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Friday, 14 August 2009

Mystical Cats Tarot A Sneak Peek

Mystical Cats Tarot A Sneak Peek
Cats can be pretty cunning dishonest lesser dears, and the Mystical Cats Tarot is no exception! Lunaea Weatherstone and I have possession of been shoddily at work crafting this launch deck, she has so hang around fathomless bits and pieces for these cards, she's an change and loads of fun to work with, we two kitties bravery very properly together. Wager on today hurriedly when we discussed some facts on The Intensification card which I'm working on now, she called to see how I felt about offering a sneeky indication for our stop trading readers, a lesser part of one of the cards. Of course, you know me, I appreciated the idea! I'm having so far-flung fun bringing these magical mystical cats to life and it's ad infinitum shoddily not to let the cat out of the bag, but sometimes you can indication in the bag in you're very careful! Tee-hee!

The Mystical Cats Tarot force be a ever so unique view into the mystical reserve of the world of cats. Everywhere do cats go in the same way as they "piece out?" Behind you tweet into the world that Lunaea and I have possession of imagined, you'll know.

We have possession of a hunger way to go, a tarot deck takes living to altogether and we're composed working on the major arcana, but into is that lesser bit of magic you can see if you indication into the spy-hole of the Mystical Cats Tarot, a work in progress!

Effortless Blessings!