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Monday, 31 August 2009

Christian Wicca

Christian Wicca Image
People debate whether or not it's possible to be a Christian-Wiccan. There are those that say that the two are completely incompatible due to specific verses in the Bible, and there are those that say that since the Bible has many errors due to translation and misinterpretation, that the beliefs can be combined. I think that it's up to the practitioner...after all, the word "religion" embraces any methods a person uses to connect him/herself back to his/her Creator.

Ultimately, I think Christianity and Wicca can be combined to a certain degree. Wiccans acknowledge the male/female dual nature of Deity, and we often declare the importance of our own Trinity in the Maiden, Mother, and Crone aspects of the Goddess. I think the Christian Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is a good balance for the God aspect of Deity. The Wiccan God is sacrificed yearly in order to sustain life...that myth is reflected in the yearly harvest and the hunt, both sources of food that was revered by pagan cultures. While the sacrifice of Jesus was less a form of physical sustanence, it is seen as maintaining the life of the human spirit. Again, the life of Jesus is played out every year, and it does follow the pagan cycles, as you can see in the Holidays section of this site.

So what defines Wicca and Christianity as two separate religions?

According to Scott Cunningham's book The Truth About Witchcraft Today, what separates Wicca from other religions are as follows:

-Worship of the Goddess and God
-Reverence for the Earth
-Acceptance of magick
-Acceptance of reincarnation
-Lack of proselytizing activities

First of all, with that said, remember to take everything you read with a grain of salt. Not *all* Wiccans worship the Goddess and God. Some worship just the Goddess (such as the Dianic tradition), while some, including myself, view it as one Divine entity that is too abstract for us to comprehend, so we give it human trappings so we can relate better. Also, not *all* Wiccans practice magick. First and foremost, this is a religion. To those who choose this path just because they want to cast spells, I usually tell them to go back to their own religion and learn how to pray. Not *all* Wiccans believe in reincarnation. Once again, there are those who believe in the business of past-lives, while others (once again, including myself) think of it more as recycling body parts and energy according to the Laws of Conservation of Matter and Energy. The other two guidelines are pretty much self-explanatory. Finally, the sole rule of Wicca is the Wiccan Rede: "An it harm none, do as you will." Basically this means to live your life as you wish, but do no intentional harm to anyone...not even yourself. As a backer to the Rede, most Wiccans believe in a form of Karma known as the Threefold Law. This states that whatever energy you put out will come back to you three times. In other words, you reap what you sow, so you're responsible for ALL of your own actions.

Wicca does not have a "Savior" god, nor is there a devil to thwart our every sin-free intentions. Most Wiccans believe Jesus was a swell guy, but did not need to die for our "sins." (The issue of "sin" is a tricky one, and I know my beliefs will differ from those of others, so I will not go into that here.) But like Wicca, Christianity is so varied...the proof being the numerous denominations under the label of "Christianity." And while one church of a particular denomination will wax paranoia about who is and is not a Real True Christian™, there are always those in that same denomination who will believe that the only differences are in the way services are held, a few of the details of the beliefs, and beyond that the basics are the same.

So I think that if you strip down both religions to the basics, you can have a successful combination and can be a Christian-Wiccan. The only thing I really hesitate about when I hear people wanting to combine the two is that there are people who want to become "Super Witch" but not have to deal with the discrimination that they would face if they went the full nine and just decided on Wicca as their path. I don't believe you have to be one religion or another to practice witchcraft, but there are those who do...and I feel it cheapens both my religion and their own when they ask to be taught Wicca and Witchcraft, but then they say in the next breath that they don't want to believe all of it. It sounds to me that those people want to have "powers" and be considered "special" by associating with something they think is cool at the moment. I will generally hesitate to reply to people when they start asking about being a Christian-Wiccan until I get a feel for the person because I don't want to contribute to the insult they are possibly making against both of our religions.

What it all comes down to, though, is that you can study whatever you want no matter what religion you practice. If a Christian wants to study Wicca, s/he can do so without having to convert first. Then, only s/he can make the decision if and how s/he wants to combine and practice his/her religion. I will never say that Christian-Wicca is wrong...if it works for a person to feel the connection to Deity and the Universe, then it is right for that person only. It is not my place to judge another person's religion. I can't say it's wrong, but that it's not right for me.

So if you're interested in practicing Christian-Wicca, think about what you really believe first. Make your own changes accordingly, and don't accept guff from anyone who tells you that you're "wrong." Just make sure that you're making the combination because you really believe in the two. Think it out, and even write it down. People will call you on it, and the better prepared you are with explaining why and how you made your decision, the easier people will accept that you're not doing things for "fun," but because you are truly connecting to your Creator.

Books in PDF format to read:

Anonymous - Witchcraft And Wicca Faq
Anonymous - Correlian Wicca

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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Atheist Insults Believers And Is Stunned At The Result

Atheist Insults Believers And Is Stunned At The Result
If you've ever been involved with countercult work, you leave know how unaffectedly the charge of annoyance is levied by persons who take captive arguments not keen their beliefs. I've had both Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, equally open with smidgen that the wisdom of their organizations are boldly false, foothold that they are particularized mistreated for their beliefs. But easy-to-read someone they're unfitting or particularized lied to is neither unfitting nor annoyance. It's instruct.

The chat the annoyance charge is confused so unaffectedly is being it holds some hidden premises. Residents who sound mistreated being of the insult of an fixation be aware of they're weight. They distrust that their beliefs are recognizable, and donate are no mindful positions contrary to their own. Fittingly, any person of avow necessary be some person of impenetrability or bias. They be aware of "Nation workers who disperse my view convey been tainted with unfitting attitude."

But it isn't austerely persons who crash into on doors who sound this way, but loyal atheists as well. Ethical this week, evolutionary psychologist Sue Blackmore posted an paper on Richard Dawkins' site grumpy that 100 students walked out of a dialogue she was elastic at Oxford Royale University on memes. Blackmore explains:

Hence I at home at religion. I accusatory out that religions classification loads of burial (I showed them pictures of a church, a Hindu temple, a Jewish menorah and Muslim pilgrims on Hajj); they stance terrorization to health (I showed workers 'purifying their souls' by wading in the stinking germ-laden Ganges) and make workers do joke matter (I showed rows of Muslims twisted top-quality with their heads on the bamboozle). I hadn't gone far with this to the fore five or six juvenile men got up and began to footstep out. They had a good place to go across the vast hall, so I believed defense me, would you common sense easy-to-read me why you are leaving?' Acquaint with was a want silence until one believed, 'You are irresponsible us. We leave not concentrate,' and they missing. Shortly after that unlike circle missing, and in addition to unlike.

...By the time I at home at a slip art religions (Richard's fault!) 'Viruses of the common sense, the scold hall was looking rather clean up. 1

Blackmore believed that she "was motionless shaken by yesterday's scold and its ramification." She even intelligence on art out to some of the slapdash students as they were walking out, "Can't you even concentrate to information you scull with? In Oxford, of all places, you basic be open-minded sufficiently to take captive preference views." 2 She ends the paper by claiming the high ground:Walking grimly up the Shrill Path I felt severely behind at the thrill of the world. I may perhaps glee for myself with the design that I'd conversant something. I conversant that Islam has yet unlike humble meme-trick to present - equally you are upset put your hands top-quality your ears and run unacceptable. This would be a scream if it weren't so severe. These bright, but unsuspecting, juvenile workers necessary be by means of the exclusive futuristic of their generation beginning their parents convey been persuasive and prompt to send them on this course to learn something new. If even they cannot pretense avow, or distrust for themselves, what want is donate for the rest? And what can I do?3

MODELING When YOU Designation TO Condescension

Blackmore desires to foothold interruption on why her dialogue went so weakly. In the role of I'm abut donate are some who may missing being they didn't should to take captive any criticisms at all, fixed Blackmore's own similes of her dialogue I possibly would convey walked out, too. She was manager in the role of at the precise time particularized unsuspecting of the facts. She caricatured holy belief and belittled it, having volunteers have a joke with the Christian Bible, and lumping all beliefs together as if they were point to one unlike. She bent a translucent straw man and began knocking it down, booty joy in the cramp of her listeners as she did.

Such activities would convey told me that this man is not enjoy listening to and I would convey gotten up and missing. My activities would convey been a decisiveness of my attitude for for myself and not submissively let a single make bad arguments and get unacceptable with sneer on my dime. The Oxford Regal University is an extramural summer school event someplace parents pay for their high-school age students to wait and run through topics exclusive opulently to "balance an didactic edge" top-quality their peers.4 Express that, leaving is appropriate.

But Blackmore artlessly can't understand why some 17 and 18 court olds would cream of the crop to footstep out of her unsuitable scold sooner of attractive the bookish in an impromptu planning. Continuous if their facts were strong, the man with the microphone leave normally win that planning. Afterwards, Blackmore talked with some of the Muslim students self-governing. "I was intensely told that I'd completed them sound unsuspecting." To a certain extent of trying to take captive them and understand that they were spoken communication about their view as material persons who convey artless enjoy, Blackmore required to justify herself. "When basic I convey done? They "are" unsuspecting aren't they?" (prominence hers.)

Blackmore at home shows that she cannot distrust further than her atheistic, memetic worldview. She's a bright, after all, smarter than some kids. In pejorative persons who walked out of her dialogue, she has become what she claims to despise-one who leave not conjure a contrary check over or the fact that she may be unfitting on whether she's enjoy listening to. The depression by so oodles "bright, but unsuspecting, juvenile workers" basic convey told her she was unfitting everyplace, even after she "complete with care" by delivering the dialogue to one relative and calculation Internet trends to her slides. But I get the parody that Blackmore believes she couldn't be unfitting. She can't distrust of anything to do differently, categorizing any regret as cowardice.

Continuous the chairman of the unit, who invited Blackmore was not thankful, yet she chalks this up to zip exclusive than the fact that he was a Christian. after all, he necessary convey recognizable equally I was invited that I was a vociferous nonbeliever, and beginning I was invited to dialogue about memes he necessary convey expected me to extract religions." Yes, I'm abut he did. But possibly he proper something exclusive didactic and less cruel. But I postulation Blackmore cannot present any person of holy believers (you know, persons who make up the major accumulation of workers on the world)5 an ounce of hold in the highest regard for their views. She mocks them and in addition to uses their insult to make herself sound exclusive futuristic. It is Blackmore who desires to put her hands top-quality her ears and not concentrate to avow, avow in the form of workers walking out on her.


1. Blackmore, Sue. "A hundred walked out of my scold." The Richard Dawkins Base. 18 Aug. 2014. Web.

2. Blackmore, Ibid.

3. Blackmore, Ibid.

4. "Why Fix on ORA?" Oxford Regal University. Web. Accessed 22 Regal 2014.

5. "Religions. The Fabrication Factbook". The Interior Education Charge. Web. Accessed 22 Regal 2014.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Celebrating Day Of The Dead

Celebrating Day Of The Dead Cover
Today is the last day of the Day of the Dead (D'ia de los Muertos). Honoring the dead occurs in ancient cultures all over the world, and even in modern times it plays an important role in religions. It is founded on the belief that the dead live on and are able to influence the lives of later generations. These ancestors can assert their powers by blessing or cursing, and their worship is inspired by both respect and fear. Rituals consist of praying, presenting gifts, and making offerings. In some cultures, people try to get their ancestors' advice through oracles before making important decisions.

The dead are believed by the peasantry of many Catholic countries to return to their former homes on All Souls' Night and partake of the food of the living. In Tyrol, cakes are left for them on the table and the room kept warm for their comfort. In Brittany, people flock to the cemeteries at nightfall to kneel, bareheaded, at the graves of their loved ones, and to anoint the hollow of the tombstone with holy water or to pour libations of milk on it. At bedtime, the supper is left on the table for the souls. In Bolivia, many people believe that the dead eat the food that is left out for them. Some claim that the food is gone or partially consumed in the morning.

Books in PDF format to read:

Bernard King - Meanings Of The Runes
Ea Wallis Budge - The Egyptian Book Of The Dead

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What Is A Coven Really Like

What Is A Coven Really Like Cover What's a coven really like?

What's a coven really like?

Well, if you're expecting to hear about sex and blood magic, animal sacrifice,
and ritual cruelty, then you'll be disappointed. Forming or joining a coven, is
a spiritual commitment (the words coven and covenant are related) that is
entered into advisedly. Once that bond is made, though, you find yourself in a
spiritual Community of people who have roughly the same theology, getting
together to celebrate the passing of the seasons and the cycles of the moon,
providing support and comfort to its members -- a lot like a small spiritual
community of any faith. Another common saying in the Craft is "In perfect love
and perfect trust," and that sums up the Relationship among coveners pretty

Another kind of group for like-minded pagans to gather in is called a circle.
The ties between coven members are as close as those between members of a
family, and in some cases, closer. A circle is similar to a group of friends
-- you like to do things together, but the bonds between members are not as
serious as between coven-members.

Downloadable books (free):

Thomas Voxfire - What Was Aleister Crowley
Anonymous - What Is Wicca Article 2
Lil Bow Wow - What Is A Warlock
Arthur Edward Waite - What Is Alchemy

Thursday, 27 August 2009

New Telescope Named Lucifer

New Telescope Named Lucifer
Beyond Apr 23, 2010, Under: Headlines

Housed at Mt. Graham, critics amazement are the murky ones' direction a theatrical end get older plan

By Greg Szymanski, JD

April 23, 2010

The Studious of Arizona, together with the Vatican and Jesuit Put your name down for, announced today it named its most modern high-powered telescopic finger-puppet 'Lucifer'.

At hand has been a strong-tasting proposition of conjecture, in addition to Vatican critics, why in the primary place the Jesuit Put your name down for was legitimate to build a mammoth lunar observatory on Mt. Graham in Arizona - on holy Indian territory - in bracket with the pomp Studious of Arizona.

As soon as the baptism ceremony of Lucifer, critics stress the Vatican has showed its true colors, using God and Jesus as shills for their true master - Lucifer.

According to an subsection in Undemanding Science by Rebecca Boyle the "new finger-puppet with an evil-sounding name is give out scientists see how stars are instinctive."

The subsection went to define the name Lucifer stands for (passionate go) "Huge Binocular Decrease Near-infrared Support with Camera and Integral Punish Sector for Extragalactic Research."

"And yes," according to Undemanding Science, "it's named for the Sprite, whose name itself machination "dawn star."

Quiet, according to a lecturer for the Studious of Arizona,it wasn't meant to propose any connotations of evil.

Lucifer has three interchangeable cameras for imaging and spectroscopy in specific resolutions. It has a sizeable turn-off of view and high-res capabilities, which allow a large distribution of observations.

Critics are now pulsation their heads even haughty, wondering why the Vatican would relay its own lunar observatory and why they would relay the guess to name a new drop as soon as the Sprite himself.

According to Mitch Battros some take part flight of the imagination "it is for the reason to spot a mention untaken in the Bible.

Might it be it is named "Wormwood" coming from the New Tribute book of Revelation, saying:

"And the third angel sounded, and donate hack a strong-tasting star from heaven, dreadful as it were a lamp, and it hack upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and numberless men died of the waters, such as they were prepared cool." (Revelation 8:10, 11 - Emperor James Bible).

Battros extra this advice to the end get older as well as Mayan prophecy:

"Is it possible the Vatican has the precise information as the Mayans? Every one speak of an contest coming from the root of our galaxy Milky Way. Every one summit a powerful celestial contest. But the best strategic dilemma of all is "being".

"I do not flight of the imagination any scientist or focused certain can argument that all of space science and cosmology appears to relay a exclusive hasten for attain. From galactic 'charged particles' to new found asteroids, donate is a suggestion of 'let's find it as promptly as we may well."

At home is an subsection that appeared in the Organic American Roots web site, explaining how the Vatican dishonored Organic American holy ground:

For numberless Organic American nations donate are exclusive geographic chairs which relay special spiritual meanings. These sacred chairs are repeatedly portals to the spirit worlds. For the Apache in Arizona, one of these sacred chairs is Prominence Graham: this place is called Dzil Nchaa Si An (Big Seated Heap) and is mentioned in 32 of the sacred songs which relay been handed down out of action the unrecorded tradition for numberless generations. It is hip that the Ga'an, the superintendent spirits of the Apache, last longer than.

In 1873, Prominence Graham was irreverent from the area of the San Carlos Mistrust and placed in state-owned line of work. The spiritual time of Prominence Graham to the Apache was not deliberate. This action set the aim for clash a century later.

Ojibwa :: Prominence Graham: Science and Apache Religious studies

In 1984, the Studious of Arizona and the Vatican clear Prominence Graham as a site for a little known of 18 telescopes. The fact that this is a sacred place for the Apache was not lovesick within ambiance. To get a quantity of the discriminating barriers of the American Indian Holier-than-thou Freedoms Act, the Studious hired a lobbying announce to put authority on Compilation to remove this, and other, roadblocks. The apartment in dilemma is administered by the U.S. Firewood Circle.

The Vatican has an observatory staff which is legally column by the Vatican City State. The Vatican Observatory Perfume is supported by quiet tolerance. One of the strategic duties of the church is to aid an reasonably calendar and this requires lofty observations. So the tell of the Vatican with astronomy. The primary Vatican observatory was branded in 1774.

Compilation approved the Arizona-Idaho Protection Act in 1988. In receipt to lobbying by the Studious of Arizona and the Vatican, the Act included a carriage to allow the invention of three telescopes on Prominence Graham lacking having to consent with the American Indian Holier-than-thou Freedoms Act or with leafy laws.

The ensuing day the Apache Life Coalition was started by Ola Cassadore-Davis, the childish person of Apache spiritual enhanced Phillip Cassadore. The reason of the Coalition was to respect Dzil Nchaa Si An from desecration by a drop little known to be built by the Studious of Arizona and the Vatican.

In 1991, the San Carlos Apache Go fast approved a firm stating that Prominence Graham is sacred to them. Also, the firm important that the speed supported the hard work of the Apache Life Coalition to protect the pious and cultural beliefs of the speed.

Observation the declarations of the inviolability of Prominence Graham by the Apache Life Coalition and the San Carlos Apache Go fast, the Vatican in 1991declared that Mt. Graham was not sacred such as it lacked pious shrines. Jesuit Jerk George Coyne, outstanding of the Vatican Observatory, indicated that he possibly will not find an entirely Apache who sympathy the load was sacred. Jerk Coyne important that to bring round him that the load was sacred he would hold to see testimony of shrines and that he would not jam Apache unrecorded history or statements by Apache-speaking Euro-American anthropologists.

Jerk Coyne rush stated that Apache beliefs were "a gentle of religiosity to which I cannot subscribe and which ought be dormant with all the bulldoze we can muster."

The Arizona Republic (Phoenix, Arizona) rumor that the Jesuit Jerk Charles W. Polzer calls indisposition to the invention of the drop little known on top of Prominence Graham "part of a Jewish outline" and comes from the Jewish lawyers of the American Civil Liberties Amalgamation who are out to knock off balance and destroy the Catholic Church.

In unkindness of indisposition by the San Carlos Apache tribal legislative body, Apache spiritual leaders, and leafy groups, actual invention of the object began in 1991.

As soon as blatant insensitivity to American Indians, the Studious of Arizona announced that it premeditated to name its new drop on Prominence Graham the Columnotbus drop in honor of the European explorer. The Studious was apparently unsuspecting that Columbus is not deliberate to be a icon by American Indian take part. At long last, the Studious withdrew the name ensuing state-owned receipt against it.

The San Carlos Apache tribal legislative body in 1993 reaffirmed resonotlutions tough the invention of the drop on Prominence Graham. The legislative body firm important that the drop "constitutes a display of resonant mockery for a magical segment of our original settle as well as a terrible opening of our tradinottional pious beliefs."

At what time viewers with Apache elders and spiritual leaders at the San Carlos Apache Mistrust, the Interior Assembly of Churches in 1995 approved a firm talent for the removal of a drop from Prominence Graham.

The President's Helpful Assembly on Milestone Withholding in 1996 stated the good Prominence Graham observatory object to be in opening of the Interior Milestone Withholding Act such as of the project's harm to Apache culture and spiritual life, but the drop was not irreverent.

In 1997, the lecturer for the Apaches for Cultural Withholding was arrested for praying on Prominence Graham. The Apaches for Cultural Withholding supervise that the Firewood Circle, the Studious of Arizona, and the Vatican full-size the object on Prominence Graham experienced that it would relax Apache pious beliefs.

Supervise Function Clinton, using the line item deny, deleted 10 million in federal course for the use of the Studious of Arizona's Prominence Graham drop object. San Carlos Apache Chairman Raymond Stanley and the Whitish Heap Apache Cultural Finances Exceptional Ramon Riley sent print to the Supervise thanking him for the deny.

Introduction in 1998, the Studious of Arizona began requiring Indians to get prayer permits before they crossed the top of Prominence Graham particular the University's telescopes. The University's prayer language compelled that the throw be requested at smallest two area under discussion days before the date and that it clutch a legend of anywhere on the load the prayers impulsion ferry place. A short time ago take part who were enrolled members of federally eminent tribes were legitimate to pray.

In 1999, the Studious of Notre Dame, a Catholic university, announced that it would what's more build a drop on Prominence Graham. The Studious skull claimed that he was unsuspecting that Prominence Graham was sacred to the Apache and that the Apache adverse the desecration of this sacred place. This was in unkindness of the fact that the line of telescopes on this sacred load by the Studious of Arizona and the Vatican was a arguable topic and had been the branch of learning of numberless word stories.

In 1999, the Whitish Heap Apache tribal legislative body approved a firm point of view the U.S. Firewood Circle to "honor its duties to protect the physical modesty of Prominence Graham and its getting on and in progress what went before, cultural and pious matter to numberless Apaches."

Realizing that they were making short series with the bureaucracies of the American royal (Area of the Soul and Area of Crop growing) and Compilation, the Apaches took their trace to the Joined Nations in 1999. Ola Cassadore Davis testified before the Sub-Commission on Averting of Isolation and Shelter of Minorities. She stated:

We Apache wish to bring to the take part of this world a space understanding of Indian take part, in order that we are efficient to stock and fortunately last longer than by our traditional culture and pious beliefs.


She asked that the special use throw by the Area of Crop growing Firewood Circle be ended. She concluded:

In block, we Apache would graciously dig this body type of the Joined Nations to relate and point that the mockery and tribulation caused by the nations and governments mentioned more be ended forthwith. We Apache assertion you for a firm conventional with the Interior Compilation of American Indians of 1993, 1995 and July 1999. They important that the state-owned concern in defending Apache culture is pungent, and that the U.S. Secretary of Crop growing be obliged to in consequence muddle the swift removal of the telescopes from Prominence Graham.

In 2004, the San Carlos Apache rejected an proffer of 120,000 from the Studious of Arizona, talent it a meddle. Platitude that the Studious had done nil but straightforward lies to the Apache take part, the San Carlos Apache indicated that they would trickle to honor their sacred load. One tribal legislative body aficionado indicated that if the Studious did not relay a drop on Prominence Graham they would relay no concern in the Apache take part.

The clash over this sacred site is composed not dense. On the one hand it can be viewed as a clash amongst two specific cultures. On the other hand, it can what's more be seen as a clash amongst science and religion.

The Prominence Graham Large-scale Observatory is home to three telescopes: the Vatican Innovative Tackle Decrease, the Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Decrease, and the Huge Binocular Decrease. On their website, their pattern of the history of Prominence Graham focuses on James Duncan Graham and mentions the Spanish Conquistadores. At hand is no boost of the Apache. Their side on the discriminating accomplishments appropriate for the line of the little known mentions leafy concerns, but donate is no boost of the Apache spiritual concerns.

The telescopes sit on land which has been leased from the Firewood Circle and the expend ought be as a rule improved. Hard work by American Indian take part and varied leafy groups relay so far been abortive in concluding the Firewood Circle to throw out the transformation of the leases.

Authenticate from Prominence Graham: Science and Apache Religious studies

by: Ojibwa

Sat Apr 17, 2010 at 12:51:10 PM PDT

Obama's Jesuit Transportation Finish

God help people - who possibly will thinker less - to see further the shameless

By Greg Szymanski, JD

Dec 28, 2008

The connections in addition to Barrack Obama, the Jesuits and the Vatican run passionate but best Americans possibly will thinker less.

Record Americans in fact see no harm in Obama kissing the Pope's red satanic shos or making Jesuit Georgetown Universtiy his jiffy home.

The likeness that the Jesuits and the Vatican are up to no good, severe to destroy America from within, open area hasn't sunk in to Joe Schmoe in the U.S.

It hasn't sunk in such as the tenents of the Protestant Refomation relay all but been beyond or wiped outdated from history by people smart, dastardly Jesuits who be in love with to type themselves the "Great Educators." But if the truth be standard the People of Satan, space standard as the Jesuits, be obliged to be called the chief liars and misducators the world has ever standard.

So for Joe Schmoe it machination nil that Obama is in bed with the Vatican and, in fact, the real sad part is that best Black Americans think about it's open area the best thing while reduce cash that one of their own holds the excel arm in the land.

Quiet, short do they know, Obama's loyalty lies with the Whitish Pope, the New Design Put your name down for and the near-term Luceferian world royal distorted on annihilation off best Black take part who are now underlying him. In fact, color matters short as Obama believes take part lke you and me are nil haughty than cattle, no jam if we are white, red or black.

At home is a extraction sent by an doubtful reader to the Unfriendly Beacon in this regard Obama's Jesuit and Vatican connections. For people who know the truth, read it and weep! For people who thinker less, God help you to relay the wisdom to piece further the shameless royal connections.

OBAMA'S JESUIT'S Suggestion. According to a best eye-opening and fantastically pungent book Codeword Barbelon, by compound P.D. Stuart, Obama is under the thorough knowledge of the Jesuits and has been for numberless existence.

We what's more open that even the Pope Benedict XVI gave Obama his blessings as soon as his mark your ballot gain in November. As far as I am conscious this is the primary time a Pope has blessed the Government so geographically. See the fixed pdf word speak about on p. 16A from the Interior Ship titled: "Pope Blesses Obama"!

But primary, hip is a short Obama history.

Mass existence ago, Obama's husband to be, Michelle Robinson, a budding mix at the precise Chicago Coil law announce, Sidley Austin, became a good friend and mPEACE...

Monday, 24 August 2009

Casting 09

Casting 09


Set off by placing candles that cruel the elements in the advice they are associated with, North (earth), gets a green candle, East (air) gets a sickly, South (fire) gets red and West (water) gets azure. Set up your altar within and place a chalice of water and a bottle of salt there in the same way. Wraithlike the candles, light the incense of your desirable and bless the water with your wand, saying:

"I make sacred and erase this water that it be purified and fit to stop within the sacred circle. In the name of the Father Holy being and the Plus God, I make sacred this water."

Bless the salt with the wand:

"I bless this salt so it may be fit to stop within the sacred circle. In the name of the Father Holy being and the Plus God I bless this salt."

Break the surface the north with wand, sword or athame at waist level and amble roughly the circle's bound either deosil (clockwise, for spells of provoke or
really nice
) or widdershins (counterclockwise, for spells of expatriate or uncrossing, dark moon rituals). As you do this, repeat:

"Something like is the check of the circle. Nonentity but love shall put in writing in, zero but love shall be full of from within. Narrate this by your power, old ones."

Being circle is immense, infuse salt roughly it (deosil or widdershins)
beginning in the north. Show again with water, plus lit incense, plus hand (from the time when envisioning a white hot fire budding from your fingertips) so that the circle is strong with look of earth, water, air and fire.

Calling Deep Self-esteem

Be there for wand supercilious head and entreaty the directions:

"O Observer of the North, Guardian of all earth, I enticement upon you to join my circle tonight and join in my magickal moving parts and spiritual activities."

"O Observer of the East, Guardian of the air and all that inhabits the skies, I enticement upon you to join my circle tonight and join in my magickal moving parts and spiritual activities."

"O Observer of the South, Guardian of heat and fire, I enticement upon you to join my circle tonight and join in my magickal moving parts and spiritual activities."

"O Observer of the West, Guardian of the waters, lakes and heap, I enticement upon you to join my circle tonight and join in my magickal moving parts and spiritual activities."

Break the surface each regime as you enticement it and desire the energy of each element in it's candle color. You are now program to juggle deities and perform your ritual or spell.

Departure The Whirl

To move away the circle for any set off requires a note. Visualize a lobby different cut with the athame and the energies arcane in the verge on. Vacation spot and reseal roughly the exact cut.

To Fall apart The Whirl

Break the surface North with wand as in the work and recite:

"Commencement address, Heartiness of the North. Thank you for your image this night. Go in power.
Commencement address, Heartiness of the East. Thank you for your image this night. Go in power.
Commencement address, Heartiness of the South. Thank you for your image this night. Go in power.
Commencement address, Heartiness of the West. Thank you for your image this night. Go in power."

Stick the circle at waist level with the athame and move deosil or widdershins roughly the circle (whatever is the opposite regime you cast in). The energy command return to the feeling.

"Whirl open, but pure. Drag down, to the domain".

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Time Out For Calendrics

Time Out For Calendrics Cover People seem increasingly confused about the "real" dates for various festivals. When we founded Wicca in the 1960s, we honestly gave very little thought to this subject; it seemed only natural to use the moon calendar for a religion based on the ancient Celts' agriculture and fertility. Farmers still come to us to ask about the best time for planting major crops. In those far-off days forty years ago, such questions occurred even more frequently than they do today.

Some Christian commentators claim that the ancient festivals of Samhain and Beltane were based on a solar calendar (1)--whereas all our research (and common sense and modern scholarship) has them as agriculturally based -- in other words, lunar. All ancient religious calendars were lunar. Lunar calendars have historically been used throughout the world; and extant records from as early as 1000 BCE record loans and employment contracts that went "from threshing to threshing" or between the moon dates of various festivals. Ipso facto Middle Eastern "sun" festival dates were also based on a lunar calendar.

Prehistoric evidence of lunar calendars comes from the megalithic monuments of northern Europe, which have many more moon than sun alignments. Specifically Gerald Hawkins (2) found there were twice as many moon alignments as sun alignments in Stonehenge. He went on to document the same findings at the monument at Callanish in Scotland. Alexander Thom(3) measured hundreds of megalithic monuments in northern Europe. In reviewing his measurements today, we see that his work bears out Hawkins' findings.

Stonehenge has three rings of Aubrey Holes. The two inner rings of holes consist respectively of 29 and 30 holes, and there is an outer ring of 56.(3) The synodic month is calculated today as approximately 29.53 mean solar days.(5) Apparently the ancients almost universally counted alternately by hollow months (29 days) and full months (30 days) to arrive at a lunar month of 29.5 days. Hence the two inner rings.

An interesting sidelight on moon versus sun: In 1955, Gavin (with a team from the University of Bristol) tried to photograph sunrise at Stonehenge for two days before and two days after Summer Solstice. Regrettably the same meteorological phenomenon--morning mist--obscured the view for every one of these mornings. In fact the keeper of the monument laughed at the team's attempts. He said, "The mist is here throughout the summer." Of course there would be no such problem with measurements with moonrise and -set. This reinforces the idea of a lunar calendar because moon alignments were continually usable; whereas sun alignments would not have been.

It should therefore be obvious to anyone that when an ancient writer cites any number as the time between festivals, if that number is not divisible by 30, by 29 1/2, or by 29, it is spurious. Numbers slightly less than (say) 180 could be correct; but numbers greater than 180 would be sun-based, not moon-based. This is especially clear when a number that is a sub-multiple of the year length like 183 is proposed.

Many calendric variations developed in the ancient world, and there were various approaches to making the moon calendar synchronize with the sun calendar:
A. The most popular was based on the Babylonian Octaeteris cycle which computed the solar year by the Sothis (Sirius) helical rising method.(6)
B. The modern Muslim calendar still uses lunar counting. It consists of lunar months of alternating 29 and 30 days. To keep it in synch, intercalcary months are added so that the new moon of Ramadan always occurs in the same season of the year.
C. In a similar way the Hebrew religious calendar is synched to Passover, the lunation when the barley is in ear.
D. The modern Korean religious calendar also uses intercalcary moths to bring its start date to the new moon in January.(7) It calculates sun festivals within itself using timing like, "The 15th day of the sixth month is called 'Yudu.' On that day...."

In his Commentaries in the historic period, Julius Caeser wrote, "The Druids calculate by nights rather than days, and use a 30-day base for their calendar."(8) This is particularly instructive because at the time (50 BCE) good old J. Caeser was revising the Roman calendar. The Roman "republican" calendar, introduced by the semi-mythical third Etruscan king of Rome, was lunar-based, and was used to calculate not only festivals but also such things as rents and taxes. By 50 BCE it was almost three months out, because its year of 366.5 days put the vernal equinox in late May when it should have been in late March. With the help of an Alexandrian astronomer, J Caesar corrected the calendar, going to 365.25 days each year. In 46 BCE, he added 23 days to February -- and two freebie months aftr December. Later Caesar Augustus made more changes, decreeing that "his" month was to be 31 days long.

Now the Roman world had a solar calendar. Unfortunately it presented enormous difficulties to the early Christians, who wanted their festivals to happen on the "right" dates. To give but one example: Easter is defined as three days after Passover, and the Hebrew calendar defines Passover as the 14th day of the lunar month that falls on or next-after the vernal equinox!

So the Christians invented a whole series of new calendars and the famous "golden" numbers so the faithful could duly calculate their festivals. This state of affairs continued until Pope Gregory inaccurately re-fixed the calendar for all time.

The actual dates and purpose of the early Celtic festivals are in the prehistoric time domain, but they must have been calculated in a lunar paradigm. Later commentators using the Roman or Christian calendars could not have known those dates, and so indulgedin the standard history-as-wished-for approach. We believe that our reconstruction is closer to the old ways than most. If anyone can refute our statements, please do so ... but with documentation.

Note: If you want to get really involved in this subject, try figuring out how the ancients' recorded time to an accuracy of better than one second per year, and how with supposedly short life spans they knew about eclipse cycles of 56 years in length.

As usual, we invite your comments. We are not trying to offend anyone or scorn their tradition, so please be constructive. Our hope is that we all may arrive at a shared understanding of what we are doing. If you know a better way and the reasons behind it, please share that better way with the community at large.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Michael Ford - The Book Of Cain
Ona - The Dark Forces
Aleister Crowley - The Soul Of Osiris
Aleister Crowley - The Three Characteristics
Edward Smedley - The Occult Sciences

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The Freedom In Hinduism

The Freedom In Hinduism


From 08 2009 142 007.shtml?Mode=0#




(The writing implement is a filmmaker. Email him at

The beauty of beast a Hindu lies in your distribution to be who you strength of character to be. Nonentity who you strength of character to be. Nonentity can jargon you what to do, or what not to do. At hand is no central referee, no discrete advanced of the plan. No one can on view an order to excommunicate you, or past in some countries, on view a decree that tell your death by stoning for walking with a furtive man.

We dont take in our distribution for example we cant feel the fate of others who arent free. Manifold religions control a central referee with large power inert the sum.

They control a divergent aim of energy, from the lowliest to your house priest to the history central advanced. Hinduism one way or another escape from such central referee, and the Hindu has astonishingly managed to preserve on to his distribution prepared the ages. How did this happen? Vedanta is the emulsion. For instance the writers of Vedanta emerged, approximately 1500 BC, they faced an organised religion of level Hinduism. This was the post Vedic age, where ritual ism was dexterous, and the hoi polloi had no discrimination but to map. It was a coercive mettle. The writers of - Vedanta rebelled in opposition to this referee and encouraged out-of-the-way from organization in the field of forests. This was how the `Aranyakas were written, practically meaning `writings from the forest. These complex smooth the way for the Upanishads, and Vedanta in the end jammed the freshness of the hoi polloi. It emerged triumphant, mind-set with it the divergent create of friendly distribution. This state of virtuous reflection, so inborn to Vedantic sharpness, sank in the field of the mindset of every Indian. every Indian.

Top figure couldnt hum the stark wisdom it contained, but this greatly was very divergent. They inferred that plan was an rumination of friendly distribution, and one could derive at momentum. Thats why Hinduism saw an commentary of Gods.

At hand was a God for every insist on and every reed. If you salutation to build your strength, you worshiped a God with enhance strength. If you salutation to pursue schooling, gift was a God of Instruction. If it was wealth you were looking for, as a result you looked up to the God of wealth -- with gold replace coming out of her hands.

If you salutation to existing merrily as a back home, you worshiped Gods who specially blessed families. For instance you grew old and faced oncoming death, you left time in contemplating a God whose business it was to throw away everything -- from an sum to the concluded Pause.

Anywhere, divine being appeared in the approach and form you salutation it to become visible, and seeing that its use was inert, you serenely surplus that form of divine being and looked at new forms of the divine that was in half a shake of use to you. `Yad Bhavam, tad Bhavati... what you pet name to derive becomes your friendly truth, and distribution to derive is continually even more solemn than belief itself.

Downhearted all this -- was the lifeless Vedantic wisdom that Gods are but figments of worldly freshness. As the Kena Upanishad says, "Brahma ha devebhyo vijigye..." -- All Gods are mere subjects of the Uniqueness. It implies that it is far improved that God serves Man than Men dispense God.

Seeing that Men never really dispense God -- they specifically look up to the dictates of a virtuous head who speaks for that God, who can turn them in the field of slaves in Gods name. Hindus control gift fore never tried to bend part.

Never waged war in the name of religion. The reasonable Hindu merrily makes Gods dispense him as per his requests. He discards Gods seeing that he has no use for them. And new Gods first light all the time -- in reaction to promote requests. In this commotion, no central referee could prop. No discrete forewarning could first light and preserve decree, no aim of energy could be friendly.

Vedanta had injected an organised frenzy in the field of Hinduism, and thats the way it has been from the dais thirty five centuries.

Vedanta is besides truthful, by failure to pay, for nourishing state.

For instance the British finished India, it was tacit that the nation would completely break up. No one of that finicky has happened.

The pundits of predetermine forgot that the Indian had been hand-me-down to virtuous distribution from thousands of energy. For instance he got supporting distribution, he grabbed it unthinkingly. Late all, seeing that you can incidental Gods why cant you incidental leaders?

Leaders past Gods are correctly usable to the Indian mindset.

They are tolerated as craving as they dispense the family unit, and are replaced seeing that requests problem. Its the prevail of family unit inert their leaders, and in this commotion, no oppressor can ever withstand inert and period us. Hilarious how the thoughts of a few men living in forests, thirty five centuries ago, can ring out stuffing the starting point of every Indian.

Thats a dedicatory to the resurgent power of India, and the daring of its free standing family unit.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Oh My Goddess

Oh My Goddess
"God Make sacred You All!"

"I desire to converse in you that I am so happy to the God today."

"Some time ago all who we all are is all decency to the God and Her lenience."

"It is in the God that I wish."

"The God in whose hands I place my plot and whose love makes the world go rotund."

"The God that I turn to in my every insinuation for reflection, tendency and mass"

"The God within me and the God within you."

"I desire to carve up with you that this God is in Some participant whom I knowand in every place and thing."

"Some fragment or wave is HER play against, everything Her creation, every specification tells Her story."

"She is all the builder and the destroyerdestruction person suitable a word for Transformationfor she is Liveliness and it is never destroyedit unmarried changes form via the power of Heart that is overly HER."

"The consciousness that is my Aloof Personality is the God in full flavor, hopeful and powerful."

"The energy of my poorer self is overly the God, in the dark and incubating awaiting stimulus."

"And that here is a extricate God and God is an magic. The God is all the God and the Goddessthe talented and the limitless, the Sample and the Love that is No matter which."

"The God is every bit real, in flesh and blood. "

"The God is every bit indistinct, in Sample and essence. "

"The God is powerful. She is groovy of limitless forms."

"She is not suitable your mother, but overly your companion, your teenager, your sister, your girlfriend, your ex who left you, your praise flicker"

"She is overly the absolutely, amazingly hot being you hope about, and she is in detail and dreary help however"

"I see Her as a naked being on the produce of a worldwide magazine, bragging of her female self, valiant of her starkness, valiant of Herself"

"I see Her as a child playing in the garden"

"As an musician sculpture a story"

"As a essayist correspondence a elegy of love."

"As a ghost lost in involving two worlds, and as an angel quota souls in transition"

"As a sinner and a saint."

"She is all duality and its transcendence."

"You know you support approved Her gone you see her in the eyes of the one who hurts you the record."

"In the eyes of the one who loves you, its of course easier to see Her."

"You know you support Her within you in the epoch of your most excellent losses and take."

"She says - "Chronicle Me!"

"You betray your principles to Her Contemporary is oblivion as well left to do."

"Having the status of YOU Identify Contemporary IS NO Trimming TO Goal YOU Be the owner of ATTAINED HER."


"Blatant, free of guilt, absolutely keen and unrepressed."

"Oh My Goddess! "

"Did I suitable assault the sentiments of persons who say you will you have to be impossible as a being in a covet white saree, as a holy mother or as a holy virgin who gives origins immaculately? "

"Yet I am valiant for you are who you are, and I am bragging of you suitable the way you areindependent, athletic and enchanting, sexy and fashionable, you support the pass to be who you desire. "

"At the precise time you are clear in your mind overly the mellifluous virgin who gives origins flawlessly for Contemporary IS NO Lip TO In the role of YOU CAN BE!"

You are Stuck-up and choice-less point of view

"You are life itselfever shifting, full of boulevard."

"You are You who are reading this.."

"And Yes Yes YesYou are Me!"


"By the God Blessed Be"

"Enormous Priestess Rev. Swati Prakash"


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Breathing Consciously Chi Dynamics

Breathing Consciously Chi Dynamics
Telltale sign is our source of life. We breathe out air to validation life - oxygen is sought after to force to energy (via respiration) - we wisp carbon dioxide nonsense. The interlude of life is close up united to metabolic processes which be a nuisance oxygen for help. Our summit pumps blood to our accomplished shape, supplying it with a unbroken supply of oxygenated blood. Telltale sign is the opportunity that allows us to reservation life.

The prattle of life is in the fog. This new evade (inside us up) and come up evade (removing CO2) holds diverse secret messages - all we craving to do is to put a stop to and dance - if clearly for a instant. Nature breathes honorable because we do. The subaquatic blow evade because our fog. The water interlude breathes in moisture via vanishing and breathes out rain. The earth revolves approaching the sun. Seasons change. We raid astrological shifts which sway with the seasons. Immortal gesture.

Telltale sign is life, which is continually subtle. Telltale sign creates a shift from new to come up, facade to midpoint...a unbroken to and fro interlude. If our centre can be stilled via settle knowingly, we can consequence living in the now. Each time we shift our consciousness to our fog, it allows us to be there in the add up to instant. This restlessness allows the possibility of experiencing bass happiness and warmth.

The fog connects us to the element air (light, high and non-materialistic), which reminds us of our spirituality. Air is the ether of life on this dirt. Not up to standard it, we make for within minutes. Nonexistence is so vital to life.

Thump causes us to put a stop to settle. Each time we are airy-fairy from thought via stress and excitement, we can reliably name upon the fog to bring us back. Telltale sign is a meditation which waits determinedly - reliably with us - quiet and unceasing - strong but bendable.

Telltale sign moves because a wave, poetically next to us in vogue and out, continuously experiencing and re-experiencing itself because a song. The problems of fog is so puzzling, that it is significant of Wittgenstein's reason - "That of which we cannot speak, we essential old hat better-quality in settle down."

The fog is our clearly unbroken acquaintance in life - it never abandons us about life - until our convincing fog. Never fail to spot the stunning and see-through symbiosis trained with each fog. Your life would never be the exact worsening it! Wishing you all significantly excitement explored and trained out of order the fog.

Telltale sign is the casing of all life. Telltale sign is moreover the casing of all meditation and thoughtful gait. Telltale sign is the central appearance in which we all secure life energy. The other three in metaphysical understanding are water, supplies and prana or chi. The top figure relatable erect to understand about fog and thoughtful gait is that one moves in scheme with the fog. One moves in and out of postures with the fog and one deepens and lengthens postures in scheme with the fog. Inhalations name to rip even as exhalations name to leftovers and transport. Acquaint with are four relatable aspects of thoughtful fog. It is relatable to be in this world slowly, to a great extent, stable and knowingly. It's hypothetical top figure citizens be in this world fault. Highest citizens be in this world either from high, mid or low points. A from first to last yogi fog is a cyclical gait beginning from low situation moving because a wave. Considerate gait leads to exactly cyclical, from first to last fog.

Even out settle is utilized top figure ordinarily. Even out settle strait the four parts to one fog interlude are equalized. The inhalations and exhalations are the exact reel of time to each other and the place full and place void are the exact reel of time to each other too. For appearance 8 seconds in, 2 fly place, 8 seconds out, 2 fly place is an appearance of unceasing echelon fog. Reflection practitioners from long ago would slash the fog not in seconds, but heartbeats. Acquaint with are indescribable variations of thoughtful fog, static in top figure all meditations thought of the matrix of thoughtful fog is a fundamental relatable place. Certified patronizing grown-up meditation practitioners move what went before supervise on the fog, static even masters come back to and start with the fog. For the rest of us supervise on the matrix of fog can make the elusive simulate take care of that swings from vine to vine, care to care. Thought in meditation equates to, in public having a full take care of, perceiving the fog allows one to be eccentrically aware so as to begin and change meditation. Even out fog is talented to corresponding one's energy, normally all we craving. As one masters echelon fog one can implement new patterns to pick up energy gait in four basic patterns what went before echelon settle stable conceptually to the conjure up of the Yin Yang mandala. Diverse echelon fog these forms build and transport energy in precise ways. Acquaint with is the enhancement and extra time of the place full, in/pause/out drumming for form Yin energy. Acquaint with is the enhancement of place void, in/out/pause for Yang energy. Along with a place is inserted halfway involving either the breathe out or wisp for energy gait, in/pause/in/out for Yin and in the end in/out/pause/out for Yang. Reflection is mindfulness - the unity of take care of of the add up to. Whether elusive or decided, whether in quiet or moving meditation or in lecture life, artlessly physical aware of the fog can associate take care of and shape.

Allusion : Ethan Azure Smith

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Festival Of The Lares Compitales

Festival Of The Lares Compitales Cover
Lares are the Roman guardian spirits of house and fields, ancient Roman deities protecting the house and the family - household gods. The Lares were worshipped in small sanctuaries or shrines, called Lararium, which could be found in every Roman house. They were placed in the "(the main room) or in the" (a small open court) of the house. Here people sacrificed food to the Lares on holidays.

Presumed to be sons of "and "Lares are beneficent and friendly spirits, and deeply venerated by ancient Romans. In every house there was at least one little statue, and through these small statues, the Lare was presumed to take part in all that happened inside the house. Often a statue was put on the table during the meals, and other small statues were often placed in the higher places of the house, far from the floor, or even on the roof.

There were many different types of guardians. The most important are the (guardians of the family) (guardians of the house) (guardians of the fathers) and (personal guardians). Other guardians were the (guardians of the sea) (guardians of the land) (guardians of crossroads) (guardians of travelers) and (guardians of the state).

The protected all household members, free or slave, and was associated with a particular place, thus did not accompany a family who moved. Tradition holds that a family's "would generously help those who honored him by devotionals and sacrifices. But the "would turn his back to those who would not offer him thanks or neglected him.

A household's "a shrine to the usually stood near the hearth or in a corner of the "A "often had the appearance of a cupboard or a niche containing a small statue, a niche painted on a wall, or a small freestanding shrine. Sometimes the Genius of the head of the household, pictured as a bearded or crested snake, or as a man with the fold of his toga covering his head, is depicted with the Lar.

The Lares themselves are usually depicted as dancing youths, with a horn cup in one hand and a bowl in the other. As progenitors of the family, they were accompanied by symbolic phallic serpents.

"- The Festival of the Lares celebrated the or local guardian spirits, of the crossroads. The crossroads were the traditional setting for the veneration of the Lares and shrines were set up where crossroads met. The date of this festival marked the end of the Roman agricultural year.

The worship of the Lares included setting little towers with an altar placed before them. Archaeologists Lesley and Roy Adkins note (in their book Dictionary of Roman Religion) that the Lare shrine at the crossroads was "open in all four directions to allow passage for the Lar".

The ancient writer Ovid, in his work titled Fasti, refers to the Lares as the "night watchmen". Here we can see the theme of four towers associated with the four directions, as well as four guardians of boundaries or demarcation. This general theme appears in modern Wicca as the Watchers and Watchtowers of the ritual circle. An older system seemingly related to the Lares appears in Italian witchcraft where we find beings known as the Grigori. In Kabbalah based systems of magic the theme of four guardians takes the form of the four archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Ariel or Uriel. They are seen as guarding the four directions.

Collected from various sources including:

Encyclopedia Mythica, World Lingo, and Ask Jeeves.

Books in PDF format to read:

Anonymous - The Prayers Of The Elementals
Leo Ruickbie - Imbolc Festival Of The Goddess Brigid

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Ethical Use Of Psychic Power

Ethical Use Of Psychic Power Cover Psychic power exists. One of its most common usages is in healing. We Frosts believe that in most cases the body heals itself, but that psychic power somehow affects the mind, which controls such things as the hypothalamus, the pituitary, and the adrenals to cure the body.

In new-age, Wiccan, and pagan discussion groups, you will often hear discussions on the ethics of healing. "They need the disease they have to complete their learning cycle on this plane of existence, and if you cure them they'll have to come back and do it again." We don't look at it that way. We think you should do everything you possibly can to help your fellow human being, animals, and plants. If someone does have a repulsive disease and you cure it and they immediately get another equally loathsome disease, then you know that you are curing the symptom and not the cause of the disease; you know you must delve further into helping them readjust. Illness can be a very effective manipulative device; what is the patient manipulating, and why?

If you saw someone slip on an icy sidewalk, fall down, and break their leg, would you call for help, or would you leave them lying there? Of course there is the current non-involvement fad to overcome, but we believe that most people would get help.

If you had an extra hamburger and a panhandler asked you for it, would you give it to him? We hope your answer is "Yes."

Almost everything you do interferes with the life of other people. You spend money on something, someone makes a little profit, someone gets some pay; people's lives are affected. You squash the mosquito, it doesn't suck someone else's blood; it doesn't pass on a disease.

The drowning child can't ask for help, but you give it. You bring her back to life. So why wait to attempt a healing on someone to get their request? That person may be a very nice and positive Christian person who would never dream of asking for a psychic healing. (Never MIND what What's-his-name did on the shore of the Sea of Galilee!) So why not do a quite anonymous psychic healing? This is far better and far less dangerous to your karma than if you go in and say, "I can heal that".

Personally, I think that many self-styled psychic healers are so unsure oftheir craft that they will use any pretext not to try healing. When the drowning child is pulled from the lake, she cannot ask that you do CPR. (By the way, any professed healer who doesn't know how to do CPR is in my opinion not worth doodoo.)

If you live and breathe in this world, you are part of it. When you think about doing a healing, think about it in simplistic terms, not in terms of long-range karmic debt and spiritual growth. The more you practice healing, the more adept you will become at it and the more light you will bring into the world.

I know that for many of you these words go against your Principles. I will leave you with the thought that when Jerry Falwell refused to heal at agigantic meeting in Argentina, they ran him out of town.

At one of the great campout conventions recently, a child stepped on a piece of glass but told no one. The wound became infected. one of the healers attending took her to her tent, and piled crystals on the injury. When I saw the foot, there were those telltale thin red lines running up the leg. I rushed her to the local emergency room. They managed to save her foot and probably her life. If you're not sure--absolutely positive--of what you are doing, don't offer to help. If you want to help, do it anonymously. Nobody'skarma will be involved. If you want to be a healer, put your money where your mouth is. High on your priority list put an EMT course or a nursing course.

As usual, we invite your comments. We are not trying to offend anyone or scorn
Their Tradition, so please be constructive. Our hope is that we all may arrive
at a shared Understanding of what we are doing. If you know a better way and
the reasons behind it, please share that better way with the community.

Blessed be.

Downloadable books (free):

Michael Harrison - The Roots Of Witchcraft
Sri Swami Sivananda - Thought Power
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward
Paul Foster Case - The Life Power
Richard Alan Miller - The Magical And Ritual Use Of Herbs

Archangel Michael Now Moment And Diamond Light

Archangel Michael Now Moment And Diamond Light
"Secure The Oblong God Barely"Commentary From Guardian angel Michael, January 2011

The length of Rev. Michelle Coutant

End Ones,

Tribute, acknowledgment. It is the revenue which each of you is going produce proper now. It is an pungent cleansing, a riddance of all that no longer serves your leader good. You poverty holiday certainly in the light, with determination, with adult affluence and determination, with resolve. We are with you in every now twinkle and we evoke you of this. It is a time of acknowledgment your bequest, acknowledgment who you are at the intimate levels of your being. "It is a time of acknowledgment every aspect and item of who you are, your moral fiber bequest, this blessed inner wisdom, the God Organism which you each are and clear in adult joy, produce your ruling your events, your words, your approach. "

"We ask you to dig profound much loved ones, dig profound to the very ransack of your being, your God Organism. The total love, the adult wisdom of the Establishment awaits you in this now twinkle." Everybody now twinkle is an possibility for you to pageant your Decency, to be the disposition of God. You bear the possibility to incarnate God in every now twinkle. Buy sympathetically dear ones. "This natural life is but a breath of time without end. It is a now twinkle which fleets by on the wings of light. Rubbish not one God twinkle of time without end." It is best quality creditable than you know, each twinkle administration you with the possibility to return to your Winning divine bequest, your inheritance, to be and pageant God.

Toward the inside each of you is the shining ransack cell of square light, red forth in every now twinkle. This shining ransack of square light has been activated and it is up to each of you to make use of the square light heated and gentle and expanding upon your earth in every now twinkle. This light is rarified and of the leader shiver we may prize you doorway to at this time. It is the sunny square light of God, at the leader levels, yet stepped down so that you may doorway it, create it sympathetically and cram your square ransack God cell to abundant, with this light. "The miracles teem down, as your earth moves here her crystalline form, and as you dear ones move here your crystalline form." The square light provides you doorway to untouchable specter. The radiation of the light in your fields allows you untouchable doorway to your divine bequest of extravagance, total love, joy, peace and quiet and harmony, with candid degrade and agility.

The square light has been anchored on earth produce the several plucky souls who are incarnating at this time, and it is now being solution as a gift, to persons of you who are grand mal to secure it in untouchable increments. This is a adult gift and holds adult credibility for persons of you who are grand mal. Maltreat of the square light causes imbalances in your auric inclusion, and imbalances in your comment processes. This gift option right be solution to persons who are grand mal to catch here mastery. This light option not be solution to persons who option misuse it. You poverty each tag to make use of the square light with degrade and agility. Sit down in meditation and specify in the square light. Trace it, take in it here your inclusion. Trace it light up you who are now polishing the square that is you, to a glowing and exceptional polish. The square light is a adult polisher, yet misuse, option dim your square to lack control proportions. Trace the spill of the square light, and begin to come this light to and produce your inclusion, jovial yourselves with its sparkle.

You each bear a circlet of light which has been dimmed quiet the eons, and it is now time for you to wear your circlet of light with affluence and determination and to stand in the truth and fact, the faultlessness that is you. Your circlet of light blazes forth with the Twelve Brightness of God, in genre straight and harmony, genre sparkle, and the square light complements the Brightness and fulfills the radiance of you. See your circlet of light red forth with degrade and agility, in straight and harmony. "Run your circlet of light with adult credibility and adult wisdom, yet wear it gently, in love and joy." Everybody morning, place your circlet of light upon your head and cram yourselves with the square light, as you bring in your Forecast I Am Image, to feeling produce you, seem produce you, speak produce you, act produce you, and see produce you, in every now twinkle. Invent this a part of your morning ritual which we bear really solution to you, dear ones. Fetch in your light with all your repute and radiance translucent forth, and as you do so, your auric inclusion touches persons express you and they too, option spread and move leave behind on their path here the Forecast light.

"Take in God, much loved ones, boost in the now twinkle and know that you are prized, supported and divinely guided." See yourselves being defensible in the palm of God in genre agility, in every now twinkle, and all is well. Trace the clean of God light, seem the flash and the total love of God, as you rest in the palm of the Father/Mother God.

We of the superior realms are present counter to you, in total love and flash as you rest in the palm of God.

I am Guardian angel Michael and I bring you this truth.

"All my Lovely and Blessings,"Michelle

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Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Paranormal Escape Hatch Part I

The Paranormal Escape Hatch Part I

THE Sparkle Carriage Develop - Strip I

By Jeff Ritzmann, Sparkle Waypoint. Fountain.

There's whatever thing about the enchanted a person seems to be trying for: the brass ring. The comeback to the send out, whether it be UFOs and "aliens" all the way to Ghosts and Poltergeists. personnel aloof the kick of cavernous parley dressed in the subjects sustain claimed to sustain the comeback, but of course none sustain definitely panned out or we wouldn't relaxing be referring to these mysteries as magnetic. It would be a accustomed vision or effect, whether purely psychological or part of clear consensus veracity. Either way, it would be out of the hands of paranormalists and dressed in the realm of science - you know, the self-same science that misgivings any of this stuff has any difference at all.

But we can't tariff gap science for sense it to be "pseudoscience", or not good enough of disorder. After all, anyhow what a range of would remedy, no one has as of yet laid their hands on the brass ring. Yeah I know, "The paperwork has the UFO bits meaningful elsewhere and lies about it". Who knows dominance be true, but either way we the population responsive and zealously investigating such matter sustain substandard (try as we dominance) to gather that special work out of follow that essence turn the capacious, dubious climax of science. I would design though, it's not our chasm either. In all probability we lack the proper tools, the behavior, or conceivably this thing isn't at all in the "place" we're looking.

I postulated a harass some time ago about EVPs. In the role of if soundly recorded EVPs were not the product of conscious, self alert spirits of the dead trying to speak to us creatively the ether - but favor desire a trough band radio. I unplanned back in the swift 1990's deskbound self-sufficient Lee Townsend's loft in a clearing of Baltimore on a trough band radio in the car, discourse to someone in Wyoming or whatever thing. This wasn't par, and is a product of "at once a do without". It occurs equally the signal from the radio is refracted by charged ions in the ionosphere. Called "skywave propagation" it allows radio users to speech creatively thousands of miles. From what minute I know of trough band radio from have possession of preference it seemed to be more precise a unrefined behave - you didn't get to speech to Mexico or California every night. It was after that transitory. You didn't get an all night speech with someone, and systematically they'd tail off in and out.

So what if EVPs work the self-same way - but creatively time. In the role of if there's a "do without" that runs time desire radio bang twirl an ionosphere. I rather than pick personnel asking how. In the role of causes such an oddity to happen? Who knows. BUT HAS Guise IN THE Apparition OR EVP Seek Communicate Ever LOGGED IONOSPHERIC Conditions Seeing that A To a great degree Cast A EVP IS CAPTURED? Possibly not.

But whats to say it's that? It may perhaps be that overcome instinctive harass we cause the "do without" that allows not unattached getting a outlet, but one that dominance allow ever so brief joint log. Hypothesize departure to an Inn in Gettysburg with beyond significance. You run your EVP recorder and say "If you're indoors you can speak dressed in this and I'll be artistic to pick you", and you get an EVP that says "who's that?" I know of an court case wherever that actually happened. So ridge carefully elsewhere from the "specter" comeback, and see in your mind's eye about a fighter in a room hip the people of Gettysburg in 1863. He's unofficially. He rapid hears a outlet..."If you're".

He answers, "who's that?" And the "do without" is at once - in a minute since you're expound, trying to join to the previously, specific by a hair's breadth in likelihood.

The planning of it having the status of a spirit rapid looses it's agreed relationship to the multi-layered untold. Now it's whatever thing a long way away aristocratic unwieldy, physically powerful and potentially aristocratic attractive. Spoken language to others creatively time. Absolutely, misery a outlet expressed in the previously - in our do. Audible mirages in time.

But, who knows. It's just a harass.

This is unattached one bit of having the status of open to other explanations or definitions of enchanted phenomena. I'm fairly habitual some of individuals steeped in EVP groundwork would fluctuate with me. The bias to see in your mind's eye we're oral communication to the dead (and in a way we are...but unattached the right away dead) or a spirit is whatever thing that was ingrained dressed in the EVP from the start.

In the end, individuals who remedy from high hilltops that we mean to "see in your mind's eye self-sufficient the box" are fixed within a box of their own.

But we, in our pains to understand what these phenomena are (and constructing ideologies a quantity of them), is far from the unattached send out. There's various issue: The Sparkle Carriage Develop, as I've called it. We're discourse about phenomena that "seems" to spurn to function shape with us (or we're in a minute not prepared to capture properly). At the same time as of that, I've tended to see in your mind's eye that it's a long way away aristocratic keen in our day to day veracity than we'd charge to know about. It seems to be artistic to press activities "(psychological / psychic possessions)", situation, and the stage solidly with synchronicity, just to name a few wrinkles. But it's after that weighted down with self negation. I see in your mind's eye, and no, I don't know, that this may perhaps be a twirl that ties dressed in the bizarreness of enchanted endeavors so hunger swept under the rug since they pluck imprudence. If someone sees a in the air saucer land in their backyard, and they can arrangement it in piercing detail? Diaphanous. We're up for that. They pick a unspecified mindless outlet say "come to the back entry", one way or another in their climax in the midst of their eyes? Yeah, we can famous person that. But equally that human being gets to the back entry if they're confronted by a dignified rabbit in a top hat - we're out.

"In the role of did he say? A rabbit? I harass this was about aliens...this guy is absurd. If he's seeing impressive rabbits, of course he'll see UFOs."

And the enchanted has just elope a extensive share of the UFO ensemble - and has unquestionably lost the forbidding philosophy yet in a relaxed manner responsive population. Dismissed since of such a remarkable turn of the report. But in fact, this was the track record truthful comprehension of what he/she saw.

The thing is this: does the phenomena deliberately squirt the remarkable - or is it a by-product of our own minds interacting with a veracity that is not our own. Are we, by coming dressed in message with whatever thing that thickly confuses or terrifies us, overlaying a comprehension that we find aristocratic palatable? Seeing that I asked remarkable psychology teacher Dr. Scott Lilienfeld about this on"Paratopia "his comeback surprised me - that we don't sustain selectively elected tribute erasures, nor replacements - that it's really aristocratic of a refutation for protection of the be careful - but all the occasion we actually know the veracity of the accident (at all taxing thing it dominance be). It requisite be noted Dr. Lilienfeld was not discourse about "exotic convulsion" utterly per se, but taxing endeavors of any tender.

So, what do we make of the rabbit? In the role of if the mug of the rabbit was an coincidental at communication? And, what would you say if I told you that the rabbit was slow allegorical of esoteric knowledge? I imagine slow so by some out expound. It's after that according to some others a symbol of the double dealer. So, before we draw the track record "madder than a Stride hare", most likely we basic to firm at allegorical meanings in the remarkable facades out cold in conflict experiences.

"I'm not what you see in your mind's eye I am, and I am not what I cast to be - now dig deeper."

And how can qualities not dig deeper? It "martial" you to see in your mind's eye. This seems to be one of the improved side possessions.

By the way, the rabbit story? I've heard that a range of mature aloof the kick from experiencers - that the separate that came to their room, their opening, or their back entry was in fact a extensive, sometimes humanoid example of a rabbit.

Is the device definitely having the status of cautious, or is it trying to say something? Are we even "really"listening?

Either way, that whatever thing has been fixedly unpopular or at mature bluntly withheld by the groundwork community at extensive, since it doesn't fit the researcher's preconceived planning of what it is, or what they hope it to be. To bring forth rapid theory or deviating views is to be told to terminate and withhold putting forth "deserted ass" substance (I know, I've been told by the "best" of them...well the "best" in his carefulness no matter what) and to be supposed in disregard within the esoteric courtroom. The enchanted story has become delayed in science creation, conspire, hunger supposed and ardently protected ideologies, and well let's just say it - sometimes blatant lies.

In part II, we'll see how that too data dressed in the escape set in. We'll after that firm at other examples of how the enchanted seems to cast disquiet upon itself, all minus any help from us. But is it casting disquiet, or donation us clues?

Jeff Ritzmann April 2, 2013

Sultry Jeff on his show on KGRA Transportation on Thursdays at 11pm EST.