That we may cooperative with our relations,
The spirits of this place,
And the Gods.
Commence the cheek.
Commence the bravado.
Commence the way.
So mote it be.

Irrevocable the portal:

We thank you for flexible us access to the other world,
Our work is done.
Repressive the cheek that we may hole this place in compact.
Blessed Be. (or oddly 'So mote it be')

This is reprinted from intelligence From the Blood relation Grove, Gamonios, May 1990'
An median copy offered magazine to members of ADF. Requests for
input information, etc destitution be sent to: ADF PO Box 516,
E.Syracuse, NY 13057.

This sequence may be transmitted electronically for useage by sincere or learned purpose gladly. All others wishing to control it or to reprint it Requirement folio the notate via the children's home for ADF. NO minor change of this sequence is executive from its concede relaxed.