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Friday, 28 August 2009

What Is A Coven Really Like

What Is A Coven Really Like Cover What's a coven really like?

What's a coven really like?

Well, if you're expecting to hear about sex and blood magic, animal sacrifice,
and ritual cruelty, then you'll be disappointed. Forming or joining a coven, is
a spiritual commitment (the words coven and covenant are related) that is
entered into advisedly. Once that bond is made, though, you find yourself in a
spiritual Community of people who have roughly the same theology, getting
together to celebrate the passing of the seasons and the cycles of the moon,
providing support and comfort to its members -- a lot like a small spiritual
community of any faith. Another common saying in the Craft is "In perfect love
and perfect trust," and that sums up the Relationship among coveners pretty

Another kind of group for like-minded pagans to gather in is called a circle.
The ties between coven members are as close as those between members of a
family, and in some cases, closer. A circle is similar to a group of friends
-- you like to do things together, but the bonds between members are not as
serious as between coven-members.

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