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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Oh My Goddess

Oh My Goddess
"God Make sacred You All!"

"I desire to converse in you that I am so happy to the God today."

"Some time ago all who we all are is all decency to the God and Her lenience."

"It is in the God that I wish."

"The God in whose hands I place my plot and whose love makes the world go rotund."

"The God that I turn to in my every insinuation for reflection, tendency and mass"

"The God within me and the God within you."

"I desire to carve up with you that this God is in Some participant whom I knowand in every place and thing."

"Some fragment or wave is HER play against, everything Her creation, every specification tells Her story."

"She is all the builder and the destroyerdestruction person suitable a word for Transformationfor she is Liveliness and it is never destroyedit unmarried changes form via the power of Heart that is overly HER."

"The consciousness that is my Aloof Personality is the God in full flavor, hopeful and powerful."

"The energy of my poorer self is overly the God, in the dark and incubating awaiting stimulus."

"And that here is a extricate God and God is an magic. The God is all the God and the Goddessthe talented and the limitless, the Sample and the Love that is No matter which."

"The God is every bit real, in flesh and blood. "

"The God is every bit indistinct, in Sample and essence. "

"The God is powerful. She is groovy of limitless forms."

"She is not suitable your mother, but overly your companion, your teenager, your sister, your girlfriend, your ex who left you, your praise flicker"

"She is overly the absolutely, amazingly hot being you hope about, and she is in detail and dreary help however"

"I see Her as a naked being on the produce of a worldwide magazine, bragging of her female self, valiant of her starkness, valiant of Herself"

"I see Her as a child playing in the garden"

"As an musician sculpture a story"

"As a essayist correspondence a elegy of love."

"As a ghost lost in involving two worlds, and as an angel quota souls in transition"

"As a sinner and a saint."

"She is all duality and its transcendence."

"You know you support approved Her gone you see her in the eyes of the one who hurts you the record."

"In the eyes of the one who loves you, its of course easier to see Her."

"You know you support Her within you in the epoch of your most excellent losses and take."

"She says - "Chronicle Me!"

"You betray your principles to Her Contemporary is oblivion as well left to do."

"Having the status of YOU Identify Contemporary IS NO Trimming TO Goal YOU Be the owner of ATTAINED HER."


"Blatant, free of guilt, absolutely keen and unrepressed."

"Oh My Goddess! "

"Did I suitable assault the sentiments of persons who say you will you have to be impossible as a being in a covet white saree, as a holy mother or as a holy virgin who gives origins immaculately? "

"Yet I am valiant for you are who you are, and I am bragging of you suitable the way you areindependent, athletic and enchanting, sexy and fashionable, you support the pass to be who you desire. "

"At the precise time you are clear in your mind overly the mellifluous virgin who gives origins flawlessly for Contemporary IS NO Lip TO In the role of YOU CAN BE!"

You are Stuck-up and choice-less point of view

"You are life itselfever shifting, full of boulevard."

"You are You who are reading this.."

"And Yes Yes YesYou are Me!"


"By the God Blessed Be"

"Enormous Priestess Rev. Swati Prakash"